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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 6)

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Here is the first chappy of this thread... Sorry if it is boring..


Present day...

Morning 5am...

At mehra mansion...

K: " and now he is saying that it was all drama to make me hate him... He wanted to take revenge against the kapoors for murdering his dad... And he thought i will be an hurdle and kapoors might hurt me..," she whispered sadly...

Aj: " and u believe him? And forgive him?", he asked.

Kalpi shook her head..

K: " i dont care whether he is saying the truth or not because he is not gonna be a part of my life...im not gonna let him break my heart again... 5 more months... We will settle everything in business here and leave to boston...," she said wiping her tears and left the place to her room...

Priya and aj looked at her still she goes into her room and close the door...

P: " she loves him...still," priya muttered softly..

Aj: " raghav singhania has nothing to do in my babydoll's life..," he said with a cold stare and left the place...

At singhania mansion...

G: " raghav, what have u done? This is why i didnt wanted u to know about the truth of ur dad's death...i know u would ruin ur life...," she said massaging her forehead disappointed by her son's deed..

M: " yeah, raghav u shouldn't have done this.."

Only tears and regrets could be seen on raghav's face..

S: " come on maya.. He did a mistake but he is regretting... Dude, dont worry.. We will get back ur love.. I will always be there to help u bro..", he said determinately.. 

Maya nodded her head in yes... 

R: " mom.. Im sorry," he said hugging gauri..

G: " its ok beta.. Bring back my bahu," she said stroking his hair...

R: " i will mom...", he said smiling smally...

So, one made decision the other has no importance in her life whereas the other one has decided to prove she is his life... 

Morning 8am...

Raghav, maya and sammy went to KGC has they have meeting there as scheduled a week before... Kalpi, aj and pri haven't reach the office yet.. So, the receptionist made them sit at miss k's cabin where the meeting is supposed to be held at..

Raghav saw her photo with her parents on the table in which she was smiling genuinely.. He caressed her face on the photo which was not gone unnoticed by sammy and maya...

M: " she looks so happy in this photo.. I never seen her smiling this much.."

R: " she always smiles... Like a sunshine, she spreads her smile and happiness wherever she is.. Now, she is not smiling that much... (He sighed).. All because of me..", he said sadly..

S: " not only her.. Im missing my old friend raghav who is always happy...", he said placing his hand on raghav's shoulder..

The sound of door opening made them glance at the entrance... Kalpi and her friends have arrived... Seeing raghav there, aj clenched his fist and about to go towards him when kalpi grabbed   his wrist and shook her head negatively reminding him about the promise...


K: " promise me u will behave when raghav is there and daddy and mumma shouldn't know about raghav and me.."

Aj: " babydoll, how can.."

K: " promise on me!," she said placing his hand on her head..

Aj and priya nodded their heads in yes...

Flashback ends...

Kalpi went and sat on her chair... While aj and priya occupied two other seats...

Aj: " what brings u here," he asked rudely..

R: " i think u forget that we have meeting about the project..", ragahv answered without a single glimpse of fear...

Raghav and aj were staring at each other... One with anger and the other with determination... Kalpi saw that and cleared her throat..

K: " well, lets start then.."

The  meeting  progressed with sammy explaining about the details of the project.. However, raghav was just staring at kalpi lovingly.. Kalpi could feel his gaze on her and was uncomfortable.. She didnt give a single glance to him and focused on what sammy is elaborating about,.. The meeting ended after an hour...

K: " well, mr raizada im glad with the details u have presented.. Now we just have to look at projeact site and start the work.."

S: " yes, miss k... And i think we should go to that place next monday.."

K: " sure.. And i think thats all... We can end the meeting now... Pls give a copy of the details to aj..."

So, sammy, maya, aj and priya made their way out of the cabin discussing about the project.. But raghav didnt take a single step to leave the cabin... Kalpi closed her eyes irritatingly and sighed..

K: " mr singhania the meeting is over.. So, can u pls leave my cabin..."

Raghav stood up and went near her and kneel down in font of her...

R: " kalpi, r u still angry on me?", he asked softly taking her hands in his...

K: " y should i be angry on u mr singhania? In fact i dont have any feeling about u.. Who are u to me? Nothing..", she said clearly and tried to release her hands from his...

R: " im nothing to u?," he asked sadly while refusing to release her hands..

Kalpi looked here and there..and took a deep breath..

K: " leave my hands mr singhania," saying so she snatched her hands and  went to stand away from raghav..

Her back was facing raghav as she still cannot see pain in his eyes... Raghav went towards her and turned her to face him...

R: " kalpi, i know i made a mistake... Pls forgive me.. Im really very sorry.. I can't live without u..," he said holding her waist..

K: " mr singhania, im warning u.. Take ur hands off me.."

R: " why? I have all rights to hold u, touch u... ," he said a angrily..

Kalpi tried to take his arm off her waist but she couldnt as his arms were strongly holding her tiny waist. The more she tried to release herself, the closer raghav brought her towards him.. Now their bodies are attached to each other with their faces are merely an inch gape..

K: " why are u doing this to me?", she asked disappointed..

R: " i want u back in my life baby.. Pls.."

