PYAAR HAI YA SAZAA .. SidYali VibArth ff [COMPLETED] (Page 75)

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Originally posted by mansinarang95

wow anu loved it..
vibharth sidyali and charnitiClap
dont end ff plz
Than  mansi LOL
Glad u like it 

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Originally posted by Shikha022

wow that was superb anu..
loved vibharth and uttu- angella part.!!
n precap sounds interesting..
hey hold did u sd last part...
yyy ??
ohk so u r gonna come with new ff na ??
n if nest part gonna b last part..
i want it to be super romantic n big one ;)
n will be waiting for update..
post next part asap !!

Thanks shikha LOL
Yea .. I have already started a new one.
Am working on the next part 

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hey m sorry for late comment
coming to the update
it was hell awesome
amazing scenes
loved it to the core

update soon n pm me
take care

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pyaar hai ya sazaa 
Part 24 ( sec b)

'Sid ne tumhe pehli baar kahaan se apna pyaar confess kiya tha??' Urmila asked siyali who just got in her cabin 
'Ji mam??' She was confused by her sudden question.
'Look at this' she banged a piece of paper on the table in front of siyali 
Siyali having no clue .. Took the letter and started reading it. 
' mom I am leaving .. Aur tab tak waapas nahi aaoonga jab aap siyali se apologise nahi karte aur hamare relation ko khushi khushi accept nahi karte. Now plz hand over the letter to siyali mom.
Dear siyali,
Ab mein us jagah par hu jaha meine tumse pehli baar love confess ki thi. Tumhe meri kasam hai siyali .. Mom ko mat batana mein kaha hu .. Until she approves our relationship.
I love you siyali ' 
Siyali read the letter and eyed blankily at urmila who was waiting for her answer.
'Now tell me fast or else I'll rusticate you right away.' Urmila said.
'Sorry mam .. Aapko Jo karna hai aap kar sakthe hai .. Lekin sid ne uske kasam kayi hai  .. And woh mere liye koi choti baath nahi hai'
Urmila smiled at this. She now had no doubt in their love.
'Am sorry beta .. Mein bas tumhe test kar rahi thi .. Tumhare jagah koi aur hota toh rustication se dar kar mujhe sach batathi.. Sid jaha par bhi ho .. Go and get him back .  u have the full permission' urmila assured.
The very next moment she ran out of WH near the lake smiling.
'Baahar chale parth??' Vibha asked 
'Abhi ?? Its almost night ' he said as he was playing with her hair.
'Toh kya hua .. Chalo naa ' she insisted.
'Aapne lunch tak nahi ki .. Mam ' he said 
'Koi baath nahi .. We will just take a walk around' she said.
Parth couldnt believe this ... She herself was asking this.
'Aise goorke mat dekho.. Feb 14 hai aur yeh din sirf ek baar aati hai' she said.
'Achaa .. Toh fir chalthe hai' he said smiling.
'Pehle jaakar apna dress change Karo .. Mujhe tab tak kuch kaam hai' she said 
'Kaam ?? Kya kaam??' He asked confused.
'Uff oh parth .. Mujhe bi toh tayyar hona hai' she pouted.
'Aap jaise bhi ho bahot bahot beautiful ho .. Agar firse makeover ki toh mein kaise control kar paaunga?' He asked smirking.
She blushed harder and gave him a strict stare hiding her blush. 
'Acha tik hai I'll be back in five min' he said.
She smiled watching him go.
He was standing near the lake .. His heart started beating very high .  it was easy for him to realize she was there ... He turned back and saw her standing a bit behind him with a huge smile . he widened his arm indicating her to come to him.
She ran into his arms .. He lifted her up and turned her around. He cupped her face and gently kissed her forehead. 
'Mujhe pata tha ki tum aogi' he said 
'Who kaise?' She asked 
'I don't know .. But mera gut feeling keh raha tha' he said 
He held both her hands up and pressed them with his lips .
'Siyali .. Tumhare liye ek surprise plan ki hai meine' he said.
'Really kyaa??' She asked.
'Chalo WH mein hai' he whispered as he pulled back the strands is hair from her face.
They walked hand in hand till they reached WH.
'Toh hum pet cat rakenge right ?' Parth said as both of them started their mini walk.
'Huh?!' She asked confused.
'Us din washroom pe aapne kaha ki u like cats' he said rubbing his hair from back.
'Haan .. Woh .. Cats hi rakenge' she said blushing.
'Aap aapke dupatte ke peeche kya chipa rahe hu?' Parth asked as he saw something 
She slowly took it out.
She handed it over to him.
He quickly unwrapped it.
'Half girlfriend by Chetan bhagat?' He asked confused.
'Haan parth .. This is one of my favorite book .. Kyunki hamare relationship pehle aise shuru ki .. Meine socha yeh tumhe gift karu .. ' she said smiling .
Thank you so much mam . he said.
He noticed her keeping her hands on her stomach . he understood that she was very hungry by now. 
'Yeh lo mam' he forwarded a huge dairy milk silk to her 
'Wow !! Pehle kyun nahi di' she jumped in excitement. 
She quickly unwrapped its cover and started eating it like a kid .. Chocolate spread all around her lips. He was just lost in her childish behavior.
She had it completely without giving even a bite to him.
'Aapne poora ka poora khali?' He asked pouting.
'Ooh sorry tumhe chahiye tha??' She asked teasing.
'Mujhe taste karne ko tak nahi di aapne' he said pouting again.
'Taste karni thi .. Chu chu chu .. Ab kya karu .. Meine toh pura kaali.. ' she teased him again smiling.
'Agar mein taste karu toh?' He asked with an evil grin.
'K.. Kaise karunge .. Poora khatam hua' she said as she was sensing what he was about to do.
He came closer and pinned her to a tree.
'Agar karu toh?' He asked again gazing at her lips.
'P.. Parth .. Woh... ' she stammered 
As he moved even more closer she closed her eyes .. She didn't want to stop him at any cost today.
She wrapped her hands around his neck as he captured her lips .. The longing they had till now was released into this .. The moon witnessed them kissing .she slowly rubbed her hands from his back while he cupped her face with his hands adding more passion onto it. They had the best night today .. Both were perfect in the place .. They wished this moment to never finish. 
She broke the kiss out of breath. Just then a group of fire flies surrounded them.

