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~ DABH 1000 Episodes Grand Celebration Thread ~

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siggy credit : Rama ( thala )




siggies credit : Rama ( thala )

credit : Jyothi

Lions' Gold Awards - 2011

Most Beautiful and Gorgeous Jodi'11:- Anas Rashid and Deepika Singh

Viewer's Choice Award 2012

Best Beta:-Anas Rashid

Star Parivaar Awards 2012

Favorite NayaSadasya(Female):- Deepika Singh

NayiSochKirdaar:-Anas Rashid

Favorite Bahu:-Deepika Singh

Indian Telly Awards 2012

Best Daily Serial:- Diya AurBaati Hum

Best Title Singer for a TV show:-KailashKher and ShubhMudgal

Best Actress in a negative role:-KanikaMaheshwari

Gold Awards - 2012

Best Actress in Supporting Role(Critics)'12:- NeeluVaghela

Best Actress in Negative Role(Popular)'12:- KanikaMaheshwari

Gold Debut in a Lead Role(Female)'12:- Deepika Singh

Best Television Show(Fiction)'12:- Diya AurBaati Hum

Indian Television Academy Awards 2012

Best serial (popular):- Diya AurBaati Hum

Best singer:-  KailashKher&ShubhaMudgal

Big Star Young Entertainer Award 2012

Big Star Young Super Entertainer Female:-Deepika Singh

 Big Star Awards 2012 (source: IF - Safi123)

Best Show:- Diya AurBaati Hum

 Cinemascapes 2012 (source: IF - Tellybuzz)

Best General Entertainment TV Fiction Show in an Indian Destination:- Diya AurBaati Hum

 Apsara Producers' Guild Awards 2013 (source: IF - Sonia17)

Best fiction show on TV:- Diya AurBaati Hum

 PrayagKalakar Awards 2013 (source: IF - Sonia17)

 Best Serial Award:- Diya AurBaati Hum

Dharohar Awards 2013

Jewel of Rajashtan:- Diya AurBaati Hum-Sashi Mittal

HiraManek Awards 2013

Best TV Actress:-Deepika Singh

Kelvinator Gr8 Women Award 2013

Best TV Actress:-Deepika Singh

Indian Telly Awards 2012

Best Daily Serial:- Diya AurBaati Hum

Best Actor Female (Popular):- Deepika Singh

Best Actor Male (Popular) :- Anas Rashid

Best Supporting Actor Female (Jury):- NeeluVaghela

Best Make-up Artist:- Krishna Gopal Rajput

Star Parivaar Awards 2013

Favourite Sasur - Ashok Lokhande

Favourite Bahu  -Deepika Singh

Ghar Ki Star - Deepika Singh

GharKa Star - Anas Rashid

Favourite Pati - Anas Rashid

Gold Awards - 2013
Best Actress-deepika singh
Best Actress in Supporting Role - NeeluVaghela
Indian Television Academy Awards 2013

Best Director Drama - Rohit Raj Goyal
Best Dialogues - RaghuvirShekawat

Best Actress in Supporting Role - NeeluVaghela

Best Teleplay drama - SeemaMantri

Best Actor (jury) - Anas Rashid
Star Parivaar Awards 2014
Favourite Bahu  -Deepika Singh
Favourite Pati - Anas Rashid
Favourite Sas-NeeluVaghela
STAR Parivaar Award for Favourite Mazedaar Sadasya-Kanika
ITA Awards 2014
ITA Award for Desh Ki Dhadkan - Best Actress - Popular-Deepika Singh
ITA Award for Desh Ka Dhaaravahik - Best Serial
Indian Telly Award for Best Daily Serial
ITA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role-NeeluVaghela
Zee Gold Awards-2014
Best Actress-Deepika Singh
Best Actress(Suporting role)-NeeluVaghela
Best Show-DABH
Star guild Awards-2015
Best on going Drama Series-DABH
Best Actress-DeepikaSingh
BIG Star Most Entertaining 2015
Television Fiction Show-DABH

siggy credit : Subha ( pasurYa )

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siggy credit : Rama ( thala )



Subha ( pasurYa )



Bharath Air BHA 2310 is hijacked by RK's associates Maya, Prema and Disha. Suraj and along with his co-passenger catch the trio but Prema threatens to kill a kid and with no other go, Suraj releases the 3 hijackers. They kill a passenger and a hostess and demand RK's release. The government agrees to release him but Sandhya and Zakir plan to fool Maya and release the passengers who are held captive.


