Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

RM TS- LOVE AND STARDOM part 3 posted on pg .1

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Hello all i m back with a Ts LOLi m running on a marathon of writing before i permanently quit it LOLLOLokay just kidding actually this idea was troubling since ages but i never penned it down finally after 
ages i wrote the prolouge n by chance it came out gud too Winkso i m posting it . It was suppose to be a ss but then i already have one ss going on so i made it a ts , although its too long for me to write but i ll try to do in three parts .So here goes the prolouge n based on the response i ll decide whether to continue or not , so silent readers also i m expecting two words plss .
''Rk pls ek baar meri baat sunlo 
main aaj bhi sirf aur sirf tumahari madhu hoon 
aur hamesha tumahari hi rahoongi ''said madhu in a petrified voice 
with tears flowing frm her eyes.
''meri, really madhubala tum meri thi kab 
wo sab to sirf tum mujhse badla lene ke liye 
kar rahi thi yahi kaha tha na tumne do saal pehle '' he said in a sarcastic way.
''do saal pehle jis tareeke se tumne mujhe barbaad kiya hai use aaj tak nahi bhula paaya hoon main 
aur kabhi bhooloonga bhi nahi  '' he said with determination n plain hatred in his voice.
''plss rk tum mujhe ek mauka do main sab kuch theek kar doongi 
tum jo kahoge jaise kahoge sab karoongi par plss mujhe khud se door mat karo''she said
pleading to him n tried to touch his face but he jerked her hands off n shouted
''dont u dare touch me madhubala ye haq tum kho chuki ho '' n he luked away 
to hide his tears n his own pain frm her .
''kya kaha tumne jo main kahoonga wo karogo , to theek hai 
ek sauda karte hai '' he said with bitterness in his voice.
''kya ki main tumse shaadi karloon '', she asked with a smile 
shaadi karne layak tumne choda kahan hai mujhe 
ab to pyaar aur shaadi shabd se bhi main nafrat karta hoon aur usse 
kahin zyada tumse , par ab main tumhe barbaad karoonga jis tareeke se tumne mujhe kiya 
heroine ban jao meri , meri duniya mein aajao jis duniya se tum nafrat karti ho usi ka hissa ban jao ... 

P.S Rk will be extremely kameena in this story n trust me he have wonderful reasons for it which will be revealed soon n i bet u all r going to love Right kameena if i continue this story .
so time for ur views .

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                                                                           PART 1

