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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 71)

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Originally posted by DEEPIKAA0123

NICE and sweet but sorry dear mere exams aane wale hai isly me aapke updates par lyk or comments nhi kar paungi sorry par mere exams july end tak over ho jayenge uske baad jarur har updates par lyk or comments kar dungi pakka promise aap mujhe vo saare updates pm kar dena i hope aap mere baat samjhoge sorry again .continue soon update

Of course dear... Smile
Now just concentrate on your examination.
All the best for good results... Thumbs Up

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Finally read 18th part...
It was awesome...
Ishita is somehow correct on her point...
Continue soon...
Precap seems interesting...

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Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Ishra_Sona

Finally read 18th part...
It was awesome...
Ishita is somehow correct on her point...
Continue soon...
Precap seems interesting...

Yeah dear...
Thank you Smile
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Hi Kutties... Smile

Here goes the next part...

This part is full of drama Ermm Apologies beforehandEmbarrassed Apart from that I've included some flashbacks in it. I hope you'll satisfy with that new stuffs LOL

Ignore typos and grammar/ spelling errors

Not proofread

Enjoy reading... Big smile



"Aisa laga mujhe pehli dafaa...
Tanha main ho gaya yaara...
Hoon pareshaan sa main ab ye kehne ke liye...
Tu zaroori sa hai mujh ko...
Zinda rehne ke liye..."

[For the first time I so felt
That I became all alone, my beloved.
I'm now restless to say this,
That you're kind of necessary for me to live..]


I died a thousand deaths when she adressed me formally, Mr Raman Bhalla...!

I felt everything is over before anything got started. I looked at my wife whose expressions were an amalgum of distress, disappointment, expectation, helplessness and hatred! Hatred for whom? Does she hate me? The thought itself broke my heart into a million pieces. I know she can never hate me. But I did break her heart, her trust.

She told me everything regarding her life but me...I never dared to share a thing. I'm such a fool and coward. She will understand me if I tell her everything. But on the other hand, there is a chance...the chance I fear the most. She may judge my decisions as my selfishness! She may think my love for her as sympathy...a pity...! She may leave me...FOREVER...!!

"Main tumhare bina nahin jee sakta Ishita..."

(I can't live without you Ishita)

What will I do now?

Shagun...she is as important to me as Ishita. Maybe I can take away the portrait from the wall but not from my heart. No one can underatand how much I love her. But it is different from what I feels for Ishita. I can't let her go and I can't let her know. After all hurdles, when I made her mine, in all sense, she is not with me. She says she is not mine. I don't want to own her, but it doesn't mean that she is not mine. She is mine! Always mine! I won't let her go...! She is my life!

The connection I shares with her is so special. We know each other for more than a year. But I...I know her before that. The day I lost my Shagun...the day I met her...though I didn't know it was her...the day...and its upshots pulls my heart out of its confines...the day which gave me some hope to live and the utmost fears as well.


Raman called out waking up from the reverie he was in for some time. His family was staring at him with so much anger that could burn him to ashes. But why are they looking at him like that! He scrolled around the room to find the reason being his wife who was no more there. Is she gone? But why? They are not done! Anger tightened his facial muscles on the thought of her ignoring him...going away from him.

Mr Bhalla: "There is a limit for everything Raman. We know you loves Shagun a lot. But you are not suppose to hurt Ishita as well."

Raman: "Papa...main"


Mrs Bhalla: "Ap bas Raman...mujhe kal yahan meri bahu chahiye...(To everyone) Jao sab...jaake so jaao..."

(Enough Raman. I want my daughter in law home tomorrow. Go and sleep everyone)


Iyers house was a mess after Ishita turning up at late night saying that she want to sleep with Mihika as she is having a bad stomach ache. She tried her best not to show her sadness in front of her parents. Mihika had already guessed that something must be fishy which brought her akka to her home. She was getting gut vibes that her akka is in trouble. After convincing their appa and amma, Mihika brought her akka inside her room to have a talk. Ishita didn't even blink an eye after getting inside. So she thought of taking matters in her hand.

Mihika: "Akka...kya baat hai? Mujhe bhi nahi bataoge?"

(What's the problem akka? You won't tell me?)

Ishita: "Kuch nahi Miku..."

