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'Jalal, you better go to bed, it is really cold outside, I don't want you to catch any cold..'

Jalal came back to the reality and looked at Sakeena aunty..  then with a smile."thanks aunty'

Few lines appeared on her forehead: thanks !.. for what?

Jalal came near and held her shoulder: that's because for calling me by my name.. accepting me as Jalal..

Sakeena with a smile: oye oye.. even if I called you Jalal, you are my charming prince dear.. with the sparkling...


'Stop stop stop'...Jalal interupted: 'so I think now I have to take back my thanks.. I am so tired of hearing the same story, so please..'



Sakeena pulling on his cheek: no, I won't give it back..  If that is your wish then I will call you Jalal only.. Ok..



"aww.., its painfull'.. Jalal said..

Sakeena: Oh really, then let me pull little more..  I need to make up na..


Jalal: Bua'.. chodiyena

Sakeena left her hand  at once and looked at him lovingly'

Jalal: what happened..

Sakeena with a teary smile:  kuch nahi.. go get to bed.. its too late..

Jalal: Ok aunty.. Good night, saying that he kissed on her cheek and went to his room..

Sakeena stood there, touching her cheek'... as two drops just rolled down her cheek


The morning  was bringing the energy into haweli..  Humayun was sitting at the porch with the newspaper..

"there is nothing special in that..'

He took his eyes off from the newspaper and found Jodha standing in front of him..

He with a smile" Jodha beta, Good morning, how are you?"

Jodha keeping her helmet over the table : Good morning uncle.. Am I right?

Humayun with question: right on what?

Jodha: Is there anything new in that paper.. It is always the same news'

Humayun: so you read the paper already..

Jodha: I told you there is nothing.. Oh ya, you are a business person, right? So yes, there is a news.. but you might be knowing it already' that Obama and his wife stepping onto Indian land tomorrow.. I say that is a business trip.. don't you think so..


Humayun folded the newspaper and then seriously : why you think so? But the agenda is different.

Jodha went near to Humayun in a serious mood talk: I know, they have different agendas, but the true reason is hiding .. like you know the condition of U.S. economy now..  and we are forwarding in our each step. So I am sure he is coming for a best deal..


Humayun: hum,' interesting.. so you are into business.

Jodha: nope, I am not interested in business.. but these all are general things happening around us, right?

Humayun: If it is not your interest , then why most of the kids at your age doesn't think about it..

Jodha: no uncle, that's not true. We do care about these too.. after all now we address everything in a global term, right.. so..


"what's going on here".. Babur's sound caught their attention..

"we were talking about Obama's visit'.. Humayun just replied.

"Oh ya, few come here, few go there, but what's the use..  its all about power and whoever is ruling the country.." Babur just addressed it in a general way..


Jodha hearing this " yes, daadaji, if you have power in your hand, you can do whatever you want, where ever you want..'


"so everybody into serious talk, that also this early'".. Hams's voice heard by all..

Jodha ran near to her.." aunty ji, good morning, where is Bakshi, actually I came to take her with me.."..

Hams  " really, she is still in bed,'

Jodha with widened eyes " still sleeping? The sun is already over the head..  then she looked up as if she is looking at the sun..

Hams: that's not the reason, she is feeling sick..

Jodha: sick? What happened?

Hams: nothing to worry Jodha, I think because of this chilliness here..

Jodha; oh ya,  .. did she take any medication..

Hams: ha, I gave her two tablets.. she will be fine by evening..

Jodha: tablets.. oh ya.. you are a doctor..  so you know what to give'

Hams: why you don't take tablets?

Jodha: yes, I do, but for cold and all I won't take anything'... then with a thinking.." I don't think I ever had a cold"..

Hams: Oh really, then you are lucky..

Jodha: no, I think that is the specialty of our Chandenpur'

Hams: maybe..


Jodha: but now what I will do..?

Hams:  what?

Jodha: I told Bakshi that I will show her chandenpur.. 

'that is right, if you want to see chandenpur, then you should look through Jodha's eyes,..' Babur  in a normal tone..

Hams: why? What is the speciality.. of that?'

Babur:  because she knows all the places.. and all these places knows Jodha..

Hams: really.. then that is so special..

Humayun: Ok then, anyway you came for Bakshi, right?

Jodha nodded her head disappointedly..

Humayun: ok, instead of Bakshi, take Such with you..

 A happy smile started appearing on Jodha's lips'... and looked at Hams with a hope..

"No Mom is not going any where?".. Jodha looked at the  space from where the voice came..  and saw Jalal coming out with a serious face.. and the smile from Jodha's face disappeared..

Babur: why Jalal? I think it will be good..

Jalal: no, mom is coming with me, I will show  her chandenpur..

Suddenly  a loud voice of laugh broke the seriousness of the atmosphere and they found Jodha laughing loud holding onto her stomach..

Jalal looked at her curiously, so did others..

"what happened Jodha?".. asked Humayun..

Jodha with trying hard to control her laugh..  "No uncle, he came here yesterday only and now he is saying he can show chandenpur.'. she was about to continue..but then

"even though I came here only yesterday, I know most of it now.." Jalal clarified..

Jodha: Oh dear.. chandenpur is not what you see with your eyes, If you really want to see chandenpur, you need to look at it with your full heart' ..and I have seen you many times, running around with that camera .. and  standing like a statue, when you see a bird, or when your eyes catch that beautiful scenery.. right?'  and then what happens, you slip your feet and drown into water.."   and then looking at Hams's face.. ' you come with me, I will show you chandenpur..'  and then looked at Jalal with a teasing smile..

Humayun: ha Hams, get ready and go with Jodha and  let me know what did you see different here.. I am excited too..

Hams looked at the irritated face of Jalal and went in to change..

 Jodha looking at Humayun.. " Uncle, let me go and check on Bakshi'.., ok.." with a wide smile on her face..

Humayun : Ok, beta..

He unfolded his newspaper and tried to dig his head in that..   Jodha was walking to inside, as she came near Jalal.. she went little closer and in soft teasing voice..   " if you take your Mom for  the tour, who knows if any snake's head will pop out say hisss"'drawing her iris cornering near the nose bridge...", so I am the better person..' saying that she passed him..

Jalal looked at her with an angry face..  but then saw her controlled smile while running to inside..

 Hams got ready in a salwar and came out to go with Jodha.

 Jodha was ready with her scooty..  

"are we going in this?".. Hams asked'

"Yes, this can go anywhere in this village easily.. and you are coming with me.. so feel free..  no space for any tension at all..

Hams looked at Humayun and took his silent permission and then went and sat on scooty with Jodha..

"ye Mr. dilli, don't worry,  your mom is safe with me,.. ok..'..  Jodha said it loud as she moved her vehicle.. Hams smiled, and Jalal again looked at them with a blood rushing face..

 Humayun looked at Jalal and his reaction,  and tried to control his smile..  and Jalal noted that as he tried to pull back his eyes from his mom'  H looked surprisingly at Humayun's face..  Humayun suddenly aimed his eyes on letters as he realized Jalal's eyes on him..


'Jalal beta, daadima, is calling for you.." Sakeena' came out telling it..

Jalal looked at his aunty and then looked back at his dad's face and found those peeking eyes , concentrating back on the letters..

Hams felt like she is getting back to her teenage time.. Jodha was kept on talking all this time and Hams was looking around with her enthusiastic eyes' .. finally she parked her scooty near the meadow..


"I want you see this area".. Hams looked around,  the area was completely covered with green grass...  with few bushes here and there.. and then woods lining in a special pattern'    they started walking in.. the wind was blowing by and one could easily hear its howling.   "all the kids in this village come here' ..we play here.. and you know tomorrow evening we are going to have competition here.. you must come..'

Hams .." competition?

Jodha looking into the front surrounding..: ha, we have annual competitions..  for kids and adults and old age.. we have running competitions, singing competitions.. it is like a festival for us.. a festival with no boundaries .. anyone can join meant for fun only..   You know last time my mom got first prize in singing competition.. she sing really well.."

Hams  " that's good to know.. and what about you?'

Jodha: me, I am the organizer, so I am busy with running around, coordinating everything..

Hams:  that's big job..

Jodha: yes, but I love it'

Hams: good.. 

Jodha noted Hams folding her hands and trying to squeeze in herself..

Jodha: are you feeling cold?


Sushi: kind of..

Jodha: ok, I tell you what to do..   she extended her arms out.. and said, .."just do what I do.".  Hams with a smile just repeated the same.  "Ok, now you try to feel that wind that is circling you..'.. Hams had a smile on her face'... as she listened to Jodha..  "no, I am serious, just try to relax your mind'...  just see this beautiful space'... in front of you is full view of greenery, and the sky is so clear.. blue and white cotton puffs are floating around you'... and  imagine you as a school kid, who doesn't have to worry about anything'...  see those butterflies.. flying around freely.. and now are you feeling light."   Hams just nodded her head.. 'ok now.. 'can you try to fasten your steps.. slowly and then sped it up with the wind and try to fly with it'..".. Jodha did as she said it...' Hams paused for a second and then her eyes started shining with her childhood energy..' that curios eyes.. the free mind.. she took her steps slowly but then the cold wind circled her.. she started speeding up and then unknowingly she felt like she is flying with the wind as she fasten her steps'   '. .  finally she stopped'...   she heard her faster heartbeats..  she took some deep breath'...   and then looked at Jodha who was breathing heavily..

"How  do you feel?" Jodha asked gasping  for air..

Hams just gave a appy smile in response'  


Hams:now let sit down for sometime..

Jodha: not here.. Just few more steps, .. come..

Hams followed her.. They sat over a hilly area..  "now look down.."

Hams's eyes gone wild as she saw the beautiful scenery underneath.. the valley was looking like a painted picture.. with a group of sheep on one side munching on to the green grass, and smoothly flowing river in the middle..  few ladies washing clothes nearby' ...  they sat there.. Jodha was kept on telling about Chandenpur, non stop.. Hams just listened to her small small     village      stories, she heard about few people.. she heard about Granny's stories.. she heard about village kids' 


The sun was standing above their head'

Jodha: I think it is getting late..  I need to show you one more place.. let's go..'"

Hams nodded her head in agreement.,,. She felt like she got some new energy from the surrounding'...   The scooty parked near the other side of the valley..  Hams's eyes gone wild in wonderment as she saw the small waterfall'   


"do you want to get wet?'' Jodha  asked.

Hams with hesitation ' me, no'... no..".

Jodha: do you like this waterfall..

'Hams: yes of course..

Jodha; ok then come with me/..   she held Hams's arms and walked into the clear water..  " don't be afriad..  this is the best place..'  she almost brought her to themiddle space of it.. The water was just couple of feet deep and it was so clear that one can see the small fish swimming in it.. the shining sun above the head gave the sparkling to the clear water..


"this is the specialty of this waterfall.. it is deep enough take that fall into it, but we can easily stand under it and get wet'...  anyway now it is not cold anymore.. and I guarantee you get dry fast enough'... come with me " and she took Hams under the water fall.. it just got her wet and unknowingly she extended her hands to catch on the falling water.. she looked at the spraying of water as it splashed  the second it touched her hands..  Jodha saw her happy smile '... she felt so happy'... time passed by.. then they moved out from there.. Jodha got amazed as she saw Hams trying to catch the tiny fish with her hands.. she got interested too..   she tried..but the fish knows how to slip away from those big hands' ... they enjoyed the time together'


As Jodha said, their dress got dry  by the time.. Only their  pants  below knee is still wet..

"Jodha, I am feeling hungry'.. Hams said with a hesistant voice..

"Oh ho.. I didn't think about it.. don't worry.. I will get you something.." they got back in scooty..

"Do you like guava?".. asked Jodha while driving..

"hum.. not all , but if it has sweetness , then no problem..' said Hams..

