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Love Never Dies (A RagNa FF) Chapter 4 Page 11 11th November '16 (Page 3)

abxetz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 May 2015 at 11:06pm | IP Logged
Its interesting please continue dear Tongue

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ReezaZul Goldie

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 5:49am | IP Logged
plez cntinue soon

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rani214 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 7:46am | IP Logged
Interesting prologue
Kalpi waiting for rags n he got kidnapped
Eagert to read further...cont soon

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...Natasha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome prologue

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vyshuu.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 3:25am | IP Logged
Mysteries.. I really like it and indeed I'm interested in it WinkEmbarrassed
And thank god! Its nothing like deceiving the other one!!Big smile
I'm looking forward to it Wink

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sampa79 IF-Rockerz

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Nice prologue 

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Hanz91 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 7:48am | IP Logged
Great prologue plz continue

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shoppingfreak1 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 June 2015 at 4:15am | IP Logged

Wish me luck for the new FF girls!
And please forget whatever grammar you know or whatever expectations you have with this FF because I really don't know, what I wrote down for this particular chapter! Hope to write well in the upcoming updates!

Chapter 1:

Singhania Chawl-
It was 8 pm and Raghav was still unreachable and untraceable. When they GPS tracked it, they found it in his room. The servants too told that they had last seen Raghav leaving the house at 5:30 pm with his personal driver, Amar. They had tried to contact Amar, his driver a million times but all in vain because his phone was switched off.
Kalpi sat there redialing Raghav's number over and over, but no response. She left so many voice mails and SMSs to him but none of them being replied too. Now people had also started commenting on them,"These rich people are like this only, deceivers!","I was doubtful from the beginning only that how can such a powerful and rich man agree to marry her? Just look at her!","Surely this girl must be having some disability." and so on. Kalpi was shattered on hearing what people were saying about them but couldn't even believe that Raghav didn't come. And Raghav couldn't do this to her because she had full faith on him and his promises and he was not like other rich people, he never made their social status and economic background interfere in their true and pure relationship. Kalpi was worried about her Raghav, her husband because she had already accepted him as her husband, mentally and this marriage was just to show it to the world so that they have full official rights on each other, emotionally, mentally and physically.
Kalpi now couldn't stop the flow of her pearl like tears,"I am sorry Raghav, I promised that I'll never cry, but""she thought.
Sammy, Vitthal, Pakhya and Kamla were broken till now. No one ready to agree that Raghav could do this!
Till now, all the guests had left except Kalpi's family and Sammy. Kalpi now had enough, she wiped her tears and stood up. After composing herself, she left towards her home upstairs. Everybody tried stopping her, trying to calm her nerves that everything's gonna be fine but she knew that nothing's going to be alright now, everything was ruined, just because of Raghav.
She entered her home and bolted it from inside, collapsing to the ground, crying bitterly.
She removed her bangles and jewelry in anger, throwing them badly on the floor. Her Kajal was all messed up because of her endless crying. She was angry, heartbroken and sad at the same time. She was outbursting with emotions, but no one to share with this time, no shoulder to cry upon, nobody to make her feel good, no body to wipe her tears, no Raghav. She passed a glance towards her diamond engagement ring, she was infuriated, she tried pulling out but it won't move from it's place. At last after much pulling and tries, she threw away her ring, foregoing every tie she ever had with Raghav. She didn't even want to hear his name but deep inside she was missing him badly.
The day she thought that she would be united with her love forever now seemed to her as never. But still there was this single ray of hope in her, telling her that Raghav must be in a problem, because he can't do it. But she allowed her brain to win this time, not believing to what her heart wanted to convey.
She sat there crying, remembering all her memorable moments with Raghav while repeating, "You can't do this to me Raghav." innumerable times in a low broken voice.
Her makeup was ruined, hair unkempt and clothes improperly arranged. She got up from where she was sitting and headed towards her wardrobe, which had all the gifts, Raghav had ever gifted to her. She pulled open the wardrobe revealing shelves full of costly gifts.
She shouted loudly and threw everything down the floor with a bang. The jewelries broke, things made of glass shattered. Even Kalpana's heart was in a million pieces. People say that we should follow what your heart says, but when your heart is already in a million pieces then which piece should we follow? Kalpi was in the same unwanted situation.
When she looked at the floor with all her once, very important and valuable things.. she was disheartened more. Memories related to each of the things started reviving automatically. But Kalpi would discard it. Then her eyes fell upon that last thing kept in a lone corner of the wardrobe, gift wrapped perfectly, which Kalpi had mistakenly forgot to throw out. It was the last gift Raghav had given her, or ever would yesterday night.
Kalpi picked it up and caressed it, remembering yesterday's happenings.
Raghav and Kalpi had met secretly, in a park, to see each other the last time before they would become an official couple in front of the world tomorrow evening.
They were sitting on a bench and Kalpi had her eyes closed, as requested by Raghav.
"What Raghav? Do it quicker na, I can't wait to much!"Kalpi said.
"Just a second my anxious to-be-wife!"Raghav chuckled.
At last, Raghav kept a cuboidal box, wrapped in a shimmery peach coloured paper with red hearts and tied up with a red coloured broad ribbon beautifully, in her lap.
"Open your eyes."he whispered huskily.
She opened them.
Her eyes brightened up seeing the gift and hugged Raghav tightly.
"Thank you."she said.
Raghav smiled.
After breaking their hug, Kalpi moved her hand forward to unwrap the gift, only to be stopped by Raghav, shaking his head.
"Un-huh. No, not now sweetheart, I'll tell you when to open it. Okay?" Raghav explained.
Kalpi pouted, but agreed.
They talked and laughed with each other for a while, then left for their respective homes, only after a bone crushing hug.
Kalpi wiped away her tears and opened up the packet, holding a beautiful black coloured knee length dress. Kalpi picked it up and caressed it,"Gorgeous."she muttered under her breath. She found a hand written letter beneath the dress. The paper itself was beautiful in it's tint of pink, printed all over it was 'You are an Angel.'in a little darker red. Kalpi smiled, she smiled for the first time in all these hours, since Raghav got missing. She unfolded the letter and started reading it,
'Hey Kalpi!
My Jaan(life), my Angel, my Sweetheart, my Queen, my Everything! You must be opening it after I told you to do so..you see mean husbands! I may even be sitting right beside you while opening it. Well, I gave this to you beforehand, before our wedding day..remember? Because I wanted to see, how much you trust me, although I knew how much you trust me, then also..you see I love pranking with my Kalpi. And I am impressed with the fact that you didn't try opening it. It holds nothing less than a simple black dress. But this dress, I tell you..is designed by me..only for you..a single piece for a even more valuable single piece, You. You mean everything to me Kalpi, be it my life, my wealth, my happiness, my love, my dreams, my smiles, ..the list goes on and on, forever. You are the Beauty, who turned a Beast, into her prince, with her unconditional and never ending love. You are forever beautiful. I think I can never thank that God, up there for letting a beautiful creature like you in my life. I can never thank you enough for leaving your parents home and coming into mine, because I know how tough it is. Ahh..well I got emotional.. sorry.
Happy Honeymoon Wifey & A even lot more happier Married Life Ahead!!
Hope you enjoy your each step with me!
P.S.- I am going outside the room now, get dressed up in that black dress and yes, don't forget to peep beneath the bed..it has all the accessories waiting for you. And if you find the designs pretty awkward, then don't panic please because they too our personally designed by me!

