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Armaan Ridhimma DMF FF my story Part 6 - Page3

harshil123 Newbie

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Posted: 19 April 2015 at 7:39am | IP Logged
HI! Guys this is my first attempt, I would appreciate your feedback good or bad. Thanks in advance.
The story begins during the scene where in Sid overhears ridz and armaans conversation in locker room, n realizes that ridz still loves armaan.
Part1:- Page1
Part2:- Page2
Part3 and 4: Page1
Part 5: Page 2
Part 6: Page 3

Part 1:- 

Sid is devasted to know the truth, n is very depressed. He is roaming around in the corridor of sanjeevani. Just Dr. Shashank n Shilpa comes there, n stops sid and both ask him, why he is so sad, after the accident all patients including armaan have been saved. They all go to Dr Shashank's Cabin.
Sidhant tells them evrything about AR's conversation.

Shashank: I am realy sorry sid, this is all my fault, i forced her into this.
Sid: this is not your fault sir!
shanky: It is my fault sid, But i Never understood her like armaan did.
Shilpa: Sorry to interupt you sir, whats more important is to do the right thing, Armaan and ridzi need to be together, ridz will never be able to love sid. Ridzi needs to realize this. She needs to realize that sid will never be happy with her. Sir she will never be able to give the love sid deserves as a husband.
Sid: But how do we make her understand that she needs to be with armaan and not me. thats the best for all of us.
shanky: Don't worry i will talk to her about this right now. But we cannot involve armaan into this untill ridz herself does not realize this.

Will write the next part soon.
Will be waiting for your comments. Hope you guys like it

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harshil123 Newbie

Joined: 05 June 2007
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Posted: 19 April 2015 at 10:51am | IP Logged
Part 2
Sid: I think you are right sir, Agar armaan ko involve karenge to ridhimma ko lage ka ki armaan selfish ban raha hai. But sir how to do we make her understand.

Suddenly shanky receives a call for emergency so he tells both them that he will talk to ridhimma later on, right now he has to attend a emergency.

scene shifts to emergency ward.
Ridz and other interns rush as well. The patient is none other than armaan.

Ridz and all interns including sid are tensed.
shanky takes armaan to OT for surgery.

Ridz is continuously crying.sid tries to calm her down.
sid: dont worry ridhimma armaan ko kuch nahi hoga.
But ridz keeps on crying and than suddenly she falls down on her knees.
no is able to calm her down, by the time Padma also comes there, see her ridz hugs and cries heart out.

Shanky comes out the OT, 
Ridz: Papa armaan kaise hai?
shanky:- Armaan is out of danger. You can meet him now. But we need to make sure that he does not take any kind of stress. armaan ka dil abhi kafi kamzor hai.

Ridz: dont worry papa i will take care him. I will not let anything happen to him.

And then she rushes to armaan. she holds his and kisses it. and starts crying again.
Armaan:- Basket, mujhe kuch nahi hua hai. Main abhi tumhare saath hu. Bus ab tum rona band karo, kyunki tumahare aasooon se mujhe bhi bahut dard hota.

Padma: Ha beta bus kar. Tujhe to armaan ke liye strong hona padega. varna us ka khayal kon rakhega.

2 days later
Now armaan is also starting recover from the wounds and shanky has decided to discharge him after 1 week.

Shanky: Ridhimma main ne tumse bohut zarori baat karna chataa hoon(I want talk to you about something very important)

ridz:- kya baat hai papa.
shanky: Listen carefully beta. Do you still love armaan? 
ridz:- papa why are u asking this question papa.
shanky:- beta, rishte zabardasti se nahi bante.
agar tum armaan se pyaar karti ho to tum sid ko kabhi khush nahi rakh paogi(You will never be able to keep sid happy), aur tum apne saath saath sid ki zindagi bhi barbaad ho jayagi.

Ridz:- Papa how i can be so selfish.?
shanky:- Beta, its not about you being selfish.
By being with sid, you are ruining his life too.cuz u r never going to able to love him. If u really care for him, than u need to leave him, so that he can spend his life with a girl who would love him. Unless u r happy, u will not able to make others happy. Please try and understand, u r destined to be with armaan.