'Woh dekho parth fire flies .. Manik hamesha kehthe hai ki when you fall in love . you see fire flies.' Viba exclaimed
'Am so happy mam .. He said as he pulled her onto a bone crushing hug.
'After you ' sid said forwarding his hand to a classroom asking siyali to enter first.
Siyali was awestruck seeing the classroom .
It was damn well decorated with red and white balloons hung all over the room.

A smile crept on her lips as she entered the classroom.
'Sid yeh sab .. ' she asked and turned back. 
But he wasnt there. 
'Sid .. Sid ..' She called out 
'Shhh..' He came from behind her 
'Dance??'  He asked and forwarded his hand.
'Music??' She asked.
Sid took out his cell phone and played the music.
'Kabhi Jo baadal barse .. 
Mein dekhu tujhe aakhe barke .. 
To large mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa ... ' 
She kept her hand in his.

He held her by waist and pulled her closer. Their chests collided. She shivered by his touch.
They didn't take their eyes off from each other even for a moment .
They danced passionately very close to each other.
More that the music .. They could hear each others heart beat.
'Tere pehlu mein rehlu .. 
Mein khudko paagal kehlu .
Tu gam de ya khushiyaa sehlu .
Sathiyaaan .. '
He turned her around and lifted her up.
And then slowly put her down .. 
He could clearly inhale her fragrance.
Both of them danced so intensely as if tomorrow won't exist .. They were living fully today. The best valentine night for them.

After the dance got over sid laid down on the floor .. She laid beside him.
He slowly moved his hands towards her and intertwined his fingers in her.
'Happy valentines day siyali' he said breathing harder.
'Tum he bhi sid.. Thank you so much .. Mujhe itni special feel karwane ke liye' she said
'Surprise abhi bhi baaki hai meri jaan .. Utho' he said and both of them got up.
'Stand right here' he made her stand still in a place and he moved a bit back and kneeled down.
'Siyali .. Mein sidharth rajput is completely truly and madly in love with you' 
'Pls be mine forever and ever' 
Sid said looking straight into her eyes.
Her eyes were completely wet by now.
She bend down and hugged him tight.
'I love you sid .. And am sorry .. Am sorry to hurt you' she said crying hard on his shoulders.
'Shshhh..' He made her quite 
'Sorry toh mujhe tumhe bolna chahiye .. Mom ki taraf se .. You were not wrong siyali' he assured pushing her backwards and making her facing him . he leaned closer and kissed the tears that flew through her cheeks. She blushed as usual. 
'At least rothe waqt toh blush mat kiya karo siyali' he teased her. 
She smiled at this .. 'Am really sorry sid .. Aaj ke baad .. I will never ever hurt you' she promised. 
'Hmm .. You better not siyali' he said winking.
She smiled again.
'Tumhe pata bhi hai ki tum smile karte hue kitni beautiful lagthi hai?  .. Hamesha smile kiya kar siyali .. And let me fall for you every minute' he said looking straight into her eyes.
She smiled again . 
Ladkiyon ko kaise smile karwaye .. Ye siddhartj rajput se seekni chahiye.
'Waise ek aur surprise hai' sid said smiling 
'Ab kya??' She asked excited.
He put his hands in his pocket and took the same khandaani ring.
'Chod aayi thi naa ise mom ke pass?' He asked pressing his lips together making it into a thin line.
'Haath do apna' he ordered.
She gave her hand silently.
He slid the ring through her ring finger and kissed them gently.
She yet again pulled him into a warm hug.
He wrapped his hands around her back and rubbed his hands until her waist .. She tightened the hug feeling him cometely.
He broke the hug and cupped her face .. He didn't knew why he was crying .. Both had tears in their eyes. 
He moved upwards and pressed his lips against her forehead ... They rested their fore heads on each other... Closing their eyes and letting the tears escape from their eyes. 
They had their best day .. Best night today. No one could separate them after this. 

******* THE END ********

So guys this is the last part ..
A million thanks to all those who supported me throughout this. 
This was my first ff and honestly I never expected this much response. 
Thanx once again.

I will give you a small epilogue tomorrow for this. 
Take care friends. 
Love you all to the core my heart 

LOVE : ANU Heart

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Originally posted by meenu_taarey

hey m sorry for late comment
coming to the update
it was hell awesome
amazing scenes
loved it to the core

update soon n pm me
take care
Hey thanx  LOL
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Lovely part anu 
Mesmerising completely 
Loved ur ff 
In wid sidyali 
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Originally posted by v_sidyali

Lovely part anu 
Mesmerising completely 
Loved ur ff 
In wid sidyali 
Thank you so much LOL
Glad you like it 
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Romance especially Sidyali's dance..breathtaking
Vibharth was so good :)
I hve been connected to this ff since it started..all parts were so beautifully written.
Thanks dear for sharing what you feel..and definitely you hve a great talent so pls pls keep writing Embarrassed

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