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Boys will be Boys Season 2 (Updated Pg 57) (Page 40)

_Shivani_ Goldie

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Posted: 22 February 2015 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
cool... like it

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sanghita0000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2015 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
sorry for disappearing ...the reason is very personal...sorry once again

Outstanding  update...I loved  it

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VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 February 2015 at 12:19pm | IP Logged

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aman1605 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2015 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Amazing updateBig smile

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-Meryl- Senior Member

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Posted: 07 March 2015 at 10:08pm | IP Logged
Episode 21: Dr. Boys

It was a Wednesday evening at Ganesha Institute for the Gifted and Talented. During this time, Shakti had just finished studying in the library and had safely made her way back to the dorm house without being seen. Once she entered the house, she began to feel a little dizzy as she walked in. At that moment, Vicky came in front of her and said, "Finally you're back!"

"What? Did I miss something?" Shakti asked.
"You almost missed the best dinner ever prepared by me!" Vicky exclaimed. "You really should have come earlier!"
"Would you quit bothering Shakti all the time, you hooligan?!" Rishi shouted from the dining room.
"Well I'm here. Let's eat." Shakti said.

In the dining room, Shakti, Rishi, Saahil, and Armaan were all seated at the dining table while Vicky came in with the food. He set all the dishes on the table which consisted of chicken biriyani, butter chicken, naan bread, and paneer. "Wow, Vicky. You've truely outdone yourself." Armaan smirked.

"I know!" Vicky exclaimed. "Now eat everyone!"

Vicky sat down while the others began to help themselves to the many dishes on the table. And once they started eating, they were enjoying themselves.  "The biriyani is very good." Saahil smiled.

"Surprisingly I actually like this." Rishi said.
"What do you talking about?! I'm the cooking genius in this house!" Vicky retorted.
"And two idiots began to bicker at the dinner table." Armaan rolled his eyes.
"WHO ARE YOU CALLING AN IDIOT?!" Rishi and Vicky asked in shouting tones.

As everyone was eating, Shakti could feel her head beginning to pound. She put down her fork and said, "I think I'm done. I'll be going now." 

"You can't be serious!" Vicky exclaimed as Shakti got up from her chair and began to leave the dining room.
"But've hardly eaten!" Rishi told Shakti. "Its not good to leave dinner all of a sudden!"

But before Shakti was about to leave, her head began to spin. And in a moment, she had passed out to the floor much to the shock of the boys. The boys immediately got up from their chairs and rushed to Shakti. "Are you okay, Shakti?" Saahil asked Shakti as he held her hand, trying to help her get up.

"What an idiot," Armaan rolled his eyes. "Would you relax?! She doesn't need to go to a hospital. She's probably just feeling lightheaded."
"So what do we do then?" Vicky asked.
"Let's get her to her room," Armaan replied. "I'll check to see if she has a fever or something."
"What are you doing?! We need to call a doctor!" Rishi exclaimed.
"Moron. If we call a doctor here, then the big secret about Shakti staying here will be exposed," Armaan said. "Saahil, take Shakti upstairs."

And so, Saahil carried Shakti in his arms to her room, laying her down on her bed. As he laid her down and tried to move, he saw that her locket was stuck to his shirt, which pulled him closer to her. He looked at her closed eyes with that solemn and innocent looking face of his. He then looked down at the locket, and began trying to get it off from his shirt. Once he did, Rishi, Vicky, and Armaan had came in the room. Armaan sat beside Shakti on her bed, placing a thermometer in her mouth. After some time, he took the thermometer out and that was when she had awoken. "Just as I suspected. You're running a fever," Armaan said. "No wonder you fainted. This is a pretty high fever."

"What? You got to be kidding." Shakti sighed.
"I wish I was," Armaan said. "Well you won't be able to attend classes tomorrow."
"No. I can manage," Shakti assured. "Don't worry. I'll be fine in the morning."
"Are you crazy?! There's no way you're going to classes tomorrow!" Vicky exclaimed.
"Vicky is right," Saahil agreed. "Its best you take rest."
"Oh please," Shakti said. "Come on, guys-"
"NO EXCUSES!" Rishi exclaimed. "You're taking rest tomorrow! And that's final!"
"And who are you to tell me that?! My husband?!" Shakti retorted.

