Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap


Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap
Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap

Mistakes & Love Praja FF Complete 118 (Page 28)

twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 1:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rinall

Garuuu !!!! HugHugHugHow are you dear ??
AC repair hua ya nahi ?? Ouch Complaint ka koi response mila ya nahi ?? 

Coming to the story...Sizzling updates man !! DancingMy dil has become garden garden after reading Chapter 26 !! DancingDancing

Pratap and his group of friends are crazy !! ROFLIn a fun sort of way, of course EmbarrassedLOL Especially loved how the gang's cover got blown and how Raghavendra doled out tips to all of them on becoming better spies ROFL
Really looking forward to JB and Raghu getting together Embarrassed I have a song for this jodi Embarrassed

Mere Mann Ye Bata De Tu
Kis Or Chala Hai Tu
Kya Paya Nahi Tune
Kya Dhundh Raha Hai Tu
Jo Hai Ankahee Jo Hai Ansuni
Woh Baat Kya Hai Bata
Mitwa... Kahe Dhadkan Tujhse Kya
Mitwa... Yeh Khudse Toh Na Tu Chhupa

Jeevan Dagar Mein Prem Nagar Mein 
Aaya Nazar Mein Jab Se Koi Hain
Tu Sochta Hain Tu Puchata Hain
Jiski Kami Thi Kya Yeh Wohi Hain
 Haa Yeh Wohi Hain... Haa Yeh Wohi Hain
Tu Ek Pyasa Aur Yeh Nadi Hain
Kaahe Nahi Isko Tu Khulke Bataye
Jo Hai Ankahee Jo Hai Ansuni
Woh Baat Kya Hai Bata
Mitwa... Kahe Dhadkan Tujhse Kya
Mitwa... Yeh Khudse Toh Na Tu Chhupa

Teri Nigaahen
pa gayi rahe Par Tu Yeh Soche Jaaun Na Jaaun
Yeh Zindagi Jo Hai Naachti Toh
Kyon Bediyon Mein Hai Tere Paanv
Preet Ki Dhun Par Naach Le Paagal
Udta Agar Hai Udne De Aanchal
Kaahe Koi Apne Ko Aaise Tarsaaye
Jo Hai Ankahee Jo Hai Ansuni
Woh Baat Kya Hai Bata
Mitwa... Kahe Dhadkan Tujhse Kya
Mitwa... Yeh Khudse Toh Na Tu Chhupa Day DreamingEmbarrassed

Hmmm...So Subho is pregnant, too...wonder how Chakri's going to react when he learns of it... Ermm Use toh baccho ke baare mein discuss bhi karna pasand nahi hai Ouch Maybe, he's scared of all the additional responsibilities after the arrival of a baby...Confused

Loved the little tu tu - main main between Ajabde and Pratap WinkLOL

Oh man !Shocked Initially, I thought Jagmal was behind the leak as he works for the Mughal Enterprises... But Gauhar Jan !! Shocked Kya twist pe twist aa rahe hain story mein !! Clap
And Gauhar is sleeping with USShockedDead Damn ! This man keeps hitting a new low with every new  update Ouch
But I'm happy 'cause i Phool apne poore gamle ke saath, phootne waali haDancing

Rinal yaara am good re HugHug
@pink: yaar 3 baar check kar chuka hai but no cooling...complaint bhi kiya supervisor ko and they keep on saying tomorrow-tomorrow...main sacchi mein murder karungi in sab ka I'm telling you abhi se...

@shade of red: Am so happy you enjoyed it...Pratap and gang are crazy and GR toh teacher hain toh tips denge hiLOL
Love the song!!!

@red: Chakri and his no baby talk - we'll see the reason in the coming updates

@blue: did you like the twist???

