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Jodha Akbar


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Hi Akdha Fans 


First of all a very happy new year to all of u Akdha fans



So are you ready for a new FF, here is my try.Trying for little different ,but how much it will  come out,no idea. But i am going to try my level best.i'm dedicating this story to all my loved ones ...I hope u 'll like this as my other ffs ...I'm writing this story with avery different concept  ...Please forgive me if i  make any grammar or spelling kindly excuse and let me know if i make big blunders...With all your permission,here i starts...


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             Hit likes to get pm of this Fanfiction    

Plz send Buddy Request if u don't get pm of  the ff  . I 'm very lazy  and don't send pms to them who  
are not in my buddy list LOL This is main reason that many of the readers don't get pm  after hiting the like button LOLLOL

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Introduction to all Characters-Scroll down
The Family Tree-Scroll down
PART-1- Scroll down

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                                  Introduction to all Characters

The story happens in Chandenpur Village.. The place is known for its greenery and agriculture.. The heroine lives here with her dad , Rajeev Verma well educated zameendar; mom Mrs. Natasha Verma: very lovable and caring house wife, daadi: Ms.Chandini  Verma, and her  little brother Ankit , and her name is jodha'. She completed her degree course and waiting for the results' she is very lively, talkative, and naughty'.    



I know a sweet suburban girl, 
She's witty, bright and brief; 
With dimples in her cheeks; and pearl 
In rubies set, for teeth. 

Beneath her glossy raven hair 
There beams the hazel eye, 
Bright as the star of evening there 
Where the yellow sunbeams die. 

Her breath is like a flower blown, 
In fragrance and perfume; 
Her voice seems from the blissful throne 
Where their harps the angels tune. 

Her waist is just a trifle more 
Than a cubit in its girth; 
But when there my arms I throw, 
I've all there is of earth. 

And when she turns her dimpled cheek 
Toward me for a kiss, 
I lose expression'cannot speak'
And take all there is of bliss.

Samuel Alfred Beadle


The hero, a dashing young man whose eyes were radiant like a pure diamond with pleasant and sporty persona and yes, his name is Jalal living in one of the busiest city in India, Delhi.. He lives with his dad Mr.Humayun Mohammad , a very successful businessman; mom Mrs. Hamida Mohammad , a leading gynecologist; and his lovely younger sister Ms. Baksmi Mohammad i'... he is doing his final MBA and dreaming of flying to U.S. oneday..'


So here, I am going to try to bring these main characters into picture and connect them along with few supporting characters. I hope I will be able to create a new world of imagination in your mind. I will try my best, rest I leave up to you.  Because I need your support and only your words can add fuel into my spirit...'

May be it will be a short story, or may be a lengthy FF.. all depend on time and your support.  My dream is to bring a smile on your lips as you read the last sentence of each updated parts of this story. I hope'.


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The Family Tree

Mr Humayun Mohammad...Jalal 's dad
Mrs:Hamida Mohammad.. Jalal's mom
Ms. Bakshi Mohammad - Jalal's sister

Ms. Sakeena ; Fraida Jalal.. Jalal 's aunty (dad's sis)
Great Granny...

Mr. Babur Mohammad ;Mukesh Khanna.. Jalal's Grandpa..
Mr. Rajeev Verma.. Jodha's dad

Mrs. Natasha Verma.. Jodha's mom
Mrs. Chandini Verma: .. Jodha' s daadi

Master Rahul.. Jodha's Bro...


So are you ready.. Ok I begin...  before going to the first part.. how the story born? How her thoughts made me to think in a different way... do you want to know... ok then...


My mind is haunted by  the frustrations of two minds. The hero is masking his emotions with a fake smile on his lips.  He is in a travel, wearing a formal long sleeve white shirt and blue jeans, with a lightly gray shade glass on'staring through the oval window at the white and gray mixed with blue thick clouds beneath him. His eyes were fixed down to the tiny brown land occasionally.  Is it a land !, but then  the color changed to blue, is he flying over an ocean!..   Time was passing by'  he sat in trance looking into those changes with a heavy heart'.

