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Akdha SS - The Deal. ||Chapter-3 Page-39|| 13/01/16 (Page 25)

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Originally posted by geeta.M

Hey aishu.. Update soon dear.
Waiting for the update.
Yeah dear!LOL

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Okay, so first- HiLOL I mean I know I never unres, but you know, I am so excited for this story! I mean yeah, the title itself is so cool. 'the deal' how did you think it up?!Shocked
And well, yeah, I love the way you write, it has that special touch which I guess very few have. It's different, and in a good way. And I love that. I mean I am so glad I've been there with you as your writing improved, and now, I mean I can't believe you've become so.. so freaking awesome!ShockedClapStar
You're a star. A Cool one.WinkStar
Girl, its you who deserves the tag 'best-est'. You rock your stories!Cool And well, yeah! Coming to the chapter, let's begin from the very first thing. My life, my choices. All I can say is, the title totally totally suited Jodha. You know, I never liked it when anyone (girl, anyone) tries to tell the other 'don't do this, don't do that' I mean I just typed up an fb status and posted it to vent out my frustration (before you started). I just find these people freaking silly!Confused Like they've got some modern means to predict the futureLOL
But here I can understand (or at least try) that her dad's worried about her. London to Germany is quite a bit and I guess its only natural to feel that way. And as I said in my comment for the very first chapter, I like this dad. So it's alrightLOL
Now, yeah! Jodha is writing a book!! Gosh, that's exciting!Day Dreaming She won't show us also till she finishes it, kya? ShockedLOL But wait, I mean I know her, its not going to be a love story. But it's her story, and its gonna be just as exciting and interesting, if not more, than a love story.Heart 
Warning- my comment will mostly be on Jodha and Jalal. And well, the villains tooLOL Don't know about Shivz, okay she should be there, too!Tongue
I mean I don't know why, uhh! How on Earth can Sofia like Jalal, no! That's only our right!Shocked
Shivani said, trying to seek Jodha's attention, who was ignoring her, really well.- that's funnyLOL Shivani ki beizzati ho gayiLOL Oh god, again goes Shivani.. you know I am not 16 yet, but like you said, its normal for a 16 year old, so I am trying NOT to be amused by her.LOLBut yeah, I can't deny this- I find it funny when she is all 'I want to date! I want to date' and Jodha, god, I really love how she supports her sister. (Sarcasm, of courseLOL)
The sisters fight, that's something to watch out!LOL And well, the way she said, I am always there for you, freak! I laughed so hardLOL I was like, yeah! I know.. Shivani is sooo lucky to have you!LOL Oh my goodness!Shocked Her father actually recorded that teenage girl thing!LOL Gosh, the old guy's something!LOL Shivani wants to be a cheer leader?! Shocked I was like.. sofia ki chamchiLOL
The best thing was, Shivani's my life is not worth living. And Jodha's replies.. yeah you should wear a burka!LOL I mean god, how come these things come in your mind?!Shocked And well, I loved the way Shivani would ask her sister to speak English whenever she'll not understand what she is saying. She is so funny.LOL
Uh-huh. Here's the modern Shariffudin. I mean eeeww. I am damn sure that guy is jealous of the time his 'adorable' sister spends thinking about Jalal. I mean removing him as the captain, gross! That is so, mean..Shocked But it was also, I don't know, entertaining? What am I saying?ShockedLOL
Anyways, Jalal stuck it back to James, with that cigarette throwing thing. Okay, no one's a fan of cigarettes, but I liked the way Jalal threw it on him. I mean that guy deserved it!Angry Ek toh Jalal ke saath badtameezi and Shivani pe line maarna!ShockedWait a second, when did Jalal hook up with Sofia?Shocked James is seriously nonsense, (even if I love 'James' name!) Did Jalal pat his cheeks, that would have been quite a scene!LOL
Okay, well, Shivani didn't really need to worry, the stupid-est girl ever was her friend, so yea! she would definitely make it. *rolling eyes*Geek Uh-uh. I don't like Sofia, I mean she's urrgh.Shocked Except she is sometimes funny, but that's a different thing!
What the, you know, I mean James is so freaking eeeww..DeadAnd our madame Shivani is not even noticing her real guy, Ryan!Day Dreaming I love this guy, he's totally a prince charming for Shivani, that is, if she ever realizes that. By the way he talked about her with Daniel, it was so clear he loved her!Heart And I, am a fan of love stories!Embarrassed
Jodha is being, errm, strange? I mean she came to the cafeteria, to listen to music? But then she's different. And awesome!Wink The biology thing was the funniest, and I mean that. It was crazyLOL
I mean that guy came in biology lab wearing a sports jersey, god!LOL He's totally, mad!LOL Okay, so Jodha doesn't like frogs, I mean that reminds me of my favorite cartoon, Ninja HattoriLOL Hattori never liked frogs, either.LOL Me neither. They are scary!Shocked
Locating its heart? Gross. I hate bio!Ouch Who does that to a poor soul? Shocked I mean, eeeww..Shocked
But Jodha being Jodha, the ever ready to argue girl, got worms instead of a frog. Phew! LOLI was seriously like-Shocked and then LOL when Jalal dissected that thing without flinching. Way to go.LOL Without gloves!Shocked EeewLOL
Jodha ko dekho, she did everything systematically, seeing the diagram, pinning the worm, poora halal karke kaata useLOLWait what? Jalal found it fun!Shocked I mean what do I say?LOL I better change my thoughts about frogsLOL Jalal's really so.. I don't know. He is something!LOL Isn't it becoming a habit for Shivz to go around with that stupid Shariffudin and his sister? Geek 
But wait, it was funny, I mean shivani was just so desperate to stay  in Sofia's good list she was all praising her.. gosh!LOL you look amazing in the light, you were pretty when you screamed. such lame things!LOL Jodha went out of her way to trouble her sister, how damn caring!LOL I don't have any words for James, I mean he winked at Jodha too? Just wait for some time bro, let Jalal fall for Jodha, tab dekhte hai how will you wink?Evil Smile I am dreaming, a lot. I know, but I can't wait for Jodha Jalal to get together!Day Dreaming I mean the type of people they are, so contrasting, they would totally rock together!Day Dreaming
I guess Jodha is hurt, with that pearl necklace thing. I mean she was close to her mother. It must be disheartening!
Next was the germany thing, I mean like I said before, its natural for her dad to react that way, but I mean, she should be the in-charge of her future. She knows what she's doing. Anyways, I can just hope he lets her go, but wait, as you said, its after her summatives, so they should be together by that time, okay?LOL
And now, coming back to the book! Okay, so.. I am damn excited for her book. I get excited the moment I hear someone's writing something, but I guess that's natural, so I can't wait for her to finish it. You have to post some excerpts right!
And yeah, the 3 rules! how can I forget!Cool The first and second, I totally agree. As for the third, all I can say is, I am waiting for the moment when they both will together strike off the word 'never'!Heart That would be the best moment!
You know what! I love you Jodha. She's inspiring, and I don't know in what way but I love her spirit. That spirit to never give up, to stay true to yourself, to trust yourself and yours goals- that's not something everyone has. I mean, I just wish I can be like her!Day Dreaming
So yeah, I am saying the same thing to you, eat well, sleep well, and update UL soonLOL
But well, you're an amazing writer and I seriously feel privileged to read your work! I am so sure you'll achieve a lot in your life, and I earnestly want to be there with you to celebrate it all!Heart 
Now you know my name, so I won't repeat LOL


