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Boys will be Boys Season 2 (Updated Pg 57) (Page 22)

LiveYourDream Goldie

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Posted: 07 February 2015 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Vicky as janitor should be fun!!LOL
waiting for the next part

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.Leprechaun. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 07 February 2015 at 11:49pm | IP Logged
Nice update.
Thanks for the PM>

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Linsie IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 February 2015 at 9:47am | IP Logged
nice fun update
thanks for the pm...

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Linsie IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 February 2015 at 9:53am | IP Logged

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Rocking_Angel Senior Member

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Posted: 08 February 2015 at 10:30am | IP Logged
read ol prts in a gooo..
loved ittt Heart

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kreya204 Goldie

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Posted: 09 February 2015 at 8:59am | IP Logged
Fab update!
D guyz really r funny!
N armaan...u knw i have a feeling dat he enjoys all of dis idiocy d rest of d boys he just acts lyk he has to put up wid it!
N shakti is mad at d guyz ryt nw!
A cosplay collection really isnt normal!
U knw wat i lyk d most bout dis story? It manages to get me a good laugh all d while entertaining me to a grt extent!
Keep up wid ur work!
Continue soon!

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desisweetheart9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 February 2015 at 4:11pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the PM. Loved the update. Gosh these boys.

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XOXOmt Senior Member

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Posted: 15 February 2015 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
Episode 20:Sleeping Beauty

At the Ganesha Institute for the Gifted & Talented, Shakti was in her psychology class, sitting next to Vicky. As she was conversing with Vicky while working on the assignment they had, fellow students, Kriya, Taani, and Aliya were watching them from the back of the class. "Do you see that?!" Taani asked Kriya and Aliya.

"Well of course we can see, dumbo!" Aliya exclaimed.
"What is it with that girl?! She's always hanging around those boys!" Kriya said.
"Something must be up." Taani suspected.
"And we're going to find out!" Kriya grinned.
"How?" Aliya asked.
"I got a plan, girls." said Kriya.

At the end of class, Shakti was packing her bag with her books. While she was packing, Kriya, Taani, and Aliya approached her and greeted, "Hi, Shakti!" Shakti was startled to see the trio. But she gave a warm smile and said, "Oh...hi guys."

"How are you doing?!" Taani asked Shakti.
"Fine, thanks." Shakti replied.
"Listen, could you do us a favor?" Kriya asked.
"Um...okay. What is it?" Shakti asked.
"We really don't understand this new unit! And you're really smart!" Kriya exclaimed. "Would you please come over tonight to tutor us?!"
"Tutor?" Shakti asked.
"Yeah! Only for an hour and then you can go home." Aliya said.
"Well...okay. But only for an hour. I have to get home before eight." Shakti agreed.
"Awesome! We'll see you in the evening." Kriya said.

With that, Shakti left the classroom. The three girls smirked. "The trap is set! Now we'll just wait till tonight!" Kriya exclaimed.

In the evening, Shakti had arrived on the girls dorm house campus. She was wearing a long sleeved, long dress in blue color and had brought her books as well. She came to Kriya, Taani, and Aliya's dorm house right at the doorstep. As soon as she rang the doorbell, Kriya had answered the door. "Hi, Shakti." Kriya greeted.

"Hi, Kriya."
"Come on in!"

And so, Shakti had entered inside the house and Kriya then closed the door as Shakti came in the living room.

Back in dorm house 123 on the boys campus, Armaan, Saahil, Rishi, and Vicky were all in the house. While Armaan was working on a research paper on his laptop while sitting at the couch, Rishi, Saahil, and Vicky were all looking out at the window. "Where the heck is she?!" Vicky asked.

"She's never late! She should have been home by now!" Rishi cried.
"I hope she's okay." Saahil said.
"So are you three just going to sit at the window like little puppies and wait for Shakti to come home?" Armaan asked.
"YES!" Rishi, Saahil, and Vicky replied in unison.