The heroine is also in a travel. She looks very simple, wearing loose white kurthi  with a black colored medium length shall hanging around her neck down from the back, her long partially curly hair was open and it was flying with the wind. But her eyes transfixed on a book. She has a black frame glasses on..  she looks like totally immersed in that book; in between  her body was shaking with the hauling sound of the train. For a second, she took away her eyes from those letters and looked outside, as she turned her eyes away, involuntarily her eyes met mine, she didn't see me instead her eyes caught the attention of the  passing ground with a flat affect.
I looked at her curiously.. is she in a deep thought? Or is she thinking of the letters in that book? I don't know. But I found the deep aching in her beautiful long eyes. My mind started thinking..  why she didn't notice me? Why she didn't see my curious eyes.. what is struggling her? I heard the big hauling of the train as it was entering the tunnel, the darkness covered us..  for a second I thought of the light at the end of the tunnel that is waiting for me..  but in that darkness with a chirpy smile on my face, I tried to see her..  will I be able to see her before we reach the end of this dark tunnel?..  all I could hear was the scared  cry of the shaking train'..

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Saraswati Namastubhyam Varde Kamroopani
Vidya Aarambham Karishyami Siddhi Bhavatu May Sada

Translation: Oh! Goddess Saraswati, my humble prostrations unto Thee, who is the fulfiller of all wishes. I start my studies with Thy worship and always pray for success.





  The sun was setting down at the west'..The street was extremely busy  as people were rushing to get back their homes.. ' The yellow street lights started flashing here and there'... Everybody had their own goal and concentrated on that only.  The ladies were talking loud to hear each other.. They never took time to enjoy the changing color of the sky.. their eyes were fixed on the uneven cement  pavement... even if they look up, the vision was narrowed within the tall building. They hardly ever heard the birds sounds' ... this is one of the usual rush hour in Delhi streets' ... the bus, cars, vans, auto's, bikes and bicycles all were moving faster in those narrow roads, finding their own space by keeping their fingers on the honks..


Mr. Humayun was sitting on the back seat of his black lexus car with a heavy mind.. he was not seeing the rushes or the frustrations of the surrounding.. he was in his own thought.. He is in his early 50's, with some gray hair on both sides.. he has a thick moustache, but he groomed it really well, he was wearing  gray office suit'... his cell started ringing'...

" sahab ji.. phone'.. the driver turned to look at Humayun's face as he said that


Mr. Humayun wake up from his thoughts: mu...' ha'.   And took his cell, but by then it stopped sounding..  he looked at the letters in its blue beam'...  and read 'home'..'.  He didn't feel like calling back'.. he rested his head on the back supporter and slowly closed his eyes'.


Driver: Sahab.. we are home..'


Humayun slowly opened his eyes and held the door handle to step down, but his feet felt slightly weak as he stepped onto the ground.. The lights were all on surrounding the house. The green lawn garden lights guided him to the door side.  As he reached near the door, he saw the anxious face of Hamthra in front of him, and Bakshi was standing right behind her..


Bakshi: See, now Mom will feel better.. she was not giving me any mental peace all this time..  I don't know what is happening.. she went and held her dad's shoulder and asked ..  dad, is everything OK?

Humayun tried to bring a smile on his face and said: hum'.  And they went in..


Bakshi: we all were waiting for you and bro..  I am really feeling hungry'... Mom, let's have dinner, and i don't know where bro has gone...


Hamida , looked at her husband's face and then replied to Bakshi: ha, give me few minutes.. ok.. ..or.. do one thing, Bakshi, you keep the plates ready, I will join you in few minutes'


Bakshi thought in mind.. mum.. so something serious is going on.. otherwise, she never saw her dad with a heavy face and Mom never asked me to get things ready.. she walked to the kitchen area'...  but where is bro? he suppose to be here by now, right?..


Inside the master bedroom.. Humayun was sitting on the sofa chair'... Hamida went and kneel down in front of him, and slowly took his hands in hers ..

Humayun looked at his wife's concerned face'...

Hamida: Don't think too much about it.. Let's go.. tomorrow itself..


Humayun tried to force out his voice: but, Jalal and Bakshi..

Hamida: I talked to Jalal already..  he went to meet his friends for something, he is  so excited'.  Bakshi,... then in a thoughtful sound,.. don't worry about her... I will talk to her while having dinner'... leave that to me, I will take care.. but I want  to see you in spirit, instead of  showing this heavy face..   everything will go good.. and I am sure once again you will fall in love with that place...'

Humayun felt the hope in his wife's words, he tighten his hands on hers and nodded his head agreeing her words...'


Hamida: ok then, you go fresh up, let me check on Bakshi, otherwise she may mess up everything and I may end up with doing double work..  she stood on her feet and walked to the kitchen..



Bakshi: Mom,where is Bro..

Hamida: he will be here soon. He went to meet Farhan, his friend..

Bakshi: why? That also at this time!

Hamida: we all are going tomorrow right?.. that is why

Bakshi: where are we going!? As she took a bowl  full of sabji in her hand and started walking towards the table..


The sound of her Bro made her to pause for a second.. 'Chandanpur!!!!

