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Originally posted by swatiluthra

Beautiful concept mrs. Tokas .

Chalo Atleast this ff has jalal's whole with him, n with no Maham LOL .
Continue soon dear , can't wait to read further regarding chandhanpur n why humanyu wants to go there

Thanks for the pm dear Smile
thanks swatiStarBig smile

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Originally posted by ._.Bubbles._.

Awesome love you SmileHeart
#with_love_bubbles Heart
luv u 2EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by Sweet_sonai

awesome first chapter... loved it...
what is the mystery behind chandanpur??? anything related to jodha???
thanks for the pm!!!

thanksBig smile
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Originally posted by Sweet_sonai

can't wait to
cont soon nd pm me!!!

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Originally posted by RaniShanthappa

congrats for the new story.. its awesome dear.. continue soon & do pm

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Originally posted by NikkiReed

Awesome update... Loved it..and do pm me...

thanksBig smile
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Originally posted by mamina

awesome chapter
can't wait to read more . update soonBig smile
thanksEmbarrassedEmbarrassedBig smile
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Thank you friends, thank you  so much for liking the first part of this story ,...May be this will be the last one I may be writing, just for you who likes to read on Akdha. Hope I am not boring you. If  I am then let me know.. I can wrap it up... or may be your silence will tell me " it's time to end"..  


The wind was blowing in slightly through the open glass part; brought the fragrance of fresh air along with it.  Hamida was tapping onto Bakshi's shoulder as she held her tight in her embrace.. as if she doesn't want her baby to wake up from her sweet dreams'  ...she looked at Bakshi's  sleeping face.. the wind was fanning her small hairs on the forehead..and Bakshi's arms were circled tightly over her upper arm. Hamida slowly moved to the side , giving more room for Bakshi ...and slowly supported bakshi's head on to her lap'... Bakshi reluctantly loosen her hands from her mom's upper arm and brought it together to her chest and cradled down over her mom's lap. Hamida looked at her husband's face. A sparkle of hope was playing in his eyes that were fixed on the passing views' ...she can easily imagine what may fowing through his mind'


"Bakshi, look windmill"' The excited sound of Jalal  from the front seat broke the silence inside. He turned back to see Bakshi's expression and found her sleeping comfortably on his mom's lap' Hamida smiled at him as his disappointed eyes caught Bakshi's sleeping face'.


" Is she still sleeping.. so what she was doing last night !".. then in a doubtful voice.. ..packing her dress' the whole night!.. his eyes gone wild imagining that and then looked at his mom's face for an explanation'

Hamida: I don't think it is the sleeplessness. Can't you feel the freshness in this air.  We hardly get that chance, to travel with open window glasses. Imagine if you do the same back there in Delhi' she smiled at Jalal..

" Yes mom, you are right' this wind is so refreshing.." but then looking back at Bakshi's posture.." then she should be awake and enjoy all these , right?.. otherwise she is going to miss all these na"..

" No Jalal, she is not going to miss anything.. Because of unexpected blocks  on the roads  and traffic we really got delayed.. and now by night only we will reach Chandenpur'  so you can see the real beauty of Chandenpur with the rise of the sun' "

'so chandenpur is a very beautiful village, but then why we never visited there earlier?"' Jalal again presented his doubt..

'Shhh' please' ' The sleepy sound of   Bakshi's request, brought Mr. Humayun's attention to back into reality..

Jalal smiled and then looking at the driver.." are you tired?  Can I take a turn?"

He looked at his dad's face for permission..

Humayun : Chandru stop the car in next coffee shop, I would like to have a hot coffee..

Chandru: ji, Saab..

Humayun looked at Jalal: ha, Jalal, then you  take the turn...

Jalal looked back at him thankfully' and met his corner lip  smile..

Jalal felt happy as he saw the smile on his dad's face. It has been long due.. last two days, Dad and mom was in their own world. I never saw them like that. They never hide anything from us. Very friendly and even tease each other when situation demanded..  he kept his silence as he understood the seriousness behind the silence'  suddenly as if forgot to ask earlier " where are we going to stay?"'

Hamida looked at Humayun.. He looked back at Hamida.. they shared the doubt' what to say..

The silence again broke by bakshi's sound.." I also forgot to ask that.. where are we going to stay?'


Jalal: so you are awake..!

