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MG-SS~The Bliss~Thread-4~UPDATED-Pt 43/ Pg133 / 30 trd added. (Page 61)

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nice part
loved it
what happened in the past that geet is very angry on her bua and cousin she dont want to talk with them...maan adi and dadi reached geet's house and they heared geet talking with her bua and cousin so they stopped going inside...maan and dadi didn't get good vibration seeing geet's bua...
geet came out hearing the commotion and she was shocked to see dadi and adi there she didn't notice maan she came to dadi and hugged and her looks went on maan she was shocked and surprised to see maan there and that too on wheel chair...she invited them in and started talking with them she is showing her guss on maan ..
nice precap

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lovely update so maan and dadi finally reached their destination where maan is eager to meet geet they reached her home which was beautiful heard her arguing with a lady there were forcing geet to marry someone but she knows they r gold digger and they only want to encash with her wedding so geet has clearly said no one is gonna interfere in her life they threaten her if she dosent listen quietly she will be forced by her dad but geet is least bothered they were looking at maan and dadi which maan didn't liked they were very rude though dadi tried to be nice to them geet was highly surprised to see dadi and totally ignored them and told them to leave she saw maan and froze he was smiling and teasing her she was so happy to see maan even maan was happy
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aaj is ki baari na

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                       Hello friends     

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                       The Bliss


  The simple things of life can be blissful, if you can take the time to enjoy it. There is love in the air, everywhere... you just need to feel it, embrace and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Every moment that is enjoyed, treasured and relished is a store house of memories, that you can draw out, enjoy and smile with love. It is bliss.. 

   Oh sweet bliss how did you find me in the dark with all my troubles 

collecting like copper pennies in a fountain, 
under pain concrete form, 
a flower breaks 
through the crack of my once solid shell.

Stay with me bliss , 
never leave me again, 
for my need is great and my patience is plentiful.
Oh lessons I need not learn again, 
forget where I have been. 

Let me walk in the sweet embrace of a Sunday's morn 
and not forget it tender kiss of compassion 
for God had granted me another day with you. 
Hold me in the arms of your unfolding grace 
and we will put back all the fallen stars in the sky... 



This a fiction , all incident  , medical terms , professional terms nd places r imaginary ,, plzz don't relate them  with reality .

   Note... This is a fiction inspired by some facts and incidents from our surroundings . If someone find any resemblance in d title and story line , they r welcome to leave their comments on my page (plzz don't pm me)with d link . I'll try my best not to touch any body's work. Need ur love and support to make it an interesting SS. 


        Part - 36

                           Part - 37

  Then she remembered something nd looked at Maan who was only staring at her ,, her excitement nd shocking state was pleasing him ,, he wanted to see this happiness in Geet's eyes  ,, Geet came near Maan  nd sat on her knees infront of him ,, she was beaming seeing him  like that ,, she touched his hands softly nd then his arms nd shoulders ,, looked at his face nd then his deep honey brown bright eyes which r full of life now .

Her these gestures rippled Maan's body ,, he felt a shiver from toe to top ,, he didn't know what was that but he felt good ,, diff ,, he felt that aroma all around him which soothe him ... Geet's aroma ,, her fragrance which he cd recognize in a blink .

Geet: u ,, u  r fine Maan ,, u r sitting perfectly ,, OMG!!! It's really miracle ,, DM see he is sitting like us ( DM nodded  with a smile , even Adi too wa smiling) ,, cn u feel my touch Maan ?


Maan: haan  ,, Geet .

Geet beamed : hand ,,,, ur hands ... cn u ...

Maan moved his hands nd held her shacking hands in his with a smile ,, Geet was looking at his hands surprized ,, she was a Dr nd saw diff types of cases some pleasant nd some heartwrenching ,, but when things came on personal lavel  drs too became emotional nd became like others ,, Geet was in same condition ,, one day she saw a life going away from her breath by breath nd she was watching helplessly ,, she was a Dr but not able to safe her but today she was watching a man who was lying lifeless from yrs nd today he was  sitting infront of her quiet well ,, she heard about miracles nd wished for her mom too but not that time God blessed her but today  God's miracle was infront of her as Maan ,, her eyes turned wet nd she chewed her lower lip to control her tears but Maan witnessed that wetness in her eyes nd this thing melted him ,, he pressed his hands nd Geet looked at him with a dimpled smile  ,, she took a deep sigh .


Geet: I don't have words ,, see God's miracle ,, I told u that there is hope at every breath ,, see Maan .

Maan: yes ur every word is right Geet ,, there r many reasons getting  back this life nd  u r also a reason .

Geet: no ,, it's all ur luck ,will power nd god's wish  ...

Her words left in mid nd when servant brought water nd hot soups for them nd placed that on center table.