Rishi's kept silent as his face turned bright red. He froze like a popsicle. Oh wow, The word husband sure got him, Armaan rolled his eyes.

"Did I say something wrong?" Shakti asked.
"Forget about him. At least he'll shut up." said Armaan.
"Its okay, Shakti," Saahil told Shakti. "I'll make sure you get all the notes from classes tomorrow. You just take rest."

Shakti sighed. "All right." she agreed.
"Good," Armaan said. "I'll go get some medicine for you. Get some rest."

With that, the boys left the room, leaving Shakti alone to drift off to sleep. As the boys headed downstairs, Vicky sighed, "Well this is sad. Holi is coming in two days. And now she's sick."

In the morning, Shakti was still sound asleep in her room. Out in the hall, Armaan was packing his books into his satchel. He put on his blue colored silk tie and looked in the mirror as he brushed his well groomed hair. He tucked in his blue dress shirt in his gray dress pants and then put on his gray dress shoes. As he headed down to the living room, he looked around, seeing the other boys weren't around. "Where are those idiots?" Armaan asked. Armaan then headed back upstairs to see Rishi, Saahil, and Vicky were all heading towards Shakti's room. "What are you guys doing?!" Armaan asked, startling the boys as they then turned to Armaan.

"We're supposed to get to class." Armaan said.
" see," Rishi mumbled. "You see-"
"Wow, you can't even talk properly!" Vicky exclaimed. "We're not going to class!"
"You had to tell him." Saahil rolled his eyes.
"And why is that?" Armaan asked. "Shakti is staying because she isn't feeling well. Are you all lovesick or something?!"
"Oh shut up!" Vicky retorted. "Tomorrow is Holi! And if Shakti isn't better by then, she won't be able to celebrate! So...the three of us are going to stay and make sure she gets better by tomorrow! Right, guys?!"
"Right." Rishi and Saahil agreed.
"I see," Armaan said. "Well then...suit yourselves. I'll have to get Shakti's schoolwork then. And as for you guys, you take care of that on your own."
"What?! Why can't you get our notes?!" Vicky asked.
"You morons can handle that on your own," Armaan smirked. "I'll see you in the evening. Make sure Shakti gets her medicine and I'll call during lunch to check up on things."

With that, Armaan left the house, leaving the three boys alone to take care of Shakti. Rishi opened the door of Shakti's room and looked at Shakti, who was still sleeping in her bed. "Okay! She's still sleeping!" Rishi told Vicky and Saahil as he stepped out of the room. "So don't wake her up!"

"I'll go make her breakfast." Vicky volunteered.
"And I'll go get her medicine." Saahil said.
"Then what about me?!" Rishi asked.
"Just watch her and see if she gets up." Vicky told Rishi as he and Saahil then headed downstairs.

Rishi sighed and then opened the door of Shakti's room. He pulled the chair from Shakti's desk and placed it near her bed so he could sit beside her as she was sleeping. As he sat down, he noticed a pile of notebooks fall on the floor. As he picked them up, he went through them, seeing so much notes written in all of them. These are all for psychology. She's been doing all this much work?! No wonder she's gotten sick, Rishi thought to himself as he then turned to Shakti. She's always working so hard. She never gives herself time to relax. 

As Shakti turned to towards Rishi while still sleeping, strands of her hair then got in her face. Rishi looked at her, brushing aside the hair out from her face as he looked at her calm face, brushing against her cheek with his hand. He then put his hand on Shakti's forehead. "She still has a fever." Rishi said.

Just then, Vicky entered the room, holding a tray of two slice of bread with a side of eggs and a glass of orange juice while Saahil followed with some medicine. "Breakfast is ready!" Vicky exclaimed. The sound of Vicky's voice woke Shakti up. As she tried to sit up, Rishi helped her sit back against the headboard of the bed. "What are you guys doing? Shouldn't you be in class by now?" Shakti asked.

