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Rima 3S: AANKHEN (part 2, 3 + epilogue updated on pg.11) (Page 11)

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PART - 3 

"Hey! How are you?" Rk asked madhu who was deep in thought.
"Uh..huh...what?" Madhu asked him sitting up straight on the swing.
"How are you?" Rk smiled.
"Good, Thanks. You?"
"Fine" he said & both remained silent.
Finally Rk broke the silence & asked "Do u know where is Sultan?" 
"I haven't seen him"
"Only after Trishna's death I could see the world. I searched for that bas***d everywhere but he got escaped. Trishna only told me, he lived one street next to ur house, after I got discharged I went & asked about him to everyone but no one knows anything about him. I couldn't even bring justice to my friend's death. I couldn't punish him." she said gritting her teeth & holding the chain of the swing tightly. 
"Hey Relax. I just want to know who he is so that... I CAN KILL HIM" he said in a chilling tone which made madhu jump from her seat.
"I'm going. Bye" she said softly.
"Please, sit with me some time, let me look at ur eyes" 
"I'm not ur sister" 
"I know. But I feel close to u, I feel like i'm talking someone who lived so close with my sister, please" he said & she couldn't argue much with him. He missed her sister all his life being away from her & finally the day he came to India to her sister he lost her once & for all so he needs the need to talk with someone close to her. She reason & sat with him though not looking at him but she was aware his gaze was on her.
"I need to thank you" Madhu spoke softly.
"What for?" 
"For making me feel better the other day. For convincing me that I didnt kill my friend"
"You didnt. That's the truth. Stop feeling guilty about it" 
"Also Thanks for taking initiative to help the visually impaired kids. I'm sure 'Mission Vision' will lit up many peoples life"
"So far 60 surgeries were over & ur school kids & parents are happy about that. We will work more & help many more kids. Thanks for ur contribution, Madhu" 
"I have been in those kids place. I know the pain so this is the least I can do to help them"
"We should really try to spread awareness Madhu. You know 50% of the eye donations are going waste every year due to delay in operation or due to some disease. If we could reduce that then our blind population can also be reduced"
"I will try to help ur eye foundation in anyway I can, Doctor"
Suddenly a lady & a small girl came towards Madhu & said "Madhu Madam, see ur student Shruthi, my daughter got her vision, she could see the world, we are not rich enough to do a surgery but ur help means a lot me. My family will always be grateful to u. Shruthi, say hi to ur Miss" 
"Shruthi came forward & took madhu's hands in hers, feeling it she confirmed it was her teacher Madhu, madhu smiled at her & Shruthi took her hands to lips & kissed them & thanked Madhu.
"No, baby. I didnt do anything. You see that uncle" she pointed to Rishab who was sitting next to her with a smile "he is ur Doctor, who cured u so thank him. Ma'am u too please feel grateful to him, I didnt do anything" she smiled & walked away leaving them to talk with Rk while Rk's gaze followed Madhu's path.    


"Why u are caressing the book with ur fingers??" Rk asked & took a seat opposite to Madhu. Madhu was reading a book in a book cafe.
"Hey" she smiled.
"Hey! So"
"Habit, I guess" she said & he frowned.
"You are forgetting I was visually challenged for 22 yrs, I used to read Braille scripts by touching with fingers, in that habit even now i'm reading the book by caressing it with my fingers"
"Oh! I'm sorry" she just smiled at him & continued reading. Its been an habit for them to meet in the cafe after the days work.
Suddenly Madhu felt paranoid. She could feel someone staring at her. She looked around but everyone in the cafe where busy in their own world.
"What's wrong?" Rk asked seeing her discomfort.
"Nothing" she said & started reading.

"Madhubala, I'm back" Sultan smirked seeing Madhu in the cafe far away from his table.
"Let me have some fun. Last time u ruined everything & tagged me as killer, this time I wont let u go that easy." he said.
"Sultan, what if she finds it was u who hit Trishna with ur car?" Asked his friend Mukkund
"Mukkund, I'm not a fool to not think about that. But u know she is blind then how come she will know me? Only Trishna saw I was driving the car but she is gone, no proof nothing."
"What if she finds ur voice?" Mukkund asked him again as he felt his friend was doing something terribly wrong which will land him in trouble.
"I can change my voice & talk... damn!! I want her. She is too sexy. I want to f**k her hard & kill her & send her to her friend" he banged his table & stood up.
"Sultan, don't take this risk of going in front of her?" Mukkund warned him.
"You just watch the show man" he winked & walked towards Madhu's table.

