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FINDING LOVE season 1 (Chapter 6-9 pg 4) (Page 3)

Sanyu_Aggarwal Senior Member

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 5:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by purnima209

really awsme yar so interesting...

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..Neha. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 5:40am | IP Logged
Cont. Soon..
Damn interesting!
Pls pm me!
don girls IF-Rockerz
don girls
don girls

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 6:03am | IP Logged
nice update 
love the song choice 
one of my faviorate ones 
unishaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 6:58am | IP Logged
nice. Thanks for pm. interesting.
Sanyu_Aggarwal Senior Member

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 4:28pm | IP Logged
Chapter 4
I entered the class with wet hair. I knew it was awful but I had no choice.
"I hope you all are on the verge to finish your projects."
I had totally forgotten about this one. I had to talk to Aryan and get information about that tamilian girl.
I texted him & all he replied was that he already wrote an article on her life-style. I had no choice but to meet Aarav & her my article done! He took Science & was a chemistry freak!
Or may b just a genius!
I entered the boys hostel. I knew where his room was & as I reached near I heard him talk to one of his friend.
"She does!" Aarav shouted!
"Do you think you love her?" His friend asked.
"I do. More than she can." He said boxing his douche bag.
"Then what's wrong why can't u just tell her?" His friend asked.
"Because people whom I love eventually leave me & I don't mind her hating me until & unless she's right in front of my eyes, with me." He again said punching his punch bag.
I had tears in my eyes. This time out of happiness.
"I know Aliza loves me." Aarav said.
My happiness suddenly disappeared & I knocked the door!
"Mr. Aarav I am here to take your interview may I pls come in?" I said in an angry manner.
He smirked looking at my jealous face.
"Sure miss Shekhawat."
I asked him general questions about how chemistry was why he was immensely interested in it & stuff.
Then came the very important question which I wasn't going to mention in my article but for my personal satisfaction.
"Mr. Aarav as we know that Scientifically there's no proof of such feeling as love! So do you believe in chemistry?" I asked it In a tricky manner.
He knew my intensions.
"Of course I believe in chemistry. The chemistry I share with every girl who meets me. And love is mere attraction. If u call infatuation love I can say I fall in love everyday!" He smirked!
"Great! Thank you for your co-operation." I stood up angrily, banged the door & went straight to Aryan.
"He-he is an asshole!" I screamed!
"Ananya that's not a way u talk in!" Aryan explained.
"Sorry. It's just that I feel jealous, awful & irritated! It's so freaking easy for him. I mean it's so easy for him to forget me, to move on & I," Aryan turned me to face him, cupped my face & said- "And you are the prettiest girl he's gonna regret for ditching. And you are the most wonderful person he's gonna miss his whole life. U r the best!" He said looking into my eyes, reflecting his image.
I felt good. Good for he knew how to handle me. He left my face soon & felt awkward about the fact that we were so close. He left saying we will meet at 5 again. I mentioned about the plan & he smiled & left.