Just then, there was a ring from the doorbell. "That must be her!" Rishi exclaimed. Rishi and Vicky rushed towards the door to answer and in the process, they bumped into each other, landing on the floor with a thud. "You hooligan! What do you think you're doing?!" Rishi shouted at Vicky.

"I'm answering the door, prissy boy!"
"Who are you to answer it?! I'll do it!"

Armaan rolled his eyes as he got up and answered the door. At the door wasn't Shakti. It was just one of their classmates, Barun Bakshi.

"Oh, hi Barun." Armaan greeted.
"Hi, Armaan," Barun said as he took out a folder from his backpack. "Thank you for your notes."
"No problem." Armaan said as he took the folder from Barun.
"Where on Earth is Shakti?!" Rishi cried.
"Shakti? Are you talking about Shakti Sharma?" Barun asked.
"Yes. Did you see her around? We needed some notes from her." Armaan said.
"Actually I saw her while dropping off my sister at the girls campus." Barun replied.
"She was at the girls campus?" Saahil asked.
"Yeah. I saw her go to Kriya, Taani, and Aliya's dorm," Barun said. "Anyways, I'll be going now."
"Bye." Armaan told Barun as he then closed the door.

There was a moment of silence in the living room. 
"They must have invited her over." Armaan said.
"Those girls mean trouble though!" Vicky exclaimed. "I say we sneak off to their dorm house and find out why Shakti's there!"
"I actually agree with Vicky." Saahil said.
"Oh Lord. Here comes the babysitting job again." Armaan rolled his eyes.

Back at the dorm on the girls campus,  Kriya had led Shakti into her room. "I redecorated! What do you think?!" Kriya exclaimed, showing off the many shades of pink in her room.

"Its" Shakti replied.
"I know! Here, have some juice!" Kriya exclaimed as she handed a glass of mango juice to Shakti.
"Oh, thanks. I love mango juice." Shakti smiled as she took the glass and began to drink from the juice.

Kriya watched as Shakti finished the entire drink. After finishing it, Shakti's head began to spin. She wasn't able to see properly. And then, she finally passed out, falling onto the floor. "It worked!" Kriya exclaimed.

Ten minutes later, Shakti was resting in bed in Kriya's room. "So those sedatives actually worked!" Taani exclaimed.

"I'm a genius I tell you!" Kriya exclaimed.
"So now what?" Aliya asked.
"Simple! We just let her sleep! When she wakes up, then we'll start questioning!" Kriya exclaimed.
"But what if she doesn't want to answer our questions?" Taani asked.
"Oh she will! She won't be able to escape like she did last time she came over!" Kriya smirked.

Outside of the dorm house, Armaan, Rishi, Saahil, and Vicky had snuck into the campus and were hiding right near the house in the bushes. They looked in the windows of the living room. "She's not here." Saahil whispered.

"Then she must be upstairs." Vicky said. 
"I have a ladder. We can use it to go up and see through the window." Armaan whispered.
"Or better yet! I'll use the direct approach!" Rishi exclaimed.
"What direct approach?" Armaan asked.
"Those evil witches have trapped her in the house! I'll go in through this window and attack with direct force like a real man!" Rishi exclaimed.

Rishi then got hold of his hands on the window. But as soon as he did, he was electrocuted by a massive electric shockwave that came from the window. While he screamed like a girl, he then landed on the ground with a thud. "What an idiot." Armaan rolled his eyes.

"Well now we know not to touch the windows." Vicky gulped.
"What was that?" Saahil asked.
"It looks like they set up a generator system  connected to the windows which generates electric shocks when the windows are touched." Armaan explained.
"And how do you know that?" Vicky asked.
"The generator's right here." Armaan said as he lifted the small generator up.
"Oh the pain! Oh the agony!" Rishi cried.
"I'm sorry but that was actually really funny." Vicky chuckled.
"So now what do we do?" Saahil asked.
"Simple. I'll just discharge the generator so the windows will be electrocution free." Armaan replied.

