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ArHi SS: Lapsus Linguae - Ch 05, pg 14, 3 Apr

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Posted: 16 February 2015 at 1:11am | IP Logged
Lapsus Linguae


One is a misunderstood cynical nerd and the other is small town inexperienced fun loving girl. He spends all his time reading while she lives with a herd of friends yet maintaining her shell. Music burns his soul while for her it eases her breathing.

However in the virtual world, he becomes a jaded poet and she is a poet whose words are raw and unwarranted. Their sublime cravings clash with doses of reality and as both try to trudge through purgatory called as college, their poetry waxes and wanes with rainbow of emotions.

They are different yet similar. They are simple yet very complex. They are just them.

In virtual world (college blog), she goes by the name smalltown_girl while his name is library_guy

Author's Notes:

This was originally posted back in 2009 (!) for a different fandom. I quit watching the show and I couldn't bring myself to write for the same characters who were mutated beyond recognition. Ironically the show had Sanaya too.

I am posting the story with minor changes to characterization and some plot points. As this is one of the stories I want to see it to completion (certain verses are very, very dear to me), it will be posted here going forward.

As there are handful of chapters already posted, I should be fine handling this along with the other ongoing ones.

Do check out the music. :=)

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Posted: 16 February 2015 at 1:11am | IP Logged
I don't listen to music as much as I used to. When I wrote this there was this phase of listening to alternate rock, indie rock and rock ballads. Six years is a very long time and now the music of the day isn't what it used to be. The old thread has links to songs that made sense to me then but it doesn't add up anymore.

In my head, this story runs in parallel with music that's playing in my ears. So for every chapter I will post a bunch of Hindi and English songs - some popular and some totally obscure because...I can and its fun :=) Most Hindi songs are going to be from 90s. Its my kink, so :=)

Music recommendation is most welcome. Tell me which song runs in your head when you read an update. Tell me which movie score makes most sense when A or K read poetry.

Index and Music

01. Chapter 01 - Rebirth - Page 01
A meeting across air waves and optic fibers, girls missing their dad and a guy getting his poetry fix for the day.

02. Chapter 02 - Reappraisal - Page 04
When she crashes and burns, he waits on the other side of sunset. Words can only take you so far.

03. Chapter 03 - Revaluation - Page 06
It seems he is always in the fringes of her disappointment and hurt.

04. Chapter 04 - Rebound - Page 10
When they meet, they collide.

05. Chapter 05 - Rejoice - Page 14
They meet again.

Music [Click on link to visit respective videos]

01. Chapter 01 - Rebirth

1. Anne with an E - The pains of being pure at heart
2. Madhhosh dil ki Dhadkan - Jab Pyaar Kisi Se hota hai

02. Chapter 02 - Reappraisal

Modern Life - Little and Ashely
02. Chamak Cham Cham - Yesudas

03 Chapter 03
- Revaluation

01. Little Pieces - Gomez
02. Tera mera pyaar - Bombay Vikings

04. Chapter 04 - Rebound
01. Do I wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys
02. Kuch tum socho - Sonu Nigam

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Chapter 1: Rebirth

It had come as a shock to both the girls when their father had decided to get them admitted to a college in Delhi. Payal had accepted it with more calmness than compared to Khushi. Khushi on the other hand had been jumping with joy. It was not that she disliked the small town where they lived but it was more of a perpetual bliss and monotony that town imbibed in them which made her life dull. She loved her life and basked in peer pressure, if such a thing did exist in their town. Everyone seem to know everyone and by the time she had finished her schooling, she knew that if she really wanted to experience life, then her town was definitely was not that place. Her paternal aunt who lived in Delhi had wholeheartedly invited the girls to stay with him and her father had agreed. The dream of her living in the big city, making new friends and being adventurous in life had finally materialized. Her sister had however seemed more withdrawn.

Payal, the shy little girl who was always referred to as Khushi's older sister. She wasn't unhappy being called so as far as people left her alone. Being grown-up in the shadow of her sister, she bleakly wondered what would happen to her if she was directly exposed to the Sun.