I went inside my room.
Preeti: Hey, I saw you with Aryan just now! So what's going on?
Me: Nothing!
Preeti: Won't you tell me?
Me: He's just a friend. I was upset about Aarav & he was calming me down.
Preeti: Oh I thought.. Anyway get over that bas***d man! You deserve someone like Aryan!
Me: Not a word against Aarav!
Preeti: ok!
She left the room.
I finished editing the interview I had taken. Article had to b submitted by tomorrow. I came at the last question & it reminded me of my mission!
I stood up, put some make up on, did a new hair style, wore lenses, wore tight jeans & backless top.
Preeti entered.
Preeti: Oh sorry I thought this was my room.
Me: Preeti it's me! Ananya!
Preeti: Oh god! U look like those plastic bitches!
Me: I hope that was a comlpliment! '
Preeti: Of course I've been hitting on them since my school, babes!
Me: Whatever! I m going bye!
Preeti: where?
Me: With Aryan
Preeti: Date Han?
Me: No. No questions, I m getting late.
I started leaving & Preeti screamed,
"I asked u a several times for a date & only those stupid guys get it! First Aarav & now Aryan! I hate u Ananya!"
I ignored her & went straight to Aryan's bike. He kept on gawking at me.
"Am I looking that weird?" I asked.
"No you are looking hot & sexy!"
I knew he was trying to be all good! He's a friend after all.
We started doing Salsa! It's good. I mean i loved it ever since I was in grade 10. I kept looking at door to see if Aarav had arrived.
Aarav entered with his partner Aliza. She was way prettier than me.
But I had Aryan on my side, one of the hottest guy of my college.
I purposely made a fake fall to get into Aryan's arms.
I could see the changed expression in Aarav's face but at the same time I noticed a change in Aryan's behaviour too.
Aarav pulled Aliza closer to him & kept his hand on her waist twisted & twirled her around. That's it! I couldn't watch it further. I got into the washroom.
I washed my face & came out!
It was like a session going on about making each other envious! Aliza & Aryan got tried and they went out to hv water.
Music was going on-
"Milne h mujhse aayi"
He looked at me, changed the music.
"Roshni se bhare bhare"
He came near, touched my face. I wanted to push him but I was lost in his charm & the music was like a topping.
"You look breath-taking!" He whispered in my ears.
We started dancing. The moves were directly from heart.
"Choo kr bole naa choona mujhe"
I started going away & he started following me. It was all happening within a fraction of a second.
He leaned forward, pinned me to the wall.
"Your eyes are the most beautiful thing residing in you" he kissed my eyes gently.
"Your cheeks love me, since they turn red." He winked & kissed it too.
"And coming to your lips," before he could kiss me, someone said- "cut it!"
We were shocked!
"That was fantastic! I want a performance of you guys for the event!" The person came & shook hands with Aarav!
After he left, I went to Aryan.
"He's the head of this academy & he decides everything. He said he was coming today for selecting a duet dance couple. We all knew it. I thought it would b you and me but, never mind." He said looking disappointed.
Matter of the fact was, again a lie! He knew it very we'll that today was the selection & so he trapped me into this! Why do I believe him now & then why? "

