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Boys will be Boys Season 2 (Updated Pg 57) (Page 21)

clementina IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2015 at 10:40pm | IP Logged

nice update Wink

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halima_zaka IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2015 at 2:22am | IP Logged

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pwenCezz_symrun IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2015 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
Amazing chappy!!

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.Leprechaun. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 30 January 2015 at 4:10am | IP Logged
Nice update.
Thanks for the PM.

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sanjana.sanju Goldie

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Posted: 30 January 2015 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Hey der i have not yet read the story.  M sorry for that.  My exams are going on ie why this delay had occurred.  But thank you so much for sending regular pm for your works.  I will surely read everything but it will take a little more time, as my exams are not over. But nyway thank you so much for all the pms. 

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XOXOmt Senior Member

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Episode 19:  Boys in the Hospital

It was a Saturday morning at dorm house 123 in the boys dorm campus. And it was on this very morning, that Shakti Sharma was up early, getting ready for the day ahead. She put on her red scarf, and then put on her red hoodie over her blue sweater. As Shakti made her way downstairs, the boys were eating breakfast in the dining room. Shakti came in the kitchen and grabbed a granola bar. The boys looked at Shakti from the dining room with confused looks on their faces. "Uh...hi Shakti." Vicky greeted.

"Hey." Shakti greeted the boys.
"Going somewhere?" Armaan asked.
"Oh, I forgot to tell you guys!" Shakti beamed. "I'm going to the hospital."
"HOSPITAL?!" Rishi cried as he then jumped out of his seat and rushed to Shakti, grabbing hold of her hand to her surprise. "What's the matter, Shakti?! Are you feeling lightheaded?! Do you need a doctor?! Quick! How many fingers am I holding?!"
"Would you calm down?!" Shakti asked, moving her hand out of Rishi's grasp. "Nothing's wrong with me. I got a part time job at the local hospital. Today's my first day at work."
"Part time job at the hospital? Doing what exactly?" Vicky asked.
"I'm working as an assistant nurse." Shakti replied.
"Why do you need a part time job?" Saahil asked.
"I just thought it would be nice if I got some working experience," Shakti answered. "Anyways, I'll be back in the afternoon. I'll send Raju with the car back after he drops me off."

With that, Shakti left the house, putting on her hood. She quickly entered the boys' car and Raju, their driver, took off once Shakti was in the car. The boys looked on from the window of their house. "She's going to be gone for the whole day!" Rishi whined.

"Things aren't the same when she's not around." Saahil said.
"You two seemed to be very concerned." Armaan said.
"So?!" Rishi and Saahil asked in unison.
"She said the local hospital?" Vicky asked.
"Yeah. That means she must be working at the Sri Ganpathy Hospital," Armaan replied. "Why?"
"I have an idea!" Vicky exclaimed.
"Oh no! Don't tell us!" Rishi shouted.
"Why?!" Vicky asked.
"Because we know you very well by now. Whenever you have an idea, it leads to trouble." Saahil said.
"At least hear it!" Vicky exclaimed.
"What is it this time, moron?" Armaan asked.
"I say we follow Shakti around at the hospital!" Vicky explained. "Think about it! She's going to be working as an assistant nurse. Then we can see what its like for a girl working in a hospital! Its brilliant!"
"What an idiot." Armaan rolled his eyes.
"That is the dumbest idea I have ever heard! You want us to get in trouble?!" Rishi shouted at Vicky. "Four episodes ago we followed her to the grocery store! And you saw what happened!"
"It really is a stupid idea." Saahil said.
"Okay then!" Vicky exclaimed. "I guess we won't be able to see Shakti at work! Imagine what it would be whole day without her around! And who knows what could happen to her in that big hospital!"

Vicky's words rang bells of startlement in Rishi and Saahil's ears. Those morons are seriously falling for this again, Armaan thought to himself. 

"On second thought...maybe we should go!" Rishi exclaimed. "After all, we should defintely check on her!"
"And make sure she's okay." Saahil said.
"Awesome!" Vicky exclaimed. "Are you coming, Armaan?"
"Do I have a choice?" Armaan asked. "There's only one babysitter for you morons."
"Then its set! We'll go once Raju comes back with the car!" Vicky smirked.