"Find yourself an umbrella then!" Khushi had trilled. She had turned pink at her sister's insinuation. She knew it wouldn't be that way. She was a simple girl with simple tastes with her nose mostly buried in books. Even in the new college, she would continue her lifestyle the way it was now and no one would bother her. She wasn't looking for anything from the new start that she and her sister were getting after the death of their mother. She wanted to finish college and get a new job. Her plans ended there. Her sister Khushi was different in that aspect.

Khushi never really had one, single, solitary dream. Her dreams and whims changed with changing time but never really stopped. There were times when Payal would see the far way look in her sister's eyes. She would know that look because she herself had it for a while. Introspecting Khushi was something she had come to see more and more as they grew up and it had the little sibling always on a confused mode. She would have danced all night at a party, sneaked to their room by climbing up a tree but on the same night she would find her sister writing away in her diary. This had Payal completely confused and when she confronted Khushi about it, she always got a wooly but a convincing answer. It drove her nuts. After couple of months, Payal gave up trying to figure out what her sister wrote and just left it at that.

Their father had insisted they live with their aging aunt, his sister, so that she would have some company and advocacy for her nieces. Payal had made a disapproving noise in the back of her throat when their father told them about their living arrangements. She had observed her aunt and her sister on various occasions and she could see the underlying tension between two women. Their aunt had affection for the girls, of course, but her blatant brashness towards things she deemed unimportant would always rub Khushi off in a wrong way. And unfortunately for everyone, Khushi wasn't someone who kept quiet. She wondered if it was a wise idea to put two people who were combustive with very little catalyst and highly explosive, under same roof. Like always, she didn't say anything in contrary to her father's words.

Before the decision of moving to the city was sunk in, they were already finishing all the formalities of getting admitted to new college and were coming home with handful of paperwork and brochures.

Once back in their town, the sisters had read back to back of every available paper that was handed out to them at their college. While vast library and music room had captured Payal's attention, the vast landscape and exclusive blog for students had captured Khushi's. She idly mused about the possibilities of retaining her individualistic attitude that she carried in their town. In small towns, anything being tiny bit different from the norm generally was termed individualistic. But in a city like Delhi, even she knew that she had to offer a lot more to be noticed, to be respected and to be accepted.

Initially she was surprised to see that their college website offered every student to have a blog on the site with an anonymous username. Though they logged in with their actual names and passwords, it was really clever of the college to allow students an opportunity to be anonymous from next step onwards. It was then she had an idea. Also it was time to let go of all the turmoil that she had been feeling for quite some time because of the movement to a new place.

She logged into the site following instructions and mulled over for a while about her penname. She looked out of the window staring at the leftovers of summer. They were now on cusp of changing seasons. Summer evenings were peppered with cool drizzles bringing in a harmony of ending of summer and onset of monsoon. And during this cusp, most colleges and school reopened. She wanted her pseudonym to be based on truth and not be something derived out of her fantasy or influenced by external factors. She smiled knowingly and typed out her penname.


"That should be sufficient for my works." She thought idly. She decided to keep her page plain and simple. There was nothing plain and simple about her. She wore her individuality on her sleeve and people took notice of that wherever she went. But on her blog, she decided to forgo all the plumage that she had adapted to while she was growing up and become absolutely threadbare. She felt exhilarated at the freedom of that.

After thinking for a few moments, she wrote her first post on that site.


He made himself a cup of coffee before hitting the books. He was Arnav, only son of a single mother brought up in city. He was a nerd at heart who ignored his good looks and disregarded the interest showed by the opposite sex. While many brushed it aside assuming that a nerd never really understood the advancement from girls, a few thought that he was simply being snooty. Though his arrogance came from his intelligence, he lacked the conceitedness that one generally associated with pretty boys. He was approached by many of his college goers to be a part of some or the other athletic team. He ignored them with reasons one inane than the next. He however kept himself fit for the respect that he showed his body. His mother however made blunt comments as to how her only son was boring to be buried himself in books when he should be out making loud noises in dating scene. He would simply roll his eyes to his mother and kiss her cheek in an effort to placate her. It wasn't as though she didn't understand him. It was that the way he looked at things differed greatly from the way his mother did or anyone else for that matter. The cocoon he had built around him was strengthened as the years passed and now it had become unbreakable.