Precap: Aryan went down on his knees...
... Aliza tore my dress.

Thanku guys for ur appreciation! Do share ur views to let me know! :)

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KRISHAJADAVThriller123purnima209don girls

purnima209 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 5:03am | IP Logged
awsme eagerly waitimg for nxt prt

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Sanyu_Aggarwal Senior Member

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
Chapter 5
For the time being I wanted to forget about both Aryan & Aarav. It's as if they were manipulating my life now & then.
I sat and started making a dress. A dress I thought I would wear if I had a date. Anyway after that Aryan called me said I hv to rehearse as only 2 days are left. I had no choice but to rehearse with Aarav. I couldn't make an eye-contact with him & the head-choreographer shouted at me now and then for my mistakes. Even Aarav panicked. Aryan came & explained me to get into the character & song & forget the rest.
Saying this was easy but it was hard for me. Though I tried. All the head sir told was we better do it properly tomorrow else he'll kick both of us out!
I went to hostel, damn tired. Emotionally scorched & physically twisted.
My body was aching & without wasting time I just slept.
I woke up at mid-night. I went out for a walk & to see if there was any food in the canteen. The lights were off & I had to use my flashlight to see the way. I reached half way through near the basketball court. I heard someone's voice. I panicked.
"Who is it?" I asked.
The guy said-" Oh baby, you here? Lemme show you how to basket the ball"
I felt scared & I started running while he was chasing me. I ran towards the boys hostel & then got crashed with someone. Aarav oh thank god!
"Leave her & go" he shouted.
"Oh c'mon I saw her yesterday making out with you. How much do you charge?"
I hid back of Aarav. The very next moment I saw Aarav beating the guy. I can see the anger on his face.
"She's mine got it? And don't you dare even look at her! I'll take out your eyeballs even if you try" Aarav continued punching him, until blood started flowing from his mouth.
"Stop it Aarav please." I said weeping.
"How dare he?" He shouted & gave him another punch.
"For me please." I pleaded.
He let that guy go & he hugged me tightly.
"R u ok?" Aarav said kissing my forehead.
"I m fine." I said in a confusing tone.
"I know you are feeling bad that how can someone think of you like that, but trust me it's his mind-set and not yours. So please don't spend your tears for such losers." He explained.
I just wanted to hug him right now & forget the rest.
He left me & said- "what were you doing here at mid-night? Have you gone crazy?"
Before I could reply, Aryan came.
"Hi Ananya baby what are you doing over here?" He side hugged me.
I wanted to stop him but I loved that 'jala-hua-chehra' of Aarav's.
"You know what guys, whatever! I m leaving" he screamed & left.
I called out his name to stop him but I guess he was so angry. So it was useless to even bother to calm him down.
I explained Aryan the whole incident though I didn't mention the special moment.
He waved me good bye & gave me a good night hug. Which I wasn't expecting.
Next day I was damn busy. First articles & then rehearsal. I hardly had time to sit and relax. It was a big event after all. We were dancing perfectly today. Thankx to last night.
"Muskurane ki wajah tum ho" the song was magical! And the moves were topping on it. It took an hour for me to remember the steps anyway I did it at last!
We were dancing precisely. Everyone appreciated except Aryan & Aliza. I went to Aryan to ask what was wrong. All he said was he's not well. I believed.
Next day was special! Very much. I heard Aarav talking on the phone about some surprise and I thought finally he's gonna confess. I got ready. Same things I did yesterday- makeup, hairstyle & I wore a short pink dress above the knee.
Preeti: U know what don't just talk to me! Be busy with your boyfriends! -
Me: Preeti c'mon yaar don't make those faces!
Preeti: I don't want to talk u get lost!
Saying so she got up & went. I followed her screamed her name but she didn't turn. I knew she was missing me. But I had to go right now. After all she's my roomie & I can monoafy her anytime.
I thought of going with Aryan. But as I headed towards the gate, a car stopped in front of me. It was Aarav's. He offered me a seat & I couldn't just refuse. My natural blush was on!
We didn't talk anything. There was an awkwardness!
We reached, I got up & started leaving.
He called out my name.
"U are looking pretty." He said with a smirk & moving his hands over his hair.
That was so sexy. I wanted to talk but Aryan pulled me & took me inside.
"What's wrong? Why didn't you come with me." He said with fake anger.
"Aryan Wo mei-"
He stopped me in between & bent on his knees.
"What are you doing?" I asked shockingly.
"Will you be my girl-friend?" He asked!
"Aryan I-"
Before I could finish he hugged me & said- "I knew you love me."
I wanted to tell him the truth but I was getting late for my performance. I had to get ready.
I wore my dress & it was perfectly fitting.
A red gown, half cut at the side, with Net neck & net sleeves. It looked lovely.
I saw Aliza in the same dress & before I could ask, she came near & tore the back of my dress. I saw a shawl near-by & wrapped it around me.
"What the hell Aliza? Have you gone mad?" I panicked.
"You better watch-out before stealing my boyfriend from me." She screamed.
"Don't make stories in your head. He loves me & btw when did you and Aarav came in a relationship?"
"Today few minutes ago, he proposed me. I can't see him with anyone like you s**t! So I decided to do the performance with him." She said & left.
I was shattered. I sat down & cried heartily.

Precap: "Please tell the truth! Please!" I screamed at the highest peak of my voice, holding his collar.

Thanku guys for appreciation!

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Thriller123don girls

don girls IF-Rockerz
don girls
don girls

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double update 
quite a unique story 

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