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TaaRey FF : The Secret ~ch4:pg36 14 sep 15~ (Page 35)

Pearl_TR Goldie

Joined: 28 May 2015
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Posted: 10 September 2015 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
Lovely update dear
Loved it
Taani and tauji talk was nice
Gift wow!!!!
Taani and Rithwik singing superb
By any chance Rithwik will fall for taani? 
Waiting for next update
Thanks for PMSmile

umatejesh Goldie

Joined: 27 September 2014
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Posted: 13 September 2015 at 5:23am | IP Logged
Nice upd
Wow taani is singer
Now waiting to see jealous rey
lechu10 Goldie

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Posted: 13 September 2015 at 6:04am | IP Logged
update next chapter soon...intresting story...:) :)
Shubh007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 September 2015 at 7:17am | IP Logged
Update Soon
sneharjun92 Goldie

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Posted: 13 September 2015 at 8:24am | IP Logged
please update soon dear. 
waiting for next part...
TR_lovebirds IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 May 2014
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Posted: 13 September 2015 at 10:20am | IP Logged
Superb update...
Taani and tauji's talk was nice...
Taani can sing that is awsum...
Now rey will realize that what he had lost...
Precap is nice...
Update soon...
pink1 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 April 2013
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Posted: 13 September 2015 at 10:28am | IP Logged
nice story
update soon
.PixieBunnie. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 September 2015 at 9:12am | IP Logged

All were clapping for taani , and in excitement taani hugged RD. 

At the otherside , rey felt jealous seeing taani and RD's hug. He looked away to avoid them.


"Meet us in the green room taani." RD said to her and then started to walk towards backstage.  Taani looked at them all. She came down where arushi was standing.

"Oh my god taani , you rocked." Aru screamed and hugged her tightly.

"Thanks aru." Taani replied. "Lets go from here" she said grabbing her arm.


"Green room...where is the green room yar??" Taani said irritatingly.

"But why are we going to green room??" Aru asked. In last five minutes she asked hundrade times but taani didnt answer her.

"Offo aru , batati hu. Hey see , there it is." Taani said pointing at a room. "Lets go." 

"Taani security will threw us. Lets go from here." Said aru , pulling her back by her forearm.

"Aru baby , RD said me to meet them in their GR." Said taani , making aru's eyes wide.

"You must be kidding." Aru said.

"No , i m not kidding." Said taani.

Both were arguing with each other when shivam came out of the GR.

"Hi taani" he said.

Taani turned hearing her name. "Hi shivam" she said to him.

"Come in , all are waiting for you." Said shivam.

"See , i told you aru." Taani said to aru , but she was busy staring at someone. LOL 

"Aruuu !!!" She said as she found her staring at shivam , taani looked at shivam ,  who was also busy staring at eachother.

"Hey krishnaji !!!" She said and came in between them.

"Can we go in shivam? She will also come , andar jake ghur lena usse." Taani said , making both of them blush.

"Ohh ya , lets go." Shivam said and turned to go. Aru and taani followed him.


"Guys , here comes taani shekhawat." Said shivam as he enter in the greenroom.

"Kaha hai?" Asked rohan who was eager to meet her.

"Hi guys" said taani as she entered in the greenroom , followed by aru.

"Hi" said rithwik , yuvraj and rohan. , "i m rithwik" , "i m yuvraj" , "i m Rohan" said three of them.

"Hi , i m taani and she is my friend arushi." Said taani.

"You were fabulous taani." Said yuvi.

"Yup , yuvi bhaiya is right." Rohan agreed.

"Thanks" said taani while sitting on a couch.

"Shivam abhi tumhare bare me hi bata raha tha , ki kitna pareshan kiya tumne usse." Rithwik started to pull shivam's leg.

"Ri yar , stop it." Said shivam. "She was my assistant , but i was not good at that time." Then she turned to taani , "i m so sorry taani."

"Its ok shivam , but truely speaking , when i saw you playing drums , mujhe to believe hi nahi hua. You were awesome." Said taani.

"Ye talent to usne humse bhi chupaya tha , apne bhaiyo se bhi " said yuvraj.

"Bhai??" Asked aru.

"Yup , me and rithwik are sibling and rohan and shivam are siblling , and we are cousins." Said yuvraj. 

"Yup , ri and yuvi are my bua's sons." Said shivam.