Zakir disguises as RK and learns about RK's habits and way of speaking. Sandhya convinces her senior officers and take Zakir instead of RK. Arjun accompanies them as pilot and they reach the no man island where the flight is kept hijacked. Sandhya tells Maya that she wants to check if the passengers are ok. So she is taken inside the flight and surYa meet eachother. They get emotional and the passengers start pleading her to take them back home.

Maya asks some questions to check to Zakir to check if he is really RK. Zakir answers correctly but fails on the last question. Maya comes to know the truth that it is Zakir and not RK. She threatens to kill Suraj. Sandhya brings original RK. The terrorists celebrate RK's birthday and start the countdown to kill Suraj. Sandhya somehow manages to create smoke. Maya who is having asthma problem starts coughing and this gap, Sandhya and others start attacking the terrorists. She asks Suraj and Bhabho to board the plane as it is not safe to stay there. Suraj is not ready to leave Sandhya alone there. She tells it is her duty to catch them and safely take the passengers back home.

Many terrorists are killed by zakir and Arjun. Sandhya chases a terrorist and Suraj gets down from the flight and runs behind her. Bhabho on seeing this runs behind Suraj to safeguard him. Maya is about to shoot Suraj but Bhabho sees that and covers him. The bullet pierces inside her body and she falls down. Maya, Prema and Disha are killed and Zakir captures RK.

Bhabho is taken to the hospital. Bhabhasa blame Sandhya for Bhabho's situation and confronts her. Suraj is in shock. Bhabho's health gets deteriorated as the bullet has pierced inside her kidney. Suraj imagines talking to Bhabho and asks her to come back healthy as their family needs her. One of Bhabho's kidneys is removed and she gets normal. Bhabhasa asks surYa to leave the house. Suraj packs the bags and leave the house with Sandhya.

Sandhya pleads him to return back but he doesn't talk and come to police quarts allotted for Sandhya. He tells himself and Sandhya will not stay together hereafter and blames Sandhya for everything. Sandhya is shocked and pleads him but he drops her and leaves from there. Whole RP is shocked by Suraj's decision. But Bhabhasa is happy. Sandhya shares about her love story in a radio and Suraj listens to that. Bhabho and chathuri also listen and feel sad. Suraj gets fb of himself and Sandhya spending time together and how they realized their love for eachother.

Suraj calls Sandhya and asks her to come to park. Sandhya eagerly wait for him hoping that Suraj will take her back home. She asks him if he can stay without her. He agrees that he can never live without her but now he has to do that as they can't live together. He blames her telling she didn't consider his mom as her mom and will she do the same with her mom? Sandhya is hurt and leave from there angrily. Bhabho and Chotu plan to make surYa come closer. Sandhya gets an offer to join Scotland yard training. Ankur decides to send her as Suraj has refused to accept Sandhya back. Suraj tries to hide his love for Sandhya and shows fake anger. He goes to Ankur's house to get a glimpse of her from behind the bush. Bhabho comes to her and gives aashirwad. While returning from Ankur's house , she gets pain and falls on the road.

She is admitted in the hospital and doctor informs them that her other kidney has also failed and they have to do transplantation.  Suraj's and other's kidney doesn't match. A ward boy helps Suraj but later Suraj comes to know that he is a fraud compelling people to give kidney for money. He handover the ward boy to police. Chotu informs Ankur about Bhabho's health. He hides this from Sandhya as she might cancel her flight and stay here. Next day Sandhya leaves for the airport alone. Mohit and Vikram get Bhabho's fingerprint in a stamp paper to change the name of the house to them. Ankur plans to teach whole RP a lesson. Meena traps Chavvi and brings out the truth about chavvi's lies. Dilip decides to give divorce to Chavvi.

