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FF : Chehra Hai Ya Chand Khila Hai CHAPTER 8 UPLOADED ON PAGE 8 (Page 6)

akanksha1319 Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 4:05am | IP Logged
I totally loved it! Continue soon! Tongue

shanaya.oberoi Groupbie

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Posted: 21 May 2015 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Ananya got discharged. And reached home after that day akash and ananya rarely met it had been almost two months now and they didn't have any flights together but both prayed they would soon have one together,and little did they know someone heard there prayer and finally they both were flying together to goa and also had a 2 day stay over.
On the day,Ananya and Akash met on the airport,
Ananya:good morning capt. Akash saluja.
Ananya spoke with a serious tone,
akash:good morning first officer
Akash replied with an ignorant tone.
Both were showing as if they didn't care but deep in their hearts they desperately wanted to hug each other.
Soon, both left for the cockpit,
And unfortunately they had Natasha in as the purser,
During mid-flight,
Natasha entered the cockpit,
Natasha:hi akash, mujhe patha hain ke tum sochre ho me main yaha kyun ayi hu well wo Isiliye kyunki mein tumhara mood lighten karna chahti after all flight main ek bad luck Jo hai tumhare saath.
Natasha gave whatever look to ananya.ananya didn't really care about what Natasha said as she always knew she was good luck for akash.
Akash:waise sahi kaha tumne Natasha Lekin main thik  hojaonga agar tum Apne Haat ke coffee de do tho.
Now ananya was literally very hurt as akash was just encouraging natasha,
Ananya:(in her mind) Pehle tho tumnee kisi ko plane main tumhe tumhare nam se bulane ki permission Nahi di thi sivaye mere aur main tumhara lucky charm thi ab halaaton ko dekho kaise hai Sab kuch ulta hai main tumhe captain bulaati hu aur ek Aam air hostess tumhe akash bulaati hai.
Soon Natasha left,
And they prepared for landing,
After they landed,
And reached the hotel ananya already had plans with her friend Mahima who used to live there
And on the other hand Natasha had some dirty plans in her mind.
Natasha: (talking to herself in the room) so what Akash if you divorced me but today we will consummate our ex-marriage . Main tumhe pana chahti thi aur ananya ko niche dekhana chahti thi. Kitne Aram se Maine tumhe bevakuf banaya uss raat,
Two people were talking in the hotel lobby.
One of them said" Kaam hojana chahiye" 
The other said " ap fikar mat kariye jaisa apne kaha waisa hi hoga."
Well they were none other than Natasha and one of the hotel employees Natasha had bribed her to trap ananya.
The plan was to spike ananya's food so that she is knocked out and then take pictures which were very intimate,those pictures showed ananya with another man who was also hired by Natasha so he could do this,but in real ananya wasn't even touched.
And as per the plan everything had gone perfect and Akash was fooled by those pictures that day.
Past ends. 
Natasha laughed loudly,
And again said to herself
Natasha: Lekin Phir bich mein tumhaara aur ananya ka bacha agaya jisse mujhe yeh dar the ke Kahi Tum bacche ke khatir ananya ke saat Wapas na chale Jao.
Again Natasha describes the past,
Natasha:Uss park main tumhe ek pregnant woman dekhegi uski photo main tumhe bhejthi hu usse tumhe ithna marna hai ke Uska baccha Zinda na bache.
Person:thikhe ma'am hojayega.
And as per Natasha's plan everything went perfect that man kidnapped ananya and took her to an isolated place where he tortured her and she suffered a miscarriage the man later informed shaurya to come and take her.shaurya had rushed her to the hospital but unfortunately ananya had lost the that time ananya was 5 months pregnant and akash didn't even know as he didn't even care to call or talk to her.
Shaurya had since then taken an oath that he will not leave Natasha.
Past ends,
Natasha talking to herself 
Natasha:everything is just perfect now and akash is mine.
Ananya had gotten ready in a light blue sari and she had gone to meet mahima,
Mahima was sitting in an coffee shop and waiting for her,
Ananya reached the coffee shop and spotted mahima sitting,
Ananya:hi mahima, kaisi hai tu iTne saal hog aye tujhe dekhe we,aur Tera woh husband  Arjun kaha hai?
Mahima:uff! Ithne saare sawal ek dum se mujhe bolne tho de.
Arjun U.S. Gaye we hai business ke silsile main aur main bilkul thik hu.
Aur tu bata akash kaisa hai.
Ananya's smile suddenly faded hearing akash's name.mahima noticed it,
Mahima: Kya hula ananya tu thik tho hai.
Ananya couldn't take it and she burst into tears and narrated whatever had happened with her.
Mahima:itna Sab kuch hogaya aur ab bata rahi hai to. Wait I will teach that Natasha a lesson I knew that she was like that.
Ananya stopped her and told her that they shouldn't spoil there time and spend it happily, mahima agreed and then they had coffee and later mahima left so did ananya leave for the hotel.
But little did ananya know Akashi and followed her all along because he was very worried about her as he didn't want whatever happened last time to repeat,
Over there Natasha was boiling with anger when she got to know both akya weren't in the her plan got foiled.
Ananya got out to catch a taxi at first she very hesitant but then later she didn't have a choice so she took a taxi but before any taxi came it started raining really heavily and ananya and akash both were really very wet.but ananya didn't see akash.
Ananya: spoke to herself is baarish main Kaha jaungi.
Suddenly she felt a hand on her back,and with a jerk she turned,
Akash:Daro mat main hu aur yeh tumhari der raat bahar Rehne ki adaat band Karo. Khud musibat main phas the ho aur dusro Ko pareshaan Karti ho.
Ananda was sort of liking akash being possessive over her.
Ananya: I will stay out late night and who are you to stop me. And I never called you to rescue me last time tum hi mujhe follow karte ho.
Akash:you know what your impossible main tumse baat hi kyun raha human chalo kahi tho rukna padega aur hotel bohout door hai pass ki hotel main kahi rukna padega.
They both walked for a pretty long time until they reached a small abandoned hut,but on the way Akash  constantly stared at ananya who was looking like a goddess,in the light blue transparent which was sticking to her stomach.