"you get only tasty guava in chandenpur.. and your problem solved..'.. said Jodha in a happy tone..

She parked the scooty near a farm area..  "you sit here Ok.. I will get some..' Jodha said softly..

Hams: where are you going?

Jodha: shhh.. I will be right back.. one minute..

She walked with secret steps and then scanned the whole area and then looked up a tree. Hams was looking at her keenly.. her eyes gone wild as she saw Jodha climbing that tree and holding onto its trunk with one hand, she extended her other arm out and plucked guava from its hanging branch'... she repeated the same few times.. and then slowly stepped down and came near running..

With a smile on her face..: Here you go.. I am sure, you will like it and will ask me to get more..

Hams: but Jodha, why did it secretly..

Jodha: that's because if the owner sees me na, he will kill me..   I usually come with my friends here.. you know it is too tastey when I pluck the guava like this.. if I ask and tried to get one, it won't taste the same'... try na..'  as she staretd biting onto one..

Hams with little hesitation tried to bite it.. But then she tasted the best ever guava in her mouth.. within no time, it all got finished..

"you want more".. Jodha asked excitedly..

'aur chori karna hei kya?".' No this is fine and as you said it was really tastey."  Hams said with a smile..


They roamed around further and was flying around the village hut side'... One villager tried to stop Jodha's scooty  with an anxious tone..

'Betiya, rukiyena'.."

Jodha stopped the engine and turned her head around and looked at the villager'.


Jodha looked at him, he was in tears' eyes swollen'

Jodha: what is it kaka? Why you look so concerned?

Kaka: Sudev went to call the doctor but he is not there.. and Sundari is in pain and  we can see the baby.. almost ready to drop down, but it is not happening and we don't know what to do..


Jodha touched his shoulder: don't worry.. but the doctor said after one week , right?


Kaka: ha Beta, but'.


Jodha thought for a second, her eyes fell on Hams, who was looking at them in concern..


Jodha: don't worry.. doctor heina..  ye, Hams madam hei..  you don't worry.. I am bringing her.. ok..


Kaka: but..


Jodha: don't worry.. we are starting to there only..


Jodha looked at Hams: so are you ready..


Hams: but Jodha..


 But before she could say anything the scooty started moving towards kaka's house' 


Hams: Jodha' what is happening?  Where you are taking me..


Jodha: you don't worry aunty..  Just hold onto  me tight ok,  we need your help..  I don't know how long Sundari is in pain..  Jodha expressed her concern too in a loud voice'


Jodha stopped her scooty near Kaka's hut..  few people were around'  mostly ladies..  one old lady came running..


Old lady:  Jodha betiya.. what we will do now.. did you hear that.. the doctor also not there on this time.. and our Sundari..


Jodha: don't worry kaki, doctor heina mere sath..  Aunty..come, we don't have any time to waste.. ' then looking at the old lady.. "kaki, where is Sundari.."

Kaki pointed to the outside corner..

Hams's forehead got tightened..her brows arched   'what? why   they have Sundari outside..

Kaki came in front of Hams and said with teary eyes: may God bless you dear..  Sundari is our bread winner , if something happens to her, then we won't be able to live..


Hams looked at her again in doubt ..  but then Jodha pulled on her wrist saying.." come ' come.., this way'"


Hams met everyones pleading eyes as she walked towards the covered area by a torn long cloth..  Jodha stayed back ,  and looked at Hams with a request to proceed..  Hams looked at Jodha  and with a deep breath she went in..   Ham's eyes gone wild and she came out within fraction of second and stood in front of Jodha..


Jodha: what happened?


Hams: Jodha''' sundari'an ewe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jodha: what happened to Sundari?' suddenly a loud cry heard in their ears and saw kaki, beating on her chest crying out Sundari's name..


Jodha's eyes got filled with tears she looked at Hams again with a hope..

Hams held her hand and moved to the corner and said softly: Jodha, Sundari is a sheep and I am not vet.. I never seen one or'


But then one old lady came near: doctor Ji.. please she is in labor for more than an hour now.. the amniotic fluid ( don't know what to say in hindi) is broke long back , and we can see baby's leg.. but it is not coming out.. usually all happens in a natural way.. and this is the first time'  please Dr. ji.. help her'   you will get all the punyas'  please.. please..and her wrinkled dried skin grabbed suschi's hands and looking at Jodha's face, Hams walked along with the lady to the covered area.. Hams felt so weightless as she walked along with that old lady' 


Jodha folded her both hands and was praying hard inside  


Hams surprised as the old lady handed the long gloves to her to wear..

Old lady: we have a very good doctor  here. So he keep his box to be used at the time of emergency.. unfortunately he is not there today..  our prayers are with you doctor.. Just go ahead..


Hams with little hesitation wore the gloves and looked at the sheep.. and looked at the animal tear trailed face.. and then praying to God almighty, she went back and checked the situation'  She slowly put her hand in (the entrance to a ewe's reproductive tract is usually roomy and well lubricated ) and felt the baby parts ( after all she is a gynic doctor, so she has some knowledge)'   and then slowly tried to pull the baby out and as the ewe felt the force on her womb and tried to push again'  and there the miracle happened, and the baby was out..   Hams felt a big relief as she saw the baby out with a life in it..    The old lady felt so happy.. she ran out to give the good news..   Hams was feeling the relief.. but then to her surprise the other two black tiny legs poped out, and the baby fell onto the ground.. she looked at Sundari'.   She was about to move from there, the other two tiny legs showed and that also fell down.. tear started coming out from Suschi's eyes' she went to the front and looked at Sundari's eyes as it was trying to strain again'   the thick hay was able to hold the fourth little one safe in its warmth'


The old lady came back and found the four little one struggling to be getting up on its feet..

Old lady went and held Hams's hand: You are the God for us today'


Hams saw all the courteous gestures as she stepped out..  she washed her hands off' Jodha was standing there looking at Hams, Hams just came near and hugged her tight and happy tears were rolling down her eyes'


Jodha smiled too with thanking the Lord..


But then, they were started distributing the sweets and then everyone started  rejoicing and  Hams saw how thankful the family is  for her help.. within minutes, villagers started flowing in.. and they were circling Hams with thanks'  she realized how important these animals are in their lives..   she also joined in their happiness.


 Meanwhile in Haweli.. Sakeena was talking with Jalal, asking about his studies and all.. Bakshi was feeling better. Humayun went to meet Rajeev..  Natasha  and Daadi came in also with some sweets. Granny was taking rest.. the general talk was going on.. Daadi was glancing at Jalal every now and then.  Bakshi was just a chatterbox and was talking about their Delhi life and the difference ..  Sakeena was trying to do nice pleats with her hair..


Sakeena: no wonder daadi addressed your hair as rat tail..

Natasha: Rat tail.!!.

Sakeena: "look at this"..  .. holding  the short hair of Bakshi in hers


Bakshi: I know, I saw Jodha deedi's hair/.. it is so long na'


Natasha: you know  why it is so long.. you know how much  care she is giving to it.. 


Bakshi: does she won't cut her hair at all?

Natasha: yes she does..  but it grows really faster..

Bakshi: so she liked her long hair, how does she manage it..

Daadi: it is long because if she happened to be locked in a roof top room, and  if that castle doesn't have any door, then when the prince comes, she can put it down and the prince can climb holding onto it..  Daadi was cornering her eyes onto Jalal as she was telling this..


Lestening to that Jalal disappeared from there..   

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..   he leard Bakshi's loud laugh.. and he could hear the feable sound of their story telling and Jodha's actions as princess'


Jalal was hearing this from the moment he stepped on to this village. He came here for fun,, to enjoy the village.. but it all happened in a totally different way'  the whole world changed in front of him.. the environment is just suffocating him.. he wanted to go back.. to his world..  but he saw villagers now acting normally.. they are not saying anything.. now it is just his near ones and Jodha's daadi..  why?.. he rememberd his dad's talk the other night.. he wants to join Jodha and me together. But I am not here for that.. I need to go, I have a dream..   suddenly he remembered something and took his cell out and stared calling his friend..  a smile appeared on his face as he got the connection..   he talked about college and was talking about a project they suppose to submit next week..


Jalal.." thanks  Ramesh, I totally forgot it.. I need to work on it.. let me check on it..  he went and opened his laptop'

Time was passing by and  Jodha was driving back to Haveli.. 

Hams sat in silent'    as they reached home, they found everyone standing anxiously.. Rajeev and Natasha were also there '  Jalal was almost standing near the road , and as he saw the scooty he came back to home saying they are coming..


As Jodha stopped the scooty, Hams got down and without saying anything she went in..    Humayun looked at Hams's face with ahappy smile but got disappointed seeing her silent look  and passing by..  Jalal just followed his mom..



They looked at Jodha, she was coming with 110 voltage smile on her face'

Natasha: what happened Jodha.. why Hams is looking so silent ..


Jodha: what.. no she is Ok.

Rajeev: no Jodha, she didn't even talk to us anything..

Humayun was in so tension that he just followed his wife quickly and met her in room.. Jalal was standing by.. Sushi was grabbing onto new dress to get fresher..

Humayun: what happened Hams? Are you ok?

Hams put the dress down and went near Humayun and then loosely hugged him and tears started coming out from her eyes..


Humayun: please tell me what happened?

He was strolling over her head, with a hope to know what happened..

Jalal was unable to take it anymore.. he dashed out from there with an angry face and making a fist.. but as he reached out he saw Jodha sitting over the railing with her legs criss crossed and was smiling wide and he saw everyone smiling too'


Jalal controlled his emotion and went near to Jodha: what happened to my mom? in a very serious tone, as if controlling his anger...


Jodha looked at him curiously.. the smile disappeared..: "what happened to aunty?"

Jalal: so you don't know?


Jodha: no, she was fine all this time..  did you say something to her?


Jalal: I need to ask you that?

Jodha stood from the railing and  a forceful gasp of air expelled through her corner lips:  Aunty was so happy all this time.. and I didn't say anything to her.. and then passing him' " where is aunty? Let me see'" she went in.. but then Humayun came out with a serious face.. Jodha paused as she saw Humayun in front of her..   Humayun tried to bring a smile on his face and then just hugged Jodha..and brushed her hair saying  : thank you beta..


Jalal stood in shock'


Jodha turned and looked at Jalal..


Sakeena: don't worry Jodha.. Jalal was already in a bad mood as his laptop is not working,  he has to do some important college work..


Jodha went near Jalal: so if that is the problem, you should tell me that?..ok..

I can solve your problem.. come with me..


Jalal looked at her again in shock: you need a laptop, that's all right.. Come with me..


Jalal in a soft irritating kiddish voice : 'no I have a laptop, somehow the internet connection is not there.."


Jodha: that is what I said.. simple, come with me.. and take your laptop too..


Humayun: Jalal, go..


Jalal with no other choice agreed'  he went to get his lap top ,as he came down he saw his mom all fresh'.

Jalal went near his mom..: what happened Mom? Why did you cry?

She tried to smile and held his shoulder and said everything that happened '


Jalal felt happy and he just hugged her '.  : I am so happy for you mom..


Hams: hum'

They went out to the main hall.. Jodha went near to Hams: "you are ok right/? see , look.. aunty is smiling.. you people scared me," .. and then looking at Hams.. " they all lined up to question me as if I did something wrong.."


Hams: no you didn't do anything wrong.. But today is the most memorable day of my life and thank you so much for giving me that'  she tried to hug Jodha..

Jodha: no baba, let me also go and get fresh up' and then looking at everyone, ' are you all coimg to there or going to meet here' '


Rajeev: do you have any choice..

Jodha: nope, but I need some final prep to do for tomorrow's event..  almost everything is ready..


Humayun looked at Jodha in question..

Hams: I will tell you' with a smile..

Natasha: ok Beta, then you guys go and I will let you know about dinner plan..


