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Jodha looked back at her..  : what?


Bakshi: do you know how to dance?

Jodha: kind of, ..

Bakshi's eyes rolled and she  came near Jodha: Seriously, do you know how to dance?


Jodha; I learned Kathak since I was 6 yr old.. so yes, I know , but  I don't know either..

Bakshi: you are a kathak dancer,  why you didn't tell me earlier..   ok ok.. one minute,..'

She took a deep breath..  and then continued..  ' so you are saying you are learning Kathak for all these years'"

Jodha: yes I am and I am still learning it..


Bakshi: so can you help us to complete our steps..


Jodha: what?

Bakshi: actually we are stuck in the middle, actually I was blabbing earlier, I love dancing, but that happened recently only. Mom asked me many times about learning dance, I tried to go too, but you know each time I go to this master, he ask me whether I practiced.. so it was not going well between us and one day I decided to drop out..   but now, with my friends, we are doing a bollywood number, and I love doing it.. so you can help us..


Jodha: I don't know, but I can try..

Bakshi: did you ever danced on the stage..

Jodha in a cool way: ha, school, college, and chandenpur festivals..


Lachu jumping on her feet: OMG OMG OMG'...  I love it'  ...but then thinking seriously..  ' deedi, don't tell this to any one ok..  just keep it as a secret for now.."


Jodha:  why we need to tell everyone, you asked, that is why I said..


Bakshi: I know I know.. But when my mom comes to know this na, she will fly up in the air.. she is a poet , you know..   I have seen her work..  beautiful..  but I know she love dancing too.. after her marriage she left that passion and tried to impose that on me, and naturally I resisted, but she agreed with my decision, but now, I didn't tell this to  anyone..  I just want to give them as a sursprise..  so keep this as a secret for now ok..


Jodha; but then how do you practice..
Bakshi winked her eye: will show you later..


"They are calling you downstairs.."   sound of Jalal brought them back from their secret talk..


Jodha jerked to look at Jalal, so did he' ...they exchanges a cold eyelock..    But then Bakshi pulled on her hand slowly and with her eyes she said to keep the promise and then brought her thumbs up from the side, away from Jalal..


"ha, we are going down only , bro". saying that she walked down, still holding onto Jodha's hand.. Jodha walked behind her' ... as she reached near Jalal, she paused for a second and gave another cold look' ... Jalal also gave the same look back.. and then slowly moved her feet as she felt the force on her hand'

The night was silent, just like Jodha's mind and darkness covered her face too..  Daadi was tapping on her shoulder understanding the meaning of her silence...' Daadi was trying hard to control her faster heartbeat. Never in her life, ever she left her pothi alone anywhere. Once in a while she slept at haweli listening to Granny's story, but early in the morning she used to  show up with her sleepy face and snuggle under her blanky for some more time..


"but that was once or twice in a year daadima, but this is'.''


Jodha's voice  brought Daadi from her deep thoughts..  she asked  .. "What did you say Jodha?'


Jodha turned to face Daadima and said:  nothing dadima, I thought you said something to me..


Daaadi: heina, I want to say something to you..


Jodha: what is it Daadi?


Daadi: Both Humayun and Hams are very nice people.. Jalal and Bakshi too..


Jodha: no ,,  don't talk about  De'..


"no, you need to listen to me this time and won't speak a word until I finish talking' Ok'.. dadima interrupted Jodha with a serious tone.. Jodha kept silent as she understands the difference in  her tone.  


"First time you are staying away from all of us. In Chandenpur, everybody knows you well, and it is OK..  but this a new place, you may be doing something just for fun, or without knowing the seriousness of it, but you need to control  yourself and behave like a good girl..  None of us are here near you..  and we all will be waiting to hear only good things about you dear, otherwise  this old mind won't be able to rest well betiya..  Behave nicely here and when you come back on weekends there na, then feel free to be yourself.." .. then bringing a mischievous face..  "Then I will also join you' .."   the smiledisappeared and seriousness came back . " And especially with Jalal,  I know you two didn't talk anything after that day, and you two never tried to understand each other either in that small fraction of time. May be your thinking is wrong, I will say that is more kiddish, give some time to it .. the first impression can't be true all the time betiya..  only time can reveal who is good and who is courageuos...    from my perspective Jalal is a good boy"'   then bringing a smile on her lips imagining his face.  " there is an innocence in his eyes, in his smile'.  that I never seen in any others..   but this is just my word, you don't need to take it.. what I want is, don't simply turn the nose tip color to red,  before pacing yourself on that floor, think twice and remember you are just a guest here for now, and you should behave one like that..  samjhe.."


