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ISHRA FF ~~TB ---- PART 8 on Page 40!!.... 15th January!! (Page 39)

TamannaSethi Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2016 at 5:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by snehaseshan

Read all d parts at a shot superb continue soonSmile

Wow!! You read all the parts in one go... 
Thanks dear Embarrassed
I am glad you liked it dear... 
Will try to update soon Wink

TamannaSethi Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2016 at 5:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rufana10

beautiful update
liked it when raman picked ishita in his arms Embarrassed
their self thought were emotional...
hope ishita will recover from the disease very soon...
will be waiting for the next update Smile

Thanks dear Embarrassed
I am glad you liked it dear... 
Yes dear... She will recover soon... 
Will try to update soon... Wink
Next update will be of She Is A Business Woman!! Smile
TamannaSethi Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2016 at 5:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nafnaf

Aaawww that was so sweet!!!!!
Both of them are feeling the same - having almost the same thoughts!!!

Hope all is well soon!!!
Please update soon"!!!

Thank you so much for the pm!!!!!!!

Thanks dear Embarrassed
All will be well soon dear... 
Will try to update soon Wink
It's my pleasure to pm you all dear Smile
TamannaSethi Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2016 at 6:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sukanksha

Read the whole in a go...
N all updates are amazing
Thanks for the pm

Wow dear... You read all the parts in a go!!! 
Thanks dear Embarrassed
I am glad you liked it Big smile
It's my pleasure to pm you all dear Smile

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Posted: 14 January 2016 at 2:56am | IP Logged
Update soon

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Posted: 14 January 2016 at 2:57am | IP Logged
Update asap waiting

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Posted: 14 January 2016 at 2:58am | IP Logged
Update kro na yr
TamannaSethi Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2016 at 6:46am | IP Logged
Hey Friends!!! 

AMBREEN'S AGENT (GURI)  is back with the next part!!

Hope you all remember me... I am again here to post an OS written by my dear friend AMBREEN... I am posting it as she doesn't uses IF... 


I have tried to do some editing... As some the readers have asked me to translate the dialogues in English.. 

As she writes with mix language dialogues... So the translation and some editing is done by me.. And rest actual story is written by AMBREEN...

Part 8----

Ishita wakes up finding a good morning note by her bed was obviously from her hubby...she smiles...she gets up and changes ...Raman was sitting at the dining table waiting for Ishita...

Raman- arey kahan reh gayi yeh?

[Where is she till now?]

Ishita comes down...Raman doesn't her...

Mr. Bhalla- Ishita putar uth gayi?

[Ishita daughter you woke up?]

Ishita- haan papaji...woh kal raat ko neend bahut achi thi toh late ho gayi...

[Yes papaji... Yesterday night I slept well that's why I am late...]

Raman and IshitaIshiTang  both blush because of remembering the previous night...

Ishita sits beside Raman...she starts sneezing!!

Raman- maine kaha tha na ki ice cream mat khao lekin kitni ziddi ho tum...

[I told you not to have ice cream but you are too stubborn...]

Mrs. Bhalla- putr tum toh kal sara din ghar mein thi na? ghar mein ice cream nahi thi...toh phir icecream kahan khai?

[Daughter whole day you were at home na? There was no ice cream at home... So where did you eat ice cream?]

Raman whispers saara din ghar mein thi lekin sari raat bhar...he smirks...even Ishu is smiling,...but she has to reply Mrs. Bhalla...

[Raman whispers whole day she was at home but whole night she was out... He_Bhalla...]

Ishita- woh mummy ji...

(She was going to answer but Raman interrupted in between...)

Raman- kuch nahi mummy ji woh iss ne parsaon khai thi!!

[Nothing mummy ji she ate it day before yesterday!!]

Mummy ji- parson khai aur aaj cheekh rahi hai...kal toh theek thi!!!

[She ate it day before yesterday and she is sneezing today... Yesterday she was okay!!!]

Raman- mummy Madrasi hamesha late hote hai...

[Mummy Madrasi are always late...]

The answer was so stupid given by Raman...Ishita smirks only Raman sees it..

After breakfast...Ishita goes to their room... Ishita laughs remembering Raman's answer...

Ishita- aaj itna bakwaas jhoot bola Raman ne!!!... haha...

