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Humdard, An Alternate Universe Story ft. AshVik

eshaaax3. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi Guys! Esha here, 
I've written this FF originally on my blog, 
but some readers said it would be much more convenient
 if i also posted on IF as it's easier to read, 
so I'm just posting it on their request :)

(I would love new readers hehe)

This is NOT an ArVi or AshVik fanfiction. 
This is a fan-fiction involving characters I've made up within my own plot line. 
I am using AshVik as the actors you can say that
 I'd like for you to imagine when reading. 
Read as if AshVik are now in a new show together, 
and this is a script from the show...

The story takes place in New York, and has a Muslim backdrop, 
only for the reasons that i have better knowledge about 
New York than i do of India and Islam 
so i can use it effectively in my story- and the setting and religion 
plays a huge role in the story, so i decided to keep it to what i 
know best instead of using something i barely have knowledge about.Embarrassed

Main Characters:

Junaid Mazin Mirza
(Rithvik Dhanjani)

 Adiba Reham Malik.
(Asha Negi)



1 AND 2 - PAGE 1
3 - PAGE 

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eshaaax3. IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 1:

He shivered as he leaned on the wall, head sulking, tears overflowing from his hazel orbs. It wasn't the first time he felt useless, but for the first time ever, he felt guilty- like everything was his damn fault. He sat motionlessly on the floor and clenched his fists. Closing his eyes, as the tears continued to flow, he tried to get away from his horrific reality. Why didn't I listen? Why did I keep running away? For the first time he felt anger boiling in him, anger boiling for all those lies and cover-ups, for all those ignorant remarks, for all the times he was Jay. He was told over and over this wouldn't last, but he wanted to believe ... only to be a mere pawn, a dupe- he'd become a use and throw away napkin. He continued sitting on the floor until the scorching rays hit the side of his face.

He awoke with a jolt. The same dream, the same horrific dream over and over again. He was terrified to close his eyes; every time he did, that night would float to the surface. Life became boring, almost gray. Not around him, but for him.

He got out of bed and pulled a black v-neck t-shirt over himself after he freshened up. Taking a closer look at himself in the mirror, he gawked ... negatively. I look hideous.

"Jay! Jay! Honey, are you awake? Ahh I've been calling for you for so long."

He turned around. His dear mother, he wondered what was so new today.

"Junaid Mom, Junaid." He sighed. His own mother forgot his name.

"Ah, yeah. Here, come here, sit." Junaid sat besides his mother at the edge of his bed. She kept a hand on his hand and gripped it tight.

"It's been enough now. Two years have gone by. Look at you. You have me worried. Junaid, you know how much you mean to me, after your Dad and Maira's accident ... you're all that I have left. Even your brother doesn't have time for me anymore, he's always so busy!" the elderly woman sighed

 "Listen, this afternoon we are going to go visit the Malik family ... for your marriage." Junaid's eyes shot up at his mother's in disbelief but then he looked down. He hadn't listened to her before and regretted it so much, he decided to pay heed.

"You know them, maybe. You've done schooling with their eldest daughter, Adiba, Adiba, Ring a bell?" Junaid tried hard to remember, but he couldn't. School days? Did she mean the days he tried to pretend to be someone he wasn't?

"Uh maybe Mom, I don't know" he sighed. He knew his mother wanted best, but the past year his mom has been arranging these matches and not a single family has taken the offer further.

"Smile a little please. I think you scare the bride's family" His mother gave an assuring smile. She was so strong, after all, she had to be.

Junaid bit his lips and got up when his mother peeped into the room again. "Oh, uhm... honey, shave a bit please? I think that scares them a little too. Hurry up." She smiled again, hoping her son would respond back the same but to her disappointment he just turned around, not saying anything.

Before going through his closet, he took another look at the mirror. He reached for his overgrowing beard and looked left and right. I do need a shave ... maybe not a clean shave... how about a scruff? Hmm...


She was stunning. Junaid gaped as she placed a tray of red tea and biscuits on the table. I went to school with her? How did I not notice?

"Adiba is a graduate from StonybrookUniversity. Now she's working as a doctor at her private clinic."

Oh that's why, she was smart.

Adiba smiled. Gosh, she is perfect. But ... she deserves so much better!

"Mujhe lagta hai humein bacho ko ijjazat deni chaiye akele baat karne ke liye, hain na?"

{"I think we should let the kids talk now, right?")

Junaid's mom piped in and Adiba's parents nodded.

"Adiba, take Junaid out to the porch will you?"

"Jao Junaid, go ahead."


This is so weird. What the hell do I say? This girl's a doctor! Ehh, What's up Doc? I'm going looney for sure.Junaid shook his head, this was going to be another rejection, he was so sure.

"So Mister, Jay Mazin Mirza, how are you?" her voice was so lovely. Junaid looked up at her face. The sun was hidden behind the clouds now, but still she felt so radiant ... so bright.

He cleared his throat. "Uhm, yeah, uh ... Junaid .. please, don't call me Jay ... acha nahi lagta (I don't like it)."

She smiled at him funny. He's even cuter up close and a lot nervous than I thought.

She giggled. Junaid found this uncomfortable and cleared the air again. "Uh so, Adiba ... Adiba Reham Malik, right? You're a doctor? Impressive, I mean, of course ...uh you must have been quite a student, hmm?"

