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In The Kurukshetra of Kalyug [Fan Fiction] (Page 4)

-DZ- IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 6:30am | IP Logged
great start dear

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mahalaxmi-sita Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 7:13am | IP Logged
lovely update 
thnx sema and brishti for the pm.

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KURT15 Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 7:56am | IP Logged
Beautiful concept, beautifully written. Waiting for the next part. Hope it is soon. Pls PM me when it is updated. Smile

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kapripriya Newbie

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 8:56am | IP Logged
Eagerly wating for next update dear .Smile

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 9:15am | IP Logged
Lovely Update Smile

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..Dharma_dasi.. Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 11:04am | IP Logged
This was amazingingly lovely didis !!!
The cricket match ! The love birds , ahem ahem ! But undoubtedly my fav were the bros together n their delightful bromance !! Luved it to the core
The part where kinshuk takes the prasad nd feeds his brothers... it was soo sweet! Aww i just felt that leave everything i wanna go in the story...

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CaptainSpark IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 11:25am | IP Logged
Paramita opened the door quickly and standing there was a young man of about 24, tall, and handsome, with freckles in his face. We wore a white jacket and blue jeans, and with a box of ice cream in his hand greeted Mrs Chowdhury. "Auntie! What a nice day this is that you opened the door for me. Today must be my lucky day!" Paramita affectionately pressed Aranya's cheeks and ruffled his hair. "You have become a blue mood for us Aranya! You hardly come to your second home without Anshu." Paramita said and crossed her arms. "Oh Auntie. MBA is a tough job, and you know that! I am not an all rounder like Anshu! I am too bad actually." Paramita smiled and welcomed him into the room where everyone was present. "Oh Aranya! Great that you came. Our celebrations will be complete now." Himanshu high-fived Aranya. "Oh yes, celebrations." said Aranya, "But how can celebrations be complete without the star of the day? isn't it Kinshuk da?" he looked at Kinshuk with bright glowing eyes. Kinshuk smiled, and this time it was a large smile. "You are right Bhai, I am missing Anshu so much today. I wish he could come back today but.." Kinshuk said, and shrugged. "No worries Dadabhai." Priyadarshinee joined the conversation. "Anshu is coming back on Sunday. How about if we give him a surprise? Let us organize a small get together for Anshu's success. We can call all his college friends and we all are always there. So, if we manage that.." "Well, ofcourse we can manage that dear!" Paramita said. Paramita being a lady connected to daily rituals and puja wasn't at all regressive. She was one of those Indian mothers, who were cool, fresh and extremely friendly. She knew about about every film that Himanshu went to watch with his girlfriends, every love letter Anshu got till now, and every tear Kinshuk hid from her. Paramita's beauty had not faded even in her late 60s and her hair had a different show. She was an elegant and graceful lady, happy and charming in her steady life.
"My Spiderman has won the trophy, and we will not celebrate? Priya, you inform Anshu's friends as soon as possible, and Himanshu, you arrange for the f--" "Food! Yes Ma I will do that right now." Paramita covered her lips to laugh. "Him, no food. I was saying arrange for the flowers. The old ones have withered yesterday. I forgot to tell Kinshuk to bring them! Dhut. You please get them na.." Himanshu knew that this was a trick Ma played with him. "Ma, this is not right Ma. This is not right I tell you!" Himanshu went out of the room with a pout. Paramita and the others broke into laughter. "Maa, you could have given him the responsibility of food. He would be happy!" said Kinshuk. "Yes dear. I will give him. I was just teasing him. You haven't had your food yet. I will tell Ramu to prepare something for you." Paramita gave their servant a call.
"Okay, so we will handle everything else regarding the party." Aranya said with a smile as he distributed the ice cream to everyone. "But someone needs to go to pick Anshu up from the airport. The flight lands at 11 am in Kolkata." he finished. "Yes. I think we should all go. He will be so happy!" Kinshuk suggested the best way. "But I think Priya should not go. Because, if she goes, then Anshu will be lost in her and none of us will get any attention!" Himanshu entered the room and said these words. Hearing this, everyone in the room started laughing. "Oh yes. Girlfriends are enough to overpower brothers and friends." Aranya laughed, and took another spoon of ice cream. Hearing this, Priya blushed, as she pouted, "Paro Mashi, tell them something!" she said, and hid her face behind Paramita. "Bad boys you all are! Batman, Superman (referring to her two sons Kinshuk and Himanshu), you will take Priya also with you. And Aranya and Superman, dare you tease her again. No more ice cream then!" Paramita could not hide her smile. Priyadarshinee clapped her hands cheerfully. "But Paro Mashi, let them go alone only. I am not going." she winked. "Why Priya? Are you um..angry?" Kinshuk said with a pleasant and concerning smile. "No Kinshuk Da. I just.. umm.." Priya blushed in the middle of her sentence. "I have a surprise in plan for Anshu." Priya smiled. "Ohh! That is the case for your rosy cheeks to become rosier." Himanshu teased her again. Paramita gave him a slow slap on his back.
Sharma Residence @Keyatala