Armaan took out a pair of pliers and began to cut the wiring that hooked the generator on the windows. As soon as the wires were cut, he said, "All right. Now that's done. Use the ladder, Rishi. If Shakti's there, just come back down and we'll go from there." Armaan explained.

"Are you sure he can go?" Vicky asked. "I can just go ahead."
"No way! I'm going!" Rishi exclaimed.

Armaan then set up the ladder and pressed a button on its side which increased its height to the top window of the house. "Are you ready to go?" Armaan asked Rishi.

"Of course I am!" Rishi exclaimed.
"Try not to fall!" Vicky laughed.
"SHUT UP!" Rishi exclaimed.

Rishi then carefully made his way up the ladder. Once he got to the top, he looked inside the window and was surprised at what he saw. He saw Shakti sound asleep in bed. He blushed, seeing her solemn looking face. OH WOW! SHE LOOKS SO CUTE! THIS IS UNREAL! Rishi blushed. ITS EXACTLY LIKE-

But before Rishi could finish his train of thought, he had slipped off of the ladder and was falling straight down. As he screamed, Vicky screamed as Rishi had landed right on top of him.

In the living room, Kriya, Aliya, and Taani were watching television when they heard the sound of a thud. "Did you hear something?" Taani asked.

"Must be from the TV!" Kriya exclaimed.
"LOOK!" Aliya exclaimed as she pointed to the television. "The doctor just confessed his love!"

Outside, Armaan and Saahil shook their heads as they looked at Rishi had landed right on Vicky. "GET HIM OFF OF ME!" Vicky shouted.

"I'd be happy to, you hooligan!" Rishi exclaimed as he got up.
"Well?" Armaan asked.
"I saw Shakti!" Rishi exclaimed.
"And?" Saahil asked.
"It was amazing!" Rishi said, overjoyed. "It was exactly like my favorite Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty!"
"Are you seriously referencing a Disney movie?" Armaan asked.
"Your favorite movie is Sleeping Beauty?!" Vicky asked.
"Shakti was sound asleep!" Rishi cried. "Oh how she looked like when she was asleep!"
"Why would she be sleeping?" Saahil asked.
" I got it! They must have given her sedatives in a drink!" Vicky exclaimed. "That always happens in the movies!"
"Isn't that far fetched?" Saahil asked.
"You know those girls. They're pretty crazy. And they have been acting suspicious of Shakti. So I'm not surprised." Armaan said.
"So now what do we do?" Saahil asked.
"I got it! We'll have to save Shakti from the three evil fairies!" Rishi exclaimed.
"Is that even what happens in the movie?" Vicky asked.
"No! But remakes can change anything!" Rishi exclaimed. "Simple! You boys can go in and handle those girls while I go up the ladder into the room and rescue Shakti! I even have my cosplay costume for Prince Philip with me which makes it even more perfect!"
"You seriously brought cosplay costumes with you?!" Vicky asked.
"Yes I did! Do you have a problem with that?!" Rishi shouted.
"Here's a better idea. I'll go distract the girls. Rishi, you can go get Shakti. But Saahil and Vicky, you two stay with him and watch." Armaan ordered.
"Why do they have to stay here?!" Rishi cried.
"Because someone needs to watch the idiot." Armaan smirked.
"Hey!" Rishi exclaimed.

In the living room of the dorm house, Kriya, Aliya, and Taani were still watching television. Then, there was a ring from the doorbell. "I'll get it." said Aliya. Aliya got up and went to the door. She opened it and was surprised to see Armaan at the door.

"Armaan?!" Aliya asked.
"Armaan's here!" Kriya exclaimed as she came to the door with Taani.
"Good evening, ladies." Armaan greeted.
"How come you're here?" Taani asked.
"Oh, I have special permission to visit you ladies courtesy of the college news board," Armaan lied. "I'm here to interview ladies regarding extracurricular activities at school."
"Interview?! Us?!" Kriya asked. "Why didn't you say so earlier?! Come in!"
"What about Shakti?" Taani asked Kriya, whispering.
"She's fine. No one will get into her room anyway." Kriya whispered.