"Ehh, I guess so. I mean if a 4.0 GPA is impressive to you, then I guess I was quite a student. But what to do, Jay ... uh sorry ... Junaid was so not interested in this stuff in school. You don't remember me do you?"

He bit his tongue. "Uhm, I think I might uh... no, no I don't"

"Of course, even when I came to your house for Eid you never noticed. Why would the cool dude of the school notice me in class if I was so invisible to him at his own home?" She giggled some more.

Was this girl complaining or rubbing my ignorance in my face. Damn.

:"Waise, mazak kar rahi hoon main (By the way I'm kidding}, Don't take it seriously. Only wanted to make the atmosphere... less awkward."

He pursed his lips. She is kind of funny ... I guess... oh but she's so beautiful, her eyes! He shook his head once more.

"Uh, Adiba ... listen, this ... proposal, I'm pretty sure I already know the answer so-"

"And how is that?"

"I just ... I know. I'm not right for you, you deserve better ... You're a nice girl, really successful. I know Mom is a little too positive about this and pushing this, but I can make her understand..."

Adiba set her cup of tea down on the table.

"Wait ... wait, what makes you think I'm going to reject this?" Junaid widened his eyes and blinked twice and opened his mouth to speak but couldn't.

The petite girl moved all her hair on one side and folded her hands in front of her.

"Junaid ... listen, I honestly have no problem with this Nikkah. I've known you practically my whole life, maybe not like a best friend, or a sibling or anything close, but I know you're not a bad person." She took a sip from her cup.

"Adiba, look you really don't know. I'm just not right. I don't want to go forth with this marriage and make your life miserable ... I don't even think I'm capable enough for marriage, I don't think I can keep you happy ..."

"Marriages are made perfect by imperfect people Junaid. I don't want a prince charming you know. Just because I'm a doctor and all, it doesn't mean I need someone just as highly qualified. I just want a nice life partner, someone respectful."

"But that's what I'm trying to tell you Adiba... I'm not that guy..."

"But I think you are ... a man who's strong enough to come clear to wish better for a lady he's only interacted with for a few minutes ... I've had lots of marriage proposals come at me Junaid ... for my money really ... no one's ever thought about me ... the other's wanted to marry me and eat from my paycheck. You didn't ask the figures or how many cars I have. And you're the first one whose come to me in the intention of an actual marriage, you actually thought if you could keep me happy. My previous proposals... no one's ever talked about making efforts to keep me happy ... And, hmm. for the first time... a guy was nervous to talk to me ..." she smiled.

He was stunned. Wow this girl is "Adiba, please, I don't think I'm right for you ..."

"But I think I'm right enough for your nervous wreck" She giggled again. "Chalo, ammi bula rahi hai (Come, Mom's calling)"


You know what they say, never delay in the auspicious. It's been a week since Junaid and Adiba had met and talked on her porch and now it was the Sangeet ceremony. Junaid had lost all sense of emotions related to happiness. He just didn't know how to cope with it. He fixed the buttons of his sherwani and gelled his hair up. He took a long look at himself in the mirror. I hope this is right ... who am I kidding ... this is all so wrong!


Talk about lavish! The sangeet location was beautiful! Hues of yellows and pinks and greens allured the cathedral ceiling hall. Drums and dancing girls, little kids and elderly guests eating away- everything was so ... happy. But Junaid ... he was allergic to happy. Junaid's mom tugged at the sleeve of his sherwani. He saw hope in his mom's eyes. That worry that was eating her inside twenty four seven for the past two years disappeared. She seemed to have found her own happiness once again. A tiny smile crept on to Junaid's lips.

After two long hours, Junaid had had enough. This was the most happy he could take before he had an allergic reaction. He was just itching to get up and leave. He hadn't sat in an atmosphere like this in so long. This was all so alien to him.

I haven't even seen her face all night, how lame! Why even invite the groom. Amidst the already loud crowd, he heard an even bigger reverberation coming from behind him and he turned around quickly. Junaid was staring again and for way too long for his health. God dammit I can not marry this girl, she's so ... Perfect ... and I'm just me ...

He folded his muscular arms across his chest and watched across the hall- she was ideal in every way- the way the pink dress correlated with the pink hues on her cheeks, the way her plait fell loosely over her side... and that smile! That smile was so genuine, she was so genuine... It would be such a sin for me to disappoint such an angel... I could never



It was wedding day and Junaid was anxious as ever ... well not to get married of course, but to call this off! Thinking day and night has become a bad habit of his, and ever since meeting Adiba ... her thoughts don't seem to leave ... as if the thoughts have finally found a home. I have to talk to her, there needs to be some way for me to meet her before this Nikkah, she isn't even picking up!

Junaid was sure this was what he wanted- riddance of his name from Adiba's even before they were joined. There was nothing wrong with her, in fact, everything was right... except his name to hers ... in just a few hours, they'd be husband and wife, and he was not ready to ruin such a beautiful girl ... he was too weak and she was far too fragile.


She heard a faint knock at her window as she was making her way down to the hall. The lights were turned off from before and everyone had gone downstairs, but she still decided to check the windows once more. As she approached the window she couldn't believe the sight. Junaid hung to the outside handle of the window, his feet barely on the outside window sill. He signaled frantically to open the window.

Adiba couldn't handle it anymore and burst into laughter. "Is this how you used to sneak into your girlfriends' rooms? Very clever" she giggled some more.

"Very funny," Junaid scoffed. "Actually I wanted to talk to you"

"Junaid, you do realize we're getting married right? In like thirty minutes? You can wait a little, can't you ... or ... ?"