Suraj asks forgiveness to Bhabho as she couldn't arrange for the kidney. He explains her about how the ward boy cheated. Bhabho confronts Suraj telling Sandhya was also in the same situation the other day and it was not her mistake. Without listening to her, Suraj went back behind her and since she also came out, she got shot. She makes him realize his mistake. He rushes to Ankur's house to meet Sandhya but Ankur informs him that Sandhya has gone abroad for her training. Suraj doesn't believe. He gets a call from hospital that a kidney donor has come forward to donate her kidney.

Suraj meets that donor and thanks her. Bhabho's operation gets over and she is getting cured. The republic day parade takes place and Sandhya is awarded for her bravery along with Zakir. Suraj comes there to get the award on behalf of her and openly apologies to her infront of thousands of people and asks her to come back to him. Whole RP watches this in TV and are happy. Sandhya also sees this and gets emotional.

Suraj comes back home with the award. He is able to feel Sandhya's presence around him and starts searching for her. Finally reaches the park and finds her. They both hug eachother and unite. Bhabho takes aarthi for them and Bhabhasa apologies to Sandhya as he has taunted her a lot. Sandhya requests Bhabho to allow her to wear Salwars. She asks the reason but Sandhya hides the truth and gives fake reason. SurYa spend some time with eachother at night. There is a leakage in the ceiling and they sleep in the hall. Suraj is disappointed as they have to sleep on separate beds but Sandhya avoids Suraj getting close to her. She comes to know what Vikram and Mohit has done and gets angry. She orders them to start a separate life and no more a part or RP.

Ankur arranges for a family trip to Daman. Bhabho, Bhabhasa , chotu , Chavvi and surYa go for the trip. Suraj tries to come close to Sandhya but she escapes. SurYa celebrate Valentine's Day near the beach and spend some time together. Chavvi falls into the pool. Sandhya is confused on how to safe her but before she goes, someone saves Chavvi. Suraj is confused on Sandhya's weird behavior. He takes her to an amusement park and book a ticket for a dangerous ride. Sandhya gets worried and refuses to go. She shouts at the operator not to switch on the ride and comes down. Suraj is shocked. He confronts her for hiding something from him but she refuses to share. Suraj gets angry. Sandhya tries to woo Suraj by dancing. Suraj sees some medicines and gets doubt. He approaches a doctor and ask about why the medicine is taken? Finally comes to know that Sandhya has donated her kidney to Bhabho. He feels guilty for blaming Sandhya but she pacifies him.

Bhabho demands a grandchild from them soon. Suraj gets worried about the same but Sandhya tells him that after she gets cured they can plan for a family. Doctor tells that Sandhya is fit and surYa can start thinking about family planning. SurYa are happy. Ankita gets pregnant again.

Meena and Emily appoint a maid. She takes Mishri and Pari to park and circus and makes them beg on the steets. SurYa with Bhabho nd Bhabhasa witnesses this and confront Meena and Emily for being careless and not able to take care of their child. Vikram and Mohit get angry on Meena and Emily. Meemily plan something. Next day Emily goes missing and the whole family gets worried and searches everywhere. Emily goes to Delhi to attend a beautician course for 7 days. Meena takes care of Pari and talks to Emily through skype without others knowledge.

Sandhya catches the maid who worked in their house and from her comes to know that Emily is in Delhi. surYa reach Delhi and search for Emily. But Emily faces an accident and gets admitted in the hospital. surYa inform RP about Emily. Sandhya along with others plan a drama to make Meena and Emily realize their mistake. Their plan tastes success and Meemily realize.

RP celebrate Holi. Sandhya by mistake consumes bhang ladoo and reveals to everyone that she is pregnant. Whole RP is very happy. Sandhya starts craving for different spicy food items and whole family serve all her favorite dishes. She starts sleep walking but Suraj saves her when she was about to fall from their balcony. Sandhya gets worried about this disorder. Ankita gets miscarriage but Bulbul is adamant that she need a bro/sis.

