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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 61)

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Posted: 10 June 2015 at 2:18am | IP Logged

Aj: " u know what have u done babydoll?", he asked furiously..

K: " what aj?", she asked innocently and she continued playing candy crush in her iPhone...

Aj got irritated that she is not paying attention to whatever he is speaking... He went forward and snatched the iPhone from her hand...

K: " aj!! What are u doing?", she asked frowning..

Aj: " answer my questions first.."

K: " pri, how u gonna spend ur entire life with this idiot?"

Pri: " its all in my fate..", she said sighing gaining a glare from aj..

Aj: " babydoll, was it so important to go and solve that raghav's problem knowing the risk in it?"

K: " aj, i just helped him.. What's the wrong in it?"

Aj: " help? To the one who left u alone for his revenge? The one who never cared about ur feelings? The one who made u cry for four years? Tell me does he deserve ur help?", kalpi sighed and decided to keep mum while priya looked on..

Aj: " priya, say something.. Y r u sitting there like a statue?", he showed his anger towards priya..

Priya widened her eyes while kalpi snickered but stopped seeing aj's angry look..

Pri: " kalpi, sweetie, aj is right.. U shouldnt have done like that.."

K: " oh come yaar.. U guys are scolding me for helping someone in need... Didnt we learn in school that we should help ppl in problem?"

Aj: " i didnt stop u from helping ppl in need... But i dont want u to help that raghav.. That jerk...", he gritted his teeth..

K: " aj..."

Aj: " what? R u getting angry on me for talking ill about that raghav? And let me ask u.. U said u helped him because he was in problem.. Would u helped if someone else was there in his place? Nahi nah? U helped him because u still love him right?"

Kalpi stood up...

K: " i would have.. I surely helped if there is someone else in his position.. Even if prem is there in raghav's position i would have helped.. U r my friend still u don't understand me? For god sake aj.. I dont love him.. He is just a friend.. A friend!!! Is that enough for u?", she shouted in anger and sat on the couch...

Priya looked at her helplessly and glared at aj.. She went near kalpi and hugged her sideways...

Pri: " sweetie, u know nah? This aj is a duffer..."

Aj: "priya, u!!!"

All of a sudden kalpi's phone rang... Aj looked at the caller id.. It states 'gauri maa'.. Kalpi and priya looked at him questioningly. 

Aj: " raghav's mom..", and he handed the phone over to kalpi..

K: " hello, haan maa.."

G: " kalpi beta, i called to invite u, aj and priya for dinner at our house.."

K: " woh maa..", she hesitated and looked at aj..

G: " i dont want any explanation... U three are coming and thats final.."

Kalpi smiled..

K: " ji maa.. We will be there.."

G: " tk... Bye.."

K: " bye..", she cut the call and looked at aj and priya..

K: " gauri maa invited three of us for dinner at singhania mansion.."

Aj: " im not coming and u r not going either.."

K: " aj, plsss.. I know u hate raghav but what's gauri maa's fault? She called us lovingly and u r saying we are not going.. This is so disrespectful..", she said pouting cutely with puppy eyes..

Pri: " aj, kalpi is correct... She invited us to celebrate their happiness.. Pls lets go nah..."

Aj: " fine, we will go there..", with a blank face..

K: " thank u thank u...", she said excitedly and hugged priya and aj.. They shared a group hug...

Time passes.. And night came.. The trio got ready and left to singhania mansion.. However, in singhania mansion, gauri ordered the cooks to prepare a lots of varieties of food.. Sammy, maya and gauri didnt tell raghav about kalpi is coming there for dinner..they want to give him surprise. Since, he was back from the court, raghav was alone in his dad's study as he was overwhelmed.. Nobody disturbed him as they understand he needs time to get over this.. They didnt tell disha as well because they know she cant keep secrets and make a world class announcement about kalpi coming for dinner in front of raghav.. Lol..

Soon, the trio reached the singhania mansion.. Gauri, maya and sammy welcomed them... 

Sam: " hey guys... What happened? Aj looks unhappy?"

Pri: " woh kuch nahi sammy... Aj asked ice cream on the way..."

K: " and we said no ice cream at this time bachu..thats it.. Thats the reason why is face is like American bulldog..."..