Geet: kamla ,, put some woods in fireplace nd called Raghu to help u in cooking ,, do it fast ,, it's dinner time ,, Ok.

Kamla: ji  ,, I saw someone in gadi .

Adi: yes ,, he is driver .

Geet: Oh ,, Ok ,,tell Raghu to take soup for him nd  to make him stay in guard room ,, there is warmer nd he cn sit there comfortably .

K: ji ,, tell me what they like to eat ?

DM: Geet plzz don't bother ,, we'll go back hotel ,, it's not very far.

Geet: what ,, no way DM ,, how cn u ? why in hotel ,,u all'll stay here with me ,, my house is not as big as urs but quiet sufficient ,, nd it's very dark nd weather is  foggy so it's not good to out .


U go Kamla nd start  basic prep , I m coming .

D servant left ,, DM noticed that house was quiet big nd helpers wr there ,, she knew Geet won't let them go  ,, Geet served them water nd then  hot  tomato soup ,, which warmed their bodies ,, Geet was smiling nd looking at Maan with immence happiness when he was having his soup with his hands nd Maan too was sensing that ,, it was really a emotional surprized  for her ,, DM nd Adi became habitual  bcoz they wr witnessing every progress in Maan from that day but for Geet it was unbelievable, but  she was very happy nd thanking God  again nd again for not doing anything wrong that  day nd kept Maan safe .

There Maan too wanted to talk with her but not infront of all ,, there wr many things which wr only between them  so he had to wait for right time .

Then Geet came in real avtar  remembering that she told him not to trouble DM ,, it was very cold  there nd he brought her with him .


Geet:  u didn't listen na ,, I told u not to trouble DM , but u did ,, it's very cold here nd it cn harm her ,, I m sorry I forgot to ask ,, DM how is ur BP nd sugar ? nd when u reached here ?

Maan : relaxed ,, u r only asking Q after Q .

Geet: chup ,, bilkul chup ( she showed him finger ) u r same ,,, stubborn ,, u didn't think about DM na ?

DM: Geet beta I m fine ,, don't worry ,, he was eager to meet u nd we cn't deny him .


Maan: u too didn't listen me ,, I told u to come there  but u denied ,, I told u I m coming if u r not .


Geet glared at him : i'll take ur class later ,, DM tell me if u r feeling any discomfort ,, do u have ur meds with u ?

DM: I m fine Geet , I have my meds with me,, u don't worry .


Geet: why not ? I m bringing my  kit  to check ur BP nd sugar.

DM pulled Geet to her nd gave a peck on her forehead lovingly at her care .

DM : Thanks beta ,, I know u won't leave  , but believe me I m fine .

Maan: let her check DM ,, I m also worried ,, d day was very tiring for u .


Geet: hhuumm,, now u realize ,, DM u all plzzz make u comfortable nd talk , I m just coming .


DM:  OK  beta tell me if u want any help.

Geet: yeah ,, just relax .

 All smiled nd Geet took d  tray nd went in ,, she instructed d servants for dinner nd then went in her room to take her  Dr kit bag  which have her meds instruments nd some meds too .


She checked DM BP nd suger nd found that lil up  nd that cd be coz of  exhaustion ,, now they have to take care nd rest ,, all became comfortable nd starting their talking ,, Geet asked about Maan's treatments in US nd how he recovered ?


 Adi  nd DM we telling her everything nd Geet  was listening  giving admiring looks to Maan  ,, though she felt lil bad that his lower portion was still very weak nd not responding normally ,, he cdn't walk  but what they got that was  a boon for all ,, they wr hoping that one day he cd walk too .


DM: Geet beta ,, we human beings never satisfied  nd desired more nd more , but I m happy that my child is able to sit nd move ,, he is able to live like us nd got his long lost smile back ,, I m happy nd thanked God  all d time who blessed us this happiness .

Geet: yes , u r right DM ,, at least now he is sitting with us ,, I m too very thankful to God that he is fine .


Dservants informed them about dinner  nd all settled in dinning hall ,, Geet sent raghu to call driver nd to open d guestroom for him to freshen up nd then to take rest  after dinner .

D dinner was awesome ,, simple but with few dish wr Maan's fav ,,  creamy mushroom pasta ,  French lentil salad  nd kesar vermicelli  DM fav chillipaneer nd Dal tadka with warm chapatti ,, even now Adi too like north indian foods ,,


All had their dinner ,, Geet was serving all nd forcing them to take more ,, Maan was enjoying every gesture nd care of Geet ,, his heart was feeling an unsaid pleasure thinking that mere thing that Geet knew about his fav nd made for him ,, he felt special.

Precap --- DM, Maan nd Geet's convo  ,,,  some Geet past ...

        Part - 38


  Ouch  sorry for mistakes ...

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can you also updated the refect match part 30 today
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Originally posted by singh24

                       Hello friends     

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