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SWARON FF: The Perks of Arranged Marriage PART 6 PG 26 (Page 14)

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update soon

Hp_TvD_mAnIc IF-Rockerz

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continue soon
--Ana-- IF-Rockerz

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Update!!! I'm really liking the story :) jaldi karo update:(
anjuvrushan Goldie

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Update update update...
i_yatharthk Goldie

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Part 3

Swayam and taani's vacation after the second year of their had just started and they were enjoying their stay with their family. But everything was not perfect dadi's haealth was not good from the last few days and swayam was worried wbout that too. When their mom called out...

Smriti: Swayam beta jaldi se yaha aao...

Hearing his mom's voice filled with fear swayam went running towards from where it came and taani was at his heels...both came to dadi's room she was not feeling well from the past few days and today her condition deteriorated even further swayam without wasting any time lifted his dadi and shouted for the driver to take out the car he made her sit in the back seat with his mother and both taani and swayam sat in the front. He drove in full speed and went to the city hospital and admitted her to the ICU.

All were waiting outside the ICU...swayam and rishi near the door soon as the doctor came out of the ICU he was bombarded with questions from both of them...

Doc: rishi come with me to my cabin.

Was just what the doctor said and looking at the doctor's face it was evident that the news was not good. Rishi and swayam followed him to the cabin.

Rishi: kya hua doctor? Maa ab kaisi hai? Kya hua hai unhe?

Doctor: rishi jiska darr tha wohi hua hai...maine tumhe bataya nahi tha but I had carried out some tests on her jab tum log last time unhe yahan leke aaye the...reports toh aaj sham ko anewali hai nut looking to the symtoms I feel ki mera shak sahi hai...unhe blood cancer hai...kitne extent tak hai vo to hume reports aane ke baad hi pata chalega and baki details bhi aur uske baad we can carry out medications.

Rishi and swayam were in utter shock...listening to what the doctor said.

Rishi: but doctor ye aise kaise?

Doctor: ye kisi ko bhi ho sakta hai. Jab tak puri reports aa nahi jati mein aur kuch nahi bata sakta.

Rishi just got up and went from their.

Doctor: swayam now only have to handle this situation you have to support your father and also your family...I know she is very close to you but you have to support your family and specially your dad.

Swayam too was stunned with whatever he had heard about his dadi so he just nodded and went out of the cabin...

His mom came towards him and asked kya hua beta? Kya baat hai? Tum toh hume batao tumhare papa toh kuch nahi bata rahe hai?

Swayam then recounted whatever discussion had happened between the doctor and his father listening to the news smriti and taani too were stunned and now finally the expression on rishi's face changed listening to it once again from swayam. He started sobbing then and there itself. Swayam went towards his father and tok him in a hug and e too started sobbing she was too special for them too loose but then swayam remembered the doctor's advice and controlled himself and came out of the hug and

Swayam: papa...

Rishi saw towards his son

Swayam: papa sambhaliye apne aap ko hume dadi ka bhi toh kahayal rakhna hai...agar aap hi aise react karoge toh hum sab kya karenge...aap aise toot nahi have to be strong...

Listening to his rishi thought what he was doing and saw smriti and taani's faces and steeled himself for them...

It was now evening and till now dadi was awake but she didn't knew what disease she had as it was still not confirmed.

Rishi and swayam were sitting in the room and taani and smriti had went to home to get something to eat for rishi and swayam as dadi was not allowed except for the hospital food.

Then a nurse entered the room and informed them that the doctor has called them and till then she will wait over their

In the cabin

Doctor: come rishi and swayam

Rishi: kya baat hai doctor?

Doctor: reports aagayi hai? And I am sorry the reports are not good its last stage of the cancer and she just has a few months of life left...I am sorry rishi...but I don't want to give you any false hopes we can obviously go on with chemotherapy but there is no guarantee ki how her body will response to can even better her and can even make it worse what I suggest is that ki tum log unhe bata do ki unhe kya hua is the best in this cases to say to the patient about his/her condition aur unhone apni puri life jee hai rishi tumhe unhe bata dena chahiye ki unhe kya hua hai...

Rishi: thik hai doctor.

All of them went to the room till then even taani and smriti had come to the hospital and were already there and till now rishi had decided to disclose about it to everybody

Rishi: maa ke reports aa gaye hai.

