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Photogenic # 4 : Pg 32 - Mixed Television Couples! 23/04/15

Madhura.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 August 2009
Posts: 10288

Posted: 26 January 2015 at 9:34am | IP Logged

Credit for the amazing banner goes to my special friend Dangelz!! Thank you Dangzy, and I love it. I felt this looked unique, amongst all.

The name of the shop is Photogenic, logic is simple, we all photoshop and make stuff photogenic, or PS using photogenic caps, and I always found the people in the banner and show photogenic, so inspired or got the idea from there too. Maybe an odd name.

Welcome to my 4th gallery everyone.


As my username, says, my name is Madhura, and I am here as I love editing, and making creations, I guess each person here, loves editing hence is there on the avatar and signatures Shop Forum. I use, Photoshop. I have been Psing, since few years, and have come a long way, learning so many things, and tiny bits of creations, by observing work of my friends, learning from them and experimenting my styles, which have been a disaster too, but then whats life without a mess?
I am back after almost 7 months now, huge break, I never thought I would return here, but then thanks to few of my friends, and I did get inspired by them and my favourites, as you need something to PS on, basically...and then of course for the love of Photoshop. Its an addiction, a hobby, a craze, a relaxation technique, a joy for me and sometimes complex too, making me try to learn new stuff. Its said, unlearn and Relearn, that's the key.

                             Software I Use: Photoshop CS5.

                Resources: deviantart, Jenny, google or tumblr if I find.

What I can make: Icons, animated gifs, signatures and video signatures.

What I will make : Icons and gifs mainly.
I am sticking to them, cos I lack the inspiration for signatures, and I do not do decent sigs, basically, b it blending or concept, so its better to accept reality. You should post decent stuff, I am guessing my icons and gifs are decent, lol.

I love creations of certain people a lot, be it signatures or gifs or icons or something else, each have a speciality. They are as follows:


Sanober, Saher,Somaiyah
Urshie, Krishna(have to still see more from her)

Aishu, Linaya.
Jenny, Zeenat.

There are many more whose creations I have admired and IF has lot of fab people, but I cannot list everyone, neither can I see each one's work.

Inspirations: Each thing inspires me, like yes some of my friends or people, their work inspires me, but then even in life, nature inspires me, to do an edit in some way or advertisements too inspire me, or some of my friend's photography, its too huge.

Favourites: I believe in the present moment, and living in the moment. So my current favourites are Ranveer and Ishaani, called as Ishveer popularly from the show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi. The role is essayed by the actors Shakti Arora who plays Ranveer and Radhika Madan who plays the character of Ishaani.They have a role to play, cos they are an inspiration, and hence am here too, like to PS on them. As I said, you should have something to PS on and feel like doing.

The shop title too is somewhere inspired from them, you will see lot of creations on them from me.

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Madhura.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 August 2009
Posts: 10288

Posted: 26 January 2015 at 9:35am | IP Logged
I would like to give a shout out and a special thank you for my friends for being there with me, and encouraging me to open this, shop.

Dangelz: Honestly, I had stayed on IF for a while, just for her, cos I was actually bored. We connect very well, cos we have many similarities, and well we discuss almost everything and do agree and disagree, and respect each other's pov, its great talking to her and learning from her, its been yrs, I feel, and she is the only one, who has bothered to stay in touch with me, till date. Like we scrap, lots, and our long scraps...well. Like even if I go missing, she will scrap to ask, and well she is amazing, I love her. People call OTP, I call her as my OTF, one true friend!! I guess, I can't explain, some bonds are tough to describe..
She has a huge hand in the opening of this shop, cos, she bugged me too much, but then was not in mood, but later too, she did keep asking me, lol..and suggesting. Also she started with posting episode caps, of my fav show. Cos I always end up liking non popular shows. So a big Thank you to her!! She makes fab stuff, ofc...the creativity in her signatures, omg...the concepts, one will feel they should quit sig making too. I did feel..

Bestie: I guess all I can say, is we have been through thick and thin. We have helped each other She has supported me, we have discussed life, family so much and how bitter it is and how to deal with it, and found a way together. She is always honest, and frank and helps me a lot, I do miss our chats.

Surbhi and Purvi : We have discussed many topics, talked abt loads of stuff, been practical..and lot more. Sur always gave me huge comments than I deserved, and Purvi feels I make great icons...maybe opinion change hoga/

Urshie and Somaiyah: The phenomenal discussions we have had, and somaiyah is missing. Urshie, though yes, we hav discussed on our favourites, talking in general..and lot more.

