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SWARON FF: The Perks of Arranged Marriage PART 6 PG 26 (Page 8)

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Posted: 08 January 2015 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shiningshannu

Gud start nice concept
Do continue soon

i_yatharthk Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2015 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by prachi_vrushan

omg this was awesome
u know I too loved d concept of arrange maarige
update soon do pm m for next update
glad that you liked the concept
thanks for the comment
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Originally posted by ShailjaShan

Nice Part...
Bt Swayam ka intro kb aaega???
Nd SwaRon meeting???
Thanx fr pm..
swayam ka intro aa gaaya
swaron meet have to wait sorry
thanks for commenting
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Originally posted by sanchiswaron

Hey Nice Concept Smile
read the first chap loved it,would love to read it further 
Do PM me Big smile
glad that you liked the concept
i would to love to red your comments furtherr
thanks ffor commenting
i_yatharthk Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2015 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
Sorry guys for the late update...for this one and for the ones those will be coming further i wont be able to post them soon coz of my college it started from 7th jan...and now it will be difficult for me too write the ff on regular basis...then too i will try to post them on weekends or within ten update...sorry once again guys
Part 2

          A boy in his late teens with a slight stubble on his prominent jaw, dark eyebrows over his eyes, long silky unruly hair and the most serene smile on his lips and peace on his face was sleeping in his room. But the peace on his face was not a long lived one as his sleep was disturbed by the morning sunlight coming through the window, because the curtains covering the windows were moved by someone...

          Boy: kaka kya aap bhi thod der aur sone do naa

          Kaka: Swayam baba bhul gaye kya aaj dadi aanewali hai...aap hi ne to kaha tha kiaj jaldi utha dena karke...aapko kuch kaam hai...

          Listening to dadi's name he jerked up from his bed and now sleep was a long way from his eyes.

          Swayam: kaka aapne taani ko jagaya kya?

          Swayam inquired knowing the fact that unlike him she hated to get early in the morning and loved to sleep till late and was exploiting the chance she got to its fullest as dadi was not there to wake her up early in the morning.

          Kaka: nahi baba hum unhe aapse pehle uthane gaye the socha ki aap to jaldi uth jayenge par unhe uthane mein jyada mehnat lagegi par aaj to tas se mas nahi ho rahi hai...isiliye hum aapo uthane aa gaye ab aap hi unhe uthaiye warna agar dai ne unhe aise dekh liya toh vo naraz ho jayengi.

          Swayam: ji kaka aap unke aane ki tyari kijiye mein jakar taani ko dekhta hun aur usse uthata hun mein achche se janta hun use kis tarah se uthana hai...he said this with an evil smirk on his face

          Kaka: thik hai beta jaisa aap kahe hum unke aane ki tyari karte hai aur nashte ki bhi.

          Kaka leaves from there and heads towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast for all of them. Meanwhile swayam gets up from his bed and heads towards his bathroom first as he realizes that still there is time to dadi and his parents' arrival and decides ki his sweet little sister can enjoy her beauty sleep for 20 more minutes as he freshen up, take a shower and get ready.

          Taani was enjoying her last late morning sleep before her dadi arrives and make her get up early in the morning every day when suddenly she hears the voice of hitler, as she calls her dadi hitler for waking her early in the morning.

          Dadi: taani (shouting) mein kuch dinon ke liye bahar kya chale gayi to kya tum itna late tak soyogi kya? Huh utho jaldi...

          Listening to her dadi's voice taani who was under the blanket was now wide awake and her face had the look of pure dread that dadi would now won't leave her. She was definitely going to get punishment as dadi chahe kitni bhi loving, friendly and frank ho unse, but she is very strict when it comes to discipline. Taani slowly removed blanket from her face but as soon as she removed it she was shocked...but then her expression changed from shock to relief to disbelief to anger this all change of expressions took place in just a fraction of seconds and all of them was noticed by the person standing in front of her beside the bed and that person understood ki now is the right time to run...and he without any second thought ran for his dear taani too didn't waste any time and ran behind him shouting

          Taani: bbhhhaaaiii...aaj to aap gaye mein aaj aapko nahi chodungi...aapse mere neend kharab karne ka badla zaroor lungi...

          Swayam ran frantically from her room to the living room-jumping over the sofa-into the kitchen-in the dining room-circling the dining table-then once again in the kitchen-living room-all this while taani shouting

Taani: bhai-ruko-bhai aap bas ek baar mere haath aa jao fir aapko dikhati hun...

          Swayam: dream on taani mein tumse bohot fast hun mein tumhare haath nahi aaunga...aur mai kyun rukhu meri shamaat thode hi aayi hai jo mai rukhunga

Finally he ran to his room thinking he will lock the door before she reaches his room but he was late just by a nanosecond and this brought an evil smirk on taani's face and swayam thought in his mind "beta ab to mein gaya" but then he thought "aise kaise" and he once again ran and this time he was not late and before taani could reach he went into his bathroom and locked he was having a winig look on his face as he has won some Olympic gold medal with a new world record and was laughing real hard...and here taani listening to her brother's laugh had this look on her face like she has lost a winning match which she had...and was very angry about it...and shouted

          Taani: bhai bhai darwaza kholiye...aaj mein aapko nahi chodungi...darwaza the door...

