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ishruhi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 7:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SAKIV-RAM

Originally posted by ishruhi

Originally posted by SAKIV-RAM

help needed

what is RnB's car and II's too
with colour and model mentioned.

rnb uses porsche and ii corolla ano?

porche was old one yaar.

II uses silver corolla

but I am confused about RnB's new one and its colour
it is some ferrari

is that so?i thought he used porsche often.yeah i noticed ferrari too...dont know the details...

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putti77 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 7:55am | IP Logged
Within a span of week Sallu and Amma escaped from Indian law.
For whom we have an Indian law and judicial system?

One side we have an honest IAS officer from Bangalore killed and an engineer from Chennai commits suicide for fighting against corruption.

Other side we have mentally sick people doing pooja, homa, havana and fasting to save criminals.

This is called 'Make in India'Angry

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VeeIyer Senior Member

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 7:58am | IP Logged
Every political, socio-economic, cultural,  and financial change has to have their input. Cinema has taken over our lives. There is time and place for everything else but not for cinema and cricket. They are all pervasive  And entertainment industry seems to return the adulation with even fewer morals, compassion and empathy. They promote a greedy self absorbed life.  They seem to believe they are entitled and it reeks in their attitude.
You hit the nail on the head Nisha ! But I still hold  saying this moral corruption has happened in the past 20 years and is exponentially much higher than before...
And unfortunately each and every action is justified as though it is their moral has donated 42 crores, it justifies his sentence being commuted Confused

How do you explain to your child what is right and what is wrong... I hold Ethics sessions for my students and I can sometimes see the incredulous look on their faces when I try to reinforce right and wrong actions...simple actions like cutting queues, shoving people aside, lack of basic courtesies, like holding a door, giving a seat to an elder...
we used to have moral science classes in school...i dont think they have it as a subject anymore...perhaps morals dont matter as much as a fat bank balance.

sad times...

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kalavathi5 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 8:03am | IP Logged
Thank you Nisha for SoSy.  In distressing times like these, some positive thoughts are needed to feel that there are some things in life don't change and are still worth fighting for.  

I am quite disappointed, as I am sure many are, about the situation in the Indian judicial system.  You always feel it can never quite become that bad and surprise it does.  Cry

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Ashu25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 8:04am | IP Logged
Vani... Absolutely right!! 
I still hold whatever you have pinpointed in head as morals cause I am taught all that. I may be a 21st century modern woman but what am I without morals and ethics... I want to be human. 
Being gregarious and civilised is all what we wanted. I wonder sonetimes if we are getting back to the barbaric world where might was right!! 

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Ashu25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 8:07am | IP Logged
There is a joke doing the rounds on twitter... 
Amma is back... Happy mothers day

Whatever that means

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taramira Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 8:35am | IP Logged
Looks like I should also register my two bits about the salman fiasco. I don't have too much of an axe to grind with the legal process as I have with the psyche of the celebrity obsessed society that india has become. Law is the same for everyone. It's the system that sucks. Because of the rotten system it has taken 12 years for the verdict to be pronounced and that too in the lower court. Salman has money he can hire the best lawyers and they have the brains to use case law, loopholes to ensure that he gets out on bail. Because of this rotten system, it will take another who knows how many more years for an appeal and a yet another verdict, after which who knows he might even go to the next  level...all without spending a day in jail. 
The judge of the lower court gave a verdict considering the facts of the case and his lawyers also using the law ensured he was released, no issues there. What is sickening is the utter lack of understanding, empathy, sensitivity amongst  people, who went on to blame the victims and not the perpetrator. Are they so blind and obsessed by bollywood/wealth/superficiality that they can't separate the two...the system has utter disregard for thousands of under trials languishing in prisons waiting for their case to be heard and when the judge actually pronounces a verdict, these people  blame the law, claim that because he is a Celebrity he is being unfairly treated, when he is actually using the rotten system to his advantage. 

Suckers  around him make disgusting comments and sallu juices this mentality to the fullest and continues to revel in it by giving darshan! So so sad.

Had the system been quick, had the case gone on trial quickly, he would not have had the chance to twist and in my opinion law is the same for everyone, the judge wasn't biased this whole fiasco  is because Indian society is becoming rotten by the day.

