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Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap

Mistakes & Love Praja FF Complete 118 (Page 118)

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Originally posted by crazy-for-praja

This was awesome! just awesome!ClapWow !such a long update filled with so many emotions.Big smile
Everything was just superb! I have become a fan of yours di!SmileEmbarrassed
Ok.i hope everything goes well with bd,ajab and subho.SmileUpdate soon as i really can't wait to read the next part.TongueWink
PS-I'm first!Wink

Ramya my firstie
Thank you so much re
I'm a fan of your works too Ramya - I love how you write about the secindary characters of the show and give them a story of their own. Though am sad ki in your story woh Praja waali mein symbol of love you made DB good - uss bhootni ko bhootni rakhti time se please because I cannot stand her being this good - khaana theek se digest nahi hota meraLOL

working on the next update

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Originally posted by Nonie12345


Un ress soon
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Originally posted by ApekshaM

ha ha.. i can understand your situation.. 3rd grade ke bacche.. uff!! i tell u.. and waise bhu saare bacche meri tarah shaant thodi nah hote hai..LOL anyways..take a lot of care dida.. jyada stress mat lena.. hmm.. now coming to yr update..
O M G..!! so much tension.. Shockedwaise i still have my plaster on my leg..nahi toh even i could have paced in my room just like pratap..LOLwhile reading the whole chapter i just imagined the scene and it came up so realistic that i was like during the whole chapter..!!
Bade Dajiraj and dadi ranima karnavati's conversation was so emotional (excluding the US wala part,, i hate to talk abt him- chachundra kahi ka..)

sagar & ajabde puching/kicking the orderly was so funny.. LOL but i feel sorry for that ward boyUnhappy(even though i was cheering for sagar to do soTongue)

sabhi log aagaye??!Shocked lagat hai hospital mein sirf songara family & friends hi honge.. LOLTongue

ajab and soubo -god yaar.. duniya ki saari musibat inn par hi kyu aati hai.. (i know indian heroines ko musibat apni sar lene ki bohot shock haiTongue)

ab aur intezaar nahi hota humse.. update soon..Wink love u loads..

baccha  my darling baccha HugHugHug
@blue: I knew you would understand and haan saare bacche tere jaise nahi hote itne acche aur bhole bhaale yahan ke students toh tell me how many teeth they lost and ki unko study nahi par game khelna hai and haan let's not forget their fav lines, Teacher Teacher Can I go to toilet and Can I drink water
but they are so adorable - unko dekh kar lagta hai ki kitbe pyaare pyaare bacche honge only I know their realityTongue

@dark red: Haaye itna tension mat le your dida won't let anything bad happen to your fav characters re. Matlan saare nails khaa gayi apne ab khaana kya khaayegi? Aunty mujhe daantegi ki maine kiya yeh sabLOL

@purple: Yaar Ab woh shock effect ke liye all three needed to go into the OT so BD, Ajabde and Subho ko bhej diya maine and baaki sab toh doctors and upar waale ke bharose hai na
chal let me work on the next one taaki main jaldi jaldi update doon sabko
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Check my post on pg 116 For the new updateSmile

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Originally posted by Nonie12345

Nice Chapters GarimaSmile
I hope that Subho, bada Datta and ajabde get well soonShocked

Thanks NonieSmile

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And its time to bid adieu...this story began with a couple's tiff and ended being so much more than that - I know I was not regular with the updates with this one due to my studies and work but thank you all for being so patient and kind with me. I'm happy to inform you that I cleared my CELTA and have been awarded the provisional certificate from the University - the main one will take time
I couldn't have done this without your prayers and wishes so thank you all
I'm so glad that you all joined me in this amazing ride and hope that you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it...

Now here's the final update for the story...

Chapter 94

Jaiwanta couldn't believe her eyes as she took in Ajabde's form - JB was asked to leave the OT as Ajabde needed to be put under anaesthesia so JB went to be with her family once more. Ajabde was doing well when suddenly her heart beat dropped and on investigation they found that she had a bleeder. She had been bleeding all the while which resulted in her fluctuation in the OT. Now she sat in the waiting room feeling helpless as she could not donate blood due to her age while all the rest were at the testing room. Pratap was pacing up and down trying to be there for everyone but she knew her son too well he was feeling helpless like she was on not being able to do anything. One by one everyone came back to the waiting room and after a long time a child's cry was heard - all eyes moved towards the room where the sound came from. Chakri stood by Pratap's side as a nurse came beaming with happiness and informed them

Nurse (looking at Chakri): Congratulations it's a healthy baby girl

Chakri stood numb not knowing what to do and how to react when JB hugged him tight and whispered Congratulations

Chakri: Is she okay? My wife?

