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FINDING LOVE season 1 (Chapter 6-9 pg 4)

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<div>Chapter 1: Scroll Down

<font color="#ff0000">Chapter 2: Scroll down </font>

<font color="#000000">Chapter 3 : pg 2</font>


<strong><font color="#000000">
Chapter 4 & 5 -pg 3
Chapter 6-9 pg 4

<font size="3">FINDING LOVE </font>

Chapter 1:
For the first time in my life had I felt so nervous!
Not that he was anything even near to special for me anymore but still there was a different kind of uneasiness... And I don't know why... I had chatted with him over phone many a times, but meeting was a different case! Though I knew I had never let it go still I knew I never wanted to be with him... He entered with a bouquet of red, yellow, white & (to my surprise) blue roses...
He came near, handed the bouquet to me & hugged me... Surprising me!
"Umm thank u for the lovely flowers!"
"Lovely? Not as much as you are"
He placed a finger on my lips, leaned towards my ears & whispered- "U had given me a dare to hug u, & I did... Now it's my turn to dare u! May I?"
He stood straight in his position to see my red nose & pink face... Totally blushing+ astonished...
"Um... What do I have to do?"
"Nothing much, Just a date with me...," He dared by winking at me.
If he had asked me in a decent way, I had a chance to reject but since it was a dare I had to take up the challenge. I shifted my gaze to break the eye contact...
"Fine," I said with a pinch of fake irritation.
"Ok then, tomorrow 5 pm I'll be there to pick you up.."
"Bye," He said.
As I took a few steps, he called me & I turned...
"Don't forget to wear this natural blush on your face," he smirked.
I smiled and left... I don't know why but the rest of the time while returning back I just kept on thinking about him... I had forgotten 3 of my rules at that very moment..
#Rule 1: Never fall in Love.
#Rule 2: Never go on a date.
#Rule 3: Don't trust him again.
3 Rules on a row were to be broken... My heart had more power over my senses & so I kept wondering if he actually likes me...
Next day I woke up with a huge smile on my face & got ready (which I hardly do at times). I attended 2 lectures back-to-back... Preeti was busy with assignments & hence I had to go for shopping with Nilima.
Nilima: Do you think you should go? I mean he broke your heart once.
Me: Nilima it's just a dare. Chill! (I lied, hiding my true emotions)
And then we reached the hostel, hogging a burger on the way... I don't know How the time passed but it was 4:45 & I had to do my hair... Nilima had left for her class & Preeti still busy with her assignments... Someone knocked the door & I panicked... Preeti opened the door...
"Is she ready?"
"Well she doesn't know what to do with her hair!" Preeti laughed nervously...
"May I Come in?"
"Sure!" Preeti whispered!
Combing my hair is one difficult task for me... I saw his reflection in mirror & startled...
"U look fabulous!" he complimented...
"Oh C'mon, look at my hair- It's like some catastrophe has hit it."
"What? Are you kidding me? You look prettier in messy hair." He said to calm me down.
He held my hand, sat down, looking straight into my eyes... I sat there on the chair facing my dressing table & feeling unsatisfied.
"You appearance is hardly that matters. You look lovely in anything & everything you wear or do.. As far as I know you, you are carrying an awesome personality. And that is what matters!" As soon as he finished, he kissed my hand gently... I again saw myself blushing...
"Now stop mesmerizing me & let's go" He said in a genuine tone.
We headed toward his bike & I felt uneasy as I had worn a knee-above dress...
"It is fine, we'll take a rickshaw"
"Thank u"
We sat inside the rickshaw & I heard him say the name of a reputed restaurant... We reached & got down only to find that it was shut down.
"My bad, Sorry"
"It's ok. Let's go to a place I know." I said.
"No Buts' & ifs'. Please," I made a cute puppy face he just couldn't ignore...
I took him to Chaat market... We ate Pani-puri, Dabeli, Bhel, vadapaun & baraf-ka-gola... It was quite a fun! We talked about random topics ever & I could tell we had few things in common.
"It was a great date, Thanks" I said showing my gratitude & turning the other side to leave...
He held my hand to stop me.
"Let's go for a walk" He asked.
"Ok. But only till the sun sets."
"Your wish is my command."
We were watching the sun set... It was as if it is meeting horizon! The scenery was a must to watch... He held my hand suddenly... I too buried my head in his right shoulder... We were still & this feeling was beautiful.. I wish this moment would never come to an end... He turned toward me, held both of my hands & proceeded in a gentle & soft tone, "I wish kit um kabhi mujhe chodkar jaati hi nahi, itni dur. I missed you so much... I always wanted to tell you this but somehow never courage to. I.."
I placed my middle finger on his lips- "I love you too!" I said, closing my eyes.. He leaned forward to kiss me... When we were just about to kiss, I heard a bunch of people heading towards us! I opened my eyes... he turned back to look...
"U did it man," A guy of his age hi-fived him!
"How did you do it? I had tried lot of times, but she rejected!" One of our common friend said, side-hugging him!
I was just blank! I had no idea what was going on! I called one of my childhood-friend & asked what the matter was. She explained me that one of his friends had challenged him that he can never get me again.
A drop of tear rolled down my cheek as soon as she finished... I started leaving without turning back... & these tears they just couldn't stop! It was miserable... I didn't want to cry for such a looser...
He caught my hand again to stop me & I slapped him.
"Just listen for once"
"Kya sunu? Yeh ki you made a great fool out of me? Oh congrats by the way. Now leave my hand & let me go"
"Why are you getting serious? It was just a prank"
"For you someone's feelings might not matter but for me you did matter. Thanks for proving me wrong by trusting you. Thank you so much," & I left...
I did not want to think about it anymore... I buried myself in blanket, ate ice-cream & started watching a rom-com.