Ridz is quiet. In the mean time, shanky recieves a call for a emrgency, so he has to leave but before leaving.
shanky:- beta, main ne jo kaha us par ek baar sochna zaroor. I will meet u after the duty.

Ridz quite lost in her on own thoughts. when she bumps into sid.
Sid: Ridz are u fine.
Ridz: i need to talk to u about something important.
Sid: I know, ridz that you love armaan. You both are destined to be together. 
Ridz: I am very sorry sid for ruining your life.
Sid: You dont need to be sorry ridhimma, It was my fault too. I created a situation where you did not have choice. But you have choice now ridhimma. Life has given you another chance.
dont loose it. 
Ridz: You are right sid. I am sorry for the hurt i have caused u.  I may not able to forgive myself for that.
But like u said its best for all of us.

1 week later, in court sid and ridz filed for divorce.
And here armaan was discharged. all formalities were done. Shanky  orders armaan to take complete rest, and untill he recovers completely, he has stay at shanky's house. Armaan is still scared of him, so he does not argue with him.

Later that night, ridz comes back to her house(Shanky's House her actual house, since she is getting divorced)

Armaan is surprised to see her, and is about to ask when shanky tells 
"Armaan beta, ridz has taken a decision today.
ridz and sid have decided to separate."
Ridz: Armaan, I Love you and i wanna be with you and only you."

Armaan is shocked and does not react.
Ridz taps his shoulder.
Armaan: Ridz r u sure about it.
Ridz: Yes armaan. I am sure. and hugs him tightly. I wanna spend my life with you. Sid would not have been happy with me. N I was destined to be with u.

Armaan and ridz share a very emotional moment.

Thats it for today.

I hope you guys would comment on my writing.
Please guys comment, any comment good or bad doesn't matter. But please share your valuable feedback.

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desir IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 April 2015 at 12:57pm | IP Logged
this is so damn interesting i am loving it please do continue soon dear and you are nice writer keep it up

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harshil123 Newbie

Joined: 05 June 2007
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Posted: 19 April 2015 at 10:30pm | IP Logged
thankx Nikita, I really appreciate your valuable feedback. do share your comments in future as well, if there is any thing, you did not like about my writing also, then also do let me know.Any coments good or bad, any thing i need to improve on, pls let me know, 

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harshil123 Newbie

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Posted: 19 April 2015 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
Guys This fan fiction will be available on my Blog as well, the blog link is available on my profile.
There will be some adult parts which i will be posting only on my Blog.

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harshil123 Newbie

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Posted: 20 April 2015 at 1:03am | IP Logged
Part 3 & 4:

1 More week later, armaan has resumed back to work. Now Armaan is back to his old self, always in a happy and he does not miss a chance to romance with his basket. every now and than, he pulls her to their secret place (Fire Escape).

Ridz is now planning to go on a date with Armaan, She decides to take some advice from anjali.
Ridz: Di, I want to do something special for armaan, Armaan always gives me surprises to make me feel special, But i have never done that for him.  I Dont know what to do.
Anji: Well ok let me ask you a few questions, and than based on that we will see what to do.
Anji: what's his fav colour?
Ridz: Red.
Anji: Ok I know armaan is quiet romantic, What is one thing you two have never done before?
Ridz: Di, I dont know, i mean i have never done anything romantic before for him. I dont know.
Anji: Ok Tell me if you two ever kissed ?
Ridz: Di, (She starts to blush a bit).
Anji: So you did kiss him.
Ridz: No di, He did not, as i am not comfortable with intimacy. I just dont.. (She hesitates).
Anji: Oh Common Ridzi, you are telling me that you dont feel like kissing him. Did he ever try to kiss you.
Ridz: Yes he did, but i was to scared, and he respects my decision, so he did not force me.
Anji: Look Ridz, there is nothing wrong with kissing. Everyone does that there is nothing wrong with it.
Ridz: I Know di, Its just that i am too scared.
Anji: Look Ridz, you dont need be scared, Its armaan the love of your life, person whom your going spend your life with, you too will be sharing the same house, same room one day. You need get over your fears. There should not any awkwardness between you too regarding anything. Awkwardness can  make communication difficult between the couple. Communication is the key to a relationship. It solves half the problems.
Ridz: I know di, Its just that...mmm.. (She still hesitates).
Anji: Ridz i think you should go for it. Kiss him make him feel special. Tell him you love him. Its important you get rid of fears once and for all
Ridz: Di!, you right. Thankx di, thankx for your advise.

