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BinRoye DT; 15daystogo! Shooting pictures pg.29

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Official Website:


Bin Roye is a saga of obsession in love that develops jealousy and rivalry between two girls for one perfect match. It is a story that can be best described as a tragic beauty.

Saba (Mahira Khan) is a beautiful girl-next-door. She is a hopeless romantic, who embodies the purity of undying teenage love in herself. She sees love as a gravitational force that pulls all life together.

She is rooted in eastern norms and values but driven to obsession by her intense feelings for the man of her dreams. She often finds herself at crossroads where one wrong decision can have a devastating impact on everybody around her. She has to choose between what's right and what's not at every step of her life. However she is compelled to make choices that she no longer wishes to make, she has to stand by them all her life.

Irtaza (Humayun Saeed) is a charming and desirable man whom Saba is mad about. He is her cousin, and has been her first love since her teenage. Their folks reside together as a combined family in their ancestral home in Pakistan.

When Irtaza decides to go abroad for higher studies, Saba stands opposed to it because she is deeply possessive of him. Irtaza eventually leaves for London, but he ensures her that he'd be back soon.

Saman (Armeena Rana Khan) is an attractive modern Londoner. She is unaware of the fact that she was adopted by her maternal uncle in her years of infancy. Irtaza strikes a chord with her in London, and eventually falls in love with her but does not confess.

Saba, on the other hand, desperately longs for Irtaza and his return, expecting him to keep his promise.

In a twist of events Saman discovers that her biological parents are elsewhere, which brings her to Pakistan in her ancestral home. Saba immediately develops a bond with Saman upon knowing that she is her elder sister. Their friendship grows deeper by every passing day until Irtaza confesses his love for Saman.

Irtaza proposes to Saman, and their respective elders happily agree to tie them in the matrimonial knot. Saba reacts like a bruised beloved and begins to despise Saman.  She sees her as someone who has robbed her off of her love. The rivalry brings the two sisters against one another.

What follows is a tragic story of regret, remorse and reunion.It is a beautiful tale about how romantic love can often bring out the best, and sometimes the worst, in us.

Directed by: Shahzad Kashmiri and Momina Duraid

Produced by: Momina Duraid

Screenplay by: Farhat Ishtiaq

Starring: Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed, Armeena Rana Khan, Javed Sheikh, Zeba Bakhtiar, Azra Mansoor, Junaid Khan


Bin Roye (title track); lyrics by Shakeel Sohail. Composed and sung by Shiraz Uppal.
Ballay Ballay; lyrics by Shakeel Sohail. Composed and sung by Shiraz Uppal and Harshdeep Kaur.
Teray Bina Jeena; lyrics by Sabir Zafar. Composed by Sahir Ali Bagga. Sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Saleema Jawwad. 
Chan Chariya; lyrics by Sabir Zafar. Composed by Shani Arshad. Sung by Rekha Bhardwaj and Momin Durrani. 
Maula Maula; lyrics by Sabir Zafar. Composed by Shani Arshad. Sung by Abida Parveen and Zeb Bangash.
O Yara; lyrics by Sabir Zafar. Composed by Waqar Ali. Sung by Ankit Tiwari. 


Karachi Press Conference Images pg.1 & 2. 

More Articles for Karachi Press Conference pg.3 & 4.

Shooting Video pg.5.

Telenor Bridal Couture Week Videos/Pictures pg.6 & 7.

Soundtrack Launch at Bridal Week Article pg.8.

Unofficial Song Teasers pg.9.

Music Launch at Lahore Press Conference Article pg.11.

Article on Bin Roye Music pg.11.

 Ballay Ballay and Teray Bina Jeena Official Song Teasers pg.11.

Karachi Press Conference Coverage Video pg.11.

Ballay Ballay and Teray Bina Jeena Official Song Promos pg.12.

In Conversation With Farhat Ishtiaq pg.16.

Music Review pg. 24.

Official Shooting Pictures pg. 29.

Audio Album Link pg. 30.

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Articles/Excerpts Related to the Film:

Momina Duraid's clarification on Haissam not being credited.