Outside of the dorm house, Rishi had come back after changing in his cosplay Prince Philip costume. He wore the exact same outfit as the character wore in the film which consisted of a red cape, grey tunic with black sleeves, black trousers, and black boots. Vicky and Saahil raised their eyebrows upon seeing Rishi. "So how do I look?!" Rishi asked Vicky and Saahil.

"Like an idiot in a cape and tights." Vicky replied.
"SHUT UP! They're trousers!" Rishi shouted.
"Enough, already. Just go up the ladder and get Shakti." Saahil said.
"Right!" Rishi exclaimed. 
"And we're coming also just because you'll probably screw up somehow." Vicky said.

Rishi's face turned red with rage. But he cooled down and started climbing up the ladder while Saahil and Vicky followed him up. Once Rishi got to the window, he lifted it up. "Don't fall again." Vicky chuckled.

Rishi wanted to say something back, but instead he let out a deep breath and carefully got inside the room. Once he got in safely, he looked at Shakti who was still sleeping in bed. Rishi was drawn to her innocent looking face as she slept. He came towards her, coming closer to her as she remained still. His face began to blush. This was the most beautiful moment in the film, Rishi thought to himself. Can't take away this one from a remake. Rishi came closer towards Shakti's face. Just then, Shakti had opened her eyes, seeing Rishi coming closer to her face. And right then, she punched Rishi directly in the face as she got up, making him crash to the floor.

"What do you think you were doing?!" Shakti asked Rishi as she sat up in bed.
"Why the heck did you punch me?!" Rishi shouted. "That's not how it happens in the movie!"
"What movie?!" Shakti asked.
"And the prissy boy pulls a wrong move." Vicky said as he and Saahil entered inside the room from the window.
"What are you guys doing here?! What's going on?!" Shakti asked.
"You don't remember anything?" Saahil asked.
"All I remember was coming over to Kriya's place to help tutor." Shakti said.
"Then my theory was right! They did give you sedatives!" Vicky exclaimed.
"So I'm still in their house?!" Shakti asked.
"Yes. We'll get you out of here." Saahil said.

Once Shakti got out of the bed, Saahil lended his hand to her to which she returned as he helped her out of the window. "Why are you escorting her?!" Rishi shouted at Saahil.

"I don't think she's quite happy with you now." Saahil said as he and Shakti then went down the ladder.
"Fantasy gone wrong!" Vicky laughed while Rishi looked down on the floor in misery.

As Armaan was interviewing Kriya, Taani, and Aliya, he received a call on his cellphone. "Excuse me, one moment." Armaan smiled. He answered the phone call, "Hello?"

"We got Shakti out of the room." Saahil told Armaan.
"All right. I'm coming," Armaan replied and then disconnected the  call. "I'm sorry, ladies. I have some urgent business to take care of. I'll come finish the interview later."
"Sure!" Kriya exclaimed.

With that, Armaan then left the house while the trio waved bye to him. After they closed the door, Armaan, Saahil, Rishi, Vicky, and Shakti escaped from the girls campus in Armaan's car and left.

"She must be awake by now!" Taani exclaimed.
"Let's go check. And if she is, we can find out everything!" Kriya smirked.

Kriya, Taani, and Aliya rushed upstairs and went straight into Kriya's room. They shared shocked looks on their faces as they saw Shakti was gone. "HOW DID SHE ESCAPE AGAIN?!" Kriya shouted.

In the car, Armaan was driving while Shakti and the other boys sat in the car. "I can't believe you guys went through all that trouble again!" Shakti exclaimed.

"We had to get you out of there." Saahil said.
''Otherwise they would have held you hostage like in the movie!" Vicky exclaimed.
"That never happened in the movie!" Rishi shouted at Vicky.
"What movie are you guys even talking about?!" Shakti asked.
"Sleeping Beauty." Armaan replied.
"Wait a second!" Shakti exclaimed. "Is that why you-"
"We're not going to talk about it!" Rishi shouted.
"His fantasy world was just shattered." Vicky giggled.

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