Unless someone nuked it through.

He logged into school site to check out if there was anything good going on. He was lucky to be in a college where facilities were one of the best that was available for students. His inner poet had been unleashed when saw an opportunity to write down semi asinine angst thoughts as he would call them. He saw that there were few new members given the fact it was beginning of a new semester and there would be few new students. He clicked on a couple of them and found them to be very self-absorbing.

"Blogs are supposed to be that you moron." He heard his brain mock him. He clicked a couple of more links and didn't find them interesting enough to hold his attention for more than few seconds. He stumbled up on a very plain user name: smalltown_girl.

There was nothing special about it yet it made him open the page. By the name, it was obvious that the writer was a girl. He was surprised to find the page devoid of anything other than the default offered plain page. She had not disturbed the normalcy and had not even made an attempt to personalize that page. It intrigued him and allured him. It looked as if she was posting for the first time and there was only one entry. He clicked on the link to read her entry which was untitled.

Leaving my place of birth

to be in city of dreams.

Will this be my rebirth

or my awakening?

The entry had ended there. There was nothing phenomenal about the poem. There wasn't even any aspect in the poem to which he could hold on to. Yet there was an endearing honesty and subtle fear of moving into new place. He could picture the girl's anxiety about fitting into a social hierarchy in a college as a new student. He stared at the screen for few more minutes re-reading those four lines. His mind had dislodged itself from himself and was analyzing the character of the author. He shook his head in an attempt to get rid of thoughts which he shouldn't be harboring in the first place. He heard his mother coming and rustling around the place. He had promised his mother that he would help her with dinner and decided that he would also share his coffee with her; but not without sending this girl a reply. He smiled all the way till he finished his comment to her post.


It was D-Day. They had to leave their town, their friends, relatives, school and most importantly their father and start a new life at new place. It made them both elated and sad at the same time. Khushi had slept in as usual, a habit that she had been accustomed to over summer holidays which she currently deeply regretted. For once, she wanted to join her father when he finished his morning prayer and prepared himself a steaming cup of tea. As usual loose words had kept her awake till late in the night or very early in the morning which made sleep take a hike far away from her. Eventually she had fallen asleep after she managed to bring out what her subconscious was screaming at her in encrypted words. After deciphering it, her eyes had watered. With all her possessions already packed, she decided to post it directly on her blog since she was very sure that no one would really read into it.

She was in for a pleasant surprise when she logged into the college website. She had one comment on her post. She clicked on the link to view that comment.

I can be a prince charming who will kiss and wake you up from the slumber that you have been in. Or should I be the one who nurses the baby phoenix when it rises out of its own ashes?

-- Library_Guy

She blushed when she read the comment. She clicked on the link to check the guy's page. It looked like he was writing something like what she did. His entry was a small one posted only a day ago. It was titled - "On the beach during sunset"

Ebb and tide

rise and fall

My chest on motion

and so is ocean

Hands in hair with sand "to-go"

Sands abandoned of human touch

we wait for darkness to devour


She smiled at his words. She loved sunset more than sunrise and she understood exactly what it felt like when the day ended. He had summed up what she felt on a daily basis whenever she left the company of her friends and headed home and turned herself in; because that's when the loneliness generally hit. She shook her head and left a comment of her own. She posted the string of words that had bothered her whole night and titled it - "For my father".

Shoulder to shoulder

I meet his height

Tear for tear

I meet his defeat

throat clamps

eyes well up

I am strong! I tell him.

he shakes his head,

hugs me close

that's when I know

in his mind

I am but a child

She heard her father downstairs and logged off and sighed.

It was now time to leave.

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Be back soon-ish??

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Awesome Start, The will fall in love thru their poetry. 

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Rishaal Goldie

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Posted: 16 February 2015 at 1:37am | IP Logged
It is soo awesome start
Khushi and Arnav are anonymous here,
very interesting and intriguing!
What is your update schedule?
Can't wait to read the next chapterEmbarrassed

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Beautifully written as always! You are really gifted dear friend. The verses are simple yet outstanding...absolutely loved the last verse!

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loved it 

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