Jodha and Jalal was walking out but then Jodha heard Sakeena's voice..

Sakeena: Hams, did you had anything for lunch..

Jodha paused..

Hams: yes.. you know what I had.

  Jodha's face tightened as the thought of Hams's answer...  she walked back towards Sakeena quick..

Jodha: ha.. I was with aunty na, I won't let aunty feel hungry.. from  ramukaka's field I got guava for her and aunty liked it' right..  with a fear trailing voice..

Hams looked at her..


Natasha: ok now, I got it.. did you pluck..

Jodha ran near Natasha and covered her  mouth with her hands..: No.. you are not going to ask anything further.. ok.. aunty tell na, you had guava and it was  tasty, right?

Hams:.. ha..

Jodha: now ladies go and prepare for dinner, we will come back as soon as he finish his work.. ok..


Sakeena: ok baba..


Jodha was walking towards the scooty..

Jalal: no no.. not in your scooty,,

Jodha: don't worry,  ask your mom, I am a good driver..


Jalal: no, not in scooty..


Jodha: are you scared?

Jalal: "no I am not.". .. suddenly he found an excuse..   "see I have my laptop with me.. so I want that to be safe.."


Jodha: ok then, let's walk..


Jalal: no, its little way.. Dad, give me the key'?


Hams went in and brought the key..


Humayun: good,  because chander left the next day and we didn't even touch it after coimg here'  so ..


Jodha with doubting voice: you know how to drive, right?


Jalal looked at her with his irriated eyes...

Jalal: no, I don't know.. so let see'  for now, just hold this safe and sit silently in that seat..ok..


Jodha held the laptop in her hand and sat in front seat.. Jalal looked at everone and sat on the driver seat.. and with a smile to everyone he ignated the engine'  and then a sirk smile played on his corner lips...

With a smile Jalal ignited the engine..  The roar sound came, but then it stopped. Jalal  turned the key again and tried. Jodha looked at him with her doubting eyes. The smile disappeared from Jalal's face.  He pulled the key out and tried to turn it again. Jalal came out from the Safari and walked to the front to check. Humayun came down and checked inside the bonnet..  they were unable to find any reason. Jalal again tried to ignite the engine, the engine made it roar sound for few seconds and got silent.

"Don't worry, let's go in my scooty".. Jodha's comforting tone surprised irritated Jalal. He looked at her calm face. "I told you already,  on the way we can ask workshop man to come and check on it.."    saying that she opened her side of door and came out..


Humayun: I think Jodha is right. Jalal , send somebody..  we should have started it few times.. Anyway now we cannot do anything. So send the workshop man here..Ok."


Jalal came out and looked at Hams with a hopeless face. She tried to smile at Jalal. Jodha came and gave Jalal his laptop.  "you only hold this, and keep it safe, I will go slow, OK."


Jalal took the laptop in his hand and looked at Humayun..  but then with a thought.."Jodha, I will drive, you can sit at the back.."


Jodha " no way, especially if you need your LT safe back,  If I sit at back simply, I may wave my hands to somebody and it may fall off.. do you want to take any risk..  also the scooty is meant for ladies, ok.."


Rajeev: She is telling the truth dear, don't trust her.. One time she let Abdul drive it and she sat back holding onto the egg cartons, it was an attempt to help Sudev to get this to shop, but what happened, she saw her little friend on the way'  and the little friend showed her something new , she got excited ,she took her hand out from the cartons and all the eggs fell on the ground.. poor Sudev.. I ended up paying for all those".    After a pause..  " so it won't be a good idea.."


Jalal with little hesitation agreed with the plan and went and sat back.


Jodha: ready.


Scooty slowly rolled down to the mud path..    She was very careful and was going very slow..   Jalal was getting impatient..


Jalal in a tolerating tone: Jodha, can you go little more slow..


Jodha: then it is better to walk..


Jalal: exactly, that is what I am thinking. Why I need sit on this. I should have walked and reach earlier than this.


Jodha: but then your laptop..

Jalal: that is safe in my hand..


Jodha: are you sure?


Jalal: yes..


Jodha: ok then'    she raised the speed and it went in a normal speed.. Jalal felt some relief but not fully satisfied..   Jalal looked around and met with few curious eyes.. 


"Kaaaki, did you see Sundari's kids'"  Jodha asked loudly to an old lady walking on the road.. Jodha slowed down again.


The lady stood back and  " ha ha, betiya..  the beautiful little ones..' she turned to complete the sentence as the scooty went passing her.  She repeated the same with few more people..


Jalal: Jodha, can you just keep quiet and concentrate on driving..


Jodha: don't be afraid, this is my road and even if I miss the way, my scooty won't..

Jalal: I thought that too..

Jodha in doubt: what?

Jalal: nothing..

Jodha: Does Bakshi has a scooty back in Delhi?

Jalal: no..

Jodha: why? Girls won't ride on scooty in town.!!!.

Jalal: yes they do..

Jodha: then why  you are not letting her have one..

Jalal: she don't know how to? or shedoesn't need one.. we are there if she need anything..

Jodha: oh really, I can teach her.. it is easy and nothing to learn specifically.. why she needs depend on you for everything..


Jalal in a sarcastic way: Really, I was not knowing that..


Jodha in her innocent way: so, you also don't know how to ride.. so you were simply bluffing over there  that you will drive'   esko chalane mei dimag ke zaroorath hei..

Jalal kept quiet.. Jodha blabbed on scooty ride and its operation '   and finally they reached home..

Jalal got down and took a deep breath..  Jodha parked her scooty safetly and about to walk in. She saw Jalal standing in doubt..

"Come on"  waving her hand gesturing him to come inside..  but then she saw Jalal's attention on to the corner of her house side..  she went and checked over there.. and then

"Bhayya, eske koi zaroorath nahi hei  aaj..  I am already here.."..

Abdul turned and looked at Jodha..  and gave a happy smile..

"that's good, atleast Daadi doesn't have to worry about it now.."   then after a pause Abdul continued..   "but Jodha, our daadi is not back home yet, do you think she may need it.."


Jodha: Abdul bhayya.. let daadi come, I will tell her..

Abdul:  I was just joking..

Jodha: I tell her that too..

Abdul in a cool tone: no problem, then from tomorrow onwards let daadi find somebody else to do this job.  You need to add this part too.."

Jodha: ok, you win..

Abdul shaking his head : so easily gave up today.. why why.. what happened? aap ki Rajkumar agaya kya?

Jodha: ha' yes.. he is here.. see.. pointing at Jalal .. Jalal stood with emotionless face.. as if he expected that  next..


Abdul kept the ladder back and came near to Jalal: hello I am Abdul..

Jalal: hi..

Abdul: you are Jalal, right?

Jalal: so you know my name' thanks..

Abdul: sorry sorry.. I didn't mean to irritate you by calling you Rajkumar..  I just tried to irritate her..

Jalal tried to smile..

Abdul: come, let's go inside..

They all walked in..

Jodha: you  tried to turn it on, and  try, may be it will work here.  .. I will be right back.. she went upstairs..


Jalal looked at Jodha as she was climbing stairs.. ' while turning his system on..

Abdul went and brought a glass of water for Jalal..


Abdul: here.. take this water'  I know it is frustrating to you to hear all these fairy tales.. all because of your Granny.  She tells the story in such a way that people started believing in her. If anybody in this village who doesn't believe in all these stories are just me."  ..


Jalal: so why don't believe in these stories..?


Abdul:  your granny told so mant stories.. almost everyday there is story telling itme.. unless otherwise sh eis sick."   then after a pause as if recollecting something..  "no I don't think, or i never seen her sick... Ok so, what I want to tell is.. she told the story of Chandini  and it was around X-mas time.. You know what, I did everything so well, to get a present from Chandini..  and the X-mas night, i waited, waited, waited, waited...  i had my eyes open all the time.. I was looking at the strars..  I was looking ta the sky, to see the reindeers coming... But you know what? nobody came and I didn't get gift either..." Abdul said in disappointed face..


Jalal: may be because you you don't have a chimney up here.


Abdul: what? so he comes through that..


Jalal: why Grany didn't tell you that..


Abdul: no.. may be she said it.. but i was looking for the reindeers..  Hum... I need to tell Rajeev ji to do it..


Jalal smiled in...  but looked at him seriously.."ha,you should think about it seriously.."



 then looking around with very low secreting voice , near Jalal's ears he said..  "  I believe Rajeev ji also believe in these stories sometimes.."    Jalal looked at him surprisingly..

"I heard him telling to Maaji few times about it.."..  Jalal gave a doubtful look..

"don't tell to anybody OK.. when I hear it, it was so difficult for me to control my laugh.." saying that he laughed with shaking his whole body..


"what is there to laugh so much..?"  Jodha 's voice made Abdul to startle littlebit..

Jodha: is it working..

Jalal looking at the monitor..: it's slow..

Jodha : do you want to try on mine.. I have a desktop in my room..

Jalal: no let me check here.. 

Jodha: but do you think you will get the connection..

Jalal: "let me try." After few minutes..   "I don't think it will work out this way..  but I have my papers done in this.."


Jodha: no problem, use mine for  the net and work on yours..  come I will show you..


Jalal held his LT in hand and went upstairs to Jodha's room.. 

He entered the neatly arranged room..  She showed the table and went near the chair..


Jodha: ok, I turned it on, so few seconds.. and let me know if you need any help.


Jalal tried to smile hearing that.. but just nodded his head in agreement.. 

Jodha:  I need to fresh up..   and went and got her pink churidar and came near Jalal and stood there..

Jalal: I will be fine ..

Jodha:  ok then..

Jodha went to daadi's room '

Jalal was trying to figure out the change in Jodha's tone.. she acted very calm, helpful...    he raised his eyebrows , shrugging his shoulder..  "strange'


The monitor turned on and Jalal's eyes gone wild looking at the  screen saver..



"Oh God, why is this happening with me wiht everything.."  he thought for a second and then with a jerk, he clicked on the net connection..  he felt the relief as the page opened in front of him. He logged onto his college site and then went into the library'    Time was passing by..


Splash of few drops of water over his side cheek, brought him back to reality. He jerked and looked at that side..  Jodha was drying her long hair.. he saw her long thick wet hair spreading on her back.. she strolled her fingers though her wet hair and then again tried to dry it with towel..   and then bringing them to the side she tried to shake away few water drops and then just forced them back.. again few water drops from the tip of hair fell on his side'he moved his face slightly to the other side..    Jodha adjusted her hair with her hand and tried to make a small knot at the end.. and then walked to the balcony to spread the towel on the rack.. Jalal's eyes were following her unknowingly'  she stood there for a second breathing the fresh air..   her loose hair over the front line was fanning over to her face with the smooth wind..   Then as if she realizing something looked at the table side. She saw his eyes on her..


"Is it not working".. Jodha asked in a doubt..

Her voice brought him back to senses'   : hu.."


Jodha walked near to him.." is it not working?" she asked again..


Jalal: ya, it is ' concentrating back onto the monitor..

Jodha went and stood behind him, and looked at the monitor..  "so this is your college site.."


Jalal: hum'


Jodha: do you study online?

Jalal: no, we use this site for our project works..

Jodha: You are doing your final MBA , right?

Jalal looked at her surprisingly: ha

Jodha: what is your opinion on online cources..?


Jalal: what? Why?

Jodha: the reason is.. My dad is so strict when it come to study matters. He wants me to continue my studies.. and we don't have any college nearby where I can go and do for my masters'  I also want to continue my studies.. so


Jalal: why don't you stay in college hostel..


Jodha: I know.. But I prefer my home,  I don't think I can be away from here..

Jalal: then how you will continue your studies..

Jodha got interested , she pulled a stool near and sat near him..: Ok listen.. I know why my dad is there at the haweli.  He may be discussing my further studies with your dad.  I don't know what they will come up with..  So can you please help me here..