"Hell with your evidence! Hell with it! Just burn them down. I don't care if you kill that old fool!" Sushant screamed at the top of his voice. Rahul looked up from his gloomy self. Nishant tried to hit the target with a dart but was unsuccessful everytime. "Baba is paying a gang of hooligans for saving my reputation. None of them are good enough." Sushant threw his phone on the sofa and sat down next to Rahul. "Rahul, if that old fool tells the police that I was eve-teasing then I will be in serious trouble. Give me a plan!" Sushant said. Sushant was caught eve-teasing a girl at 10 pm at night near Park Circus. Although the girl managed to get some help, Sushant was now in big trouble as an old man was ready to be the witness against him in front of the police for the girl. It was a terrible day for Sushant. "And on top of that, that Anshuman has won the game. Bloody hell. What the hell is going on? Do I seem like a fool?" "Calm down Sush." Rahul consoled his best friend. "These matches are fixed. The politics behind cricket is too strong. Otherwise that spider would never win." Rahul said as he took out a cigarette and put it in his lips. "I don't know anything. I cannot see those middle class beggars celebrating their victory in college! I want that spider crushed." Sushant said, and hit the table hard. "Bhaiya, why don't you call Ajay? He is always successful." Nishant suggested finally. Ajay was a paid goon who served the Sharmas in cases like getting an innocent girl kidnapped for Sushant's pleasure, or a boy beaten up on the roads for saying somethign against Nishant. For a moment Sushant thought. "That is a good idea. How about a bomb blast or an accident in Anshu's way back home?" Sushant said smiling for the first time.
Rahul's lips curved into a devilish smile. "Yes Sush. Sounds perfect. I hate all three of those, especially Himanshu after Anshuman." Rahul said. "Himanshu! Don't say the name of that demon. Someday I will break his bones!" Nishant said, as he arrogantly threw his dart. But it stopped in the middle. Rahul caught it. "No Nish. No. When you hit the target, your aim should be the target. Not the arrow." he said, and threw the dart. It hit exactly in place. "But Rahul," Sushant said. "I don't want Priya to be harmed. She too I guess will be with them. What does that diva find in Anshu which is not in me?" Sush grew irritated. "Okay Sush. Don't worry. I will make sure nothing happens to your Priyadarshinee. Okay?" "Okay." Sushant said as he picked up the phone to dial Ajay's phone number.
Sunday, @Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport
The international airport of Kolkata, named after one of the immortal heroes of Bengal was buzzing with activity even on a Sunday. People checked in and out, and announcements came in the anglo indian tone every now and then. Kinshuk, Himanshu and Aranya waited near their blue Honda Bryo near the gate of the airport. The announcement for Flight 718 from Mumbai to Kolkata's arrival has already been made. Anshuman would arrive in any moment. Little did they notice the Tata Sumo which had followed them till the airport from home. The Sumo was parked away from their car, but the people in it, kept a strict eye over the passengers coming out. "They said there would be a girl. Sir told to bring the girl to him safely.. where is she?" one goon asked the other."There is no girl?" another one said. "Are u sure?" "Yes, saab. I checked bohut baar. No ladki inside." another replied. "Call Sushant Sir and tell him."
After a few minutes, the goon returned. "Sushant sab bolche ladki zarurat nahi. Work khatam, money ok." he replied in his dirty language.
Meanwhile, Anshu collected his luggage from the baggage counter and carried the cup with his team. He closed his eyes, and smelled the sweet scent of comfort and home. With a bright smile on his face, he imagined who all he would meet. His elder brother Kinshuk and Himanshu, his best friend Anshu, his mother Paramita, and the person he wanted to meet the most, Priyadarshinee. He opened his eyes, and stepped towards the exit where journalists were waiting to meet him. He had already visited Delhi to meet the PM and their team was honoured. The cup was back in Delhi, in a fixed place for the team. It was now time for him to come back home. As he stepped out, fans, media, tv reporters and press surrounded the newest youth icon of India. Questions shot out from every direction. Anshu quickly replied to whatever he could, and looked here and there to find his family.
Aranya spotted Anshu, surrounded by a crowd of people, and waved crazily at him. He saw Anshu waving back at him. Anshu asked him to wait, and walked towards them. As he came closer to his brothers and Aranya, Anshu hugged each one of them, and looked here and there. "Come on Anshu! Lets go! Ma is waiting for you!! We have so much to tell you!!" Aranya told Anshu. "Yes Anshu. We are all overwhelmed with happiness for your success." Kinshuk smiled. "Dada, no one else came?" Anshu asked. "Who else Anshu?" Himanshu asked him. "Uh, no one." Anshu said. His heart wrenched as he could not see Priyadarshinee anywhere. Was she angry with him? Why hadn't she come? Questions came in his mind, but he quickly got inside the car. As he sat in the car absent mindedly, he looked outside the window as they passed the Victoria Memorial. How pretty the black fairy looked. "Anshu.." Anshu heard Kinshuk's voice next to him. "Yes Dada..?" he asked. "I know who you were looking for. Don't be sad. Maybe something better is waiting for you." he said. Anshuman felt better hearing this. Somewhere he felt Priya could never hurt him. His chain of thoughts broke as he heard his phone ring. 

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Nonie12345 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 11:37am | IP Logged
The chapter is amazing BrishthiClap
I do not like that sushant, nishant and rahul are trying to harm 

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