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HP Quiz -This isn't MAGIC, it's LOGIC ;) -Season 7

Avie IF-Rockerz

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(to know what we do, kindly read the below postSmile)

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Avie IF-Rockerz

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What is this thread about?

This thread is about donning your sphinx hat and riddling fellow potterheads LOL...its great fun...so far in this shared journey, participating potterheads have come up with amazing creative riddles and participating members have enjoyed cracking them...its a matter of great pride that we must have created 240+ riddles by now (browse through the links to previous threads provided above,and tuck in your feast TongueWink) ...riddles can be based on anything-under-the-harry-potter-umbrella...Smile...Don't worry, to make things easy, you can begin by being on the recipient side(i.e. guessing the answers) and in no time we'll enchant you into a riddle-master...don't believe,huh? why not try it out, hey? :) Smile

Just a quick note however:
   This fun activity is about"your own creations" so kindly refrain from plagiarism(posting copied-riddles under your own creation , etc.)...We promote innovation.Smile

 Friends are for life, and friendships make life better...so far all participating members have shared a great bonhomie amongst them Hug (our crossing 750+ pages is a standing testimony to it), so kindly try maintaining the decorum and do nothing that would threat its integrity...Smile

 We also confer little awards to members for appreciation and further growth... Smile
They are categorised into three-
1) Pearl Jackpots on reaching 10 riddles in each Season.
2) Gold Jackpot on reaching 25 riddles aggregate.
3) Diamond Jackpot on reaching 50 riddles aggregate.

so, what are you waiting for?! Big smile bring in your quills and parchments..!!!

and a token of gratitude for JKR, without her charm this magical world of Harry Potter would not have been possible!!! :)

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Avie IF-Rockerz

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Dont Copy Riddles from any site. Make your OWN

Please, number your riddles accordingly.

Give a brief explanation to your ANSWER

Do not post a riddle when members are Still solving the previous riddle.( You can post a new riddle if the previous riddle maker didnt show up for two days)

The Riddle maker should post the 'Post Link' in the same post of riddle and answer.(It ll be very easy for the maker to find the link.Just post the riddle and immediately go to 'My post' And copy the last link in the thread. And Edit your riddle post.Do the same when u post the answer.)

Hope u'll cooperate.

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Avie IF-Rockerz

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#1  MissBahanji 

Riddle : 121000702 

Solution : 121002709

#2  _TheBlackRose_   

Riddle :  121211137

Solution :  121490125

#3   Avie 

Riddle :  121612015

Solution :  122148876 

#4   MissBahanji 

Riddle :  122207326

Solution :  122224203

#5   Avie 

Riddle :   122579059

Solution :  122640617   

#6  _TheBlackRose_   

Riddle :  122690037

Solution :  122928775 

#7    QuietlyLoud

Riddle :   122926677 

Solution :   123100425     

#8   Avie 

Riddle :   123126426

Solution :    123468421 

#9     Quixotic-Frenzy

Riddle :   123447402 

Solution :  123504203   

#10     Quixotic-Frenzy

Riddle :    123511344 

Solution :    123609634

#11   Avie 

Riddle :    123605135 

Solution :     123676499 

#12     Quixotic-Frenzy

Riddle :    123656677 

Solution :     123682731

#13  _TheBlackRose_   

Riddle :   123665051

Solution :   123725021

#14   Starsfireflies 

Riddle :   123692349

Solution :  123876994


#15   Avie 

Riddle :  123771212 

Solution :  123872170 


#16   MissBahanji 

Riddle :  126122424 

Solution :   126341716


#17   MissBahanji 

Riddle :  126406625

Solution :  

#18   Avie 

Riddle :  127083436

Solution :  127121782

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Avie IF-Rockerz

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Name: I am Madhura you can call me anything you like.
Wizard / Witch: Witch
Something about me:  My name tells all about me. Mad , adhura which means incomplete yes I am incomplete and its fun to add little things to complete myself, Madhu which means sweet. I am a fortunate teenager who got a beautiful gift for lifetime , Harry Potter. No stories told by my Grandma, Father or mother taught me that what Harry Potter did. I love to make friends.


Name: Ushoshi
Wizard / Witch: Witch
Something about me: I'm crazy in every sense LOL and more so in case of HP
HP was my first and permanent obsession and still it is my biggest one
Yeah, I love solving riddles Wink


Name: Dee
Wizard / Witch: Witch
Something about me: I love reading and ofc Harry Potter. The books are way better than the movies and if you haven't read the books go read nowLOL. I have no experience with writing riddles but this thread is fun so maybe i'll learnLOL


Name: The name is Almas. You can cal me Almy:-) 
Wizard/Witch : Witch
Something about me: Recently read HP. Loved d books complelty. There ll be only one regret in life 'why id dint read HP books earlier :(

Name: I'm Arushi but I don't prefer being called by name (but that doesn't mean i dont like my nameLOL) so i'm called Aru...or anything else u like ;)
Wizard/Witch : Witch
Something about me: Hiii alll!! Me...very different from the ones of my age, have my own beliefs and philosophies and quirky interests and unique talents...my journey to Harry Potter actually started with hatred, but when i read the dedication of the seventh book, that was when I ditched my useless hatred and decided to read this epic series, this masterpiece by JKR...and from then, I was a potterhead by mind, heart and soul...i've learnt a lot from Harry Potter, and J.K.Rowling is one of my biggest inspirations...I love to write and share friendships ;) No thank you's please..;)