Aj looked at kalpi and priya who were making fun of him with narrowed eyes... Whereas, the others laughed..

G: " aj dont worry we have ice cream for dessert..."

Aj: " ji? Haan.. Yeah.. Right..", he said giving a fake smile..

All of them came inside the mansion..

M: " disha!!! Look who is here?" , maya called her little one..

Disha came out and her face brightened seeing her chachi... She ran fast towards kalpi and hugged her legs as her height is till there..

Kalpi kneeled down and disha hugged her with her tiny little arms circling kalpi's neck...

D: " chachi..."

Aj: "chachi?"

D: " then what should i call her? She is my chachi so im calling her chachi.."

D: " chachi.. I missed u so much..", and she kissed kalpi's cheek..

K: " aww.. Sweetheart, chachi miss u too..", and she kissed disha's cheek...

D: " chachi who r these two ppl?"

Aj: " hmmm... Im aj.. Ur chachi's best friend.."..

Pri: " and im priya.. Im her best friend as well dear.."

K: " u can call them aj uncle and priya aunty.. Ok sweetheart?", and disha nodded her head excitedly.

S: " come guys. Lets sit.."

All were sat on the sofas with disha on kalpi's lap.. All were engaged in conversation.. Kalpi looked around for raghav but couldnt find him.. 

K: " disha darling.. Where is ur chachu? He is nowhere seen... Is he out?", she whispered so that only disha can hear her..

D: " chachu? He is in the study room... He didnt come out of his room since morning..", she said loud enough that others could hear her..

Kalpi face palmed herself for the mistake she made.. Her mistake is asking about raghav to this all indian radio..

G: " kalpi beta.. Raghav didnt come out of his dad's study room since  morning.. U know.. He is overwhelmed by whatever happened.. He is so vulnerable right now.."

Kalpi hesitated for a while and look here and there.. And she sighed..

K: " maa, if u dont mind.. Can i call him down for dinner?"

Aj: " thats not ur job babydoll..", he said sternly.. Priya placed her hand on his to ask him to behave himself..

G: " sure beta.. He has not eaten anything since morning.. So, it would be very nice of u if u could make him eat dinner.."

Maya accompanied kalpi towards the study room and she left leaving them alone. Kalpi entered the room..

 Raghav was standing at the balcony of the room with his back was facing the door... His hands clutching the railing. He was staring at the full moon... Kalpi walked slowly making no noise..She went and stand beside raghav..

K: " missing ur dad?", she asked softly while her eyes on the full moon..

Raghav slowly turned his head to the side to look at her beautiful face which glowed in the moonlight...

Kalpi looked at him at the same time.. They had an eye lock... 

Suddenly, raghav hugged her tightly and buried his head in the crook of her neck.. Kalpi was stunned.. And she heard soft sobbing and some tears touching her shoulder and her back.. She understood that they are raghav's tears.. She slowly raised her arms which were on the side and reciprocated the hug.. Raghav tightened his grip like his life depends on kalpi... And he let all his emotions that had build up in him.. He was not embarrassed to let kalpi see the tears..

K: " raghav... Ssshhh.. Its ok.. Its ok..", she fondly stroke his hair..

R: " kalpi.. Baby... Thank you.. Thank you so much.. If u didnt come with the evidences, i dont know what would have happened.. I mean that sahil kapoor  would have escaped the punishment.. And my dad wouldn't have gotten justice.. Thank u.."

K: " ssshh.. U dont have to thank me.. I did whatever i felt right..", she slowly pulled away from the hug..

Raghav's head is bowed down... She places her both hands on his cheeks and raised his head to look at his eyes... Slowly raghav look at her eyes... Kalpi could see his eyes red result of crying... She moves closer to him while her right hand caressing his stubble..

K: " raghav, I understand what u are going true...", a tear slipped from raghav's eyes..

Kalpi gently wiped the tear... 

K: " raghav, sahil kapoor is in jail now.. He got what he deserve for murdering ur dad... The whole kapoor family is nothing now.. They are penny less.. God punished them for their deeds.."

R: " yeah.. But that doesnt mean im going to get my dad back.. He is dead.. Leaving me alone..", and tears started flowing from his eyes..