Javeria: We have discussed more on PSing, and till date she bugged me to open a shop. We have discussed on other things too, and our fav pairs, at a pont and understanding stuff, but then we got busy. Plus she has been too kind to just appreciate my work.

Arpi : We have discussed stuff, d3, PS, and well all I can say is we can talk at any time, and anything.

Marium: Atm she is missing in action and needs to open her shop. She was my partner, and now..I wanted to open a shop alone, cos I cannot manage collabrated shop. I may quit soon..so.

Krishna: She makes fab stuff, but is v lazy, and ideally we were gonna support each other, cos well we are confident about the other person's shop. But scared abt ours, lol. But then Krishna, messed the deal, have talked or interacted recently with her, so..

For my friends who have given me suggestions, though I had no shop!! Hence I got the idea, if am doing suggestions, why not open a shop.

So want to thank you all and love you all! A bi thank you to all my commenters too and for my friends who have encouraged me, and helped me.

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Madhura.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 August 2009
Posts: 10288

Posted: 26 January 2015 at 9:35am | IP Logged
  • Kindly, do not crop my work or claim as yours. Credit will be appreciated.
  • Do not post my work anywhere without permission.
  • You can ask me for icon stacks.
  • I am always open for requests or suggestions, just provide me HQ caps or video links, cos Google images are limited.
  • It will be good to take suggestions on regular basis, so the update will be varied.
  • 2 suggestions per person, or Javeria will give me loads.
  • Am open with Holly stuff, this time, want to try my creativity, and will PS on anything.
  • Not taking any mythological or historical suggestions/requests, Wont be doing on them too, and not doing stuff on Starbharat too. I have done stuff on starbharat, and posted in cg ages back, u guys can see that.
  • Do Not Bash actors or characters please, I have my favourites, you can see the creativity.

Copyrights: Madhura, madz

Pms : I wont be sending any pms as its time consuming, you can keep a track through your posts. Besides, I find sending friend requests to people for just sending pms is selfish and odd..nowadays.


Pg 1: Mixed

Pg7: Ishveer, Sharman Hritika.

Pg12: Ishveer.

Pg16: Ishveer Confession.

Pg20:Suggestions,  Ishveer .

Pg 24: Mixed and Random.

Pg 28: ishveer, yhm, kash, RR, music.

Pg 32: Mixed Televsion Couples.

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Madhura.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 August 2009
Posts: 10288

Posted: 26 January 2015 at 9:36am | IP Logged
So finally Welcome to my shop, hope you all like my stuff, feel free to comment and criticise.
My stuff maybe bad, considering a break of 7 months, and am human, but have tried my best to do decent stuff.


Everything is free to use.


Humsafar: 10 icons

A fabulous show, such a serious and in depth show/

Assorted: 8

Dhruv-Alya: 18
From KYY, I quit it a month back, as it lost the essence and as I said, I love the non famous couples.



I admit am not good in sigs/


Mixed Couples: Guess all know the concept, blending actors u will like to see together, challenging to find right caps..




Holly: Suggested by Javeria and Tanja

TaaRey: Sugg by Arpi 4

Maaneet and Arhi sugg by Javeria again: I didn't get many caps, try giving.10 icons and 1 sig.

Now comes my Favourite, Ishveer:

Dance sequence caps credit goes to Dangzy!!


Std Icons: 8

Now the turning point drama, Karvachaut, Shakti nailed it!! Both did a great job actually.

I had to take caps for this epi. 15 icons, 1 gif, 1 sig



1st attempt at picspam:

Silent help scene: 9 icons

Tried long icons :4

Gifs: 6

Shakti Arora aka Ranvir:  4 gifs Let it load.

Yes, am done!! Feedback please.