"We stayed so we could take care of you." Saahil replied.
"You didn't have to do that." Shakti said.
"Don't be silly! You live here! Its our responsibility to look after you!" Rishi exclaimed. "Now come on! Its time you eat!"
"Uh...I need to brush first." Shakti said.
"Oh...right." said Rishi.

Shakti got out of bed and headed to the bathroom nearby and brushed her teeth. After doing so, she came back to her room and laid back in bed, sitting up. "Rishi, make yourself useful and find something to do!" Vicky told Rishi.

"WHY YOU?!" Rishi shouted. "I'll feed her!"
"Who made the breakfast?! Me! Go find something else to do!" Vicky smirked.

Rishi pouted and then stormed off downstairs. Vicky sat in the chair next to Shakti and laid the tray on his lap. He then took a fork and knife and then cut the bread into pieces along with the eggs. He then fed Shakti the bread and the eggs to which she slowly ate. Vicky smiled, seeing Shakti take a liking for the food. After Shakti finished eating, Vicky and Saahil switched places with Saahil sitting down and handing Shakti her medicine to take which were two pills. Once she took the pills, Saahil helped her drink down her orange juice. 

"Thanks, guys," Shakti smiled. "You guys really didn't have to do all this for me."
"Don't say that, Shakti," Saahil said. "For you, we can do anything."
"Yeah!" Vicky agreed. "Except jump off a bridge!"
"Really?!" Shakti raised her eyebrow.

At that moment, Rishi barged into the room with a pack of ice. He placed it right on Shakti's forehead. "Um what's up with the ice pack?!" Vicky asked Rishi.

"Its supposed to keep her fever down!" Rishi exclaimed. "I would know that since I'm the better caretaker!"
"Well who was the one who made her breakfast?!" Vicky asked. "Me!"
"Please! Even I can cook!" Rishi shouted.
"Well I'm the real boss at it!" Vicky smirked.
"THAT'S IT!" Rishi screamed. "I'll show you what a real cook is!"

With that, Rishi stormed out of the room again. "What's up with him?" Shakti asked Vicky and Saahil.

"Honestly...none of us would know where to begin." Saahil said.

And so, while Shakti laid in bed, Saahil and Vicky stayed in the room, watching over Shakti as she took rest. While Saahil was doing most of the watching, Vicky was playing games on his phone. Then, Vicky's cellphone started ringing. "WHAT?! Are you kidding me?! He calls me right before I'm about to destroy the zombie!" Vicky complained. He then answered the call which was coming from Armaan, "Yeah?"

"How's Shakti doing?"
"Wow you don't even bother to ask about the rest of us?"
"Do I look like I care?! You're not the one whose sick. How is she now?"
"She's taking rest. She seems a little bit better."
"And where's Saahil and Rishi?"
"Saahil's here. Rishi went off to the kitchen."
"All right. Make sure Shakti takes her medicine again before the evening. And also, don't let Rishi do anything stupid. I have to go back to class now. I'll see you all in the evening."
"All right. Later."

Once Vicky hung up the phone, Rishi then arrived back into Shakti's room, holding a tray with a bowl of soup. "I'm back!" Rishi exclaimed. 

"No one really cares but okay." Vicky said. Rishi then seated himself down at the chair next to Shakti. "Time to have lunch!" Rishi told Shakti. As Shakti sat up, she could smell a horrible stench coming from the soup. The same odor could be smelled by Vicky and Saahil as well. "What is that?!" Vicky asked.

"Garlic and onion soup!" Rishi replied. "My grandma taught me how to make it! Its perfect for curing cold and fever!"
"Is this the same grandma who whacks you with a stick every time she sees you?" Vicky asked.
"Shut up! That's the one from my father's side!" Rishi shouted. "Besides, one bowl of this and you'll be all better, Shakti."
"Are you sure that's safe to give her?" Saahil asked.
"Positive!" Rishi answered.
"Um...not to be rude. But it smells worse than old gym socks." Shakti said.
"So what if it smells a little bad?! It'll get you better!" Rishi exclaimed. "And I intend to get you better soon! Now come on! Drink up!"