If you want to quote me you can. You have to understand that we have nothing against Haissam. The purpose is to give credit in its rightful place. . For me it's my first directorial project and for Shahzad his first film as a director. Haissam has directed a few scenes and will be given credit for what he has done. I do understand that you have given me credit for production and Shahzad for co direction but the fact is that we have directed more than 90 percent of the film. And credits should be given where due. I respect and appreciate your effort.
As most people know in the industry Haissam left the film before the project finished for reasons that I would not want to go into. He had directed a decent portion of the drama but for the film we have only used just a few scenes by him which accounts for less than 10 percent of the entire film that does not justify a full credit. However the credit for the scenes he has directed will be given to him when the film goes in the theaters just like Sarmad Khoosat and Asim Raza who have directed a song each. In all fairness how can I give him credit for a first look where he himself would hardly be able to point towards any of his work in the first look in all honesty. I consider and have always considered drama Pakistani a fair critic and supporter of our industry but  disappointed that in its review of the first look of the film. the credit for direction has been given to a director who has directed a few scenes only. Shahzad and I have jointly directed the film after Haissam had to leave in the very early stage of the film production as most of his days were spent directing the drama only.We are reputed to be a fair organization and will give due credits to all who have contributed to the film and drama in any way. I appreciate your concern and effort to know the facts and if you need further clarification feel free to contact me.


Momina Duraid's Facebook Status Update:

Today I feel Thankful to Allah and very Happy.
Bin Roye first look has released after two years of hardwork. I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey and has stood by me through thick and thin to make it happen. It was a true team effort.
First and foremost my husband Duraid and my precious kids (Manahil, Shahzayn, Zerlina, Myiesha, Shayaan) who were my biggest support and my positive critics and had to take my mood swings throughout these two years. My mentor, my friend Ms Sultana Siddiqui for supporting me always. My parents, my family and my friends for loving me and praying for me. Farhat Ishtiaq for her heart touching story and screenplay. 
My entire cast (Mahira Khan, Hamayun Saeed, Armeena Rana Khan, Azra Mansoor, Javaid Sheikh, Zeba Bakhtiar, Junaid) especially Mahira and Hamayun for shooting and reshooting, never complaining and being family, rather than stars. Mahira you are my star and my little sister. A big Thank you. 
Shahzad Kashmiri...I dont have enough words to thank you...could not have done this without you. You stood by me in the toughest times and saved Bin Roye when it felt as if it might be a wrap. I value our relationship and will always do.
A special thank you to you...Farhan Alam.. Bin Roye's talented DOP. I still remeber the time in the US when it seemed we might have to postpone the project and you encouraged me and told me that we can do it. You were a big support and helped me overcome my fear. Your support really mattered and thank you for the beautiful visual. We miss you.
Tanveer for all your days and nights spent in the edit room and supporting me with a smile always. Mujhay bardasht karnay ka shukriya.
Nina and Mahesh for always supporting me and making me smile even in the bleakest moments. Saeeda Aunty for supporting me always.
Sarmad Irfan Khoosat for being a friend always and giving us the choori gali song. Asim Raza for his support and giving us Ballay Ballay.
Sahir Ali Bagga, Shiraz Uppal, Waqar Ali for three beautiful songs.
Shani for two beautiful songs and background score.
Salman Razzaq, Rana Kamran, Asad Malik, Uzma and Seema of House of Zunn, Khadija (Elan), Umair (saniya Maskatiya), Deepak Perwani, Labels, Babar makeup. I hope I have not left any one. Kindly inbox me if I have.
A very special thank you to my entire team at MD productions. I love all of you as my family.


Mahira Khan and Humayun Saeed-starrer Bin Roye will release on Eid

Published: May 26, 2015


KARACHI: It is usually this time of the year when Pakistani cinema seems the most alive with multiple movies, one after the other being released on Eid.

With Eid-ul-Fitr only a few months away and the month of Ramazan just around the corner, film producers and exhibitors have already started picking up the pace ensuring their movie gathers the right amount of steam heading into its release.

A similar case can be made for the forthcoming romantic-drama Bin Roye. The movie which boasts of a stellar cast in Humayun Saeed, Mahira Khan, Javed Sheikh, Junaid Khan and Armeena Rana Khan is already being touted as one of the biggest films to release this year.

Read: Mahira Khan and Humayun Saeed's Bin Roye likely to steal your hearts

During a press conference on Monday, the cast and crew got together to share their experience and expectations from the movie.

Mahira Khan termed Bin Roye as her first film'. Despite having made her feature film debut with Bol, the Humsafar actor recalled how she had been a part of the project from its inception.

"Ever since I was narrated the story, I've been attached to it. Even while they were casting actors and scouting for locations, I was still very much a part of it," said Mahira.


The actor who is busy filming for her Bollywood debut Raees opposite Shah Rukh Khan these days was full of praise for the cast and crew of the movie, telling how they had a brilliant rapport through the filming process.