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CrazyInfinities IF-Rockerz

Crazy Creative Minion
Joined: 11 February 2013
Posts: 6662

Posted: 26 January 2015 at 9:36am | IP Logged

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Madhura.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 August 2009
Posts: 10288

Posted: 26 January 2015 at 9:38am | IP Logged

Hey Madhura, Firstly Congrats on opening your 4th gallery, actually I didn't know  how many you had opened and also we just reconnected again after a few months so I found out about your new one just a few weeks ago, and I am so glad you did because the whole update looks stunning girl. Awww how sweet you mentioned Somaiyah & I in one place, I also miss our chats and you fully know Your one of my close friends from here :) although I don't need to tell you that either now :P you've been there for me when I needed to talk & I'm utterly happy we are getting a chance to talk more these days! Finally you Opened and seriously loved the unique name of your gallery! haha nothing associated with your username :)  Awww I'm in the list of your inspirations?Hug 

PS: Dangzy Banner is stunning! <3 I'm sure you picked the right one :)

Now coming to the Gorgeous update! Let me start with the Icons, Honey you have improved drastically with them and I am sure, don't kill me okay that you liked Icons so much hehe and now I know, cus you  probably told me!LOL


These icons are stunning <3 I did extra work by picking out my favs, see that? ROFL Okay Jokes apart I love these all because they are finely cropped and the colouring is Phenomenal I LOVE All the IshVeer Icons the most I can't tell you how much they are the best I just can't copy them all see but you have done amazingly well  . Deffo your icons are best yaar slightly better then sigs but make everything and you will get inspired that I know Tongue

this is stunning well blended yaar and You picked the right photos here and colouring is uber amazing really adore this and the text Hailaa GORG!Embarrassed Shakti looks amazing here like wow you can feel his pain! Big smile

Stunning Texture usage and colouring did you make them? Do you make textures? you left this plain and simple & I like that. Really Really Really GOOD make more in this style yaar! I will be waiting maybe something on IshRa in this style? wishful thinking!

Adorable! Simple yet pleasing to the eye. What a lovely photo is :)



Coming to my favorite  I mean I told you Madhura that I love your Avis, I shall say it again they have stunning colouring and not at all grainy I'm aso you better keep making them okay??? everything is amazing and I am going to be requesting you to make on my Fasv IE IshRa Wink MADHURA GIF FAN Yeah MAN!Wink

Your Amazing Madhura! I Can't wait for your next update & I was telling Krishna, It is probably one my longer comments in a gallery So you and Krishna are specialBig smile 

PS: I would have commented on more of the creations but this update is super long. Hoping you will make shorter updates so my page will load faster next time!

Love ya

Ursh Hug

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Dangelz IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 May 2006
Posts: 11278

Posted: 26 January 2015 at 10:23am | IP Logged
OMGGG, reserveddd!! :D :D 

- - EDITED - - 

Okay, so I am FINALLY here to edit Madz cause I've been putting this off for too long! Next in line will be Krishna! :D 

Honestly, everytime I wanted to come back and edit...I was just overwhelmed and didn't know how and where to start with. LOL But I think I'm more in a frame of mind to write out this comment for you, so I hope you enjoy reading! <3 

First of all, a big CONGRATS on your 4th shop! Hug  I really hope you continue with this shop till the end and not quit in between or towards the end! Urshie, Krishna and I will MAKE SURE you do not quit! LOL And I am sorry that I rarely commented in your previous shops, but this time I will try my best to be more regular and consistent :) 

Once again, you are very welcome for the banner! Honestly, more than a bribe...I made the banner mostly cause of the pure friendship we share :) I love the explanation you gave about why you have named your gallery photogenic, and it fits well with your major interests and likes. Embarrassed I love your introduction as well, very simple, genuine and from-the-heart <3 And I love the last line too...unlearn and re-learn, that is definitely what PS-ing is about :) 

As I mentioned before...I felt quite sentimental and touched reading your note! Hug You're a sweetheart, and the feelings are mutual from whatever you wrote about me and our bonding! Seriously, I had a huge smile on my face while reading through the note :) Thank you so much for the beautiful mention! 

Btw, I was just reading through your rules and I was surprised that you don't want to make any StarBharat or mytho stuff! Shocked I'm disappointed because I felt your StarBharat stuff was some of your BEST work till date! I'm quite serious about that! Like whether it was your icons, or gifs...I loved everything I saw. Don't think I ever mentioned that, but I am admitting that now. LOL Not saying that you should make StarBharat on regular basis...but once in awhile in terms of suggestions or whatever, you can continue to make if you'd like. 

Okay, now moving on to your update. First of all, this is one HUGEEE update! I felt you could have made 2 updates out of all this...but that's fine, cause I loved seeing everything all at once :) 

I have to say that you make very pretty icons Madz! And here are some of my favourites from the update. 





^ The ones I mentioned are my favourite, cause I was stunned at how beautiful they looked in terms of colouring, cropping and smoothness! 

That Anita sig is beautiful, and I had already told you ages ago that I liked it alot <3 Especially how you combined the pic with your own photography Embarrassed And the simplicity is lovely! 