Jodha didn't say anything...'


Daadi:  "Jodha, can I take that word from you'"


Jodha looked into her daadi's face and understood the seriousness of it, she just nodded her head in agreement.. Daadi tried to bring a smile..  "I know you will listen to me dear''..


Daadi: now tell me, what you wanted to say..


All the words stuck in her throat, there was nothing really to say back..  first time she felt the lump on her throat, all the sadness laid under there..  she thought her eyes are going to fill up..   she just moved more  near and hugged her Daadi tight .. and tried to act like a small baby who wants to sleep..


Daadi tapping on her shoulder..  " tomorrow, after leaving you at college, we will go back.. apna khayal rekhna betiya''  the old lady's voice shivered off at the end..  Jodha just nodded her head covering her face on Daadi's chest and she pulled herself more closer...'   


Daadi's mind said  " why your silence is more hurtful than your words?, why can't you just  blast out your feelings, I thought you may disagree with me but instead you are just listening to me...'    Oh Krishna, why I am loving my child this much.. How will I live without listening to her loud voice and her sararath'...  she was silent in car too..  I know deep inside she doesn't want to leave her house, nor chandenpur either..    mere bechi ke reksha karna Prabhu',' .. she prayed silently...  tears just rolled down her  cheeks'...  she was feeling the tightening of Jodha's arms around her.. slowly Daadima's  hands stroked on her arm, as if she is singing the lullaby for the baby to sleep'...  Jodha was listening to that silent song of her daadi's fasterheart beat...'''  the night was getting darker and darker outside''..


The next day, they dropped her at the college..  Rajeev was controlling his emotions, Jodha still silent.. but Jodha could see the happiness in her dad's eyes, seeing the bright future he is giving for his daughter..  Daadi sat inside the car only. She just scanned the campus generally and sat there silently watching the students walking into the campus..    Jodha touched the feet of Rajeev for the blessings and then looked at her grandma's face' ,  finally they were able to say bye to each other silently. The car moved away and Jodha turned and walked into her classroom..  she didn't notice the happenings around, her mind was feeling still heavy'..


The classes were mainly just introduction of everyone..  and the time just passed quickly..


"why you are sitting so quietly'?"


Jodha raised her head up and found a concerned face in front of her.. she just nodded her head in disagreement..

"hi, I am Heena Gupta  and you?".. saying that she extended her arm to shake the hand..


Jodha tried to bring a smile on her face  and then shaking Heena's hand "and I am Jodha Verma'..


"hum  Jodha, nice name'., but you didn't give me the answer.."..  heena said..


Jodha looked at her in confusion.. 


Heena:  I said you look worried..


Jodha again tried ot bring a smile and said : no, I am ok..

Heena: ok let me guess, first time away from home..


Jodha just nodded her head..


Heena: don't worry yaar, it may take some time.. look at me, I stay in hostel all the time.. From high school onwards Hostel is my primary home, and my own house is a vacation resort..  So I think you should feel better than me... if i were in your shoe, my half life already gone in tears.. cheer up..."


Jodha tried to bring a forceful smile again..


"No no, don't try for that, I know you are really worried, so let's talk about something els'e'  ...  rolling her eyeballs inside the socket she said...  "   oops.  Professor is here, we will talk later , ok.." saying that she went and sat on next row. Jodha's eyes followed her...'


Time passed by..

"so how do you go now?".. Heena asked in concern..

Jodha  " I don't know, I didn't ask anyone.."


Heena  :  " so you live with your uncle's family..

Jodha just nodded her head..

 Heena  : 'How lucky yaar, atleast you get home food na..  I am tired of eating this hostel food, always the same.. ye, ask your uncle whether he can accommodate me too..'


"deediii''..."  Bakshi's voice fell in Jodha's ear and she looked up to find Bakshi running towards her with wide smile..

 Heena:   Ye, that is lekshmi,  Jalal's Sis, Is she coming towards you..?


Jodha:  ya.. you know her..?