"I'll keep this book & come Rk, then we will go" Madhu told & walked with both hers & his books to place it in the racks. Then someone bumped on her forcefully, making her drop all her books & she staggered back but Rk held her on time from falling down. 
"You okay?" Rk asked
"Yeah..i'm fine" she said & stood up to look at the person.
"I'm sorry, Ma'am" the man said politely.
"SULTAN" she shouted at him.
"What?" Rk asked madhu in shock & looked at the man standing opposite to them. All the blood drained from Sultan's face hearing madhu call his name. How the hell she could see him?? he wondered. Then he felt a hard blow on his nose & he started bleeding. Madhu had punched him hard on his nose & he raised his hand to hit her back but Rk held him strongly & started punching him hard on his face. Then swiftly kicked on his stomach making him howl in pain. Then they both had a fight, sultan was knocked down by Rk & he kept on kicking him on his ribs, they could hear the breaking sound of his bones, then Mukkund run from no where & pushed Rk, with the sudden attact Rk lost his balance & fell on the floor & madhu ran towards him helped him but Sultan with the help of Mukkund stood up & ran out of the cafe only to get hit by a truck & he was spot out. Finally peace to Trishna!!


"Hello" Madhu said picking Rk call on second ring.
"Hi. Shall we meet in park?" Rk asked.
"Hmm... okay" madhu agreed.
"Thanks. I will be there in 15 minutes" 
"Hmm..." she said & hanged up the phone. 

"I'm happy, Madhu. So I thought to see u & talk to u so I called u"
"To me or to my eyes?" she asked. 
"When u talk to me where u look madhu? U look at my eyes only right?? everyone talk to other person looking at their eyes if they want to make an honest conversation"
"I'm sorry. I had the feeling that u call me just to see my eyes, to see ur sister in it"
"That was true. before I wanted to see u only to see your eyes but not anymore. Now u r my friend too. I really want to talk to u, share my feelings with u..." he said genuinely.
"but before that I m curious to know how u found out Sultan yesterday?? u said u haven't seen him then how?" this one question was plaguing his mind all night.
"Sultan has blue eyes, he is a dragon freak, he got tattooed both his arms with dragon image & he wears a dragon ring... Trishna had told me all the details. When I saw a man with all this identities I uttered the word 'Sultan' & all the color drained from his face made me sure that he was the one who killed my friend so punched him"
"That was a nice punch" Rk chuckled.
"Why u called me?" she asked ignoring his comment.
"Yesterday I was so happy that finally Trishna's killed got punished...i couldn't sleep but only think about Trish so I went to her room & I found this" he said & showed Madhu a pink diary. 
"Can I see that?" Mdhu asked eagerly wanting to read what was written in it.
"Sure. But I guess u know all the incidents because she has written today Madhu & I did this..did that... madhu...madhu...madhu... for a minute I got the doubt whether u both were lesbians" rk chuckled. Madhu laughed hearing that. 
"Trishna used to say if any of us were in opposite gender then surely she would have married me & I said I would love that" madhu giggled thinking how crazy they were & her giggle halts in mid air when Rk goes on his knees & asked "Will u marry me?" 
You have a good sense of humor, Rishab. Get up all r seeing u" she said & looked around to see few people in the park staring at them.
"Madhu, i'm serious. I love u"
"No, Rishab, it's not possible. I have ur sister's eyes. I remind u of ur sister"
"I know, Madhu. Even at first I cant see u like that. In fact I never looked at u but only ur eyes because it is my sister's but madhu, my sister is no more, all her organs are donated  to various people, all of them cannot be my sister, she is gone, I had to agree the fact. Then I started knowing u, the real u, ur pure heart, ur true love for my sister, ur kindness towards people, ur brave nature, everything... I love everything about u. I was never close with Trishna... u were too close with her... now I want u to be close with me... I want u to be my wife"
"Rk please. I'm sorry" she stood up to walk & turned her face to wipe her tears.
"Madhubala, Wait!! "U are so beautiful madhu...inside & outside. I love u." Rk said the same words Trishna had told her years back. 
"So u are, Rishu!! I love u too much that it hurts" she said & ran towards him & hugged him hard. Rk smiled happily 
"Sorry, I called u 'Rishu'...only Trishna can call u like that right? " Madhu mumbled still hugging him.
"You are my trishna's bestie so u can call me Rishu from now on" he said smiling.
"So that "you are beautiful..." line was written in Trish's diary huh?"
"Yes. But its true so I said it" Rk walked her back to the swing.
"Then what else were written in it?" Madhu asked.
"Diary is with u, just read it by yourself" Rk smirked.
"Oh come on, tell nah" 
"She has written about you... u made my sister forgot that she has a brother too"
"You left her" Madhu blurted out & looked at Rk to see him sad.
"I'm sorry. I didnt mean it... its not ur fault"
"Yeah...It's my parents fault, because of them I lost being with my sister atleast for the shortest time she had lived" Rk said pressing his eyes to stop his tears. Madhu gently rubbed his shoulders to soothe him.
"Madhu, I want u to make me a promise?" he asked suddenly getting serious.
"Madhu, I want u to promise that u will never leave me, u'll be with me till I die...please promise me? Husband & wife can divorce but father & mother should think thousand times before getting divorced... it will not only affect their lives but their kids too..see how I & Trishna had suffered without one of our parent's love & no brother sister bonding... we missed our childhood... I dont want that to our kids madhu... we should live together as long as we could... will you??"
"I promise Rishu, i'll live with u & die with u... I love u" she pressed his hands assuringly.
"Rishu" madhu called him soflty.
"Yeah" he looked at her with a smile.
"I know u read Trishna's diary... I want to know that, are you marrying me to satisfy trishna's wish??"
"What wish?" Rk asked puzzled.
"Trishna always wished to get me married to u... she ofter said my brother will cure u & will fall in love with u & marry u"
"That's true" he agreed.
"So it's because of Trishna?" she asked sadly.
"I mean I cured u because I did ur eye surgery, I fell in love with u & I mm going to marry u... all that are true but I don't know it was Trishna's wish too. If its her wish then i'm ecstatic with my decision to marry u" 
"She didnt write about our marriage?" Madhu asked shocked.
"No, Madhu. If u have doubt check it. As I said she had written only about u & occasionally about ur parents & of course about me, how much she loves me but no where she had mention about our marriage" he said clearly. She nodded.
"But at the end of the page she has written something like this "If u r destined to be together then u will be together till eternity"... may be that goes for us" Rk said smiling. Madhu too smiled.