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the previous post was a resLOLand yea! Going for dinner, then I'll read it twice and well, (believe it or not) comment today!Heart

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res ROFL

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"My Life My Choices"...Awesome title.Big smile
Asusual Wonderful update Aishu... Clap loved it .Smile
 It is full of Jodha dearWink.. Loved this Jodha.
She's focussed and ambitious in life..wanted to pursue her career in Heidelberg University in Germany. 
She is an inspirational character in this story..Clap
Enjoyed  the protective and possessive dad..fulfilling duties of both  mother and father.Smile
And loved the sarcastic bonding of both the sisters..LOL
What to say about Shivani ROFL.. She is so obsessed to be in good list of Sofia that she said her sister is adopted.Shocked
And loved the way Jodha always spoils shivani's plans.LOL

Oh god this James is too much..Angry He removed jalal from captainship..poor jalal.CryCry
And trying to be Shivani's boyfriendSleepy

Most enjoyed part is bio lab ROFL
Jo hates Bio...but I love biology..I am a bio lecturerWink
She hate frogs so she choose worms for dissection..LOL
Which worm dear.. EarthwormWink
And most funny part is Jalal dissected worm horizontally and ROFLthat to without using gloves yuck.Pinch
Loved Jo's and jalal's cute banter in lab.
Let see how their relation gonna progress..

Most important part...
Three rules of her life..amazing dear.. Beautifully written.Day DreamingStar
I Can understand the first two.. But last one .. Won't she gonna break that rule...'Never fall in love'LOL
She wants to control her destiny..but who can control destiny .. It plays it own way..LOL 
She firmly believed that perfection comes with practice..'Never give up'.. Beautiful lines.ClapStar
She was writing a book.. About her life.. Wow
Wants to inspire people...I am already inspired Jodhu.Day Dreaming

'There is nothing wrong to live up to your expectations instead of others'... PERFECT LINE.ClapStar
Enjoyed thoroughly Aishu..and for this beautiful update  a warmHug
Continue soon dear.
And now  next update is UL...
Eagerly waitibg for it..
update soon.

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