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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins

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I know Viraj's postcards to his mother are an integral part of this FF. However, right now the postcards won't make sense because Viraj can't write. Eventually the postcards to Ma will return and then go away in the end. The point is I'll be portraying Viraj's thoughts like I do Nisha's whenever the postcards aren't there. OK?

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Nisha desperately tried to call Viraj up for the next few days. However, his phone had been damaged in the accident so, all she got was an automated response. Her anxiety peaked as the days passed. One day-

'Viraj Singh Rathore to be shifted to his Jaipur home, steady, say doctors'

Nisha heaved a sigh of relief.

Gayathri, being the opportunist that she was, wondered if her father's will could be tweaked if the only male heir died. While people pestered her with questions about Viraj's wellbeing, she pestered their family lawyer regarding the will. When it was ascertained that she wouldn't gain from Viraj's death, she decided not to prey upon him. Parasitism would have to suffice.


"Did you hear, Shekhs?!" A flustered Priyanka said to Shekhar. "Bhai's accident... How I wish I hadn't sent to check out the vintage pistol for you... " She slumped down in defeat. Somehow, she felt guilty for Viraj's state. 

Shekhar lifted her into his arms. Then he shifted her onto his lap as he settled down himself. He wrapped his arms around her even as she lay her head on his chest. 

"I know. Thank God you asked him to bring it." Shekhar said calmly. Priyanka lifted her head in shock. Shekhar pushed her head back. His arms held her tighter now. So much so, that she could barely move.

Shekhar started in a singsong voice "Once upon a time there was an iron smith. He would visit the gun-making factory everyday. Soon, he learnt how to make pistols. So skilled was he at his work that the Crown prince asked him to work specially for him. He settled in the palace, taking his son with him. The little boy was enamoured with shooting. The Prince would shoot everyday and he would learn. Eklavya... Then the little prince came. He got everything -the guns he wanted, the new shooting range... " Shekhar paused to stroke Priyanka's hair. She was sobbing softly, cursing herself.

"Still the iron smith's son didn't complain. He went on. Then he got tired of playing second fiddle... He wasn't ungrateful, mind you. He didn't tamper with the prince's rifle, no. Still, still the Prince ruined him. He had forgotten that the iron smith's son had the Princess... All along. His personal stress buster." Shekhar kissed her shoulder gently. She jerked him away. 
"I'll tell bhai everything! How you used me... I thought you loved me... I tolerated... Those bruises..." Her fists were clenched.

"Do that Priyanka. I'm sure he'd love to know what I did with you. Show him the marks. In fact, take these videos too. " He whipped out his phone and showed her the aforementioned videos.

Priyanka slid down to the floor. 

"Of course I do love you! You are Viraj's sister. No one else could have given me the joy of toying with him this way! You're special, sweetheart." Shekhar slid down next to her. "Stay too close to him and I will personally tell him how you and I are responsible for the accident. His best friend and sister. Ouch!" Snaking his arm around her belly, he pulled her against himself again. "If that doesn't break him, maybe we can show him how much we've enjoyed each other's company.I won't even be needed... You were going to tell him yourself weren't you? I'll be leaving tomorrow. Do what you want. I have nothing to lose." He waved his phone at her as he got up to leave. 

Priyanka sat weeping on the floor as it sunk in-What she had before her, was a stalemate.

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"Hello, may I speak to Viraj Sir?"Nisha said expectantly.
"I'm sorry ma'am, he's unavailable. May I know, who's speaking?" The receptionist replied
"Nisha Gangwal here." Nisha said.

Gayathri snatched the phone.
"Viraj can't shoot. This is it. You have no business rubbing it in. Lakshya is done with." She hissed.
"No, not until Viraj Sir says so."

He can't give up. It'll take time maybe. "He'll be back. I have the patience to wait till he recovers. Can you put me through now?"

"I'm not his freaking secretary." Gayathri fumed at Nisha's audacity.

"Miss Nisha, why don't you come and see me tomorrow?" Viraj's voice suddenly intervened.

