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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 60)

rani214 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 11:24am | IP Logged
Simply awesome dimple
Finally saahil arrested...n still kapoor's think dey can save him from murder case 
guess kalpi has evidence against saahil 
Finally makkhi came out of her dreamland...lik how rags showed pakhi her place
W8ng for next part ...cont soon

Ragna1302 IF-Rockerz

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Dimpal where is the update. ...
SamBricka IF-Rockerz

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Waiting... Update nxt chappy..
Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Posted: 10 June 2015 at 1:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rani214

Simply awesome dimple
Finally saahil arrested...n still kapoor's think dey can save him from murder case 
guess kalpi has evidence against saahil 
Finally makkhi came out of her dreamland...lik how rags showed pakhi her place
W8ng for next part ...cont soon

Thanks raniSmile
Yes, kapoors got the much deserved punishment..
Do u really think thhat housefly will forget rags that easily?Wink

Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Posted: 10 June 2015 at 1:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by switymango

Dimpal where is the update. ...

Sorry for not updating yesterday dear... Problem with internet..Cry
Will update in a while.. That too double updates...Big smile
Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Originally posted by bricka.tiwari

Waiting... Update nxt chappy..

Will update in a while...double update Wink
Ragna1302 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Dimple_0510

Originally posted by bricka.tiwari

Waiting... Update nxt chappy..

Will update in a while...double update Wink

Dimple_0510 Goldie

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S: " raghav, relax yaar.. Everything will be fine..", he said placing his hand on raghav's shoulder..
Raghav along with sammy, gauri and maya is in his car on the way to the court.. Sammy was driving, raghav was sitting on the front passenger seat whereas gauri and maya were sitting on the back..

Soon, they reached the court.. As all of them get down from the car, they came face-to-face with the kapoors.. Pakhi looked at raghav lovingly but raghav rolled his eyes at the dumb head.. 

Prem and raghav walked towards each other and both stared each other in anger..

Pr: " hello mr singhania... Looks like u r here early to taste ur defeat..", he said taunting..

R: " oh really mr kapoor? When the one whose gonna loose is here earlier, then why not me, Raghav Singhania who always defeats u cant be here?", he replied smirking..

Pr: " u will loose today raghav singhania!!", he hissed in anger.

R: " lets see.. Anyways all the best.. U will need it very much..", he said smiling and left the place with sammy.. Prem also went inside the courtroom.

In the courtroom...

The judge arrived.. Everyone stood up giving respect to him.. Raghav and his ppl were sitting on the right side whereas prem and his ppl (pakhi, neetu) on the left side.. Media were strictly not allowed inside so they all were outside waiting for the case to end... The judge nodded to start the case.. Raghav's lawyer, mr Dillion  stood up and started to speak..

D: " ur honour, we are here to reopen the case of murder of Mr Raghuveer Singhania.. And we are presenting that Mr Sahil Kapoor is the one who brutally killed mr Raghuveer Singhania.."

Aa: " objection my lord.. This is complete non-sense.. Mr sahil kapoor is innocent.. And as for mr raghuveer singhania's death, he died because of myocardial infarction.. It was even proved by the medical reports which was given at that time.", aatish gave his point..

J: " well, mr Dillion, do u have any proofs saying mr sahil kapoor is guilt in murdering mr Raghuveer Singhania?"

D: " my lord, i have submitted the details of mr sahil kapoor trying to forge property papers of mr raghu veer singhania.. So, it is obvious that mr kapoor is envious of raghuveer singhania's wealth.. And thats the reason why he was killed that too by mr sahil kapoor..", the judge looked through the proofs (same proofs that kalpi collected from sahil's office.)

J: " mr aathish what u have to say about this?"

Aa: " my lord, the proofs proves that my client is guilty of forging the property papers.. But, just because he tried to forge the papers, it doesnt mean he killed mr raghuveer singhania..."

D: " my lord, i even has an  eye witness of sahil kapoor killing raghuveer singhania.. I want to present mrs gauri singhania who is the sole witness of this atrocious deed of sahil kapoor.."

Gauri came to witness ring...

D: " mrs gauri singhania, can u pls elaborate what happened that day?"