Nurse: Your wife is absolutely fine. There was a light trouble but the doctor was able to perform the surgery

Chakri: Thank you and do you know about the other patients as well?

Nurse shook her head and went back to the OT. Pratap hugged his friend rejoicing in his happiness and praying for a miracle for his own.

BD could see everyone from his place they were all huddled close as a nurse came and stood in front of Chakrapani

Congratulations it's a girl... He was a great grandfather now so he needed to get back as soon as possible but how this place was like a maze to him. Suddenly he was in an OT but it was not him on the table but his Ajabde who was lying still with an erratic heartbeat and doctors and nurses worked hard on her

Dr. Jodha: Common Ajabde don't you dare give up on me...Common now...please Ajabde fight for your family

BD saw Ajabde and knew what had happened she was struggling as well so he floated down by her side and whispered in her ears

Fight my child fight - fight for Pratap and for your family who loves you and needs you to be with them. Pratap will break without you never to be whole again. This baby needs a mother and Pratap needs you like air to breathe. You are the unifying thread of the family Ajabde and I refuse to allow you to break and leave us

All the while as he spoke Ajabde's heart beat picked up when Bade Daata realised what he needed to do as well. So he closed his eyes and though of his family who were waiting for him as well and in a moment he felt himself settle into his body and his heart ignited again


Chapter 95

It had been 3hours since Subho's delivery and no word had come on the other two patients. Chakri stayed with them and even Subho wheeled herself to the waiting area refusing to rest in the hospital bed - it's hard and uncomfortable she had complained. Their daughter was in her arms only for a minute then the baby was taken by everyone including JB, Rawatji, his wife (I don't know her name someone please tell me) and even BK held her. The baby was then moved to the nursery so as to provide her rest and everyone could wait for the news about the other two.

Finally the door opened and a tired doctor came out who went straight to Pratap

Doctor: the patient had suffered a cardiac arrest on the table which brought in complications but we were able to do the repair from the gun-shot wound and also the arteries that caused the arrest. The patient is out of danger and will be soon moved to his private room

Pratap choked up: Thank you

Doctor: It was a miracle you know I mean we had all given up hope when we couldn't revive him but then all of a sudden his heart beat increased becoming regular and stable.

Doors opened a bed pulled out bringing with Bade Daata and as soon as BD came into sight a child's cry broke into the air signalling the birth of the much awaited member of the family. The baby's cries woke BD up who asked for his great grandchild and the nurse went to congratulate him first

Congratulations's a healthy baby boy.


BD was moved to his room, Subho was wheeled to hers while Ajabde was moved into hers as well. Jodha came out looking tired but she had her winning smile and she told Pratap to wait for the mother-son at the room only. All the while Akbar's eyes did not leave Jodha at all and when he saw her walking towards him he tried to act all nonchalant but failed miserably but instead of speaking to him she hugged Bairam Khan and started speaking to him. BK told a stunned Akbar that Jodha was one of their main business partners daughter who instead of going into business had taken up medicine and was a successful doctor. Akbar already had plans forming in his mind for his next meeting with the doctor.

Pratap was in the room when their son was brought in - Jodha gave the new born to his father who was scared of holding him but Jodha gave him instructions and so for the first time PRatao held his son as he saw his son he could realise the features the baby had inherited from him which was entirely everything there was nothing from Ajabde as of now. A smile crept up on his face and suddenly there was a click -he looked up to see his mother and friends standing taking his pictures with the baby. JB gave hers to RG and rushed in to meet her grand son

JB: Give him to me she said and smilingly she held her grandchild for the first time with RG joining them. Rest everyone took places inside the room waiting for Ajabde to be brought in and when she did she came with a visitor - Sagar was sleeping beside her with her hand protectively draped over him

The orderly looked at them and said: I had no wish of getting beaten once again so when this little one ordered to be with her I made him lie down by her side

Soon Ajabde's bed was adjusted and the orderly left them. One by one everyone took leave including JB and RG who went to BD's room. No one dared to move Sagar as he was clutching Ajabde's gown in his tiny fists while her hand was covering his body. A few moments later Pratap found him alone with his wife, baby brother and son so he sat down enjoying the peaceful view life had gifted him