Madhu woked up with a thumping headache, it took a minute for her
to adjust to the daylight , it seemed to her that she was sleeping
ages , she tried to scrutinize her environment but she cldnt
get where she was n how she got there , her head hurted . Just wen
she was trying to understand where she was a elderly lady
entered the room n smiled at her n said,'' thank god
u gain conciousness it has been two yrs since u were
unconcious, we tried so hard to bring u back but u
hit ur head hard on some rock but now u r okay
but the man who was with u is no more .''
''What two yrs have passed?'' mb asked with
shock written all over her face.
''Yes'' , the elderly lady replied but dnt wrry
u r safe now .''what place is this n who r u ?
''U r in motihari daughter n i m dai maa ''.
''Daughter was he ur husband ?'' ''no dai maa
he was not my husband he was the one who
took away everything frm me n i lost the
person whom i love the most '' mb replied
with a painful voice. ''Dnt wrry , u ll get ur
loved ones back god is there na he will take
u to ur loved ones soon , u rest i ll go get u
some food to eat''.'' Dai maa can u plss
do me a favour i want to go to my house
in mumbai plss help me to reach there'' ,
she asked with pleading voice .'' Sure daughter
i ll do some arrangements for u dnt wrry
u ll meet ur family soon , she said with a smile
n blessed mb n left ''.
Tears fell frm madhus eyes as she was left alone in the room
she lost two yrs of her life , she dnt know how he must be
how he must have moved on without her but the only
satisfaction she felt was that the person who destroyed
her life was no more , she didnt felt even a pang of hurt
on his death she was glad that he was punished by god
for the cruelty he did to her by seperating her frm her
family n top most her love. She gave into her tears
n after her tears dried she got out of the bed n luked
around the room to freshen up , first she felt
weak but she was determine to go back to her
family so she ignored the faintness n went to
the washroom to get ready . By the time she came out
dai maa was already there with food n tea for her .
She had it quickly n thanked dai maa for saving her
life n left for mumbai as dai maa arranged for her departure.
Next day
''Bittuji i told u i wont shoot more than 5 scenes today , didnt i ?''
asked rk gritting his teeth . ''Sorry chief it skipped my mind ''
replied bittuji hesistantly.''Bittuji agar aapki yaadash itni hi kamzor ho gayi hai to
ghar jaakar baith jaaiye mera dimaag kyun kharaab kar rahe aap''(bittuji if u
have a short term memory then u better sit at home rather than messing my
brains ) he said with anger now.
Gone was the time once again wen rk
smiled , he was now more ruthless n heartless as he claims to be .
He doesnt know'' wat smiling is frm the last two yrs'' only
thing he now knew was pain, hurt n betrayals n y wont it
be wen his all life he was being betrayed by everyone
frm his parents to his gf to his wife everyone used him ,
mocked him  n then left him to die .
''Rk sir plss for today just do extra shoot frm tomorrow
i ll make sure ur schedule is not distubed'' said the
director with a shaky voice. ''Fyn , only for today
but if frm tomorrow my shedule is disturnbed then u better
find a new hero for ur film mr .kapoor '' rk said
with clear threat in his voice n walked off to give his shot.
n both mr. kapoor n bittuji sighed in relief. Rk was
reading his script as the heroine was not yet done with
her make up wen his eyes went on the lines
''tumhi mera ishq ho tumhi mera junoon '' n he instantly
got up frm his chair n shouted '' who the hell has written the
script for this scene''. Mr. kapoor n bittuji came running
to see him suddenly angry nowadays he gets angry on every
lil thing which is not acc. to him n today was no exception.
''SIR wat happened plss calm down'' , mr. kapoor said trying
to calm him . ''Mujhe calm baad mein kaiyega pehle aapne
script writer ko bulaaiye ''(calm me later first call ur
script writer) he said getting more angry with each passing
second. Bittuji went to call the script writer as he knew if he wasted
another second today either he ll get fired or rk will sue this film
forever. The script writer gautam hegde came with shaky legs
n one luk at rks face n he knew he was going to loose his job today.
''Mr. Gautam lagta hai ab rk ko aapko dialouge likhna sikhanne
padenge iss scene mein iss dialouge ki kya zarurat hai''(it seems
now rk has to teach u to write dialouges , wats the need of this
line in this scene). Sir ... wooo sir...
''sir sir karna band kariye aur jawaab dijiye'',
''sir u r going to propose the heroine so it is needed
audience like the cheesy kind of dialouges'' he said
trying to make him understand. ''Aap bhool rahe hain ki
rk jo bolta hai use audience pasand karti hai isliye
bina kisi drame ke iss dialouge ko hatiye ''
''par sir plss it is very important ''n he glared at all.
Mr. kappor n bittuji also try to explain him
although he knew he was being insensitive for no reason
but how can he explain them wat this one mere line
caused him in his heart , this was the very line he had said
to her n now it was just a mere memory n finally
he gave in to their demands undertanding that he cant
keep on fighting with everything he wasnt unprofessional
he was the superstar rk the epitome of perfection n he can
do anything n everything .
Rk was giving his back to the heroine who was suppose to enter
frm the bridge . There was pure scilence on the set as everyone
was buzy seeing the scene. He heard the footsteps n started
saying his lines ,''aa gayi na tum humesha humesha ke
liye mere paas nahi reh paayi na door mujhse karne hi lagi
na mujhse beintehaa pyaar maanna hi pada na tumhe
ki tumhi mera ishq ho aur tumhi mera junoon''( finally u came
forever to me , i knew u wont be able to stay away frm me
for long n u ll fall in love with me n will believe that
u r my only passion n obession ) he turned around
n the spotlight fell on him n then heroine n as soon
as his eyes met hers the coulour drained out frm his face
n he stood there like a statue just watching her trying
to believe whether she was really there or was he
hallucinating again .
Madhu who reached mumbai straight away came to
the sitara studio as she knew her life wld be here
so without wasting any more time she took the cab
n came here n she rushed inside n heard his voice after two yrs.
His voice which was so soothing to her ears was now reflecting
only pain n loneliness n as he said those lines she was
lost in the memories of their first love confession
where he said them with same intensity n passion
but as soon as his face got visible n her eyes met his
he lost everything frm his face , his face became blank
his eyes reflected pain, sorrow, anguish, deep hurt
n above all loneliness. Everyone on the set
was stunned to see the ex wife of the superstar rk .
''Bhabhi ji'' bittuji said with a clear shock in his voice
but the main persons were still looking at each other .
RK who was still looking at her suddenly went into
the flashback of his bitter past where she left him
along with his step brother Sultan.
Madhu asked for divorce frm rk saying that
she cant handle his life anymore which is full of dramas
n more over she loves sultan n not him n he killed her
love n now was in jail so there was no future for them
n she wants to be happy n its better he gives her freedom
frm this marriage forever . He had tried to explain
her that he will come out n she shdnt lose faith in him
n their love but she strictly told him that she hates him
n she cant live her life with the one who killed
her sultan. He dies the very moment wen she told him
that she dnt love him he tried every possible way
to try to find reason for her sudden change
but he cldnt find any reason n finally he
gave up n agreed to sign the papers as he didnt
wanted to force himself on her but now she called
n told that there was something she wished to tell him
n everyone so they all were gathered at rk mansion.
Rk was pacing to n fro in tention as well as hurt
madhu had called her family also to his place
n her family was also confused with her behaviour
but no one knows wat was going on in her mind.
finally she entered with sultan n all
got shocked seeing him alive .
''u r alive u bloody f**ker'' rk roared
with anger n marched to them n as soon as he was
abt to hold his collar madhu pushed him away n shouted
''dnt u dare rishabh kundra dnt u dare to try to insult
him i beared enough frm u but not anymore ''
''madhu for him u r fighting with me ur rk''he said
with shock written all over his face , her family
was also in shock n so were bittuji , radhaji
n all the bhatias. madhu smirked at him n said
''neither u r mine nor i m urs i m his
n he is mine so u stop calling me urs
n sign these divorce papers now
n yes before u ask ur ramblings again
i married u only to avenge u not to live my
whole life with u that day u heard my n sultans
conversation n we had to change our plan so i
married u but then we got to know that ur father
is also sultans father so we planned this fake drama
to not only ruin ur reputation but also to
prove u a killer n illegitimate son of mohan kundra''
rk luked at her shocked he had never felt so broken before
but today the person whom he loves the most was throwing
his hard truth of his life on his face , he went numb
he cldnt move all he cld do was to stare at the person
who now looked only a evil planner , where was his madhu
she was some other person he never knew she was still
stick on their past . ''I never loved u mr. kundra
i love sultan n only him so better free me off this
fake relation n live ur life happily n let me live
my life happily.''He came towards her n without
even saying anything he took the papers frm her
n signed them . Everyone was shocked beyond
limits no one knew that madhu cld even think of hurting rk
no one cld even speak a word nor react n before they cld
react she holded sultans hand n walked off n rk
went unconciousness.
Flashback ends.
He opened his eyes as he relived that day once again
just by seeing her n a tear escaped his eyes but
he wiped it off not wanting to show her that he
still loved her like he used to do before .
Gaining his composure he shouted ''Pack up ''.
Madhu who was still standing at her place came to her
senses seeing him walking away ran after him calling
his name ''rk ''. The voice which used to heal his heart
now only caused him pain n hurt n he turned towards
her angrily n shouted '' what do u want
madhubala mallik or madhubala sultan kundra
i shd say '' n he laughed sarcastically at the last part.
''madhubala rishabh kundra'' she replied with
tears in her voice . ''Omg madhubala wat a charity
wat will ur darling sultan think now that u r adding
my name with urs''he said n grabbed her shoulders
n she winced in pain .'' Rk i m not married
i m still ur madhu i know i hurted u breaked u
but i did that only to save u sultan forced me
to do all that he blackmailed that he will
kill u if i didnt do as he said that is y i
did all that i never wanted to leave u , i
did that only to save u how can i let anything
happen to you ''she said with her tears
continously flowing frm her eyes.
He left her n started clapping n smiled evilly
''wowww wat a story y dnt u become a script writer
exbiwi , after two yrs did u suddenly got a dream
or u hit ur head that lets go n have some
entertainment with rk we r getting bored'', he
said with plain sarcasm in his voice.
''i know u have no reason to believe me
but this is the truth rk , the moment
i said all those harshful things to u i too
died along with u n in the car
which were going its breaks failed n we
met with accident sultan died n i remained
unconcious for two yrs yday only i got
conciousness n i came over here '' she said
hopingly now he wld believe her . He laughed his evil
laugh n luked at her with hatred n ''what makes u think
i ll believe ur so called story''? '' Story is
gud but u know wat audience will get bored while
watching this so better change it exbiwi'' n he started
to walk off n she holded his wrist to stop him
n he closed his eyes feeling her touch n trying
to savour it in his memory but then he recalled her
holding sultans hand n jerked her hand off.
''Dnt u dare touch me u lost all these rights
two yrs back n dnt try to even come infront of me
otherwise even i dnt know wat i ll do ''bittuji
who was standing silently in a corner till now
to calm rk . ''Chief plss calm down doctor has
told u not to take so much of stress ''