The doctor confirms that Sandhya is having twins. Ankur requests RP to stay in his house till Sadhya's delivery. They all agree and go there. Bulbul gets very adamant and stubborn that she needs a baby bro/sis for her own. She requests surYa to give one of their babies to her. surYa are shocked. Bulbul's health deteriorates. SurYa decide to give one of their children to Bulbul. Bhabho doesn't agree to this and tries to make Bulbul understand but later agrees as the truth about Kidney donation by Sandhya. Meenakshi gives birth to a baby boy. Days pass and Sandhya gets delivery pain. She gives birth to two baby boys. Whole family are very happy. Ankur and Ankita are worried as all tell them that they have become maama and maami.They get the doubt whether they will get one of surYa's children.


surYa are ready to give one of their children to Ankur and Ankita. They get emotional before giving the child.

siggy credit : Rama ( thala )

collage credit : Subha ( pasurYa )

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siggy credit: Subha ( pasurYa )

Rama ( thala )

how to make a wife pregnant with just eyelocks - suraj


how to get pampered by sasural  without getting preggy everytime - sandy


how to reform from demon to woman-bb


how to stay in limelight without doing hardwork-bbsa


how to do chori yet escape from punishment-meena

by mere growing beard , to show you are a man- mohit


how to act fool inspite of being educated- emily


how to reappear for an epi just to pick a toy- chotu


waiting for leap want to go home- mishri pari and kanha


one cannot fool everyone everytime -chavi

siggy credit : Hema malini ( pshalini23 )
Sandeep ( sysadmin )

Journey of these 1000 episodes was not that easy. We have seen many emotions shown by each and every characters. at times they are filmy too.. so we thought of dedicating few Bollywood songs to the characters. It's just for fun. No offense to anyone. Here it is:

Bhabho : 
Mujhko pehchaan lo, Main hoon don.

Babasa (When Bhabho is not at home) : 
Yahan ke Hum Sikandar, Chahe to rakh le sabko apni jeb ke andar.

Babasa (When Bhabho is at home) : 
Kaun sunega, kisko sunaein, Isi liye chup rehte hain.

Meena : 
Jab tak rahega samose me aloo, chipki rahegi tujhse ye meenu

Vikarm-Meena : 
Kyon paisa paisa karti hai kyon paise pe tu marti hai..

Emily : 
April fool banaya toh mujko gussa aaya
mera kya qasoor daddy mummy ka qasoor
Jinhone mujko  banaya

Mohit :  
Imli ka boota pari ka ped
Imli khatti meethi pari
Iss jungle mein , mein hoon shaer (i need lion's share)

Chhavi : 
Main sasural nahi jaungi. Doli rakh do kahaaro, 
Saal do saal nahi jaaungi, doli rakh do kahaaron

Dilip : 
Bhula dena mujhe, Hai alvida tujhe, Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
Safar yeh tera, yeh raasta tera, Tujhe jeena hai.. mere bina

Chaturi : 
Chitthi na koi Sandes, Jane wo kaun sa des, jahan tum chale gaye

LP : 
Tu hai ke Nahi, Tuuu hai ke Nahi

Suraj : 
Shaam savere ab main joru joru karunga, Main joru ka gulaam ban ke rahoonga

Sandhya : 
Yahan bhi hoga, wahan bhi hoga ab to sare jahan me hoga kya, Mera hi Jalwa

siggy credit : Rama ( thala )


Sandeep ( sysadmin )

1. Haan Yehi Rasta hai tera tune ab jaana hai.. haan yahi sapna hai tera tune pehchana hai.. (Sandhya's study/training/job)

2. Hum juda ho gaye, raaste kho gaye, magar hum milenge.. ye yaad rakhna, meri raah takna.. (SurYa separation)

3. Jaa ne do naa... Paas aa oo naa.. Chhuo naa Chhuo naa aise Chhuo naa Chhuo naa.. (after MM, at resort & GG room. Sandhya running away from Suraj) 