Waiting for you in the hotel lobby,
Your husband,
Raghav. '
Kalpi shattered to the ground after reading the adorable and innocent letter Raghav had written for her. Now she missed him even more than before, he made her fall in love with him again but this time the love had grew more. But Kalpi was all grossed out, because of the happenings of the day, so she didn't allow that love for Raghav to grow more, she thought that she had accomplished in doing so but the fact was something else, the seed of love had already been implanted in her heart, once again. Kalpi sat there crying her heart out for few minutes and then got up to change her clothes. She took out a dark blue coloured cotton kurti and leggings. She came out of the washroom, this time with her makeup off and hair loose open. She looked beautiful now also although her eyes were still bloodshot red. She took out a huge carton box and dropped her wedding lehenga into it, along with the other gifts including the black dress were packed up into the carton. All because the gifts were given by Raghav and she wanted to demolish everything to anything related to Raghav. She didn't want to have any relation with him, be it, boss-employee, two lovers, ex-fiances, or even friends. She wasn't ready to accept anything with him or by him. She taped down the carton and climbed down the stairs with the box in her hand.
She everyone sitting grief-stricken around the mandap. She chuckled seeing their faces and announced, "The marriage is cancelled!! Everybody can leave!!"she said this particularly to Sammy. Sammy understood the meaning behind her words and was badly hurt, he tried consoling her, "Kalpi"" to be interrupted by Kalpi herself, "Un-hun Mr. Raizaada. It's Kalpana not Kalpi for you. Only loved ones can call me that." Kalpi's each and every word pierced through Sammy's heart, he mumbled a low sorry and turned to leave only to be stopped by Kalpi. "Excuse me Mr. Raizaada, please take this carton with you, and if you don't want to take it home then please dump it somewhere for God's sake." Sammy shook his head and picked up the carton box, with brimming eyes he kept into his car's rear seats. He somewhere knew what all things it held, Raghav's gifts maybe. Sammy's tears were noticed by everybody but nobody noticed Kalpi's. As soon as the car drove off, Kalpi ran up to her home, and entered the washroom, bolting the door from behind. Vitthal, Kamla and Pakhya followed.
Rubbing her back at the door, she slowly slipped down to the floor. She cried her heart out feeling extremely bad for treating Sammy like that because she really liked him and respected him as an individual. It continued for almost the next ten minutes until Kalpi came out of the washroom and lied down on the bed ignoring everybody present at the home. Kamla, Vitthal and Pakhya were really concerned for Kalpi but didn't say anything as they wanted her to overcome this herself, it would be a better choice. Kalpi was shedding silent tears while sleeping too unnoticed by everybody.
Raghav was brought down the car with two goons holding him by each arm. His mouth was taped and hands tied up. Raghav had red bloodshot eyes due to continuous crying and anger he had for those who had kidnapped him. He wanted to stab kill those who kidnapped him feeling the same pain, Kalpi was experiencing on not being united with their love. Raghav was so heartbroken even at the thought of Kalpi's condition right now. He was brought inside an old factory, which was no more operated and forcefully made to sit on a wooden chair. Raghav was extremely hyper and wanted to get out of their grasp, irritated by his continuous moving, one goon punched him across his face. Raghav started bleeding from the end of his lips.
"Hey! How dare you hurt him hun? Didn't I ask you to behave nicely with him? Don't you dare do it again!! Otherwise you get no money!!!! Understand!!???" a girl shouted, Raghav was confused as he experienced her voice as a familiar one. But couldn't remember who's. He tried looking at her but it was too dark to see her. He sighed.
"But ma'am""the goon tried explaining her but she showed her palm towards him, stopping him.
The girl then slowly came into the lighted area and smirked at Raghav.
Raghav raised his head to look at her and was left shell shocked at recognizing who she was. He gasped.

Done..done..done!! How was it?? Interesting or not? Likes and comments please!! Waiting..
Love you all!
For PMs please buddy me!

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