And so, Rishi took a spoonful of the soup and fed it to Shakti. And that one spoonful was enough to tell Shakti that the soup was awful. But Shakti went ahead as Rishi continued to give her the soup, while Saahil and Vicky looked on in shock.

"I can't believe she's actually drinking it!" Vicky exclaimed.
"She's even strong when she's sick." Saahil said.

After finishing the soup, Shakti looked so disgusted having a bad aftertaste in her mouth. "See! That wasn't so bad!" Rishi beamed.

"Honestly it was probably the worse thing I've ever tasted in my life." Shakti said. Shakti's words made Rishi fall on the floor with a thud, while the others looked on, shaking their heads. "But if it makes you feel better, I'm actually feeling a lot better than before." Shakti said.

"Oh yes! See, boys! I did do something right!" Rishi exclaimed. He then dashed off with Vicky following him downstairs to the kitchen. "I think I'm going to go back to sleep." Shakti told Saahil.

"Okay. Let me just give you the medicine first." Saahil said as he then gave two pills to Shakti. Shakti took the medicine and Saahil then gave her a glass of juice, helping her drink it down. Once she had finished the juice, she laid back in bed, drifiting off to sleep. Saahil watched her for a moment, seeing her in her innocent slumbering state. He then got up and turned off the lights in the room, closing the door and leaving. As soon as he left, Rishi and Vicky were coming back up, bickering at one another.

"I told you I'll feed her this time!" Vicky yelled.
"I'm the one who gave her the soup! I'll feed her!" Rishi argued.
"The same soup that made her want to gag! I'm feeding her this time!" Vicky talked back.

Saahil then shushed both Rishi and Vicky. The two turned to him confused. "She's sleeping. Don't wake her up." Saahil whispered. Rishi and Vicky nodded and then headed back downstairs while Saahil followed them. 

The next day, in the morning, Shakti had slowly awoken from her sleep. As she woke up, the first sight she saw was the boys who were sitting right by her side as she got up. "You're awake. That's good," Armaan told Shakti. "And it seems you're much better than before."

"Yeah," Shakti said. "What are you guys doing here?"
"Happy Holi!" the boys greeted in unison as they then colored Shakti's cheeks with red holi powder. 

Shakti looked at the boys, surprised. She touched her cheek, looking at the red powder on her fingers. "Its Holi?!" Shakti asked. "I've been so busy the past couple of days, that I completely forgot."

"That's why we wanted you to get better!" Vicky exclaimed. "Its your first Holi with us!"
"You're always working so hard. Its time you had some fun." Rishi said.
"So don't worry about today," Saahil added. "Classes are cancelled today. Because there are Holi celebrations going on."
"I hope you plan to join the festivities, Shakti." Armaan said.

Shakti smiled and then nodded her head. "Why not?!" Shakti exclaimed.

"Yeah! Now go get ready! I'm making breakfast!" Vicky told Shakti.
"I said I was making breakfast for Holi!" Rishi talked back.
"You made that atrocity of a soup and you expect me to let you make breakfast?!" Vicky shouted.
"Well its because of my soup that Shakti's all better!" Rishi retorted.
"Those two never stop." Saahil said.
"What idiots." Armaan rolled his eyes.

Shakti looked on at the boys with a warm smile on her face. I never would've thought that I'd find such caring people at this school,  Shakti thought to herself. And I found them right here. 

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OmkaraKiParvati IF-Sizzlerz

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Yay.. First time am first in commenting.. Vicky and Rishi are just too cute.. Love the way they fight.. LOL Grandma that beats with a stick ROFL Do update the next part soon...

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barsha_dash IF-Dazzler

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awesome update... the boys took good care of Shakti. I  loved the part where Saahil took Shakti in his arms and then the locket which he had given stuck to his shirtDay Dreaming

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candyjan IF-Rockerz

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Superb dear

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