Chapter 96

Bade Daata was a happy man whose happiness was infectious he would tell everyone about his two amazing great grandchildren who were growing amazingly. They were all being discharged from the hospital after a 10 day stay which meant that the hospital would go back to being a hospital and not the Songara residence/head office. A fleet of cars had being arranged for the transport and in the last 10 days a new love story had bloomed - Akbar had fallen hard and fast for Jodha who had to give in for his request for a date after he refused to leave her alone. BK knew that Jodha would be his daughter-in-law so he had already spoken with her family along with Bade Daata via a skype call and were now waiting for the boy to make his move. Ajabde was healing well loving every moment she got to spent with her son - no one could say that their son was born a month earlier he was a healthy baby who was growing up every single day. She noticed changes smaller and bigger while Pratap just reminded her that he was his carbon copy making her smile. Pratap had been so amazing - waking up with her for the late night feeds and he remembered how well he had put the baby to sleep as well but most of all the memory of Pratap introducing Sagar to the babies was her favourite one

Ajabde had woken up after hours from her delivery only to find her husband walking around with their baby. Her movement alerted him and he saw her trying to get up

Pratap: Wait let me help you (placed the baby back in the cradle)

Ajabde looked at the cradle: I want to see him please

Pratap brought their son to her as she held him for the first time studying him so carefully- all his features from the eyebrows to the nose and lips everything was Pratap's all over again. She had tears in her eyes as she kissed his tiny forehead and looked at her husband

Ajabde: We have a son

Pratap: who looks exactly like me Ajabde...

Ajabde: I know...she was happy

Sagar was sleeping also got up rubbing his eyes and saw Pratap

Sagar: Dada Bhai?

Pratap picked him up and Sagar placed his head on his shoulder sucking his thumb. Slowly sleep faded as he took in the small bundle in Ajabde's arms

Baby!!! She yelled in joy only to have Pratap quiten him down. Sagar looked really guilty like he had done something wrong but Pratap took him over to Ajabde and said, "the baby is small so we need to speak really softly to him Sagar"

Sagar looked at his pretty who nodded her head and then slowly she let Sagar see the baby

Sagar: baby small Dada Bhai

Pratap: I know and he will grow into a big boy just like you

Sagar looked uncomfortable at that but Pratap continued

Sagar you know that you are his uncle - his Chacha? He will look up to you now and you will teach him everything as well

Sagar: Me? chacha?

Ajabde: Yes buddy. You are his chacha just like Som, Veeni, Chakri and the others and also apart from him you will also take care of Chakri- Subho's baby girl

Sagar made a face: no girls

Ajabde: yeah you say that now we'll see when you are older

Pratap: You will be there protector now Sagar

On hearing the term protector Sagar got serious and then looked at baby

Sagar: I'll save you baby... I promise one will ever hurt you and then he moved forward to kiss the baby's head. Ajabde smiled with tears shining in her eyes and suddenly a voice said: Cheese

They all looked up to the camera giving smiles as the orderly took their first family picture.



Everyone gathered at the farmhouse for the naming ceremonies of the two babies who were now 3months old. A lot happened in the past three months for starters Pratap-Ajabde got into a routine with their baby boy who loved to wake them in the night for no reason at all and even after his usual feeding he loved keeping them awake for most of the nights. It was a game for him which exhausted his parents. RG-JB married quietly at the registrar' office and they held a small celebration at the farm house for the family. Akbar was officially engaged to Jodha and Hakim was planning to have a baby via a surrogate - he refused for marriage saying that it was not meant for him but he was good with kids so he would have one - he wanted to adopt but laws prevented him from doing so. Chakri loved his daughter dearly and Subho used it to her advantage making him do all the diaper changes and also the late night feedings as well. Sagar moved in with JB and RG in their new home while Sajja was with her boys Shakti and Vikram in her own place. Shakti had announced his decision to join the army like his father which made his mother break down into tears but Bade Daata promised to train him hard before he left.

Rawatji was now heading the official security department for the entire state and Kalyan Singh was his main head. Uday Singh's case was brought in front of everyone and all his accomplices had paid dearly - Uma Devi had been stopped from boarding her flight all thanks to DB whose name was cleared and now she lived happily with SS. JM moved into a place of his own after getting a promotion in the company. Uma Devi had tried to make a deal in exchange for her freedom but failed as Dhaman Singh got every detail they required - after finishing off the group of men he had been injured badly and was taken for treatment where he met Kalyan Singh and told him everything he had done including the murder of Chakrapani's mother who he revealed was US's asset - she was to bring him insiders information and she also had her personal agenda to destroy her daughter-in-law. HE had planned to kidnap Subho and blackmail Ajabde to meet Pratap and his Bade Daata and inform them about US but Chakri's mother came in the way as she had figured out about Krishna - his pregnant wife who was murdered by US.