Maa: kya aana hai yahi naa ki mein bohot bimar hun and ab kuch hi din bachche hai mere pas

All were shocked to that response she was actually smiling while saying all this as if she knew about her reports first hand

Maa: kya hua tum logon ko aise kyun dekh rahe ho mujhe...maine toh wahi kaha hai jo sach hai

Swayam: dadi yeh aap kya keh rahi hai uch bhi mat boliye...kuch nahi hoga aapko hum kuch nahi hone denge aapko. Aap humesha yahi rahengi humare saath...

Dadi: are mere bholu aise kya kar raha ata hai use kabhi na kabb=hi toh jana hi hoga naa...

Swayam just went towards dadi and hugged her tight

Rishi came towards them and just patted on swayam's back and then swayam came out of the hug and when he saw rishi he knew that his dad is going to disclose the report to everyone

Rishi: maa...wo...maa

Maa: kya hua rishi? Kya hai reports mein?

This time she said it very calmly as if giving her son the much needed strength...rishi sighed and went further with what he wanted to say

Rishi: maa...aapko blood cancer hai...last stage

Maa: bas itni si baat...iss ke liye tum sab itna uda ho rahe ho...

All were once again shcked to hear it from her

Swayam: kya dadi yeh kya koi itni si baat hai kya?

Swayam was now very irritated ue to what ever was happening the he couldnto do anything about the situation and dadi's nonchalant attitude towards it was just more irrititaing him...

Dadi saw towards her family all of them with either sad or helpless or irritated faces...

Dadi: doctor ab mere pas kitna samay bacha hai?

Every face which was not facing dadi suddenly was now facing her as if shehad today decided to give them shocks after shocks as if the news already wasn't depressing enough.

Doctor: auntyji a few months...

Was all the doctor could say

Dadi: toh thik hai mein ab jitna samay mere pas hai mein apne family ke saath rahungi naki iss hospital mein

Swayam was the first one to reply to this declaration of dadi

Swayam: dadi aap yeh kya keh rahi hai...aap ko treatment toh karana hi hoga...aap aisa nahi kar sakti...

Dadi understanding swayam's and everybody else's concern replied

Dadi: swayam aisa kuch nahi hai iss life mein jo maine nahi dekha aur ab aisa kuch bacha bhi nahi hai jo mujhe dekhna hai...haan ek aas zarur thi par vo kabhi puri nahin ho sakti...par mujhe uska koi dukh nahi hai...khair...maine apni life puri tarah se jee hai beta aur ab jo bacha hua samay hai vo mein apni family ke saath guzarna chahti hun naaki iss hospital tum sab ko pareshan karke...tum sab ko udas karke...yeh jo treatment hai chemotherapy ki uski koi guarantee nahi hai...haina doctor? (seeing towards the doctor, but without waiting for his expected and obvious reply she continued) aur isski wajah se mein tum sab se durr bhi rahungi jo mein nahi chahti...mein tum sab ko happy dekhna chahti hun naki chinta(worry) mein...tum sab meri baat samajh rahe ho na( looking towards everybody else)

Doctor: I am not the right person to say this...but mein apne personal experience se keh raha hun jo dadi keh rahi hai vo sahi hai...chemo ki koi guarantee nahi hai aur iss umar mein aur iss stage uske kaam karne ki chances bhi bohot kam hai...aur agar auntyji chahti hai ki vo yeh samay apne ghar mein reh kar aur apni family ke saath reh kar guzare toh it is the best...aur inki reports dekhke mein yeh zarur keh sakta hun ki unki condition is not of that ki she has to be bed ridden haan unhe medicines lete rehna hoga and even have to follow a strict diet...ho sakta hai ki kabhi kabhar inki health achanak se drop down ho jaye...but fir bhi meri yahin ray hai ki aap log inhe ghar le jaye...

Listening to all this everybody was in a dilemma ki what will be the right decision and what should they do

Dadi: beta kya soch rahe ho...mein yaha nahi rehne wali hun...mere ghar ajane ki tyari karo tum log.


A few days had passed since dadi was home and her was now a bit better as compared to a few days ago and after all their decision to let her have her way was actually like paying off and she was now normal for a cancer patient. It was also the efforts of swayam who had taken the complete responsibility of dadi's health her medicines, diet regular checkups everything was under swayam and taani...and everybody was happy with the way things were going on except one.

Rishi was still seemed lost after dadi's discharge from the hospital not that he was not happy for his mother but there was something which was still keeping him lost in itself and all this was noticed by smriti.

One day whwen they were alone in their room smriti asked him what it was...