"Why are you so keen on marrying me Adiba, I fail to understand! Maat karo na (Don't do it!)"

"As if iss samein akar main ab naa kar sakti hoon, waise bhi- main kya buri hoon? (As if I can back out at this moment ... anyways, am I that bad?)" 

Now Adiba was taunting him, there was no other way for her to make him understand that she wants this so bad. She looked at him in the little light in the room with pleading eyes.

"No Adiba... tum bohut achi ho, bohut... lekin main kharab hoon... tumhare liye {you're really nice, really ... but I'm bad ... for you}"

Again with the I'm not good enough statement, Adiba was so tired of it! She'd had it!

"Isiliye toh tumse shaadi karni hai. Chahe poori zindagi kyun na lag jaye, mujhe tumhari ye galat femi door karni hai- mujhe tumhe dikhana hai ki tum kitna acha insaan ho, jo maine tum mein dekhi hai, jiski wajah se ..." (That's exactly why I want to marry you. Even if it takes the whole life, i want to get rid of your own misunderstanding, i want to make you see you for you, the good human you are, what i've seen, the reason that ...)

"Jiski wajah se? What?" (The reason that? What?)

"Uh... nothing, uh... Tum jao. Der ho rahi hai, mujhe bhi niche jaana hai" (You go. It's getting late, I've to go downstairs too).

Adiba took a quick and fast breath, she spoke too much.

"Tum jaante hue bhi jahanam bula rahi ho"
(You're calling hell knowingly)

She shook her head and chuckled.

"Mujhe aitbaar hai ki ab sirf jannat hi dikhe ga, woh bhi zameen pe"
(I have a belief that from now on, only heaven will be seen, that too on grounds).

Junaid had left for the hall downstairs. Her room was so dark ... but the moonlight creeping through her window illuminated so much. She watched on as he walked off to the other gate.

I wish I could tell you why Junaid, I really wish, but now is too soon.


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Chapter 2:

It had been a long and tiring day and the only thing Adiba wanted to do was go into her room, sorry ... their room. But Junaid was nowhere to be seen after they had arrived to his apartment. Adiba didn't know he lived away from his family. Adiba sighed as she got tired of waiting and sat infront of the vanity and started to take her ornaments off. This is going to be a huge struggle.She grabbed her phone after she freshened up and decided to text him just when he came through the doors. She opened her mouth to ask where he was all this time, but seeing his dreary eyes and shiveled hair, she decided against it.

J: ah, Adiba, it's late. Why don't you go to sleep?

A: I'M sure you're equally tired, right? Come go to sleep.

Adiba fixed his pillows and told him to sit down so she could talk to him.

A: Listen, I can understand this is hard for you. Trust me I can. As your wife now, I wholeheartedly will not ask anything from you until I know that you are ready, even though it is my right to demand and want. All you have to do is tell me and I'll listen to everything you say.

Junaid played with the end of his white kurta and tried avoiding eye contact, but Adiba was already affecting him. She put a hand on his shoulder, trying to tell him to turn around and face her but he only gave a weak smile and left to go to the balcony. Adiba sighed, At least he smiled, she thought. She fixed the side pillows on the bed and placed them in the middle, thinking he would come back soon to sleep.

"... as-salatul khairum-min an nawm, as-salatul khairum-min an nawm,"

Adiba's phone rang and beeped loud. It was time for her Fajr prayer, and for her, her prayers were everything. After coming out from the washroom and putting on a scarf, ready for prayer, she saw that Junaid's side of the bed was empty ... Actually she found it in the same condition as it was when she went to sleep- untouched. Did he fall asleep in the balcony? Ya Allah!

She slid the door open and found Junaid laying on the balcony swing, fast asleep, strands of his hair covering his forehead, his hands crossed over his chest. He was shivering a bit too, Octobers in New York could get quite cool. Quickly, Adiba grabbed a small shawl from her suitcase and brought a cup of black coffee for him to have when he woke up. It was too early now to wake him up from his sleep ... I don't think he gets enough of it she whispered to herself.

Placing the cup on the side table, she moved forward to do her prayers and reading a few verses from the Quran, it was getting late. Even after she was done, she saw Junaid hadn't moved from the swing. She slipped off her scarf and wrapped it around her neck and decided to sit on the extra chair on the balcony. She stared at his face for what seemed like forever. The sun had risen by now and made Junaid's features stand out even more; his chiseled jawline, covered in brisky little hairs, the little mole on his nose, the shape of his eyes ... His hairs that fell on his forehead and tickled his face then and now ... Adiba looked away, and wiped a tear. Ya Allah, it's been so many years. I had given up hope so long ago and never thought we could ever happen. Even today, even though he's so close to me, he's so far. I'll never understand your ways ...

Adiba sniffled a bit as she composed herself when she heard Junaid waking up.  Barely awake and trying to process Adiba's figure infront of him, Junaid raised an eyebrow as he found himself covered with a shawl.

A: "Good morning"

J: "hmm ... Morning..."

Adiba figured she'd leave now; maybe he wasn't ready for a conversation since he just woke up. Just then she felt a tug on her wrist and sat back down. Junaid nodded his head, signaling her to sit with him longer. She furrowed her brows and put on a smile and nodded back a what's up.

J: Sorry ... uh ... first night and all ... I'm such a crappy person ...