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Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 8:36am | IP Logged
Elation & Ignominy
Stores were closing when they went back down to the ground floor...
"I was thinking he wasnt going to go with us, so we could eat street food" II pointed to R&B

"he doenst eat street food?" Ranjan asked innocently

II turned red... "Umm.. I didnt know... mera matlab... mujhe laga u and I can eat we can do some take out for him"

"turkey sandwich to take out mein milna mushkil hai puttar" Ranjan grinned

She looked at R&B he actually had a half smile on his lips

"IKR" she giggled

"kidhar lekar jaogey?" Ranajn asked

"south ex chalenge?" "karhi chawal?" "Or chholey bhature?" she asked eagerly

"Kha lenge puttar"

"aur aap" she asked inadvertently

He nodded with a half smile...

"Chalo jee vaddiya" Ranjan gushed at his unexpected good fortune of walking the streets of Delhi with his estranged son...
He immediately texted his driver... without informing R&B...

They went down the elevator, and Ranjan walked towards R&B's car...
that didnt take too long to find as it was the one hidden,  two dozen 20 somethings shrouded it...

She waited behind until he opened the hatchback trunk, to set the bags in... "I can sit in the back" she offered R&B
 when she had him to herself for a minute

He looked at her blankly for a minute... and walked away...
 he rolled the seat forward with the touch of a button and she slid to the back... "Dad u shud sit in the front,because u are taller than him (R&B)" she smiled
Ranjan hesitated for a few seconds holding the door staring inside at the car...

"do u want more leg room?" he asked his Dad ("Why wont u get in?")

"No no... I am fine" Ranjan mumbled and sat down by his son for the very first time in 4 years and 4 months
The audio system picked up her Tamil playlist, she turned it off
R&B played Frank Sinatra... to mask the silence

Most shops in South Ex Part 1 were closing or closed... he found parking around the park easily...
they walked to the back row... Bengal Sweet House was always crowded, they found a table quick...
II acted smug... like "it was her territory" (in Tamil its called pettai)

She didnt even look at the menu... she ate her a million times... and thats no small feat

"Kya laaoon?" the waiter asked

"Chholey bhatoore" she jumped

"Karhi chawal kha lenge" Ranjan smiled at her...

"Dad U MUST MUST also have shahi paneer" she gushed

He nodded...
She looked at R&B.. he was scanning the menu and said "Chowmein" he said with a half smile

She bit her lower lip to hide a smile

"Aur Peene ke liye?" asked the guy

"LASSI... nahi aapke paas Sam Adams hai" she asked
Ranjan looked at her startled

R&B smiled

"Sorry umm... nahi.. mera matlab... lassi" II smiled

"Will u also have the same?" she asked sincerely

He nodded
Ranjan sat across from II, she sat with her back to a mirror wall and facing the store front, R&B sat by her

II began to narrate her her "favorite seating spots" across the store

"sam gave us lots of desserts, but yaha gulab jamun khaayen?" she asked Ranjan

"Jee zaroor puttar" he nodded

He asked her about Tamil association, and her family's history in Delhi, about life in Madurai... and Tanjore and when she wanted to go next
"U were missing at lunch puttar so u must be hungry" Ranjan said

SMUG bas***d

"I was tired I guess" II mumbled suddenly lost for words

"San pooch rahe the aapko" Ranjan rubbed it in


She didnt have to look at the Dude's eyes to see the glint, she knew it existed

She watched how R&B ate his noodles without one slice of knife, the way he twirled it around his fork... back and forth, wrapping a whole mile long string snugly
He offered such a snugly wrapped fork...

"U will think mujhe khud order karna chahiye tha" she said sheepishly

"No I wont" he promised
She pushed her plate of pouffy bhatura and chana towards him, he tore a piece and ate with pickle and chholey and bit into the green pepper

Her jaw dropped..

"whatever they say about Punjabis is true then" she said

"Jee pakka... we love our spice and booze" Ranjan laughed hysterically

She smiled indulgently...
She paid for the food with pride... "Will u agree its the best food in this part of town?" she asked eagerly

He helped her down the steps, holding her elbow firmly as she chatted animatedly with his Dad
Pausing at every step to tell him or his Dad something... people jostled and pushed as they left the eatery

"U just begin talking wherever?" he asked

"I am just sayin" she continued and went off to another topic

Ranjan was long gone from the steps... "Betaji kabhi aapko Paranthe Waali Gali lekar chalenge" he promised

"Agle Sunday?" she sought confirmation

He nodded weakly, as AGM approached his insides churned painfully... he didnt want life with this
young girl to be a page that had to be turned, he wanted it to be a mirror where he could see it all the time

"I was sick on Monday, and the day before I return to work I am eating at South Ex" she giggled... R&B dragged her as she turned back to talk with her father in law

"I am sure their food is not questionable puttar"

The walkways at South Ex were narrow and hawkers occupied every inch of space, winding up for the day...

