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ArDi FF 2 ~ The story is still yet to come|LastChapPg33| (Page 27)

panchali12 Groupbie

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Posted: 21 June 2016 at 3:53am | IP Logged
Such a cute one! But so small?? Not fair..
Update fastWink

mishree IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2016 at 7:51am | IP Logged
I read all parts of your ff 
It is awesome and wonderful
I love the Krishna part very much 
Update soon
ShreejataD. Newbie

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Posted: 25 July 2016 at 6:35pm | IP Logged
Please updatye na. it's been 2 monthsOuchOuch
Sonatia IF-Dazzler

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I don get why u want to test our patience when we don have that damn thing inside . ROFL
When are u updating ??!
I want an Update !
aanvi98 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 July 2016 at 6:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sonatia

I don get why u want to test our patience when we don have that damn thing inside . ROFL
When are u updating ??!
I want an Update !
Me too! We will strike! Bhuk hartal jaari rehegi!Angry btw i am eating apples now...ROFL
KrishnaPriyaa IF-Sizzlerz

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PanchaliKaArjun IF-Rockerz

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  Yes finally I updated ! Hehehe . I planned this update long ago and believe me , it took me almost four days to write this update . LOL I started to write this update and was watching Shaheer 's video . The video finished aur Shaheer pata nahi kaha pahuch Gaya LOL  Par main wahi ki wahi reh Gayi . Writing the update LOL . This one is very very long like the title itself Wink so sorry in advance . Now I don want any res for a long time .LOL I really want to take this FF somewhere . Ouch And this update is stupid but I had planned the plot as such long time ago when I started the ff so I have to stick to the stupidity . And though I hadn't planned yet there ArDi scenes . Cause pata nahi ab kab dunno phir sath honge Wink

      ~She survived because the fire inside her burned brighter than the fire around her~

Chapter 38 - Sparks of past ,fires the present , burns down the future ?? 

Her fingers played with that one strand of hair which tangled around her eyes as she flipped another page . Just then the words in novel blurred as darkness overtook the bright light and she felt warmth of someone's hand in her eyes . 

"Dhris ! " she said mostly boringly , cause she was  getting irritated on the fact that he was not letting her read her book , which was getting more interesting with every other word . 

"I am hurt . You don't even know my touch " an unexpected voice called out . A voice which sent hundreds and thousands of butterflies flying in Draupadi 's stomach . 

"You !" She called out excitedly as she turned towards the man standing . Her love
"I didn't expect you , here at this time ! How come ? " 

"I found out that you were alone so thought to give you company but looks like something is more interesting than me " Arjun replied pointing at the book . 

"You bet ! " she said as she pulled him into an embrace . "I missed you . " 

"Me too . It's been 24 hours 38 minutes and exactly 42 seconds since I have seen you , held you and ..."  

"And ? " 

Just then he pressed his lips against hers , before blowing into her ears "and kissed you " 

"You are turning out to be one good boyfriend ! "Draupadi said laughing . 

"I am a very good person and to tell lady , you will never get someone like me . So what are you doing except for reading this boring book ?" He asked looking around her room . 

"Boring ! This is one of most interesting book I have ever read . I can't wait to find the murderer ! " Panchali explained , adjusting her reading glasses at her last line giving a detective touch . 

"Oh this book ! Yeah the brother of the hero is the killer . You know there are four killers .  He is one of them ! And his partner was the heroine 's sister in law . You know they had a affair and ..." Arjun bit his tongue looking at the 'are you serious ? I will kill you ' look in her eyes . 

"Okay since I spoiled your evening plan with the book . Now will you please spend it with me ? " he asked we showing his puppy eyes . 

"What plan do you have ? " Panchali asked trying her best to maintain her not so interested voice cause inside she was already jumping at thought itself of spending a whole evening with him . 

"Anything . I mean we can go out or you know ..." 

"No I don't want to go out of my house . Lets do something here . " 

"Hmm I wouldn't say no " he said winking at her all the while pointing towards her bed naughtily. 

"Arya ! Lets watch a movie . Maybe horror ?" 

"No lets watch the star . " 


"Do people really turn into stars after they die ? " Panchali asked curiously as she ran her hands in Arjun's hair.

They were lying in a bed sheet in her terrace . On one side was a basket of grapes and berries and on the other was a bottle of French wine Arjun thought would go best with the evening . 

"I don't know , why ? " he replied taking her hands in his and placing a soft kiss.

"Cause I am planning to book a place for me . You know near that cloud . Between those two stars . " she said helping him to understand by pointing towards the sky . 

"You know that the cloud wouldn't be there forever . And when you do the booking , book a room for two " he winked at her making her blush . 