Swayam: taani tumhe pata hai mein nahi kholunga chahe tum hindi mein bolo ya English mein ya tumhe chahiye to marwadi ma bhi bol la ki bhai darwazo kholo (he said this in marwadi his mother tongue mimicking taani's voice) par ma nai koni kholu darwazo [even if you try in marwadi ki bhai darwaza kholo but mein nahi kholunga darwaza]

Taani: haan to mat kholiye mein bhi dekhti hun aap kab tak nahi kholte darwaza...aap jab tak darwza nahi kholenge maein yahi baithi rahungi...

Swayam: thik hai baithi raho aur dadi ki daant sun lena fir...jab vo aayengi tab dekhenge ki tum ready nahi ho aur samajh jayegi ki tum late uthi ho aaj bhi... aur tab bhi jab vo yahan nahi thi...tumhari marzi tumhe yahan baith kar daant sunni hai ya jakar ready hona hai...

Saying this swayam knew ki now taani will go to her room and leave him

Taani: aaarrrggghhh...jaa rahi hoon mein

And taani went from there and both swayam and taani got ready and were ready to welcome dadi and their parents...soon they all arrived too at their home in Jodhpur...

Taani and swayam welcomed them by touching their feet.

Dadi: kaise ho tum dono? Aur swayam bata taani aaj kitne baje uthi? Ktunki baki din to mujhe pata hai ki vo der se hi uthi hogi.

Swayam: nahi nahi dadi uth thi na ye time pe subah har roj mein jot ha na use utha ne ke liye...

Swayam lied to dadi for his sister's sake and dadi understood it...

Dadi: ha ha mujhe pata hai kitna jaldi uthti thi ye tu rehne de...

Listening to her swayam and taani both had a sheepish look on their faces

Then all went to have breakfast and then taani started to say to something to dadi looking towards swayam...swayam understood what she was about to say and he tried to stop her too but failed

Taani: dadi woo mujhe aapse kuch baat karni thi...

Swayam: kya taani tum bhi baatein lekar baith gayi pehle dadi ko breakfast toh karne do...baatein toh hoti rahegi.

Rishi: are bolne dena use...batao beta tum kya batana chahti ho

Taani: kuch nahi papa mein to bas aise hi...

Dadi: taani batao kya baat hai?

Taani started to say it but with a very low voice as she knew dadi ko ye baat achchi nahi lagegi...

Taani: dadi vo bhai ne aur main eek college ka form bhara tha aur hum select ho gaye waha par admission ke liye...

smritii: haa toh ye toh achchi baat hai to isse batane mein tu itna hichak kyun rahi hai?

Taani: dadi but vo...vo college Mumbai mein hai...

Listening to this dadi, rishi, smriti every body was shocked and didn't say a word more at the breakfast as all were disappointed with swayam and taani...

Swayam after finishing his breakfast went to dadi's room to say sorry...and tried to reason with her about the situation...

Swayam: dadi I am sorry mujhe apply karne se pehle hi aapko puch lena chahiye tha but mujhe guarantee nahi thi ki hum dono select ho jayenge...

Dadi was seating on her rocking chair reading a book and was ignoring swayam but then swayam went and sat by her foot...

Swayam please mujhe maaf kar do...mein jaanta hun ki aap hume waha nahi jaane dena chahti kyunki aap humse bihit pyaar karti hai par dadi ek baar meri baat sunn lijiye...mein yaha se sirf isisliye jana chahta hun kyunki mujhe apni ek pehchan banana hai swayam ki naki swayam rishi shekhawat ki...yahan sabhi log hume jaante hai aur uski wajah se ujhe kabhi koi aisa friend nahi mila jo mujhe sirf swayam ke nazar se dekhe har koi bas mere status ke liye mujhse dosti ki hai mujhe vo dost pane hai jo mujhe mere liye dosti kare naa ki mere status ke liye...mujhe ane aap ko dhund naa hai...mujhe swayam ko dhund naa hai mujhe swayam ki identity banana hai...iska matlab ye nahi hai ki mein aap sab se duurjana chahta hun...aap sab to vo ho jo mujhe define karte ho aaj mein jo bhi hun aap sab ki wajah se hun...job hi mujhe aata hai, job hi mein sochta hun, vo sab sirf aap sab ki wajah se hun aap sab ki upbringing ki wajah se hun...please mujhe Mumbai jane dijiye...

          Listening to this dadi placed her hand on his head and she moved it in his hair lovingly...

          Dadi: thik hai swayam jao tum dono jana chahte ho na Mumbai...par tum waha jaakar apne ghar mein rahoge naki kisi hostel mein mujhe waha ka khana pasand nahi vo hostel ke log nahi toh achcha khana dete hai aur nahibaki kuch...aur waha tumhare sare chizon ka dhyan rakhne ke liye radhey hai...vo waha hamare ghar ka dhyan rakhte hai aur tum waha jaakar rahoge...