(Nothing Miku)

Mihika: "Jhoot mat bolo akka...I can see it"

(Don't lie akka)

Ishita couldn't control anymore so she began to cry loudly hugging Mihika. Mihika patted her back to sooth her but her sobs continued for a long time.

Ishita: "He doesn't love me don't know... No one knows how much I love him. I stooped so low for a man like him. Chee...!"

Mihika: " mean and jiju...?"

Ishita: "I'm...sorry voh sahi laga..."

(Sorry Miku..then I felt it right)

Mihika: Shocked, "But...akka...yeh...voh...Kaise..."

(But akka this he how...)

Ishita: "Don't make me remember it Miku...I'll hate myself even more."

Mihika: "Aise mat kaho akka...Jiju loves you so much..."

(Don't say like that akka)

Ishita: "I know...but he loves Shagun also...I'm not asking him to forget her...but give me my own space. Mere aur mere pati ke beech koyi nah ajaye..sirf vohi..."

(I don't want others to come in between me and my husband... Just that)

Mihika: "Itna insecure kyun ho rahe ho akka...?"

(Why are you being so insecure?

Ishita: "I'm always insecure Miku...jab baat Raman aur Ruhi ka hai...toh...I can't control it...(throbbing voive) Raman...voh mujhe case...kisi aur ke saath..."

(If it is about Raman and Ruhi I can't control my insecurities. Raman...if he leaves me for someone else...)

Mihika: Angrily, "Oh shut up akka...Jiju aisa kuch nahi karega...he loves you. Agar ek aur bache keliye ho toh voh shaadi kabse hi kar lethe..."

(Jiju will never do that. If he wanted a child she would have married long back)

Ishita: "Hmmm..."

Mihika: Pouting, "Ap vapas nahi ja rahe ho?"

(Going home?)

Ishita: Sternly, "Nahin!"



Looking at nothingness which diffused over his entire being, Raman sat on a bench, God knows how long. Mihika reached there after making sure that her akka had slept. She wanted to give a piece of her mind to the Raman Kumar Bhalla. But when he was in reach of her, she noticed his moistened face. How can she yell at such a brokenman?

Mihika: "Jiju..."

Raman suddenly wiped his tears and looked up at her.

Mihika: "Apse kuch kehna dha..."

(Want to tell you something)

Raman: "Haan...bolo..."

(Yes tell me)

Mihika: "Apko pata hai meri akka kabhi maa nahi ban sakta...?"

(You know my sister cannot conceive?)

Raman: ""


Mihika: "It was an anaccident...six years pehale huyi dhi...uski engagement ke din..."

(It was an accident before 6 years...on the day of her engagement)

Raman: "Bataya...bataya dha mujhse..."

(Told me...she told me that)



"Ghajra lena hai Miku...main abhi aati hun..."

(I want to buy ghajra Miku...I'm just coming)

Ishita was about to cross the road when Subbu pulled her by her wrist to him. She looked at him quizzically. He asked her to stay there and he will get her ghajra.

Ishita: "Main...main jaati hun nah..."

(I'll come along...)

Subbu: "Main chahta hun..."

(I wish...)

Ishita: "Toh tikhe..."

(Then OK)

As he walked to her after buying the ghajra, Ishita noticed a car coming madly as if to thrash Subbu. Before anyone can do anything, she ran to him thereby the car hit her. Subbu sprung to a side while Ishita was jerked by the car making her flew up and lay on the ground hitting her stomach on a rock.

****FB ENDS****

Mihika: Gritting her teeth, "Kamina...gadi nahi ruka..."

(Scoundrel...didn't stop the car)

Raman: "Mihika relax...we cannot change anything..."

Mihika: "Yes jiju...we cannot change anything...but...hume past ko bhool jaana chahiye...jaise akka Subbu aur us accident ko bhool gaya...Vaise apko apki past ko bhi bhool jaana chahiye..."

(We should forget the past. Like akka forgot Subbu and the also should fortlget the past)

Raman: "Mihika...voh..."


Mihika: "I know it is not so easy...lekin akka ke bare mein toh sochiye jiju...agar akka aise Subbu ke bare mein kaha hota...after all..
they were in love..."

(Think about akka. If akka told you about Subbu to you)

Raman: Angrily, "No...she only LOVES ME...!"

