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SWARON FF: The Perks of Arranged Marriage PART 6 PG 26 (Page 23)

--NupurSwaron-- Goldie

Joined: 06 September 2014
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Posted: 23 August 2015 at 5:47am | IP Logged
Awesome update ...loved the taayam bond 
Read the chp in one go n jst lovng the story dis whole arrange marriage concept is amazing
Finally der misunderstadng is solved n nw w8tng for d nxt chp
Update soon Smile

flyinghigh_ani IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 September 2014
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Posted: 24 August 2015 at 5:28am | IP Logged
am i dreaming??? really?? updated??

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vrushan_deeksha Senior Member

Joined: 16 November 2014
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Posted: 21 September 2015 at 8:37am | IP Logged
plz continue soon
it's a nice ff to read
gsk4 Senior Member

Joined: 04 March 2015
Posts: 240

Posted: 01 October 2015 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
Please do update. Its been long time. Beatifull FF and you stopped at a juncture,where I would love to know whats going to happen next. Please do give us a long long upload. Big smileBig smileBig smile
i_yatharthk Goldie

Joined: 16 July 2014
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Posted: 29 October 2015 at 10:59pm | IP Logged


Everybody was on the dining table for breakfast except for Swayam, who was there in Dadi's room having breakfast with her.

Sharon was happy due to the morning incident and it was evident on her face, this was noticed by Taani and Avantika both. While Taani knew the actual reason behind it, Avantika took it all in wrong sense. Hence, after the breakfast she went to Sharon's room to talk to her.

Avantika entered her room;

Avantika: Sharon

Sharon turned towards the door

Sharon: are mom aap, kya baat hai?

Avantika: Wo toh mujhe puchna chahiye ki kya baat hai tum bohot khush lag rahi ho aaj...have you decided on it positive?

Sharon: Oh no no... mom you are taking it all know I am against marriage...Swayam is a very good guy but I can't know everything mom...fir bhi

Avantika sighed she had dreaded this very thing that Sharon would run away from marriage.

Avantika: I thought you had changed your mind, so you were happy this morning. But then what happened? why were you so happy?

Sharon: Oh that...It's nothing it's just that, Me, Swayam and Taani had a misunderstanding and it got cleared out this morning. Swayam is in my college only, but Taani and he both had kept it a secret from everyone. So I was angry on both of them yesterday. But today morning Swayam explained me everything so it's all cleared now...

Avantika: Good that it's clear. So now you and Swayam will be friends? Have you said him your decision?

Sharon: of course mom I have

Avantika: Sharon... come sit here beta...I want to talk to you about something.

Sharon knew what was about to come but she sat down beside her on the bed

Avantika: Sharon, I know your reason why you don't want to marry...and I do understand it but just due to the fear of getting hurt you can get away from it completely.

Sharon: I know mom but I am not ready yet, maybe later.

Avantika: okay, Sharon, as you wish. But, listen to me once. Now you are in college with friends. You won't feel a need of someone, once your college gets over your friends will start their new life. You will start to feel lonely, we parents will always be there, but one day we too will have to go at that time you will need that one person who will be always there for you. Till the End.

Sharon life is like a book and it needs to be read completely and for that only eyes are not sufficient you need a hand to turn the pages. Your life partner acts as those hands, who will make you go further whenever you get stuck at some point...he will make you read further. He will give you the will to live when you feel down. He will be the one to share your happiness and increase them many folds, everybody needs a life partner. And from where I see, while you are all so no, no about new relations and negative about them, Swayam is so positive about them. Where you have enthusiasm, he has the planning; where you are active, he is the passive. Where you are so volatile, he is stable, both are like made for each other kind. Sharon, he is a very good boy and he will always keep you happy, you will need someone at a point in life, everyone does and he definitely is the best of the lot, me and your father have seen a lot of world Sharon and we know what is right for you, just trust us for once. We don't want to pressurize you for anything, we just want the best for you and Swayam is. Don't rush into anything. We will go back to Delhi in a few days; you can stay here if you wish for remaining of your vacations. Think over what I am saying, and do what you feel is right, take your time Sharon...but not so long that it is very late...we love you Sharon, we all do and we want the best for you.

And with this Avantika left Sharon's room and left Sharon with a numerous things going on in her mind.