Junaid's head hung down and Adiba began giggling and soon it turned into the sound of a beautiful laughter.

A: When will you get over thinking so badly of yourself? I told you last night, I'm giving you time, as much as you need, as much as you want. Relax.

J: You know ... you're the first girl that's ever given me all their time ... You're the first one who's said they're ready to wait... Thank you and Sorry again ... you deserve so much better ...

A: Oh ho ! You talk so much, stop being so formal at least. It's really weird and I don't like it.

Adiba giggled again and Junaid couldn't help but reciprocate the same, she was contagious.

A: Come on, it's almost 9 am, we should head to Maa's place ...

J: Maa ?

A: Your Ammi

She smiled and went back to their room.

Junaid got up and noticed the cup of black coffee. Ehh it's so cold now... but still, she thought about getting me something ... and she's already calling my mother hers ... what is this girl ... what did I even do to deserve someone like her?


It's been a month now since Adiba and Junaid have been married. Things were still very much the same. Junaid didn't talk much and Adiba was out of the house all day at her clinic. When she came home, she would find him either fast asleep  or standing mum in the balcony. On cold November nights like those, she tried her luck to strike a conversation, to make his heavy heart feel a little less of a burden. She'd succeed at first but the conversation died too quick and he would move on to go to sleep or go do some work.

It was now the first day of December and Adiba came home a little early, with the snowed in warnings, all the small clinics, major chain stores, offices and schools closed early. She shook her umbrella and put it aside and took off her coat as she held the mail in one hand.

A: Junaid! Are you home? Junaid!

Adiba called for Junaid urgently.

A: ugh Junaid where are you? Look, Maa mailed - Oh! Maa? As-salam walaikum, Aap yahan, iss waqt, mausam bhi toh kharab hai na ... (Hello, Mother, you're here, at this time, the weather is bad too ...)

Mother: Walaikum as salam ... main chali jaaungi who sab chodo... (Hello, I'll go, don't worry about that) I came over, I hadn't seen you two in a few weeks now, you're both busy these days, so I came and dropped by.

Adiba smiled and then remembered that she just saw a mail from her mother in law.

A: Uh, Maa ... we got a mail from you? What is this?

M: Uh uh ... don't open it just yet! Let's wait for Junaid na! Oh look he's here, Come here Junaid, hurry

J: As salam walaikum mom, what brings you here?

M: Tu hi bata ab main kya karoon, mere bte aur bahu toh mujhe bhul hi gaye hai, par main toh bhul nahi sakti na. Ye tum dono ke liye meri taraf se ek chota sa gift hai. (You tell me now what do I do, my son and daughter in law have forgotten me, but I can't; This is for you two from me, a small gift)

Junaid looked at Adiba and opened the envelope. Honeymoon Package at Taj Mahal Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey ... OH MY GOD MOM! 

Junaid's eyes widened and he yelled out a Mom! Adiba jumped a little and decided to look over at the things from the envelope and equally widened her eyes. She knew Junaid wasn't into these things and this might just make things awkward.

Right when Junaid tried to speak, Adiba butted in and took over

A: Maa look, this is a very sweet gesture, seriously thank you. But I am so busy, especially in December, I have so many patients and it's just-

M: oh ho! Please, you work too much, I'm sure you can figure some dates out. No ifs or buts.

J: But Mom, I really don't -

M: Shut up. Jabse nikkah hua hai, tum dono kahin nahi gaye ho. Sara din kaam mein lage rehte ho. (Ever since you guys got married, you haven't gone anywhere, always busy in your work!) Now please, this is my gift to you two. If you two deny this, understand I'll be very hurt. OKAY, Khuda Hafez.

Junaid's mom waved a big good bye and headed out the door as Adiba followed to lead her out. She came back and found Junaid still holding the tickets. She grabbed the tickets from him with a jerk and ripped them up and threw them in the closest trash bin and started heading up stairs without saying a word to Junaid. Shocked at her behavior, he followed her into the room.

J: Adiba why did you just-

A: If I hadn't you would have

J: But-

A: Listen, it'd hurt more if you ripped it up and threw those away, and im not going to sit and dream on something that's only gonna make our relationship even awkward. We're fine the way we are right now, and I don't want something to happen that even this little interaction between us goes cold. It's really okay, and those tickets are just , ugh, I'll tell Maa I never got my holidays, she'll understand. Go to sleep. Good night.

That night Junaid pondered upon a lot of things. He was hurting Adiba. She never showed that she longed to receive something back from this relationship. He had no reason to not give her a little attention. She was always trying so hard to take care of him, to make sure he was never found in awkward situations with her. And all he was doing was being a cold a******. He couldn't even start a conversation. She had to initiate everything. I should do something.


A few days had gone by and Adiba began coming home really late and Junaid began working from home just because.

*ring ring*

Junaid's call? That's rare ... must be important...  Adiba picked up quickly.

A: Hello?

J: Ya, Adiba? Uh... Where are you?

A: I'm coming home soon ... why? Is everything okay?

J: ahm, yeah everything's fine. Okay bye

A: Hello? Hel- Hello?

That was strange, what's going on? Adiba placed her handbag on the passenger seat and drove home quicker than ever, worried.

She opened the doors and jumped at the box that hung in front of her from the door. She took the box off the strings attached to it from the ceiling and closed the main door. She called out to Junaid. "Junaid? What is this?"

She sat on the dining table and decided to open the box since Junaid hadn't responded after a few calls.

