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Passion of devotion: Abhigya FF Part 36 (Pg 38) (Page 37)

vishuv IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 September 2016 at 10:17pm | IP Logged
Purvi is going to let our the truth... Hmm...Good. I want Tanu to go to jail for her doings...she is always ready to spoil others lives...
Purvi and Armaan make a wonderful couple... Both ate mutually helping each other in singing and dancing... Haha!! 

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vishuv IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 September 2016 at 11:03pm | IP Logged
Wow amazing!!!  Loved Abhi and Alia... Their rakhi scene and Alia's maturity... Both are so adorable... 
Shit!  Tanu doesn't think twice before haming Pragya...even in the station she boldly claimed she was trying to harm Pragya and not her sister Suhani... How much more shameless can she get?  There is a limit to everything.  And she went beyond everything to separate Abhigya... I wonder what she will get even if she does that... It's proven now that Abhi cannot live without Pragya and can go to any length to save her and his sister.  She can't harm Alia too... Then what does she want?  Already her parents and sister hate her... 

She had the nerve to blame Armaan for that happening.  I am glad that Armaan realized his mistake and is not going to continue his plan is revege...but unfortunately Suhani heard all these and is gonna misunderstand him. 

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vishuv IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 September 2016 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
Loved Pragya and Armaan bond. When are they going to find out that they are there old best friends?  Doesn't he suspect them to be their friends... Even a bit?!!  Coz he can't always find sisters with the same name Pragya and Bulbul. He doesn't know Sarla ma also??! 
Pragya came to bail him out not only for Alia but for herself too.  She considers him as her brother.  That's indeed very good... He even shared his painful past with her.  But am wondering what the misunderstanding is about...

Armaan boldly rescued Alia and now her family trusts him... But Abhi I can't say... They both are still not comfortable with each other. 

What is Tanu going to do next?  That shameless bitch... She will now revenge Armaan also?? Why is Raj supporting her?  What does he mean by that?  And is this Tanu still pregnant? 

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vishuv IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 September 2016 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
Woo-hoo! Hey Ash! I became a dazzler in your thread!  Yippee... Congrats to myself PartyPartyLOL

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vishuv IF-Dazzler

Joined: 09 June 2014
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Posted: 08 October 2016 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
Wow loved it! So Armaan has to work hard to win Alia's hand...good!
So the new entry is Rishi...and he saved Purvi. Hope she is fine...she has changed so much...
Armaan found the truth that Praggs is his best friend...and now he is regretting his actions. I am glad he gave it up...

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vishuv IF-Dazzler

Joined: 09 June 2014
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Posted: 08 October 2016 at 11:34pm | IP Logged
Hmm...I don't have anything to say regarding Alia. She has changed for better now. She is no longer doing anything that could hurt her Bhai or her family...but I wanted her to come clean like before. She could have admitted the truth much before...though she would have been hated by her family, they would have eventually accepted it. But now, since she hid it...they think her to be a traitor. Good that Alia is confident and determined to win her brother's love and faith back. She is hard and stubborn...she will do it!
Loved Praggs here...she was smart and forgiving...partly because she too knew that Alia was behind it along with Tanu...unlike Abhi. But still, she should have supported Purvi...

Update soon Ash...after your break!

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SaraPriya Senior Member

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Posted: 16 October 2016 at 5:31am | IP Logged
waiting for next continue soon
abhiya23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 October 2016 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
Part 35 

Pragya reveals everything to Abhi about Alia and Armaan which makes him angry 

Abhi : Fuggy, I am proud of your smartness but its not about status, I know very well about his intention

Pragya : seriously Abhi, you are not good in judging people

Abhi : fine, do whatever you want but just remember one thing, even if Armaan is successful in your challenge, and found anything wrong I promise I will not let him marry Alia (leaves the room) 

Alia overhears their conversation and feels guilty for hiding everything about Armaan

Pragya : Alia, why are you standing there, come on inside

Alia : bhabhi, what if bhai does not accept this relation, I cannot live without either of my bhai or Armaan

Pragya : Alia, calm down everything will be fine, you don't worry about Armaan, I trust him and for sure he will not break it 

Alia (in her mind) : how do I tell you bhabhi, the one who are trusting has cheated on you, but I cannot even tell anybody, sorry for that 

Purvi goes to the interview in one of the biggest fashion designing  company for personal assistant position. 