K: " but i dont want u...," she snapped..

R:"i know u still love me.. My touch still affects u.. And i know u r angry with me.."

K: " first of all i dont love u... And u dont affect me in any way... Just get the hell out of my life mr singhania...", she said frustratingly...

Raghav released her... 

K: " and why should i believe u.. U said it was all drama right? Why should i believe u?", she shouted... (Sound proof walls.. So, others cant hear)

R:" baby, seriously, i did nothing... I cant even think of any other girl other than u.. Pls believe me..," he pleaded..

Kalpi laughed slightly in a mocking manner..

K: " believe u? I already got the price of believing u four years back.. I dont want another gift for believing u again... I cant take it anymore.. And moreover, any guy would say he didn't  do anything after being caught...", she said looking straight into his eyes...

Raghav's anger reaches its peak and he grabbed the back of her neck brought her face near to his..

R: " if i just needed physical pleasure, i would have get it from u.. Still remember? That night.. If i didnt stop, we would have crossed the limits... Even u were not in ur senses.. But i stopped because i respect u...", he hissed angrily..

Realisation hit kalpi...

R: " after this u wanna believe me or not thats up to u.. But i love u... And will do anything to make u forgive" saying so he took his hands off her.. Kalpi stumbled slightly...

Raghav left the cabin leaving kalpi who was standing there like a statue.. Kalpi sat on the crouch nearby..

K(self talk): " he didnt...", she smiled smally...

K(self talk): " what am i thinking? He didn't sleep with her.. So? But he still hurt me... For the past four years i was crying thinking of that day... No.. I dont want him in my life... He is nothing to me..."

The day progressed with office works and both of them thinking about each other...

At RS Constructions...

Sammy and maya are in raghav's cabin as raghav was so sad since they came back from KGC.. 

S: " bro, why are u looking so sad? Did kalpi said something?"

R: " she said she has no feelings for me..," he said passing his hand over his face in frustration..

M: " raghav, she is angry on u.. As a woman, i tell u.. Its not easy for a girl to forgive u after whatever happened..."

R: " so, she wont forgive me?", he asked with sad eyes..

M: " when did i said so? I said it is not easy.. But it is not impossible... And most importantly she still loves u.."

S: " yeah.. That day when aj beat u she begged him not to... She loves u... Just we want to make the love for u to come out.."

Suddenly, someone knocked the door...

R: " come in.."

The door opened revealing the housefly pakhi with all her 32 teeth visible on her already ugly face...

P: " raghav sir...", she said grinning like chimpanzee...

 (I saw a chimpanzee smiling on discovery channel today.. And the only thing that came to my mind is this housefly..lol)

R: " what?", raghav asked rolling his eyes..

P: " hmmm.. Raghav sir can i go back home earlier today?"

M: " u r more than welcomed go home now housef..i mean miss kapoor.. Am i right raghav?", she said smiling..

Raghav nodded in yes..

P: " oh.. Raghav sir.. Thank u so much.. U r so sweet...", making raghav who was upset thinking about kalpi more upset...

R: " get out!", raghav roared..

Pakhi jumped in fear and ran out of the cabin..

S: " raghav... Calm down bro..."

R: " calm down? How can i calm down sammy? How to make kalpi understand my love for her... I know what i did was wrong... I was the dumbest person in the world...", he said hitting the table in frustration...

R: " i know i hurt her.. But i died thousand deaths each second for hurting her.. It hurts so much here,"he said pointing the place where his heart lies.. A tear escaped his eye...

Sammy hugged raghav to console him...

R: " leave me alone for a while...", so maya and sammy left his cabin knowing he needs some privacy...

However, on the other side...

Kalpi was driving back to home from mr mishra's office after meeting... She had an headache.. So, decided to stop at the coffee shop to get a cup of coffee... It was raining outside.. She walked towards the coffee shop while checking mails on her iphone... Suddenly she dashed into something or someone... She was about to fall but the person got her holding her waist...

"Are u ok?", the person asked..

Kalpi looked up to find prem kapoor... She immediately distanced herself from prem..

K: " yeah.. Thanks.. Im fine.. And sorry i was ...", before she could continue prem interrupted her..

P: " its ok... Hmmm... Going to have coffee?"

K: " yeah.. That's y ppl come to coffee shop mr kapoor.."

P: " haha.. Yes... And its prem... Remember, we are friends... So, can we have coffee together?", he asked charmingly..

Kalpi was about to say no but she saw raghav, sammy and maya there at a table... Raghav was looking at her and prem with a look which states he wanna kill prem..

K: " sure," she said smiling...

The waiter directed them to a table near ragahv's table.. Prem also saw raghav there and smirked..Prem pulled the chair out for kalpi like a gentleman which made raghav to grit his teeth which was not gone unnoticed by kalpi...

P: " so kalpi... Oopss... Can i call u kalpi?"

K: " why not prem?"

On the other table..

R: " when i, her very own boyfriend call her kalpi, she asked me to call her miss mehra... And she calls me mr singhania... But now, she has no problem with him calling her kalpi and she calls him prem... I mean.. This is ridiculous...", he said so that only maya and sammy can hear..