When asked who was a better co-star: Humayun Saeed or Shah Rukh Khan, Mahira jokingly responded, "Since Humayun is called the Shah Rukh Khan of Pakistan, that makes Shah Rukh Khan the Humayun Saeed of India."


Humayun Saeed, who is nicknamed as the King of Romance' in the Pakistani entertainment industry will be play the male protagonist in the movie.

He said the strongest point of movie was its story. "Momina [Duraid] as a producer has taken care of every facet of the film be it the wardrobe or the sets...," he said.

Read: I can't wait to see both my films rule the box office: Humayun Saeed

The actor believes the film would showcase the Pakistani film and television industry's real strength, which has always been, drama'.

Humayun, who was quite animated and evocative throughout the press conference, even joked that "since it is a family-oriented film, Hamza Ali Abbasi definitely won't have to post a status about it on Facebook."

Bin Roye, which has been produced by MD Films and Hum Films, has been shot at multiple locations, including Karachi, Dubai and the scenic locations of Santa Barbara and San Francisco over a period of two years.

Co-directed by Momina Duraid alongside Shahzad Kahsmiri, the film will also be broadcast as a television serial.

However, the making of the film was not at all without obstacles, with director Haissam Hussain exiting the project at an early stage.

Badar Ikram, the senior vice president of Hum Films said contrary to popular belief there were no differences as, "Haissam had to leave the project due to scheduling conflicts."

Co-director and producer Momina explained Haissam directed a significant portion of the serial but only filmed a few scenes for the movie. Besides, two songs in the movie have also been choreographed by different directors with Asim Raza and Sarmad Sultan taking over the director's chair.

To a question about why the producers had undertaken a risk by releasing a romantic-drama like Bin Roye on an occasion like Eid against comedy films such Wrong No., Halla Gulla and Karachi Se Lahore, Momina acknowledged this was good omen for the country's film industry, and that all sorts of movies should be released be it a comedy of drama.

"The movie is ideally-suited for Eid as it is a love story," she said. "Not only would the movie make you cry but will also make you smile as well."

The movie's music launch will take place at the Bridal Couture Week on June 7 with the producers also planning for a simultaneous international release in seven countries.

Bin Roye is the second film to be produced by Hum Films after the 2014 blockbuster, Na Maloom Afraad.


I can't wait to see both my films rule the box office: Humayun Saeed

By Sameen HassanPublished: May 5, 2015

KARACHI: Few individuals rule the airwaves for decades. Fewer still significantly alter the course of Pakistani showbiz. Hardly anyone can manage to remain humble at the same time. Humayun Saeed did all three.

After a brief hiatus, Humayun Saeed is all set to return to the big screen with not just one but two upscale movies and a drama serial. The much awaited Mahira and Humayun starrer Bin Roye is slated to release on Eid ul Fitr and Humayun Saeed's home production, Jawani Phir Nahi Aani will be released on Eid ul Azha.

"I am waiting eagerly for the release of both movies. Both of them are very different from each other and have been made by experienced film makers. I can't wait to see them rule the box office," Humayun Saeed told The Express Tribune.

Talking about Bin Roye, Humayun Saeed said that the film is a serious romantic drama. "It takes you back to the era of Nadeem and Shabnam when family stories ruled the big screen. The story is told from Mahira's perspective and my role adapts accordingly."

The film also stars Zeba Bakhtiyar, Javed Sheikh, Junaid Khan and Armeena Khan in her debut role.

Humayun explained that the storyline is similar to that of a serial, and he expects it to hit the audiences on several emotional levels. "It is a complete family story and is sure to resonate with the emotions of the masses."

Bin Roye is the brainchild of the team that brought the blockbuster drama serial Humsafar to screen. Produced by Momina Duraid, the film is based on the novel Bin Roye Aansoo by Farhat Ishtiaq, who had also written the novel on which Humsafar was based.

Denying the similarity of Bin Roye's story with Humsafar, Humayun said that the story is completely different. "There is no resemblance between Bin Roye and Humsafar. The story of Bin Roye is much more mature."

Humayun Saeed refused to reveal any information regarding the plot, saying that he'd rather keep it a surprise for who haven't read the book, but, going by the novel, Bin Roye appears to be the story of a younger sister being forced into a marriage with her brother-in-law after his wife, her elder sister, passes away.

The film will later be turned into a drama serial, which will be aired on television in December. Humayun confirmed that the drama will also share the same name and cast, with only minor changes to fit the story for television audiences.