Gayathri turned red as she remembered that Viraj's penthouse had a connection to the Lakshya landline.


Don't mind my handwriting. The doctors have assured me that it'll be steadier in a while. Presently, I'm confined to a wheelchair-Multiple fractures.

They said that they're not sure if I will be able to walk again. In their knowledge, the spinal injuries were not serious, not enough at least. "Wait for a year or so." I have no idea how.

Not having you around has made me accustomed to doing my own things. Now, there's pretty much nothing I'm capable of. I can't even change my own clothes. There is something completely demeaning about having someone else do basic things for you. At times, it feels a little humiliating.

Added to the unease, is the realisation that everyone else sees me differently now. Buaji speaks to me as if I am five... Or mentally challenged. She is bent on making a hotel chain out of Lakshya. Priyanka has vanished, probably because I am useless to her now. Shekhar, too...

Miss Nisha called up at the reception today, I've called her here tomorrow. She deserves the truth. She can't pin her hopes on me. Maybe I'll put her through to other institutes. 

Ma, please be back.


A/N- Red= Nisha's thoughts.
Blue= Viraj's postcard to Ma.
I know that this may feel a little off...I have a plan. Promise! Just leave your honest feedback. 

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"Hello Sir!" Nisha said softly. 
A cervical collar around the neck, crepe bandage around the elbow. Seated in a wheelchair across the sofa he smiled at her. " 'Morning, Miss Nisha! Come in. Come in. "

What have you done to yourself? She tried hard to blink back her tears... And failed. 

"This is why I don't meet people." Viraj remarked.

What? "I'm sorry Sir." She hastily tried to smile. I'm not here to make you feel worse.

"So, what's the plan Miss Nisha?" Viraj asked.

How can you be so... Normal, as if this is one of our ordinary lunches... "I don't know. You tell me."

"Will you listen to what I say?" He raised an eyebrow. 

"Of course, Sir. There's no one else I would listen to. "

"Get yourself enrolled in another sports academy." Viraj said, weighing his words.

How can you even..."No." She replied bluntly.

"You said you'll do what I say."

"I trusted you to say something better." Nisha retorted. 


"I'm not discussing this Sir. Here my mother made some gajar ka halwa for you."

Viraj sighed. "Ask Daadji to keep it in the fridge."

"No, eat it fresh. You'll like it better." Without waiting for his response, she brought a spoon and set the tiffin in front of him. She took care that the spoon faced the unbandaged arm.

"No. Miss Nisha, just because I am in a wheelchair doesn't mean that you can force me to do things. At least, I can expect some respect from you... Or can I?" He snapped at her.

What's wrong with your other hand? Without voicing her conclusion she picked up a spoonful of halwa and held it to his lips. 

He glared at her.

"Humour me. Please."

He opened his mouth to the delicacy that always melted him.

This is not right. I had it all planned. I even asked her to leave but she wouldn't hear of it.

Then she gave me that gajar ka halwa. A mother's cooking... I didn't want her to see my hands tremble. I don't want her to pity me. Yet she knew. Although she is the only one who still argues with me. Everyone else... Oh, forget it.

She's becoming a habit. I think she's used to me, too. This not right.


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The thing with Nisha was that once she found a way to do something, she would do it again and again. Thus she again became a regular visitor of the Lakshya Academy, much to the worry of her family. After all she was of a marriageable age by the family norms. Her obsession with Viraj or shooting were detrimental to the hunt for grooms.

So, one day, she was told by her family to stop visiting Viraj. Obviously, she refused.


"I think your family is right Miss Nisha." Viraj calmly told her.

Really? Great. "So I annoy you that much. " She accused.

"No, Miss Nisha. Honestly I spend the happiest hours of my day with you. " He said, shifting a little in his wheelchair. He grimaced in the process. 

Immediately Nisha got up to support him in the movement.

"See?" Viraj pointed out. See that I have to be here? Yes I do. Do you?

She raised an eyebrow at him.

"You no longer dream of your shooting career-"

 "Sir bu-"
"Firing a few shots alone in the grounds will not get you anywhere. I'm not fit to be your coach. I will not live with the guilt of reducing you to my nurse." Viraj finished sternly.