Mihika: Mockingly, "Dekha jiju...kaise jal rahe hai ap...toh bhir meri akka ka kya galti hai...?"

(See how jealous are you. Then whats my akka's mistake?)

Raman: "Listen Mihika...Ishita and Shagun are two different individuals. Donon se main bahut pyar karta hun. Lekin farak yeh hai ki jis tarha se main Ishita se pyar karti tarah is duniya mein main kisi se bhi nahi kar sakta...kisi se bhi..."

(I love both of them. But the difference is the way I love Ishita which I cannot do to one)

Mihika: "What makes the diffenrece Jiju...?"

Raman: "I...I...can't tell you now...I'm sorry..."

Mihika: "Tikhe jiju...mujhse mat kaho...lekin...akka se kuch mat chupana...please..."

Raman: Evading eye contact, "Hmmm..."

Raman looked at the retreatimg figure of Mihika while his thoughts ran to the past. To Shagun.



Raman on call; Worriedly, "Maa...main aa raha hun..use control karo...don't let her hit on her stomach. Bache keliye problem hoga...Already it's complicated..sun rahe ho nah...?"

(I'm coming maa..Control her. It will trouble the kids)

From the other end, Mrs Bhalla: "Mujhse nahi ho pa raha hai puttar...tum jaldi aaja..."

(I can't son. You come fast)

Raman: "Samajhne ki koshish toh karo maa...I'm driving fast. Ap log City Hospotal jaao...main seedha vahan aa jaata hun."

(Try to understand maa. You people go to the City hostel I'm coming straightaway there)

Mrs Bhalla: "Haan...tikhe puttar..."

(OK son)

Raman was so much into the call that he didn't notice the woman jumping in front of his car. He looked through the glass to saw a beautiful woman, dressed like a bride squashing from her feet to the air, then, ****TUD**** To the ground. The humane in him slowed down the car for a second but the selfish man in him only wanted to get to his beloved other than getting in more troubles.


Mrs Bhalla and Romi were pacing restlessly in front of the Operation Theatre when Raman reached there. Mrs Bhalla ran to him and took him in a hug crying her heart out.

Raman: "Maa...ap tension lena band karo...everything will be alright"

(Maa stop taking tension)

Mrs Bhalla: "Kuch tikh nahin hai puttar...kuch bhi tikh nahin..."

(Nothing is fine son)

Raman: After looking inquisitively at Toshi he asks to Romi, "Kya hua Romi...sab...Doctor ne kya kahan?"

(What happened Romi? What did doctor say?)

Romi: Drops himself on the waiting bench, "Humein teenon ko bhi nahin mil sakta bhai...Shagun is so rude...voh...maar maarke ek bache ko maar dala...aur ek ko bachana namumkin hogaya ki Shagun ki health bhi bigad gaya hai..."

(We won't get three of them. Shagun killed a baby by hitting on her tummy and saving the other one is impossible as Shagun's health became so bad)

Raman didn't utter a word but stayed silent until Mr Bhalla and Mihir came there. He cried out on his dad's shoulder. After a long wait, the doctor came out.

Doctor: "I'm sorry Mr Bhalla...hum bache aur maa...donon ko bacha nahin paya..."

(We couldn't save both baby and mom)

Romi: Hastily, "But...twins...twins dhe..."

Doctor: "I'm coming to that...It's a baby girl. Incubator main hai...She is so fragile. Though there is ten percent chance. We hope that she'll make it."

Raman: "Sha...Shagun...?"

Doctor: Patting his shoulder, "We tried our best Mr Bhalla...But..."

A broken Raman walked out of there to get some peace, but ended up overhearing a coversation.

Police: "Ap ko pata hai kiska gadi dha?"

(You know whose car was that?)

Girl: "Nahin...maine notice nahin kiya...voh itna fast drive kar rahe dhe..."

(No I didn't notice. It was so fast)

Police: "Gadi ka colour aur model...?"

(Color or model of the car?)

Girl: "White BMW"

That was when it hit him. They were talking about him. He was the one who hitted the girl. When he was about to stride towards them with an apologetic look the doctor came out of the Operation Theatre. He stood there calmly to sunk the reports in him. An all worried Subbu marched to the doctor to know the condition of his to-be-fiancee.