All the girls were identified and their families informed a new thing that came to the surface was that all the girls were sold to US as he had falsely blackmailed the families with debt and to pay those they had married their daughters to him. He was running a syndicate where he got women -young ones and supplied them to his associates. Rao Maldev was his old partner who liked children and got caught so US stopped taking in the younger ones and stuck to girls. Veer Bai was an innocent who got trapped as she tried to help an innocent pregnant woman. The woman was Krishna but failed and found herself in US's clutches. Veer had fought bravely but she was no match for US but once she had her baby she was able to make a quick and successful escape to Maldives but was found by US. Uma Devi had used her connections to find her and sent US after her. Veer never made it to India - US had killed her and buried her in Maldives. Everyone thought that Veer would never be given justice because they didn't have enough proof but there was an eye-witness who had seen everything and had kept quiet like his mother told him to

Sagar had seen US hurt Veer and then shoot her like a crazy man- Veer had hidden her son in the closet and told him to close his eyes and ears but the poor child could not ignore his mother's cries and went to help her instead he saw US shoot her right in front of his eyes and then he buried her as well. The day they brought in Veer's body for final cremation rights Sajja broke down crying for her sister even RG had tears in his eyes but it was the little boy who sat by the decaying body of his mother looking all lost like nothing made sense to him. It was the baby's cries that jerked him into action - Sagar never left the babies alone he would guard them all the time even in the nights. It was like the babies were the only ones who could understand him and he only allowed Ajabde and JB to be near him. His PTSD returned and he was taken to meet a psychiatrist. Sagar took his time in returning to his original self and he openly called JB Mumma. He was about to start school after his holidays and looked forward for it.

As everyone sat in a circle outside on the grass Bade Daata looked at his family and then the name selection began - they didn't want a ceremonial naming ceremony as Ajabde and Subhagyawati had already chosen the names and their husbands' couldn't do a thing about it as whenever they tried to bring it up the girls would resort to tears and once Ajabde left in the middle of the night with her baby to JB's place refusing to talk to her husband. Subho kicked Chakri out of their house that resulted in him being with Pratap who spent 3 nights at the office. Ajabde and Subhagyawati sat with smiles on their faces as they saw their babies smiling and gurgling at the funny faces the guys were making to them and Sagar as usual sat as a guard.

Bade Daata: So let's talk business now...what are my grand babies names?

Everyone looked at the girls who smiled and then Ajabde shared a knowing smile with her husband who got to know the name of his son after sulking around like a kid

Ajabde: Meet your great grandchild Bade Daata - Amar Pratap Singh.

And Subho added: here you have Amrita Chakrapani Mishra

Bade Daata stared at the girls and then at the babies - Amar and Amrita - the two name of his first born son and daughter who didn't survive but he had them here with him so he gathered both the babies and said - Amar and Amrita

BK made a teasing face'; let's not forget the great grand father title

BD: You are just jealous that I'm still hot and you are old - right Amar...huh Amrita what say?

Both the kids smiled at the elder's antics and together the family sat down for a picnic. After crossing all hurdles finally they were all safe and sound and together.

BD looked at the sky and sent a warm thanks while on the other side a lady sat in the same garden with children playing and a tear fell of her eye as she took in the smiling form of her husband and happy faces of her family.

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Res I m first Wink
what an ending garu Clap poor ajab had so much problem the way all recovered was great I could imagine the scenes Thumbs Up and the hospital became sonagara residence LOL the poor orderly was so frightened of ajab LOL and as thought akbar started to fall for jodha and they are engaged to nice and sagar being guard is so nice Big smile ohhh bechari humari goongi goodiya Cry loved the names amar and amrita Embarrassed and also the treatment pratap and chakri got from their wives LOL

Edited by swara98 - 24 June 2015 at 11:26am
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Originally posted by twilightlover29

Originally posted by pari0706

oh dear all three of them? Garima please help them

Pari jaana how are you?
your wish is my commandSmile

An ok just busy with work :(

Waiting for some new updates. So I can get lost in the Praja world and forget work lol

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