''bittuji tell her to leave now otherwise it wontbe gud''
''plss rk plss listen to me once i ll do anything for u
but dnt seperate me frm urself i cant live without u
give me last chance to prove my love '' madhu said with
pleading eyes n she cld see him melting but she also
knows he wont be able trust her so easily n she wld do anything
to win him back .
''Fyn if u r so much interested in getting in hell n burn urself
then lets do a deal''he said with bitterness in his voice.
''Deal to marry u ''she asked with a lil smile on her face .
''Huh dnt dream of that also bcoz as much as i hate the word
marriage n love i hate u n that wld be the last thing i ll do
with u now but one thing u can do which u hate n i love
n making u do that will give me immense pleasure ''he said
with a smirk n she cld see the old rk in him but today
she was happy to see his this side as it will bring them
together again . She luked at him questioningly
trying to gauze wat was going in his mind n so was
bittuji n he said something which she havent imagine
in her wildest dreams n especially rk saying to her
'' become my heroine , come in my world , the world
u hate but i love so wat say madhubala ...ahannn''
madhu was shocked out of her wits n so was bittuji .
rk how can i i mean ... u n i she started stammering.
''Y R U STAMMERING TODAY , this fear this hesitancy y
it wasnt present that day wen u were declaring ur so called
plan to me so wat happened now n just now u were
shouting i ll do anything for rk now wat happened
all love gone in cock pit '' he said mockingly .

Madhu knew there was no other choice left
other than to agree to him n this was the
only way she will be with him n try to win him back
so with determined voice she said '' if that is
wat u want then i ll become ur heroine rk ''
''gud choice madhubala be here tomorrow morning
to sign ur contract n to step into rks hell''
''correction pati rks heaven without u
its hell for me she said with smile ''
n he walked off  after glaring at her.
Bhabhiji aap yahan ''bittuji said
n madhu took his hands in her hand n said
''bittuji aap to mujhpar bharosa karte hai na
main rk ki kasam khaakar kehti hoon ki
maine sabkuch rk ke liye unki zindgi ke liye kiya hai ''
(bittuji u trust me na i swear on rk that i did
everything for him n his life). ''Bhabhiji whether i
believe u or not it doesnt make difference
its chief who matters n u know him how
stubborn he is n after wat has happened with him  ,''
he stopped not wanting to tell her of his past
anymore . ''Bittuji wat happened to him tell me plss''
she pleaded .'' After u left he went unconciousness
n somehow the whole fiasco was spread in media
n next day everything was in news , wen he gain conciousness
dipali showed him the paper that the whole world was
mocking him n his life he went hypsterical
n tried to kill himself , for three months
he was like that n after three months wen he was
stabilized he got back to work n since then he became more
ruthless n u know wat he does wen he is in pain''
Madhu was shocked out of her wits that rk tried to ended his life bcoz of
her never in her dreams she had thought something like this
but this was not the time to think of past it
was time to correct every wrong to bring
his happiness n most importantly the real rishabh
back in him . She spoke with determination
in her voice '' bittuji i promise u i ll get our
rk back no matter wat comes n goes soon he will
smile n this time i wont let anyone spoil our
happiness .''
okay so here goes the first part n it was the hardest to write I ll say .
many of u might hate rk for not trusting her but try to see frm his pov she left
infront of him with sultan how can he trust her easily n he himself had heard her saying that she wanted to avenge him for once .
N I hope no one minds sultan with no dialouges lol I prefer his mouth shut rather
than talking shit .
so time for likes n comments .


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Thanku all for liking n commenting on the previous part. Dedicating this part to sudha dii, nina , meghna n uma dii for their beautiful comments .