After twenty minutes, Raju came back with the car and the boys got in and took off to the hospital. Once they reached there, they stepped out of the car in front of the very front of the Sri Ganpathy Hospital. "So here's one question." Saahil said.

"What?" Vicky asked.
"How are we going to find Shakti?" Saahil asked. "This hospital is pretty big."
"Simple! We'll just ask the receptionist!" Vicky exclaimed. "Come on! Let's go!"

And so, the boys headed inside the hospital to see many people sitting in the waiting room. Once they saw the front desk, they got in front before anyone else could. The receptionist looked up and asked, "Can I help you?"

"Yes! Can you tell us where a girl by the name of Shakti Sharma is?" Vicky asked.
"And who are you guys to her?" the receptionist asked.
"Us?!" Vicky asked. "Well we're...we're-"
"We're her prosepective grooms!" Rishi replied.
"You are?!" the receptionist asked.
"We are?!" Vicky asked, confused.
"Yes, my dear lady!" Rishi exclaimed as he got into his dramatic side, taking the receptionist's hand. "Please help us find her! Its a matter of war and love here! And we'd hate to have you all endure a battle of true love between four lovesick souls!"
" then," the receptionist said as she checked her computer. "She's working in room 145 on the second floor."
"Thank you." Armaan thanked the receptionist.

And so, the boys made their way into the elevator to go upstairs. "Was that soap opera act necessary?" Armaan asked Rishi.

"Hey! It got us Shakti's location!" Vicky exclaimed.
"Exactly! Without the charming guy around, you boys would be hopeless!" Rishi said as he brushed his long hair to the side, while Armaan, Saahil, and Vicky rolled their eyes.

Once the elevator stopped, the boys stepped out on the second floor and walked down the hall, looking for Shakti. As they went down the hall, they stopped near room 145. Armaan and Vicky stood on one side of the door of the room, while Rishi and Saahil stood on the other. The four boys peeped inside the room to see what was going on. Shakti was standing by along with the nurse, who was giving a patient a vaccine. The boys faces turned pink upon seeing Shakti dressed in her uniform, which was a white dress that went just above her knees. The nurse was almost dressed the same, except her dress was in pink. "Oh my! She looks so cute in that uniform!" Rishi squealed.

"I told you it was worth coming." Vicky whispered.
"I knew you had other intentions on your mind." Armaan said.
"What do you mean?" Vicky asked.
"Meaning you just came here to see Shakti dressed like that." Armaan replied.
"What?!" Vicky squealed. "That's not true."
"You hooligan!" Rishi whispered. "Even I'm not that low."
"I think we should quiet down." Saahil said.

"Okay. I'm done. Sir, come with us to the next room so we can get your scanning done," the nurse told the patient. "Shakti, you can come as well."
"Sure." Shakti nodded.

As the nurse and Shakti made their way out of the room with the patient, the boys hid near the walls so they couldn't be seen. Once they left, the boys let out deep breaths as they sneaked into the room. "So this is where she's been working!" Vicky exclaimed.

"You act as if you've never seen a hospital before." Armaan said.
"Only in movies! I've never gone to the hospital before!" Vicky exclaimed.
"I think we should go now," Saahil said. "Or we'll end up causing trouble."

"OWW!" a voice shrieked. The boys gasped as they went out in the hall to see Rishi had fallen on the floor with a thud. "Oh, its just you." Vicky rolled his eyes.

"SHUT UP! Can't you see I have just fallen?!" Rishi shouted.
"Looks like you didn't read the wet floor sign that's four inches away from you." Armaan said.
"Oh my! What happened?!" a voice asked.

The boys looked up to see another nurse had just arrived on the scene. The boys panicked, unable to figure out what to do.

"Oh look! Our friend has fallen!" Vicky shrieked.
"What happened here?" the nurse asked as she tried to help Rishi get up.
"What do I tell you, miss?! Our friend was just hit by a football to the head!" Vicky cried.
"What an idiot." Armaan rolled his eyes.
"Now we're in for it." Saahil said quietly.
"That's terrible! Quick! I have a patient in trauma!" the nurse cried as two other nurses came in with a hospital bed and got Rishi on it.
"Wait! I'm not in trauma!" Rishi cried.
"Don't worry! We will save you!" the nurse exclaimed. "God bless you!"

With that, the nurses took Rishi away down the hall as he screamed for the other boys. "What did you just do, you moron?!" Armaan asked Vicky.