Honeymoon Package at Taj Mahal Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey- Deluxe suite.

Adiba's eyes bulged out of her sockets, he has got to be kidding me!

Junaid came out from the kitchen with a glass of water for Adiba and greeted her a hello, acting as if everything was normal. She took the glass and put it back on the table.

A: Junaid what is this?

Junaid shrugged. "They're tickets"

A: I can see that! We talked about this Junaid! What are you doing!

At this point, Adiba was frustrated with Junaid. Things weren't anything husband wife like between them and she knew they wouldn't be for a long time ... so what the hell is he doing with these new tickets?

J: Adiba? Come here, sit.

Junaid grabbed her wrist and made her sit on the sofa next to him. Adiba squirmed, with a single touch she knew she'd lose it, and this was not the time.

J: You're a crazy girl you know that right?

Adiba looked at him shocked. "Excuse me, what?"

J: You want to go somewhere with me right? You want to spend time with me ... Why can't you just say it. You spend hours at your clinic so you can avoid me and ignore your own desires ... Why did you have to rip apart the tickets the other night. I would have gone.

A: You would have Junaid, but you wouldn't want to. It's different. You did this because you feel pity right? You feel guilty right? I told you it's okay. I don't care, really.


She got up again and Junaid pushed her back down.

J: God will you sit down and listen! You're a horrible liar Adiba. At least, in these few months I've figured that out. You can easily get days off from work. I called your reception wanting to speak to the head doctor to request for your days off and they told me you were head doctor. Why did you lie?

A: Junaid ... I ... look, I don't want to go okay. I know you're not ready and you don't want to go either, and it's just-

J: But what if I say I do want to go?

A: It's okay, you don't have to say sorry- wait what ...

Junaid raised his eyebrows and smirked a tiny bit.

A: You ... uh... you want to go?

J: Remember the night of our nikkah? You said I could ask anything, and you would listen? Can I ask something tonight?

Adiba didn't say anything and Junaid still continued.

J: You know, all these months ... the passing days, you've never left my side, even though you come home so late and leave so early in the morning. You still go out of your way to do things for me or just try to make me feel ... happy. At first, I wasn't too comfortable, honestly. And i was quite skeptical. I thought this marriage was a joke. But now ... Adiba... there's something about you... and I feel lonelier without you... I really do. Maybe I can't take this to a whole new different level right away and im taking longer than ever and making you wait ...  but ... do you want to go on this mini vacation with me ... as friends? Adiba, i've gotten used to having you around ... I NEED you, I need a friend like you ...

A: Idiot

J: excuse me?

A: What excuse me? Did you think I was being this nice to you because i had nothing better to do? My kindness doesn't go forth to strangers so easily you know. I've always thought of you as a good friend Junaid. Stop being so silly!


Junaid laughed a little bit and Adiba stared in awe. He looks so heavenly, Ya Allah, why can't you let him laugh like this all the time. Ease his pain please. She tried hard not to tear up.

J: So ?

A: So ... what?

J: Are you coming with me?

A: No.

Adiba got up and started heading to her room, and again, Junaid followed behind her. He knocked on the door hastily.

J: Adiba, come on, I want us to have a good time together, please? We don't have to do anything honeymoon like- Adib-

Adiba opened the door and Junaid found a pillow coming at 9876374824 mph hit his chest.

A: GOD, I was kidding! Go pack! 

Adiba giggled in breaks as she packed her belongings while Junaid followed suit, making sure to never break away his eye sight from her ... One week, alone, away from our everyday lives ... Im trying to move on, trying to move on ... let me do something right for once ... Junaid zipped his suitcase and set it aside.



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Update the third chapter sooon!!!! TongueLOLSmile

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thank you hun, it's coming :)

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Adiba dressed warm in just a light red trench coat and Junaid eyed her confusingly.

"Are you sure that's enough? It's going to be in the negatives tonight ..."


Adiba gave a crooked smile and went for the driver's seat. "Don't worry."  I won't need it for long anyway, she thought to herself.


"Wait, what are you doing in the driver's seat?"


"Mr. Junaid Mazin Khan, you have two options, the passenger seat next to me, or the passenger seats in the back. Your choice."


Good God this girl is so dominant man. Junaid obliged and took a seat in the front. He couldn't understand why it was so important for her to drive to the Hotel, she'd be driving for a good two and a half hours, three if there was traffic! Oh well, can't question this lady ...


Twenty minutes later Junaid realized they weren't heading to their Hotel ... they were heading to the airport ... What the bloody hell!


"Adiba! Uh where are we ..."


"Surprise hai, come on" Adiba parked the car and Junaid unloaded their luggage.


"Can you at least tell me where we're going at least if not to the hotel?"


"Why? You think I'm kidnapping you?"


"NO! Why would I think ..."


"So what, you don't want to be kidnapped by me?"


He realized she was pulling his leg. She loved the look on his face when she pulled such antics. She loved this vulnerable side of him, it gave her the urge to just take his hand and hold it forever.


"Adiba! You're not funny!" Junaid paced behind her as she hurried to the checking counter.



Adiba and Junaid's seats were on the odd side of the plane, so a third seat was empty. "Here you can have the window seat, you probably like it." Adiba played with the belt of her coat, "Uh actually, you can sit there, im not too keen on looking down ten thousand feet below me."