Bakshi: hum.. you go bro.. she sat straight on her back' How can I sleep when you make so much noise... I was sleeping soundly on mom's shoulder, then she broght me to her lap, I was cuing in and you started your speech'

Jalal: Bakshi, that is not fair, I just wanted to show you the windmill' you look outside.. do you know what all you missed?

Bakshi: Really.. what did I miss..

Hamida looked at Humayun's face with a relief sigh as they don't have to answer their question now. She tried to close her eyes with a hope to see what might have waiting for them there?


Jalal and Bakshi was in their talk.. they totally forgot about their question' Chandru parked the car on the roadside near a coffee shop'

"..Sir, shop"'.

'hum'  the doors were opened quickly and Jalal took a deep sigh while stretching his back'  Hamida felt her legs numb for few seconds as she kept them still for Bakshi to sleep'   Humayun held her arm as she stepped out from the car..  Jalal and Bakshi enjoyed soda while Humayun and Hamida waited for the hot coffee'  They watched their kids as they went out through the door into the open air'

'in two hours we will be there"' Humayun said in trance ..

'Hum..  and I am sure it will be all good"'  hamida tried to complete the sentence..

He looked at his wife's hopeful words.. she is always like that ..very optimistic and so far she was always right.. 'ye Krishna, let this hope also see its fruit''  he prayed to the Lord in his mind..

It was getting dark again.. Bakshi was running after Jalal' Chandru was enjoying their nok-jok'.  and was smiling as he was sipping onto his hot coffee'


Humayun could easily hear his fast pacing heart beat as their shiny blue colored Tata safari took the right Jalaliation to  Chandenpur road'...  The headlights were piercing the darkness of the atmosphere..


" wow!, I just love to drive here..  no traffic, no honking, it's fantastic' I right Chandru?".. Jalal asked with an excitement tone'


'ha Jalal, you are right''... chandru replied with same excitement..

But then suddenly two shiny eyes caught Jalal's attention right in front of their car and those eyes were just looked at this big vehicle in shock  and fear with a froze posture..'


Jalal's feet forced on the break pedal quick, and the Safari came into a halt forcing the travelers to shake their body to quick front and then to back..'.


Bakshi: Bro', what's that..?

Humayun and Hamida looked to the front in shock too.. 

'one minute.. Jalal".. saying that Chandru tried to open the door..

 Jalal came back to his senses with pounding heart beats..   he looked to the front still in shock.. trying to figure out what he just saw' ...soon few more started to staring at the headlights '


" what's that?" Jalal forced his voice out..

Humayun, hamida and bakshi were holding onto the front seats headrest part and was trying to figure out the reason..


Chandru : Sir, it's a big group of buffaloes'... I think we need to back up.. otherwise no way we can drive to the front...'

 Jalal heard a knock at his window side.. he jerked to that side .. 

" sir, you need to back up, didn't you read the sign board before rushing in''... the sound of a middle aged villager questioned them..   " for your understanding only it has written in English, if you don't know English, then it is also written in Hindi too"'


"Sorry, I didn't see the sign"   .. Jalal apologized'


"hum' it's ok.. but now you are in chandenpur, so better read the sign boards before you speed up".. the warning came up next ..

" I am really sorry , I didn't see any sign boards"' ...again Jalal tried to apologize..


"who is that?"  angry sound of another villager reached their ears too..

 "Didn't you hear what Jalal babu said.. we didn't see it.. and we will back up, ok.. don't try to make any scene here".. an irritated voice of Chandru responded to the angry voice..


"Who is it?".. the voice again asked..

 The villager who stood near to Jalal's window side said in loud ' looks like foreigners.. never seen them here before'

The owner of angry voice came nearer now and looked at Jalal's face once and then in a very calm and soft voice " sorry brother, you may be a traveler first coming through our village road, this is a very narrow road with river on one side and big huge rocks on the other side. We villagers mainly depend on all these animals and fields for our daily living.. it's a big group of buffaloes and it will be difficult for us to take them back, especially its too dark now..   can you just back up your vehicle , we will try to try clear the road as quick as we can"...'


" Back up!.. How long"? Chandru's voice asked in little irritated tone..

The old man looked at Chandru's face ...'

Humayun got impatient, he held his hand on the handle to open the door. Suddenly he felt Hamida's hand over his.. he looked at her face.. she nodded her head in disagreement.. but then he gave a reassuring look and it conveyed his confidence.. she slowly took her hand off..

" Jalal, I will take over, come and sit at the back"..  Jalal turned back to see his dad's face and he understood the seriousness..