Jalal: help? Me? How? I thought you don't believe in that, right..?

Jodha gave an impulsive answer: that is right..

Jalal: WHAT?!!  And looked at her face surprisingly ...

Jodha: see, that is different and this is different..

Jalal: what?

Jodha: see, now, what you need to do is, when we get back there,  I am sure my dad will be ordering the next step. Then you will tell that the online courses are very good and it has all the credentials and all' ok..  and..


Jalal interrupted; wait .. wait.. wait..

Jalal: in other words I need to support you..

Jodha with a sigh: in other words , yes that is what I want..  and looked at him with a hope..


Jalal  shook his head with a smirk smile..

Jodha: what?

Jalal: You know what..   even I was thinking what happened to you..  all of a sudden you were so soft with me.. helping me to get the net connection, giving me a ride...  agreeing with whatever I am saying'  so all because of this..


Jodha: don't take it that way.. I thought you really need help, that is why I helped you .

Jalal: so you don't need my help..


Jodha: heina..   yesterday itself I tried to convince my dad, but he is not agreeing.. he is saying learing from a college is different than online learning. I tried to argue'  but you know what.."   she pulled her leg up and sat in a crisscross position and adjusting little bit to sit more comfortably, she continued..  "I tried my level best, even daadi was on my side too, finally my Dad.".    imitating her dad's action she continued..   "have you ever noticed his big red eyes, when he get that even bigger and stare at you na, you will even forget to breath..  he looked only once at me like that and I kept quiet."..  she showed an innocent face with that statement.. Jalal's lips stretched again with a smirk..  and listened to her blab'  .. "poor me na,.. and now when I saw him there with your dad, I am sure he is cooking something serious."  ..  then with a pleading voice.  " Now I have only hope in you.."..


Jalal:  ok now you tell me why should  I do this for you..


Jodha: because I am helping you with your college stuff na..

Jalal: oh, really..

Jodha:  " first I thought to ask Hams aunty, but then with another thought'' you see' .. she knocked on her forehead with her knuckles and continued  "with a second thought, I know she may join my dad's decision only.."


Jalal: because'

Jodha extending both arms to front , spreding her fingers apart:  simple..all parents are same, especially when it comes to study matters. No excuse..


Jalal: Ok then, let me think..

Jodha: what think'"  ..  she rolled her eyes..  "no thinking, just say online learning is good, that's all..'

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Jalal: so simple..

Jodha extending her one arm to the front at her chest level and opening her fingers out: yes,  sooo   simpleee..

Jalal: mum'

Jodha: so, let's go..

Jalal: no, I am not done yet..  I need to check  one more thing and then my mails..

Jodha: mails too..

Jalal: hum.. any problem?

Jodha: no, what problem.. no problem..  no roblem..

Jalal: um.. good. 

Jodha: ok then, I will wait ..

Jalal: um'   Jodha stood  on her feet and about to walk away.. Jalal with a thought.. "can I ask you something?"

Jodha stopped : what?

Jalal:  so you do play with photos?

Jodha: what?

Jalal: ha.. who created this?

Jodha looked at  his face:  that's my creation..  why?

Jalal: so you think your Prince will come in a black horse?

Jodha:  ha..  but he is not coming for me.. he is coming for his princess..


Jalal: But then why your picture is there?

Jodha: That's because I want to know who the Prince is?

Jalal: what?

Jodha: can't you see, I am peeking out..  if I am the princess, then I have to wear that satin dress with layers of nets around it..   I may be holding a bunch of flowers in my hand..  and waiting with a dreamy eyes.. ' then looking seriously at him..  " can you see any of that in that picture or in me.. nahi na.. so that is not me.."

Jalal: but then why did you made this?

Jodha: just for time pass'  saying that she walked out..  thinking to herself... ' why should I clarify that to him.. buddus..  i will show him oneday when my prince come, and show him how a Prince act like'... with that thought she run down the stairs

Jalal with a smile scanned her room..   the soft cream color satin curtain was blowing in with the wind..  he stood from the seat and went to look out through there..  the late evening was calm  still with the natural lights over..   he saw the neatly done kitchen garden at the backyard.. suddenly something flashed his mind.. he went out from her room and found the common balcony.. he went near the rail and looked down.. and then to the corner and found the ladder'  he smiled.. 


Abdul: is the work is over?

Jalal jerked to look at him: no.. I need to check my mails too..  in a minute..

Abdul: ok, then I am leaving to  Haweli..  you two come when it finish , ok..

Jalal:  How do you go?

Abdul: my bicycle is there..

Jalal: can you wait I can come  with you too..

Abdul: no, I need to take something also, already tied to the carrier side.  Maaji need it.. so..  

Jalal: ok Abdul..

Jalal watched him going away  and he walked to check his mail..   he send few and closed all the windows' and the picture appeared in front of him again.. he smiled unknowingly looking at it...and then closed his and came down..


Jalal looked around and didn't see Jodha..

Jalal: Jodha' Jodha..

Jodha:  ha.". she came in through the back door..   " are you ready?.. let's go.."

Jalal: hum..

They walked out..

Jodha was about to go near the front side..

Jalal: give me the key.. and you hold this..

Jodha: but..

Jalal: no but vut.. hold this safe and sit properly..    "did you get that"..  with a serious tone as if commanding to her..

Jodha realized she doesn't have any other option and  gave the key to him and took the LT from him ..  Jalal slowly started the scooty..

Jodha with a broken soft word:  you really know how to drive this, right?

Jalal gave a  piercing look..


Jodha kept quiet... but then with another doubting tone..: don't you think it is odd for a man to drive a girls scooty..

Jalal with a smirk smile: better than sitting at the back'


Jodha  sat with a defeated expression'  many passed by..

Jodha betiya, the little ones are cute.."  an old man's voice cheered Jodha up.. her face light up..

"I know,  isn't that so cute' four.." she was continuing with the talk but he   raised the speed..

Jodha: Go slow,  I can't hear them what they are saying..

Jalal: Jodha, you are going to sit quite.. did you get that..

Jodha: who are you to say that..

Jalal: I am Jalal,. Don't you know  that.. 

Jodha: but'  then  she realized the need for listening to him now.. so she kept quiet'

Jalal: Ok, when we get home also, you will keep quiet..

Jodha:  why?

Jalal: because I said so..

Jodha didn't say anything.. she freed one hand and about to show a slapping action..

"hold onto my laptop, if anything happened to that na.."  Jalal's voice shocked Jodha..

Jodha: do you have eyes on your back too..?

Jalal: any doubt?

Jodha kept quiet for the rest of the way'  the minute he parked the scooty' she tried to give the LT in his hand..

Jalal seriously: hold it for now, and get it  in safely..  understand'"  saying it seriously he looked into her eyes.. and then started walking in.

Jodha paused for a second, her eyes rolled,  her lips stretched'  and the hand which was holding the LT was forcefully tightened over it' 


Jodha was stepping in with her forceful feet with the laptop and she found everyone's surprising look over her.. she changed her expression to a forceful smile..  Natasha did notice that extra shining white pearls showing  up with that forceful smile.. 

She kept the laptop on the table and went and sat near Bakshi and started chatting with her.. Later they all had dinner and was sitting in the main hall, talking, Granny came and sat in a comfortable chair too.  Humayun was talking about Delhi..  and about random business jokes.. Jalal was sitting near Hams's lap, and her hands were massaging over his head..   Bakshi snuggled in Sakeena's lap and was holding onto her hand that around her shoulder.  Jodha was pressing on granny's legs.. and was looking at Humayun's face , listening to the jokes with her smiley eyes.  Rahul was playing with Abdul..

Hams started telling about Sundari's case and the feeling when she realized who really Sundari is'  Jalal was getting more closer to Hams to get the good feel of the massage'

Babur: so did you tell  Jodha about the plan..?

Jodha paused.. she knew what they are going to say next.. she looked at Jalal with a hope.. but found him sitting in a relaxed mood near to Hams..  her eyes wished him to look at her..

Rajeev: "not yet.. but she knew'"    Then looking at Jodha.. "Jodha, here is the good news, you are going to Delhi, to continue your studies.."

Jodha: no babuji' darasal..

Rajeev: no I didn't complete .. listen..  Humayun can help with everything. So you are going to join for the  masters in computer science back in Delhi..  Got that.. are you happy now..


Jodha: babuji, there are many courses available online.. ask Jalal.. he only told me it is good and '

Hearing his name Jalal: what , me.. no  uncle, I didn't say anything..

Jodha stood from  the floor: then what did you agree with me over there..

Jalal: Uncle she told me to tell that online courses are good, but frankly I have no clue about it..    saying it so innocently  and acted back as if he is enjoying the massage'..

Rajeev looked at Jodha with his anger piercing eyes and then said : " Jodha, don't even try for that."   ..but then after a thought with a soft voice he called her near him.. " come here, let me explain this to you.."

Jodha with a sad face, walked towards her dad'

Rajeev held her shoulder and brought her more near..  " this is all for your good dear, I can only offer you this, I can get you anything you want, but when you choose, I want you to choose the best.  You are so young, talented, who likes to continue studies..  and it is my duty to fulfill my daughter's ambition , so  now when I am alive, I want to see my girl graduate from a reputed institution.. You always made me feel proud dear, then what is the hesitation  now dear.."   he brought his hand up and held her head and said  "did you get it.."..    A small drop of tear appeared in her eyes and she just nodded her head as the words got stuck in her throat..   first time she stood in front of her dad with a bowed head, unable to word what really she wish to say..  she was unable to realize that feeling, that is stopping her to go away from there.. she only knows, there is some bitter feeling deep inside her heart'  but  then again she looked up and met her dad's face when he told that 'Jodha always listens to me'   proudly tapping onto her shoulder'  she saw her dad's  face beaming with happiness when she agreed with his decision..


Granny: ok ok.. now Jodha , my princess come near to me..

Rajeev released her and she walked towards Granny.. she just paused one sec near Jalal as she passed him and then looked at him with her corner eye. Jalal realized her look on him, but looked at her with a clam face.. 


Granny held her hand and made her to sit next to her : this is for your good dear.. we will miss you but we will be proud when you come out with a smiley face..  aur tho aur.. ledki hei ek din jaana he tho heina...


Jodha didn't say anything, she rested her head on her lap and silently laid there..  Granny thought to herself..  'your Prince is here, and  now the rest of your journey is with him.. if you like it or not or accept him as the Prince of your life or not.."


Granny:  Jalal you come here'  hearing that Jodha  lifted her head up from granny's lap . she tried to move away' but granny held her hand' Jalal came near Granny.. and sat on the other side.. 


Granny  looked at both of their dace , she held Jodha's hand in her left hand and said '  ' I know you both are angry at each other".. Looking at Jodha she said  " you are still angry with him because he didn't hold you safe when you met him first,   right?..  you wanted your prince to save you, instead he  let you get wet and now again, instead of giving your side, he acted innocent, right'   are you still angry at him.. is it angry or is it a denial to accept him?'"  she looked at Jodha's face for an answer..


Everyone else focused their attention on this couple  and at Granny,  enthusiastically '  and  kept their ears and eyes active... 

"hum, I guess you don't have any answer for me.., it is ok.."..   then granny taking Jalal's hand in  her right hand, looking at Jalal's face said  "Jalal, you are seeing all of us first time, you might have felt these people here are crazy, right?" .. Sakeena's eyes started filling up and it started wetting her cheeks..  Chandini Verma   moved more closer to hear it clearly as she realized a strange feeling of heaviness of words in granny's voice..  Humayun rested his hands over Rajeev's shoulder as he listened to his daadi's serious tone.. Very unusually he has seen that kind of act from her.. very  very rarely.. 