She had sent bhatura pictures to Akka  "Paavi" (sinner) was the only word Akka sent back

He started the car and pulled it around and waited tapping the steering as II typed a page to Akka

Describing THE FOOD and the way dude twirled the noodles

Ranjan waited smiling

"Dad why dont u sit?" she asked

"umm... yes yes" he said thinking he could sit at the back

"Oh sorry sorry" She quickly lunged and went to the back seat...

"Akka sent me pictures of masala dosa" she told the dude and stuck the phone in front of his eyes

He held her wrist and pulled her hand down, she leaned on his seat  and let him hold her hand for a while until her had to turn and merge into the Ring Road
Ranjan leaned back and shut his eyes

She gently leaned forward and kissed R&B's ear lobe, leaning her elbows on the compartment between the two front passenger seats..
he turned gently as her lips grazed his cheek... "Dont go to Tan's" she ordered, he paused after the AIIMS flyover behind slow moving traffic...

"Only if u will be on top again" he whispered, turning fully, capturing her lips
She nodded in response... their faces flaming in arousal

She leaned back on her seat weakly

Staring out at slumber induced Delhi pretending to be awake like a adamant toddler

She changed into a pair of stripes jammies and a cami... her cell phone rang on the closet shelf

It was Manya...

"Oh! Hi!" she said cheerfully

"Hey Ishita can u come down a second?"

"Oh ya sure" she sprinted down as fast as she could smiling
Her husband stood in the balcony talking to Mihir

"The guard just brought this in" she handed II a bag with jasmine string rolled up in a ball, and some periodicals

"Oh! I FORGOT... Amma was going to drop it off" "Do u like flowers?" I am going to cut some up"

"Oh no... I have two inch long hair" she smirked, smiling later  "U shud wear it ur hair is looong and pretty"

"Its too long" II nodded embarrassed

"Did u let the help take the evening off?" she asked after a pause

"Ya" she smiled

"Oh?... umm... because Vik and were hoping there would be dinner" Manny said "I called Mahavir all 4 guys are visiting gaon waale in
Naraina" Manny said matter of factly


"OMG!! I am so so sorry... Dad was taking me out and Ram I mean R&B went with us too, mujhe laga ghar par koi nahi hoga. I am so sorry" II pleaded

"Thats OK" Manny said grudingly

"I can make something uickly. Would u like roti subzi or dal chawal?" II offered

"Both actually" Manny said  seriously

"Oh! Sure... I am sorry... dumb... " "Abhi ek second" she got up to walk"

"U know what?"Manny stopped her

"Hmm... ?"

"I am texting Sam I will ask her to send something" Manny said reluctantlt

"I can TOTALLY make something in 30 minutes"

"We are so hungry... I dont think I will last 30 minutes" Manny said softly

"Oh! I was so stupid" II muttered

"thats OK totally fine Ishita" Manny reassured her

Manny's phone rang  "Haan... chal... OK theek hai"

Vik came in from the patio...

"she is sending" Manny smiled

"Oh! Phew!! I am sor sorry I will never do that again" II nodded

Manny: Its late after 11, u shud go to bed

Not accepting her apology not comforting her

II nodded "Good night" she mumbled to Vik and her and went up

Walked  up to the 1st, went down to the kitchen, cut a couple of strings off the ball...
wrapped the remainder in a wet towel and put it in the frig like Amma did
And went up wore the flowers and stood in her sun room balcony wiping quiet tears

Staring out at the dark night, she wondered how many such indiscretions Akka must have committed in 13 years and what all she must have endured...
She was able to hold her tears better when that thought occurred... with Ambala Anna with her in laws on her tail all the time, with Athim's financial constraints.

Oh! What would she give to become as mature as Akka or Amma right nowCry Knowing what to say, acting how they didCry
Well... she was almost broke so she couldnt "give" anything, but yes.. she could use some wisdom... she chuckled self deprecatingly through her snifflesEmbarrassed

She should not have sent the help home... it was stupid... Akka would agree too... in fact Akka would scold her for being so proprietorial... darn it!! she has no clue how to find her way  in this marriage.. she is mostly lost... only occasionally where she should be.
Thinking she could take decisions on behalf of the house without consulting anybody...Cry What was she smoking...

It still hurt her nevertheless... being pointed out by Manny like that..the ignominy of it
"Azhaade kanna" Akka's words rang in her ears... "Its OK... next time just be careful di"
She nodded to those imaginary words, starting into the moist black as ink night...

He leaned on the doorway looking at her nod... she was not on the phone or listening to music...


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