G: " i was coming back from temple that day... When i entered my house, i heard some noise in my husband's study room.. I walked over there and found he was struggling with someone.. It was non other than sahil kapoor.. He forcefully injected something into my husband... And he.. ( she cried).. He died within some seconds.. Then, i saw sahil kapoor and his goons coming out, so i hide behind..", and tears were flowing through her eyes.. 

Raghav clenched his fist looking at his mom's situation..

D: " your honour, i think this is enough to prove sahil kapoor guilty.."

Aa: " objection ur honour... I would like to say that mrs gauri singhania is an unreliable witness.."

D: " my lord.."

Aa: " im not finished yet mr dillion... So pls.. My lord, mr raghuveer singhania died at about 20 years ago.. I mean the thing they created themselves claiming they saw happened 20 years ago... My question is why? I mean why mrs gauri singhania didnt make a police complaint or any other steps about this thing? And all of a sudden, she is claiming she saw sahil kapoor murdering her husband.. I mean is this a joke.. My lord, these all are lies created my the opposition to make my client get punishment for what he never committed.."

G: " no... Im not lying.. I saw this sahil killing my husband... Pls believe me... I didnt disclose this truth as i know sahil kapoor is a very dangerous man and he could harm my son... I didnt wanted to loose my son like i lost my husband..", she said crying...

J: " mrs gauri singhania pls control urself... U can go back to ur seat.."

Maya consoled gauri by hugging her... Raghav run his hand through his hair in frustration.. However, prem along with his sister and mom were having smiles on their faces..

J: " mr dillion, do u have any other witnesses?"

Mr dillion sighed defeated..

D: " no ur honour..", and he sat on his seat knowing very well he is going to loose this case...

J: " mr aathish kapoor?"

Aa: " my lord, all i want to tell is my client mr sahil kapoor is innocent.. I request my lord to release mr sahil kapoor.. Thats all ur honour..", he turned giving a victorious smirk to prem which he returned..

Prem was more happy that he is gonna defeat raghav singhania more than his father gonna escape the clutch of law..

The judge cleared throat to start reading  the result..

J: " according to the arguments given by both the lawyers, it is proved that mr sahil kapoor committed wrong in trying to forge mr raghuveer singhania's properties.. So, i command mr sahil kapoor to submit the properties back to mr raghav singhania, son of mr raghuveer singhania... Moreover, mr sahil kapoor has to pay 10 crores to the court for trying to forge.. As for the accusation of murdering mr raghuveer singhania, there are no valid strong proofs proving sahil kapoor at fault.. The proofs given are not strong enough.. So, mr sahil kapoor is..", before he could continue..

"YOUR HONOUR...", a voice came from the back door.. All turned to see the source of the voice.. A pretty girl wearing pearl white 3/4 sleeved shirt with black polka dots which was tucked inside a blood red miniskirt , a golden colour thin metal belt and a pair of canvas shoes was standing there.. Her left hand is adorned by a platinum rolex watch with diamonds attached to it, her right hand is adorned my a diamond platinum pandora bracelet.. Her hair braided to her left side with bangs falling on her forehead..

" kalpi?", thats the only word that managed to escape from both raghav and prem's mouth..

J: " interrupting while reading the judgement is a big crime young lady.."

K: " im sorry ur honour but i have something important regarding this case.. So, if u would allow me.."

J: " pls come to the witness ring and say whatever u wanna say.."

Kalpi walked towards the witness ring with her sling purse across her chest.. The occupants of the room were looking at her in confusion..

N: " prem, why she is here?"

Pr: " i dont know mom.."

K: " my lord, mr raghuveer singhania is indeed killed by mr sahil kapoor..", she said shocking the kapoors...

Aa: " young lady, if im not mistaken u r miss kalpana mehra, daughter of business tycoon mr abhimanyu mehra right?"

K: " yes.."

Aa: " oh very well.. The person who has never been to india before and who has no relation with this case is saying my client is wrong..", he taunted..

K: " mr aathish kapoor, there is nothing written in Indian Law that someone who has never be to india before and has no relation with the case cannot become a witness.. Correct me if im wrong..", she taunted back giving 'dont try to act smart with me' look..

