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OS: The Possessive Husband {HappyBirthdayYagz!!}

PinkPenguinxo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2015 at 6:14am | IP Logged
oneshot: the possessive husband

PLOT: this is a random os based on the arnav and khushi of my ongoing fic 'Excluslively Mine' :) IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT FIC ONLY THE CHARACTERIZATION AND PLOT OF IT IS TAKEN THIS OS IS AN INDIVIDUAL THING LOL


Khushi groaned for the nth time as Arnav asked this question to her the nth time too.

"So what? Huh?" she finally spoke up, picking her stick of mascara she was holding and pointing towards him angrily as he held his laptop and kept it away leaving his important work to fight with her.

Ah. Fighting with Khushi is like a routine to him now. wake up, freshen up, come out and pick up your laptop, look at her and tease her.


"I'm still called one of the prettiest miss worlds they've got! And..they just thought of honoring me coz it's my birthday today."

The moment she said this, Arnav's eyes widened.

"What the- you.. oh.. Gupta.. babygirl.." he gasped out making her smile thinking he's gonna wish her.

"Thats why I was thinking why are wrinkles coming on your skin? It's coz you're growing old! Eureka! Happy birthday my dear." he got up and nuzzled his nose with hers.

"I just turned 24 years old! You're a piggy, Raizada. I hate you so much."

"You're the wife of a piggy."

"Ok then! Bye Raizada!"

"Ok then! Bye Gupta!"


Arnav sat in his BMW working on his iPad but his mind was somewhere else..

What will she do at the charity?

He felt so bad. It's her birthday and she isn't spending it with anyone... coz she doesn't have her parents' support anymore and the Raizada family didn't know about it.

"Sir, it's gonna be your wife's charity event. I still dunno why you agreed to it sirji!" the driver suddenly spoke making Arnav roll his eyes.

"You keep driving, man." he started working on his ipad again trying to brush off his thoughts.

"But ASR sir, how did you agree to Mrs Raizada kissing the one who will bid the most at the charity. I mean-"

Arnav's ipad tumbled out of his hands and he shrieked.




Khushi shuddered when she heard Arnav's voice when she was at the dressing room of the charity event. 

She turned around to find his collar and tie loosened and she had NEVER seen him this angry.

"Umm.. Nia, can you give me privacy with my husband for sometime?" Khushi smiled at her stylist and she left before Arnav locked the door of the room.

"Ye sab kya hai-"

"No, what the hell are you gonna do today? You'll kiss the man who'll give the most money to the charity? THIS IS YOUR CHARITY DAMMIT!" Arnav barked.

"Yeah.. so? This is my first time doing it, Miss Worlds do it, ok? Stop being so possessive, become more open-minded, it doesn't matter.. just one kiss with a gentleman. So you stay out of it, you're not even my husband for life, our marriage is just for 6 months and we're enemies who don't have any intimate or romantic relationship. I don't care about a Raizada-"

She was interrupted by Arnav holding her shoulders and glaring down at her.

"You touch another man, Khushi, and I swear to your devi mayya you'll regret it!"

"My devi mayya will be proud of me. Excuse me now." before he could shout more she ran out.

Damn that girl can really run fast.. he should start doing Yoga like her too.


"90 lacks, 90 lacks 1- 2-"

"1 crore." a man said making Khushi sigh. She looked around and found no sign of ASR. So he left.. 

"5 crores."

Her eyes widened when she suddenly heard his voice, yes.. his.

Shyam. Jha.


Khushi hid her face behind her palm and just smiled awkwardly.

Oh no no, this stalker, he came to the charity too?! How how just HOW will she kiss him?! No ASR please come back! 

She couldn't believe this.. she is ready to be with ASR than Shyam?

"Hi my queen!" Shyam called out again making her bite her lip.

"H-hey.. hey, Shyam." Khushi waved as the people around her smiled at her.

"QUEEN!" He suddenly got up from his seat making her eyes widen.

"I want you to listen a poem I made for your birthday, queen, may I?" Shyam blushed making the auctioneer who was speaking about the bidding stop.

"Khushi, you are to me what milk is to a baby, you are to me what water is to a shark, you are to me what a bone is to a dog, you are to me what plasticsurgery is to celebrities, YOU ARE JUST SO IMPORTANT! Happy birthday queen of my life, the fire of my heart, the-"

"Shut up already wannabe Shakespeare!"

Khushi gasped when ASR's voice boomed through the place.

Great. Just frikking great.

She thought making Shyam fume before he sat down on his seat and the bidder started speaking in the mike again:

"Shyam Jha said 5 crore, 5 crore-"

"50 crore." Arnav spoke confidently, making everyone gasp and laugh and speak how possessive he is that he wants to kiss her being her husband and wont let her kiss anyone for charity.

Shyam looked at Arnav with his fists clenched and Khushi just lowered her gaze nervously.

"ASR said 50 crore, 1-2-3- DONE! The kiss and spending an hour with Khushi ma'am, goes to Arnav Singh Raizada! Congratulations!"

Oh no..