                                                       PART 2
Madhu went to her house along with bittuji to get united
with her family first they all were upset n angry with her
but bittuji explained them that she did it for her love
then finally the family reunited .Padmini explained
to her how rk was support them all these two yrs
financially as well as emotionally although he was
hurt but still he didnt hated them but helped
them . He launched trishna in his film
n now she was a star too n he took care
of all malliks treatment as he cldnt take
madhus escapade all of a sudden . Madhus
love for rk increased now all the more n she became
more determined to get united with him , she
promised her maa that soon she will get her
rishabh back . As rk wont allow her to stay
in rk mansion she stayed with her parents for
the time being n thought of how to win him back .
She knew he loves her still , he had always
done even wen she thought he hated her he had
loved her n even wen she thought he dnt respect her
he still loved n even now he loves her she cld see
it in his eyes but only thing he fears to trust
her n she knew she cant blame him for anything
this time , he had been shaken upto the
care n it wont be easy for him to show his trust
on her again but she will earn it this time
like he earned her trust last time no matter
wat comes n goes she will get her rk back.
Next day at sitara studio
Rk was already on the set discussing things with the new
director(Ishita Garg) who was going to do her debut n rk had heard
abt her n he approached her to direct the second
venture of RK productions ''Yeh ishq hai" n they
were discussing the script which was written by rk only
n they were making some changes as she suggested .
Madhu came dressed in a pink anarkali n saw
both of them in serious discussion n noticed
rks eyes which were swollen which only
meant he had cried n it was because of her .
''Where is the heroine sir''ishita asked rk
n rk smirked n luked at madhu n said ''there is our
new heroine miss madhubala shamsher mallik''.
''She'' ishita asked shocked luking at madhu .
''why is there a problem ms. garg i think she fits
the bill, aint she ?he asked with sarcasm  clear in his voice .
''Ammm sir r u sure u want her to do this role i mean
she is ur wife'' , she asked hesitanly
''ms. garg rk dnt involve his personal n professional life
n secondly she is not my wife but my ex wife'' , he said the last
line luking straight into madhus eyes which piereced her
heart with the mention of just ex wife but she just
gave a weak smile to ishita who was luking
embarrasedly at her .'' R ur doubts now clear
ms. ishita or is there anything more u want to
say '''' no sir everything is clear ''
''gud so lets get back to work n sign the contract
then pre production activities will start
n after 10 days we ll start shooting ''.
''yes sir'', sure n they all signed the contract
n rk gave madhu her signing amt.'' ex biwi
here goes ur first signing amt. hope its not
less for u '' he said mockingly now.
''rk i dnt need this u know y i m doing the
film then wats the point of this ''madhu said
''really ex biwi i dnt think i know y u r doing this film
enlighten me plss ''
''rk i dnt need money i need u n ur love alone
that is wat i want in return but if u r so
keen to give me something then plss
again n again dnt call me ex biwi '' she
said controlling her tears . Rk didnt knew
whether he was hurt with her words or
bcoz she had tears in her eyes but it hurt
him a lot so without replying her he went away.
''i know rk it hurts u more to see me hurt
but plss dnt hurt urself like this it hurts me
all the more '' madhu thought n went to
look for bittuji to know wat she has to do more .
The pre production activities started which
bittuji took care of n on ishitas request
madhu was made to attend some of the workshops
to understand her role n nature more n till that
time rk completed his previous movie already
which was now ready to be promoted n he was
buzy with all the promotions so he n madhu
cldnt meet much much to madhus annoyance
as she was missing him . Finally it
was the day of there first shoot which
was being held on the beach as the
hero heroine met there . They have the
beach booked for a days shooting n everyone was
setting up the set .
 Rk was getting ready in
his vanity in white transparent shirt n white
pants giving free show of his sexy abs , when
bittuji entered worriedly in his vanity
n one luk at his face n he knew something
had happen with madhu .''Bittuji now u forgot
even knocking on the door '' '' sorry chief ''
''leave ur sorry n tell me y ur face is showing
extra emotions all of a sudden ''''chief wo
wo bhabhiji'''' now wat happened to ur
pyaar bhabhiji '' he asked with irritation now .
''Chief her wardrobe is the problem ''
n he understood that she was uncomfortable
wearing those revealing clothes .
''Wat shd i do if she cant wear those clothes ''
n bittuji looked at him shocked , he was
expecting rk to get her wardrobe changed
but he didnt even cared . ''Bittuji aapko
kisi ne kaha hai kya mujhe itna ghoorenge to
aapki aankhon ki roshni bhad jaayegi (has someone
told u to stare in my eyes so that ur eyesight
will increase ).''go n tell ur pyaari bhabhiji
there wont be any change in wardrobe if she
wants to wear she can wear otherwise ask
her to quit the film n leave me alone ''.
Bittuji went away quietely not wanting to
argue with him further but wat he failed
to see was rk was already affected n in
frustration he punched his hand on the
wall .
''Bhabhiji aap pareshan mat ho main kuch karta hoon''
''bittuji aap rehne dijiye main yahi pehen loongi
agar aapne kuch kiya to rk aap par naraz hoyenge''
(u leave it bittuji i ll wear this only if u
did something then for no reason rk will get
angry on u ). ''Par aap kaise bhabhiji''
''bittuji aap jaiyye i ll wear it ''
n bittuji came out frm her vanity n madhu changed
her dress which was a mini skirt with a short top.