Humayun Saeed's second flick, Jawani Phir Nahi Aani is also slated to release later this year. The movie unlike Bin Roye is a comedy drama penned by Vasay Chaudary.

JPNA boasts a star studded cast including Hamza Ali Abbasi, Vasay Chaudary, Ahmad Ali Butt, Sohai Ali Abro, Mehwish Hayat, Ayesha Khan, Humayun Saeed, Javed Sheikh and Omar Sharif.

Talking about JPNA, Humayun Saeed told The Express Tribune that the movie is a family oriented comedy masala movie, a genre which has not yet been fully explored in Pakistan.

Responding to the criticism raised towards the movie promoting western values, Humayun said it's a hardcore Pakistani movie. "Trailers are often misleading. They are released only to create word-of-mouth publicity, and we have successfuly accomplished that." Humayun said.

He added, "When people watch the movie, they will know how Pakistani it is. The jokes, the story, everything has been inspired by the life of Pakistani families,"

Commenting on whether the film bears any resemblance with Bollywood films, Humayun said, "The genre of JPNA is different. It is nothing like Zindagi Na Milay Gi Dobara. If I had made a movie like Zindagi Na Milay Gi Dobara, no one would have called it a Bollywood copy. It's just the glamour that makes people believe that its Bollywoodish'."

He added, "People try to compare everything we do with Bollywood. When I released Mein Houn Shahid Afridi (MHSA), people believed that it would be a Pakistani version of Chak de India, but their opinions changed after they watched the film,"

Revealing details about the music of the film, Humayun mentioned that the film has six songs in total, including a title song done by Ahmad Ali Butt, three songs done by Shaani, one by Sahir Ali Bagga and another one by Shuja Haider.

Humayun did not seem concerned about competition, and seemed confident that his movies would make a mark at the box office. "I am confident they will do well," he said.

Humayun also revealed the team plans to carry promotional campaigns in colleges and universities in the coming weeks.

Humayun Saeed is also starring with Shaan and Adnan Siddiqi in Hasan Raza's action packed Yalghaar, which was initially scheduled to release in December but has now been delayed until next year.

"I used to do one film in a year. It's the first time I am doing two of them, both being very different. So, we decided to delay Yalghaar for the next year," Humayun explained.

Talking about his expected project, Malik a story about business tycoon Malik Riaz, Humayun said that the idea has been dropped for now, and might be re-started under a different name. Urwa Hocane was also due to star in the movie.

Humayun Saeed also reminisced about his time in the Pakistani entertainment industry. "Twenty years in the industry has been a fulfilling experience. From acting in television dramas to producing them and then stepping into film making, I have explored as many options I could in the industry."

Humayun also talked about his future plans after Bin Roye and JPNA. The actor revealed that he was focusing on making movies in the recent years but has gone back to working on television and will be seen in two serials scheduled to release around December. "One of them is Nadeem Baig's Dillagi and the other is Khaleel ur Rehman Qamar's Mere Pas Tum Ho," Humayun revealed.


Mahira's Instep Interview:

You've said no to so many films, why did you agree to Bin Roye?

"Bin Roye was offered to me right after Humsafar and Fawad was meant to do it. But he went on to do Khoobsurat. I had a choice and I decided that right now this is the best thing I could do. I liked the story. It had this one scene that kept me awake at night and drove me insane and I couldn't not say yes."

Does Bin Roye run the risk of looking more like a tele-drama than a feature film?

"It's a full blown feature film," Mahira replies, without revealing any details. "I love commercial cinema. I like watching a Ram Leela. I like my dance and song. And I have danced in Bin Roye," she gives her fans something to watch out for.  "I've given Bin Roye everything and I'm hoping that people enjoy something different coming from Pakistani cinema."

But the film is also being turned into a drama serial?

"Yes," Mahira sighs. "Drama makes channels more money. Every channel wants to sign a deal for two dramas and a film. Bin Roye was supposed to be a drama and then was turned into a film. First the film will release and then consequently the drama will release. It's a business idea that they want to try out, though personally as an actor it's not something I enjoy. I've given this film my blood, sweat and tears. We often joke that this film is a Titanic, a Mughal e Azam; we've been making it forever." And let's hope it's just as successful.


Humayoon Saeed speaks at the press conference on Monday."White Star

KARACHI: Two years in the making, Bin Roye will be finally running in cinemas across the country and globally, announced the Hum Films team on Monday at a press conference at a hotel.