Junaid chuckled at how kid-like she could be sometimes. "Fine, I'll take it." He took off his black leather jacket and placed it on the overhead, taking Adiba's too. He headed to the restroom only to come back and see another man sitting on the left side of Adiba and Adiba sitting as far to the right as she could. He watched her squirm. She had taken her coat back from the overhead as well. Junaid didn't like the sight of this.


"Excuse me, I need to get through mister," Sounding as monotonous as ever, Junaid pointed to his seat and the man made space for him to get through... But Junaid stopped at Adiba's seat and whispered to her to move over.

"Junaid, it's a window seat, I don't want to-"


"Adiba, uss taraf beht jao, abhi."


"But, Junaid, I-"


"Main hoon na? Relax and move over!" Adiba felt his voice bellow and she listened to his command. Junaid sat down in the middle and the man looked at him sheepishly. He inched closer and whispered so just the two of them could hear, "Yours? Just married eh? You're a winner ma dude" Junaid glared at the man and if he had it his way, he'd have altered this man's face and body. Before he could respond, Adiba held his arm back, "jaane do (let it go), please" Junaid sighed and listened. A few minutes later the man fell asleep. Junaid hoped he wouldn't wake up the whole flight.


He looked to his right at Adiba and saw how she positioned herself ... even if they hadn't worn wedding rings, people would have assumed they were a couple just by how close she was sitting next to him ... if she moved another inch, she'd be on his lap! A tiny smirk crept on his face- he liked this proximity, he could smell her jasmine perfume even better ... He tilted his face closer to her ear and whispered into her ear.

"Agar tumne pura flight aise he behti rahi na, flight attendants humein sach mein ten thousand feet niche gira denge ...(if you sit like this the whole flight, the flight attends will surely throw us off)" Adiba turned her face only to feel his cold winter breath so close to her face..., their lips centimeters away, her cheeks flushing red as she realized how close she really was ... she gulped and moved away.  Junaid's smirk was even more evident now.


As she positioned herself properly once more, Junaid continued speaking again ...


"Ab toh humne plane mein beht gaye hai (now we're even sitting on the plane!), can you tell me now! You didn't even let me see the tickets or look at the dashboard in the center area!"


"Kya yaar shakal dekha khud ka? (Have you seen your face!) Relax. Last night when you fell asleep I opened up my laptop and booked tickets to my ... uh... penthouse. There's not much to do on the east coast during the winter, so I thought we go some place warm ..."


"Okay,  and where exactly is this warm place?"


Before Adiba could answer, the flight attendants came around and started their instructions and the pilot announced take off. "Good morning people. Welcome to American Airlines. Please fasten your seatbelts, we will be arriving at Los Angeles Airport in 6 short hours. Enjoy your flight."


Junai's blood went cold. Los Angeles? California. His fists clenched into hard balls. He heaved in and didn't heave out for the longest time. He felt his adrenaline rush and his ears begin to pop as he and the rest of the passengers floated into the air ... If he could he'd jump out of the plane right now, but he looked over to his right and saw how peacefully Adiba was looking through the magazines, how softly her hair fell across her face,  how her eyes twinkled ... She looked at him and down to his clenched fists and her eyes flickered, "Junaid? Are you okay? Do you get motion sickness? Do you need water? Here drink this..." Junaid didn't know what to say or how to react. He  drank the whole water bottle and nodded at Adiba, "I .. I'm fine."


"Are you sure?" Junaid nodded.


"Ah okay, you scared me for a second. It's only a six hour flight any way; we'll be there before you know it!"


"Take your own advice madam, the clouds won't come and take you." Junaid tried smiling, trying to divert his own attention.


Adiba yawned, "Anyways, I'm going to nap okay? I spent the whole night searching these tickets and I can't explain how tired I am. We'll land at around 2pm New York time, so 11am Cali time, and then we can go and do something and ..." Slowly her voice trailed off and her head fell upon Junaid's shoulders. Caught off guard, he looked at the new weight on his shoulders ... he was worried, he was scared. Should he tell her? Or should he just be strong and start fresh? Worry fell upon his face ... She doesn't deserve a broken man like me.


The same strand of hair from earlier fell across her soft face once again and out of compulsion, he swept it back behind her ear and rested his hand on her cheeks for a bit... She hung onto his arm and moved in closer, even in her sleep she was scared of the height ... Junaid moved his lingering hand to her shoulders and held her while she slept soundly ... Ya Allah, help me be strong. Don't let me disappoint her, please.



The tall brown palm trees fell over the penthouse in such a way that it almost seemed like it was the guardian of the landscape. Junaid muttered an expression of astonishment as their car pulled through in the drive way.


"Welcome to my ... our penthouse Junaid ..." She leaned against the car with her hands folded at her chest as she smiled at the view. (link to penthouse: xx)




"Haan ... I mean, when I had this made, I had this vision that one day when I'm married, this would be my husband and my getaway, our relaxation from the hectic world, where it'd just be the two of us, where we would just sit down and read, or watch the sunset or look out to the Hollywood Hills ... so, yeah, you are my husband, so this is no longer just my penthouse, it's our penthouse ..." She tried to be as casual as she could, she knew that if he found out she built this house in the name of the love she had for him, he'd probably flip out ...


"Wow ... this is beautiful Adiba, you have a great eye, must say..."


"Ha! I know ... let's go inside, come on"


Junaid stopped at the doors and saw a wind chime hanging, whistling a peaceful tune, swaying to the beats of the wind. Below it, he noticed a small plaque, the initials AJ carved in to them in silver ... AJ? What could that stand for? Adiba and Junaid? NO way, it can't be, she had this house built before there were any talks of our marriage so how ... He shook the idea from his head.