She luked at herself in the mirror n her tears began
to flow , she had never wore such clothes n today
to prove her love she had to wear them .
''Rk i love u tumahare liye main ye bhi
karoongi'' she thought in her mind
n did her make up n then she went out.
She stepped out of her vanity n everyone luked
at her stunned , she was luking breathtaking .
All the mens were staring at her n rk who was
already present on the set saw her fidgeting
with the skirt which reached only till her thighs.
Then he saw the crew staring at her
n madhus eyes met his n the world stopped
for them as both got lost in each others
eyes once again. They began to mind talk to
each other ''rk i know u r not liking
me in all this but u r doing it to hurt
me but every hurt is acceptable to me for u''
''madhu y u did it with me n now u r
making me hurt u this way i dnt want to
hurt u like this but u made me do this
i m sorry for doing this to u ''
''rk just trust me once n everything
will be ok i ll love u so much that
all pain will go away frm u n only
happiness will be there in our lives''
Tears came in her eyes as well as rks
she wiped them off before anyone cld notice
but already rk had noticed them which
angered him more n he shouted
for bittuji n ordered
'' get the damm wardrobe changed now till
then its break ''n he walked off to his vanity .
Madhu ran to her vanity n changed her dress back
n thanked bappa for bringing a lil change in rk .
She wanted to thank him so she went to his vanity
n knocked n he replied irritatedly '' come in
bittuji y r u irritating me ''
''It is me not bittuji''she said with a hint of smile
which made rk relax n he turned otherside
n shouted ,'' now wat do u want ms. mallik''
n in return she backhugged him n said
''thanku rk i knew u wont make me wear such clothes ever''
He pushed her hands off frm him n turned around
n glared at her '' dnt u think u r taking
to much priorities of being my heroine
keep ur hands off frm me ''
she smiled n wrapped her arms around
his neck n said sweetly ,'' do u think
i can keep my hands off frm u for u
i might be just ur heroine but for
me u r my husband n my life my love
my everything'''' ms. mallik
be in ur limits otherwise u dnt
know wat i m capable off doing
n especially with u '''' who will know
better than me my love '' He pushed her
hands off frm him n she was abt to fall
losing her balance .'' madhu'' he shouted
n caught her through her waist
n they stood in there famous rk pose .     
(bg hum hai deewane male sad version )
Madhu wrapes her arms around his neck smilingly
as he was lost in her n their previous memories ,
for a moment it seemed to him as everything was
ok n they were happy but suddenly the past dawned
on him n he jerked her frm n straightened himself.
He dragged her out of his vanity n closed the door
on her face . Madhu was shocked with his sudden change
but she understood that he needs time its not easy
for him so she went to her own vanity fighting her
tears .
Madhu was reading her lines wen she saw rk talking to bittuji
n then he went away as if he was trying to fight something .
''Bittuji rk kahan gaye hai''she asked walking upto him .
''pata nahi bhabhiji kehne lage zaruri kaam se jaa rahe
aur pehle aapka scene shoot karwa de wo baad mein aakar
karenge''(dnt know bhabhiji but he said that he is
going for some imp. work n ur scene shd be done first
he will do his scene later). Before she cld think
where he went ishita came to call her for shot .
''Ma'am pls go n change as rk sir is not here
we will do ur solo scene first n then with him
wen he is here we will shoot ur n his scene ''
n madhu walks off to change .She came out of her vanity
wearing a beautiful yellow colour anarkali
matching the atmosphere on beach , ishita explains
her the shot n madhu started doing it but she was
getting nervous everytime which took them
two hrs to do retakes but as she was newbie
so everyone understood n helped her n mostly
she was rks wife n they knew if anyone showed their displeasure
they will be fired the next second n finally
with everyones help n cooperation she succeeded
in giving her shot but still she was
scared to do the romantic scenes with rk .
wenever she luks in his eyes she sees only
pain n loneliness n which hurts her more
than his indifference towards her .
Everyone was setting the environment for next scene
n madhu was rehearsing her lines wen she saw rk
walking back on set . He luked extremely hurt
n pained n his face was pale n eyes swollen again.
''y r u doing this to urself rk , y i know u
want to hurt me but mre than me it is u
who r being hurt y dnt u understand
we need each other , to love each other
to support each other plss come back to me'.
Finally it was time to give there couple shot
everyone was eagerly waiting for it as rk was
the romance king n wenever he does romantic
scene every girls heart skips a beat .
''sir u both will be walking frm opposite
sides talking to ur frnds animatedly
with happy expressions n while crossing
u both will bump into each other
n heroine(rushika) will fall over u(rehaan) '' explained
ishita praying that he wont blast her
for this intimate meeting , but to her
surprise rk took his position 
without saying anything even madhu was
surprised to see this . They both
stood on opposite sides n started doing as
they were told but instead of looking to
her frnd madhu was luking towards rk
making ishita cut the scene .
They again did it n she did the same
mistake again n now rk was irritated
to core . ''Break'' he announced
n holding madhus hand he dragged her to
his vanity . Locking the door
he started blasting her ,''wat the hell
is ur problem ms. madhubala shamsher mallik
y cant u just give the dam shot as u r told
nothing is written on my face that u were luking at me
rather than the way u were suppose to do
cant u understand one simple thing that u have
to luk at ur frnd in the film not at me ''
She started sobbing all of a sudden with his
sudden outburst n he felt like banging his head
on wall .''stop ur water works biwi
u will bring flood over here ''n she hit him
on his chest .Realising wat he said he gave his back
to her n closing his eyes n he took deep breath .
''i know u r nervous everyone gets wen they do their
first scenes but u r now actor so forget the outer world
n mould urself into ur character of rushika
u r not madhubala n i m not rk for u
there only remember the camera n ur character
n the lines u have to speak put ur
heart n mind in wat u r doing ''he said
n without waiting for her reply he walked
off leaving behind stunned madhu
who was surprised to see that for first time
rk talked to her properly .
With rks words madhu became confident n determine more
n she gave excellent shots back to back with rk
surprising everyone n all the crew was in
awe of their chemistry onscreen . ''Sir for today
its ok we have done gud job but still we r lacking
behind five scenes so we will do that tomorrow
n sir i was thinking if for further romantic scnes
we shoot in some romantic place then it
will be gud so which place will u suggest ''.ishita asked rk
after the packup was done for a day .
rk didnt replied he was lost in his own thoughts .
''amm.. sir... rk sir r u alright'' she asked tapping on his
arms .''Were u saying something ms. garg ''
''its okay sir we will talk tomorrow u shd rest for today
u look really tired ''she said noticing his gloomy look.
''Rk sir i know i have no right but if u want to share
anything with ur frnd then do consider me plss
i m always there to listen to u ''she said in a
friendly way . ''Thanku ms. garg but i m fyn
n i must say u did grt job today keep it up''
n he smiled at her warmly n went off .
Madhu who was standing in side watched the whole scene
n didnt liked rk smiling at ishita at all .But she also
knew she was their director n if rk is lost then she
is noticing it too n it can affect their work so she asked it
in a friendly way n there is no need to be jealous.
The mumbai shooting was done perfectly within a month n half
with madhu trying to win rk as much as she can n he
either taunting her or mocking her much to her
annoyance n she was started to loose hope but
the wife in her was stubborn enough to not loose .
Now they were all set to go to mauritius
for their outdoor shoot . Madhu was all the more
excited as it was the first time she was going
with rk to some other country n that too for
their shooting . She remembers rk wanted to take
her to mauritius for there honeymoon n they
were even going but that guf for nothing
person spoilt everything n they cldnt go
but now they were going n its going to be
memorable trip surely .
''Aww i love u too baby , now stop
being angry n give me a gud smile ''
madhu heard rk saying that to someone
while she was passing frm his vanity
n she stopped dread in her tracks .
wen he said ,'' okay i ll kiss u then
am i forgiven for not meeting u for
so many days ''. n madhu was shocked out
of her wits n she opened the vanity door
n the further sight made her more shocked
this time .  