Ruby : Ms Purvi

Purvi : thats me 

Ruby : you can go inside 

"Yes come on in" voice comes from inside when Purvi knocks the door

"okay you talk with clients and I will talk later" boss is talking on phone against Purvi's side 

The person turns around who is none other than Rishi Gharewal. 

Purvi : oh god Purvi, who you messed up with on the first but whatever it is I will not say sorry or anything 

Rishi : oh its you, so we met again today, have a seat, don't worry I keep my professional life very separately 

Purvi ; good morning Sir, here is my file 

RIshi : well your qualification are good, but you have no experience, you left your dancing career in midway, whats the guarantee you will not leave this too

Purvi ; Sir, even if i leave this job it will be concerned to my reputation, I will not bring any bad to this company and you can fire me without question if you think its my fault 

Rishi : fine I will give you one chance hearing your sharp words, but on one condition

Purvi ; what?

Rishi : you will call me Rishi, not Sir (shakes his hand) 

Purvi does not smile properly and forwards her hand too. 

Rishi : Lina, show Purvi her new cabin and work, she is joining our company from today 

Lina : yea sure, come Purvi (takes her) 


Pragya is walking on garden and siting on swing reminding her of childhood 

Abhi ; hey what are you thinking 

Pragya : Abhi, I am bored of staying in home, I want to go out for a while 

Abhi : okay fine, you can go with Alia, I am going to studio today

Pragya ; Is this Alia's child (says bit angrily) 

Abhi :what are you talking about

Pragya : I sent you out because you had important meeting but now you don't even have time for me

Abhi : look who is talking, I just lied to you to see your reaction 

Pragya : Abhi, you are going to be father, at least be serious sometimes 

Abhi ; what is it

Pragya : I want to continue my job

Abhi : in this state? you might be crazy, no way you will get permission

Pragya : thats not fair (pouts like small child) 

Suhani calls Pragya to have lunch with her 

Pragya : okay I will be there

Suhani : great, I will come pick you up 

Abhi : there is no need (takes the phone) I will drop her off

Suhani : alright fine, no need to show that attitude to me, bye

Abhi ; how ungrateful she didn't invite me for lunch 

Pragya ; its our lunch, two friends you can go ahead to your studio alright, I am going to get ready

Abhi ; Suhani, you just wait and watch you ruined my surprise, now I will foil your lunch date with your favorite teacher 

Pragya goes to Suhani's place for lunch when Abhi joins them 

Suhani : excuse me who invited you? I thought I only told Pragya teacher

Abhi : your dear teacher told me to join both of you 

Pragya : I told you?

Abhi ; yes see she is saying I told 

Suhani : does my face say I am idiot, you are so shameless inviting yourself

Abhi : Fuggy, she is insulting your husband in front of you and you are quiet 

Pragya ; Suhani, its okay he can do lunch with us

Suhani : teacher, he did not came for lunch, he came to foil my lunch 

Abhi (in his mind) : this girl is so shrewd, how did she figure it out 

Pragya : if you both are done with your nonsense, can we eat or else you both enjoy I am leaving 

Suhani : wait teacher, sorry lets eat come on (makes her sit) 

Abhi : how sweet, (show his tongue) 

Suhani is irritated again as she lost chance to talk with Pragya again. 