4. Saathiya tune kya kiya, Beliya ye tune kya kiya.. Maine kiya tujhpe aitbaar... Itna karo na mujhe pyaar.. (SR)

5. Aaj main upar Aasma Neeche, Aaj main aage Zamana hai peeche. 
Tell me O Khuda, Ab main kya karu, chalu seedhi ke ulti chaloon.. (Sandy is preggy. Her unusual demands. Her excitements)

6. Mujhe Neend naa aaye, Mujhe Chain naa aaye, koi jaye zara dhoondh ke laye. Naa jane kahan neend kho gaya. (Sleepwalking issue. Suraj had to stay awake)


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siggy credit : Hema malini ( pshalini23 )


DISCLAIMER : This post is purely made with the intention of bringing in humor...der ws no intention of hurting anyone...Sorry if someone feels bad !Ouch)

We hv seen an adarsh beta Suraj nd Adarsh bahu Suraj in d show...!Smile
An agressive sasuma Bhabho nd a useless Sasur Babhasa...Tongue
Just imagine hw wud d scenario be if everyone's character in d show ws reversed ...wt if Sandy became Santosh's and Arun's Bhabho nd Suraj became their Bbsa..?Wink
Wt if some pressure suddenly came upon everyone's life...?Ouch
Cud d pressure bring humour in life..?Nd wt wud be it's effect on Dabhily?? Lets see...Wink

Sandhya : Arre ooh Meenudi , Emily nd Santosh, kathe marr gye ?(Oye Meenudi , Emily nd Santosh , wr r u ?)... Ek chipkali (lizard),  ek Gilahri (squirrel) ,   etli mai insaan (human) ,rey  kis kis ne sambhaloon ?!!  Angry

Santosh : Yes Bhabho...wt happened ?Ouch

Sandhya : Sach sach batao , Mhaari chai tayyar kyu nhi hai ? Warna thare ko goli mar du gi (Tell frankly , Y isn't my tea ready ? Or else I'll shoot u )AngryAngry  (Jyesht(Sys) ka mann titli ban uda Sandhya ko action me dekh karHeartHeart)

Santosh : But Bhabho I made nd kept it in d kitchen...Confused

Sandhya gets angry nd drags Santosh to the kitchen nd shows her dt only red chutney is kept der...Santosh is confused nd swears dt she made d tea...Cry
Sandhya gets angry nd throws d chutney on Santosh's face ShockedOuch
(Jaise hi chutney BB ke muh pe giri vahi thala ki aankho se rakt ki dhara bahi)Cry

Meenudi runs nd comes to d kitchen...She gets shocked nd feels bad seeing Santosh...ShockedUnhappy

Meena : Bhabho , mai hukm dio aap aag mein jaloShockedLOL ...(Maasa , I'll order u , nd dn u burn in d fire)
(She bites her tongue nd corrects)... Bhabho aap hukm dio mai jaan dio (U order , nd I'll give y life after it )...but Jethani ji didn't do anything...Ouch
Sandhya : Den who did..? U ..?  Angry

Meena : Come wid me to the hall...I'll show u who took the tea...Approve

Sandhya gets shocked nd scream's in full tone...ShockedAngryAngry {Ramya di , our MOD , who ws drinking soup , get's so shocked dt she spits it out (her DP)...}
Sandhya :ARUN KE BHABASAAAAngry (Vmaa , though a very calm person ,loses her normal BP  wn she sees her bahu shouting at her chora AngryBroken Heart )
Suraj: Kya hua Sandhya..? (wt happened )ConfusedShocked

Sandhya : Dis tea...
Suraj : Oh dis tea , it ws kept in d kitchen , so I took's awesome ! Keep it up Santosh Beendni ! EmbarrassedThumbs Up(Rosy nd Maha (Maaneet) almost dead seeing his smileBlushing)

