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Hello friends...I am going out of station day after tomorrow & will return after 10 updating next part of Missing...Big smileBig smileBig smile

Hope you all enjoy...Big smileBig smileBig smile

Chapter 3


Arjun asked, "Agar Aisha se related kisi bhi document mein uske father ka zikr nahi hai toh Why she is asking for her father??"

No one has the answer, an idea came to Shree's mind & he voiced out, "Sir...humein Aisha ke ghar se kuch pata chal sakta hai"

Arjun said, "Haan...Rathod..."

Rathod didn't wait for Arjun to complete his sentence & stood up, everyone got the meaning & moved out of office.



Rathod was driving, Arjun was sitting on passenger seat, Shree-Chotu were sitting on back seat, they were half way away from Aisha's flat when Shree's mobile buzzed, he picked up & said, "Haan Sakshi"

Sakshi replied, "Shree...meeting khatam ho gayi"

Shree, "Haan...meeting toh kab ki khatam ho gayi"

Sakshi, "Oh ok...Toh tum yahan hospital aa  rahe ho kya??"

Shree asked panicking, "Hospital...Kyu...kuch hua kya...Aisha thik toh hai..."

Everyone got startled seeing Shree panicking. Sakshi replied, "Arey nahi...Aisha bilkul thik hai...woh so rahi hai"

Shree got relaxed, seeing him others also relaxed, Shree said, "Hum log Aisha ke ghar ja rahe hai"

Sakshi got asked surprised, "Aisha ke ghar kyu??"

Shree narrated her about everything, when he finished Sakshi said, "Thik hai...mein bhi wahin aati hoon"

Shree replied, "Nahi...tum wahin raho hospital mein"

Sakshi said, "Shree...mein yahan kya karun...Aisha so rahi hai...aur waise bhi yahan Chotu ke admi aa gaye hai"

Shree said, "Ok wait..."

Shree asked Rathod while holding the mobile, "Sir...Sakshi bol rahi hai ki woh bhi Aisha ke ghar aa jati hai...kyunki Aisha iss waqt so rahi hai...aur hospital mein Chotu ke admi hai security ke liye"

Rathod nodded, Shree said to Sakshi on mobile, "Thik hai Sakshi...tum bhi wahin aa jao...par tum aaogi kaise??"

Sakshi said, "I will take taxi...but mujhe wahan pahunchne mein half an hour lag jayega"

Shree said, "Thik hai...hume bhi 15-20 minute toh lag hi jayenge"

Sakshi said, "Ok...bye"

With that both cut the call, after about 20 minutes ETF team was standing inside Aisha's flat, & were searching for any clue. 10 minutes after their arrival Sakshi reached their, on seeing her Rathod asked, "Aisha kaisi hai Sakshi??"

Sakshi replied, "Abhi thik hai Sameer...abhi woh so rahi thi toh meine socha ki mein yahan jao tum logo ki help karne"

Rathod said, "Ok"

After that Sakshi looked here & there & went in a room where Chotu was searching.

Rathod was searching in hall, Arjun & Shree in study room, Shree was looking at something when Arjun saw him smiling, Arjun asked, "Shree kya hua...hass kyu rahe ho??"

Shree replied, "Woh sir...kuch nahi...bus yeh photos dekhke hassi aa gayi"

Arjun asked, "Aisa kya hai photos mein??"

Shree replied, "Sir woh...yeh photos humari hai...(murmured in very low tone so that Arjun can't hear him)...humari masti ki"

Arjun heard him murmuring & raised his eyebrow, Shree saw Arjun looking at him, he put those photos back & replied, "Sir...yahan kuch nahi mila"

Arjun nodded at him & went out.

While in other room, Chotu saw Sakshi entering in the room & asked, "Aisha kaisi hai??"

Sakshi replied with small smile, "Fine"

Sakshi asked Chotu, "Kuch mila??"

Chotu replied while searching in a bedside drawer, "Nahi...abhi tak toh aisa kuch bhi nahi mila jisse Aisha ke papa ki koi information mile"

Sakshi nodded at him & went to the Almirah & asked, "Chotu...yeh cupboard check kar li kya??"

Chotu nodded no, Sakshi opened Almirah & started searching in it, Sakshi was looking at some papers that's when Arjun entered & asked, "Kuch mila"

Both Chotu & Sakshi nodded no, & trio Arjun-Chotu-Sakshi moved out of the room. In hall everyone assembled & asked about the findings, but none got any clue regarding Aisha's father.