"So, you w- want me to leave." Nisha said, a tear threatening to fall from her lid.

"No Miss Nisha. I'm telling you that I am leaving. My Dadaji is in the UK. Most of our staff is there. It'll be easier to take care of me. It is too much for Daadji alone. Physically taxing." Viraj replied expressionlessly.

"What if I want to be your nurse?" Nisha sobbed helplessly.

"Then I should definitely leave. You're getting stupid ideas being around me." He retorted.

Her nose flared, she simply looked at him for some moments.

He held out his hand to her, his own eyes glistening a little. His hand would twitch, yet the shaking had nearly stopped. Reluctantly, she held it.
"My family is going to get me married ASAP. Your going away won't do me much good." She took his hand in both of hers. You're not going to budge are you? Then, placing his hand to her eyes, she started to spill out the sobs she'd been holding back.

"Miss Nisha, if you have ever thought of me as a good coach, do me a favour. Don't give up on your dream. Not even for me. Not for anybody." He searched her eyes for affirmation.
"Not for anybody?" She whispered.

"Not for anybody. "


I don't know how to explain this.
I feel responsible for her. I cannot see her become stagnant because of me. 
If she decides to pursue shooting, I'll be proud of having pushed her. I will also be proud of stepping back when I started to be the one holding her back.

If she just gets married, as her family wants, then I will know that her family is her top priority. Again, I will be happy for not creating a rift between them. At least she will be happy. I won't be pushing her for my dream.

Me? I'll try and learn how to walk.


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For the next few days, Nisha became the go-to girl for her family. She would run errands, lend a shoulder to lean on, tutor her younger brother, drove people wherever required and complete any task that required doing. Her conversations were limited to "I'll do it!"s in reply to the instructions her family gave her. She hoped that exhaustion would distract her. Sadly, nothing of the sort happened.

The only consequence of her exhaustion was that her family figured that she was ready to settle. The hunt for a groom was resumed with fervour. It was when a prospective groom was arriving at Gangwal house that she decided that she'd had enough. She sought solace in the most common way-the internet.

Viraj was given a special ward on his grandfather's request. His bed was next to a window that overlooked a Bougainvillea covered wall. 

That night he rued the fact that he'd forgotten to bring postcards. Bored, he checked his email. There it was, Nisha Gangwal. The subject read, 'Talk to me'

Dear Sir,
I hope you are well. I am not. 
I have no idea what to do. 
My family thinks marriage is the solution. 
I am not sure what the problem is.
I don't know how to pursue shooting without you.
Please reply.
Yours truly

Viraj smiled. He managed to type out a reply although, it never left his "Drafts" folder.

Dear Miss Nisha,
I miss you. In fact, it is unbearable. Not only is this place boring, it is extremely lonely.
The only good thing here is the Bougainvillea wall outside. It reminds me of you. People think the bright vibrant colored bracts are the flower. What they don't realize is that the actual flower is a white, inconspicuous little thing. It is delicate. It is hidden between the bracts. 

I have no answer to your questions. My apologies for the futility of this email.



A/N-I know this is tiny. Please bear with me.Embarrassed

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Nisha grew quiter with each passing day. So aimless had she become that she didn't even put up an argument when her family decided to get her married. Maybe I will get a good husband.

So, it was a timid Nisha that Tarun Jain was introduced to. The entire Gangwal family had flown to Delhi for the meeting. The hotel where they had arranged the get-together was an expensive one. If this doesn't work out, all this money will go waste.
Nisha gulped.


"I heard you were into shooting. " Tarun said with a smile.
Nisha nodded. 
"Thank God you quit! I'd be scared of a woman who carried guns on her person. " He guffawed.
Nisha pursed her lips. I have to make this work. She looked across the table at her parents who were skimming through the menu to order the cheapest available item. Then she looked at her prospective in-laws doing the exact opposite.
She turned to Tarun. Maybe he'll understand the situation. Tarun was turned towards the waitress.  Yet Nisha didn't object to the ogling, for her own eyes were fixed.

