Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG-SS~The Bliss~Thread-4~UPDATED-Pt 43/ Pg133 / 30 trd added. (Page 40)

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Eagerly waiting...

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                  Hello friends  

             my dear friends



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                       The Bliss


  The simple things of life can be blissful, if you can take the time to enjoy it. There is love in the air, everywhere... you just need to feel it, embrace and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Every moment that is enjoyed, treasured and relished is a store house of memories, that you can draw out, enjoy and smile with love. It is bliss.. 

   Oh sweet bliss how did you find me in the dark with all my troubles 

collecting like copper pennies in a fountain, 
under pain concrete form, 
a flower breaks 
through the crack of my once solid shell.

Stay with me bliss , 
never leave me again, 
for my need is great and my patience is plentiful.
Oh lessons I need not learn again, 
forget where I have been. 

Let me walk in the sweet embrace of a Sunday's morn 
and not forget it tender kiss of compassion 
for God had granted me another day with you. 
Hold me in the arms of your unfolding grace 
and we will put back all the fallen stars in the sky... 



This a fiction , all incident  , medical terms , professional terms nd places r imaginary ,, plzz don't relate them  with reality .

   Note... This is a fiction inspired by some facts and incidents from our surroundings . If someone find any resemblance in d title and story line , they r welcome to leave their comments on my page (plzz don't pm me)with d link . I'll try my best not to touch any body's work. Need ur love and support to make it an interesting SS. 


        Part - 34

                           Part - 35

   All wr at d dinning table even Adi too take his dinner with them ,, seeing Adi's service nd care for him Maan nd DM  started treated him as family member ,, he became  right hand of Maan ,, Adi was a very humble, caring  nd clear heart person , after coming back from US  Adi too said that if Maan sir allow he wanted to live with him ,, Maan need a helper for him so he fixed Adi  nd told him to call his mother nd sis here if he wants .

DM nd Adi witnessed a soft smile on Maan's face ,, they never saw him in this pleasant mood , DM cd guess that may be he talked to Geet nd she deffo response +ive that's why he is feeling good .


DM: Maan what happened ,, u r looking in good mood ,, it seems Geet talk to u nicely ,, humm?

Maan sighed with a smile : don't u know her ? she is very stubborn .


DM: means ,, what happened ? did u argue with her again Maan ?

Maan: that becomes a part of life now .. so chill .

DM nd Adi looked at her surprized ,, he was talking so casualy .

Maan: DM she was alone there nd I told her to come back here but as u know she refused nd said that she'll come after a week ,, after a week DM !!!

DM: Maan she is in her home nd on leave ,, why r u forcing her ,, she is coming na after a week .

Maan: she is all  alone there.. why  ? cn't she live here with us for few days .


DM nd Adi was getting shock after shock ,, Maan was  forcing her to live here in KC ... Strenge !!! No..    9th wonder ,, both wr staring at Maan  ,, seeing them quiet Maan gestured  with his eyes ... What ?

DM: u told  her to live  here  with us !! I cn't believe this .( Adi passed a smile )

Maan: one more surprize for both of u .


DM: nd what is that ?

Maan:  we all 3 r going to Nainital TM afternoon ,,  both of u pack  ur bags for 2-3 days .

DM nd Adi: nainital !! but why ?

Maan gave a sheepish smile : to meet Geet .

DM &Adi: what ???  Maan ... sir .

Maan: yes ,, what more I cd do when she was not coming .

DM : Maan r u crazy ? why u r so eager to meet her now ?

Maan: I cn't tell u DM nd u won't understand too ,, plzz come with me nd  take it as an outing .

DM: Maan I m not getting u  ,, she is coming after a week nd i'll bring her here , why ...

Maan: DM plzz . I m waiting from last 2 nd half months ,, I have to meet her .

DM sighed nd Adi nodded his head helplessly ,, they knew if he decided then he deffo  go , so better to pack bags for them .

DM : inform Yash too that we r going there ,, OK.