Heena:  what a question yaar,  we all know her and her mom.. Jalal studied in this college only yaar'     but then seeing Bakshi nearing,  Heena lowered her voice..  " I will tell you the rest later"..


Bakshi: deedi, come we were waiting for you,'   saying that she grabbed on Jodha's wrist..


Jodha: Bakshi, this is Heena, my friend..


Bakshi: hi'


Heena: hi..


But then few other girls started coming to their side..  Looking at that scene..  Bakshi softly in Jodha's ears..


"Jodha Deedi, let's go quick.. I told you already na..  bro's fans'"


Jodha: heena, I will see you tomorrow, I need to go now', bye..

Heena:  bye..


One girl seeing Bakshi  and Jodha dashing away..:  Lekshmi, how is Jalal?


Bakshi: he is fine, going to U. S. tomorrow'

Jodha looked at Bakshi's face, she just winked once and speed up to the car..


Jodha got inside , Hams was sitting  inside with a smile'...


Jodha looking at Hams surprisingly..  " you came too.."


"kyum, mera yeha ana mana hei kya?".. Hams asked in a sour sound..


Jodha: no aunty, I never thought..


Hams with a smile: ok, now don't think too much, let's go home, ok'


On the way, They stopped the car near a  grocery store and purchased few items and they went home..


Hams : so how was first day of college?

Jodha: good..


Hams: hum, just good, nothing special.  No new friends, nothing..

Jodha: yes, I met Heena..


Hams: hum, nice, atleast you got one friend..  so  do you like the college?

Jodha: hum..


Hams:  Jodha I thought you are going to talk about everything nonstop as Sakeena mentioned to me, but this looks like I need to dig out each and every word from you..'   she stroked her hand over Jodha's head and said: no problem, you will, may be later'...


Bakshi started blabbing and they started listening to her story.. They reached home..


Hams: go fresh up and come, I will make tea.. ok


Jodha: no its Ok, I will be fine..

Hams: why? you will eat only guava?

That brought a smile on her face..    "no, I just.."


Hams:  don't challenge me.. now itself I will send the driver to get some guava.. you know one secret, in your place you get it only when it' s season, but here, you get it at any time..  bet?


Jodha with a smile:  no  Aunty, I will be right back, I need the tea..


Hams: ha, you better come on my way'... 


Jodha went up'...   she changed quick into white top and green bottom kurtha kind and came down..  Tea was ready .. Bakshi came down too..

"where is my milk ?"  ' she asked Hams..

Hams with a smile..looking at Jodha  ' she likes horlicks'.. she is still the baby of the house, you know what, because of you I got a company.." saying that she brought the tea cup near to the table and they sat down.. Bakshi was looking at a magazine..


'so what time  Uncle comes..?'  Jodha asked..


Hams    " that is a good question.. and i wish i had an answer for that..    he will come but what time, only he knows..'  saying that she sipped on to the tea cup..


"you all are back..'   sleepy sound of Jalal caught their attention..

Hams looking at his sleepy face..' so you were sleeping.."


Jalal  ' no, actually mom I was reading a book, So don't know when I slipped into the short nap'..   He yawned as he climbed down the stairs near to them and then as he reached down on the floor, he stretched himself..


Hams: Jalal, first you go and wash your face and come.. you still look so sleepy..

Jalal: no, mom . I am fine..  is there anymore tea left..


Hams:  hum,lucky me, glad I made extra'  "   saying that she stood from the seat and brought another cup..  Jalal sat on the lower steps ..  "thanks mom.." as he took the cup from Hams..


Hams looking at Jodha  ' this is all his number.. he calls me by my name only, now he is sleepy na, that is why mom and thanks and all..'.


Suddenly Jalal looked at Jodha'  but she was sipping onto her tea and was sitting seriously' ... Jalal thought in mind..   ' how did I forget that she is here too.., why she is sititng so silent, there she was ready to eat me.. and now just that stare, anyway that is good, atleast I don't have to listen to her buck  buck'..  but then he thought.. now what she will do, in case  if she want to climb on trees'...  a smile appeared on his lips as he thought of that..'   he looked at Jodha with his corner eye'   but then the phone rang.. Bakshi went and picked it up and said  " deedi, for you.."


Jodha went near and took the phone.. no words were coming out.. she heard her mom's sound ..  "Jodha betiya..'