Adiba noticed Junaid was staring at the plaque and quickly clarified. "Ah AJ, it stands for Aashiyana Jaan e Janaan', House of the Sweetheart..."


Junaid raised an eyebrow, "Impressive ..." He wasn't too convinced, but he didn't sweat it. He stepped inside and took in the sight of the visuals in front of him... this house screamed Adiba. Every corner represented a spectrum of Adiba's personality, the modernesque furniture, the abstract frames, the color of the curtains ... each and everything held an ounce of Adiba.


Junaid walked around the house and analyzed everything, still in awe. Moreover, the lights that entered through big glass windows made the house even more indulging, it's just like how she illuminates my life and ... once again, before he could finish his thought, Adiba started talking as she unpacked the luggage in the bedroom.


"You know, the house, I designed and decorated how I wanted it to be for the time being. I thought once my husband comes, we can change things and adjust stuff around to what he likes and-"


"No" Adiba looked at him puzzled.


"It's perfectly fine the way it is, it's a beautiful, beautiful house. And why not, when the imaginer has such a beautiful mind, the house has to reflect know" Junaid sat down on the bed and placed his hand under his chin as he watched Adiba's eyes flicker to the floor and her cheeks flush again. I love that color on her cheeks, gosh!


Why does he do that to me, ya Allah, how will I spend the next week!



Adiba dressed in a turquoise blouse and a beige maxi skirt. She had been missing the summer weather and was absolutely ecstatic to be wearing such light clothing. She grabbed a side purse and her sunglasses. She stepped out of the bedroom to go call Junaid and found him leaning against one of the windows, lost ...


Since they had landed, Junaid felt his stomach tie in knots, and the longer he stayed, the tighter the knots got ... he wanted to leave, he thought he'd never come back ... never come back and have to face the memories he shoved deep down in himself ...


"Junaid are you ready?" She saw he was still in the same black tee and track pants from the flight. "Junaid, why haven't you changed yet?" "Hello?"


He wasn't responding, and this time she kept a hand on his shoulder, "Junaid, I'm talking to you ... "


Junaid stepped out of his trance and looked at Adiba puzzled, "hmm?"


"I asked, why haven't you changed yet? We were going to go to the beach remember?"


"uh hmm, yeah..." He walked back to the bedroom, running his hand through his hair.


Adiba shrugged, he's probably still getting over the motion sickness ...


A few minutes later, Junaid stepped out in khakis and a light turquoise tee that showed off his broad shoulders and muscular arms.


"Uh ... I thought you know, we could match our outfits ... I guess... Chalein? (Shall we?)"

She giggled and grabbed the car keys.


"Wait, you're driving again? Let me drive!"


"Junaid, you haven't been here before, we'll get lost, im driving come on!" She giggled a little more. She loved the change in their approach to each other now.


Junaid's head fell as he followed behind, hands in his pocket. "Yeah ... right, I don't know this place all"


"Kuch kahan tumne?" (Did you say something?)


He shook his head.




It was a cool day, the winds had calmed down from before. The beautiful blue waves of the Pacific crashed at her feet, her hair blowing behind her. She looked back at him and found him sitting on the sand, hands around his knees, looking out ... more like zoning out into the ocean ... She shook her head and ran back to him and sat down next to him.


"You know, you're quite a boring person. Such a shame. You seemed to be so cool back in high school"


"I am NOT a boring person!"


"Oh really? So am I the boring person? The whole time we have been here, you've been sitting here exactly like this! It's much more fun to stand in the water than to just watch it you know ..."


He really wasn't in the mood, but he thought back to what he thought during their flight ... I don't want to disappoint her...


"Ugh come on! What are you thinking! Live Junaid, come!" She grabbed his arm before he could hesitate anymore and ran to the waters. Opening her arms wide, she let the LA sun reflect on her face and twirled around ... Why can't I be like her? With no care in the world ... happy, peaceful ... Junaid's eyes began to water and just then she splashed some water onto him, running backwards, for she knew he'd get her even worse. He ran after her, but she was far too fast for him to catch, and then she fell ... she couldn't swim, she was drowning ... Black and white images flashed in his mind, goose bumps formed all over his body, he became numb. His mind echoed that horrific shrilling scream ... He dived into the water and picked Adiba up, his heart beating frantically. He placed her on the sand, "Are you okay? Adiba, are you fine?" Adiba coughed a little and sat upright, clearing her throat. "Yeah I am, relax it's -"


"Relax? What relax! Don't tell me it's okay! You don't know how to swim and you ran into the water, have you gone mad? Do you know what could have happened? You could have, you ..."


"But listen, nothing happened right? I'm okay! Why are you getting so upset, it's okay-"


"No it's not okay! Why can't you understand?" He grabbed her by the shoulders, he was practically screaming at her now. His eyes had turned cold with pain once more, his teeth grinding against each other. Adiba didn't know what to do, his eyes scared her ... she began to whisper, "Junaid, I am okay, please." He loosened his grip on her.


"Come on, the sun's going to set soon, and you'll catch a cold in that ..." He grabbed the car keys from her purse and sat in the driver's seat.


"hey, I told you, I would-"


"Tum bohut bolti ho, pata hai tumhe? Chup chap beht jao (Did you know, you talk a lot? Sit down quietly!) " Junaid rolled his eyes and started the engine.