PRECAP: "Sorry did I hurt you?" The stranger asked in a concerned manner.
"No it's ok. After-all I m the one at fault," I apologized.

<p>Guys I don't promise to post the next part at earliest but I'll try. Pls like & comment, your feedbacks matter a lot!

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first chapter 
quite unique 
do continue 
thanks for the PM 

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superb. Thanks for pm.

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Originally posted by don girls

first chapter 
quite unique 
do continue 
thanks for the PM 
Thank u for liking!!!! Embarrassed
Will continue ASAP
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Originally posted by unishaz

superb. Thanks for pm.
Thank u for liking!!!! Embarrassed
Will continue ASAP
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Chapter 2:

I thought about how he had proposed me for the very first time.. And I like a fool had believed him...

I thought about those times when we used to fight, sing & dance together... Somehow I never realized that our relation was just limited to fun & nothing else.

I slept! I wish there was day I had not dreamt about him!

I woke up in the morning. With messy hair & my articles I entered the classroom...

"Welcome, We were waiting for u only Miss" Sir said in a sarcastic tone.

"I m sorry sir" I apologized.

"Now please submit your article & settle down."

"To all you future journalists, you will be assigned a student from other stream/Profession & You have to take their interview & write a short article on their life-styles.  A circular is pinned on the notice board with all the information."

I headed towards the notice board only to find his name right next to mine... I had to do something I can't handle his face anymore.

I went to the head office to change my partner. There the receptionist said there's someone who wants to change the partner it seems so we can exchange. But for that I had to meet that person. I saw his name- Aryan Khanna'. I had to find this person somehow.

I headed towards the canteen when in between I got crashed with someone. Unaware of the new phase my life was going to face.

"Sorry did I hurt you?" The stranger asked in a concerned manner.

"No it's ok. After-all I m the one at fault," I apologized.

"I am Aryan Khanna."

"Oh hi. I've been searching for you. I am Ananya Shekhawat."

" Really? Am I that famous? Ok let's have a coffee together. I hope you like it."

We sat down & ordered coffee. He had a good sense of humor (better than Preeti at least) which made me laugh heartily.

"So is there something I can do for the princess?" He asked.

"Actually the matter is I want to change my partner. So I was wandering if we could exchange our partners or something."

"Sure, why not? I mean this girl I've got is one big nerd. She has huge specs+ Tamil-ian. You can surely have her just make sure you don't vomit after that!"

"Oh C'mon" I hit him playfully.