Granny continued..  " you felt strange when you step onto this land, right.. and especially when you heard about my stories.." she looked deep into his eyes and then her wrinkled hands tightened her grip on him and asked   " have you ever thought this old lady is mad..  telling all these fairy tales to these people of Chandenpur..  atleast for a second, did that thought came into your mind'"   Jalal was unable to speak.. he never expected her to ask him that. Hams felt uneasy too with that talk.. she tried to go near, but then Babur, held her hand and requested her to stay with his eyes..  Hams looked at him with her curious eyes and then stopped looking back at Granny..




Granny continued..  " yes dear, whoever wrote all those silly stories,  wrote to bring a smile over a little kids face,  or to give a hope of joy to a kid for few fraction of minute..  and I am sure when you were small you also might have believed in all those or at least in one, and rejoiced yourself in that'   for me, I like the innocence of kids, I love to tell them all those stories, loved to see the growing  imagination in their eyes, and they grow up with my imagination.. but my imagination gone wild when I heard about your birth.. I wish to see your face once,"  ..   then looking at Jodha she said ..  "  my imagination started flying high when my little princess came near with her curious mind and dreamy eyes .."..   then looking back at Jalal she said..  "my story became alive when I saw you in front of my eyes,. I saw the sparkling in your eyes.., you are just the same as I imagined all these years, months, and days'"   




 but then looking at everyone she said  'all these years everyone knows and believe the Prince is coming to take his princess away, and now the Prince of my story is here, near to me" she brought his hand up showing it to everyone.. and then she lifted the other hand with Jodha's hand in it.   ." and my princess is here, next to me..  and it is my wish that I join this couple for their rest of their journey and as I mentioned in every story, they will live happily ever after".. saying that she brought both hands together and placed Jodha's hand in Jalal's hand and enveloped both their hands within hers..  few drops of tears  from granny's eyes wet their hands' Jodha and Jalal looked at their hands within Granny's, and then looked at each other once and then both together looked at Granny's face.. she looked at both with an innocent smile and releasing her hands over theirs, she held both of their shoulder and brought them near to her cheek.  Unknowingly Jodha and Jalal rested their cheeks near hers, still holding their hands together.. 


Everyone was looking at the scene stunningly..  Rahul  looked at them without understanding  the meaning of it.. and Sakeena held Bakshi closer to her.. Hams stood there with her wild eyes, trying to believe everything.. Babur was smiling , controlling his tear dropes, while Rajeev held back on Humayun's hands..  Natasha held daadi's hand tight...


"thum donom, mereliye, bhagvan Ram or Sita mayya hei.. aur thum donom ke Jodi hamesha Ram aur Sita mayya ke jaise atoot honge'  hei Ram''     Granny's hands slide down slowly from their  shoulder to their back..  Jalal and Jodha looked at her.. and saw the completely satisfied smile on her face,  she looked at both of them , her eyes were smiling too' and then slowly she went weaker on her side.. . As a reflex Jalal's left arm supported her back and so did Jodha's . They brought her near to them..  taking complete weight on to their arms..    

As usual the Delhi was glittering under its street lights. People busy getting back into their homes. The roadside shoppers were busy packing vegetables  for its customers. The lady in yellow saree paid after a small bargain.


Shopkeeper: what is this behana,  everyday you bargain and get in a cheep rate, we need to survivie , right..?

Lady: ha Bhayya, kya kare, we also need to survivie right.. this is only for tomorrow, roz aap ke dookan se he khareed rehe hum na, tho kuch tho adjust karna chahiye ki nahi..


 Rajeev was smiling looking at the scene, sitting inside the tinted glass car, and was smiling to himself..

"what did you see so special that you  are smiling to self.."


Humayun's voice brought him back into senses..  and then with a smile  " nothing, seeing how people are arguing with the prize of that dried vegetables..    if you need to keep the  freshness of all this you need to be in  Chandenpur only.."


Humayun: that is right,  but we also have to survive, right?


Rajeev:  no need, from next week onwards the  fresh veggies will come in front of your door steps'


Humayun : that is Ok.. you know what, now our digestive system got used to all these, kuch bhi chalega bhai'  but you said right, to feel the real taste one need to be in Chandenpur only'  if you bring the veggies all the way from there to here,  it won't taste the same..


Rajeev: hum.. true.. the air in chandenpur also has the magic..

They both laughed with that comment..

They reached home.. 


Hams: I think they are here..


Natasha smiled : how much time they took..


Hams with a smile: thanks to Delhi traffic..


Bakshi went and opened the door' 


Hams: so all is well..


Surecder: yes'  and then looking at Natasha: don't worry at all, everything is fine. We met Principal in person, and discussed Jodha's admission.. did all the paper work.. so far everything is going fine.. get ready to send her in one month..


They all came and seated on the sofa..   Bakshi went and sat near Humayun and he put his arm over her shoulder


Natasha: ha,  bhai saab' anyway, one day she need to pack up, I never thought it will come this soon..   with a tinge of sadness in her tone..


Hams: you are saying as if you are doing bidaadii of your daughter.. she is just coming for her studies..


Natasha: I know Hams, but still, she never been away from home, so I  am so tensed..


Humayun: don't worry, she is coming here na, that also to our house, and yeha pe usko koi kami nahi hone doonga'   theek hei..


Natasha: I know  that..  I am not saying about that'


Rajeev: Natasha can you please stop this worry..


Natasha making a kiddish face: ha, I will stop worrying, I know how you are feeling..  keeping everything inside in the name of her studies..  


Hams: ok ok..  anyway it is only 2 more year and then she will be back to chandenpur only, right..


Bakshi: how come mom,  so when is the marriage.. I am actually getting ready for that..


Suddenly a silence covered the atmosphere'.   Everything went so fast that nobody talked about it afterwards..

But then the bell rang and Bakshi ran to open the door and Jalal stepped in..


He said Hi to everyone as he walked in..  and met with everyone's serious face..


Jalal with a doubt: what happened? Is everything is OK?


Hams scripted back:  ha ha.. beta, so how was your rehersal..?


Jalal: fine mom'  and yes, Jalal is going to perform on big B's number'  my dreamwork


Bakshi: I am so proud  of you my Bro.. I never thought my long leg bro can dance too..


Jalal tried to cover his uneasiness hearing that statement in front of everyone and said:  Jalal ko kuch bhi naa munkin nahi hei..


Bakshi: I  know, that is why I am so excited to watch it..


But then they saw Sakeena coming out from Bakshi's room,  and came and sat near Hams.


Natasha: how are you feeling now.?


Sakeena: hum'  thoda sa better..     then looking at Humayun.." bhai Jaan, how you people are surviving here.. I just came this morning only, and see I already got sick'. This head ache na'.     saying that she touched her forehead again..


Hams: Let me get the dinner ready.. may be after eating you will feel better.


Saying that Hams went to kitchen.. looking at everyone Jalal quickly followed her.. Hams was getting the plates out..


"mom, let me help you"..  Jalal stretch out to get the plates down'  Hams just looked at him and went to check on the curry..  he went near his mom.. and


"Hams'  actually what hahhened?"..  Jalal asked in a soft serious tone..


Hams in a serious tone:  what?



Jalal: no Hams, when I came in everyone was looking so serious? What happened? 


Hams paused for a second:  nothing '    saying that she continued to get the curry in a bowl..


Jalal:  So Jodha didn't get the admission?   He asked in a soft confusing voice..


Hams paused again: who said that?


Hearing this Bakshi: bro, don't worry, Jodha deedi ko admission mila hei.. she is coming in 1 month.. I am so excited.. finally I am getting some company here'


Hams: Bakshi, take this to the table and arrange the plates..


"let me help you too''  Natasha's voice followed .   and seeing Jalal taking plates from the rack..  "wow, that is nice to know..  first time I am seeing a boy inside the kitchen..'


Hams: Jalal likes it.. , he likes to irritate me.. , .   he used to help me than this Bakshi.. she is lazy..


Natasha: you know what, in Chandenpur, I don't think any men getting inside the kitchen. They all will wash their hands and come and sit in front of the table and loudly call for their meal'  


Hams: that is the difference  between town and village..  there you get people for everything.. here we need to do everything by ourself..


Natasha: I can arrange somebody'.


Hams: no Natasha, we are fine now.. actually one lady comes everyday and does the outside work, and cleaning the floors and all.. Cooking is my part, I likes doing it.. and also Humayun prefer that..

Natasha: same like him.. 


The talk went on'   Jalal and Bakshi helped to get the dinner ready on the table..


Rajeev: Jalal, why you need to do all these?  And then in his friction voice..: Natasha'


Hearing that call: I am here only..

Rajeev: why you are making Jalal to do all these.. what are you doing?


Natasha put her finger under her chin: ha ha.. you are asking as if I made him to do it.. Jalal is like that, he always helps his mom' in kitchen too.. not like Chandenpur men



Rajeev: why you need to talk about Chandenpur men now..


Humayun: no no.. don't include all the men in one circle..  I help my wife'   looking at Hams.." am I right dear?"


Hams :.. ha..  coming on time for dinner itself is a big help for all of us' 


They all laughed and went on with their talk..



At the same time in Chandenpur


Rahul already slept in his room...  Jodha was laying on Daadi's bed, resting her head on Daadi's lap..  Daadi was reading a book resting her back over the headboard, keeping her one arm wrapping around Jodha's shoulder. Jodha was pulling on her hand to get it more wrapped around her to get the comfort'


She was thinking about the last couple of weeks'  all villagers gathered for Granny's funeral..  Mostly everyone stayed back till the last moment.   Jodha could still see the dark smoke clouds swirling up in air to reach out to the sky'   she was not crying, in face nobody cried.. but everyone was silent..  may be all were remembering all that stories that she told us'   for me the smoke cloud reminded the story of the giant pea plant that  climbed up breaking the sky limit, to reach the giant's place'  maybe Granny's athma also circled along in that clouds to reach heaven..  Chandenpur remained silent for two weeks..  now we are planning to built a monument in granny's name.. the mother of all stories' 


Unknowingly her eyes felt wet. Daadi tightened her forehead as she felt the wetness on her finger'  she closed the book and kept that away.. and  touched her shoulder'


Daadi: what happened Jodha..

Jodha suddenly dried her eyes and said: nothing..  bus yuhi..


Daadi: you were remembering granny..


Jodha just nodded her head layig in same position'


Daadi:  " one day we all will go there only, but still, very few get the blessings from the God to go without suffering"'  and as if in a trance she continued..  " granny was a blessed person, she always  told the stories from her imagination to Chandenpur.. she never depend on any one, . She was healthy for her age.. walking, talking..   and then when her last wish fulfilled she left without giving anybody a hint.. 


Saying that daadi went into silence again'


Daadi: did Natasha called?


Jodha: ha.. 


Daadi: what she said?


Jodha: Dad and uncle went to college and she will call later..


Daadi: hum, so she didn't call after that'

Jodha: mumhum..


"Maaji did call just now and said Jodha got the admission there.. and they are starting tomorrow".. Abdul's voice came in..


Daadi: good.. so everything is going as planned. I am glad she got the admission..   then looking at Abdul:  now you also go to bed..  ok..


Abdul: Theek hei, daadima'   but then looking at  Jodha's posture..  " what happened, Jodha, are you not happy?..  "


Daadi: she is fine Abdul, was thinking about Granny..


 A sudden expression of sadness covered his face also'  " Daadi, I am going to bed..'

 Saying that he left'


A voice of a villager singing loud circled the air of Chandenpur'  Jodha got alert, she rose from the bed, and went near the window and listened to him..   daadi also just looked at her posture listening to the song'


The villager was calling out for the peacock to come out and dance , so that monsoon God feel pleased and shower the dried soil with its wet drops. to satisfy the thirst of this dry soil'  he was pleading to bring the  thunder and lightning and to frighten the whole earth, so that they call Your name again'


Jodha still looking into the darkness to hear the voice : " Daadima, what he is trying to say' why he is wishing for the lightning and thunderstorms."