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zubiya92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2015 at 9:06am | IP Logged
Awesome update
Love it
Cont soon
Laadifan12 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 May 2015 at 10:32am | IP Logged
Amazing amazing amazing 
God that Natasha AngryAngryAngry
I will kill her 
First she frames anaya then kills Ananya's child 
Hope Akash finds out soon
Akya staying together in a hut 
Amazing wait for the next update 

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Annika_Ishqbaaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2015 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Fantastic update.
Loved it a lot.
Natasha toh bohut hi neech larki nikli.
She just destroyed AkYa's life.
AkYa rain scene was nice.
Mahima is Ananya's best friend and decides to teach her a lesson.
Shaurya knows everything but why doesnt he take any action?
Continue soonish.
Do pm me.
shanaya.oberoi Groupbie

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Posted: 22 May 2015 at 3:00am | IP Logged
Chapter 6:
Akash was just traumatized by ananya's beauty and the same situation was with ananya she was looking at the white shirt sticking to his body which was revealing his well-built body.
They both were inside the hut,
Akash:lagta hain Aaj rat yahi rukne padega.tum waha jake apne ap ko sukha lo.
Ananda nodded her head and in a corner started drying herself , whenever she separated her sari from her body it would stick back and akash was noticing this.they both were overwhelmed with emotions and desperately wanted to hug each other.both couldn't resist each other especially akash, he walked towards her,
Ananya: Kya hua...Akash?
Akash didn't reply and grabbed her hand and pulled her towards himself,she crushed on akash' chest,There lips were so close to each other but ananya controlled herself,
Ananya:Akash stop!
Akash:nahi ananya don't stop me today I know the truth and I'm really sorry for what I've done with you pls...pls will you forgive me?
Ananya looked at him with a jerk.
Ananya:Tum...jaan Gaye ke mein preg..
Akash:yea, main Jaan Gaya tha ke tum pregnant thi aur tumhaare saat Kya hua tha im so sorry pls mujhe maaf kardo.
Akash then narrated how he got to know, actually while Natasha was talking to herself the door was open and Akash had heard everything.
Ananya was in tears and hugged akash really tight and akash to responded back.
Ananya:I love you Akash! Main tadap gayi hu tumhaari bahon main ane ke liye.
Akash:I love you too ananya! Aur main tadap Gaya hu tumhe apni bahon main lene ke liye.
They hugged each other and then broke the hug and Akash kissed on her fore head and rained kisses everywhere on her face ananya blushed like hell.
She blushed and ran but akash grabbed her sari's drape and pulled her towards him. And he gave her passionate kiss to which she responded back.akash carried her to little hay bed he made and lay her down there and kissed her stomach and then reached towards her neck and kissed her,he slowly took off her sari drape and lay on top of her, she opened his buttons and threw his shirt on the floor and they both had a romantic night after two long years.