Now keep on thinking wat bala ji saw , lets see whose guess comes rightn who knows our rk the most .

Do likes n comments .


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I know the story is mess , can understand frm the likes n comments , extremely sorry to disappoint u all but still thanxx to all those who read it n r commenting too . Many of u guessed right to whom rk was talking so dedicating this part to u all . I can see ppl trust rk Wink.

''Rk.. u ''n she stopped stunned to see that to whom 
rk was talking was actually a lil 4 yr old baby girl.
''Yes me wat ms. mallik n who the hell do u think 
u r to walk around in my vanity'' rk asked fuming .
''Superstar dnt get angry i dnt like it'' said
the lil baby who got upset seeing her best frnd 
angry . ''Sorry angel '' rk said immediately 
not wanting to upset his lil frnd .
''Hello i m tani , superstars best frnd 
r u also superstars frnd?'' tani asked 
cutely to madhu who was speechless seeing 
the immediate change in rks behaviour .
She cldnt help but just smile seeing the kid 
n replied ,'' hello tani 
no baby i m not ur superstars best frnd 
even i dnt know wat i m to him '' madhu said 
staring at rk who understood wat she meant 
but the lil kid just smiled n shaked her hands with 
her . ''Tani come ur papa must be getting 
worried for u n he picked her up in his arms ''
n walked out without even luking at madhu .  

Madhu went out lost in her thoughts n she bumped into 
bittuji who noticed her gloomy look . ''Wat happened
bhabhiji u luk upset did chief said something again''
''No bittuji he didnt he doesnt even luk at me 
properly forget abt saying by the way i saw a lil 
kid with him who is she i never saw her before''.
''Oh tani , she is our crew members daughter 
once she came on set with her parents wanting to meet 
chief , n since then she n chief became best frnds 
chief really loves her she manages to make him smile 
n forget his past for sometime .She lives nearby 
studio only chief went to meet her daily in the park
but as he was buzy these days so he cldnt go so she 
asked her parents to bring her here , she is a lovely
child'', he concluded. Madhu smiled hearing abt tani 
atleast someone made her rk happy wen she was not here .

After all the arrangements were done they boarded the
flight in evening. Madhu was sitting with bittuji 
talking abt random things trying to keep her mind 
off frm rk n his rejection and rk was sitting with ishita 
as they were discussing abt the scenes to be shot 
there n the place they will shoot . Madhu didnt 
liked ishita sitting with rk at all but she also 
knew that there was nothing between them they were 
just professionals . But then her thoughts went 
to the day she left with sultan holding 
his hand n the reality dawn on her that 
''she cant bear even his director being close to him 
n she left with another man that too too holding
his hand wat he must have felt then n her guilt 
started increasing all the more ''.

After a long jouney they reached their destination
mauritius , the small island of africa . It was 
the most beautiful place madhu had ever been to in her 
life n she fell in love with at once . They reached 
their hotel n rk n madhu were given seperate suites 
n rest of the crew stayed in the beach house 
together so that they cld make arrangements for the 
shooting easily . Ishita along with bittuji 
was also staying in the beach house only 
as she wanted to prepare everything before 
rk came to shoot so it was only 
rishbala in the hotel in opposite rooms 
lost in there thoughts . As everyone was 
tired so they rested for that day n the shooting began 
frm the next day in between the waters of mauritius.

After the breakfast both rk n madhu came out 
of there room at the same time n madhu gave him a 
small smile which he just ignored n walked 
off . Madhu felt bad , if before his harsh words 
hurted her now his ignorance hurted her more .
She prayed to her bappa to give her strength to 
win him back but she also knew that destiny was 
testing her ove this time n its in her hand 
to fight her destiny n win rk . She walked 
down n notice that bittuji was here to take her 
to the beach where they will shoot the 
song .

After reaching to the beach she was mesmerized 
by the oceanic look it was pitch perfect 
for the song they were going to shoot 
which was also too romantic .

 She herself 
liked the song n had appreciated the 
writer much to rks surprise . As they have
already practiced the steps before so it wasnt 
that dificult to do straightly but the major 
problem madhu found was dancing in saree .
They rehearsed once before giving exact shot 
n after ishita found the steps perfect , she asked 
them to change . Madhu wore a sea green 
saree with a backless blouse which revealed
her milky back and Rk was dressed in 
black jeans n sky blue shirt with sport
shoes . His hairs were spiked with gel 
n he was wearing shades matching 
his greek god looks . The whole 
female population was gawking at him n the 
male populatin was drooling over madhu 
which she ignored as her whole 
concentration was on her husband who 
was now walking upto 
her . With his every step madhus heart beat was 
rising n she thought she will just faint 
seeing him but she maintained her 
composure not wanting to upset her 
already angry husband .

''Can we start ishita '' rk asked as he approached them.
''sure sir everything is ready '''' ma'am r u ready , do 
u want to rehearse the steps once before giving shot''.
''no i m fyn we will give the shot '' madhu replied 
directly luking at rk who smirked at her .
''sir u have to kiss ma'am at the end of the song''
ishita explained them hesitantly . Rishbala 
luked at each other shocked n madhu didnt 
knew wat to do she felt as if her head will burst.
It was not that they havent kissed before but 
infront of so many ppl , how will she do it 
but then it hit her it was not difficult for rk 
he had done kissing scenes before so it was normal 
for him n somewat she was jealous before it was 
not a problem to her but now wen she herself was doing 
it she was realising she was sharing her rk with so many girls
n she had seen his all movies n his every romantic scene 
luked real means he really kiss his heroines .
''ishita i want camera angle kiss is that fyn with u ''rk 
declared out of the blue . ''sure sir no problems 
u bend ur head down to her lips so that it luks like
a lip lock n the camera will be posed to ur side n 
back to make it luk real''.''Ma'am r u fyn with it ''
n madhu only nodded not knewing wat she shd say 
it hurted her that rk didnt wanted to even touch her 
now but she was thankful to him for deciding on this.