Kalpi's heart ached seeing him in this condition... She hugged him tightly... They remain like that for few minutes... Kalpi pulled back slowly and kissed his forehead..

K: " raghav.. U r not alone... U have a loving mom.. Caring friends.. And my daddy says our loved ones never leave us.. They will be seeing us all the time.. Same goes for ur dad.. He must be seeing u from there..", she said showing the sky which was decorated with stars..

R: " sach? He is seeing me?", he asked..

K: " yes, he is seeing u... And he must be very hurt now.."

R: " kyun?", he asked confused..

K: " because it hurts him seeing his cinthu crying... Parents feel bad when the children are in pain.. So, u r making ur dad feel bad by breaking down like this.. So, no more crying... Ok?", she said wiping those tears..

R: " ok.. I wont cry.."...

K: " thats like a good boy..", she said smiling widely..

Raghav just let a small laughter seeing the way she is treating him like a little boy..

K: " come.. Gauri maa is worried that u havent eaten anything since morning.. So, lets have dinner..", she said holding his arm...

R: " im not hungry baby.."

K: " raghav...", raghav went to sit on the couch placed at the balcony of the room..

Kalpi sighed and went outside the room while raghav continued staring at the moon.. Kalpi came down to meet with all the others sitting there at the dining table..

S: " kalpi, where is raghav? He is not coming?"

K: " woh he said he is not hungry.."

Gauri looked so sad... Kalpi reached gauri and touched her shoulder assuringly..

K: " hmm.. Maa.. U give me his food.. I will make him eat..."..

Aj gave a ' whats going on here?' kind of look.. Kalpi looked at him pleadingly.. He sighed defeated...

G: " sure beta... U two eat up there... We will eat here...", saying so she ordered ramu kaka to bring food for kalpi and raghav to upstairs... Ramu kaka followed kalpi upstairs with the food tray.. Kalpi asked ramu kaka to place the food on the table at the balcony.. After ramu kaka left,

K: " raghav pls eat...", but he didnt respond...

Kalpi sighed and took a spoonful of food and brought it to raghav's mouth.. Raghav looked at kalpi.. They share an eye lock... The eyelock is broken when,

K: " pls..eat raghav.. FOR ME...", she asked lovingly...

Raghav slowly opened his mouth.. Kalpi smiled and feed him... And they ended up feeding each other... They finished eating...

K: " ufff..finally the grown up baby  ate ready..", she said giggling...

R: " am i looking like a baby to u?", he asked with narrow eyes..

K: " no but u behave like one... By the way, u call me baby too.. Am i looking like a baby to u?", she asked raising her eyebrows..

R: " that baby has different meaning..", he muttered looking at her with love.

Kalpi looked away feeling the blush rise on her cheeks..

R: " well, how did u get those proofs?"

K: " raghav.. Past is past why do u wanna remember that again?"

R: " just tell.."

K: " i heard the kapoors talking about how they threatened the doctor to give false reports that day when i went to their house.. So, i found the doctor and get the truth.."

R:" and prem?"

K: " prem.. Well, he is interested in me.. I mean his parents asked me to marry their son.. And he being the biggest duffer listens to everything i say.. I called him to the hotel and drugged him making him blurt the truth.."

R: " he is interested in u? I will...", he hissed in anger..

K: " raghav calm down.. I said he is interested in me not me.."

R: " but, these are all very risky baby.. U for once never thought the kapoors might hurt u?", he asked worriedly holding her hands in his..

Kalpi sighed..

K: " i know it is risky but i felt like u need those proofs very much.. So, i..just that.."

R: " why is it matter to u if i needed them very much? I hurt u so much.. After whatever i have done u still helped me.. Why?", he asked sincerely.

Kalpi very well know where the conversation is going..

K: " raghav, aj and pri must be waiting for me.. Im going downstairs.. Bye..", saying so she released her hands form his and turned to go..

When she stood up and turned to leave she felt a grip on her wrist... She turned around..it was raghav.. Raghav stood up not leaving her wrist.. He came near her and caressed her cheek..

R:" I LOVE U..", he whispered softly and kissed her forehead...

