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twinkle10 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Preeshaxo

I'll be back..


HAHAHA I think she's still asleep.. The child slept so so so late last night :(

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twinkle10 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by LIKEDMG

Yes..they create wonders together...togetherness is the strength of MANAN...they never fails to fight together even they were enemies or friends or lovers...

the essence of MANAN is togetherness ..blank promise...trust...communication...Embarrassed

That's so true! Right from the start... Even when they used to fight with each other or against each other, it used to be together LOL and now they're at this beautiful stage in life where even the emotions they feel for each other are always felt together.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts <3

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twinkle10 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 11:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bhavisweet

osssummm post Twinkle

really u described them very well

Thank you so much babe!! <3
Humzy IF-Rockerz

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awsm post
so beautifully written
loved it
togetherness is wat will help them conquer whatever comes their way

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maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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meee meee 

DAY 53! - Together!

They say sharing pain halves its intensity. And sharing happiness doubles the joy. So when two lovers have vowed to fight every battle together...how will they let this one easily pass by.


Love...love is like a see-saw. Full of ups and downs...but the real challenge lies in how the two individuals balance out their ride...together. The real beauty lies in how do two hearts combine to form one heartbeat...together.


Their love is true love...one that promises forever togetherness. And with this togetherness come many promises. They've promised to hope together. They've promised to fight for each other together. They've promised to battle it out with the world together and to attain victory at every step together. They've promised to weep together. They've promised to smile together. They've promise to fear together as well as defeat that fear together. They've promised to protect one another together. They promised to trust on each other together. They've promised to heal each other's wound together and dream every dream, every nightmare together.


When in love...you promise to drink every drop of liquid together. Now be that a glass of haldi waala doodh or the bitter tears of each other's pain. You promise to never let the other suffer alone because when in love, your suffering is defined by the other's suffering. When in love...you not only promise to smile together but you also promise to become the reason of each other's smiles...together.


When in love...you promise to soothe every aching nerve...together. You promise to balm each other's wounds...together. You promise to reassure each other of your presence...together. You promise to calm every fearful thought...together. Her words;"Manik...mujhe neend nahi aa rahi"; assured him of her trust in him. His reply; "Koi baat nahi...main hoon na"; fills her with the assurance that she can trust him; because their love... promises to trust each other...together. His soulful voice hums for her...her eyes finally blink to speak to him; because their love promises to express to one another...together. His hands caress her forehead with tender care...her hand wraps itself around his fingers in a firm grip; because their love...promises to hold each other and embrace each other's touch during the dark nights...together. She wholeheartedly holds onto the memories of his touch, his voice, his presence as she dozes off, he refuses to walk away from her presence, her sight, her worldly space; because their love...promises for their souls to stay bound to each other when they fear each others' loss...together.


When in love...you promise to gather inner-courage...together. You promise to comfort each other's terrors...together. Your promise to share words of apprehension...together. You promise to lend each other the pacifying touch...together. She questions him "Manik tum...tum theek ho na"; upon what could have been a physical injury...he asks her "Kya tum...theek ho"; enquiring about her emotional wounds; because their love promises to cure each other's pain...together. His hands cup her face in assurance that she needs not to curtain her fears, that he will hold her whenever she shatters; her hands envelop his fingers in assertion, that he needs not to fear her breakdown; because their love...promises to become each other's strengths...together. He ensures her that with time everything will be fine and she promises him that with time she will be fine; because their love...promises to eradicate all seeds of sorrow over time...together. He had once allowed her to choose a brooch for him...today she wants him to choose her pair of earrings; because their love promises to always trust and respect each other's decisions...together. His words and her words took a little step forward today; "Listen...if it hurts..." "Not that much..."; because their love...promises to heal all scars of the past and weave new beginnings of the future...together.


"Together...we will survive this Nandini. We will."

Today they've decided to descend down the staircase together, tomorrow they will decide upon heading down a rocky road together; because their love...promises of treading every step of this journey...together. Today they've voiced against the demon in front of everyone together, tomorrow they will drag him back to his hell home together; because their love...promises to fight for righteousness...together. Today his heart and her soul failed to close their eyes at night together, tomorrow they will dream of each other whilst sleeping a peaceful sleep; because their love...promises to shine like his stars and glow like her fireflies...together.Today their fears seemed to be calm, tomorrow the fears may escalate to a new peak...but they will conquer every fear together; because their love...promises to be fearless, hopeful, optimistic...together.

Never has he lived before her, neither can he envision a life without her. Never has she loved before him, neither can she imagine of love without him. Because their love...promises to teach them to live and rise in love all over again...together...



Okies here I am. Not exactly sure of what to say about this beautiful episode so let's see what I come up with. My twinkie bear, the words may be lacking your usual length but belive me when I tell you that they are not lacking depth. They are just as beautiful and heartfelt as they are always. Loved how you weaved the whole response on togetherness.

What's is love ? What is real pure love ? Love. It's Manik. Love. It's Nandini. Love is Manik and Nandini.

