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SWARON FF: The Perks of Arranged Marriage PART 6 PG 26 (Page 3)

GURASH14 Senior Member

Joined: 25 November 2010
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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 5:46pm | IP Logged
arranged marriage Big smile and reading a ff for first time..
its interesting please update n pm me too..

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Nicki_vrushan Senior Member

Joined: 26 May 2014
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Posted: 02 January 2015 at 1:14am | IP Logged
I just love reading swaron ff and this one on arranged marriage seams interesting and new on swaron.
Really excited to read more.
Please update soon and pm me

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Hp_TvD_mAnIc IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 January 2015 at 5:31am | IP Logged
aswom fff... its somting intresting... but unko ye baat pata chalne se phele love mat karwana... but make them frnds... kash aisa but ur d writter baki jo app likho...

update soon...

nd srry agar ye suggesttion khrab laga ho.

nd pm me...

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ShikhaAgrawal IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 January 2015 at 8:04am | IP Logged
xcellent writing I m super duper happy

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VReSHna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 January 2015 at 9:04am | IP Logged
unres done :P
this one res for comment on next update now :P
i_yatharthk Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2015 at 9:31am | IP Logged

          Thanks everybody for the comments...I didn't expect ki I would get such a response...chitra di definitely I won't leave it in between... definitely agar achcha response raha toh haan apko to pata hi hai kitni mehnat lagti hai...aur mujhe toh kuch jyada hi lagti hai...mein har chiz hazar baar soch ke likh ta hun...

          Reshna ab to tera post unres karde...wiaiting for your comment eagerly. Finally you unresd it ye reply uske pehle likh diya tha...and thanks for the longest have given it a very good thought before commenting it definitely feels good to see ki koi itna thought de raha hai...

          Gurash go on and read FFs yaar bohot achche hote hai...especially chitra di ke and someone of username bas wo hai jo maine bohot recently read kiye hai but you will find many on the first page of AT

          Vrushanlove yeah abb to we have to keep them alive by means of such os, ts, 3s, ss and FFs...

          Kreyafan ultimately they will definitely fall in love but their journey is what we(you, me and other's too) have to witness

          Yeah dadi is cool..@chitra di, priya sejwal, shailjashan

          Swaronlove001 thanks for the suggestion...and don't say sorry...

          And baki sab log sorry ki personalized reply nahi kar paya...but I am grateful to you all ki tum sab logon ne iss pe comment kia...its really very encouraging to see ki people are liking your works and appreciating it...thanks so much and sorry once again... 

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GURASH14 Senior Member

Joined: 25 November 2010
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Posted: 02 January 2015 at 7:22pm | IP Logged
@yatharth seriously i m not into reading too lazy i only read wen i feel like n my kinda topics only..LOL
i_yatharthk Goldie