Name: Ppl call me Pinks, Avie or Shravs
Wizard/Witch : Witch
Something about me: A true Potterhead in every sense...Big smile I'm addicted to reading and my obsession started with Harry Potter...Day Dreaming I grew up reading and watching HP...Embarrassed I am a huge fan of Dobby and Luna Lovegood...Heart I love deciphering rather than posting riddles...LOLLOL

My Awards:
1) Pearl Jackpot(s): ONE (in Season 6)

Name: real name is jigisha, and nickname.. jigu. call me whichever you prefer. 
Wizard/Witch : Witch 
Something about me : A daydreamer who loves travelling,sleeping and eating. HP is my all time favorite novel.  Big smile

Name: Pam
Wizard/Witch : Witch 
Something about me : I am a 14 year old. I luv making new friends...It's obvious that I am a Potterhead.. I talk a lot.. So can be a bit irritating..Tongue

Name: Lekha
Wizard/Witch : Witch
Something about me: I'm a Slytherin and I love HP!

Name: Vibha, my frnds call me ybha, ybhi, viva and god knows what-all
Wizard/Witch : Witch
Something about me: I'm a crazy Potter-o-holic! Saw the Sorcerers Stone in my 7th grade since then there was no turning back!!! Shed tons of tears after each death in the series and cried for Voldy too as I didn't want the series to end Cry huge huge huge admirer of JKR and secretly hoping she'd write another bookDay Dreaming none of my friends liked Harry Potter so I made my best buddy read all the series and watch all the moviesEvil Smile needless to say she's a potterhead nowROFL!!!

Name : HariAnjana
Wizard/Witch : Witch
Something about me : Hi I am HariAnjana or Sri Sai Tejaswini there's a long story for my duel name... However my friends call.me Sri , teju, ashu, anju, hari etc etc. I grow up with hp movies but books i read them five years back since when I am an ardent fan of HP. Two years back i came across ff and sonce then i can assure i read around thousands of ffs of different shippings. However my fav. Characters are HP tomriddle hermione and sirius. along with twins and hedwig. I always pester my friends to read harry potter and i succeeded in making my best friend and a potter head. I loved tp.mingle here in this forum and i love riddles... Wink

Name: Ppl call me lumos or Ani or Rudy
Wizard/Witch : Wizard
Something about me: a Harry Potter Admirer...i feel HP is a magical window to the actual world of reality...however to decipher it you must possess the Inner Eye!Big smile Making Riddles and answering them helps me to enjoy poetry and thereby maintain myself into HP world... 
My Awards:
1) Pearl Jackpot(s): ONE (in Season 4)

Name: My  name is mannu.
Wizard/Witch : Witch
Something about me: i m crazy about HP series. for me it is more about friendship  than any pairing or anything. i love marauders(-peter) plus golden trio. I m crazy about Sirius Black. i adore James-Sirius friendship. i can go on and on about harry potter. the only thing which stop me is none in my family is as crazy as me. and my second love is maths. (not relevant but still).

Name: ppl call me Anjali, Nalu and Kitty...LOL
Wizard/Witch : Witch
Something about me: Just one simple girl trying to make the best out of lifeWink...well i love cracking and creating riddles about anything under the harry potter universe!

Name: Ppl call me Akash...
Wizard/Witch : Wizard 
Something about me:  One of the most annoying thing about me is that I question everything and do not take anything at face value which I think was pretty evident in the way I entered this forum , my initial "FRUSTRATION WITH DUMBLEDORE" thread was all about questions and finding answers..other than that, yes, like everybody else here, I too am a "potterhead"..LOL
My Awards:
1) Pearl Jackpot(s): TWO (in Season 3 and Season 4)
2) Gold Jackpots: ONE (in Season 4)

Name: Nishayvithaa or Nishi :P
Wizard/Witch Witch
Something about myself: Well am a 15 year old crazy potter head who loves reading books and writing stuff. :P
Well what can i say about myself? The guys and gals who talk to me can give a better Answer. LOL

Name: My real name is Sania and Sam is my nickname.
Wizard/Witch : Witch
Something about me: Well, I love reading... I am always curious to know new things... I love to be with my friends... I am a potterhead (that's quite obvious, isn't it?) That's enough, I guess...

Name: Aayushi 
Wizard/Witch : Witch
Something about me: Crazy about Harry Potter! I am a quiet and a shy girl mostly!! I am an introvert..

P.S Only those who were active in the last season are included.If you wish to include/change/remove your details,pm the thread maker.

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MissBahanji IF-Sizzlerz

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Partycongrats on new thread. let me start with easiest one. 
Brilliant but mischievous

arrogant but kind

Bully but with golden hearts

Loyal and brave

hated and loved with equal passion

sacrificed for the one. 

they were one of their kinds. 


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Avie IF-Rockerz

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Debut riddle Mannu.. Thumbs Up
As for the riddle, is it Malfoy? But that can't be right since you said they..
MissBahanji IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 March 2015 at 12:56am | IP Logged
Not Malfoy, Avie

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