Smriti: rishi kya baat hai? Kyun tum itne pareshan ho? Agar aap aise khoye khoye rahoge toh maa ko bura lagega vo dikhati nahi hai but unhone bhi ye zarur notice kia hoga ki aap kuch jyada hi lost rehte hai aaj kal kya baat hai share karenge toh you will feel better

Rishi: smriti vo tumhe yaad hai jis din hame maa ke is disease ka pata chala tha aur maa ne kaha tha ki unki khwaish adhoori reh gai and it can't be fulfilled?

Smriti: haan rishi yeh toh maine bhi notice kia tha aur mujhe aapse iss bare mein baat bhi karni thi but kaam ki wajah se dimaag se hi nikal gayi ye baat...vaise aapko kya lagta hai kaunsi baat hogi ye?

Rishi: swayam ki shaadi...maa ki bohot ichcha thi apne bachcho ki shaadi dekhne ki swayam aur taani ki but especially swayam ki...maa sahi bhi hai ki vo unki ichcha puri nahi ho sakti par kya sachme? Kya swayam ki shhadi nahi ho sakti?

Saying this rishi looked towards his wife expectantly for a positive answer that he knew he could not get...he wanted fulfill his mother's last wish but he knew that even if he could ask for it from his son...but it was not just his son who was involved in it there was someone else too and that would be not right and that was precisely the reason his mother had said that it cannot be fulfilled

Smriti: rishi aap jante ye nahi ho sakta vo dono abhi bhi chote hai aur unki padhai bhi abhi tak puri nahi hui hai...ek baar hum swayam se keh bhi den par kya Sharon ke saath ye sahi hoga?

Rishi: I know smriti...I know that's the precise reason why I am feeling so helpless...I so want to fulfill maa's this wish coz I know ki this is her last wish but I cannot..i just cannot

All the frustration in him was being reflected in hi voice and in his words and his wife knew that she cannot help him in this situation soo she just hugged him to show that she felt the same but it was not in their hands so they just have to let things go

Swayam was psing from there and he had heard all these things and he felt sad that his dad did not say him this did he not trusted share it with him...

So he entered his parents room and smriti saw him as rishi was not facing him...and she came out of the hug

Smriti: sw...swayam beta tum yaha?

Swayam(with hurt voice): kya aap mujhse yeh baat share nahi kar sakte the?

Rishi: sorry beta we did not want you to get worried so we did not share this with you...but its no point talking on this so just leave it...

Swayam was sure what he had to do after whatever he had heard his parents and so he decided to alk about it with his parents right then

Swayam: papa kya mein aapse kuch puch sakta hun?

Rishi confusedly permitted him to ask whatever he wanted to

Swayam: papa Sharon kaun hai?

Rishi understood what swayam was thinking and what exactly he wanted to know about sharon

Rishi: Sharon gautam aur avantika ki daughter hai...maa aur smriti usse do saalpehle delhi mein ek function mein mile the and maa wanted you two to be married to each other but you two were too young then to know anything about this so we did not say anything to you both about it but it was decided then only that you were going to get married and maa even talked to gautam and avantika about this and they too agreed about the marriage but everyone thought to wait upto you both got graduated and then only were we going to proceed with this

Swayam: papa mein bhi chahta hun ki dadi ki ye wish puri ho...I know its too early but I want to do this for dadi will you talk to gautam uncle about this...

Rishi: par beta Sharon I can understand ki tum apni dadi ke liye ye sab karna chahte ho but what about Sharon huh? Wouldn't it be wrong on our side expect it from her

Swayam: papa I know isiliye mein keh raha hun ki aap pehle uncle and aunty se baat kijiye what they want to say if they say no to it then we won't say anything further and wont even say anything to her...can we go this way papa?

Rishi was still in the thought about what was going on...he was in dilemma on what he should but he was also proud of his for whatever he said and how maturely he was taking all this and not just being he decided to talk with his friend hoping he won't take in anything in a wrong sense and would understand him...hoping for the best he agreed to swayam...

 Do read the note below...imp for the further update

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Will unres it soon.. :)
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Guys firstly sorry for the late update my laptop was not working properly I could not connect to internet using sorry once again for it...but the update is finally here i hope you liked it...I personally feel its not to the comment how it was and do spread the word.

This time I am putting up a demand and it is 30+ likes and next update on page 20 only (you can spam after page 18)...sorry could not reply each one of you individually but i have read all the comments thanks for those will definitely reply all the comments next time...


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Finally U Updated!!!! Niceee... Emotional hai but Well Written... Story is really Good... I m Loving it :)

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