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FF___JAB TUNE JHOOT BOLA___Chapter-28 on pg 126 TEASER Pg 137 (Page 107)

Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by rufana10

how disgusting this subbu isAngry
when will we get rid of this subbu tortureUnhappy
im hating mrs.iyer...she has turned into a villainAngry
poor raman...hope he won't misunderstand ishitaOuch
i was missing this story so much...finally read all my missed
updates todaySmile...thank u for pms


You're back Clap
Subbu torture will continue for some timetime Confused
And you're welcome Smile

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Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by sukanksha

N amma is playing mind games kya.
Idhar planning in a way k ishu stays with them.
Saying Raman that she will not leave them
N our insecure putter ji coming in trap

Amma and asylum LOL
Vahan se log bhaag jayega ROFL
Puttar's insecurity is going to get to the peak Wink

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Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by 12Singmeenu

Originally posted by Gaya3sb

Originally posted by 12Singmeenu

Mai teen khoon karna chathi Hun
1 amma
3 thum khud hi guess karo.
ArrrAngryyeh kya kar rahi ho I know that for the twist u planed it is important to do that butCryI still don't like it yaa agar mere hath mai hotha na tho mai ishra aur roo ko khai door shift kar Demi while amma gets some Akal LOLAnd learns about subbus truth
Thume Kuch karna hoga yarr I want good amma back plz pretty plzEmbarrassed

3rd one is me right LOL
Good Amma so soon Confused
Abi toh picture shuru tak nahin hua... LOL Wink

Gaya3 there picture ka de end hote hotey Mara the end ho jayegaAngry

That's what I want Wink
Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2015 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by vidya_prasad

hmm... Nice update
disgusting dubbu... Maro use
amma... Yeh bhi na
again a cliffhanger...
Update soon

Will update soon...but don't ask me one more so soon LOL
Gaya3sb IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi Kutties... Smile

Here goes the next part

Not proofread

Enjoy reading Hug



Raman: furrowing his eyebrows, "Tum sach mein mujhse pyar karte ho Ishita?"

(Do you really love me?)

Ishita: In disbelief, "Yeh kya pooch rahe ho ho Raman!"

(What are you asking?)

Raman: Gritting his teeth, "Toh bhir tum mere saath kyun nahin aa sakti?"

(Then why can't you come with me?)

Ishita: Firmly, "For that I need an assurance Raman"

Raman: "What is it?"

Ishita: "Ap ke mummy papa ko mujhe khud bulana hoga. Zid nahin...and it is clearly not disrespect. But...mujhe apne ap ko samjhana hai ki...main kisi ke dil nahin tod rahi hun. Kisi ki expectations ko nahin tod rahi hun. Ki main kisi ki life mein ek baggage nahin ban rahi hun."

(Your mummy papa should take me home. It's not adamancy. I want to make myself believe that I'm not breaking someone's heart. That I'm not breaking anyone's expectations. That I'm not becoming a baggage in someone's life)

Raman: Angrily, "Yeh sab kya bakwas hai Ish..."

(What nonsense is this Ish...)

Ishita: Softly cutting him short, "Ap ko pata hai Raman...I'm the luckiest woman in the world to get a husband like you. And I was the happiest person when I married you. I thought that the happiness was real in everyone's eyes.Lekin sab JHOOT dha. Just a lie. Amma was acting. Aur apke ghar vale...they were celebrating thinking I'm perfect for the family. Perfect...!" She let out a mock chuckle.

(Do you know Raman___But everything was lie___and your family___)

Raman: To console her, "Zyada soch rahe ho Ishita..."

(You're thinking a lot)

Ishita: Shaking her head, " is the truth.I want them to accept me at least as a caretaker of Ruhi"

Raman: furiously"Shush...bilkul chup!"

(Just shut up)

Ishita: In a low tone, "I'm tired..."

Raman: "I want you to be with me as my wife and the mother of our daughter. Voh log accept kare ya nah kare...It won't change! Amma ko samjhana hoga"

(Whether they will accept or not. Need to make Amma understand it)

Ishita: "Amma is not at all a problem Raman. Mujhe sirf apki family ki..."