"Wow , cousins all together. Its So much fun living with cousins." Said taani.

"By the way , taani also hid her talent. Aaj hi pata chala she can sing as well as play instruments." said aru.

"Taani , your voice is melodious." Said RD. 

"Thanks." Said taani.

"By the way , its time for dinner. Did you guys had your dinner?" Asked aru.

"God , aaj phir bahar ka khana. I hate it. I miss my mumma." Rohan started his nautanki.

"Stop it rohan , Ri cant cook here. " Said yuvi.

"You guys can come at my place." Said taani.

"What?? Really??" Asked RD.

"No yar taani , tumhare ghar. We cant." Said shivam.

"But shivam bhai-" said rohan but shivam glared at him and he keep mum.

"Shivam , dont scare him. And of course you guys can come to my place. Because of you i sang today , it was my mother's wish that i make a career in music , but i never listened to her and came here and forgot everything for-" she stopped in between realising what she was talking. She changed the topic to divert their mind.

"Come na , i will feel good if you all come." Said taani.

"Umm...ok but we have one condition." Said yuvi.

"Condition??" Aske tarushi together.

"Ya , vo actually.." started yuvraj and he looked at RD to talk ahead.

"Actually , we want ..." said RD but stopped unable to speak.

"Actually taani we want you to join our band." Said shivam.

"What?" Taarushi scresmed.

"Why are you screaming??" Said yuvi and rohan , putting hands on their ears.

"Sorry , but i cant believe what you said." Taani replied.

"Actually rohan is 18 n he took admission here , in st. Louis." Said shivam. "And me and yuvi are in st. Louis for student exchange program." He complete his sentence.

"Wow , thats great." Said arushi looking at shivam.

"Achha , tujhe kya great laga isme??" Said taani eyeing at her.

"Lagta hai kisiki setting ho rahi hai." Said RD. 

"Guys , i'll be just back." Said shivam and he tried to go but RD and yuvi pulled him on the sofa in between them.

"Are where are you going??" Asked RD.

"Shivam , kya ho raha hai huh??" Asked taani.

"ha ha , answer do taani ke question ka." Said yuvraj.

"Guys stop it." Said shivam. 

All the time aru was looking down due to shyness.

"Guys , i m going." Shivam said and ran from there. Rohan , yuvraj , rithwik and taani laughed at him.

"Aap ko piche nahi jana bhabhi??" Said rohan to arushi.

"What?? Kon bhabhi kiski bhabhi?? Me kisiki bhabhi nahi hu." Said arushi , and glared at taani. "Taani chal yaha se abhi ke abhi." 

"Aru tu beth na thodi der , me shivam se baat karke aati hu." Said taani.

"Achhe se tang khinchna uski." Said RD.

"Ha sure." Taani replied , looking at aru who was glaring at taani.


"Yaha kyu aa gaye??" Asked taani. Shivam was standing in a balcony , enjoying the cool breeze.

"Bas yu hi." Said shivam.

"Agar aru achhi lagti hai to bol do na." Said taani.

"Nahi vo-" shivam said but taani cut him in between.

"Aru achhi nahi lagti tumhe??"  She said.

"Nahi , esa bhi nahi hai."shivam replied.

"To phir??" 

"I dont want to hurry." Said shivam and turned towards her. " achha meri baat chodo , what about you and rey??"

As soon as shivam asked this , her face fell down. The break up scene came in front of her eyes and he eyes becam moist.

"We broke up." Said taani.

"But why??" Asked shivam , "when i was here i had seen him craving for you , when you were pretending to be my gf i had seen him burning in jealousy. He loves you so much." He said.

"Ab kuch bhi pehle jesa nahi hai , he dont want a girl like me." Said taani.

"Its alright taani. I know he will regret his decision." Said shivam gathering her in a side hug.

"I dont want to talk about him. Lets go inside." Said taani and both went inside.


"Taani has suffered alot. I m sure , if she will be a part of this band , may be she can come out of her past." Said aru. All the time all were teasing her , but then she started serious talk.

"Past??" Asked rohan.

"Ya , bas ye samajh lo she lost her love." Said aru.

"Dont worry , from now she will only smile." Said RD.

"Kiski baat ho rahi hai??" Asked shivam as taani and he came in the green room.

"About miss. Living in the past." Said RD looking at taani.