Sandhya : U leave it ! U have no other work other dn stealing everyone's things !  AngryDead
 ( Subhi nd FM sit nd cry thinking dt they won't be able to see any romance nowBroken HeartBroken Heart...TV wonders did they ever do UD , if so hw did they?ConfusedLOL)


( Niru ka abt to throw the tea cup nd saucer from her DP after seeing dis pathetic scenario wr chora is denied a cup of tea)DeadAngryBroken Heart (Sangeeta di feels so bad dt she runs to the kitchen to prepare tea...WinkLOL)

Meena & Santosh : Poor Bhabasa ...! Who will save him now? Ouch
(Jaya ji is busy analysing wt happened to Meenudi suddenly)Ermm


Just den someone enters... (Deebz amma too picks up her danda nd is ready for action Evil Smile)
Rey's Maasa from village ! 
Maasa : Rey kalmuhi , thaari itni majaal jo mhaare chore ke muh se niwala cheene hai ! (U shameless !Hw dare u snatch something from my son's mouth )AngryDead
She goes nd pokes Sandhya in her tummy...Angry
(Ramya nd Jyoti di on the verge of crying seeing their Sandy being poked )Cry

Sandhya get's shocked !Shocked
Sandhya : Shit mahn...from wr did maasa come...D'ohDead

 Her tone changes to dt of a chuhiya's ( rat ) ! LOL

Sooraj starts laughing nd thanks Maasa for saving him from the chudail ( Witch )!
(Manju nd Hema ka on cloud nine seeing their halwaii laughing)EmbarrassedDancing

Meenudi too bcums very happy ! nd thinks dt Maasa will teach Sandhya a lesson nw !Dancing

Santosh too bcums relieved...she tries to control her happiness in front of her Bhabho(Sandhya)...but andar hi andar (inside her heart )dances wid joy.Dancing
(Thala get's clean bold after Santosh's smileBlushing...Sangeeta di is sad seeing wts happening as Santosh won't get scoldings anymoreOuchD'oh...Neela ji on the other hand is fuming wid anger after seeing Santosh's double standards...her color changes from Neela to Laal AngryEvil SmileLOL)

Arun nd Chavi on the other hand r a bit sad to see their mom (Sandhya) getting scoldings ! Ouch
(Mahi claims that they rnt sad for their mom...but hv their own probs!Angry...Arun want's to use the washroom LOLDead...but is scared to go as Maasa may scold him for air pollution LOL...Jyesht (Sys )adds dt maide ki boriya is worried as she will hv to do some workAngryLOL)


Fire cracker's in Emily's heart !! Dhinka chika !! (She has got a chance to show her parlor skills again) ( Subhi wishes if she cud take some make up tips from her Disapprove)

As usual Dhaisa enters nd gives out a hearty  laugh seeing her friend Sandhya being poked ! Kanha too starts laughing !ROFL (Kanha laughs not bcoz Dhaisa is laughing but bcoz he has sensed dt his ex-grandpa Arun ji want's to use the washroom urgentlyROFL)
Not able to take the pressure from all sides anymore , Arun finally lightens up d pressure in d aangan itself...ROFL

Meenudi somehow tolerated !DeadOuch  (Just lyk so many ppl in Dabhily who r still tolerating thing's's need not be mentioned)

Vikram who ws sitting jst beside Arun cudn't take it anymoreD'ohDead...nd left the house i.e d show forever ! Ouch {Jst lyk our senior uncle nd aunties of the forum (Farhu aunty , Sindu, Shehjar, Uma ji , etc etc) who cudn't bear thing's anymore...nd left the forumD'oh }

Mohit on d other hand is still struggling to get used to sch things...Unhappy (Our current member's r the best example for dis Approve)

Maasa's sudden arrival increased pressure not only in Sandhya's life...but in everyone's ...mainly Arun's...bcoz of which the whole family had to suffer !D'ohLOL 

Only person who ws living peacefully ws "The Chatur Chaturi " as she ran before Bbsa's bomblast !ROFL
(The most suitable ppl who cn actually be related wid dis are our "Master's in Crime" Evil Smile ---Superman Samah who flew away , Brahmaputra river JJ (Jamy ) who changed her course...nd of course our phuljadi Ami di who wnt into the sky nd gives guest appearance once in a Blue moon Approve )

     Hope U all had a good laugh !