@green: yup tabhi toh US is getting all the info na

Phool ka toh ab band bajega just wait and watch

Big smile

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twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aayu_26

Omg garima dii you actually did mention the name and limks for others to see!!!!!! You are such a sweet heart and sooo good ab toh I respect you even more Star Clap
LOVE YOU LOADS Big smile Big smile
Coming to the update, very cute to see pratap being posssive for his mother and this raghvendra is truly a smart guy Wink
Bichare akbar ka aur baaki paltan ka lol ho gaya LOL
Arey waah dono pregnant mera toh dil garden garden ho gaya Big smile [:D/]
Looking forward for the next update Smile
Once again thank you sooo much for the mention Tongue
Btw I'm first after a long time LOL

Yup Aayu baby your first!!!!
No need for thanks baby we all need to encourage everyone on this forum to come out with their creations tabho toh sab mil kar enjoy karenge na

Akbar ne toh band bajwa diya sabkaLOL

Yup two pregnant friends ek saath- aage aayega mazaaWink

Big smile

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twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
Hey am going to be in Uni tomorrow as well so am leaving you all with an early update and the next one will come tomorrow late evening...Am so glad you all enjoyed the previous updates!!!

Loads of love

Chapter 29

Pratap sulked like a baby after the evening was over and he was not alone all the guys were sulking

Som: Show-off

Veeni: How did he figure it out?

Maan: Maybe he has someone keeping tabs on us

Hakim: Or maybe he has a background in such stuff

Akbar: but our research did not bring anything up

Subho: Say whatever he clearly has the mind and the body

Ajabde: True and also the taste- the kulfi was amazing na

Pratap stared at his wife: He has no taste even I could tell the kulfi was good but I rather not- interrupting in our meal

Chakri: Show-off

Pratap: Exactly

Hakim: But the man has style

The gang went off towards their respective homes.


During the drive

Pratap: Why did you tell Phool that we were taking a trip?

Ajabde: So that she can feel comfortable in snooping in your cabin for details about the next contract and we can catch her red-handed

Pratap: Hmmm...nice idea

Ajabde: I know after all my ideas are always good and give results

Both of them smile and as they turn into the drive-way butterflies erupt in Ajabde's belly as she prays for her plan to go smoothly. As of tonight Pratap would learn about their pregnancy

Pratap could sense Ajabde's excitement and fear as well-maybe she planned a special night for the two of them he thought and smiled. Since the trip they had been closer than ever and enjoying each other to the hilt. She even dropped by the office occasionally and the separate line he had in his office-well it was worth it as he could talk to her whenever he pleased except when she would be taking classes

As he stepped in his home the first thing he took in was the dcor - flower arrangements adorned the entire living room to their bedroom. He walked into their bedroom where a space had been created on the floor - a makeshift bed was made which resembled a nest and it was covered in flowers

Pratap: Ajabde?

She came out looking gorgeous in her dress and sat down beckoning him to her. He sat by her side as she snuggled into his embrace and their lips met. Ajabde's hormones waged a war against her coherent thought which lost miserably and she lost herself in her husband's arms.


Pratap was breathing deeply laying on his back while Ajabde settled herself on his chest both of them covered with the silky sheet

Pratap: Not that I'm complaining but what brought that on?

Ajabde just smiled looking at him: You are handsome you know

Pratap: You are gorgeous and changing the topic

Ajabde: I just wanted you

Pratap: and you have me. Ajabde I'm not going anywhere- I know I made a lot of mistakes in the past but not anymore-I will keep my promise

Ajabde had tears welled up as she kissed her husband: I have a gift for you she whispered

Pratap looked at her trying to guess what it could be and she handed him an envelope: Open it she urged

As Pratap opened the envelope he took out a piece of square sheet on which was written

"Our souvenir from Maldives" he turned it around to see the ultrasound picture of their baby. He looked at his wife you was watching out for his reaction and then at the image

Pratap: Ajabde is it what I think it is?

Ajabde: Are you happy?

Pratap held her tight in his arms: Happy? No... I'm ecstatic Ajabde - we are having a baby- our baby. Thank you...Thank you so much for this gift

Ajabde: you really are happy as he dropped kisses on her face and neck and slowly he dropped down to her abdomen and whispered

Hey there buddy...I'm your Daata and I'm so happy that you are here. You are going to have a wonderful Maa who loves and grandmother will dote on you entirely and uncles- you have an entire train of them and they will all play with you and help you in all mischiefs...but do go easy on your Maa as she is one of the most important people in my life and I cannot wait to meet you

Ajabde ran her fingers through his hair and when he looked up she could not stop herself- she captured his lips in a searing kiss and slowly they entangled themselves all over again


Chapter 30

The buzzing noise just wouldn't shut down Pratap wanted to throw it out when he felt his wife pick it up and then he was being shaken. He opened his eyes and saw Ajabde was trying to calm the person on the phone

Ajabde:'s okay...I'm coming ..No stay there- no driving in this condition...We will find him

Ajabde shook him again but when she saw his eyes she smiled though a bit sadly and then she gestured him to get up and get dressed

Pratap: What happened? Who was that?