Hamida turned back to see Jalal's face.. as usual he was standing with his cute smile on his face with an unexplained charm...'

Right, Ham?..  he asked casually as he walked towards his mom...'

Hamida raised her hand up in air in a slapping sign : Jalal, how many times I need to tell you not to call me by my name


Jalal went and circled his arms around his mom's shoulder and stood behind and said: I am not calling your name.. your name is Hamida.. I am just calling you Ham..

Hamida: Jalal'... in an angry tone..

Jalal in a teasing tone: I know mom, you don't like when anyone else calls you by that name except dad.. but think of it,.. isn't Ham a sweet name.. ok then, I will change, can I call you Sweety...'

JALAL' ...she raised her voice again..

Jalal pinched on his mom's both cheeks and said: you know what.. you look so beautiful in this angry mood.. that is why I like to call you'... before he could say the name again..


The voice from the dining room, took away their attention and Jalal looked at his mom's face and said: See, now you don't have any problem, right? showing a namaste hand and bringing that upto his forehead he said.. "pati devo bhava"...

Ham: you will really get from me.. she raised her hands again'

But then he moved back and  with smile :  Mom, you look really beautiful when you get irritated like this.. that's why i likes to irritate you all the time...

He ran from the sight as he saw his mom's movement towards him with the roti roller in hand...'


She smiled as she saw him running away': naughty Krishna'


"I heard that"'... she turned to see the peeking face of Jalal from the wall side and it disappeared right away..

Ham carried the roti in her hand and walked to the dining table. She started serving and then sat on her seat..


Bakshi: so where is this chandanpur? Why are we going there? That also in such a hurry.. she looked at everyone as she was munching onto the food piece..


Ham: You will come to know about it tomorrow.. today you  just have to get everything ready for your trip. We need to start early morning. Pack dress for at least a week..  and ha, I am sure, you will like the place.. consider this as a surprise vacation..


Bakshi: surprise vacation!!!!!!

Ham in a serious tone: ha, vacation.. so you get ready and go to bed early.. and no more late sitting for chatting with your friends'...  Ok..

Bakshi looked at her silent father.. He used to talk a lot, he used to ask them about the day while having dinner.. her inner mind was telling her that there is something more than vacation '... her mind wanted to know more about Chandanpur'... Is there anyone waiting for us there? ...'.


As if reading her mind Ham: Bakshi, you don't have to think too much about it, it is a very nice village ...' with full of greenery.. and wheat fields'...  and I am sure you will like that place..


Jalal who was silent all this time: yes Bakshi, I am excited.. I am taking my camera.. I never visited any real village yet'.  The face of village has already changed in many places.. but you know what I did search on that place.. yes as mom said it is well known for its greenery, windmills, narrow roads, wheat fields, and more than anything hills and river.. 

Bakshi looked at his excited voice and then asked in a doubtful voice: But do they have internet service and all?


Jalal: That I don't know for sure, It depends on the place we go.. anyway I am taking my laptop.   I am more excited to see the beautiful village ...Chandanpur..


Ham looked at her husband's face and then turning her face to Jalal: Jalal, are right.. I have seen Chandanpur, it is one of the most beautiful place I ever visited.. The atmosphere is so refreshing.. and you will surely like it..

Bakshi: Mom,but that may be years back, I never heard you talk about chandanpur  do you think, now also it will look the same way..

Ham: ha, I am sure, it will be the same.. because'... she suddenly paused her voice..

Jalal jerked to look at his mom's face, expecting her to continue.. instead he found her serving more curry in Humayu's plate and then concentrating back into her plate..

He also realized there is something hidden behind Chandanpur  which is keeping his dad silent.. his mom  is talking a  lot to cover dad's silence'...  may be it is more connected to Dad'... but anyway we are going there, so we will come to know what is waiting for us in chandanpur...'

after dinner they all went back to thier respective rooms to get things ready for the trip...

Jalal changed to his T- shirt and comfy shots,  went and stood outside his balcony...' he looked at the dark sky with shining stars'... The soft wind was blowing by giving the coldness to his mind'... small sweet smile was playing on his lips unknowingly...''.


Next: trip to Chandenpur...'. 

Part-2: don't forget the like button if you are proceeding to part-2. Thanks

As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. . . I will always keep falling in love with you. 




Ok friends'... that's for now. I don't know how you take it.. I wanted to start with Jalal.. and his journey to Chandanpur.. Hope you are coming with me, please let me know.. I. so Tell me what you think .

Take care and love you..

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awesome  di  continue soon and do pm me

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congo on new story

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