Please do hit the like button & comment u views!!


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(one year later)

"Hey" Rk Hugged a very pregnant Madhu from behind & kissed on her cheek. She placed her hands over his hands on her protruding belly & rested her head on his chest.
"How are u, Darling?" he asked her smilingly & kissed the back of her ears.
"I'm fine" she smiled slightly.
"Is ur feet aching stillness?" he asked her worried.
"Still it's aching mildly" she replied honestly.
"Then why are u standing near the balcony. U could rest on bed right?" he asked in a chiding tone.
"I was looking at the park. I missed going there. Will u take me there today, please" she asked turning to look at him.
"No darling. See u have foot pain, how will u walk? More over kids will be playing, too much of crowd, infection will spread, it's not good for ur health, please try to understand dear" he said lovingly making her heart swell for him in love.
"Atleast late night will u take me when there is no crowd??" she tried to convince him.
"At night the weather will be too cold, darling"
"Please, Rishu" she pleaded him cutely. He leaned his forehead on hers & whispered "i couldn't say 'no' to u ever if u plead me like a baby. OKAY!!" Madhu quickly pecked on his lips in reward for granting her permissin.
"But on one condition" he said.
"U will rest now & after dinner we will go to park, okay?" he asked. She nodded with a wide smile making him go crazy for her. Then he carried her  in his arms back to their bedroom & gently placed her on the middle of the bed & he sat at the edge & started massaging her feet. 
"Rishu, what are u doing? No please!!" she tried to free her legs from his hand.
"It's okay, Biwi, relax" he said & started pressing. 
"Hmm.." he hummed still working on massing her feet.
"Come close to me" she said stretching her hands out for a hug.
"What darling? U sound low. Is everything alrite??" he asked worried seeing her hugging him tight as if her life depend on it.
"I'm scared" she whispered not breaking the hug.
"I told u not to worry"
"Still the position of the baby is not changed. I'm worried"
"Everything will be fine, love" he promised her.
"If anything goes wrong u would choose our baby, okay"
"Nothing will go wrong"
"I wish so but still I want u to promise me that u will choose the baby. I love our baby so much so please" she asked him to promise her. He remained silent. Now worry is evident in his eyes. He can't make choice between his wife & child. 
"I promise" he promised her & she smiled in relief. He made his mind that he will choose his baby, the new life deserves to live but he will die with his wife if anything goes wrong because he loves her more & he can't live without her.