The suggestions have come out nice as well, especially the Holly icons and also the ArHi stuff <3 The ArHi picspam/icons thing is my favourite :) Colouring and texture-wise, they all look beautiful! 


Now finally coming to your favourite, IshVeer stuff! LOL Embarrassed I like how you experimented alot with the IshVeer icons. These are my favourite. 


Colouring looks fab, and I personally prefer your simple standard icons alot. Embarrassed Not saying that I don't like the textured ones, some of the textured ones look great...but some of the textures didn't match very well with the pics. The dance icons turned out nice, except I think some of the last few turned a bit too blue...but that's cause I know caps were dark and had blue lighting to it, but still very nice attempt! 

Picspam attempt is lovely, especially since you combined different sizes of pics. And even with dark caps...you still managed to colour nicely. Although, you can still play around with pic placement...so the pics layout looks a bit more even. Long icons are simple and pretty! I love the offscreen one the most :)

Now, my favourite IshVeer stuff HAVE to be the gifs! Gosh Madz, you are making me jealous with those gifs...they are so gorgeous! You've coloured them so well, and the clarity is amazing <3 And like I said...you need to make more gifs, cause I'd love to see and use some too <3 The Shakti gifs are adorable <3 Especially last 2 are amazingg in terms of colouring :)  

Okay, so I think this is one of THE LONGEST comments I have written here in years for a friend! But I seriously had to write all of this cause you deserve it! Embarrassed and I hope I didn't bore you or put you to sleep! LOL

Edited by Dangelz - 01 February 2015 at 4:46pm

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-krazyriya- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 January 2008
Posts: 16903

Posted: 26 January 2015 at 11:06am | IP Logged
Firstly, my heartiest congratulations to you Bestie on your new shop! I really hope this time you finishes this one..n then open many more! Wish you all the luck! :D

Your banner is lovely...Dangelz do make really beautiful stuff <3 "Photogenic" looks unique n moreover your reason is justified :)

It was such a surprise to know that I'm one of those whose stuff you like the most n inspires you...didnt expected..but thank youu so much if you feel so yaar..thats a tough compliment to get from you! I'm honoured <3

Though I expected atleast 1-2 lines abt me from you, but its okay if you hv nothing to say..its a bit disappointing but totally acceptable n understandable.

Now..coming to your update...wow its huge! your stuff looks really amazing..most of them <3

http://i.imgur.com/Ko3LhLp.png >>its looks lovely...the colouring is sharp n beautiful <3
your assorted icons...all of them looks stunning..seriously! 
>>this one's truly the BEST! beautifully cropped n coloured <3 >>bg colour suits the pic...amazing work here :D well done!
Dhurv-alya stuff is beautiful...i loved the last line of icons more...<3 http://i.imgur.com/r2LkxIk.png >>this got messy a bit I guess...BG colour doesnt suit well... n "D" with brush looks torned... try to bring it clean next time :)

^^This is FAB... great concept...well cropped n placed pic...BG suits it quite well... n colouring is light n enhancing! great work here! <3
Manik-Ishani sig... merging is well but text looks too dark. However i liked Sahir-Khushi one...great combination...colouring is lovely! <3
http://i.imgur.com/TC3X7xN.png >>this could hv been better...
 >>this one looks awesomee <3
http://i.imgur.com/A1MGekF.png >>i liked the concept here...texture suits the sig! choice of pics is gud
 >>again brilliantly done :D TR icons could have been better...these look under-coloured
ArHi picspam is BEAUTIFUL...colouring n texture work on all looks really good!
>> Gorgeous it is!
 >>its so pretty..colouring is magnificent <3

http://i.imgur.com/rPHLF0I.png >>bg texture doesnt go well with the pic..look good if u amend n use some other bright texture.
http://i.imgur.com/d53vP8T.png >>try doing simple picspam... cuz here center pics looks bit odd
 >>this one's so cuteee...bright n crisp stuff! brilliantly cropped :D

Ishveer gifs... i loved the dark colouring as u knw dark colouring r my fav... u hv improved in gifs i must say... now timings r well taken care of... im impressed... :D <3 do more gifs plz!

Great work bestie... happy to see you back in action! :D keep PSing...hope something or the other continues to inspire you to PS!

PS : I guess its the longest comment I hv ever posted in anyone's shop! 

Lots of love <3

Edited by -krazyriya- - 31 January 2015 at 2:39am

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