Sammy and maya couldn't help but chuckle looking at his jealousy...

P: " waiter..."

The waiter came there...

W: " ur order pls.."

P: " mocha for me.. And kalpi?"

K: " latte...thats it..."

Prem was talking to kalpi.. Raghav called the waiter and said something to him...

After ten minutes the waiter came to the table where kalpi and prem were sitting.. He placed a cup of mocha, a cup of latte and a plate of chocolate lava cake..

K: " i didnt order this chocolate lava cake"

W: " maam.. Woh..compliment.. For every female customer.."

(Actually our romeo ordered it for her knowing she love it so much)

K: " compliment? For what?"

W: " im sorry maam.. Its my duty to serve.. I don't know why.. Excuse me.."

P: " hey its ok.. The chocolate lava cake in this cafe is really delicious.."

K: " i dont eat this.. Pls u can have it...," she said after giving a glance towards raghav and moved the plate towards prem smiling..

M: " mission failed," she said giggling..

S: " waise bi, raghav u just brought the chocolate lava cake for ur number one enemy... How sweet?"

R: " she knows that i bought it for her.. She purposely doing that.. Instead of giving it to the gadhe she should have given it to the street dogs..", he said gritting his teeth..

Kalpi smirked looking at raghav's expression...

P: " kalpi, where are u lost?"

K: " nowhere..."

P: " can i get ur phone number?", he said clicking the contacts to add her number..

R: " how dare he?", he said clenching his jaws only to be calmed by sammy..

Kalpi gave her number and prem called her..

P: " thats mine.."

Kalpi nodded..

Suddenly, prem's phone rang..

P: " yes dad.. Really? Yeah, im coming.."

P: " kalpi, i need to go.. Dad said he want some important file.. We will meet again..," he said standing up..

Kalpi stood up as well..

K: " its ok prem... Bye.."

Prem came forward and hugged her and said bye before leaving.. Kalpi was shocked as well but did nothing...

As prem left the place, raghav came towards her fuming...

R: " what the hell is happening here?", he shouted..

Ppl at the surrounding looked around and sammy and maya also came there to control him...
Kalpi looked around and glared at him angrily.. She took her sling bag and left the place but raghav followed her...

R: " kalpi, wait.. I said wait...", he called running behind her but she didn't stop...

Finally he matched her steps and grabbed  her upper arm.. Nobody was there except sammy and maya who followed them.. Maya and sammy stood a few steps away form them giving them privacy..

K: " what is ur problem mr singhania? Leave my hand.."

R: " no..."

K: " pardon?," she said frowning...

R: " why cant i touch u? And how dare that prem hug u and u never protest..", he hissed in anger...

K: " so what?", she asked calmly..

R: " so what? Kalpi i told u nah the kapoors are very dangerous.. Especially this prem kapoor is a jerk.. Stay away from him..."

K: " oh come on mr singhania.. Im a grown up girl... For god sake, dont tell me whom i should befriend and whom I shouldn't... Got it?," she said removing his hands off her roughly..

R: " baby pls understand nah.."

K: " dont call me baby!", she snapped...

R: " baby..."

Kalpi sighed and left the place after muttering "stubborn kahika" which was not gone unheard by raghav... He smiled and bite his lower lip... 

M: " she is a tough nut to crack raghav.."

S: " yeah bro.. How did u make her fall in love with u?"

R: " hmm.. Only i knew how much hard work i put in to make her love me... But now it is harder than last time... My baby is so angry.. Its ok.. I will make up to her...", he said chuckling...


Precap: kalpi at raghav's office... Pakhi-raghav-kalpi... Lol..Wink

Ufff... Done with this part...
I know i know it was damn boring...
Thanks for reading and sorry for mistakes...
Pls dont forget to hit the like button and leave ur comments babies..

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 Humm so kalpi decided to leave raghav and go in 6 months after completing her project don't worry kalpi I'm here for him
Raghav ithna muskil se kalpi ko patta na kyun mai hoona Tongue

ok jokes apart Nice update dimple Big smile raghav is so demanding in case of kalpi kalpi should not excuse raghav so easily for all the pain he have given her and prem is best option to make him realize what she felt that day when she saw Raghav with another girl Angry

will Raghav play this jelousy game with help of dumb paki i guess that stupid idea will be from sammy LOL

nice update dimple eh dono bhai behan RagNa ke zindagi mai kante hai Big smile

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superb update dear.. Lovely.. Dear update nxt chappy.. Waiting..
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Wonderful update
caur Senior Member

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Nice chappyClap
Ragna1302 IF-Rockerz

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Superb update. ...
  Kalpi is not ready to forgive raghav. ..n raghav try 2 understand her his point. ..raghav bahut papad belne padege. .LOL
 But I love wen raghav say if he want physical pleaser then he did not stop that night. ...n kalpi agree that. ..but asanise manane wali nahi. ...
jerk prem hug hetAngry jealous raghavWinkLOL..poor uska cake prem ne kahaLOL Iloved Sammy dialogue. ...
precap kalpi raghav n pakhi. ...

Update soon next part
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Wonderful update dear
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Nice update .

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