(I only care about your family)

Raman: Firmly, "If you don't have a problem with your family then I too don't care about mine. You're coming with me Tomorrow. Main nayi ghar khareeda hai"

(I bought a new house)

Ishita: In surprise, "Mujhse pehale kyun nahin bola?"

(Why didn't tell me before?)

Raman: "Because you wouldn't have let me buy it."

Ishita: Kissing his cheek, "Mera Ravan sab kuch plan kiya dha..!"

(My Ravan Kumar planned everything before)

Raman;?: With a baughty glint, "Haan...ap is Sita ko udakar jaana baki hai"

(Now only need to abduct this Sita)


Raman broke the news of him moving to the new house with his wife and daughter to his parents. Toshiji reacted furiously while Mr Bhalla watched Raman so closely.

Raman: "Yeh potha-pothi kya laga rakha hai...! Agar mein shaadi nahin kar letha toh? Ap kya chahte ho maa...mereliye ek saathi yaa phir ap keliye ek grandchild? Apko yeh baat achi tarah pata hai ki mein Ruhi ke ane ke baad shaadi nahin karna chahta dha. And if I is because me and Ruhi loves Ishita to the core. Accept karo yeh baat.And listen Raman Bhalla never changes his decisions!"

(What's this baby! What would have done if I didn't marry? Do you want a better partner for me or a grandchild for you? You know it clearly that I didn't want to marry after Ruhi's birth.)

With that warning he strode to his room while Mr Bhalla touched his wife's shoulder.

Mr Bhalla: "He is right Toshi"

Mrs Bhalla: "I know... I need some time. Let him go...I'll call him...them back myself.


Raman sat on the bed infuriated; his feet touching the floor. He began to contemplate the incidents happened after his marriage with Ishita. His thoughts again came at the same point: Subbu. After some time Ruhi came running and stood in front of him. She was fuming with anger like him.

Ruhi: "I hate that Mahi...Clingu!"

Raman: "I hate that Subbu...bast...badtameez!"

Ruhi: "I hate babies...especially when they are in my Ishima's lap...I'm not getting a chance to sit. How sad nah papa."

Raman: "Hmmm...but kyun...babies ache hai nah...?"

(Babies are good right?)

Ruhi: "Mahi is not my Ishima's baby...and mujhe voh Subbu uncle bilkul pasand nahin...He looks at Ishima like you."

(I don't like subbu)

Raman: Fisting his hands, "Kab dekha usne?"


Ruhi: "Always"

Raman: "Ab kya problem hai apko?"

(What's your problem now?)

Ruhi: "Mujhe kuch bhi karke aaj Ishima ke saath sona hai..."

(I want to sleep with Ishima at any cost)

Raman: "Plan karna hoga..."

(Needa plan)

Ruhi paced to and fro in the room thinking like a genius. Raman looked at her hopefully. Finally she came up with an idea. Raman felt it simple but powerful. Though he needed to be more strong to impliment it as far as his dignity is concerned.

Ruhi: Excitedly, "Isn't that so easy papa? You only need to pick me up and I only need to cry."


Mahi was playing sitting in Ishita's lap while Subbu sat acrosd her. Ishita didn't mind his presence because the whole room was crowded with her appa amma and little sister. Raman walked into the Iyer house with a crying Ruhi in his arms. He stood still at the doorway seeing Subbu sitting with his child and Ishita like a family. On the other side Ruhi was boiling with anger seeing that little devil sitting on her mother's lap again.She cried out loud seeing it and continuing her drama.

Ruhi: "Ishimaaa...mujhe teeth pe dard ho raha hai...I...want to sleep with you..."

(My teeth are aching)

Mihika jumped in and took Mahi from her akka and handed him over to Subbu who looked on bemused.

Ishita: Taking Ruhi in her arms, "Ayyayyo...meri baby ko kya hua?"

Raman: "She was"

Mihika: "Yeh sab kya formality hai jiju...Ruhi uski maa ke saath nahi soyegi toh kiske saath...! (Elbowing at winking at amma)Hai nah amma?"

(What's this formalities. IDF Ruhi won't sleep with her maa then with whom?)