Swayam came from Dadi's room with an empty plate and went to the utility to keep it for washing. While returning, he saw Taani going towards her room. He followed her and went to her room and called out...

Swayam: Taani ruk mujhe tujhse kuch baat karni hai.

After the conversation with Sharon, in the garden, Swayam had decided that he will say his decision of revealing his identity first thing after breakfast and here he was for it.

Taani: haan bhai boliye

Swayam: Taani...Thank you so much for your advice. Thanks to it all is sorted with Sharon.

Taani: I know Bhai. I am the best lao mera gift.

Swayam:!  thank you bolke ab galti kardi...achcha chal okay jo tujhe chahiye dila dunga...but for now jo promise maine liya tha tujh se to keep my identity a secret vo mein tujhse wapas leta hun.

Taani: kya matlab Bhai...mein samjhi nahi

Swayam: are matlab I am going to reveal my true identity to my friends so now you can too say to your friends too. I mean ab tumhe meri wajah se unse jhooth bolne ki zarurat nahi hai whenever such situations arises.

Tani: toh iska matlab yeh hai ki ab I can have sleepovers at our home, you won't go to college by cycle or wearing those eewww clothes...yes I will buy you all new clothes...I will redesign your wardrobe...

And she went on and on with her plans...

Swayam just adored his cute little sister but when it came to his wardrobe he was

Swayam: huh, what about my clothes?

Taani: what "huh" kaise kapde pehente hai aap. No offence haan bhai par apke vo plain shirts...seriously they don't suit you...yahan pet oh aap sab achch kapde pehente hai aur wahan pe pata nahi aapko kya ho jata ab I am going to change that all, aura b se aap college bhi mere saath car mein hi chalenge not on that cycle.

Swayam: hohoho...hold your horses madam. I am going to say truth to all doesn't mean that I am going to change completely. I go to college by cycle because I enjoy cycling aur mein ab bhi college cycle se hi jaunga...

Before he could continue with anything about his clothes, taani cut him mid-sentence

Taani: okay okay but its final that I am going to buy you new clothes and won't wear all those clothes from now on.

Swayam: okay...there is no point in arguing with you over this, I know how much you love shopping for us all...but you keep the clothes simple not something too much...keep it as jeans and shirt only or t-shirt, hoodies or some simple jackets not more than that. Understood? I know farfetched you can go with your shopping.

Taani: thik hai thik hai.

She was happy that she was going for shopping for him...she like styling and he would always succumb to her...


Sharon was still sitting in her room thinking over what her mother had said to her in the morning.

Sharon was thinking did she really needed someone? Wasn't she able to live alone in Mumbai for the past two years, she definitely was. But still it was truth that she did feel lonely at times. She had friends but they didn't understand her. It was only Rey and Taani who had ever been a bit close to what she felt. But that was it, they were close, but not close enough to understand her feelings, what she exactly felt. Even her parents were not able to understand her completely. There was no one in her life who could understand her. Had she given anyone the reason or the opportunity to understand? Whenever someone was close enough she would push them away, wouldn't let them get close enough due to the fear of getting hurt, hurt of breaking her trust; that's the reason she had prevented herself from trusting any one. And it had proved right the moment she trusted Swayam a bit he had defied her, though it was a kind of misunderstanding and also that Swayam didn't have any such intentions but still it was painful. She couldn't think of a good reason why she had expected that from him. Yes, she shouldn't have expected anything from him. But the change in expression of his, was enough proof that he was really very upset with whatever had happened and he regretted it and that he desperately wanted to clear out things with her. But why? Why was he doing all this when she had already decided that she won't marry him? Might be that he still sees a hope or it also might be that he genuinely doesn't want to lose a friend. Whatever it may be why am I thinking so much about it?