Jalal opened the door on his side and walked out, the old man and the other villager  stood nearby, and looked at Jalal as he stood on his feet'... and then he walked to back door side and got in.. Humayun walked to the front circling the vehicle from the back.. and then came near driver's side and slide in'...

The old man looked at the figure that just passed in front of him in shock..

' Chandru, come and sit"..  Humayun's low voice commanded and within few seconds he was on his seat and the SUV was taking its move in reverse mode'... suddenly the dark brown hands of the old man held the edge of the door as if trying to hold it still with his force.. they all looked to the door side in fear and shock and Jalal got ready for a fight and so did Chandru, his arms were gathering the force in'...


The old man with his wild eyes stared at Humayun's face...'  Humayun  looked at the old man's face'


'Humayun babu.. you".. the surprised soft voice of the old man gave another shock to the travelers sitting  inside the vehicle...'

Humayun looked at him with a cold face and revesed the vehicle and the old man's hand just slide away'

They waited silently inside and Bakshi looked at those big animals as they were  moving slowly in a group passing their vehicle..

But at the end, the old man passed by, staring at the driver's side, and one could easily see his unbelievable eyes..   but then he neared the vehicle at the driver's side, still the glass piece was open for fresh air..

" Babu, you are not new here,you might be knowing all the roads her...'  but we have changed many things here.. .. so as you move forward, please look for those sign boards, so that you won't get in trouble".. he said that pointing to the right side of the road'... Humayun sat still looking  straight'

Jalal looked at the side where the old man was pointing.. he saw the sign board which read  "watch for our animal friends here, for safety you may need to back up, sorry for the inconvenience because we don't have any other option"..

But then he saw the scenes moving backward, the oldman still stood there with unbelievable face.. Humayun concentrated on the steering and to the road in front...'


Bakshi: Dad, he knows you' ?  How come.?

She didn't get any response back...

" Mom , what is this Chandenpur mystery?.. it looks like Dad already knows this place.. and you said that you visited here earlier' does that old village man knows dad's name?... she continued with her questions as everything looked so strange for her..

" Ha, dad, what was all that about? Also where are we actually going?.. please tell us something"'... Jalal pleaded..


Humayun didn't say anything, his heart  and mind was already feeling heavy'... he just concentrated on driving..

Jalal and Bakshi looked at Hamida's face who kept her eyes on outside road...' some kind of cloudiness was covering her face too'.


Bakshi: ' Please mom, tell us something'..

Hamida looked at Bakshi's face and then the curious face of Jalal and with a soft low pitched voice said "I can only say we are going to your Dad's house.. and I can't tell anything more than this, please don't ask anything more at this time.. you will get all the answers once we reach there".. with that she again focused her eyes on the darkness outside'   


Jalal and Bakshi sat in shock.. dad's house!!!..Chandenpur.. how come we never heard about this earlier.. how come they kept this as secret from us.. all they have is many family friends , mainly related to business relationship, or mom's co-workers.. We only heard about our Naani and Naana'... but never heard about anything related to Dad.. ha, as far as we know, he came to study here in Delhi, and started his own business and within short time became one of the most successful business tycoon. He doesn't have any siblings or relatives. All he has is us'... but then now we are going to visit his house!!!!.. Jalal held his sister's hand in his tightly, comforting her..  she looked into his eyes.. his eyes conveyed his enthusiasm too  about everything.. Bakshi just nodded her head in agreement conveying that she will keep quiet..  she tightened her grip on her bro's hands'... they slipped to their own world to find reasoning for their  inside thermoil...'


 Time passed by and they brought back to reality as the SUV stopped at the destination.. Jalal looked outside.. he could see a big old fashioned haweli in front of him' the arch shaped open walls showed the length of the varanda'


Jalal tried to open the door, but then Hamida held his hand saying not to do that..

Humayun slowly opened the door and stood on his weak feet.. he tried to normalize himself..

Somebody came and peeked out'... and disappeared to inside...'  within few seconds.. a lady in yellow saree came out through the arch shaped open door and tried to check on the car.. but then she started moving faster to their car side and stood with her surprise eyes in front of Mr. Humayun..  she observed him keenly from his head to toe..


" So, Mr. Humayun, I can see the gray color on your hair, did you fail to fight against the passing time"'

He  didn't say anything , but just looked at the woman's face without any emotion...