It's when someone has the power to take over your heart.. It's when your world starts with them, and ends with them. It's when you share every part of yourself with that one person, you happiness, sorrows, fears, promises, everything; nothing is hidden. It's when you walk every step of life together. Because baby, together we are stronger. Two joined hands are stronger than one. Manik and Nandini have vowed to hold each other's hand for Hamesha. "Main hoon na.", he says with a smile. He is there to stand with her, in every hardship of the world.

He has promised to be drink poison for her, bitter haddi milk is not a big deal. She had promised to ease any of his pain, she has promised to give happiness so she drinks the haddi milk she doesn't like for him. For him, so he doesn't have to shallow another bitter gulp. He has promised to be her healing balm, her soothing lullaby. She finds his voice beautiful so he sings to her in his beautiful hoping to lure her to sleep. And he sings to her, sings to her what he wants to say it her. Jenna Jenna. How you have taught me to live. The song is so apt for Manik and Nandini, especially for Manik. It was something absolutely beautiful about Manik humming and walking around and dimming the lights. And how Nandini needed to see him at every single second, so much so that she changes her position so her eyes have her Manik in sight.

Jo tu mila to saji hain
Duniya meri humdum
O aasma mila zameen ko meri
Aadhe aadhe poore hain hum
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum

Manik, a hollow of shell, a man who wore a mask of monster to survive, his world was a cloak of darkness. And then came this light, a girl who adored fireflies. And somhow she became his light, his shining star, his life. She has been his light ever since she met him, pulled him out of the darkness into the light. She completed him. She gave meaning to his life, taught him what time is. Their eyes never leave each other. His hand reaches out and soothes her hair, a sweet gentle gesture full of love.  And as kisses her goodnight, he vows silently, he vows that he won't let his light her get plunged into the darkness. He vows he will keep her he won't let anyone steal the peaceful, serene expression as she sleeps.

And I am just gonna sidetrack for a second and say how much I adore the Murthys, truly the warmest people with the biggest hearts. How easily they welcomed fab 5 into their home. And honestly really mature and understanding parents Chacha and Chachi are. I love how there was no melodrama of blaming Manik. Chachi knew Nandini was out with Manik, and she has trusted him to keep her daughter safe. But she realizes, this is life and bad shit happens to good people. She expresses her gratitude and really understand Manik's need to be with him. I seriously adore Chachi.

"With you, I am safer than anywhere else in the world." Those were the words of Manik's Nandini to him hours before. And in a span of a few hours, few endless hours where Manik couldn't keep his Nandini safe, he couldn't protect and the guilt is eating at him.  He can't even find the strength to walk away from her. He wants to see her in front of his eyes at every moment, just so his heart can be reassured that she is now safe. He will play the role of the glorified watchman because it will keep his restless heart sane, to be close to it's heartbeat.

But peace, his heart won't be at peace. The horrors of the night chase him in his dreams. His sleeps and the night replays like a nightmare. And on the other side of the door, she doesn't sleep. Because she knows if she sleeps, the nightmare of the night will follow her too.

I will catch you when you fall, They have promised each other that. That could be Nandini catching a sleeping Manik or Manik catching Nandini in his arms every time she falls. I will hold you when you fall apart, They have promised each other that. Nandini held Manik together when he fell apart. And Manik needs to realize that it's okay to be not okay. He promises to hold her when she breaks down in tears. No one heals overnight. It takes time. Time heals all wounds.

The earring scene was beautiful. Because she bears the pain of putting earrings on again. Pandit took away a precious part of Nandini when he scarred her ear. And Nandini snatched the part back. She replaces Pandit's dirty touch with her Manik's gentleness and tenderness. She revels in his soft touch, his touch that is full of gentle love and care.

Okies. This is it, feels really disjointed and not well put together but oh well.. And you were freaking perfection as always my love

Love as always 

- Reya aka Your Sunny <3

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Preeshaxo Senior Member

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Originally posted by twinkle10

Originally posted by Preeshaxo

I'll be back..


HAHAHA I think she's still asleep.. The child slept so so so late last night :(

This was such an achievement!! I had to rub it in LOL
Hawww did she!! And there she is normally telling you off for sleeping late.
ReyRey tsk tsk tsk LOL

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QueenOfHell Senior Member

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 11:40am | IP Logged
To say that ur post r awesome would be an understatement
Let me find words for you Sleepy Sleepy
The episode was awesome i loved when dhruv said that jo maine nandini ke baare mai kahaa... and he was not allowed to complete it coz Manik straight away said ki Woh galat tha

Such an awesome boyfriend he is Embarrassed Embarrassed

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Shanaya_MaNan Goldie

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Manik is the best boyfriend any girl would be lucky to get!
manik and nandini are just perfect together
like nandini said, both of them have flaws and are imperfect
but together they are perfect Big smile
i was just confused about one thing in today's episode though..
manik said that nandini looks different..with the braid n all 
and she was just looking away
and ignoring his gaze..like she is hiding something
 what was all that?!? 
am i reading into it too much or nandini's supposedly "changed"
appearance and look is the 1st clue of the new change we are going to get to see in nandini's character after this kidnapping sequence! Confused

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