They started giving the shot n as they were already trained
by their choreographer so there movements matched each other 
n there eyes spoke their emotions for them n as the song ended
rk bend down giving the pose for kiss with his hand on her waist 
n the other hand on her shoulder . Madhus one hand 
rested on his chest n the wrapped around his neck 
all the while their eyes locked a tear ran down 
frm rks eyes n madhus heart breaked but before she 
cld wipe it off ishita cutted the scene n rk 
walked off leaving a heartbroken madhu .

Days passed by n the movie was completed successfully .
Ishita was extremely happy with the film , rk had been 
a grt support for her through out the film , he was 
truely the king of industry .They went back to 
mumbai after a month n the post production 
activities started . Both rishbala didnt met each other 
and finally wen the promotions started , they 
met that day but mostly both avoided seeing each other 
into their eyes . The press conference was held up 
for officially introducing madhu into the cinema 
world . She was extremely nervous but bittuji 
assured her that when there was rk there is no need 
to worry .

Rk greeted all the reporters happily n introduced 
madhu as well as ishita . The reporters began firing 
there questions .One asked ''sir y was there 
no introduction of madhubala before ''
''well havent u heard of surprises so madhubala 
is a surprise frm rk productions '' he replied 
with a smirk.''Ms. ishita garg u r newbie n u 
directed superstar rks film do u think he is arrogant''
She first luked at rk n then with a smile '' well 
i think everyone in this world has lil bit of arrogance 
n if someone is so multitalented like rk sir 
then that arrogance is also acceptable ''.
''Madhubala ji how was ur first experience 
with ur ex husband '' the reporter asked 
sarcastically gaining a glare frm rk.
Madhu luked at rk nervously , he was 
abt to reply wen she said ''i m overwhelmed 
to work with my husband '' clearly 
indicating that he was still her husband .
''Rk sir there r reports that madhubala ji left 
u two yrs ago so y suddenly u lauched her in films''
''Finally the important question came 
otherwise i was thinking y no one has raised 
the voice ''he said smirking evilly n
all the reporters laughed at his humour .
''Well i think more than me u ppl r aware 
of my personal life so u only tell me 
the answer wats the requirement for me to say 
wen tomorow in the news my words r going to be twisted 
only '' he said evilly n got up clearly 
signalling the conference was over .

The critics had already declared the love saga ''Yeh ishq hai''
a blockbuster hit . The movie was a romantic and action 
packed with a hindu girl falling in love with a muslim guy
n then there fight frm there families to unite , hero 
fighting with all his family to find his lady love.
The posters have already captured the viewers hearts 
n now they were desperate to watch it for there 
new couple n for there action n romanctic king rk.

Premiere night
Madhu was sitting along with her family in the front
row watching the movie in the hall. Everyone including
madhu was mesmerized to see herself with her rk on the big screen.
As the movie ended everyone applauded for the sizzling chemistry 
of the couple , the heroism of rk n the direction skills 
of ishita . Madhu was greeting everyone n thanking all 
for there appreciations but her eyes were searching 
for only one person her rk who was nowhere. He havent 
come to the premiere .She was abt to ask bittuji 
wen he himself came to her n told her that 
rk had called everyone to mansion .
All were surprised but madhu was beyond
shocked she wasnt expecting him to call her 
but keeping her thoughts aside everyone went to rk mansion.

Rk mansion
''Rk .. rk where r u?''she called out to him 
seeing everything dark .'' y is there no light ''
bittuji thought n he was abt to go out to check 
when the lights turned on n everyone stood there 
shocked . The whole mansion was decorated 
in lights n flowers n there was a big 
banner hanged on with the words 
''WELCOME HOME BIWI''and rk was standing
in the middle with a beautiful smile on his face.
 madhu stood there 
rooted to the ground with tears in her eyes.
she had never imagined that she will ever get this day 
in her life but today she was getting it.
Rk came towards her n said '' surprise 
biwi ''n he wiped off her tears n she 
closed her eyes feeling his touch .
''rk ye sab tum '' she asked stammering .
''shhh relax biwi, i ll answer all ur queries 
now come inside think abt my image wat will
ppl say if they see that superstar rk has made his inlaws 
sand on the door'' n he winked at her  n everyone
laughed. They walked in happily n madhu was 
abt to start again wen he interrupted her 
n began .

After rk dragged madhu out of his vanity , he 
was hurt badly , he cldnt stay there so making 
excuse he went away to the lake to spend some 
time alone .He recalled everything which 
happened starting frm his fathers death 
to his mothers remarriage to deepalis betrayal 
then him hurting madhu then there marriage 
him founding out abt his fathers betrayal 
his mothers decieve n then finally 
madhu leaving him . He cldnt take that pain 
n sorrow anymore n he screamed loudly 
''aaa'' n n broke down falling 
on his knees . He cried n cried till 
he felt all his pain is washed away in those 
tears . He was confused wat to do , how to 
do but then madhus words abt sultan hit her 
that he made her do that n he knew madhu 
was a selfless person n if she can forgive him 
for his mistake then she can even leave him 
for his life .But then he recalled that 
if he accepts her the world is going to 
taunt her all the more abt her past 
n it will only lead to her in pain 
which he cant bear n with a determined 
voice he oathed '' i ll make u so much 
strong biwi that no one will remain 
in a position to even say a word to u 
or to remind u of our past , just stay 
away frm me for few more days n then i promise
everything will be back in our world''.
Flashback ends.

Madhu luks at him shocked all this while she already 
had his love n trust .'' I know i have been ignoring u 
but it was only to make u more determine n confident 
that love , passion n obession u showed to get me 
had lead u to become the star today biwi , i pushed 
u so that u cld become so powerful n independent 
that ppl will be scare to even raise there 
fingers at u n see today u r not a ordinary girl
madhubala but the star madhubala whom everyone loves
n appreciates . i m sorry biwi to hurt u all this 
while n to leave u alone but i wanted u to stand 
on ur feets n to show everyone that rks madhu 
can do anything n everything ''he concluded 
n turned towards her to see the whole family 
having tears in there eyes even the bhatias 
had joined them now n dips was all the more 
shocked hearing him .He walked upto 
dips n smirked '' wat did u told me that 
day that my madhu is a chawlbala now see 
she is a star today n u r nothing deepali bhatia
n wat did u say that i m unlucky in love 
no deepali i m not unlucky i m the most lucky man 
to have madhu in my life no matter whether 
we were away frm each other our love was 
always there n will be there no deepali n 
sultan can ruin it '' he said proudly .
Rk walked upto madhu '' i love u biwi ,
i love u a lot n will do always 
nothing in this world can change my love for u ''
n without saying a word madhu hugged him n both cried 
there heart out finally getting each other back
n there families happily cried seeing them united .