          Swayam: thank you...thank you so much dadi jaisa aap kahe dadi mein waha apne ghar mein hi rahunga aur kisi hostel mein nahi...

          At the same time but in Delhi at the rai prakash mansion, two people in their late forties were having breakfast and were discussing something...

          Gautam: I am very happy today smriti aaj to isa lag raha hai jaise meri sari responsibilities jaise puri ho gayi ho...

          Smriti: ji gautam mein jaanti hun aapko kaisa lag rahahoga aaj kyunki muhe bhi bilkul waisa hi lag raha hai...

          Gautam: haan jis tarah maa ne kal aakar unhone humse Sharon ka haath maanga swayam ke liye...I was the most happiest person in this world jaise merasara tension hi durr kar dia jo kuch hua tha...(he suddenly stopped in between the sentence smriti understood what he was about to say it was all visible on his face the pain he was feeling) shanaya ke saath...

          Smriti kept her hand on his palm and squeezed his hand lightly. Gautam who was till now looking towards the ground lifted his head slowly and looked at his wife who too was under pain but was hiding it just for the sake of her husband he too steeled himself in which she helped him...

          Smriti: gautam sambhaliye aap apne aap ko agar aap hi aisa behave krenge toh kaise chalega...aaj sharon jane wali hai aaj aap aise sad dikhoge toh kaise chalega?

          Gautam: tum thik keh rahi ho smriti I shouldn't behave like this...ab toh I should be happy because I know ki swaya ek bohot achcha ladka hai aur usse achchi uski family hai jo usse bilkul apni beti ki tarah rakhenge...balki usse badhkar hi rakhenge...

          Smriti: you are right swayam aur shekhawat family hamari beti ko bohot khush rakhenge...but abhi usme bohot time hai...waise ye Sharon kaha reh gayi? Itna late toh nahi hoti vo kabhi...

          Here they were thinking where their daughter was and here she was in a state of shock hearing that her shaadi was fixed and that too at this age...but before she could think any further her mother called her and she had to go for the breakfast but still she could not shove off the thoughts of her arranged marriage and she was still in her thoughts which didn't go unnoticed by her parents...

          Gautam: Sharon beta kya hua? Aaj tumhara dhyan nahi hai nashte pe kuch hua hai toh batao.

          Sharon listening to her dad immediately came out of her reverie and was finally successful in shoving of the all unwanted thoughts that her parents wanted to get rid of her so that they can be free as they thought that she was their responsibility as said by them earlier and such other unpleasant thoughts which she knew were not right and her parents loved her.

          Sharon: kuch...kuch nahi dad bas aise hi vo aaj jana hai na tho thoda sad feel kar rahi thi ki ab mujhe aaap ke saath nashta karne nahi milega mujhe waha akela jo rehna hoga...aap dono ke bina...

          This was not just a reply of hers to hide her original thouhgts but also her feelings which she was having from the past few days she had already started missing her parents

          Smriti: Sharon beta aisa kyu soch rahi ho...hum hamesha tumhare saath hai person nahi toh kya hua in thoughts toh hai na...aur waha tum akeli thode hi rahogi chachi (their maid) bhi tumhare saath jayegi aur simmi beta bhi toh tumhare saath hogi waha pe...

          Sharon: hhmmm...

          This was the only reply Sharon could give to her parents which meant a lot for her actually hey were her world she couldn't imagine how she would be able to stay away from them for so long she never had away from them for so long...


sorry guys i know you all will be angry on me right now for not giving a swaron meet in htis update for which you are eagerly waiting but i can just say that sorry guys...and aar mein koi justification dene ki koshish karunga to aage wo maza nahi rahega...i hope ki you all will bear with me till then and will be patient

bas itna yaad rakhna

sabra ka fal meetha hota hai

do like and comment waiting for it...

pichle baar first time se bhi kam comments the yaar

please comment karo

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Hp_TvD_mAnIc IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 January 2015 at 1:00am | IP Logged
aswom update just loved it

sharon ko pata lag gaya...

ek request ha plzzz taayam bhi age dikhate rehana acchi tharha...

updatee soon...

pm me

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..MiStLeToE.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 January 2015 at 1:20am | IP Logged
Awww... Swayam and Taani are so cute :)

Kya prank khela Swayam ne...lolzzz!

Poor taani. . .uski neend kharab kar di :(

I loved the kind of bond Swayam shares with Dadi!

Sharon got to know about her fixed marriage :(

Oh!How she must be feeling :(

Update soon :)

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priya_sejwal Goldie

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Posted: 09 January 2015 at 1:27am | IP Logged
Taani n swayam bonding was awesum...they care for each other so much!!!
Swayam n his dadi convo was nice
Eagerly waiting for swaron meet in mumbai!!!!
Update soon :-)

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