Rathod said frustrated, "Iss pure flat mein aisa koi sabot nahi hai jisse Aisha ke father ke bare mein pata chale...koi photo...koi paper...kuch bhi nahi..."

Arjun asked after thinking something, "Rathod...yahan koi bhi certificate ya phir koi marksheet ...kuch bhi nahi hai...par kyu??"

Shree asked, "Kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai??"

Rathod asked, "Shree...ETF ke record mein kisi ki toh copy hogi...koi certificate, document ya phir marksheet??"

Shree replied, "Nahi sir...aisi koi copy nahi hai.."

Rathod muttered, "Damm It"

After thinking something Sakshi said, "I think hume hospital jana chahiye aur Aisha se hi puch lena chahiye"

Arjun asked, "Lekin Aisha ko kuch bhi yaad nahi hai...isliye usse puchke kya fyada??"

Rathod, "Rawte is right"

Sakshi replied, "Mera matlab tha ki Aisha se uske dad ke bare mein puch lete hai..."

Arjun-Rathod nodded at Sakshi & they moved out to go to hospital after locking Aisha's flat. In SUV, Arjun was driving, Sameer was on passenger seat & trio were sitting back side. They have reached half way to hospital & were waiting at red traffic signal, when Sakshi suggested, "Arjun...yeh MG Road se le jaldi pahunch jayenge"

Shree said, "Lekin iss raste se hospital ke back side pahunchenge na"

Chotu replied, "Kya fark padta hai Shree...hume hospital pahunchne se matlab hai..."

Shree nodded at him & Arjun took the way of MG Road to reach hospital. Soon they reached hospital's back side, Rathod was first one to step out of SUV, he was waiting for others to get down, after Rathod Chotu than Shree than Sakshi & than Arjun stepped out, Arjun looked at Rathod who was looking at something very keenly, Arjun was about to ask him what happened, when he heard Rathod's lungs out scream, "AISHA"

When Rathod stepped out of SUV, he saw two men were holding a girl who seemed to be unconscious, they were trying to push the girl inside the van, just then he noticed the girl's face & than what followed is his loud scream & him running towards the van.

When others heard Rathod's scream their heads automatically turned towards him & then towards the direction he was running, behind Rathod everyone started running towards the van.

The two men when heard someone's scream, they turned towards the person & saw him running towards them, they were only 100 meter away from him & they knew that he & others will reach to them in seconds, so one of them shout, "Abhe... bhaag..."

They left Aisha, whom they were putting inside the van on the road, sit in van & van's driver zoomed away the vehicle as fast as he can.

ETF team reached there & found Aisha lying consciously on road, Rathod-Sakshi sit beside unconscious Aisha while Arjun-Shree-Chotu ran behind the van but it was of no use bcoz van was quite away from them & catching that men were impossible, so after running up to few meters they returned back & saw Rathod-Sakshi trying to wake up Aisha.

Arjun asked, "Kya hua"

Sakshi replied nervously, "Behosh hai"

Rathod picked Aisha in his arms carefully so as not to hurt Aisha's right arm which was having fracture & was bandaged.

Carrying Aisha, they reached inside the hospital premises from back side, Chotu called for doctor in loud voice which gained everyone's attention towards them, Rathod didn't wait for doctor or stretcher & moved towards the room where Aisha was resting earlier, doctor came hearing noises & saw someone carrying a girl who was in hospital dress & rushed towards them, while Rathod continued running, doctor asked him about the matter, when they reached inside the room Rathod laid her down on bed & Arjun replied to doctor, "Doctor...pehle aap Aisha ko treat kariye...woh behosh hai"

Doctor nodded at him & asked them to move out of the room, everyone moved out unwillingly. Outside the room the guards were shocked when they saw Rathod bringing unconscious Aisha, so when they came out from the room, one of the guard, Shinde asked shocked, "Sir...yeh aapke saath kaise???"

Arjun asked angrily, "Iska jawab toh tum logo ko dena chahiye"

Other guard, Madav replied, "Sir...hum kaise..."

Before they can continue, Rathod asked furiously, "Tum log yahan kar kya rahe the...Aisha bahar kaise pahunchi??"

Shinde replied, "Sir...yeh aap kya bol rahe hai...madam toh andar hi thi"

Rathod asked heatedly, "Toh jisse hum abhi andar leke aaye wo kaun hai..."

Madav asked, "Sir...hume kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai"

Shree replied, "Kuch log Aisha ko yahan se leke jaa rahe ke piche wale gate se...hum log wahan pahunch gaye aur unn logo ko dekh liya isliye woh log Aisha ko wahin chodke bhaag gaye"

Chotu asked, "Ab tum log yeh batao ki Aisha yahan se bahar kaise gayi??"

