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TaaRey FF : The Secret ~ch4:pg36 14 sep 15~ (Page 9) IF-Sizzlerz

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Update soon..

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Amazing concept...
continue soon...
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Intresting concept.
Update soon
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interesting concept
waiting for ur updates
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superb concept
thanx for pm
update soon
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Superb concept...Update soonBig smile
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i know i m really very late. I m so sorry for that. But i was out of town for two weeks and then when i came back there was no net in my city. So i couldnt update. I hope u all can understand me.

Now my college also starting from tomorrow , so i can update on saturday and sunday only. I know u guys want fast updates but i cant help it.

For now , enjoy this update.



After few days of taarey break up , taani was sitting on bed and was thinking about what rey told to sharon. His lines were ringing in her ears. And then how she called him and broke up with him. Tears roll down on her cheeks.

"No , no more taers taani. You are not weak. Show him that you dont care about him anymore. Show him that with out him you can live your life. From now just focus on your life. And ignore rey." She whispered.

"Taani" she heard swayam calling her. "dinner is ready." Swayam again said.

"Coming bhai" she said while wiping her tears. She remember how she told swayam about the break up and swayam went to rey to talk with him. He took care of her that night. Made her eat dinner and then sat beside her when she was sleeping. He know she was broken and she needed someone. And he was there. He very well know her pain. How she might be feeling. After TaaRey break up , he started to take care of her more. Even he came to know about the rude comments on college website and he scolded taani for not telling him.

Taani went down and sat opposite to swayam.

"You okay??" Swayam asked her as he noticed her red puffy eyes.

"Yes bhai. I m fine. Infact i decided that i will start a fresh." Said taani. Swayam served dinner in her and his plate. Kaka made taani's favourite dishes today.

"I know its difficult for you taani. I mean rey ne jo kiya vo...he is my best friend and you are my sister. But what he did-" swayam was saying this while looking at his plate but taani stop him in between.

"Bhai , whatever happened between me and rey but please dont break your friendship because of that." Taani said while eating from her plate.

Swayam looked at her. Her face was expressionless. She very well know how close rey and swayam are. She didnt want their friendship to suffer. Swayam was amused that how can she hide her pain inside her. He know she was hurt beyond repair and she is hiding her pain.

"But it will took time to talk with him again. I mean i ignored him since you and he broke up." Swayam said.

"Dont ignore him , otherwise vo sochenge i snatched you from him and your friends will think the same." Taani said.

Swayam didnt replied back. "Your friends" was ringing in his ears. It was true , gang was never her good friend. She was his sister thats why they were talking with her and when ever something happen they always blame taani.

"Okay i m done. Me sone ja rahi hu." Taani said "good night".

"Good night." Swayam replied.

Taani went in her room and sat on the couch. She was thinking something. She took a writting pad and a pen and started to note down something.

"New outfits"

"New friends"

"Talk with gang only if its necessary"

"Be happy"

"Enjoy life fullest"

"Forget Rey"

She note down this six points.

"So Mr. Reyaansh Singhania , from tomorrow you are no one. I dont even know you." Taani said. She put the pad and pen on the couch and went to sleep.


Rey was sitting near the window. He was missing taani. He badly wanted to see her. She forgot how to smile after the break up. Even swayam to ignored him after the break up.

"I m sorry taani but i m doing this for you only. I m sure when u will come to know the truth , tum mere paas aa jaogi. Bas kuch hi dino ki baat hai." Reu said to him self , to assure himself that everything will be fine soon. But he was unware of the fact that taani is thinking to forget him. He thought something and wipe his tears. He drove to her house and went in her room through the window.

As he stepped in , he saw the best sight. She was sleeping peacefully with her soft toy. He smiled at her childish behaviour. He went near her bed and sat down there , adoring her beauty. Dim light of the room was on. He kissed on her nose gently and then stood up to go back. When he was near the couch he noticed that writting pad. Its pages were turning because of the wind. He took it and it was the same page in which taani wrote. He could read it. When he read the last point he felt a pang in his heart.

"Sach me mujhe bhoolna chahti ho tum??" He thought as he read the point. But soon he heard a ringtone. It was taani's phone ringtone. He hurriedly went under the bed before taani see him.

Taani woke up hearing the tone.

"is waqt maa kyu phone kar rahi hai??" She said as she saw the caller id "Mummy".

"Ha ma ...kya hua?? Aap soyi nahi abhi tak?? Raat ke 12:30 baj gaye hai." Taani said with a yawn.

"Bas sone hi ja rahi thi. Socha tujhse baat karlu. Tu thik hai na??" Her mom asked.

Taani remembered her break up with rey. She badly wanted to cry and to tell her how much she is suffering , but she dont want her mother to take tension.

"Ha ma...i m perfectly fine." Taani said and tears roll down on her cheeks.

"But teri aawaz se esa lagta nahi hai. Tu ro rahi hai kya?" Her mom asked as she felt her voice a bit cracked.

"Nai...nai to. I m not crying ma. Vo to bas mujhe bahot nind aa rahi hai so." Taani said controlling her sobs.

"Ok thik hai. Tu so ja. Kal baat karte hai. Love you"

"Ok. Love you too." Taani said and cut the call. As soon as she cut the call she started to sob silently.