Armaan goes for an audition to the biggest music company but is rejected again due to his college drop out. He is discouraged seeing his hope crashed and looks at the locket Purvi gave to him


Purvi : keep this locket with you, it has my faith in it, whenever you fell discouraged remember me I will come to you

Flashback ends

Armaan ; I need you Purvi, where are you, I need my friend's support 

In office Purvi feels restless thinking about Armaan. Rishi admires her doing the work in the cabin. He gets call from somebody and happily talks on phone

Rishi : hi princess, how are you, yea I know I will come to Bombay soon enough 

Purvi : Excuse me sir, presentation is ready, do you want to see the project before we show to client

Rishi : sure why not

After a while everybody in conference room gets impressed by Purvi's idea of designing their new project. 

Rishi : fantastic, Purvi I want the final presentation by tomorrow morning alright

Purvi : sure sir 


A woman named Dulari enters Mehra house asking for work and take care of Pragya

Dadi : who told you about this house

Dulari : Madam, who doesn't know about this house, I heard you are in need of maid

Dadi : we are enough to take care of our daughter in law, if you want work then you do other chores like cleaning and cooking, and why is your face covered with this veil

Dulhari : thank you ma'am 

Dadi :  go and heat up milk for Pragya and give it to her in room

Abhi : dadi, who is this woman

Dadi ; nothing dear, she wanted work so I hired her 

Abhi find suspicious about the woman seeing an expensive phone in her hand but could not see the face due to the long veil 

Abhi : wow, today's servants also use this type of phone 

Dulhari heats up the milk for Pragya and mixes sleeping pills. She enters the room and sees Pragya reading novel listening to music at the same time

Dulhari : can I come in madam

Pragya : oh so you are the new servant who Dadi hired today, whats your name 

Dulhari : my name is Dulhari, (greets in her own language) Dadi sent this milk for you 

Pragya : oh thank you so much (Takes the glass of milk) 

Dulhari : do you need anything madam, you can give me call me I am downstairs in kitchen 

Pragya : okay, you go I don't need anything 

Abhi tells Pragya about his doubt regarding the new maid 

Pragya : oh god Abhi, at least spare that poor maid, she is so sweet

Abhi : I am telling wrong person wrong thing, not the whole world is not like you 

Pragya : why are we even discussing this, lets watch some good movie

Abhi : which one you want to watch 

Pragya ; let watch X men, (starts feeling sleepy when Abhi is goes to turn on the laptop. 

Pragya starts having blurry vision when Abhi sits next to her. He does not notice Pragya resting on his shoulder till a while. 

Abhi : this girl is so strange, she wanted to watch movie and is now sleeping

Next day Pragya wakes up with heavy head and goes to washroom. 


Rishi's company gets the contract due to Purvi's effort and hard work. He offers her to have lunch with him. 

Purvi : thats perfectly fine

Rishi : please, at least give your boss to understand his new employee

Purvi : alright, just give me few minutes, I will finish my work and then we can go 

Rishi : you are so workaholic more than your boss, come on (drags her to parking lot) 

Mehra house

Dulhari prepares breakfast for the whole family but cooks separately for Pragya. She adds spices and powder in her food. 

Dadi : wow, you cook such good food Dulhari, did you give breakfast to Pragya

Dulhari : she said she will have food on table today 

Abhi : Fuggy, I took appointment with doctor for your routine check up 

Suhani sense something wrong when she sees Tanu is living freely in the house. 

Suhani : what is happening here

Tanu : nothing, you were saying something 

Suhani : I just came here to tell you that I am going out for some days for office work, you take care of yourself 

Tanu : you too, I will miss you (hugs her) 

Kirti : god bless you my dear (blesses Suhani) 

Purvi sees Armaan while going to her house and gets shocked to see her past again came to her

Purvi : no matter how far I go away from him but destiny keeps bringing me in front of him (goes to him) 

Armaan : Purvi, what a coincidence, I just remembered you yesterday and you came in front of me

Precap : Suhani imposes as Dulhari to save Pragya but is too late as she gets serious. Armaan comes to Mumbai after being successful while Rishi proposes Purvi.  

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