Having recently returned from Bollywood after a shooting stint in the movie Raees playing a leading role alongside superstar Shah Rukh Khan, Mahira Khan, who is playing the leading role in Bin Roye alongside Humayun Saeed, was all praise for the commitment and professionalism of the Bin Roye team which she said was comparable to Bollywood's film production. "The only difference that I found was that their film production teams are much larger than ours and that is simply because they have a bigger film industry," added Mahira who began her film career with the Shoaib Mansoor directed film Bol.

She was quite forthcoming about the problems during the making of the film. "There were many obstacles during the making of the movie. The director left midway. We shot in a house that was haunted. But then Momina Duraid, the producer of the film, came in as co-director and pulled the film together. She was there working longer hours and was always on her feet. When you see the producer is there on the set longer than you then you want to be there also. We have put our blood, sweat and tears."

"We were advised to insert an item song or some other elements. But I am glad that what wasn't required was not added. But this film has everything: so much drama, rona-dhona, shadi and birth of a child!" said the actress laughingly.

The movie is based on a novel written by Farhat Ishtiaq of drama Humsafar fame. Produced and directed by Momina Duraid and Shehzad Kashmiri, the plot of the film is about love, suspense and family relations revolving around three characters played by Humayun Saeed, Mahira Khan and Armeena Rana Khan. The cast also includes bigwigs such as Javed Sheikh, Zeba Bakhtiar, Junaid Khan of Call music band and Adeel Hussain. The look of the film has been designed by Feeha Jamshed of Tee Jays and lyrics have been penned by Sabir Zafar. Two songs have been directed by ace ad film-maker Asim Raza and Humsafar director Sarmad Sultan Khoosat.

Earlier, Humayun Saeed said that he was heartened by the fact that the likes of Momina Duraid and Sultana Siddiqui had ventured into film-making since their forte is dramas reflected in their TV productions. "Drama is our strength and I hope other Hum Films production will carry on with this genre. Bin Roye is a family-oriented film with good songs. It does not have a separate item song so Hamza Ali Abbasi does not have to update his [Facebook] status!" he quipped, referencing Hamza's Facebook status updates especially about item songs in Pakistani films and his interview to BBC Urdu in which he spoke vehemently against item numbers.

Humayun, who was last seen in Main Hoon Shahid Afridi, also commended the diligence of the Hum Films team. "Film-making is so difficult. I know this because I have made one movie and one thinks that it is not something to be tackled again. The team worked extremely hard on the film so much so that they took a dilapidated house and turned into a tastefully-decorated beautiful home. They imported special lights thanks to which I am looking so good in the movie."

When Shehzad Kashmiri, the co-director of Bin Roye, was asked to speak he seemed overwhelmed and all he could utter was: "It was a beautiful experience and it didn't feel like I was directing my first movie." However, the ever loquacious Mahira Khan interjected and narrated an anecdote about Shehzad that gave an insight into the passion of young auteur. "In Santa Barbara I was to give a shoot during the magic hour. All I had to was stand and wait for it for God knows how long. And when finally the magic hour happened, I did the shot as I was directed to, and then I saw Shehzad give a hug to an invisible man and then giving him flying kisses. Turns out he was thanking the Almighty for the magic hour."

Momina Duraid, on the other hand, seemed composed and graciously thanked everyone in the team including the ones who couldn't make it to the press conference such as Farhat Ishtiaq, Armeena Rana Khan and Zeba Bakhtiar. She then called everyone who was associated with the film to come on stage and receive applause for their dedication and hard work. About the haunted house, she said: "We were shooting in this house and apparently a sweeper got slapped by a jinn. Everyone came to know and were perhaps expecting the shooting spell to get cancelled. But I said since the jinn has not done anything to me, the shoot will go on.'"

Javed Shaikh spoke about the Zindagi channel in India showing Pakistani dramas and their popularity with Indian audiences. "People there are crazy about our dramas." During the question and answer session, he was asked to compare his roles in films Halla Gulla and Wrong Number with Bin Roye, coincidentally all of them scheduled to be released on Eid. "Halla Gulla is a comedy movie in which I play the role of a don, in Wrong Number I am a butcher and in Bin Roye I play the role of Mahira Khan."

Published in Dawn, May 26th, 2015

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Behind the Scenes Pictures:

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Exclusive Pictures:

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Shooting Pictures (1):

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Shooting Pictures (2):

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WOW. Thanks for the thread. That's lovely Heart

I am eagerly waiting for the music to launch.

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