"Kash me aap ko bata sakti ma. I need you , i need you so much. I want a tight hug from you ma. I need you to take care of me." She said in between her sobs. Meanwhile under the bed rey was feeling miserable. He wanted to go and give her a tight hug but he cant. Somewhere he was scolding himself for taani's this situation. Taani went in washroom to wash her face.

Rey came out , cancel the last point "Forget Rey" from the pad and then went from there. Taani came out after few minutes and then slept.


"Taani , breakfast is ready." Swayam called her from the living room.

"Just a minute bhai , m coming." Taani replied as she started to apply kohl in her eyes. After that she apply lip gloss on her lips and she was ready.she wore a knee length skirt and a top today. Something different , something new. She combed her hair and let it be open.

" are looking so good taani." She said to herself with a smile. She went near the table where she kept a krishnaji idol. She pray for herself and her family and then took the pad which was on the couch.

When she look at her points , she saw a line on the point "Forget Rey".

"Mene to isse cancel nahi kiya tha , then who did it??" Taani thought and then put it in her bag. Then she went down where her brother was waiting for her.

"Good morning bhai." She greet him happily.

Swayam was shocked seeing this new taani. Till yesterday taani didnt even used to smile , and today he saw happily smilling taani. He felt so good. He smilled back at her and wish her good morning.

"By the way you are looking so nice." Swayam said.

"Thank you bhai." Taani said and she sat on the chair. Both took their breakfast and then left for college.


When she entered in the college every guy was staring at her. They always saw her in jeans but today she wore something different and she was looking beautiful.

Otherside rey was in the canteen. He was waiting for taani , to see her in new outfit. After few minutes she came in the canteen. All the guys looked at her. She was looking cute and beautiful. Rey noticed all the guys looking af her. He felt like punching them hard.

Gang was sittibg there too. They looked at taani and were amused.

"Aaj kuch hai kya?? Taani kuch badli badli lag rahi hai." Simmi said to neha.

"I dont think. But whatever , taani is looking beautiful." Neha said.

Swayam and taani came there. Swayam was looking here and there , glaring at the guys who were staring at taani.

"Bhai , ab aapki sister itni achhi lag rahi hai to sab dekhenge hi na." Taani said to swayam.

"Tumhe ho kya gaya hai?? Ajib behave kar rahi ho." Swayam said.

"Nothing bhai , from today i m no more the old taani." Taani said. Both reached near the table where the gang was sitting.

"Looking beautiful taani." Neha said

"Thanks neha." Taani replied with a smile.

Rey was amused. Till yesterday jo smile tak nahi kar rahi thi today she was smilling wide. He felt good looking at this taani. But then he remember her last point , "Forget rey." And become sad.

"Taani come sit" aashi said.

"No aashi , i have some work. I need to go." Taani replied.

"Ohh , but we ordered your coffee too taani. Your favourite cold coffee." Rey said to taani.

"But i hate cold coffee." Taani said looking at rey.

"But kal tak to cold coffee bahot pasand thi tumhe." Swayam said.

"But ab pasand nahi hai." Taani said " bye bhai , class ke baad milti hu."

She went away.

"Zaroor ab aake koi na koi order degi." Vicky said.

"Ab vo GS hai to order to degi hi na vicky. " swayam said. This was enough to shut his mouth.

"Umm..swayam vo-"

"Dekh rey , if u want to talk about taani then i dont want to talk. If its not about taani then go ahead. Tum dono ke bich jo hua so hua , me uske bare me ab koi baat nahi karna chahta. I am her brother but your best friend too. I think hamari friendship par is baat ka koi asar nahi hona chahiye." Swayam said to rey.

Rey , who was affraid that swayam will break their friendship felt relife. He hugged swayam.

Swayam too hugged him back.

"And one more thing rey."


"I m still a possessive brother. So its better for you to stay away from taani and make sure u dont hurt her." Said swayam.

All looked at swayam with wide eyes.

"What? Ese kyu dekh rahe ho?? I know i m your friend but i m also a brother. Ok i need to meet vp sir so bye. Baad me aata hu." Swayam said and he too went from there.

"First taani decided to forget me and now this possessive brother is back. Rey teri to lag gayiab." Rey thought.

"Come on guys , lets go to RH. Rehersal karna hai." Sharon said who was watching all this silently.

"But swayam??" Nil said

"Vo bhi apna kaam kar ke aa jayega." Sharon said. All finished their coffee and went to RH.



taani was walking in the corridor , with bunch of files in her hands. suddenlly someone collide with her and both fell down on the floor.

"M so sorry taani. Its my fault." Said a girl.

"Hey , its ok. But why are you crying ??" Taani asked her as she saw her eyes and cheeks wet.
"So will you be my friend??" Taani asked.

A smile came on her face as she asked this. She immidiately hugged taani.
"Taani me kuch keh raha hu tumse." Rey said but taani didnt stopped. She kept walking. She didnt even looked at rey. Rey held her wrist and stopped her.

"Sorry but i dont talk with strangers." Taani said on his face and then went away.

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Love it first chapter 
Starting was nice... Taani new dress Awesome.. 
Rey Tere to lag gae... Hehehe 
Update soon.. Precap more interesting 
Waiting taarey talk after break up 

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