Taani looked at aru and glared at her , making her look down.

"Ohh hello , glaring angel ." Said RD to taani.

"What did you called me??" Asked taani throwing a pillow on him.

RD let out a giggle seeing irritated taani. 
"Okay , so you didnt answer , are you joining our band?"

"Of course i am." Said taani making all smile.

"Actually a competition will be held in new york , its a group band competition. Atleast 6 members should be there in a group. So 5 to ho gaye. And i want to add two more girls." Said RD.

"You can take audition in st. Liuis. I will ask for the permission." Said taani.

"Wow...thanks taani. And we missed auditions in delhi , we will give audition here." Said Yuvraj. She smilled at him in return. 

"No need to say  th...wait...What? Competition in new york??" Said taani , her eyes wide open.

"Yup , and now you cant backout please !!!" Said rohan in a dramatic way.

"But i dont think i can perform there." Said taani.

"Taani , yes yo can. And you will , trust me." Said shivam.

"Shivam ne bol diya means its final." Said RD.

"Shivam boss hai kya??" Asked aru , gaining everyone's attention.

"Nahi , no one is boss here  but shivam jaldi is band me kisiko accept nahi karta hai , but he is sure that taani is pefect for our band. Actually we auditioned in delhi for female vocalist but shivam ne sabko reject kar diya." Said RD.

"I will think the best for our band." Said shivam.

"And , band ka boss na sahi , he is boss of your heart." Said yuvi grinning at aru.

"Tu to ab gaya" said aru and she stood up to hit yuvi , but he ran out of the room followed by aru.

All of them laughed at the duo. No one could said the girls met them first time. They became friends really fast.

"Taani please apne ghar le chalo. I am very hungry." Said RD and he dragged her out with him , while shivam and rohan kept staring at them.

"Come on guys , chalo." Said taani turning back.

Shivam and rohan looked at each other and followed Taani and Ri.


Gang was sitting on the sofa after dinner. The dinning table was covered with vessels in which they all ate. Swayam was worried how will taani react seeing it. Rey was impatiently waiting for taani. While others were busy in their stupid talks. 

Just then the door bell rang. Swayam went and opened the door. Rey was waiting for her to come. But all were surprised when swayam opened the door and taani hugged swayam tightly.

"Bhaiii...i am so happy." She said to him and broke the hug and then she came to know gang was here too.

"Hii " taani said to them.

"Hi taani." Said all , excluding reyam.

"Ohh , bhai , meet my new friends." She said and called them in.

There came RD , yuvraj ,rohan, shivam and aru came in.

"Hi , i am rithwik." He shook hand with swayam.

"Hi , i am swayam , taani's brother." Said swayam.

Yuvraj and rohan too introduced themselves. 

"Oh my god , ye log to ghar pe aa gaye." Said rinni in simmi's ear.

"Shut up rinni" simmi said.

"Actually bhai , ye log bahar ka khana kha kar  bor ho gaye the , so i invited them for dinner. Is it okay with you?" Taani asked to swayam.

"Ya okay. No problem." Said swayam.

"Umm...taani ...who are they??" Asked yuvraj.

"Ohh...ha...guys these are my brother's friends." Said taani to rd and gang.

"Hi " said yuvi rd and rohan. While shivam smilled at d3 gang.

"Ye shivam to kafi stylish ho gaya." Whispered nil to vicky.

"Ha yar sahi bol raha hai tu." Said vicky.

"Hi..." said gang.

"You all were awesome today." Said sharon.

"Thank you pretty girl." Said RD to sharon.

"Taani tumne kabhi bataya nahi that you can sing " asked sharon.

"Ab usme batane jesa kya tha." Said taani. "Achha bhai Me kuch bana deti hu." Said taani.

"Chal , i will help you. Aru tum bhi chalo." Said RD putting his arm around taani's shoulder and both went towards kitchen followed by aru.

Rey who was silently watching them burnt in jealousy seeing rd and taani. "What the hell , how dare he touched my taani?" He thought.

"Guys , close your ears." Said swayam closing his ears with his finger. Rey looked at him with confusion. "But why??" Asked rey.


"WHAT THE HELLL..." all closed their ears as soon as swayam counted 1.


Taani aru and RD cooking.
TaaRey scene Wink

Enjoy. Smile 
Do like and comment.

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