"But that's long to go . You still have yo make your career then I will propose you , you will marry me . We would have children then we would get old together and you know " 

"Woah boyfriend dear you have planned a whole lifetime . And are you proposing me indirectly " she asked mischievously as he burst out laughing . 

"But whatever happens " he said with a serious face after their laughter died "whatever happens I will walk right by you side . We will never leave each other in any state " 

She smiled at his commitment . 

"By the way I have a gift for you " 

"Gift , what gift ?" Panchali 's eyes literally popped out with excitement! 

"Surprise . Now lets play a game . If you can guess what I have for the gift given by my hints then you can do whatever you want with me but if you don't win I will have my way with you " his challenge seemed scary but the queen wasn't the one who was scared of challenges so she agreed to it . 

"Okay then I have three gifts . I will give you a hint on what it is and within two shots you have to give the correct answer . " 

"Done . Bring it on boy ! 

"The first one , you love them so much you have a box of collection of these but you care for them a lot that you never seem to wear !" 

She thought for a while and her lips framed into a curve . 
"Anklets ! " he bowed his head in defeat as he took out a small silver anklet from the back of jeans pocket . He knew that she loved these a lot . Every time she went shopping she bought a new one but he had never seen her wear them . 

"This time I am gonna wear it and never take it off " she promised as let the cool silver thing tangle in her hands . "It's so beautiful . Will you help me with it ? " 

"I would be obliged to " and saying this he slowly wrapped the anklet around her smooth silky feet . "It looks more beautiful with your skin under them " she blushed at his comment . 

"Another gift ! " she exclaimed and he laughed at her eagerness . With one challenge she won she couldn't wait for another. 

"Okay so, it's round and you wear it around your hands . " 

"That's easy . Watch ! " she replied in instant and frowned when he nodded in negative ." Okay if not watch then maybe , yeah it's a ring ! " 

"Already ready for a ring ? Anyways You lost . Haha queen . Accept your defeat . It's a bracelet . " he gave his winning smile as she hit him with the cushion . 

"Give it to me . " she almost snatched the bracelet from his hands . 

"Manners bae . Now that I have won the challenge I am already thinking what should I do to you " he remarked naughtily . 

"Don't be so confident ! It's one all . " Panchali said while wearing the bracelet. She moved her hands in the air to let jingle sound of her bracelet ring through the silence . 
She was teasing Arjun like that when he suddenly grabbed her hands and started kissing it . She pulled it away shyly after he released it winking at her . 

"Okay the last gift . And the last challenge . It's ..." 

"Necklace ." 

"What ? How come you came to know it ? I hadn't  even given the hint" 

"Come on Arya isn't that understood ? Anklet then bracelet and next would be necklace na ? " 

"Smart very smart ! So my queen I lost my own challenge . " saying this he bow down as she laughed and pulled him near .

"Give me the necklace "obeying her words he took out a small pink box from his shirt's pocket . Inside the box was a thin silver and gold entangled necklace with small balls in the bottom . Panchali smiled to her fullest looking at the necklace . 
She carefully placed it in her hands and awed at the delicate metal . She turned to the opposite exposing her back go him . 

"Help me with it " she sweetly requested and her was ready to do anything for her.

Taking the necklace away from her hands Arjun placed it in her neck . The cool metal tinkled her skin and so did his touch . After he had tied it around her neck , he ran his hands in her bare back . He then placed the softest kiss in her back . 

She looked at him and kneeled down . Panchali ran her hands in his face . His beautiful hazels . She slowly placed a kiss in his eye lids and he closed it feeling her wet lips . Then she moved to his nose . Panchali pulled Arjun's nose and laughed as he looked at her confused . She placed a kiss in his nose then moved towards his lips . Her fingers played with his soft oral organ and as she bent down to press hers against his it seemed as if the time had stopped . Their lips were about to meet...

"Times up ! " his husky voice made Panchali open her eyes . 

"What ? " 

"Times up . Your time is up madam . " 

"What , that's ridiculous ! We didn't set any time ! " 

"We hadn't . I had . Otherwise you wouldn't be able to take off your hands and eyes off this handsome face "replied Arjun smirking while Draupadi rolled her eyes . 

"You devil ! " 


"Why did you bring me here Satya ?" An annoyed voice asked as Satyambha  rolled her eyes and turned to face her not so interested best friend . 

"Come on Draupadi . I thought we would have some drinks and hang out . A girls night out . " Satya said excitedly as Draupadi sighed . 

They both got their drinks and were about to go the dance floor when their eyes caught some boys teasing a girl . The girl looked shy and nervous where as the boys who dressed up almost like goons were having fun of her discomfort.

Suddenly wrath took over Draupadi and next moment Satya knew was that her eyes could see her bestie join the scene too . She freed the girl's hand from the man's hand and helped her out . 