BB is sitting in the temple with her head resting on the idol's feet...
She's shedding tear's...CryCry
{Bbsa : Maasa , Santos jabse maa bani hai , uska pet kch zada hi bada ho gya haiAngry...Mhaare hisse ke saare laddoo kha gyi , aisa lagra hai ki akeli puri dunya mein tabar wali hai...!Angry
(Maasa since the tym Santosh became a mom , she's started eating a lot , she even ate my though she's the only lady to have a child in d world !)

Maasa: Re kalmuhi , Saare laddoo kha gyi...sharam na aawe hai tanne ? Ek toh phul phul kar gubbara bani haiLOL , upar se mhaare chore ke hisse ke laddoo bhi kha gyi ?!?ShockedAngry
(U shameless, U ate everything ?!? First of all u hv blown up lyk a balloonLOL...on top of dt u ate my son's laddoos )ShockedAngry

BB: Maasa aapne hi toh kaha tha ki jaape ke baad acche se khana...Disapprove
(Maasa u only told to eat well after delivery ...)Disapprove

BBSA : Maasa par ilzaam mat laga Santos ! Unki baat ka ek toh fayeda uthaya , upar se zubaan lada rhi hai ...De mhaare laddoo...AngryStern Smile
(Don dare to blame Maasa , Santosh...first of all u took advantage of wt she said , nd nw ur arguing wid her...give my laddoos...)
Maasa pokes in BB's stomach , taunts her and goes ...D'oh}

BB cries nd tells her Lord Krishna ji...Cry
BB: Hey mhaare thakur ji , today Suraj's BBsa blamed me so mch, jst coz I ate laddoos...He doesn't realise na hw mch I crave for these things Unhappy, hw mch I've gone through...Even Maasa taunted me so much...Suraj's bbsa said so mch coz he is a man na...CryDead
So is dt my mistake Lord..?Broken Heart
Speak up..! I need an answer today Stern Smile, Y do women have to go through all the pain of bringing up a child...keeping it in her womb for 9 months...Y Lord y ? nd den nobody acknowledges her ?Cry
U hv to give me justice...!! Cry
She cries so mch nd hits her head on Krishna's feet...Broken Heart
Just den a flower falls on her headTongueWink...BB thinks dt Lord has listened to her nd wonders wts gonna happen...Ermm

After 1 week...
Bbsa runs to the washroom...LOLWink
BB : Re Suraj thaare Bbsa kaha gye..? ( Suraj , wrs ur Bbsa ? )Smile
Suraj : BB , Bbsa toh shauchalye gye hain muh par haath rkh ke...( BB , Bbsa wnt to the washroom with his hand on his mouth )Confused
BB get's confused...Confused
Bbsa comes out and says dono y he is getting a feeling of nausea...he vomited also..SleepyShocked
BB tells dt she will give him lemon juice...nd says dt he might hv eaten sum chat pakodi..Approve
But Bbsa tells dt he needs Pickles...nd imli !TongueEmbarrassed
BB bcumz shocked...she wonders y is Bbsa behaving lyk preggy ladies...Shocked
Suddenly Bbsa falls unconscious...Suraj runs to the hospital nd brings a doc with him...Shocked
Everyone is in the bedroomErmmGeek
Maasa , BB , Suraj , Vikram , Dadosa , Mohit etc are outside d room...Ouch
Doctor cums out Smile
Maasa asks wt happened...Doctor gives a terrible look nd says...ShockedDead
I dono wt to say , whether it's God's miracle or curse...but Ur Son is pregnant !Wacko
BB faintsShocked...Maasa bcums shocked...nd thinks whether her son ws a man only or...CensoredWinkROFL