6 yrs later
Madhu became the star with ''yeh ishq hai ''
n she left the industry as she only wanted to 
love n take care of rk filling the void of her 
lost two yrs. Both rk madhu won several awards 
that yr for there outstanding performance 
n yeh ishq hai was awarded as the best film 
n best direction too much too rks 
n ishitas happiness n now even ishita was 
star director . She directed several of rks other movies 
too which were all the more successfull .
After two months of their reunion madhu 
gave the gud news of her pregnancy to rk 
making him all the more happy n they were 
blessed with twins whom they named 
''Nikita n naksh'' . The kids were 
exact replica of their father making 
madhus work all the more difficult as she had to 
handle three kids now but life was 
blissfull as she had her love n strength rk 
with her .After there kids were three yrs old 
rk asked madhu to join the industry again 
as he thought she was a grt actress n she shd work .
After lot of pestering frm rk n radhaji 
she finally agreed but on the condition that 
she will only work with rk in his production 
house otherwise not much to rks amusement.

But he gave in for her n in past three yrs 
they did three films together which were 
as successfull as there first one but 
madhus fav. was always their first film 
as it reunited her with rk n also 
gave her a grt frnd in ishita 
who had directed there other three 
films too n made it a success.

''Papa papa''nikita n naksh shouted as 
they reached studio with madhu following them .
As soon as he heard his kids he shouted 
''pack up '' n walked happily towards his kids 
much to madhus amusement she still wondered 
the moment they step in the studio n he announces 
packup . His kids jumped on him n he picked 
them both in his arms n both kissed his cheeks 
n madhu frowned . ''wat happened to u biwi
y r u jealous'''' i m not jealous rk ''
she replied embarrasedly .'' See biwi its not
my fault that our babies love me more '' he teased 
her n ran out with his kids with madhu following them
happily to catch all the three.

Life was wonderful for mr.n  mrs rk along
with there beautiful jouney of love and
stardom which only strengthened there bond
more n more with each day n made them 
their support to fight all the odds 
n become the winners of there world.

So this was the end. Hope u guyss wld 
have enjoyed this . If u aske me i wld say 
i m not all satisfied i wanted rk to bring some 
girl to make her jealous to bits n to show her 
as if he was making out but wen i started writing 
this rk cldnt do anything like that as he knows 
the pain to see ur loved one with other person 
n he cldnt do that to madhu so i kinda messed it up 
n the twist was rk trusting her all this while 
but not accepting only for her self respect n image .

So time for likes n comments .



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Okay i wont res. Pakka promise.ROFL

first to commentParty
interesting start.Wink
i m all set to see my righr kameena..Tongue
if he didnt have any valid reason for his behavior also i will love him..naam mein hai nasha hai, boss.LOL
so rk is gonna drag "mein sub theek karoongi" Mahaan bala to his duniya huh? GreatWink
no second thoughts just pen it down & Post it dear, all will love ur stories.Embarrassed
no thanks for pm bcos i resed before it & while typing this comment i got some pm & I guess its urs i dont know i havent seen yet.LOL 
stalker sudha is back.Star 
my first story to come first in this new yearTongue

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love the both part
waiting for next

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Awesome prologue Neha Big smile
Madhu will be a heroine now I guess...loving this right kameena RK already Big smile
Continue soon

I will write part 1 comment here Wink LOL


So yeah...I decided to put the first part comment here as well LOL too lazy to res again LOL

Anyways coming to the update...amazing Neha... Clap Clap

So Madhu landed in an accident that put in her in a two year coma...that rock must've been really hard...or Madhu's head is just really sensitive ROFL

So the first thing she down is go to recovery it seems ROFL Hiw did she find RK on the set? Did someone tell her his location? Whatever...point is he found her LOL

So the jail track with Sultan's fake death comes into play here...the only difference is that RK didn't find out beforehand that Madhu was being blackmailed...Madhh if you tell him now there is no point...should've told him when he was in jail LOL

Now she has to become a heroine to prove herself? RK good luck with that...when you have to do romantic scenes with her... LOL your "I'm going to give you pain" plan will fail LOL

Overall awesome update Neha...waiting to see how this unfolds Wink

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Comment for Part 2

Shooting and films written all over the place...loved the update Neha. It was awesome and thanks for the dedication Big smile

I feel like the person in the vanity is either dips or a child...I'm leaning towards Dips more...but I could be wrong... LOL Who knows...he could be trying to make Madhu jealous again ROFL Pr maybe he is talking to Madhu's picture...because he can't say it to her face...there are many possibilities ROFL

Loved how RK was softening again...calling her biwi one time instead of ex-biwi LOL what happened to your plan RK? LOL This is your way of giving Madhu pain? LOL Nor doing a very good job at it I must say.. LOL

The beach scene gave me inspiration for a new OS... LOL Don't worry I'm not going to steal from this's too unique...but I did get an idea Wink

Continue soon Neha...I will always give you comments like this one...I'm used to it now LOL

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Author: vivian.drashti   Replies: 277   Views: 68896

vivian.drashti 277 68896 07 February 2015 at 1:17am by karamjeet
love love love madhu

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Author: -Nia04-   Replies: 66   Views: 9668

-Nia04- 66 9668 11 May 2013 at 6:01am by nobodyatnotime
Love love love love Sultan..

2 3 4 5 6 7

Author: ninand   Replies: 51   Views: 10754

ninand 51 10754 09 May 2013 at 12:30am by pilot100
Love love love unpredictable Rk

Author: V_Sgeet   Replies: 9   Views: 3152

V_Sgeet 9 3152 07 December 2012 at 6:29am by rupa1939
Love Love Love

Author: aastha150597   Replies: 9   Views: 3058

aastha150597 9 3058 09 October 2012 at 6:30am by aastha150597

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