Joined: 16 July 2014
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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 12:06am | IP Logged
        Before starting the FF in with its first part I would like to thank the person because of whom I could start to write this FF. I was very under confident about my writing and I still am but not to that extent I was before just because of that one person. Thanks Reshna for encouraging to start this FF if you wouldn't have encouraged me I don't know if I would have to start this FF. Every time I disturbed you with all my imaginations and asked your comments over it you always commented in such a way that it gave me more confidence that hasssh my imagination has reached upto her that I was able to do it. To show the gratitude I feel for your support I want to dedicate this part to you.
                                      THANKS SO MUCH RESHNA!
          Smriti was sitting in her room thinking something when rishi entered the room when he saw her thinking so deep he asked her
Rishi: smriti what happened?
Smriti: nothing kuch nahi hua...vaise apko ek khushkhabar deni hai...
Rishi: kaisi khushkhabar?
Smriti: are zara rukiye batati hun batati hun... maa ne aapki bahu dhund li hai...
Rishi: par itne jaldi...abhi to vo bas 19 saal ka hua hai. Itni jaldi shaadi? Vaise vo ladki kaun hai? Aur uske maa-baap aise kaise itni jaldi maan sakte hai shaadi ke liye. Aur maa, maa aisa kaise soch sakti hai ki swayam ki shaadi itni jaldi karwa dene ki?
Rishi said in a breathe expression of utter disbelief on his face on thinking about his mother's decision & sons marriage at such an young age
Smriti: are rukiye puri baat to sun lijiye pehle...maine kab kaha ki maa swayam ki shaadi karwa rahi hai...
Rishi: abhi toh tumne kaha...
Once again rishi cut her in between & this time she got angry on the stupid behavior of rather sensible husband
Smriti: rishi agar apne firse ek baar meri baat kati to mein apkokuch nahi bataungi aur nahi maa ko kuch batane dungi...fir karte rahiye ga apne bete ki shaadi
Rishi: achcha achcha thik hai sorry ab nahi Katanga tumhari baat bas...ab to bata do ki baat kya hai
Smriti's frown lines loosened up a little on seeing the look on her husband's face
Smriti: ha thik hai batati hun...
Rishi was waiting eagerly to listen to the news his wife was having and had a very funny look on his face looking at which smriti started laughing uncontrollably and now rishi got angry
Rishi: yaha meri sans atki padi hai aur tumhe hassi aa rahi hai haan..
Smriti controlled her laughter after some time...
Smriti: achcha thik hai sorry batati hun...
She recounted everything happened at the marriage & when she did it...the frown on rishi's face turned into a big smile...and without saying anything he went out of his room
Smriti: are aap aise kahan jaa rahe hai?
She too moved out of her room closed the door behind her and went behind him...when she saw where he was heading to...she relaxed and confusion from her face was replaced by a smile and she too moved where her husband was going...rishi entered a room and smriti too behind him
Rishi was thanking his mom that she chose Sharon for Swayam and that he to thought that Sharon is the right one for his son when Smriti entered the room and saw them they were still talking about how when Rishi first saw Sharon he too thought that she is the right one...after listening her husbsnd that Sharon is the right one for Swayam Smriti went into a thought and was lost in it which was noticed by maa
Maa: Smriti kya hua kis soch me doobi ho? Kya baat hai? Kuch hua hai kya?
Smriti came out of her trance on listening ma's voice and absent mindedly replied her
Smriti: huh nahi maa kuch nahi bas aise hi...
Maa: aise hi kya beta? Kya baat hai tum kuch toh soch rahi thi. Kya ye Swayam aur Sharon ke bare me hai kya? Kya tumhe Sharon pasand nahi hai kya? Agar aisa hai toh bejizak hoke hume batau ki kya baat hai?
Smriti: nahi maa aisa kuch nahi hai...Sharon to bohot achchi ladki hai vo kisiko kaise pasand nahi aayegi mujhe vo bohot pasand hai...mujhe pata hai ki inko (means rishi) Sharon kyun sahi lagti hai yunki vo unke dost ki beti rather unki beti jaisi hai...par mujhe ye nahi samajh aa raha hai ki aapne aisa kya dekha Sharon me jo aap achanak se bina uske bare mein jane aur kisiko kuch puche bina kisi se uske bare mein knowledge liye bina aur ye bhi nahi jaante hue ki uske maaa-baap kaun hai apne use swayam ke liye chun liya...mein ye nahi keh rahi ki aap swayam ke liye bina kuch jane kisiko select kar liya...par mujhe ye baat nahi samajh aayi ki apne aisa kyun kaha ki she is the one for Swayam...
Maa smilingly answered her confused bahu
Maa and smriti were in the car dressed for a party and heading towards the venue. They were passing through a deserted road  the sole reason of light on that road was a dim street light in that dim street light maa saw that a boy was trying to abuse a girl but by the body language of the girl and the boy it was clear that they both were not unknown to each other rather they seemed to be more than just known to each other they were a couple but the boy was trying to come close to that girl without her permission and she was not comfortable with whatever the boy was trying to do with her...all this was seen by maa and smriti. Maa ordered the driver to stop the car and was about to get out of the car head towards them but before she could get out of the car a white car came and stopped near the couple  from the opposite direction a girl came out from the backseat of the car she too was wearing a traditional party wear, though her face wasn't visibler due to the dim light and to that the car's headlight too caused the increase in contrast and leading to feel further more dark in the upper part thus the faces were now completely dark but the lower half was now more clearly visible due to the car's headlights and that too ki the girl who came out of the car wore a peacock blue coloured lehenga.
