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MaNan FF *IT'S COMPLICATED* { UPDATED PART 23}pg139 7/8 (Page 64)

nikrey Groupbie

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Posted: 19 June 2015 at 11:57pm | IP Logged

DevAkshi Senior Member

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Posted: 20 June 2015 at 10:08am | IP Logged
wer r u girl??
Eagerly waiting 4 d nxt part!!!  
Abss Groupbie

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Posted: 20 June 2015 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
I love your story it's so nice and differentClap
Plz update. Soon I've been waiting for your update for so long 

BT one thing I didn't get in the prologue u told about some boy angry with Nandini and their relationship was complicated so what is this now??? 

What I made an is this some kind ND of past ur writing right now and that prologue the present or of that prologue is the past of nanda???? 

Bt whatever it is I love your story and Nandini m waiting for the Next part so plz update dear I know it will be good but the wait is killing meApprove
Harleenkaur19 Newbie

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Pls update wait for it 
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                                           ~~~  IT'S COMPLICATED ~~~


" you're taking my happiness away from me  and yet asking me how I am ? " Manik firmly said.

Harshad was confused so as Nandini.  She looked at Manik confusingly.

" aree you're going to marry our Nandini our little princess and will take her with you then how will we gonna live ?? She is the soul of this house.  Hain na? ? " Manik lovingly stated looking into her eyes intensely. Nandini was tousched with his words.

" ohh its that. You scared me bro " Harshad sighed.

" kyun?  What did you guess?  " Manik asked narrowing his gaze. 

" nothing  " Harshad tried to avoid the topic. 

After some time they got settled for the engagement and Harshad's mom gave the ring to him. He took Nandini's hand and made her wear the ring.  Then it was Nandini's turn.  And the ring was with Manik.

" Manik give the ring to Nandini " Maan said. 

Manik stood beside her any took out the ring  from his pocket. Harshad forwarded his hand towards her . But Nandini hesitated.  Something was stopping her doing this.  She confusingly looked at Manik . But his face was blank as he still didn't like Harshad as her partner  then her gaze moved to Maan and Niyonika.  They both gave her an assurance smile with watery eyes.  They were happy for her but upset for themselves as their princess was going to lit another castle making their castle dark forever.

But yet she was tensed.  Manik understood her nervousness and held her one hand and pressed a little to make her relax.  It worked.  And she slid the ring to Harshad's ring finger. 

The family friends guests were congratulations the new couple.

" Aaj se Nandini humari hui Malhotra.  " Saxena greeted him.  But his greet thrust Maan's heart with uncountable needles.
Niyonika was also sad.  Very much sad but at least she had to be normal to support the family in their biggest crucial moment.  So drinking the sorrow down she replied  " though from today Nandini is the part of  your family. But she will be ours forever and ever.  " 

Nandini smiled and hugged her. Even Maan also joined them.

After an emotional family time Fab4 came to the stage. 
" ladies and gentlemen it's a big day for our cutest friend Nandini.  Congratulations Nandu . We wish you a very happy life ahead.  And Harshad you better take care of her as if you won't then it will be khatarnak ( dangerous) for you  coz then you have to face us the fab5. And no one dares to mess with us.  So you better take a good care of our angel.  " Cabir said and Harshad gestured that he was scared. 

Then Dhrub took the mic and Said " I know you will take care of her.  Please be sure of her happiness.  " 
And Harshad blinked his eyes as an assurance. 

" and now my dearest Nandss... its your surprise gift for this big day from the fab5...  So here you go... " mukti said and they took their positions like Cabir on drums , Dhrub and Mukti on guitars and Aliya on keyboard but the center stage Was vacant ad their star  lead singer the
 Soul of fab5 was lost and not interested at all in these.

All guest were excited to watch The Fab5 to perform live but the soul singer was no where seen.  Maan and Niyonika wete also searching him here and there but he was no nowhere .Nandini asked cabir about him in gesture and he shook his head as an assurance.

" guys don't worry lead singer will give his star entry  so nandu this one is for you. " Cabir said and signaled the fab3 to start. 

Dhruv started  tuning his guitar...

O Priya O Priya Priya, < Nandini u can read instead Priya>
tumsa nahin koi priya
tumsa nahin koi priya
tu kush rahen
jahan bhi rahen
ye mere dil ki dua...

ho ho ho ho ho ho

Fab 3 joined him...