Suddenly her eyes caught the attention to the back seat.. she went near and opened the door  " what are you doing there? Come out, and this is your destination"'...  Hamida came out hesistanly'" So you are Hamida'... welcome.". and then she saw Bakshi   as she  came out from the car following her mother.. Hamida moved near to her husband's side.

The women  went and  held Bakshi's hand " oh beatiful, you look so pretty.. where where you all this time, tried to hide from us?"' ... Bakshi just looked at this women blindly..

Jalal got out on the other side and he looked at the outside darkness and found the thickness of darkness near the woods'...

"Hi price charming, welcome dear" the voice jerked his attention and he felt  a loose hug as the women wrapped him in her embrace..

Then moving back she looked into his eyes and said " you are gifted with the most sparkling eyes and with a body of a warrior..  isn't that unusual ..  your eyes are telling me everything, you are standing in front of me with so many questions and your eyes are starving for the answers.. you will get them soon or later.. but for now all I could say is that Chandenpur was waiting for long to feel your feet on its ground and now you are here.. and we are happy for that.. JALAL.." she said that holding onto his shoulder and looking straight into his eyes...'

Jalal looked at this woman's eyes doubtfully and he got the shock as he heard his name from this unknown figure' ... she acted as if she knows everyone...'

" walk with me , I shall take you to the mystery world".. she held his arm at wrist level as she turned to walk towards the main arch.. he just followed her with a weightless body.. she paused for a second and looked at Humayun's face and said'... ' now you can't take your steps back, you reached your destiny.. come on in.." and then looking at Hamida's face " please do come"...'.


Jalal saw few figures now standing at the arch waiting for them..  he looked at each face blindly and eveyone's eyes was on him...'

The women stopped as she neared the oldest person among the group.. She pulled on Jalal's hand and made him to stand in front of this figure. Jalal looked at him, he was tall like him, with a moustache just like his dad..  The woman stepped behind and joined the group'

Jalal stood there in confusion...'

By then Humayun, hamida and Bakshi neared them too. Chandru just stood near the car looking at all the happenings..

"wait" the woman's voice stopped them from taking next step to the house..

She brought the thali for aarthi.. made four of them to stand together and then did the aarti'... as if protecting them from all the evil eyes..     she then guided them inside.. the crowd also moved in.. Humayun hesitated first , but then the old man went and stood in between Hamida and Humayun and held their hands in his and walked in'... Hamida looked at her husband's face  and he looked back at her as if saying  " you were right"..  Jalal held his sister's hand in his and made her to walk closer to him by holding onto her shoulder.

They entered the big hall

" Bro, look at this, our whole house may just fit in this hall!!!!'..

'Shhh' .. Jalal warned bakshi..

They continued to follow their parents.. and entered one room..

The old man walked towards  further in.. Jalal and Bakshi stopped as they saw an old lady laying on bed..

' Here, I kept the promise.. your grand son and daughter-in-law is here' ...'. The old lady's eyes started shedding tears and it wet her wrinkled cheeks'... Humayun sat down near the bed side and wiped off the tears...'

' if you wanted to wipe off those tears, why did you let that happen dear"... the lady asked with a low shivery voice..

She held her hands over Hamida's head as she sat near and bowed her head in front, as if giving her all the blessings'

" It's all God's wish..  don't worry about the tears, this the tears of happiness, that I waited for long.. let it flow today..'..

Few minutes passed by..

The old man went and held Jalal and bakshi's hand and  brought them near the bed and said: "Guess who are they?"

The lean figure looked at them and then " my vision is getting blurred, how many times I told you to get new glasses for me, you will never listen to me' ...but then, to recognize these two faces I don't need any glasses, I can see them with my inner vision.". Humayun and Hamida moved out,.. she extened her hand to touch Jalal, hamida pushed him slightly to get him more closer to her'..." this is Jalal, right.. the prince of my dreamworld'.. come more closer, let me see your eyes'... are they sparkling like diamonds.. whenever I imagine your face, all I could see was a pair of sparkling eyes and a very rare thick pink lips. Am I right or not?'.. the lady asked in doubt  as her hands touched his features..

The women came forward " Daadi, you are right.. I was thinking the same, But I didn't notice the lips, yes, you said right, the features of his face are unique and yes he looks very handsome'"..

" I know that"'.. the old lady replied.. " where is Bakshi?"..

Bakshi also joined and touched those wrinkled skin over the bony prominence.. she thought she is touching a dried bone directly..