'mum''  a forceful sound came from her throat'


Her mom realized her pain, so she also was unable to speak anything further.. time passed by..   Jalal was observing Jodha  sitting from the same position.. Jodha was standing little far away, facing her back to them..  Hams took the empty glasses and went to kitchen'    Few minutes passed by.. Rajeev snached the phone form Natasha's hand.." How was your day ?  did everything went OK?"


'Jodha..: 'ha..'


Rajeev: 'good,  we came back safe, so now you concentrate on your studies, ok.. Friday Abdul will come with the car, so get ready ok.."


'ji.."    Jodha answered..


Rajeev:  ha, call home everyday ok.. even if I am not here, talk to Mom or daadi.. ok..




Rajeev realized the heaviness in her words.. so he tried to show more relaxed.  he wanted to stroke her head and bring her closer to him to comfort her but...

Rajeev: Ok beta, see workers are here, so I need to go.. call  you  back later ok.. apna khayal rakhna..


'ji''.  Jodha controlled her tears inside and kept the receiver on the rack..


Bakshi: di, come with me'...  she grabbed her wrist and climbed the steps to her room...' They passed Jalal and walk away.. Jalal looked at her face with his corner eye..  saw her heavy face'...    he tried to read her eyes, but he found them away from his vision'...


He heard Bakshi's feeble voice  : yesterday we talked about the secret na.. come , I will show you'..


Jalal stood from the step and went to kitchen .  He kept the glass over the sink and started chatting with his mom'


Jodha's hands were clenching onto the blanky for the  warmth..  her eyelids gave up on her resistance and covered her iris slowly..

 The evening sun was shining inside the dining room of her chanderpur home...  Jodha pacing one end to other...

"Do you know mom, the day was really gloomy at college..  it is not like our chandepur ..  there all the kids talk loud and laugh loud.. the teachers show up with big smile on their face'    today, I didn't notice anyone.. ha.. heina, I met Heena, she is really cute'...  but then,. All were busy talking to themselves and you know how the professors come.. they are so serious, like they are taking the whole burden of this group n their head..   the sound of bikes and scooters and all is making the atmosphere so noisy.. but in our chandenpur, most of all comes by bicycle,  even babuji never let me ride the scooty to college..  we all had fun riding bicycle back and forth from college..  over that muddy road and near the canal' ...  we used to stop on the way when we see a new flower laughing at us, or seeing the bunch of fruits smiling at us'  , how many times we went in trouble and babuji used to show his big round eyes on me and then at the end, gave a soft smile'...  Mom, are you listening to me''  Jodha asked as she was pacing back and forth in the dining hall .  Natasha was pouring the tea into the tea cup' .. 'ha Betiya'..  do you let me do anything else, when you come back from school or college, this is the routine, right.."


'but mom, you know what,  today Sunder Master was teaching physics... '  you know me well na,,,  I slipped into that lovely story Granny told  me yesterday, but she didn't finish it, so I was thinking what may happen next' ... But then all of a sudden I heard Suder sir  saying..  Ice melt into water and then water'."..  by then I came back to reality and said..             "back into ice..'.. but then what happened you ask me na...  '


Natasha: Jodha, you continue, why you need to say this again and again.. ok baba, what happened..

Poor Sunder sir, he paused for a minute, looked at my face pathetically'...  then he said.. ha ha.. she said right, but what I actually wanted to say was'  ...blah blah blah...' but you know at the end again he said.." what she said is right too.."..    I felt so poor for Sunder Sir.. he cannot object me, as I am Jodha Verma, the great Rajeev Verma's daughter  but at the same time he needs to clarify his stand too''


Natasha: ok, is it over, can I go and check on the other thing..


Jodha sipping onto the tea.." Mom, I am going to Grnany's house,' will be back soon..

Natasha: ha ha'    'come back soon,"  repeating Jodha's words..    I know how soon it will be..


Jodha: no mom, I will be right back' 


Natasha smiled at Jodha as she disappeared from her sight'.


Radika..: no mom, I will come back soon.. I will come back soon'... the sleepy Jodha kept on mumbling in her sleep'..  I am coming back mom''..  her fingers curled up at the edges of the majenda color blanky...   "Ma.."    the corner of her eyes started wetting in her deep sleep... 