Daadima: so that we all come back to reality and act like normal people'   all this time we lived our life inside a fairy tale.. now we need to come out..   you need to come out'


Jodha looked at her daadima's face..:  me too..

Daadi: ha betiya..  after that day,  I never heard your loud voice, your laughter, your naughtiness'   I know how hard you are feeling..  you need to accept the fact dear'   I know you have grown up with her imagination, but now you should look at your future. You need to listen to your dad's wish. He is doing all this for your best only dear..  I know you don't want to leave chandenpur, but , yes dear, to embrace the happiness of tomorrow, you need to welcome the sourness of today' 


Jodha didn't say anything, she again went and laid back on her daadi's lap. The feeble sound of the village singer still  echoing in the dark air'   Jodha pulled her daadi's hand more into her side , to get the comfort'.   But still she wiped the wetness of her corner with her finger'  

  The days were passing quick..   Jodha back in her usual form, running around the Chandenpur village.. She took Rahul to show Sundari's kids.  They took pictures. Soon it was time for her to leave to Delhi..  Everything had packed..  she went and slept in Daadi's room, holding her tight' ...


The next day, by evening they reached Delhi.  Hams was so happy to see Jodha that the minute she saw her, she hugged her tight.


"how was the ride"   Hams asked in a motherly way..

"good" Jodha replied in a normal tone..


Sunder in a teasing smile:  Hams, let them come inside yaar..


Hams with a smile, held Jodha's hand and went inside..

 Hams: come I will show you your room..


Jodha looked around the house. A different feel was there in everything, with the paints on the wall to the arrangements of the furniture.  She saw how well they managed to keep everything well in that space, still has space to walk around..


Bakshi: come deedi..


Jodha: hum'    she walked along with Hams and Bakshi. Bakshi showed her the room, next to Bakshi's . 


"This is beautiful'.. daadi's voice caught their attention..


Hams smiled. Jodha went inside her room..  Nicely arranged room with one corner had the table with flat screen monitor & computer, next to that was a bookshelf.  The color of light majenda was shown everywhere, from bed spread to window curtains.  Hams also showed  her  a dressing table, with that  never faded smile on her lips.  Jodha just followed her smile to see everything..


Bakshi: Deedi, look at this, do you like our selection..

Jodha turned to look at Bakshi and found her standing in front of a big almara with few dress in it.  Mom and I did shopping for you last weekend. I also got lucky to get few. See, I am sure you will like it too..


Jodha: I  brought enough dress with me.. I don't need'...


"ah ha', this is our gift for you, and you cannot refuse it..'.. Hams said in a serious tone..


Bakshi: now come with me, I will show you my room'...   saying that she pulled on Jodha's hand..  " actually I told mom, that we can share my room,. But mom said, then I won't let you study either, so only she separated us..


Jodha entered Bakshi's room, she loved it.. it has cartoon charactors on the wall..  even her bed spread and everything had Disney charactors...'


Jodha looked at her

:that's because I love them around me..,  and him.." saying that Bakshi jumped onto her bed and hugged the big teddy bear on it'..


"now come with me, I will show you the complete house..'  saying that Bakshi pulled on her hand again..


Hams: Bakshi, give her some time dear. She might be tired, let's  get her something to drink..


Bakshi: sure mom..

Hams looking at daadi: look at her, otherwise she won't even pick a glass of water by herself..  now  she is ready to serve Jodha..


Daadi: all the girls are same only. Now you have to tolerate two..  think of it..


Hams: don't worry maaji, Jodha will be fine here .  moreover, I know her well na. she is a very good girl..



Daadi smiled and went near Hams and took her hand in hers and said: ' I know one day she needs to come here only, and you all will take care of her well too'..  then with a shivering voice she continued'..."but  first time she is leaving all of us and coming to live in a new place, if she makes any mistakes please forgive her and  guide her'"


Hams: Maaji, why you need to tell all these. I know it well, Jodha is just like my daughter only, and I will take care of her as my daughter only..


Tears rolld up in Daadi's eyes, but she managed to control it..  she left Hams's hand as she heard Jalal's voice..

Jalal: Pranam daadi..

Daadi extended her arm out, and Jalal came near and hugged her..


Daadi: how are you?

Jalal: good Daadi..

Daaadi: how is the planning going on?

Jalal: got the approval from university, now waiting for the next step. Hopefully in two months, I will be able to cherish my dream..


Daadi looking at Hams: what to say, one is coming from Village to town to continue her study and within few months somebody from town is flying to continue his studies..   still nobody is satisfied..

Then looking back at Jalal..  "will you come back after studies, or'"


Jalal: I don't know that yet Daadi, for now I am going to continue my studies only.. let see..


Daadi: hum..   sab bhagavan ke marzi'


Jalal: Maaji nahi ayi kya..?


Daadi: no, somebody needs to be there at home.  I wanted to see everyone here, so this time I came. May be they all will come, with Rahul..   Abdul wanted to come too..  you know with all the workers on the field, it is so difficult for all of us to go somewhere, somehow managing everything..

Their tak went on...


 Bakshi: this is Bro's room..  don't tell him that I showed this to you ok..  They entered into his room.. her eyes gone wild as she saw  a big postre of Big B on the wall..

Bakshi: Don't get confused, that is real Mr. Bachan,.  Bro is a great fan of him'...  and you know what;  he danced on one of his numbers  on their farewell day'...  we have the video here, I will show you later , ok..  I don't know how he managed it...'

With that she controlled her laugh...'


"you know what else he likes.. he love sports..  he is actually a sport guy..  he was the captain of college team for last two years. All the girls just drool over him.. and you should see,  we used to go and watch his tournaments...' my God, the girls just circle you and pamper you like anything.. they just irritate you with their lovely words...  with that mom and I used to go in the middle of the game only...' 


Jodha's eyes just circled around his room..


"so what is your likes Bakshi?"  Jodha asked as she was looking at the bookshelf..


Bakshi:  mine, nothing seriously.. Now my friends are asking me to join in one of the dance performance, but you know what, I don't know abcd of this dance.. I can dance for fun, but not on stage..

Jodha: why not Bakshi..

Bakshi: it is not that easy..

Jodha: if you really wish, you can..

Bakshi stopped for a second and looked at Jodha seriously..

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Jodha looked back at her..  : what?


Bakshi: do you know how to dance?

Jodha: kind of, ..

Bakshi's eyes rolled and she  came near Jodha: Seriously, do you know how to dance?


Jodha; I learned Kathak since I was 6 yr old.. so yes, I know , but  I don't know either..

Bakshi: you are a kathak dancer,  why you didn't tell me earlier..   ok ok.. one minute,..'

She took a deep breath..  and then continued..  ' so you are saying you are learning Kathak for all these years'"

Jodha: yes I am and I am still learning it..


Bakshi: so can you help us to complete our steps..


Jodha: what?

Bakshi: actually we are stuck in the middle, actually I was blabbing earlier, I love dancing, but that happened recently only. Mom asked me many times about learning dance, I tried to go too, but you know each time I go to this master, he ask me whether I practiced.. so it was not going well between us and one day I decided to drop out..   but now, with my friends, we are doing a bollywood number, and I love doing it.. so you can help us..


Jodha: I don't know, but I can try..

Bakshi: did you ever danced on the stage..

Jodha in a cool way: ha, school, college, and chandenpur festivals..


Lachu jumping on her feet: OMG OMG OMG'...  I love it'  ...but then thinking seriously..  ' deedi, don't tell this to any one ok..  just keep it as a secret for now.."


Jodha:  why we need to tell everyone, you asked, that is why I said..


Bakshi: I know I know.. But when my mom comes to know this na, she will fly up in the air.. she is a poet , you know..   I have seen her work..  beautiful..  but I know she love dancing too.. after her marriage she left that passion and tried to impose that on me, and naturally I resisted, but she agreed with my decision, but now, I didn't tell this to  anyone..  I just want to give them as a sursprise..  so keep this as a secret for now ok..


Jodha; but then how do you practice..
Bakshi winked her eye: will show you later..


"They are calling you downstairs.."   sound of Jalal brought them back from their secret talk..


Jodha jerked to look at Jalal, so did he' ...they exchanges a cold eyelock..    But then Bakshi pulled on her hand slowly and with her eyes she said to keep the promise and then brought her thumbs up from the side, away from Jalal..


"ha, we are going down only , bro". saying that she walked down, still holding onto Jodha's hand.. Jodha walked behind her' ... as she reached near Jalal, she paused for a second and gave another cold look' ... Jalal also gave the same look back.. and then slowly moved her feet as she felt the force on her hand'

The night was silent, just like Jodha's mind and darkness covered her face too..  Daadi was tapping on her shoulder understanding the meaning of her silence...' Daadi was trying hard to control her faster heartbeat. Never in her life, ever she left her pothi alone anywhere. Once in a while she slept at haweli listening to Granny's story, but early in the morning she used to  show up with her sleepy face and snuggle under her blanky for some more time..


"but that was once or twice in a year daadima, but this is'.''


Jodha's voice  brought Daadi from her deep thoughts..  she asked  .. "What did you say Jodha?'


Jodha turned to face Daadima and said:  nothing dadima, I thought you said something to me..


Daaadi: heina, I want to say something to you..


Jodha: what is it Daadi?


Daadi: Both Humayun and Hams are very nice people.. Jalal and Bakshi too..


Jodha: no ,,  don't talk about  De'..


"no, you need to listen to me this time and won't speak a word until I finish talking' Ok'.. dadima interrupted Jodha with a serious tone.. Jodha kept silent as she understands the difference in  her tone.  


"First time you are staying away from all of us. In Chandenpur, everybody knows you well, and it is OK..  but this a new place, you may be doing something just for fun, or without knowing the seriousness of it, but you need to control  yourself and behave like a good girl..  None of us are here near you..  and we all will be waiting to hear only good things about you dear, otherwise  this old mind won't be able to rest well betiya..  Behave nicely here and when you come back on weekends there na, then feel free to be yourself.." .. then bringing a mischievous face..  "Then I will also join you' .."   the smiledisappeared and seriousness came back . " And especially with Jalal,  I know you two didn't talk anything after that day, and you two never tried to understand each other either in that small fraction of time. May be your thinking is wrong, I will say that is more kiddish, give some time to it .. the first impression can't be true all the time betiya..  only time can reveal who is good and who is courageuos...    from my perspective Jalal is a good boy"'   then bringing a smile on her lips imagining his face.  " there is an innocence in his eyes, in his smile'.  that I never seen in any others..   but this is just my word, you don't need to take it.. what I want is, don't simply turn the nose tip color to red,  before pacing yourself on that floor, think twice and remember you are just a guest here for now, and you should behave one like that..  samjhe.."


Jodha didn't say anything...'


Daadi:  "Jodha, can I take that word from you'"


Jodha looked into her daadi's face and understood the seriousness of it, she just nodded her head in agreement.. Daadi tried to bring a smile..  "I know you will listen to me dear''..


Daadi: now tell me, what you wanted to say..


All the words stuck in her throat, there was nothing really to say back..  first time she felt the lump on her throat, all the sadness laid under there..  she thought her eyes are going to fill up..   she just moved more  near and hugged her Daadi tight .. and tried to act like a small baby who wants to sleep..


Daadi tapping on her shoulder..  " tomorrow, after leaving you at college, we will go back.. apna khayal rekhna betiya''  the old lady's voice shivered off at the end..  Jodha just nodded her head covering her face on Daadi's chest and she pulled herself more closer...'   