O Priya O Priya Priya,
tumsa nahin koi priya
tu kush rahen
jahan bhi rahen
ye mere dil ki dua
ho ho ho ho ho ho

Cabir sang side hugging Nandini.
O Priya O Priya Priya,
tumsa nahin koi priya

Manik was seating at the corner of  the bar counter and he suddenly putting the drink down and started walking towards her while singing...

tum ko mil gaya,
saathi pyar ka
hum se chen gaya,
daaman yaar ka...

Fab 4 improvised him. Mukti came and hugged her while Manik just stood far away.

tum ko mil gaya,
saathi pyar ka
hum se chen gaya,
daaman yaar ka...

Manik was recalling their childhood memories.. 

Kehna bohut hai,
Lekin ghadiya aaj hai kam

So as Nandini and her eyes became watery...

Teri har baat,
Who pehli molaqat
Hum ko rulayegi tere bad,

Ho ho ho ho ho ho
O Priya O Priya Priya,
tumsa nahin koi priya

She was shedding her tears when Harshad asked for a dance and they danced. That made Manik more upset.

He he he he he he

Maan sang side hugging Manik

Milna bichdana,
Uske haath hai,

Niyonika then joined them

Bana savarna,
Kismat ki baat hai...

Milna bichdana,
Uske haath hai
Bana savarna,
Kismat ki baat hai

Cabir sang ...

Katpotali hai hum sare,
kar le tu yekin

dilwale khabhi,
mane nahi haar
karle to bharosa,
mere yaar

Cabir hugged Manik...

ho ho ho ho ho ho

Manik came near and took her hand from Harshad forcefully and started dancing with her, they happily danced..

O Priya O Priya Priya,
tumsa nahin koi priya
La la la la la la la la la
la la la

Nandini then sang...

Apne dil ki baat,
Kehdi sabhi ne
Mere dil ki baat.
na jani kisi ne...

Fab4 sang with her...

Apne dil ki baat,
Kehdi sabhi ne
tere dil ki baat.
na jani kisi ne......

Nandini then side hugged both Maan and Niyonika and eyed at Manik...

tum kya humare ho,
Ye koi jane na
Beehte hoye pal,
Who hasta hoya kal
Kaise bhol payenge bhala...

Manik sang looking at her...

ho ho ho ho ho ho
O Priya O Priya Priya,
tumsa nahin koi priya

He took her hand in his...

tu kush rahen
jahan bhi rahen
ye mere dil ki dua

Manik hugged Nandini . she sobbed hard hugging him back. They both did not know why they are crying. What had made them cry. Was it only friendship or something else.

Ho ho ho ho ho ho
O Priya O Priya Priya,
tumsa nahin koi priya

Maan and Niyonika also hugged the duo.

Everyone became emotional and  Fab4 also joined them in the hug. It was a worthy family time.


Same Night

Nandini was seating on the swing on the terrace and gazing her engagement ring which diamond was twinkling like the stars. Last she was free and now she was bounded with someone's responsibility being a fiance. 
A lone desperate tear rolled down  from her puffy eyes. 

Suddenly some familiar touch on her cheeks brought her back from her trances.

" Manik " she whispered to herself.

Manik was standing behind her and she gently moved her head back and rested it to his stomach.  Manik cupped her face on his hand and wiped the tear drops out of her serene face.  And leaned enough to give a gentle peck on her forehead.  They rested in that moment for some time and then Manik came forward and sat beside her on the swing. Nandini rested her head on his shoulder and he wrapped his hand around her shoulder.

Both were saying nothing just relishing their moment for a while. Then after some time Manik was the one who broke the silence and asked

" Nandu ek question puchu? "

Nandini didn't react as she was waiting for this.  She sat straight and looked at him. 

" Are you happy with this alliance ? " he asked intensely looking at her.

It was the first time Manik had talked about it with Nandini . He didn't utter a single word with her after her declaration of wedding with Harshad. Not even that time when he was fighting with Maan and Niyonika for their decision of this alliance.  

Nandini sighed and said " now you get time to ask me this ?"

Manik was startled with with her reply.    " I...Nandu I..." Manik's vocabularies were ditching him.

" it's okay I understand you.  Samajhti hu tumhe . " she lovingly replied taking his hand on her.

Getting that assurance he was longing for he said pouring his heart out " I don't know why but I don't like that Harshad. I just can't stand him for a second.  Usse shadi karna kya jaruri hai ?  "

" toh fir kisse shadi karun ? TUMHE? " Nandini shouted at him. 


I know I am late like super  late please dont abuse me but my health and laziness. 
So  here is the update. keep commenting.. Will try to update soon next part. Stay tuned.

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I like the song
last line was tooo good
Waiting for the next update
Cont soon
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wow ...super duper awesume ...plzzz update soon
Smile Wink
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change your title name ...

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