"What?! It's not like you guys had any better ideas!" Vicky exclaimed. 
"Shouldn't we go make sure he's okay?" Saahil asked.
"Good point," Vicky said. "Let's go find him."

In the scanning room, Shakti was watching the nurse examine the tests of the patient they were examining. Suddenly, she heard her pager vibrate and then checked it. "Shakti, can you go to room 158?" the nurse asked. "They need help with a procedure."

"Okay." Shakti nodded. Shakti left the room and walked down the hall. As she walked, the boys were walking as well and stopped, sensing her prescence. They slided down the hall to the bathroom, and saw Shakti heading into room 158.

"Is that where Rishi is?" Saahil asked.
"Dang it! When she sees him, we're busted!" Vicky exclaimed.
"Let's just go there now and sort everything out," Armaan said. "And by that...I mean getting Rishi out and acting as if nothing ever happened and it was just Vicky's mere stupidity that led us here."
"Hey!" Vicky exclaimed.

Armaan then took off his backpack and took out three lab coats with matching surgical masks and stethoscopes. "Put these on before we go in." Armaan ordered Saahil and Vicky.

"Where'd you get the uniforms from?" Vicky asked.
"I just stole them from Rishi's cosplay collection." Armaan replied.

In room 158, Shakti opened the door and asked the two nurses, "Can I come in?"
"Yes, miss," one of the nurses replied. "I'm Nurse Sweety and this is Nurse Shaina."

"Hello." Shakti said. "So what did you need?"
"Could you hold this boy's hand for us for a moment?" Nurse Sweety asked. "He needs to stay still!"
"I don't need to stay still!" Rishi whined. "I told you I'm-"

Rishi stopped speaking as soon as he made eye contact with Shakti. Shakti looked at him with her mouth dropped wide open. Why is he here?! Don't tell me they all followed me here! Shakti thought to herself. Rishi shook as if there was an earthquake going on while his face turned pink with embarrassment.

"See! He's getting worse!" Nurse Shaina exclaimed. "Hold his hand quick!" 
Shakti rolled her eyes as she then grabbed hold of Rishi's hand. As she grabbed hold of it, she slightly slipped on the wet floor and was drawn closer to Rishi, still holding his hand. Rishi's face now became even more red as he was now closer to Shakti and he began to shake even more while looking at her face.

"Oh my! He's becoming worse!" Nurse Sweety exclaimed.
"I told you I'm completely fine!" Rishi shouted, still holding onto Shakti's hand.
"You're crushing my hand," Shakti whispered to Rishi. "And you guys better have a good explanation for this. Or I'll have to find a way to crush you all."

Rishi gulped, letting go of Shakti's hand. Shakti is so mad! She actually threatened me! Rishi thought to himself.

"Who's going in first?" Saahil asked Armaan and Vicky outside of the room.
"Obviously Vicky." Armaan said.
"Why me?!" Vicky asked.
"Because you're the idiot that caused all this," Armaan replied. Armaan then gave Vicky a great push on the back. "Now go!"

Vicky fell into the room and landed right on Shakti with the two of them landing directly onto the hospital bed. Rishi gasped, seeing Vicky. Vicky began to blush a little bit as he looked down upon Shakti's face while Shakti remained in utter confusion at the current situation.

"Would you get off of her, you hooligan?!" Rishi screamed at Vicky. Vicky and Shakti both got up, composing themselves. "What are you doing in here?!" Nurse Sweety exclaimed.

"We're here to take care of this patient." Armaan said as he entered the room along with Saahil, both of them dressed in uniform like Vicky was.
"This just keeps getting worse." Shakti said.
Did they steal from my cosplay collection?! Rishi asked himself.

"You are?" Nurse Shaina asked.
"Yes," Saahil replied. "So if you don't mind, we'll take this patient with us."
"No way! We must take care of him the proper way with woman's care!" Nurse Sweety exclaimed. "I already have a solution to his trauma!"
"I already told you I'm not in trauma!" Rishi shouted.
"Denial is not healthy," Nurse Shaina said. "Is it ready?"
"What's ready?" Vicky asked.
"After we tranquilize him, he'll feel much better." Nurse Sweety said as she prepared a tranquilizer shot.
"TRANQUILIZE?!" Rishi screamed at the sight of the tranquilizer.
"Is that really needed?!" Shakti asked.
"His trauma is serious!" Nurse Shaina exclaimed. "Its the only way to relax his system!"
"My system will be dead if you give me that!" Rishi shouted.
"Drastic measures are really not needed." Armaan said.
"You must understand," Nurse Sweety said. "We're only trying to save him."