"Careful" Rk helped Madhu to sit on the swing. As he promised he had brought madhu to the park after dinner. He wrapped a shawl around her & she rolled her eyes at him for being tad over protective.
"You are so silent?" Rk asked seeing madhu deep in thought. "Are you still worried? Say "ALL IZZZ WELL" he said like Aamir khan in 3 idiots movie to cheer her up. She reluctantly smiled at him.
"What's wrong darling? Don't take too much of stress, it's not good for ur health & the baby's too" he caressed her head.
"Rishu, what if our baby is also born like me, visually challenged?" she asked in sheer fear. She can't imagine the life she lived once for her baby.
"U said it right, visually challenged, if our baby is born so, then let him or her face the challenge like you faced in ur life Madhu. We will teach them to be bold & brave & fearless. we will make him or her strong to fight the world. We are not going to love any less or any more if our baby has any disabilities, Madhu" he said caressing her cheek with his thumb. She looked at him with heart full of love.
"I love u, Madhu" he kissed her soft lips softly.
"I love u too, Rishu" she kissed him back.
"Ouch" she broke the kiss & inhaled sharply.
"What happened?"
"Seems baby want to say 'I love u' to Daddy, so kicked mommy hard asking her to tell it on her behalf, okay... I love u, Daddy. U r the best" Madhu said smilingly caressing her belly with one hand & Rk cheek with other.
"I love u too, my sweet darling." he placed a kiss on Madhu's stomach & he received a kick on his face back making both Rk & Madhu laugh in joy.
"Madhu, its getting late, shall we go home?" Rk asked her.
"Some more time, Rishu, please" 
"Don't please me, Madhu, then I'll never win" Rk pouts.
"Madhu, we should go now, its getting cold here. See u r feeling restless. Come" Rk stood up & held his hand for Madhu.
"What's the time?" She asked.
"12 am" he said seeing from his wrist watch.
"Happy Birthday Trishna" she said turning towards the empty swing where Trishna used to sit. Madhu & Trishna used to celebrate their birthday's in the park sneaking out from their house at mid night.
Rk smiled feeling proud of Madhu & Trishna's friendship.
"Come" Rk asked for madhu's hand & helped her to stand up. 
"She placed a Rose on Trishna's swing & walked with Rk. 
(same day morning)
"Rishu..." Madhu faintly called Rk after recovering to her conscious state. Madhu got her labor pain at mid night & she was rushed to hospital & due to the wrong positioning of the baby, Doctors had to go for a C-Section. 
"Madhu" Rk smiled at her & leaned down & kissed on her forhead.
"Baby" she whispered.
"here" he took his baby from the crib & gently showed to madhu.
"He or She?" Madhu asked excitedly.
"Trishna" Rk smiled brightly. They have decided if it was a baby girl then they will name her Trishna.
"Awe...My Trishna darling, my little sweetheart" Madhu gently grabbed the baby from Rk's hands & cooed Trishna holding her close to her bosom & wept at the same time in joy. 
"So all the love & kisses for Trishna huh?" Rk asked faking anger.
"Awe...My poor husband, I love u. give me a kiss" Rk grinned & kissed madhu tenderly on her lips & then he placed a kiss on his baby girl's forehead.
"Happy Birthday little Trishna" both Rk & Madhu wished her feeling happy that their Trishna was back & both kissed on either sides of the baby's cheeks.
"Trishna has ur eyes, Rishu" Madhu said happily.
"No, She has ur eyes, Madhu" Rk corrected her.
"Okay. Trishna has Trishna's eyes"
"Yes!! A very beautiful AANKHEN"

                                           @@@@ THE END @@@@

Hope u all liked this story!!
I thought to convey a message through this story, I don't know whether I conveyed it well or not!!
Anyway, all I want to say is please do donate your organs & Never treat a disabled person differently & isolate them.. they are one among us... love all!!

please do hit the like button & comment ur views!!
Thanks to all in advance!!


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Yay I came 1st PartyLOL
Fabulous and wonderful updates Clap
Sultan AngryAngry I want to kill that beast Angry
But I'm glad wen madhu gave him a nice punch he deserved more from madhu for wat he did Angry
Trishna got justice
Trishna and madhu friendship was so beautiful Smile
Loved their bonding very much Embarrassed
Madhu is so lucky to get trushna as frnd unlike others u gave sympathy looks
Its just annoying and irritating for disabled persons to get sympathy from others
People should understand they are also like us but only difference s they are special child's of God Embarrassed
Aww rk confessed his love and fulfilled trishna's wish too Embarrassed
Rishbala named their baby girl as Trishna who born on her b'day Heart
Overall an awesome story Smile
Beautifully written Clap
Great efforts Clapand thanks for spreading awareness on eye donation Smile really appreciate ur concept dear Clap
Do write more like thisThumbs Up
Thanks for the pm
But I resed before ur msg LOL
P.s want to say only one thing that cane to my mind while reading ,donno y I felt like watching an old Tamil movies LOL
I'm not telling the concept but the way u described it made me feel like that LOL
Sorry sudha without giving LOL on ur stories is very difficult for me LOL

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Loved it! Absolutely wonderful! Very well written. Please write more. 

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Its too beautiful ts n emotional too.
Love d frnship of madhu n trishna.
Clap Tongue

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Very nice story with equally nice message. U wrote the story beautifully. However I miss ur crazy madhu this madhu is sober n mature.Rk is doing noble cause.Continue writing more n more stories.

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sultan killed trishna 
sultan was punished for his deeds 
rishabala got married 
 they named their daughter trishna 
beautifully written 

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Nice msg through this 3s

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