Granny's hands moved back on Bakshi's hair and said " you are very beautiful just like my princess.. but what happened to your hair.. I feel like I am touching a rat's tail.. so short'.. for a girl to be more beautiful she should have thick,  long and curly hair just like my princess and when she walks  the end of it should wave from one side to other.. Hamida, why did you let her cut her hair?"


Hamida didn't say anything'... Just listened and watched everything in silence..


' ha, this is not your fault.. living in that crowd city can only bring this miracle.. there is no purity in anything...'  granny continued...


The women came forward " daadi, they might be very tired, let me show them their room, and let them get fresh up.. and  they may be feeling hungry too"..

" Ok , ok.. I never thought of that..  Go and fresh up and have dinner.. let's talk tomorrow.. anyway you all came, I don't need anything else.. I am thankful to the Lord"'...  granny  said in her happiest voice..

' I am your Aunty Sakeena, your dad's only sister.. come with me , I will show you your rooms".. the woman in yellow saree said with a smile on her face..

 Jalal looked at Bakshi, seeing all these relations around them'... Jalal's room was on second floor.. he felt the shivering as the cold water crawled down his body.. But he felt all his tiredness washing away'

He went down and met other members of the family..

He sat in between his dad and grandpa..  and tasted the fresh veggie curries...'along with the hot chappathies...'

He came back to his room.. he thought how one day brought so many relation into his life. He met his grandpa, his dad's grandma, Sakeena aunty and few others who related to Grandpa'... he didn't meet Sakeena aunty's family'... hum'.. where are they?..  he saw the sparkling stars upon the sky' ...he closed his heavy eyelids unknowingly  as he tried to untangle  all the mysteries'.


The sky at the east horizon changed its color to red , giving its surroundings a pink shade.. which is bordered by the dark clouds..  The birds in the nest started flapping its wings welcoming  the energy into the world.  The dew dropes are still waiting at the tip of the leaf to fall onto the mud at any time..  The wet earth slowly started waking up.. Jalal  rubbed his eyes and slowly opened them to see the freshness of the chandenpur morning..  his ears sharpened as he heard the nature's song '... an unknown smile appeared on his lips.. he went and opened the window, a gush of cold air rushed in. he felt a shiver passing through him..  he took a deep breath and tried to smell the fragrance of the air.  He looked at the thick woods in his near sight. It was all dark when they reached here yesterday and he couldn't make out anything..


He went down to the main hall..  Found Sakeena aunty doing the aarthi, he waited at the door side.. She came out and  showed him the deep and he took the blessings..

" Good morning Prince".. with a happy smile on her face..

" Good morning" he replied spontaneously.. but then he looked at her  out of curiosity listening to the way she addressed him.. as a Prince.. " aunty, I am Jalal, not Prince".. he cleared his point.

Sakeena gave a teasing smile : " I know your name is Jalal, but you are the Prince whom Chandenpur waited for long"'... she tried to clarify her side too..

" I didn't get it".. Jalal again with tightening his forehead..

"You will, soon.. and you came just for that.. to satisfy the thirst of the villagers, to fill their eyes with the image of a prince that they dreamed everyday for years and years..".. she walked to the kitchen by saying that..

Jalal stood in confusion, he didn't understand any word what his aunty just said.. 'Prince, and villagers waited for him.. sounds like fairy tale'..  But then he came back to his senses..

' Aunty , can I go for jogging".. Jalal asked Sakeena.

" Sure, why not?" she said .. " But wear something heavy, so that you won't feel cold.. our mornings are colder when compared to your city"..  she added as she was measuring the daal.


"Thanks"  Jalal with a happy smile..

He went upstairs and got ready within minutes and he grabbed his camera before setting out. But his mind again caught aunty's words.. what was she saying.. " prince?... they were waiting for years.. as far as I know we don't have any connection with any royal blood.. she is talking as if I am  acting in an old time drama.. he remembered how she addressed him.. prince with sparkling eyes ; with a body of a warrior'...  what rubbish.. I am Jalaludin and only Jalaludin Mohammad'  ... really Chandenpur is a mystery'.. he smirked and fastened his steps...

 his ears caught the sound of birds.. he stopped few seconds and looked into the woods.. he could also hear gushing sound of flowing water.. he  realized a river nearby.. he remembered the man's talk yesterday.. he moved into the  direction from where the sound is coming.


He got amazed by seeing the beauty of nature. Every sound he heard has a rhythm of a melodious music. He loved it. He was getting attracted to the nature's play.  He focused his camera to capture the image of a flying bird..