Subbu: " is she...? Ishu tikh hona?"

(Ishu is alright?)

Doctor: "Of course Mr Subramaniam...but..."

Mihika: "But...but kya hai Doctor?"

(But what doctor?)

Doctor: "Uski lower abdomen mein itna zor se laga dha ki voh...voh maa banne ka chances kam hai."

(Because of the blow on her lower abdomen, there is less chances for her to conceive)

Hearing it Mrs Iyer fainted making the entire scenario even more terrifying. Raman was a witness of all these AUDIO DRAMA. He wanted to meet them. Talk to them. But he was not strong enough to face them.

****FB ENDS****


I didn't know it was my Ishita whom I hit and let to suffer on the road until she told me about the accident. The matter spat out of her mouth when we were talking about Ruhi. Ruhi's birthday. The day when Shagun left the world. The day when Ishita's world turned upside-down. I wanted to tell her everything but...! I can't risk my life...MY ISHITA...!



Mihika woke up hearing the calling bell. She patted her akka to sleep on seeing her stirring, before walking to open the door. When she came out she saw amma also approaching to open it. She asked her amma to go and sleep. Then she opened the door, to see a tired and broken Raman standing in front of her. He didn't spare a second to her interrogating eyes but walked staright to Ishita's bedroom. Mihika smiled at herself when she saw him closing the door behind him.

Raman kept on looking at the sleeping form of Ishita. Her back was facing him. Painstakingly he arrived at the bed. Taking a deep breath he laid down next to her. She was in deep slumber that she didn't notice his presence.

Slowly he encircled his one hand around her stomach. She moved to him and kept her head on his arm. He cuddled her closer from behind while a smile crept up on her lips. Kissing her earlobe he murmured, "I'm sorry...but I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..."


"Aisa laga mujhe pehli dafaa...
Tanha main ho gaya yaara...
Hoon pareshan sa main ab ye kehne ke liye...
Tu zaroori sa hai mujhko zinda rehne ke liye..."

[For the first time I so felt
That I became all alone, my beloved.
I'm now restless to say this,
That you're kind of necessary for me to live...]

"Dhadke aankhon mein dil mera...
Jab kareeb aaun tere...
Dekhoon main jab bhi aaina...
Haan tu hi roobaroo rahe mere..."

[My heart beats in my eyes,
When I come close to you..
When I look into the mirror,
You only are there in front of me...]

"Ishq ki mauj mein aa...
Aaja behne ke liye...
Tu zaroori sa hai mujh ko zinda rehne ke liye..."

[Come to the wave of love, come to be flown (away with the waves of love)
You're necessary for me to live.]

"Maangoon na koi aasmaan...
Do sitaaron ka jahaan...
Ban ja tu mera humsafar...
Na mujhe chaahiye koi mukaam...
Dil hi kaafi hai tera...
Mere rehne ke liye..."

[I don't ask for the skies, but just a small works of two stars (you and I)
Be my companion for the journey of life, and u won't need any destination...
Your heart would be enough for me to live..]

Tu zaroori sa hai mujh ko zinda rehne ke liye..



"Ab toh Raman bhi shaadi karliya...toh backi do chotte... Phir poore ghar mein pothe -pothiyan...oye...oye...hai nah Bhallaji...?"

(Now that Raman got married... And now the youngsters...then the entire house will be full of kids. Right Bhallaji?)

"Voh chodna Toshiji...pehale Ishita puttar ko bolo...jaldi potha ya pothi deneko..."

(Leave that Toshi... Firstly ask Ishita give a grand daughter or son)

"Haan...yeh toh baat hai...Ishita puttar...idhar aana..."

(Yes...that's right. Ishita puttar come hear...)

So that's it...




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SUPERLIKE!!!!!!!!!  Thumbs Up  ... WAITING FOR NEXT UPDATE>>>> Heart Smile

and,,,,, thanks for the pm...Wink

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Shit too much revelation. ...
i hope raman doesn't sympathise her n that d reason he married her...
i don't like the fact that he loves shagun...

shit the precap
please update soon 

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super update...

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Omg! what an update. loved it.
but stiil want to know raman & shagun's story ?? n wts wrong wdh shagun??
eagerly waiting fo nxt part 

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