Next morning ananya woke up and saw how akash had protectively kept her in his arms throughout the night, she lovingly looked at him and gave him a kiss on his cheek.he gave a cute smile and opened his eyes slowly and rubbed his nose against her.
Akash:ab mujhse tumse door Nahi raha jatha.
Ananya:Akash... Tum mujhe kabhi chodke nahi jaoge na?
Akash:kabhi nahi ab main Marte dum thak tumhare sat rahunga.
He kissed her forehead and they both headed for there hotel.
In the lobby,
Ananya:akash ab Natasha Kya karenge?
Akash:don't worry main chahta hu ke woh khud apna guna qubool Kare.
I have a plan.
Saying this he told ananya the plan and he said to inform shaurya and Alia about it as well ananya nodded and gave him a smile.
And they both headed towards there respective rooms,
Ananya in her room was just thinking about akash and last night suddenly her thoughts were disturbed by a phone call.
She went picked up the phone.
Akash:tho mere baare main soch rahi hon?
Ananya:tumhe kaise patha akash?
Akash:woh isiliye kyunki mere aur tumhaare dil Ka ek connection hai.
Ananya:waise main tumhaare room main Arahi hu,
Ananya got ready and walked to akash's room she opened the door,and she saw akash shirtless she had gone weak on her knees,
Ananya:tum...abhi tak tayyar nahi Huey akash?
Akash:ab tum agayi ho tumhi kardo.
Ananya was blushing and looking down when Akashi walked to her and. Gave her the shirt she couldn't take it anymore so she hugged him really tight and he too responded back.
Suddenly there hug was broken by a knock. On the door.
Akash:main dekh tha hu Kon hai tum yahi ruko.
Akash looked through the the keyhole only to find Natasha out there.
Akash:ananya Natasha hai? Tum jaldi se kahi chup jao.
Ananya:ek minute door Khholne se pehle yeh shirt pehenlo.
Ananya through the shirt on his face and Akash looked at her like a fool he quickly wore the shirt.
And opened the door.
Akash:haan Kya hua Natasha bolo
Natasha:ithni der kyun lagayi darwaaza kholne main aur yeh mujhe bahar khada rakhna hai Kya.
Akash:yahi se bolo aur jao.
Natasha:Akash why r u being so rude and where were you last night I waited for you the entire time. I thought we had dinner plans made.
Akash:I'm sorry mujhe kuch important kaam ke liye jana tha isiliye.ok bye mujhe tayyar hone I got a flight to catch.
Saying this he literally shut the door on her face.
And Natasha just walked away like a fool thinking why akash was being so rude to her.
Ananya then came out of her hiding place,
Ananya:what did she say?
Akash:Kal raat kaha Gaya tha puch rahi tho.
Ananya:tumne Kya kaha.
Akash:yehi ke main tumhare saat ek bohout hi romantic time spend kar raha tha.
Ananya:what! You actually said that are you crazy!
Akash:just kidding ananya.
Ananya picked up the pillow and threw it on him and started beating with the pillow until akash held her hands and she hugged him.

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Annika_Ishqbaaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 May 2015 at 3:30am | IP Logged
Finally,all the misunderstandings between AkYa got cleared..
Romantic night was supppa hot...
I was blushing a lot.
Natasha.. Arrrgghhh... Yeh kab Akya ka piccha chhoregi?
Continue sooonish...
zubiya92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 May 2015 at 8:36am | IP Logged
Awesome update
Love it
Cont soon

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