Daadi's mind said  " why your silence is more hurtful than your words?, why can't you just  blast out your feelings, I thought you may disagree with me but instead you are just listening to me...'    Oh Krishna, why I am loving my child this much.. How will I live without listening to her loud voice and her sararath'...  she was silent in car too..  I know deep inside she doesn't want to leave her house, nor chandenpur either..    mere bechi ke reksha karna Prabhu',' .. she prayed silently...  tears just rolled down her  cheeks'...  she was feeling the tightening of Jodha's arms around her.. slowly Daadima's  hands stroked on her arm, as if she is singing the lullaby for the baby to sleep'...  Jodha was listening to that silent song of her daadi's fasterheart beat...'''  the night was getting darker and darker outside''..


The next day, they dropped her at the college..  Rajeev was controlling his emotions, Jodha still silent.. but Jodha could see the happiness in her dad's eyes, seeing the bright future he is giving for his daughter..  Daadi sat inside the car only. She just scanned the campus generally and sat there silently watching the students walking into the campus..    Jodha touched the feet of Rajeev for the blessings and then looked at her grandma's face' ,  finally they were able to say bye to each other silently. The car moved away and Jodha turned and walked into her classroom..  she didn't notice the happenings around, her mind was feeling still heavy'..


The classes were mainly just introduction of everyone..  and the time just passed quickly..


"why you are sitting so quietly'?"


Jodha raised her head up and found a concerned face in front of her.. she just nodded her head in disagreement..

"hi, I am Heena Gupta  and you?".. saying that she extended her arm to shake the hand..


Jodha tried to bring a smile on her face  and then shaking Heena's hand "and I am Jodha Verma'..


"hum  Jodha, nice name'., but you didn't give me the answer.."..  heena said..


Jodha looked at her in confusion.. 


Heena:  I said you look worried..


Jodha again tried ot bring a smile and said : no, I am ok..

Heena: ok let me guess, first time away from home..


Jodha just nodded her head..


Heena: don't worry yaar, it may take some time.. look at me, I stay in hostel all the time.. From high school onwards Hostel is my primary home, and my own house is a vacation resort..  So I think you should feel better than me... if i were in your shoe, my half life already gone in tears.. cheer up..."


Jodha tried to bring a forceful smile again..


"No no, don't try for that, I know you are really worried, so let's talk about something els'e'  ...  rolling her eyeballs inside the socket she said...  "   oops.  Professor is here, we will talk later , ok.." saying that she went and sat on next row. Jodha's eyes followed her...'


Time passed by..

"so how do you go now?".. Heena asked in concern..

Jodha  " I don't know, I didn't ask anyone.."


Heena  :  " so you live with your uncle's family..

Jodha just nodded her head..

 Heena  : 'How lucky yaar, atleast you get home food na..  I am tired of eating this hostel food, always the same.. ye, ask your uncle whether he can accommodate me too..'


"deediii''..."  Bakshi's voice fell in Jodha's ear and she looked up to find Bakshi running towards her with wide smile..

 Heena:   Ye, that is lekshmi,  Jalal's Sis, Is she coming towards you..?


Jodha:  ya.. you know her..?

Heena:  what a question yaar,  we all know her and her mom.. Jalal studied in this college only yaar'     but then seeing Bakshi nearing,  Heena lowered her voice..  " I will tell you the rest later"..


Bakshi: deedi, come we were waiting for you,'   saying that she grabbed on Jodha's wrist..


Jodha: Bakshi, this is Heena, my friend..


Bakshi: hi'


Heena: hi..


But then few other girls started coming to their side..  Looking at that scene..  Bakshi softly in Jodha's ears..


"Jodha Deedi, let's go quick.. I told you already na..  bro's fans'"


Jodha: heena, I will see you tomorrow, I need to go now', bye..

Heena:  bye..


One girl seeing Bakshi  and Jodha dashing away..:  Lekshmi, how is Jalal?


Bakshi: he is fine, going to U. S. tomorrow'

Jodha looked at Bakshi's face, she just winked once and speed up to the car..


Jodha got inside , Hams was sitting  inside with a smile'...


Jodha looking at Hams surprisingly..  " you came too.."


"kyum, mera yeha ana mana hei kya?".. Hams asked in a sour sound..


Jodha: no aunty, I never thought..


Hams with a smile: ok, now don't think too much, let's go home, ok'


On the way, They stopped the car near a  grocery store and purchased few items and they went home..


Hams : so how was first day of college?

Jodha: good..


Hams: hum, just good, nothing special.  No new friends, nothing..

Jodha: yes, I met Heena..


Hams: hum, nice, atleast you got one friend..  so  do you like the college?

Jodha: hum..


Hams:  Jodha I thought you are going to talk about everything nonstop as Sakeena mentioned to me, but this looks like I need to dig out each and every word from you..'   she stroked her hand over Jodha's head and said: no problem, you will, may be later'...


Bakshi started blabbing and they started listening to her story.. They reached home..


Hams: go fresh up and come, I will make tea.. ok


Jodha: no its Ok, I will be fine..

Hams: why? you will eat only guava?

That brought a smile on her face..    "no, I just.."


Hams:  don't challenge me.. now itself I will send the driver to get some guava.. you know one secret, in your place you get it only when it' s season, but here, you get it at any time..  bet?


Jodha with a smile:  no  Aunty, I will be right back, I need the tea..


Hams: ha, you better come on my way'... 


Jodha went up'...   she changed quick into white top and green bottom kurtha kind and came down..  Tea was ready .. Bakshi came down too..

"where is my milk ?"  ' she asked Hams..

Hams with a smile..looking at Jodha  ' she likes horlicks'.. she is still the baby of the house, you know what, because of you I got a company.." saying that she brought the tea cup near to the table and they sat down.. Bakshi was looking at a magazine..


'so what time  Uncle comes..?'  Jodha asked..


Hams    " that is a good question.. and i wish i had an answer for that..    he will come but what time, only he knows..'  saying that she sipped on to the tea cup..


"you all are back..'   sleepy sound of Jalal caught their attention..

Hams looking at his sleepy face..' so you were sleeping.."


Jalal  ' no, actually mom I was reading a book, So don't know when I slipped into the short nap'..   He yawned as he climbed down the stairs near to them and then as he reached down on the floor, he stretched himself..


Hams: Jalal, first you go and wash your face and come.. you still look so sleepy..

Jalal: no, mom . I am fine..  is there anymore tea left..


Hams:  hum,lucky me, glad I made extra'  "   saying that she stood from the seat and brought another cup..  Jalal sat on the lower steps ..  "thanks mom.." as he took the cup from Hams..


Hams looking at Jodha  ' this is all his number.. he calls me by my name only, now he is sleepy na, that is why mom and thanks and all..'.


Suddenly Jalal looked at Jodha'  but she was sipping onto her tea and was sitting seriously' ... Jalal thought in mind..   ' how did I forget that she is here too.., why she is sititng so silent, there she was ready to eat me.. and now just that stare, anyway that is good, atleast I don't have to listen to her buck  buck'..  but then he thought.. now what she will do, in case  if she want to climb on trees'...  a smile appeared on his lips as he thought of that..'   he looked at Jodha with his corner eye'   but then the phone rang.. Bakshi went and picked it up and said  " deedi, for you.."


Jodha went near and took the phone.. no words were coming out.. she heard her mom's sound ..  "Jodha betiya..'

'mum''  a forceful sound came from her throat'


Her mom realized her pain, so she also was unable to speak anything further.. time passed by..   Jalal was observing Jodha  sitting from the same position.. Jodha was standing little far away, facing her back to them..  Hams took the empty glasses and went to kitchen'    Few minutes passed by.. Rajeev snached the phone form Natasha's hand.." How was your day ?  did everything went OK?"


'Jodha..: 'ha..'


Rajeev: 'good,  we came back safe, so now you concentrate on your studies, ok.. Friday Abdul will come with the car, so get ready ok.."


'ji.."    Jodha answered..


Rajeev:  ha, call home everyday ok.. even if I am not here, talk to Mom or daadi.. ok..




Rajeev realized the heaviness in her words.. so he tried to show more relaxed.  he wanted to stroke her head and bring her closer to him to comfort her but...

Rajeev: Ok beta, see workers are here, so I need to go.. call  you  back later ok.. apna khayal rakhna..


'ji''.  Jodha controlled her tears inside and kept the receiver on the rack..


Bakshi: di, come with me'...  she grabbed her wrist and climbed the steps to her room...' They passed Jalal and walk away.. Jalal looked at her face with his corner eye..  saw her heavy face'...    he tried to read her eyes, but he found them away from his vision'...


He heard Bakshi's feeble voice  : yesterday we talked about the secret na.. come , I will show you'..


Jalal stood from the step and went to kitchen .  He kept the glass over the sink and started chatting with his mom'


Jodha's hands were clenching onto the blanky for the  warmth..  her eyelids gave up on her resistance and covered her iris slowly..

 The evening sun was shining inside the dining room of her chanderpur home...  Jodha pacing one end to other...

"Do you know mom, the day was really gloomy at college..  it is not like our chandepur ..  there all the kids talk loud and laugh loud.. the teachers show up with big smile on their face'    today, I didn't notice anyone.. ha.. heina, I met Heena, she is really cute'...  but then,. All were busy talking to themselves and you know how the professors come.. they are so serious, like they are taking the whole burden of this group n their head..   the sound of bikes and scooters and all is making the atmosphere so noisy.. but in our chandenpur, most of all comes by bicycle,  even babuji never let me ride the scooty to college..  we all had fun riding bicycle back and forth from college..  over that muddy road and near the canal' ...  we used to stop on the way when we see a new flower laughing at us, or seeing the bunch of fruits smiling at us'  , how many times we went in trouble and babuji used to show his big round eyes on me and then at the end, gave a soft smile'...  Mom, are you listening to me''  Jodha asked as she was pacing back and forth in the dining hall .  Natasha was pouring the tea into the tea cup' .. 'ha Betiya'..  do you let me do anything else, when you come back from school or college, this is the routine, right.."


'but mom, you know what,  today Sunder Master was teaching physics... '  you know me well na,,,  I slipped into that lovely story Granny told  me yesterday, but she didn't finish it, so I was thinking what may happen next' ... But then all of a sudden I heard Suder sir  saying..  Ice melt into water and then water'."..  by then I came back to reality and said..             "back into ice..'.. but then what happened you ask me na...  '


Natasha: Jodha, you continue, why you need to say this again and again.. ok baba, what happened..

Poor Sunder sir, he paused for a minute, looked at my face pathetically'...  then he said.. ha ha.. she said right, but what I actually wanted to say was'  ...blah blah blah...' but you know at the end again he said.." what she said is right too.."..    I felt so poor for Sunder Sir.. he cannot object me, as I am Jodha Verma, the great Rajeev Verma's daughter  but at the same time he needs to clarify his stand too''


Natasha: ok, is it over, can I go and check on the other thing..


Jodha sipping onto the tea.." Mom, I am going to Grnany's house,' will be back soon..

Natasha: ha ha'    'come back soon,"  repeating Jodha's words..    I know how soon it will be..


Jodha: no mom, I will be right back' 


Natasha smiled at Jodha as she disappeared from her sight'.


Radika..: no mom, I will come back soon.. I will come back soon'... the sleepy Jodha kept on mumbling in her sleep'..  I am coming back mom''..  her fingers curled up at the edges of the majenda color blanky...   "Ma.."    the corner of her eyes started wetting in her deep sleep... 


Jodha was sitting near the window side, looking outside  garden.. She saw the green grass lawn, and the neatly  stone paved walkways in between, the grasses were holding the misshaped unevenly arranged stones in place.. she saw the garden lights at definite distance from each other. There were roses planted in pots and kept nicely along the edges.  She saw  the small ups and downs within that cemented wall feance.  In the middle she could see a white garden swing , also near there was a two garden chairs with a table in the middle..    how well they are utilizing the little space for their own comfort.. she got amazed by the art.. 