Next Part will contain some adult Part, which will be posted only on my blog.(blog link is available on my profile)

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harshil123 Newbie

Joined: 05 June 2007
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Posted: 20 April 2015 at 6:16am | IP Logged

Date Night begins:-

Ridz is waiting in the armaan's cabin. Armaan enters the cabin, and ridz hugs him

Ridz: I Love you.

Armaan: I Love you u too. Kya baat hai aaj bohut pyaar a raha hai.

Ridz: Armaan, Is your duty over?

Armaan: Yes its over, r u asking me for a date.

Ridz: Yes u r, Its a surprise. Lets go. No give me ur car keys, cuz i m driving today. Dont ask me questions, just come with me.

Armaan gives her the car keys, and ridz drives him to his own house.

Armaan: This my house!!!

Ridz: Yes it is your house, We are at the right place. come on armaan i have surprise waiting for u.

As they enter house, and switch on the lights. armaan is pleasantly surprised to see the sight in front of him.

There is heart drown on the floor using rose petals. and there is candle light dinner table set up as well.Before armaan can speak, ridz says "Don't thank me armaan, I did this cuz i want to surprise, make u feel special, just like u always do. I Love u a lot armaan." Armaan is dumbfounded and he hugs ridz and says "I love u a lot basket.". Ridz Leads him to the dinner table,than what ridz does really surprises armaan. Ridz sits in armaan's lap and says.

Ridz: Armaan aaj ka har ek pal main tumhari baho main guzaar na chati hu (I want to spend the entire night in ur arms only). Now lets start the dinner shall we. Today i am going feed u with my own hands.

This armaan and ridz have their fun filled and super romantic dinner. after dinner, ridz starts the cd player which is now playing some soft romantic numbers. and she ask armaan for dance.

armaan keeps his hand behind ridz's waist and pull him towards himself and other joins his basket's hand. than slowly dance. Ridz keeps his head on armaan's chest. She is so overwhelmed by the atmosphere. But she knows this is right time for it. she suddenly stops moving.

Ridz: armaan, just cose ur eyes i have one more surprise for you.

armaan closes his eyes. Ridz slowly comes near his lips, as she is quiet nervous, but she some how musters up courage and lightly gives him peck on his lips. armaan is really surprised by her act.

Armaan is completely in trance, n ridz hugs tightly and blushing as well.

Finally armaan's trance is broken, when ridz calls him "Armaan I Love you."

Armaan: Basket, am i dreaming or did u just kiss me. 

Ridz: Yes i did kiss you n it is not a dream (now ridz both hands are on armaan's neck)

Armaan: you did not have to do this basket. I love u the way u r.

Ridz: I did it, cuz i wanted to armaan, It was just that all theses times i was bit sacred of intimacy, But not any more armaan.

Armaan: Well than give me a proper kiss, a full mouth kiss, can u please?

Ridz came close to him can gently pushed his lips on his, slowly put his tong in his mouth. armaan was sucking her tong and than he did the same to her, this way they were passionately kissing each other. than armaan slowly removed her duppata from her shoulder, and start to kiss her cheek and n than her ears and neck and than slowly started give her love bites, Ridz was moaning with pleasure taking armaan's name every now and than. Both started to makeout this way.

Rest of the portion cannot be posted here as it contains some adult part, you can read the rest of the part in my blog. My blog link is available in my profile

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harshil123 Newbie

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Posted: 21 April 2015 at 11:50pm | IP Logged
common guys, don't be just silent readers. pls share your comments i dont care if they are good or bad. pls share your valuable feedback

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