[Today Raman said such a stupid lie!!!... Haha...]

Just then Raman walks in...

Raman- kya haha kar rahi ho?

[What haha you are doing?]

Ishita- kya jhoot tha woh?...Ruhi bhi pakad leti...haha!!

[What lie was that?... Ruhi could have also caught that... Haha!!]

Raman- main ne sambhal liya na!!...

[I handled the situation!!...]

Ishita- jhoot bolne ki kya jarurat thi?

[What was the need to tell lie?]

Raman- oye tum yeh sach ka paath apne paas rakho...

[You keep all this truth lessons with you...]

Ishita- hum bache thodi na hai ab...

[We are not kids now...]

Raman- kisne kaha? tum toh abhi bhi bachi ho!!

[Who said? You are still a kid!!]

Ishita- kya? kyon?

[What? Why?]

Raman- kuch nahi!


Ishita- nahi, kaho mujhe jaana hai!!

[No, say it I want to know!!]

Raman- acha jaanna chahti ho?

[Oh so you want to know?]

Ishita- haan!!


Raman- kyon ki sirf bache hi gaal par kiss karte hain...bade nahi!! (He was just teasing her...)

[Because only kids kiss on the cheeks... Not adults!!] (He was just teasing her...)

He refers to the previous day where he was not able to have a liplock with her... Raman is just casually looking at the files...Ishita feels guilty...even she wanted to kiss him...but the TB...had stopped her...she feels bad that she can't satisfy Raman like a wife should!!

Raman- mazaak kar raha tha!!! itna ghoor kyon rahi ho?...mummy ko main ne jhoot isliye bola kyon ki Shagun kitchen mein thi aur Aadi dining table par...aur agar Shagun ko pata chala ki tum mere saath raat ko baahar jaati ho..toh woh jalti aur main nahi chahta ki kisi ki nazar pade hamare rishte par...ok?...khush?

[I was trying to tease you!!! Why are you staring so much?... I told lie to mummy because Shagun was there in the kitchen and Aadi was also there at dining table... And if Shagun comes to know that you go out with me at night... Then she would be jealous and I don't want any eye on our relationship... ok?... Happy?]

Ishita- toh isliye aapne kaha jhoot?(a smile on her face)

[So this is why you told a lie?] (a smile on her face)

Raman- haan lekin tumhe koi baat aasani se samajh nahi aata ...meine kaha tha na ki kuch moments aapas mein hi ache lagte hai!!...

[Yes but you don't understand anything easily... I told you na some moments seem good in between us!!...]

Ishita smiles as he leaves the room...his words were really sweet and heart touching...

She says to herself- jo bhi ho Raman, lekin main ne aapko woh khushi nahi di...mujhe hamesha uska ka regret hoga...I am Sorry...but I promise... agar mein teekh ho jaungi...if possible...I won't step back... kabhi nahi...I Love You!!...

[Be it anything Raman, but I haven't given you that happiness... I will regret that always... I am Sorry... But I promise... If I'll be alright... If possible... I won't step back... Never ever... I Love you!!...]

They both go to the hospital ...they both are walking towards her room when suddenly Raman runs and hides...

Ishita- aap kahan jaa rahe ho?bhaag kyon rahe ho?Raman...Raman meri baat toh suno...

[Where are you going? Why are you running? Raman... Raman listen to me...]

It's too late Raman already hides somewhere...Ishita has no idea what's going on...she just stands there...Raman comes after 5 minutes...Ishita understands what was going on...she starts laughing really-really loudly!!

Raman- ah...ahm... hass kyon rahi ho?

[ahh... ahm... Why are you laughing?]

Ishita- aap zyaada act mat karo!!! mujhe pata hai ki aap kahan aur kyun gaye...hahaha!!

[Don't act so much!!! I know where and why you have gone... Hahaha!!]

Raman- kuch nahi bas paani peene gaya tha...chalo...

[Nothing I just went to drink water... Move now...]

Ishita- hahahahah...aap ke jhooton ki tabiyat kharaab hai kya??...subah se bakwaas keh rahe ho...haha!!

[Hahahahah... Are your lies are not well today??... Since morning you are saying stupid things... Haha!!]