Khushi said the moment she stepped up to the beautifully decorated place where she's supposed to spend an hour with ASR after he won the bid. It was surrounded with yellow roses, golden-light chandeliers and heart-shaped things.

"Ha, you got no choice babygirl, I paid 50 freaking crores for this." Arnav cleared his throat making her stomp her foot.

"Who told you to pay half a billion on me?!!" Khushi asked, ok she felt really special that he thought she's worth his 50 crores but seriously.

"I didn't want anyone to bid higher than that and no one owns that much money in that event other than me I'm sure. I only want myself to be accessible to you thats why I paid so much. Plus it all goes to charity, so it's for a good cause. Now kiss me Mrs Raizada." he winked.

"Ok.. the kiss will be only for 5 seconds though."

"No, a minute."


"I will complain that you're not kissing me.." Arnav pouted innocently making anger rage through her and she came towards him and pointed her finger at his chest.

"I'd rather throw away all my favorite dresses than to kiss you!"

"This is getting serious.." Arnav thought, Khushi and her fashion stuff is inseparable.

"I wont kiss you. You're an A-hole. Your tie doesn't match your suit, and you smell of 3 colognes THAT IS BAD COZ YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO WEAR SO MUCH OF THAT! Let me tell you how to put a perfume jerk, take one- ONLY ONE and apply it only on your wrist, neck and behind your ears. Got it, you senseless moron?" The moment Khushi completed her speech, Arnav clutched his heart and fake-sobbed.

"Ouchie, rude words hurt babygirl. I'm in paiiin!" Arnav panicked sarcastically as if all she said was the worst things he's ever been told.

"So you wont kiss me? Huh? I paid 50 crores, to kiss your thin lips!"

"My lips are perfect."

"Keep dreaming, Gupta."

"Ughh! Fine! 10 seconds!"

"40 seconds."

"No, err..15 and a half seconds.."

"40 seconds."

"Fine, fine! 35 seconds, Raizada!"

Arnav cocked his head to the side. Okay, this is nice.

"Com'on now, come to me.." he spread his arms making her cringe.

"Um.. how will I be sure that you'll only kiss me for 35 seconds? I don't trust you." Khushi crossed her arms stubbornly.

"Dammit," Arnav took out his phone and turned on the stopwatch before showing it to her.

"Fine now? This will ring when 35 seconds are over and we'll stop our kiss." he said mockingly making her sigh and move towards him.

Arnav held the back of Khushi's waist, and pressed his lips against hers. 

Her eyes flickered as she ran her hand up and down his suit-covered chest, she held onto a button of his shirt and closed her eyes.

The kiss went on for what seemed like forever. He held her hand and moved closer before the kiss ended and she looked at him as he breathed in a shallow pace against her cheek and caressed her hair.

"Y-your stopwatch didn't ring." she grabbed the watch and saw it before finding it on MUTE.

Khushi's breathing fastened and she saw a big wide jumbo evil smirk on his face. 

"Birthday kisses don't need to be stopped. Happy birthday, babygirl. Now come on, I still have a lot of time to spend with you. Lets eat the cake and.."




scroll down for my wishes.. Embarrassed

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PinkPenguinxo IF-Sizzlerz

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her birthday is after 3 days but im wishing in advance. she'll turn 15 lolol but she already sounds smarter than me sometimes LOL 

ahhh hope you have a lovely day :')

here's to yagya, who..

is adorably sweet, kind and an extremely beautiful girl ^__^

is an amazing arshi ff writer <3

is a very talented person :D

is an awesome and funny friend :*


ok now im gonna put things here that u like. i find this so lame ROFL but imma do it anyway haha





ARSHI <3 <3 <3 




..and some lehengas  :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN SWEETIE, hope you have an amazing amazing amazinggg life ahead. i'll always hope the best for you and stay strong like you are even now. you rock, bas! 

i wish u have a day as lovely as u are and a wonderful life ahead. make your own destiny and always always love yourself and believe in yourself like u do even now hehe <3

Happy birthday again to one of the best girls in the whole universe, my fairy :')

ily <3 - vani :)

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Yagyaseni IF-Rockerz

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Mera liye hai! Toh yeh res hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the best! You know this will stay to be the best gift and thread for me, even after the CC Team making another one, as this is one is made by my Angel! You are one of the best friends I have on IF and one of my closest friends!


And about the OS, I so loved it! I love ASR's possessive shade always and you made me like it more! Love the OS! And ASR's cheating is the icing on the cake! 

You are the best Angel, bas! 

Thanks a lot for this!

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Rishaal Goldie

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Posted: 10 March 2015 at 6:44am | IP Logged

Very cute OS :)
Birthday girl and kiss scene was funny

Happy Birthdayyy yagyaa
Love you!

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candyjan IF-Dazzler

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Awesome dear
sweety421 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 March 2015 at 7:14am | IP Logged
Loved the OS vani... Beautiful. ...!!!
P.S-hapie bday to the preety birth day girl...
sarozz Goldie

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Posted: 10 March 2015 at 7:16am | IP Logged
Woweee loved it.., so funny
MysticRiver IF-Stunnerz

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