Jodha was sitting near the window side, looking outside  garden.. She saw the green grass lawn, and the neatly  stone paved walkways in between, the grasses were holding the misshaped unevenly arranged stones in place.. she saw the garden lights at definite distance from each other. There were roses planted in pots and kept nicely along the edges.  She saw  the small ups and downs within that cemented wall feance.  In the middle she could see a white garden swing , also near there was a two garden chairs with a table in the middle..    how well they are utilizing the little space for their own comfort.. she got amazed by the art.. 


"what you are looking at ?'.. the loving voice of Hams brought Jodha back into reality..  she turned and tried to smile at Hams..


'nothing, was looking at the garden.., it is really beautifull".. Jodha replied..


 Hams: "hum.  Then why you are sitting inside, go out and see it well'..


Jodha: no , actually I was getting ready to college, but then roses caught my attention..'.


'Hams:  "that is why I didn't see you downstairs, you didn't come for the morning tea, do you usually won't drink, or is it just because you are here.."


Jodha:  "nothing like that aunty'..


Hams: "here, I brought the tea for you now.. and ha, from tomorrow, come down when you wake up , ok.. it is nice to see my kids face in the morning.. usually I won't get that luck,  as I need to go in between if I get calls from the Hospitall.'.. her brows twitched as she saw her flushed face..  she came near Jodha and looked at her face'  she touched her chin and raised her face up and said.." you were crying .."


Jodha tried to cover herself..:  no aunty,  I think I slept hard.. so only..


Hams held her upper arm..; don't try to hide it from me Jodha.. I can see it clearly, so only you didn't come down, right?"


Jodha: no actually..


Hams with a soft voice  :  Jodha, don't try to find any reason  with me, I can see it clearly..  before becoming a mom, I was also a girl just like you, and I know how hard it is to being away from our own family..,  I can understand your feeling, so no more hidings..  this is your house only beta, whether you accept it or not,  for Humayun and me you are our daughter..  we never thought of Jalal's girl anytime in our mind or in our talk. But  our trip   happened to be for that..  You are now part of this family..  You are not a guest here, this is your home. And I love you so much.. esliye, hosake tho aaj se, aunty nahi, maa kehkar bulayegi mujhe..   but its all up to you beta..   theek hei.."  .. Jodha just listened to her looking into her eyes.. tear drops started filling her eyes again,. But she managed to control it..  Hams just leaned little up and placed a warm kiss over her forehead.. and then  with a smile tapped on her cheek and went out from the room'   Jodha just watched her walking away.


Driver dropped Jodha and Bakshi at their respective college.  Sarada was Hams's best friend and she was sharing her family stories with her.. Sarada got excited to see Jodha '  Time passed by..   days passed by..   Jodha was so excited to see Abdul, she said bye to everyone quick and went and sat inside the car..   Hams was smiling happily seeing her smiley face after so many days.  Jalal was out with his friends.. Jodha said bye to Humayun the day before itself , as he went to Australia ; business trip...  only Bakshi had a sad face, but she tried to manage it saying.. next time I will also go to Chandenpur and  Hams agreed..


Bakshi first time felt all alone, all these evenings went quick as she was chatting with Jodha and showing her the secret, Jodha correcting her.. but now, she felt all alone..   she went to her mom's room, and found her in deep thought..


"Mom, are you feeling bored too.., she shouldn't have gone, right?".. Bakshi's voice broght her back into reality..


Hams extended her arm out calling her into her lap.." why? what happened?"


Bakshi went and laid on the bed near to her.. " no, mom, I am feeling so bored.."..


Hams: you need to study , right?


Bakshi: ha.. Mom, tomorrow I am going to Neena's place..  we need to work on a group project..

Hams; ok beta.. now you sleep , ok..


Sushi stroking onto Bakshi's little hair..slip back into her thoughts..  she is not seeing the talk, or any kind of communitcation between Jalal and Jodha..  He knew she is going today, still he didn't show up, and Jodha even not bothered to ask about him.. but that is not her fault, she is already homesick, missing everyone and first time away from home..  its expected.. but Jalal.. does he likes her? He has few friends, but I don't think he is in relationship with any one. He is not that kind of a boy.. even when girls comes to congratulate him when he used to win the tournaments, he just say thanks and more was looking at my happiness,and cheering with Bakshi.. and few of his friends Ramesh, Satheesh, Maria, Sindhu, Roopa'... but they all are just friends..  Jodha is very beautiful, one will surely keep their eye on her..  but then what is his issue.. he knows we all love her..especially after Granny's wish, he knows it is decided..  then  why he is not showing  any feelings towards her.. or are they not getting any time to communicate each other..  and whenever his visa get ready, he will fly off, so before that I need to get to know their mind..  '   she looked at Bakshi's sleeping face and with a smile moved her to the side and put the pillow under her head.. she went and checked on  Jalal..  he was working with his laptop..