Maan: yes ,, nd Adi TM bring a new mobile phone nd card for me .

Adi: fine sir.

Though DM was  shocked  with  Maan' s behaviour but somewhere she was happy that he was starting to live a normal life nd started mingling with ppl ,, she thought there must be something if he was desperate to meet Geet ,, let's see .

 Maan  told adi to take out print out of tickets nd booking replies from MMT ,,,  then  DM came in Maan's room to pack his bag too  ,, his excitement  was increasing  DM curiosity .

While packing his bag DM asked : Maan ,, why ur opinion changed about Geet ,, u didn't like her .

Maan's face saddened , he held her hand in his nd kissed them : DM in my miseries nd dismay I hurt all ,a lot  ,, I .. ..


DM: no beta ,, u didn't do anything knowingly ,, u wr suffering beta ,, we cn understand ur mental state ,, don't feel bad beta . d time was very tough for all .

Maan: DM do u feel nd saw that it was Geet who never show any sympathy for me nd faced my anger with a smile ,, I don't know u realized or not but now I feel nd get that she always try to provoke me ,, she challenged me ,, she ignite my anger nd she teased me always ,, she very well knew  that I didn't like her presence nd she blackmailed me to eat food nd meds  to keep her away from me ,, u remember ..?


DM nodded with wet eyes nd soft smile ,, she knew Geet wd give him equal attitude.

Maan: DM ,  we all know that it is God'd miracle  in my recovery but it was Geet too who brought me out from my depression nd provoked me ,, her ways wr diff but she wanted me to live , to fight nd to face d present with courage ,, she treated me a living person not a veg nd useless,, there wr many things i realized nd want to thank her.

DM cd understood his inner turmoil ,, he faced a hell life nd any  small support for his well being count big for him ,, it is d matter of heart nd if he was thinking like this for Geet then no one cd change his mind  ,, she caressed his cheek lovingly , pecked his forehead nd  got up to go  ,, wishing him GN ,, he wished her back ,, his smile matters to DM  nothing else ,,she got back her G Son back nd that was big for her ,, everything was set to go .


The night was big for Maan  again ,, he didn't know when he forgot his nightmare long back nd Geet's face started floating in his eyes ,, though he remembered every talk , teasing nd fight with  her but her last look hurt him more ,, her red cheek nd bled lips pained his heart .

Next day he informed his dad who was also very shocked nd asked why he was going there but he twisted d things nd told that he wanted to visit that  beautiful place nd Geet was also there so nothing to worry  ,, Yash  didn't overreact nd he was relaxed that DM nd Adi was with her ,, he gave few instructions to take care of him nd  to inform him time to time  ,,, Adi brought a new phone for him from mrkt nd then  they started for Airport ,, he was waiting for Nattu's call eagerly nd he was in airport when Natrajan called him on DM's phone .

Nattu: hello sir .

Maan:  nattu anna ,  do u get d add ?

Nattu:  yes sir ,, but it was tough ,, d clerk was not coming in trap ,, I bribed him sir .

Maan: Oh,, any way   ,, u got  that ,, I'll give u double of that ,, don't worry .

Nattu: no sir it's not like that ,, I cn do anything for u ,,  I m masgng u d add sir  .

Maan: ok ,, thanks a lot nd one more thing anna .

Nattu: what sir .

Maan: don't talk to anyone regarding me  ,, OK . don't take my name there .

Nattu: ok sir as u say, ,but  meet me once.


Maan: sure  ,, i'll call u when I reach there.

Nattu: OK sir thanks .

Maan: thanks to u nattu anna ,,, bye.

Maan cut d call with a satisfactory smile ,, after few sec there was a msg nd it was Geet's  residential add.


When Maan boarded in plane there was a winning smile on his face ,, he was  dying to see d  expressions of Geet after seeing him there in front of her .

Precap ---- shock OR surprise for Geet ... 

   Part - 36

 Ouch sorry for mistakes ...


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Waiting for update 

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