"Hey girl who do you think are ? Why are you interfering in our matters . Do you even know who I am ? This place is mine." A hoarse voice called out . Draupadi wanted to throw out just hearing the voice . 

"The place maybe yours but the girl isn't. You have no rights to touch her or force her " Draupadi answered shooting a fire glance at the man . He stepped a little back smelling the tigress . 

The man looked familiar . The long black hair , the moustache , the silver earring in his right ear and his lusty disgusting eyes . 'Where had she seen him ? ' maybe in a villainic role . 

Though the man had forced some unknown girl Draupadi had some inner hatred for this man . As if he had abused her . 

"Oh miss mother Teresa . Get away otherwise you wouldn't be spared . By the way you don't look bad too " he replied and his lusty voice made Draupadi make a face . He then checked out from top to bottom . The thought of his disgusting looks over her body made her sick . She felt as though she was abused by this human though only their first encounter . 

And before she knew , she felt her hands move and the next thing everyone saw was four finger marks in the guy's face . 

"Stay away from me otherwise ..."


Dhushasan wanted to kill and hurt the girl , the moment he set his eyes on her . He felt as though he had some kind of hunger and anger towards her and when she slapped him , his whole world went upside down . 

But her warning . Something was there in her voice , the voice of a tigress who was ready to claw him down to death if he dared and somehow Dushasan knew she could . 

Just then his phone rang and it was an emergency call from his brother . He was about to leave but then he remembered about the damage the girl had done so deciding that he had to hurt the girl at the same amount he blurted out , 

"You girls are nothing but wh*re . And wh*re don't have any self respect so stop protecting what's not yours . " 

Saying this Dushasan left the place leaving back a gasped group of people and a angry yet confused Draupadi . 

Draupadi slowly registered what the man just said . Satya approached her and asked her if she was okay the other girl thanked her but Draupadi was obscure to all these . The man's words kept ringing in her ears but this time it was some other voice saying it . 

"A women with five husbands is not a women but a wh*re . " 

The sentence kept ringing in her ears . She got out of the club . There were noises , car noises , people 's voices but all she could hear was the man's voice . It kept repeating in her mind . 

Panchali closed her ears trying to stop that voice but it wasn't her ears but her mind which kept waking her up . She closed her eyes and shouted out but all she could hear was the same voice . When she finally opened her eyes filled with tears . Tears with blood , she saw nothing familiar . All she could see was darkness . 

And suddenly some laughs roared and it kept echoing back . The laughter made her feel uneasy . She felt as though the laughs burned her.

 She's just a girl and she's on fire
Hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a highway

The view changed suddenly and she saw five men . She looked at them , confused as if she knew them . Did she ? They had garland around their necks . They looked her and smiled as though they knew her . She looked at them carefully and realised one of them was her Arjun . He didn't look at her . He didn't smile . She wanted to run towards him . This was confusion and anger eating her up . She wanted to fall into arms and forget her worries cause she knew he would do that . But before she could that he disappeared . And so did the others . 

 She's living in a world and it's on fire
Feeling the catastrophe, but she knows she can fly away

Another slash and the view changed . She saw herself in a empty field . Looked like some kind of war place . Just then five boys  walked towards her . She felt some kind of care as she saw them . Some kind of motherly attitude developed inside her . She wanted to hug them . Keep them near to her as if they would disappear the next moment itself . But Panchali felt she couldn't . She tried to call them , but who were they ? Her children ? 

 Ohhh oh oh oh oh
She got both feet on the ground
And she's burning it down
Ohhh oh oh oh oh
She got her head in the clouds
And she's not backing down

Before she could feel , the scene disappeared again . Panchali felt some feeling of strong remorse . All she wanted to do was cry . 

 This girl is on fire...
This girl is on fire...
She's walking on fire...
This girl is on fire...

She saw herself then . She was there sitting in the war field as a huge man stood near her . He looked familiar yet a stranger . He poured something into her hair . Panchali recognised that it was nothing but blood . She was getting a blood bath . Her hair got shampooed by blood . Though new Panchali couldn't believe her the sight she felt that it was right .It all was right . The blood bath . The destruction . They were needed to purify the world , her soul . 

 Looks like a girl, but she's a flame
So bright, she can burn your eyes
Better look the other way
You can try but you'll never forget her name
She's on top of the world
Hottest of the hottest girls say

Panchali stood there , confused , angered , and disappointed as the flashes of her past played in front of her eyes . Slowly she got what she was seeing . Slowly she felt her surrounding and herself . Slowly her inner soul recognised her old self and re connected with it . 

 This girl is on fire...
This girl is on fire...
She's walking on fire...
This girl is on fire...

 She's just a girl and she's on fire


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Gadhe why din u pmed!! Res!

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