Raman- hasna band karo warna log kahenge ki tumhe iss hospital nahi, mental hospital mein admit karna chahiye...

[Stop laughing or else people will say you shouldn't be hospitalized to this hospital but mental hospital...]

Ishita- acha one minute...aap uss nurse ko dekh kar bhaage the na?...haha...

[Ok one minute... You ran away by seeing that nurse na?... Haha...]

Raman- ko..kaun si nurse?...aisa kuch nahi hai...

[Which nurse?... It's nothing like that...]

Ishita- main uss nurse ki baat kar rahi hoon jisse aap ne kiss kiya tha...

[I am talking about that nurse whom you kissed...]

She can't stop laughing..Raman is so shy...a little smile comes to his face thinking about his stupidity...

Raman- abhi chalo...

[Now let's go...]

Ishita wants to pull his leg too much and can't stop laughing...

Ishita- Raman... Raman... kaho na... kaisa laga?...uss sexy nurse ko kiss karte hue?...haha...

[Raman... Raman...Say na... How did you feel?... When you kissed that sexy nurse?... Haha...]

They both go the room... They both start laughing...

Raman- ek baat bataun?

[Can I tell you one thing?]

Ishita- don't tell me aap aur nurses ko kiss kar chuke ho?

[Don't tell me that you kissed many other nurses?]

Raman- shut up aisa kuch nahi hai...chodo nahi bolunga... (He faked some anger)

[Shut up there's nothing like that... Leave I won't say...] (He faked some anger)

Ishita- acha I won't laugh ...bataao!

[Ok I won't laugh... Tell!]

Raman is so shy and he is looking down while saying this...

Raman- woh actually...actually mujhe laga ki woh tum ho..

[Umm actually... Actually I thought you are that...]

Ishita- kya?


Raman- woh tumhaari (he is looking down but Ishu is looking directly at his face)...tabiyat kharab thi maine net pe search kiya ki...biwi ko kaise khush karte hai...aur...(he stops)

[Umm your(He_face)... Health was not good... So I searched on net... How to make wife happy... And... (He stops)

Ishita is really touched by his innocence!!

Ishita- so you were gonna kiss me!!?

Raman- well...yes...

Ishita- aur bachi mein hoon?

[And I am kid?]

Raman- kya?


Ishita- sirf bache gaal par kiss karte hain...kuch yaad aaya?(referring to their conversation earlier)

[Only kids kiss on the cheeks... Do you remember?] (referring to their conversation earlier)

Raman- tum kehna kya chahti ho?

[What do you want to say?]

Ishita- aap ne wife ko khush karne ka type kiya na?...toh phir woh gaal pe karne ka matlab nahi tha...

[You typed how to make wife happy na?... That was not about kissing on cheeks...]

Raman- uss waqt kahin aur kiss karta toh tum mujhe kaat dalti!!

[You would have eaten me up if I would have kissed you somewhere else at that time!!]

Ishita- Nahi...bilkul nahi!!

[No... Never!!]

Raman- acha? (He was surprised!!)

Ishita- aap ka jaadu mujh par tab bhi chalta tha...

[Your magic spell was there on me at that time also...]

Raman- jaadu?...tumhara matlab ki tum mujhe resist nahi kar sakti?

[Magic spell?... You mean you can't resist me?]

Ishita- apne aap ko zyaada estimate mat karo...

[Don't estimate yourself more...]

By then... Doctor comes in...Ishita asks him to go out and says it will be fine... But he doesn't want to go...

Ishu- Raman 6 hours ka process hai, toh aap jaao, I will be fine...Mihir bhi call kar raha you go...

[Raman it's 6 hours process, so you go... I will be fine... Mihir is also calling you... So you go...]

Ishita forces him so much so he leaves... before he opens the door
to go out... Ishita calls him...

Ishita- Raman...(he turns)...haan!!!

[Raman... (he turns)... Yes!!!]

She was saying yes because of the question he had asked earlier whether she can't resist him...

He smiles...and even she does ...the doctor starts the process ...Raman goes to the car ...but can't open the door so he runs back and sits next to her for the whole process...with holding her hand!!


Sorry for the errors and mistakes... I have tried to edit as much as I could... Still there might be some errors...

Hope you all will read it... 

Do like and give your valuable comments.. 





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