Shinde-Madav looked at each other & replied, "Sir...hume nahi pata...but madam ko yahan se bahar le jate hue humne nahi dekha"

Arjun asked angrily, "Nahi dekha rahe the kya tum log??"

Shinde replied, "Nahi sir...hum dono yehin the...kahin nahi gaye...aur agar koi ek jata bhi tha toh dusra yehin rehte tha..."

But seeing that ETF team were not believing, Madav said, "Sir...humara yekin kariye...hume khud kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai ki...woh log madam ko yahan se leke kaise gaye"

Just then doctor came out & everyone asked at the same time, "Doctor...Aisha kaisi hai"

Doctor replied,  "Don't worry, abhi toh behosh hai...sayad chloroform sungaya(smell) gaya hai...humne glucose ki bottle change kar di hai for safer side aur blood sample bhi le liye hai yeh check karne ke liye ki patient ko galat medicine ya kuch aur na diya gaya ho"

Everyone nodded at doctor, Sakshi asked, "Doctor...usse hosh kab tak aajayega??"

Doctor replied, "Jaise hi chloroform ka asar khatma hoga...unhe hosh aa jayega...may be 1-2 hour mein..."

After that doctor moved out, everyone took a sigh of relief that Aisha is fine, but Rathod asked as calmly as possible to Shinde & Madav, "Tum logo ke yahan hote hue woh log yahan tak pahunche kaise??"

Madav replied, "Sir...hum bol rahe hai na...yahan pe hospital staff ke alawa koi bhi nahi aaya...aur humne kisi ko bhi madam ko le jate hue nahi dekha"

Now everyone was waiting for Shree, who had gone to check on CCTV footages, a call came from him to Arjun after about 10 minutes that footages are ready. Everyone went to check on CCTV footages while Sakshi along with Madav waited outside Aisha's room.


Reviews plzzz...Big smileBig smileBig smile

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me first
Awesome update
loved it
Who tried to Kidnap Aisha and Why????
what is about Aisha'a Dad??????
waiting for the next part
continue soon

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awesome update 
hmmm missing tittle fits

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Loved it Sneha 
Awesome update 
Hmm to ye loog Aisha ke peeche pade hai 
Thankfully Sameer saw it at the right timeClap
& alsosaved her from all this 
But nothing is clear about her father 
& why she is repeatedly asking about him Confused
thats not possible ki unke records main aisha ki educational proofs na hoo...? Confused
well now aisha is fine 
Lets see aage kya hota hai 
Thanks for the PM 
Continue soon Smile

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So Ghajni chapter begins ...
Everyone is trying to bring Ayesha memory back ...
I loved everyone shock expression in part second ...
Imagine this scene in real ...
So everyone in team pull up thier socks to cure Ayesha good ...
Let see what happen next 
Hope she gather her sense very soon 
Warna bechare RATHORE saheb ...ka Kya hoga ye hum sabhi Jante hai ...
Continue soon dear ...
Have a happy vacation 

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nice and confusing part 
aisha k ghar se kuch nhi mila Ouch
bechari ka ghar bi tehas nehas kr dia aur kuch mila bhi nhi
sakshi ka hospital k back side se jaane ka soch k chalte etf aisha ko bacha pai
now confusion start...aisha ki memory loss huyi hai right...
pr ye usse kidnap karne walo ko pta bhi hai ya nhi
secondly uske kidnappers ko kaise pta k wo hospital me hai
thirdly aisha ki jaan ko jab wo etf me thi tab bhi khatra tha kya
ya achanak se kidnappers ko akasvani huyi k aisha ka data corrupt ho chuka hai
ladki ko kidnap kar lo...LOLLOLLOL hope jaldi hi in sare swalo k jawab milenge 

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awesome update
aisha ke ghar se uske dad ke bare kuch bhi pata nhi chala aur koi documents bhi nhi mile
someone tried to kidnap aisha...ShockedShocked
par..kisne ne kiya aur kyun kiya???ConfusedConfused
sakshi ke suggestion ki wajah se ETF ne aisha ko bacha liya
thank God aisha is fine 
loved it
waiting for the next part
thanx for the pm
cont soon 

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awesome update
there is no proof of ayesha's dad at home Shocked
someone tried to kidnap aisha...ShockedShocked
who will try??Confused
thank God aisha is fine sam saw at right time
how it possible department does not have any educational proof
waiting for the next part
thanx for the pm
cont soon 

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