Adiba murmured under her breath, "Itna gussa kyun karta hai yeh, naam Tom Riddle hi rakhna chaiye tha maa ko, uff" (Why does he get so angry, Mom should have kept his name Tom Riddle)


"I have a nose" He bellowed.


"Ha, very funny" Adiba rolled her eyes and smiled. Junaid wanted to do the same, but he couldn't. He just experienced dj vu ... a scary dj vu.




Junaid pulled up into their driveway and told Adiba to go and change.


"Suno, I'm gonna head to Nick's Coffee Shop down in Beverly Hills, I'm not in the mood to eat, so don't wait for me or anything like that."


Adiba nodded and started to head into the house when a thought striked her and she turned back.

Junaid bit his tongue when he realized what he said. Crap!


"Wait, how did you know about Nick's Coffee Shop?" Adiba looked at him skeptically.


"I uh, I saw, I mean I looked it up, earlier I mean... yeah"


Adiba stared at him and decided to just let him go.




It was around 8pm and Junaid still hadn't come back ... it had been a little over two hours he had left too. By now Adiba had changed into a night robe and clipped her hair back. She thought to call him, but she thought against it, maybe he wants space after what happened at the beach.


She put her glasses back on and picked up her novel when the door bell rang. She rushed to open the door and a huge weight came crashing on top of her. What the hell!


"Junaid? What happened?" Junaid stood up properly and looked at Adiba and gave a goofy smile. "Nothing at all chashmish" He pushed her glasses down and giggled. Adiba crinkled her nose as she smelt the horrible stench of alcohol. Oh my god he's so drunk!


"Junaid, come upstairs, you need to sleep, come on." She tugged on his arm and dragged him to their room, but before she could do anything else, he fell on top of her on the bed.

Adiba's heart raced, never had they been this close and never did she imagine she would be this close to him in real ... dreams were a different story of course.


Junaid in his intoxicated state moved away the hairs from Adiba's face and took her glasses off and giggled even more, "Chashmish, you are tooo cute, did you know that?"


Was he being for real?


He pouted and furrowed his brows, "why did you do this Chashmish? You know, I care so much, I don't like being away from you..."


Adiba was confused beyond belief; ugh he's just speaking gibberish. He needs to get off of me now!


But of course, again, before Adiba could push him off, he pushed her back down and leaned close to her ears ... "Tumne kyun kiya aisa, kyun Chashmish?" (Why did you do these Chashmish, why?)


Yeh Chashmish chashmish kya laga rakha hai! Aur aur, maine kiya hi kya hai? What is he talking about!


"Junaid, dekho tum abhi hosh mein nahi ho (you're not in you senses), please uh, get off-"


"Nope, I am not letting you go, nope! I want answers!" He moved even closer to her ears. She could hear him breathing now ... his breath was cold against her warm skin. She shook under his weight. He nuzzled into her neck and kept whispering things she couldn't understand anymore.

What is he doing ... Her hands reached to the back of his neck as he whispered some more and nibbled behind her ear ... She closed her eyes, this felt so right to her, how she longed any kind of touch, she couldn't think no more her thoughts has blurred.


"Why didn't you ..." Junaid began sniffling, his voice was cracking. "Why... why ... Leila, why" His sobbing came to a stop and his voice trailed off. Her hands slid from the back of his neck and one heavy tear strolled down her flushed cheeks.




Until next time ;)

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Priya_ashvik Senior Member

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Posted: 28 January 2015 at 8:33am | IP Logged
Cant tell you how longgg i have waited for this..
It was a suuuperbb update...Wink

Everything was perfect..From the slight hesitation of junaid to the excitement of Adiba!!!
And i loveddd the protective Junaid..Big smileBig smile
It was like he reallly did feel something for her..Although i know its still a long way to go..Smile

And Gosh..the place he was going to move on a bit is now the reason he is even more reminded of the past!!!
Hope he tells Adiba or may be she already know..But it will be quite an interesting track..LOL

The home perfectly describes Adiba and her aspirations and hope for her relationship with junaid..

And now after the near drowning incident which probably happened with leila too, He has lost himself and i wonder now what will be adiba's reaction..Especially after he in his drunk state is imagining leila in adiba..Cry

Update soon this time..WinkSmile

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eshaaax3. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2015 at 6:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by virika_lover1

Cant tell you how longgg i have waited for this..
It was a suuuperbb update...Wink
Aw yeah, i no, i took forever! Uni and studies comes first, kya kaare :(

Everything was perfect..From the slight hesitation of junaid to the excitement of Adiba!!!
And i loveddd the protective Junaid..Big smileBig smile
It was like he reallly did feel something for her..Although i know its still a long way to go..Smile

And Gosh..the place he was going to move on a bit is now the reason he is even more reminded of the past!!!
Hope he tells Adiba or may be she already know..But it will be quite an interesting track..LOL

The home perfectly describes Adiba and her aspirations and hope for her relationship with junaid.. Ahh yay, im glad that part was evident, i was worried if it would sound weird lol!

And now after the near drowning incident which probably happened with leila too, He has lost himself and i wonder now what will be adiba's reaction..Especially after he in his drunk state is imagining leila in adiba..Cry
Keep guessing why that drowning incident is important and who Leila is ;D

Update soon this time..WinkSmile

Thank you so much hun! I will try my best to be consistent :)

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