He went and sat near him..' is everything going ok..?'


Jalal: " ha mom.., I think it is easy to get admission there than trying over here..  I mean, it seems like..'


Hams: do you really need to go beta..


Jalal looked at his mom's face..:.. mom, this is just for one year, and it is my dream to study in one of the reputed University in the world.. yes Mom, Stanford is my dream place to study, finally it is happening..  then why you are saying this now..' Jalal asked in a doubtful voice..


Hams tried to bring a forceful smile:  yes Jalal  I know, I just asked..  and I can see how hard you are trying for it. So I am sure you will get everything done soon..  but I am thinking what if you feel homesick just like Jodha..  '


Jalal didn't say anything, his eyes moved to the bedspread..   Hams watched his expression..


Jalal: I don't know mom, why you are saying this.. you don't want me to leave..

Hams: nop, not that beta,  I want you to go and persue your dream..  but for Jodha it is just 5 days issue, and she can go to chandenpur, but what if it happens with you, will you come back on weekends..


Jalal put his laptop away and went near her and circled his arms around her shoulder..: I will surely miss you all Mom, but I won't be able to come like that. But I will surely make calls everyday..   and I have a request. ..  mom, don't ever talk like this to me..  it feels bad.. .. I think these all because of Jodha..  let her come back, I will ask her'"


Sushi:  no, don't, she is a very nice girl, she is already missing her home, and if you say something like this na, she will definitely cry off..


Jalal: who Jodha?!!.. never'


Jodha: no beta, you don't know, I saw her eyes every morning..  but anyway, leave that now' you continue what you are doing.. I am feeling tired. And also expecting call from hospital today.. so I better go to bed..  saying that she moved from his hold and walked away saying good night..


Jalal sat back and he understood why his mom mentioned Jodha's name, because he wasn't there when she left'...  but then why should I be there'..  suddenly a message poped up and he saw Ramesh online saying hi.. so he started chatting with him..


Hams was passing near  Jodha's room.. she paused for a second and then decided to go in.. she went in and about to turn to walk away, her eyes caught the sight of a message..   she  curiously went near and picked it up .. It was the picture of Sundari with his little ones and surprisingly it addressed to "MoM'..   an unknown smile appeared on her face , she read the message in a piece of paper..    'I know you will come to check on me, so this is for you' '


The phone was sounding downstairs..  Hams heard it after two three rings.. she looked at the time and something flashed her in her mind.. she paced out from Jodha's room, keeping Sundari's picture in her hand to pick the phone..


Jalal was hearing it too.. he rushed to the receiver and picked it..  before he could say something..


"uummma'.  I am back here.. you don't know how happy I am feeling'  I am not on my feet'...  I will give to mom, you talk to her OK..  you don't know how many are waiting for me here, they all are happy'.   Bye, see , mom is here, I am giving to her.. ok'also.. did you get my message.. do you like it.. and I am sure, you like it'. Ok..ok.. giving to mom, one minute..".. she said everything in one breath and  the excited voice of  Jodha trailed off'...   Jalal stood in shock...'

 Hams came near the phone and saw flushed face of Jalal, standing in almost shock...


Hams  :  who is it?.  She didn't get any reply..     Jalal.. Jalal..


'Hu'' he jerked.. 


Hams: kya huva? Who is online?


Suddenly he heard Natasha's happy voice..  " hello.."


Without saying anything he handed the phone to Hams and walked out in trance.. 

Hams took the phone from him and looked at his strange behavior..and said: hello


Natasha: did you hear how excited she is.. thank you so much Hams, she is not giving any of us any chance to talk..  she is just keep on talking about Bakshi and you only..   its like she is coming after so many years..

Hams's eye lashes flickered with a naughty smile as if she understood the reason for Jalal's strange behavior..


Natasha: hello , are you there..