Vicky then grabbed hold of the hospital bed from the back. "And now I'll save you the trouble!" Vicky exclaimed. "We're outta here!"

Vicky then pushed Rishi on the hospital bed as quickly as he could out from the room and down the hall with the nurses going after him. Shakti, Armaan, and Saahil came out of the room, shocked at what was going on. "Now what?!" Shakti asked.

"We'll have to stop them!" Armaan exclaimed as he, Shakti, and Saahil ran down the hall and found where the nurses were going after Vicky and Rishi.

"Those nurses are crazy!" Rishi screamed.
"That's true!" Vicky exclaimed as he continued to push Rishi on the hospital bed. "But they're kinda cute!"
"Please stop! It'll only hurt for a second!" Nurse Shaina called.
"Yeah...and then I'll be dead!" Rishi cried.

As Vicky continued to push Rishi on the hospital bed, his fingers slipped and he accidentally let go. Vicky stopped in shock along with the nurses as Rishi continued to go down the hall on the hospital bed. Rishi turned and shouted, "You hooligan!"

Shakti, Armaan, and Saahil came in the scene and were shocked as they saw what was coming for Rishi. "Rishi, watch out!" Shakti, Armaan, and Saahil shouted in unison. Rishi turned around and screamed as he went down the stairs on the moving hospital bed. The boys, Shakti, and the nurses watched in terror as Rishi went down the stairs with the hospital bed rattling along and then down into the main hall, where it crashed directly into the office of one of the main doctors. The other staff looked in shock as Rishi had landed right on top of Dr. Rajput.

Shakti, the boys, and the nurses came down into the office and looked at the messed up office as the now messed up Rishi.

In the office, Dr. Rajput angrily sat down with Shakti, the boys, and the nurses. "Do you idiots think this hospital is your playground?!" Dr. Rajput asked. 

"Your nurses were trying to tranquilize him!" Vicky exclaimed.
"We don't even use tranquilizers unless permitted to do so!" Dr. Rajput shouted. "And for that, you two are fired!"

Nurse Sweety and Nurse Shaina gasped as they were then kicked out of the office. "And you, young lady...I take it these boys are friends of yours." Dr. Rajput said.

"Well...yes." Shakti sighed.
"But please don't fire her." Saahil said.
"She wasn't at fault," Armaan added. "It was all Vicky."
"Hey!" Vicky exclaimed.
"Yes! Blame the hooligan!" Rishi exclaimed as he tried to feel comfortable in his chair while being completely bandaged up on his neck, arms, and legs.
"Well, I won't fire you." Dr. Rajput told Shakti.
"Thank you!" Shakti exclaimed.
"But since this boy wrecked havoc in my hospital, I'm gonna need a payback." Dr. Rajput said.
"Payback?!" Vicky asked, scared.
"Starting from next weekend, you'll work as a janitor in this hospital for the next six weeks." Dr. Rajput ordered.
"Janitor?!" Vicky whined.
"Yes!" everyone else in the office room shouted.

Vicky slumped in his chair and pouted. With that, Dr. Rajput left the office. Shakti stood up from her chair, putting her hand to her head. "You have to admit," Vicky said. "That was pretty fun!"

"Fun?!" Shakti asked.
"It kinda was." Saahil said.
"And to top it, it was amusing to see Rishi trampled over in the hospital." Armaan chuckled.
"I still can't believe you stole from my cosplay collection!" Rishi shouted.
"I can't believe you guys think this is funny! You terrorized the hospital!" Shakti yelled. "You could have gotten me fired! And, you have a cosplay collection?!"
"Yeah, so?" Rishi asked.
"That's not normal." Shakti said.
"SInce when was Rishi ever normal?" Armaan asked.
"You guys aren't normal to begin with," Shakti said. "I've said it many times. I'll have to say it again. Boys will be boys."

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Alicia2012 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2015 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
Wow great story please update soon 
I can not wait for the next part of your story 

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ShahSAIR IF-Dazzler

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i can too say.. Boys will b boys.. Thanx for pm

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