The waitress caught 2 pairs of eyes staring at her- one in admiration, the other with curiosity.

Viraj had found a routine. Every morning his nurse would help him clean up. At first he had been apprehensive of a woman doing it. Later, he figured out how to do bits himself. Plus, Sister Joan was a stern nurse. Lately Viraj had begun to enjoy her company. There was something motherly about her.

After the cleanup he would read. So voracious a reader had he become that presently Sister Joan tapped on his book. 

"Not now."
"You don't decide that Mr. Rathore! I'm the nurse. You eat when I tell you to eat." Sister Joan was adamant.
"Call me Viraj. " he said without looking up.

"I will, when you are done eating. " 

"I'm almost done. Just one chapter! "

"My child, you can read the chapter later. That's the good thing about reading. You can do it at will! "

"I am doing it at will."

"My will for now."

Viraj didn't respond.
"I'll send those emails you have saved if you don't finish your breakfast now!"

Viraj's head snapped up. "You cannot."

"Nuns can learn how to hack accounts."

"But that's wrong... You can't do it!"

"I won't do it if you eat on time. You wouldn't want me to stray from the right path would you?" 

Viraj sighed and started to eat.

Sister Joan inserted a bookmark and placed his book on the side table.

"You don't really know how to hack do you? You just saw me typing." Viraj said with narrowed eyes.

Sister Joan smirked. "You don't know that."
She turned to leave. Then, "maybe you should send those emails yourself."

"It is no use. I am of no use, sister."

"You don't know that."


Dear Ms Nisha
I think I am addicted to writing to people. All my life I have written to Ma. I wanted her address so that I could send her my postcards.

Lately, I have been writing to you. Strangely, I have your address but I cannot find it in myself to send you the emails. I can't afford to. 


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"Pri-" Nisha started.
"-yamvada. Priyamvada. That's me, ma'am."
Tarun gaped at her. "Priyamvada..."

What's Priyanka doing here? Why has she changed her name? Why is she a waitress?! Nisha took a few deep breaths. "Could you show me the washroom?" Priyanka nodded with a smile.


Stiff silence.

"What are you doing here?" They both said at the same time.

Priyanka rolled her eyes. "You should have been with bhai!" Her teeth were gritted.

"You should have been with your bhai." Nisha retorted.

Priyanka lowered her eyes. "I can't." She said in a small voice. "Where is he?" 

Nisha's expression softened. "With his Dadaji, in London."

"Oh." Priyanka looked at Nisha as if weighing her. "That's for the best I guess."

"That doesn't explain... This!" Nisha gestured to Priyanka's waitress uniform.

"You don't need to know. There's the washroom." Priyanka turned to leave.
Nisha grabbed her arm. Priyanka cocked an eyebrow at her. Nisha giggled. "Now you look like the Priyanka I knew!"

As she jerked her arm free Nisha continued, "You've got to help me."

"No I don't."

"I could tell everyone that Priyanka Chauhan is working as a waitress." Nisha clicked her tongue dramatically.

"What do you want?"

"My Dadaji is almost certainly going to get me married to this guy. Save me."

"That guy doesn't even like you!"

"And I don't like him! Save me."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Give this message to Ma." Nisha scribbled on a tissue.


*A few minutes later*

"She was worried. Everyone asked her what the matter was. She told them you run away. Now flush the note."

"Are they looking for me?"

"Of course they are."

Nisha started to hyperventilate.
"Stop acting like your mother."

"Come this way. Go upstairs. Here are the keys. Wait in my quarters. Don't make noise."

Nisha nodded and followed without thinking.


Nisha spun around.
"Flush down the note."


Dear Miss Nisha

Your mother called. You ran away?! Why? Was I wrong about your priorities? Do you have your priorities sorted?

Mrs. Gangwal seemed worried. Please don't disappoint your family. If you have run, make it worth it. I hope you won't disappoint me either.


P.S.- I've asked Sister Joan to say a prayer for your safety and to give you strength.

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