Hams:  ha, I was actually listening to the loud noises there, and of course I can imagine how excited she is...   aur bolona.. 



Natasha: here it is like a festival..  she is jumping up and down.. Rahul was so gloomy for a week, now he is also very happy.. and then with a teary voice she said..: thanks Hams.. for taking care of her with so much love..


Hams: she is my daughter, so no more thanks..  but don't forget that she needs to be here on monday... ok..


Natasha: ok baba..  convey our regards to everyone' ... oh oh.. one minute,,, Jodha is coming..

 Hams smiled again..:

Jodha:  "did you get my message?"

Hams: hum..  so do you like it..


Jodha: hum'... but I like it if you call me by that, instead of writing it down..


Jodha: thanks Ma..


Hams smiled ear to ear: love you beta.. and take care..

 Jodha: um'..  say Hi to Bakshi too..

Hams: sure, she is sleeping..  I will tell her..  aur kuch'..


Jodha: ha, Uncle ko bhi..

Hams: uncle nahi.. Papa..


Jodha: hu.. Papa ko bhi..


Hams: aur..


Jodha: ummm'... aur.. aur.. aur kuch nahi.. mei jaa rehe hum.. Babuji brought sweets..  I will call you tomorrow aunty..



Jodha: sorry, Mom..


Hams: hum..  good night

Jodha: good night..


Hams kept the receiver down..and she walked towards her room, but then she saw Jalal still standing near the steps in deep thought looking at her..


Hams: Jalal is everything Ok?..

Suddenly he unknowingly rubbed on his right cheek and said: ha mom.. kyum..?


Hams: Kuch nahi Beta, bas, your cheeks looks blushed..


Jalal: what? No no.. I was feeling itchy, ...  he rubbed his cheek again. little hard.


Hams: itchy?!!!


Jalal: I think dust..


Hams:  what dust? Where  from raciever? Strange!!.. then  your ear should be itching, right?, but you are rubbing your cheek..


Jalal: vo vo.. kuch nahi mom.. good night and he climbed the stairs fast..


Hams ..hum.. something is wrong, I never seen him like that.. did Natasha tell him something.. no I didn't see him talking.. he picked the phone while I was nearing it only and gave to me once I asked him.. I didn't see him talking.. then what is it?  Anyway whatever'  she went to her room..



Jalal sat on his bed, still in sight shock..   he has seen the girls passing him flying kisses, and loudly calling out with kiss while he walk down in his college corridor and sports stadium.. He has a peculiar character that he  mingles with his friends only.. he won't even bother to know what is happening next door. But this'... this.. but she actually gave that to mom only.. but she should ask na.. she didn't even dare to wait for the response from here.. the second she realized somebody picked the phone, she just gone to give a chumma'...  how can she do that..    he slowly picked one rounded pillow and hugged that over his abdomen.. still thinking..  'how can she act like that? What else I should expect from her.. I know how impulsive she is, I have seen her in  that attitude.. but still when she is making a call to others house, why can't she just wait to listen to the response.., why I am thinking of her like this now..  Oh God.. may be because I am still holding  her  sound with me.. maybe I should let it go free'..    '  Jalal was feeling very uneasy.., he went to bed hugging the pillow near his chest'.. 


While Jodha's heart was pounding loud with happiness',...  



Precap-  Doon Kya !LOLLOL


No  Precap  Cool


  Please don't forget that like button...Silly


 There are 22,228  words in the story.. Especially sorry for the mistakes . It was updated in such a hurry that there are many mistakes in the story So sorry fro


I won't be updating for 4 months so here one is long

update plz forgive me.. I hope you liked this chappy  

after long time. Next part will be updated soon.


Don't foget to hit like button if u want that i update fast  @4months can also be 2 weeks !LOLLOLLOLSorry for torturing but its true hit Like button  Evil Smile Evil Smile


Take care

Pari Embarrassed

Star don't forget that like button, ...Wink  please..

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Superb update

Thanks for pm
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Awesome chappy
update soon
thnks 4 the pm dear
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Res ... Wink
Will comment soon...
Big smile
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Phew.. Read it.LOL
Nice update..Clap
Thanks for the pm dear.
Update soon.
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Finally read all parts
Nice update dear
Really loved it
Will wait for next chap
Update asap
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superb update pari di :))
continue soon :)
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fascinating update 

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