Bang on our table! I startled.

"Oh so you are here. Ananya I have been searching for you like mad & here you are with this loafer having coffee" Aarav shouted. (the guy who broke my trust yesterday)

"What's your problem? Your face itself is so unbearable for me. So will you please leave me & my friend alone?" I shouted more.

"Guys calm down. Can we sit and talk please." Aryan panicked.

We sat down & we had nothing to talk. There was a stillness & silence in the air.

"Ab bolo bhi. I mean C'mon." Aryan said feeling bored & irritated.

"Look Ananya, I am here to tell you ki after so many hardships I convinced the authorities to make you my partner and now you just can't back-off because of our personal issues. I know no one can handle me & my tantrums other than you. Please only for this project." He pleaded.

I had promised myself not to get into his trap anymore & concentrate on my work. I made every possible way to ignore his cute puppy face. Just when I was quite convinced, Aryan said,

"No way Mr. she's not going to listen to you anymore."

"Who are you to say that? I know her from years." Aarav agitated.

"I know her from few seconds & still I know her better than you. It's not about the time, it's about understanding." Aryan explained.

This statement of his kind of touched me. I looked at him and an unknown smile appeared on my face. He smiled back & there Aarav slapped him.

"What the heck?"  I said by holding Aryan's face. He had a red mark.

"Oh gosh that one was hard!" I panicked.

"Ya ya so much of care for him right. Bloody bitch was telling me yesterday that she loved me."

Aryan held his collar, leaned forward & straight away looking into his eyes said in a deep tone- "Respect her love for you. You should be great-full to her. And if you can't be thankful dare not criticize her."

He left his collar & walked away leaving a different impression. I never stood up for myself but today someone did.  Someone, whom I hardly know.  I followed him and stopped him.

"Thank you so much, Aryan." I thanked.

"Why Ananya? I mean why are you going through this? You know you deserve better. He's not worth it." He genuinely said.

"I don't know why. Please don't ask." I tried to hide my tears.

He cupped my face. I broke down... In an instance I was crying in his arms...

"Don't waste a tear for him." He tried to explain.

I remained quiet & just cried.

"Come let's go to a place where you will forget all this."  He said.

I wiped my tears & Looked at him.

"Where?" I asked.

He dragged me towards his bike & we went to a dance academy.

"I always come here. I am a teacher over here. Trust me once you start dancing you'll forget all your tensions & worries."  He said excitedly.

"Honestly I love dancing. But I've danced from quite a long time so I don't know if this will be a good decision."

"Look we offer a week's training and then we decide whether to keep the person as a team member/a student. So just try it out." He tried to convince me.

"Ok. But how many hours do I have to come?" I asked.

"Around 2 hours. And I'll take up your class. So chill."


We went back to college.

As soon as I got down, he hugged me.

"Never feel you are alone. I'll be always there."

"Thanks." I said & left.

May be I just needed a genuine friend whom I found in Aryan. I felt good for the first time in these many years. No guy-friend I have had understood me this well. Somehow I also wandered about how bad Aarav might have felt but I guess Aryan said it right, He did not deserve me or my love.


I woke up early & sat down to finish my article. I finished within an hour & thought of taking a break so went to canteen with Preeti.

Aryan came up to our table & sat beside me.

"Oh my God! Are you on a mission to kill someone today or what?"

"What do you mean?"  I asked.

"You look Fabulous." He complimented.

"Oh C'mon." I tried to hide my smile.

"I'll pick you up at 5pm. Be ready for your first class" J


Preeti: OMG! He's so hot! Ananya what's cooking up?

Me: Preeti don't u dare think in that way. He's just a...

I had no words. He was not a friend more than that. I had no words.

Preeti: If you don't want to tell its fine you know.

Me: Ok may be a special friend!?

Preeti: You are convincing yourself or me?

This was confusing. But I knew where I had to stop thinking.

Precap: I twisted my ankle & he had to lift me up and take me to the nurse room...

...Aarav came running & hugged me.

Thank u so much guys for your support! Next chapter will b at the earliest! Smile

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superb. Thanks for pm.

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awesome update 

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