Ajabde: Subho and we need to go to their place...she is a mess

Pratap stared at her as he didn't understand a thing

Ajabde: Chakrapani and Subho are having these fights over babies as he always changes the topic but she found out before the dinner that she was pregnant and so she told him expecting a positive response

Pratap: Hmm and the response was not positive from the looks of it

Ajabde: Nope...they had an epic fight, woke the neighbours and now your friend is AWOL while Subho is crying herself mad...we need to go. You know drop me at her place and then look for Chakrapani- he needs a friend right now

Pratap nodded his head as they sat in the car and went off to help their friends. After dropping off Ajabde Pratap called Chakri's phone which went on to voice-mail making Pratap realise the seriousness of the issue after all Chakri always answered his calls. A bell rang in his head as he recalled their hide-out- the guys had a special place where they would all go when they were confused or facing a tough situation- he turned his car and went towards the farm-house which Bade Daata had given them as a hideout and as he parked his car Pratap found Chakri sitting outside gazing at the stars

Pratap went and sat beside him waiting for his friend to speak

Chakri: Subho's pregnant and I don't know what to do or how to feel?

Pratap: Are you happy about it or

Suddenly all of the his friends had gathered there

Som: Chakrapani you fool

Veeni: Now calm down Som

Maan: No we won't calm down - you have any idea how worried Subho Bhabisa is...she hasn't stopped crying and asking for you and you are sitting here gazing stars

Hakim also joined: At least allow him to speak

Chakri: Subho is pregnant and I don't know what or how to feel about it

Everyone gets quiet

Pratap: Are you not happy with the news?

Chakri: I always wanted a family and a baby with Subho will complete it

Som: then what is the problem?

Maan: I get it you are scared but every first time father is and don't you think Bhabisa would be scared as well

Akbar who was standing quietly spoke up: That's not what you are worried about-it's something else

Chakri: Subho's medical history has not been kind on pregnancies - every lady has died in childbirth - from her great grandmother to her mother. I really want to have a family but with her and not without her

BD comes from behind: Then be with her -make her strong Chakrapani

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aayu_26 Senior Member

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Me first again Smile
Oh I see why chakri was so ignorant for babies Shocked nice twist di Clap
These friends bond really well and ajabde's way of conveying pregnancy was truly epic. Your a Star
All the besy for your uni and ac abhi tak bigada hae kya? Ouch Thumbs Up
Looking forward for an emotional update Smile

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pari0706 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
Chakri is idiot that;s all i can say

but lved Pratap;s reactions 

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kamu_zainaddict IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 11:49pm | IP Logged
Reading your update in one way continuously is such a pleasure .Sorry I skipped MM surtan and DB talks. And guess this tym main villain is Pool ROFL
Khair chuck them let me concentrate on PrAja Heart
Ajabdhe Pregnant OMG Silly finally the baby is here Hug Pratap this boy LOL surprising element for him Ajabdhe. I can imagine his expressing at the sweet dish n kulfi ROFL Confused LOL
Subho and Chakri no tension they r them fire brigade of there selfes. They gonna solve matter by themselfes.
And this update on 28 I m blushing. So much Romance in all.

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.moonglade. IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
Loved pratap's reaction to the good news.Big smileEmbarrassed
Wow! Even bhago has news Smile.But chakri doesn't want the baby as he doesn't want to lose her.Shocked

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swara98 Goldie

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 12:07am | IP Logged
Hey garima how are you? Sorry couldn't comment was busy yesterday finally got some time out of work enjoyed dancing in rain as it rained in pune yesterday

nice update so even subho is pregnant I loved the way ragvendra caught them red handed
and this update so much romance Embarrassed

Oh poor chakri he doesn't want to loose subho I know how it feels when u loose someone dear to u Cry

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