He walked further in.. he neared the river.   Started walking along its side. He smiled at the splashes. He felt his each cell in his body  is getting a new unknown energy from it.  The sky got clear and time was passing by. Jalal didn't realize it as he was enjoying every bit of his walk and capturing the image in his camera..


 The area was clean with big trees carrying full thickness of greenery.. he paused under a big tree and was looking around.  He kept his camera on to the ground and starched his hands up taking a deep breath.. He saw the nature in its full beauty.. he stood there in trance keeping his hands on his flank..


"aaa'. aouch'.." a girls sound from above head startled him.. before he could look up , somebody just fell onto him from the tree and unknowingly he tried to grab the person but fell onto the ground . he tried to grab the person safe as they started rolling down towards the river..  before he could hold onto anything he felt his body light as his body completely merged into the water.. he lost the grip on the other person.. he got scared for a moment as the water gushed to eyes and ears...'


He forced himself to raise above the water. Within few seconds he opened his mouth to fill his lungs.. he wiped off the water from his face. His heart was pacing faster. He thought of the other person.. he got alarmed..  he looked around in the flowing water.. he couldn't find any sign of the other person. His arms splashed on the  surface of water as he turned around  to look for the other person..  but then he heard the sound of payal .. he looked at the bank and found a girl  in  wet yellow dress,  holding her duppatta side with her hand, covering her half face was  looking at him in surprise...' Their eyes met and both froze for few seconds'.



"Jodha didi"'... a call came  out from a distance. She jerked and turned to that side. She looked at him one more time and started running towards the sound. Her payal made the sound..and his eyes caught the sight if her ankles with silver color payal circling them... he raised his hands up to stop her.. but before he could say anything out, she disappeared from his sight. He came out from the water. Stood with holding his hands on his sides and blindly looked at the corner where her image disappeared..


He brushed his hair with his hands and walked over to the tree side. Took his camera.. 'Thank God.. I kept this over here, otherwise''.. he thought for a second.. then he looked up to the tree.. it was pretty big tree and he imagined her falling from its branch. How come she got up there? What she was doing there? Is the village girls are like this!!? I thought they are...  leave it, why should I think of all these..  Jalal thought for a second.. 


But really, what she was doing up there? He got curious. He tried to climb by holding onto the truck. But slipped down easily.. he tried one more time , but no success.  He gave a nice kick onto the trunk and got hurt..


"Ouch'., Oh my, this is not my day"'...  he said it little loud..



'He he he he he he he'.. he heard the giggling sound of kids..  he looked around in surprise. But it was looking all empty with no signs of any kids.. he turned and about to walk away.. he heard the giggles again. He stopped for a second and turned quickly. He saw the shaking branches of nearby bush. He tried to go near.. but then


" Jodha Didi .. run, he found us.. run"..  a kid's voice reached his ears ..

Jalal took few slow steps to the front ...



Suddenly a group of five or six kids started running out from the bush side'... and finally he saw the girl in yellow dress standing up with same posture.. she turned quickly as her eyes met his .. and covering her half face, she followed the kids..  he thought to follow them, but then stopped, but then the kids giggle challenged him, his legs started pacing.. he took the longer strokes and tried to reach near them.. but as he took the turn he saw only the kids.. the yellow color just disappeared. He stopped and looked around.. if she is real, she might be somewhere near , may be hiding.. his eyes searched for her..  again he heard the kids challenging giggle.. but his eyes were curious to find her..


" did she climbed any of these big trees again to hide from me"..  his mind doubted.  Just to confirm his trail of doubts,  he looked up .. he saw the leaves shaking with the wind, as if they are also giggling at him with a challenging tone' "can you find her?"..


 Part-3: please don't forget the like button if you are moving to next part. Thanks



Ok friends, now tell me, how was the first meeting? Did it make your heart feel something something or nothing  nothing ? did you like it? can you imagine ourAkdha? that is my biggest thing to know. so I will wait to hear from you..  


Thanks and take care


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Mallika-E-Tokas 1363 168724 22 December 2015 at 11:50pm by ParijatDeewani

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Mallika-E-Tokas 122 10633 03 December 2015 at 8:37pm by Shivika_ishqbaz

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Author: Mallika-E-Tokas   Replies: 240   Views: 35576

Mallika-E-Tokas 240 35576 10 November 2015 at 4:57pm by aswin2134ja


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Forthislifeonly 14 4523 06 December 2014 at 12:21am by Devilicious_ME

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