Mrs Iyer didn't say anything but looked at her husband.

Mr Iyer: "Ruhi...yaha soh sakte hai..."

(Ruhi may sleep here)

Ishita: firmly, "Raman permission nahin pooch rahe dhe appa!"

(Raman is not asking for permission)

Raman: In a low voice, "Please don't make it an issue. I'm taking your leave. Goodnight."

Ruhi: With a sad puppy face, "Mujhe ap donon ke saath sona hai papa"

(I want to sleep with you both)

The whole room became silent but Mihika tore it apart.

"Toh ap teenon kamare mein jayiye...So it's your first night here as family."

(Then you go to the bedroom)

The trio locked the room behind them. When the click of the door lock reached her ears Ruhi slipped of from Ishita and ran to the bed. Taking the middle position she screamed out, "Papaaa...main donon ke beech soyegi..."

(I'll sleep in between you both)

Raman ran to her like a little kid saying, "Mujhe bhi aaj apki Ishima ke saath sona hai...So she should be in the middle."

(I also want to sleep with your Ishima)

Ishita's jaw dropped to the floor seeing the two nautangies (actors) of her life. She smacked herself for becoming a fool along with the whole family. She joined them in the bed and laid in the middle. Ruhi took the right side and made Ishita's hand a pillow. Raman was no less. Both of them snuggled closer to her. She felt blessed by getting her world in her arms.

It was past midnight when Ishita felt a tingling sensation. She let out a soft moan feeling Raman's hands on her stomach. He was laying on her arm and nuzzling his face in her left bosom. She was imprioned and crusified by the most precious persons of her life that she couldn't move a bit. She mumbled him to stop doing that when his hand travelled down.

Raman: "It's just a few weeks that we got married. And we have a six year old child as well. But we're newly married yaar"

Ishita: "Karlo..."

(Carry on)

He began to kiss her stomach hungrily and careful enough not to make noise. But both of them were unaware of the little devil who saw her papa kissing her Ishima's tummy.

Raman: "Oh Ish...I can't control it anymore...come to the bathroom"



"Phir...both of them went inside the bathroom !"




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Sensible update :-)
thanks for considering my request ..:-)
Now it is a perfect move...:-)
Raman did a right thing to teach a lesson to both amma and bhallas:-)

Ruhi and raman made a master plan for ishita...

Actually ishita loves children,thats the reason she bearing subbu child more over they are relatives..

This time amma not over reacted..amma character is also changing now..bcoz already readers fed up with amma ,subbu and ishita...

Appa act like a man of the house...:-P:-P:-P
ishmaa never tolerate her ruhi saddness...iska faida utaya nautanaki ruhi...
Miku good saali,sister and chitti..

When come to ishita ..raman acts like ruhi..some time he also want attention from ishita..
Both are fighting to sleep with ishita...raman is so smart ;-);-)

yaar What raman is doing with ishita..they want to do it in bathroom..ruhi heard their it is not good to her..:->
Miku ke room mai shift karo ruhi ko...;-):-|;-);-)

Ruhi will definately share this news to some one mostly amma,subbu ha ha ha

If subbu have any sense...he already watch the trio are sleeping in same room..and how ruhi is important to ishita..:-O:-P:-O:-P

Even amma also understand ..not to deseperate ruhi and ishita...amma is a mother?she should understand her daughter in next two or three updates..:-)

subbu truth may revealed at the same time family should accept the truth of ishraru love..:-P:-OB-):-D:-);-)

precap..what u r planning..they did that think in bathroom with the presence in ruhi;->;->;->
or it may be other thing:-D

thanks for pm

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So atlast ishita and raman will shift to their new home tomorrow... Plzz dnt bring on twist here plzzz I hope amma doesn't make any scene and stop ishu from going wid raman...
Kya nautanki kar raha Dhe ruhi's aur raman so cute... Possessive father and daughter duo...
Mihika is such a sweet heart helping her akka and jiju love her...

Edited by Sri1091 - 25 June 2015 at 1:11pm

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It was as usual a Lovely update , i finally got time to comment on ur stories or is it the way of ur writing which had pushed me soo much that i couldnot help but Comment!

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