"what you are looking at ?'.. the loving voice of Hams brought Jodha back into reality..  she turned and tried to smile at Hams..


'nothing, was looking at the garden.., it is really beautifull".. Jodha replied..


 Hams: "hum.  Then why you are sitting inside, go out and see it well'..


Jodha: no , actually I was getting ready to college, but then roses caught my attention..'.


'Hams:  "that is why I didn't see you downstairs, you didn't come for the morning tea, do you usually won't drink, or is it just because you are here.."


Jodha:  "nothing like that aunty'..


Hams: "here, I brought the tea for you now.. and ha, from tomorrow, come down when you wake up , ok.. it is nice to see my kids face in the morning.. usually I won't get that luck,  as I need to go in between if I get calls from the Hospitall.'.. her brows twitched as she saw her flushed face..  she came near Jodha and looked at her face'  she touched her chin and raised her face up and said.." you were crying .."


Jodha tried to cover herself..:  no aunty,  I think I slept hard.. so only..


Hams held her upper arm..; don't try to hide it from me Jodha.. I can see it clearly, so only you didn't come down, right?"


Jodha: no actually..


Hams with a soft voice  :  Jodha, don't try to find any reason  with me, I can see it clearly..  before becoming a mom, I was also a girl just like you, and I know how hard it is to being away from our own family..,  I can understand your feeling, so no more hidings..  this is your house only beta, whether you accept it or not,  for Humayun and me you are our daughter..  we never thought of Jalal's girl anytime in our mind or in our talk. But  our trip   happened to be for that..  You are now part of this family..  You are not a guest here, this is your home. And I love you so much.. esliye, hosake tho aaj se, aunty nahi, maa kehkar bulayegi mujhe..   but its all up to you beta..   theek hei.."  .. Jodha just listened to her looking into her eyes.. tear drops started filling her eyes again,. But she managed to control it..  Hams just leaned little up and placed a warm kiss over her forehead.. and then  with a smile tapped on her cheek and went out from the room'   Jodha just watched her walking away.


Driver dropped Jodha and Bakshi at their respective college.  Sarada was Hams's best friend and she was sharing her family stories with her.. Sarada got excited to see Jodha '  Time passed by..   days passed by..   Jodha was so excited to see Abdul, she said bye to everyone quick and went and sat inside the car..   Hams was smiling happily seeing her smiley face after so many days.  Jalal was out with his friends.. Jodha said bye to Humayun the day before itself , as he went to Australia ; business trip...  only Bakshi had a sad face, but she tried to manage it saying.. next time I will also go to Chandenpur and  Hams agreed..


Bakshi first time felt all alone, all these evenings went quick as she was chatting with Jodha and showing her the secret, Jodha correcting her.. but now, she felt all alone..   she went to her mom's room, and found her in deep thought..


"Mom, are you feeling bored too.., she shouldn't have gone, right?".. Bakshi's voice broght her back into reality..


Hams extended her arm out calling her into her lap.." why? what happened?"


Bakshi went and laid on the bed near to her.. " no, mom, I am feeling so bored.."..


Hams: you need to study , right?


Bakshi: ha.. Mom, tomorrow I am going to Neena's place..  we need to work on a group project..

Hams; ok beta.. now you sleep , ok..


Sushi stroking onto Bakshi's little hair..slip back into her thoughts..  she is not seeing the talk, or any kind of communitcation between Jalal and Jodha..  He knew she is going today, still he didn't show up, and Jodha even not bothered to ask about him.. but that is not her fault, she is already homesick, missing everyone and first time away from home..  its expected.. but Jalal.. does he likes her? He has few friends, but I don't think he is in relationship with any one. He is not that kind of a boy.. even when girls comes to congratulate him when he used to win the tournaments, he just say thanks and more was looking at my happiness,and cheering with Bakshi.. and few of his friends Ramesh, Satheesh, Maria, Sindhu, Roopa'... but they all are just friends..  Jodha is very beautiful, one will surely keep their eye on her..  but then what is his issue.. he knows we all love her..especially after Granny's wish, he knows it is decided..  then  why he is not showing  any feelings towards her.. or are they not getting any time to communicate each other..  and whenever his visa get ready, he will fly off, so before that I need to get to know their mind..  '   she looked at Bakshi's sleeping face and with a smile moved her to the side and put the pillow under her head.. she went and checked on  Jalal..  he was working with his laptop..


He went and sat near him..' is everything going ok..?'


Jalal: " ha mom.., I think it is easy to get admission there than trying over here..  I mean, it seems like..'


Hams: do you really need to go beta..


Jalal looked at his mom's face..:.. mom, this is just for one year, and it is my dream to study in one of the reputed University in the world.. yes Mom, Stanford is my dream place to study, finally it is happening..  then why you are saying this now..' Jalal asked in a doubtful voice..


Hams tried to bring a forceful smile:  yes Jalal  I know, I just asked..  and I can see how hard you are trying for it. So I am sure you will get everything done soon..  but I am thinking what if you feel homesick just like Jodha..  '


Jalal didn't say anything, his eyes moved to the bedspread..   Hams watched his expression..


Jalal: I don't know mom, why you are saying this.. you don't want me to leave..

Hams: nop, not that beta,  I want you to go and persue your dream..  but for Jodha it is just 5 days issue, and she can go to chandenpur, but what if it happens with you, will you come back on weekends..


Jalal put his laptop away and went near her and circled his arms around her shoulder..: I will surely miss you all Mom, but I won't be able to come like that. But I will surely make calls everyday..   and I have a request. ..  mom, don't ever talk like this to me..  it feels bad.. .. I think these all because of Jodha..  let her come back, I will ask her'"


Sushi:  no, don't, she is a very nice girl, she is already missing her home, and if you say something like this na, she will definitely cry off..


Jalal: who Jodha?!!.. never'


Jodha: no beta, you don't know, I saw her eyes every morning..  but anyway, leave that now' you continue what you are doing.. I am feeling tired. And also expecting call from hospital today.. so I better go to bed..  saying that she moved from his hold and walked away saying good night..


Jalal sat back and he understood why his mom mentioned Jodha's name, because he wasn't there when she left'...  but then why should I be there'..  suddenly a message poped up and he saw Ramesh online saying hi.. so he started chatting with him..


Hams was passing near  Jodha's room.. she paused for a second and then decided to go in.. she went in and about to turn to walk away, her eyes caught the sight of a message..   she  curiously went near and picked it up .. It was the picture of Sundari with his little ones and surprisingly it addressed to "MoM'..   an unknown smile appeared on her face , she read the message in a piece of paper..    'I know you will come to check on me, so this is for you' '


The phone was sounding downstairs..  Hams heard it after two three rings.. she looked at the time and something flashed her in her mind.. she paced out from Jodha's room, keeping Sundari's picture in her hand to pick the phone..


Jalal was hearing it too.. he rushed to the receiver and picked it..  before he could say something..


"uummma'.  I am back here.. you don't know how happy I am feeling'  I am not on my feet'...  I will give to mom, you talk to her OK..  you don't know how many are waiting for me here, they all are happy'.   Bye, see , mom is here, I am giving to her.. ok'also.. did you get my message.. do you like it.. and I am sure, you like it'. Ok..ok.. giving to mom, one minute..".. she said everything in one breath and  the excited voice of  Jodha trailed off'...   Jalal stood in shock...'

 Hams came near the phone and saw flushed face of Jalal, standing in almost shock...


Hams  :  who is it?.  She didn't get any reply..     Jalal.. Jalal..


'Hu'' he jerked.. 


Hams: kya huva? Who is online?


Suddenly he heard Natasha's happy voice..  " hello.."


Without saying anything he handed the phone to Hams and walked out in trance.. 

Hams took the phone from him and looked at his strange behavior..and said: hello


Natasha: did you hear how excited she is.. thank you so much Hams, she is not giving any of us any chance to talk..  she is just keep on talking about Bakshi and you only..   its like she is coming after so many years..

Hams's eye lashes flickered with a naughty smile as if she understood the reason for Jalal's strange behavior..


Natasha: hello , are you there..

Hams:  ha, I was actually listening to the loud noises there, and of course I can imagine how excited she is...   aur bolona.. 



Natasha: here it is like a festival..  she is jumping up and down.. Rahul was so gloomy for a week, now he is also very happy.. and then with a teary voice she said..: thanks Hams.. for taking care of her with so much love..


Hams: she is my daughter, so no more thanks..  but don't forget that she needs to be here on monday... ok..


Natasha: ok baba..  convey our regards to everyone' ... oh oh.. one minute,,, Jodha is coming..

 Hams smiled again..:

Jodha:  "did you get my message?"

Hams: hum..  so do you like it..


Jodha: hum'... but I like it if you call me by that, instead of writing it down..


Jodha: thanks Ma..


Hams smiled ear to ear: love you beta.. and take care..

 Jodha: um'..  say Hi to Bakshi too..

Hams: sure, she is sleeping..  I will tell her..  aur kuch'..


Jodha: ha, Uncle ko bhi..

Hams: uncle nahi.. Papa..


Jodha: hu.. Papa ko bhi..


Hams: aur..


Jodha: ummm'... aur.. aur.. aur kuch nahi.. mei jaa rehe hum.. Babuji brought sweets..  I will call you tomorrow aunty..



Jodha: sorry, Mom..


Hams: hum..  good night

Jodha: good night..


Hams kept the receiver down..and she walked towards her room, but then she saw Jalal still standing near the steps in deep thought looking at her..


Hams: Jalal is everything Ok?..

Suddenly he unknowingly rubbed on his right cheek and said: ha mom.. kyum..?


Hams: Kuch nahi Beta, bas, your cheeks looks blushed..


Jalal: what? No no.. I was feeling itchy, ...  he rubbed his cheek again. little hard.


Hams: itchy?!!!


Jalal: I think dust..


Hams:  what dust? Where  from raciever? Strange!!.. then  your ear should be itching, right?, but you are rubbing your cheek..


Jalal: vo vo.. kuch nahi mom.. good night and he climbed the stairs fast..


Hams ..hum.. something is wrong, I never seen him like that.. did Natasha tell him something.. no I didn't see him talking.. he picked the phone while I was nearing it only and gave to me once I asked him.. I didn't see him talking.. then what is it?  Anyway whatever'  she went to her room..



Jalal sat on his bed, still in sight shock..   he has seen the girls passing him flying kisses, and loudly calling out with kiss while he walk down in his college corridor and sports stadium.. He has a peculiar character that he  mingles with his friends only.. he won't even bother to know what is happening next door. But this'... this.. but she actually gave that to mom only.. but she should ask na.. she didn't even dare to wait for the response from here.. the second she realized somebody picked the phone, she just gone to give a chumma'...  how can she do that..    he slowly picked one rounded pillow and hugged that over his abdomen.. still thinking..  'how can she act like that? What else I should expect from her.. I know how impulsive she is, I have seen her in  that attitude.. but still when she is making a call to others house, why can't she just wait to listen to the response.., why I am thinking of her like this now..  Oh God.. may be because I am still holding  her  sound with me.. maybe I should let it go free'..    '  Jalal was feeling very uneasy.., he went to bed hugging the pillow near his chest'.. 


While Jodha's heart was pounding loud with happiness',...  



Precap-  Doon Kya !LOLLOL


No  Precap  Cool


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 There are 22,228  words in the story.. Especially sorry for the mistakes . It was updated in such a hurry that there are many mistakes in the story So sorry fro


I won't be updating for 4 months so here one is long

update plz forgive me.. I hope you liked this chappy  

after long time. Next part will be updated soon.


Don't foget to hit like button if u want that i update fast  @4months can also be 2 weeks !LOLLOLLOLSorry for torturing but its true hit Like button  Evil Smile Evil Smile


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