The question is do I need to get married? Do I need someone in my life? Won't I be able to lead it alone? Everybody has said the same thing, Mom, Dad, Swayam all were saying that we do need someone in our life. Even I believed in it earlier, but not anymore. Should I get married? But why? I am happy now. Who am I kidding? I have been so lonely off lately. I do agree we definitely need someone in our life to be with; it definitely helps us to cope with the hardships of life and makes it more enjoyable and merrier at times. But this early? Swayam? Is he the right man? I think I should wait. I should not hurry this marriage thing. I first have to sort myself and then only can I think of spending my life with someone. But can I ever fall in love as Taani and Rey have fallen for each other. I know they will end up married it's almost certain. But I know I couldn't fall in love with anybody. It stirs something wrong even when I think about the word, how I could ever feel it for some one. Even if I marry someone wouldn't I be cheating with him when I don't know about how I feel of it, how I would be with him. He will definitely want to get loved he might even love me but can I be able to give it back to him? Whoever it may be.

She was still in these thoughts of her when Swayam entered her room to call her as Taani and he were going for shopping and Taani was getting ready. He saw that she was in some deep thought and when he first called her name she didn't respond to him at first so he nudged her shoulder, she was at first  startled but then registered that it was Swayam.

Sharon: Swayam tum yaha? Kya hua?

Swayam: Tum batao kya hua? Kaha khoi ho? Maine tumhe awaj di to bhi tumne reply nahi kiya.

Sharon: Nahi Kuch nahi...bas aise hi...tum batao Kuch kaam tha?

Swayam: I and taani are going to shopping aur taani bol rahi thi to ask you to get ready

Sharon was not in the mood to go for shopping so she refused.

Sharon: Nahi tum Dono jao. I am not in the mood.

Swayam: Kya hua Sharon jab mein aaya tha tab bhi you were in some thoughts and ab tum shopping Jane se bhi mana kar rahi ho, taani to bol rahi thi tumhe bohot shouk hai shopping ka. Kya baat hai Sharon is the marriage thing still bothering you?

Sharon once again for a moment went in her earlier thoughts. Swayam noticed the change in her expression and understood that he was right.

Swayam: Sharon you don't have to over think anything no one is forcing you for this. To tum please don't over think anything and you don't need to be this reserved always, feel free and be at home you are taani's friend and now even mine, aren't you? So be like that I know that it is a might a bit awkward for you but I assure you no one will ask you anything about it from now onwards if you say I will talk to your parents even for it if you are he sitting to talk with them. But please don't be like this not enjoying type and get ready soon youbare coming with us for shopping.

Sharon was first taken aback by this  persistent side of swayam she hadn't thought he can be this persistent by the limited conversation they had in the past but now he was here asking her if needs he will talk to her parents regarding this. But somewhere she was even glad that he was so willing to make her comfortable she hadn't expected this out if anyone but he did it voluntarily and she was glad that after a long time she had found a good friend.

Sharon: No no Swayam, no need to talk to them and okay I will be coming with you guys just give me five minutes.

Swayam: As you Sharon, but if you need a friend me and taani we both here you can talk to us anytime if you feel so.

Swayam just wanted to make her comfortable. He didn't want that anybody is uncomfortable due to him especially one of his friends.

Sharon: Thank you and sure I will keep that in mind.

With this Swayam went from her room.

Sharon's mind drifted to what her mother had said to her that Swayam is the perfect guy for her he was the exact match for her how he so easily convinced her to come with them, which was quite difficult Sharon being so stubborn at times and he also cares for everybody, when cares so much for everybody how much will he care for his wife. Whow Sharon what happened to you thinking all this Sharon shook her head like clearing it from all this thoughts and went to get ready for shopping.

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i_yatharthk Goldie

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Posted: 29 October 2015 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
Hey Everyone I have updated the ff once again as you guys must have noticed but i am very disappointed with the response like there are very few likes. just 20, its very discouraging to see so less likes i wont say much for comments because lets face it main bhi bohot kam comment karta hun...but i do like so i expect a few more likes which means more than 30 atleast for this update...and will try to respond to the comments by evening i do read all those comments thanks a ton for those tey encourage a lot...thanks guys and willl try if possible update next part in a week or two before my exams start coz after that i will be able to post only in december end or jan.
thank you and do share it please
ave good day all of you

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AshsAngels IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 October 2015 at 11:49pm | IP Logged
yatharth kya hua aaj tumhe LOLLOLLOL

nice update awesome update Hug

tumne update kiya DancingParty
vrushan_deeksha Senior Member

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Posted: 30 October 2015 at 12:05am | IP Logged
awesome part

want to read more

plz don't discontinue it for not getting many lyks...

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