Some of the occupants snickered on how a young girl give tit-for-tat to famous lawyer aathish kapoor..  Aathish went to sit after the humiliation.

K: " ur honour.. Mr raghuveer singhania didnt die because of myocardial infarction.. He died because of the injection that mr sahil kapoor injected in him.."

J: " but, it is proved in the medical report that he died because of heart attack.."

K: " no ur honour.. The report was fake.. Mr kapoor threatened the doctor to give a false report.."

Aa: " just by u saying this, lie wont become true miss mehra.."

K: " im not that dumb mr aathish that my saying will prove mr sahil kapoor wrong.. I do have valid proofs.. Dr sharma.." She called..

Dr sharma who gave false report about raghuveer singhania's death..

Sahil and neethu were shocked to see her.. She is the same doctor whom they threatened..

The doctor came to the witness ring..

J: " dr sharma pls tell the truth.."

DS: " ur honour, yes, mr sahil kapoor threatened me to change the reports.. They kidnapped my son and asked me to change the reports.. If i refuse to do so, they said they will kill my son.. I was left with no other choice other than changing the reports.. But, today i cant stop myself.. I was regretting from past 20 years for being guilty towards my profession..."

Pr: " she is lying.. Im sure this kalpana would have bribed her..", prem shouted from his place...

Raghav clenched his fist as he was insulting his love in front of him.. Sammy squeezed his hand to calm him down..

Kalpi gave a taunting smirk towards prem...

K: " well, mr prem kapoor.. If this proof is not enough, i have another proof.."

Pr: " im sure u would have bribed him too.."

J: " pls give ur other proof miss mehra.."

Kalpi opened her sling purse and took out a pen drive out of it.. All the others looked on in curiousness.. Kalpi passed the pen drive to the judge.. Judge ordered a lady to play the video.. The video was played on the white screen..

(Remember? Kalpi was in the hotel room.. She opened the door.. She snapped her finger in front of the person and he came out of dreaming.. So , the continuation follows...shown in the video..)

Video starts..

The person was non other than prem..

K: " where are u lost prem?"

Pr: " in ur beauty..", he said dreamily..

K(in mind): " dumbo kahika.."

K: " awww.. U r so sweet.. Come.. Come inside," Kalpi said giving a fake smile..

Prem entered the room and was left astonished by the romantic decorations of the room..Prem smiled widely..

Pr: " u did this for.. For me?"

K: " no.. For us..why dont we have a drink first?"

Pr: " yeah sure.."

Prem sat on the chair.. Kalpi brought a glass of wine for her and a glass of whisky for prem.. (She already mixed some pills in the glass).. Prem drank the whisky.. Kalpi continuously offered him whiskey.. As she found prem was drunk enough..

K: " prem, what happened? Why they sealed ur properties?", she asked softly..

Pr: " some.. Someone gave the proofs against.. Us.. (Hiccup)"

K: " someone? Who is that?"

Pr: " woh.. Woh.. My no 1 enemy.. Rag.. Hav sing.. Hania.. That cheap scoundrel..", he threw the glass on the floor..

K: " oh?? Yes, i hate him too.. Such a jerk he is!!"

(Raghav who was watching the video glared at kalpi.. Kalpi smiled nervously )

K: " why he did like that prem?"

Prem told everything about how his dad killed raghav's dad for the properties...

Video ends..

K: " mr prem kapoor, did i bribed u to give proof against ur dad?", she asked with a baby face..

Prem fumed in anger and lowered his eyes and all the others snickered.

N: " prem how could u?"

Pr: " just shut up mom!!!"

Pr(in mind): " why is she helping raghav singhania? I have to find it..."

J: " according, to the video it is proved that sahil kapoor killed raghuveer singhania.. So, in addition to the previous punishment, i also order that sahil will face lifetime sentence.. The court is adjourned.."

The kapoors who lost the case went outside immediately.. They passed through the media who pressured them quickly..  

Raghav hugged his mom in happiness.. Sammy and maya also joined to give a group hug.. There were tears in raghav's eyes.. Kalpi smiled looking at their happiness.. She sighed and walked out. Raghav noticed that she is going.. So, four of them went behind her.. But, before they could get her, the media blocked their path with hundreds of questions.. Kalpi left the place in her car...

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