Kalpi looked down and looked up again to look at the dark brown eyes.. His eyes are full of love and sincerity for her.. She sighed,

K: " bye..", and she left giving a small smile without giving any answer for him..

Raghav looked on her retreating form until she disappeared from his sight...

R(self talk): " i know u already forgive me for my mistake baby.. And i very well know that love for me never faded in ur heart.. U love me too... Those eyes of urs tells how much u love me even if u didnt let those feelings come out as words from ur mouth.. I will wait every second, every minute and even if takes my lifetime.. I will wait for u till the last breath of my life.. I love u.."

Kalpi came downwards in her own thoughts..

Aj: " babydoll, its getting late.. Shall we make a move?"

Kalpi nodded in yes..

K: " maa.. Thanks for the lovely dinner... U dont worry.. Raghav is fine.. Just give him sometime.. He will be okay tomorrow.. So, we take ur leave..", saying so she touched gauri's feet..

Gauri hugged kalpi..

G: " thank u beta..", and she kissed her forehead..

Soon, the trio left the singhania mansion bidding bye to gauri, sammy, maya and disha...

Precap: 1) some office romance... 
              2) Kalpi lost something and scared to hell... (Haha... Think what she lost and why she is scared)

Ufff... Done... Thanks for reading and sorry for mistakes.. Pls dont forget to hit like button and leave ur detailed comments... After this, i focus on their love story...Love u all... 

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Posted: 10 June 2015 at 2:36am | IP Logged
Omg Shocked lucky us two updates yippee Big smile awesome updates so kapoors brought to trial and kalpi provides proof to put them in jail abh ho ga jail me mail lol LOL dumb makki Pakhi tjinks rags loves her and gets zor ka jhatka of life time LOL LOL rags emotional break down with kalpi was awesome. Kalpi has started to forhive and go back to rags niw make rags a bit jealous with someone other than prem so he goes to despo measures for his lady love who is only into giving him a shove. LOL

Edited by sunyy - 10 June 2015 at 2:44pm
ayanshisharma12 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 June 2015 at 2:43am | IP Logged
Wow nice update dear..
all kapoors lend their actual place.
.love kalpi and raghav emotional talks...
Oh ho ye aj nhi sudhrega, kabab me haddi...
Waiting for next update
swara2504 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2015 at 3:01am | IP Logged
Double update dimpy
First double muhaaa
Ab double congrats for wonderful updates
Kalpi bribed prem and got evidence wow...good girl
Kapoor are behind the bars
 Raghav missing his dad and Kalpi handle him
She forgive him but not ready to accept him in her life
Hope she understand his love soon
She lost something...i think raghav's gift which she broke... If i am not wrong
Update soon
sumasridhar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2015 at 3:34am | IP Logged
Double feast was super n kalpi given such a blow to the prem ab usse sat Janam kam padjayega
Ragna1302 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2015 at 3:36am | IP Logged

Double damaka update. ...thank uEmbarrassed
 Awesome updateClap
  Kalpi is 2 smart.EmbarrassedWink ...Prem is dumbLOLLOL...she make video. ..n prem tell r all truthLOL...finally kapoors get published. .n sahil goes to jailClapClap...
 Aj y he heat raghav. ...He know that his dad get killed by kapoors phir bhi. ...raghav only friend 4 kalpi. ...chal zutyWinkLOL.
 Gauri invite all 3 for dinner. ...oh...raghav is cryCryCry he is missing his dad. ...loved kalpi n raghav cov. ...this is emotional scene. ...
  Wen raghav ask her y she help him she is quite. ...He know she is forgive him...but not ready to accepted. ...raghav abhi bhi baht papad belne padege. .OuchLOL
 Dish is 2 cute. ...LOL n aj is shoked by seeing dish call her chachiWinkLOL...All India radioLOLLOL...
 Update soon next part
Fly2TheStars IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2015 at 4:00am | IP Logged
anurose Senior Member

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Posted: 10 June 2015 at 4:16am | IP Logged
Wow, lovely update!!..dat too double :)
Finally sahil got punished..N credit goes to r smart kalpi... I feel dat she shd b extra cautious of prem now as he may try to hurt her. 
Waiting for next update..

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