Though the faces were not visible but their voices were clearly audible to maa amd smriti and they could know what was going on there as maa would not leave from there unless she is sure that the girl is safe now from that boy. But she didn't intervene in between as she thought that the girl from the car must be knowing them and she would sort out whatever was going on there between them.
The girl as soon as came out of the car went towards the boy and slapped him hard and the other girl came and stood behind her scared...the girl from the car turns around and consoles her meanwhile the boy is to stunned to do anything but stand there and stare the two girls...
Girl1(girl from car): hey hey don't be scared I am here only I won't go anywhere...
But she started crying and girl1 hugged her and tried to console her and only after several minutes she was in her control and came out of the hug and was now facing girl1...
Girl1: hey are you okay now?
Girl2: yeah thanks...
Girl1: Do you know him?
She asked pointing towards the boy to this she only nodded positively...
Girl1: is he your friend or boyfriend?
Girl2: Boyfriend
Listening to this she was shocked and lost somewhere but soon she recovered her senses and turned now facing the boy and slapped hard once more now more agitated than before...the intensity of her anger was so much that this time the boy fell do to the slap...she was so agitated that her eyes turned red due to the anger she was feeling then...the girl too then came forward and saw girl1 she was also now shocked to see the sudden outburst and the sudden surge in her anger after knowing that he is her boyfriend...and its outcome
Girl2 was now watching girl1 with a confused and look on her face and asked
Girl2: what happened?
Girl1 understood what she was referring to and she was in a shock listening to her question that she was even now taking the side of his boyfriend who a was trying to abuse her a few minutes ago but never the less she replied
Girl1: nothing...but why are you taking his side such scum bags should be shown their rightful places who try to abuse others and try to take advantage of others goodness...
Listening to this the girl2 was lost in the flashback of whenever the bot tried to take her advantage in every situation she loved him but he always tried to take her advantage both physically and in other cases too such as for money and show off he used her as a show piece in front of others he never respected her in a way a true lover should he just lied to her that he loved her...and then flashed todays' night in front of her eyes how he lied to her about taking her to a date and stopping in between the road and trying to abuse her. Today he had crossed his all limits...but now she had decided and with that decisive look on her face moved forward towards him lifted him up by his collar slapped him hard on the same place for the third turning his face as red as a tomato
Girl2: you...*beep* *beep* don't deserve me I hate you as well as myself for whatever you did with me all this while and I just went on ignoring it...but now no more...I break up with you...
She was about to slap him once again but stopped herself in between and saud you deserve one more slap for whatever you did but I won't waste my energy on you anymore not even for slapping you and she went on from there but girl1 called her back and asked her address and said that to the driver and took her I the car went off from there to drop her at her place...
All this was witnessed by maa and smriti. Both were smiling and maa said the driver to take them to their destination...
*flashback ends*
Maa: waha se hum log fir venue par chale gaye the...waha par me yahi soch rahi thi ki agar swayam ke liye koi hogi to vo bas uss ladki jaisi hi hog jis tarah se usne uss ladki ko sambhala use ye dikhta tha ki she has a heart aur jis tarah se usne uss ladki data jab use pata chala ki how can she let someone take her undue advantage she seemed to be hard for those who are not true to their people... jo log khud achche hote hai unhe ye duniya bhi unke jaisi achchi hi dikhti hai...apna swayam bhi aisa hi hai vo sab pe bohot jaldi vishwas kar leta hai...mujhe humesha yahi darr laga rehta hai ki uski iss achchayi ka koi fayda na uthaye aura agar usski vajah se agar swayam kisi pe firse bharosa nahi kar paya to...I know ki mein iss sabko over think kar rahi hun par aisa ho to sakta hi hai...mein jab ye sab kuch soch rahi thi tab maine uss ladki ko fir se uss shadi me dekha...mai janti hun ki hume uska chehra nahi dikha tha par uska lehenga zarur dikha tha usne bhi wahi lehenga pehna tha aur jab maine uski awaz suni tab to mein bilkul hi sure hogayi ki vohi vo ladki thi jo hume raste mein dikhi thi...aur jis tarah se vo uss choti bachchi ke saath khel rahi thi use hasa rahi thi uski vo innocence, uski ankho mei vo sachai, uski ankho me uska dil dikhta hai ekdum saff, pure vo sab dekh kar mein aur bhi sure ho gai ki vohi hamare swayam ke liye sab se sahi rahegi...aur  jab gautam aur avantika ne use bulaya tab to meri khushi ka thikana hi nahi raha bass tab hi mein samajh gayi thi ki ye hamara swayam aur sharon ek dusre ke liye hi bane hai...maine tum sab se ye zarur kaha tha ki agar inn dono ko agar inki shaadi ke pehle kisi se pyaar ho jaye to hum inki shaadi nahi kara kar usse karayenge jinse vo pyaar karte hai...par mein ye jaanti hn ki aisa kuch nahi hoga inn dono ki hi shaadi hogi...
While saying all this maa was very emotional and her son and daughter too were emotional listening to their maa...then smriti went and hugged her maa and she felt the love her maa felt for his grandson every word she had spoken was filled of love and concern for her grandson...seeing that rishi too went and hugged his better half and mom. 
Waiting for your comments whether it is bad or good if there any mistakes in it if you didn't like some part of it or as whole. So guys post your comments I won't put a demand but I will post the next only after satisfactory number of comments.
And I hope this answers your question regarding swayam's character umii.

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