BBsa nd Maasa go to d temple nd asks God wts disOuch , nd y did He put their family in sch a situation...Disapprove
Suddenly a flash comes in front of dm nd they get a flashback of wt happened a few day's back...Nuke
Suddenly a voice says dt Bbsa is getting punishment of underestimating a woman...nd soon thing's will alright !Evil SmileEvil Smile
BB smiles nd thinks dt now BBsa will know hw difficult it is to manage things wn a baby is in ur womb...WinkLOL
She laughs inside...ROFL

After a few months...Bbsa comes out from his room wid his hand on his tummy...
Dhaisa is stting in d aangan...she laughs seeing him...ROFL
Suraj , Vikram nd Mohit r also in the aangan , Vikhit laugh seeing Bbsa lyk dt.LOL...Suraj asks dem to shut their mouths...Censored
Dhaisa laughs nd tells BB dt everything will sumhw bcum fyn but...but...nd giggles
BB nd Bbsa ask wt but...ROFL
She giggles nd says...But from where will d baby cum out...nd bursts into fits of laughter...ROFL
Bbsa bcums embarassedEmbarrassed...Bb too starts laughing...LOL
Mohit asks y is everyone laughing..? Suraj shuts his mouth nd sends him to his room...CensoredROFL

All take care of Bbsa very well...Embarrassed
Whole HG knows abt the curse dt Bbsa got...nd men now fear to shout at their wives...LOLEmbarrassed
Maasa fulfills BB's wishes thinking dt if she taunts her anymore , She may ask God to turn her into a bandariya (monkey)ROFL
Bbsa craves for laddoos nd other food items , BB takes advantage of the situation nd taunts him well ...Wink
Bbsa belly soon pops out...LOL
Mohit get's confused seeing everyone's behaviour...he makes sure dt Suraj isn't around , comes to BB nd asks...LOL
"BB , Bbsa maa banne wale hain..?" (BB , Is bbsa going to become a mom )ROFL
Dhaisa who entered RM , Starts laughing agn...ROFL
She tells Mohit to ask Bbsa itself...hahaahROFL
BBsa gets shy nd runs into his room...Embarrassed
He does all types of tantrums dt preggy women do...But BB taunts him everytym...WinkLOL

After 9 months , BBSA goes to the temple and cries...he says
BBsa:" Rey thakur ji manne ab toh maaf kr do !...kch toh kripa karo...mjhe pachtawa hai apne karmo ka..."Cry
(Oh Lord , pls forgive me , show some mercy , I m repenting...pls)Cry
Suddenly Labor pain starts...ShockedDead
Bbsa starts shouting...aaah aaah , my tummy...aaahOuchLOL
All tensed as to hw will d delivery take place...Dhaisa giggles...LOL
She says maybe they'll hv to do operation...bcoz the baby cnt come out from backside...hahaROFL

BBsa catches his stomach nd shout...he feels something rising up his oesophagus...ShockedDeadSleepy
No sooner he vomits out the baby...Sleepy
It's a girl...Dhaisa bursts into fits of laughter seeing dt Bbsa vomited out d baby, BB too laughs , Maasa faints !ROFL
Everyone welcomes d new baby nd take care of BbsaEmbarrassed

After few day's...Bbsa asks forgiveness from Bb in front of d whole HG...nd warns ppl not to do d same mistake agn...SmileDead
Mohit comes to BB nd says...Wink
"BB , BB , Chavi is vomiting  , jst lyk d way , Bbsa vomited her out "ShockedLOL

BB starts shouting hey Mhara Ram ji...karam phoot gya...Cnt u take care of the baby Suraj's bbsa...ur always in dreamworld...!
BBSa wakes up wid a shock...he realises wt he saw ws jst a dream ...*sigh*LOL
In actual BB is shouting at him to take care of Meena's baby ...LOL

   Thanks for reading!!

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siggy credit : Hema malini ( pshalini23 )



























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Congratulation Whole DABH ream on achieving yet another mile stone  !!!

Wonderful contributions by all ClapClap
Thank you for making this thread successful StarStar

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SSP  FB cover page 

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