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Brilliant updates dear..Thumbs Up
They all searched Aish's house but none found anything..Not even a single certificate..??that's strange.
Ab ye kidnappers kahan se aa gye..Ye ho kya raha hai..??
This is getting did they take her outside...?
Hopefully ab Aisha hi kuch bata de..
About the van..hope iss cctv mein kuch mil jaye..
Good going..lets see what have you planned next.
cont soon..thanks for pms.

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its getting very interesting dear..
plz update soon
thanks 4 pm

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awesome update
and thanks 4 the pm...

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awesome update
wo log aisha ko bahar kaise le  gaye 
hope van ke bare kuch pata chal jaye 
aisha ko hosh aa gaya 
love it
thanx for the pm
cont soon Smile

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awesome update
ayesha bahar kaise aai?
waiting for unfolded story of ayesha's past
con soon
thanx for pmSmile 

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Hello friends...I am back with an update...this one especially dedicated to my two friends as their birthday gifts...although I am quiteee late for that...TongueTongueTongue...ab kya karun late latefi meri aadat ho gayi hai...TongueTongueTongue

Chapter 5


Shree, "Haan sir...dusre signal ko cross karne ke kuch 450 meter ke baad woh van Meera road ki taraf mudh gayi"

Rathod, "Meera road toh kafi bhid bhad wala ilaka hai"

Just then Rathod's phone rang, call was from Sakshi, he picked up, she said something, & he cut the call stating that they are coming.

Rathod, "Sakshi ka call tha...Aisha ko hosh aa gaya hai"

Everyone moved out to go to hospital. And Rathod asked Shree to bring the footages of Meera road.


Sameer-Arjun-Chotu reached hospital, they entered the room & saw Sakshi sitting beside bed & having initial convo with Aisha, seeing them they stopped talking & looked towards them.

Aisha passed them a small smile, everyone came near bed, Aisha said looking at everyone, "Thank you so much...aap logo ne ek baar phir mujhe bacha liya..."

Arjun said, "Its ok..."

Sameer asked, "Ab tum kaisi ho??"

Everyone can noticed his voice shivering & how much he is trying to act as normal, Aisha replied, "I am fine Sir"

When no one said anything for some minutes, Aisha saw everyone looking at her with concerned eyes, it was completely new for her, she was not able to understand their concern but shrugging of her thoughts she asked, "Kuch pata chala woh log kaun the??"

Chotu replied, "Nahi"

Rathod asked, "Tum yahan se bahar tak kaise pahunchi??"

Aisha looked at him confused, as if she didn't get the meaning of his question. Rathod understood & continued, "I mean...jisne tumhe behosh kiya tha...tumne usse dekha toh hoga??"

Now Aisha understood what he was asking & replied thinking sadly, "Nahi...mein so rahi thi...when I felt someone putting a cloth on my nose...meine bohat koshish ki usse hatane ki...but nahi kar payi...& I fainted...uske baad kya hua...mujhe kuch nahi pata"

Everyone sighed, there was an awkward silence in room, Arjun thought of something & cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.

Arjun asked, "Aisha...woh actually we wanted to inform to your family, I mean to your father but we didn't have his contact number..."

Aisha smiled & said, "Its ok Sir...I will manage"

Everyone understood that Arjun was trying to get some information about her father but Aisha didn't understood, she thought he is asking in concern.

So Sakshi asked, "Tum hume unka contact number de do...we will get him here...I mean tum unse milna chahti thi na...toh..."

Aisha replied, "Haan...milna toh chahti thi...but its ok...meri unse baat ho gayi hai..."

Now that was something strange for team, How did she contact him & if she is in contact with him than why they didn't find anything at her house.

Sameer asked, "Kab"

Aisha replied, "Abhi...thodi der pehle..."

Everyone got confused & looked at Sakshi bcoz she was present with her all the time, she too shrugged her shoulder & asked Aisha, "Matlab...", when Aisha looked at her shocked face confusingly, Sakshi continued, "I mean...mein toh kabse tumhare saath hoon...meine toh nahi dekha tumhe apne father se baat karte hue"

Aisha replied, "Woh meine sister ke mobile se unse bat ki thi"

Sakshi thought something & said, "Ohhh"

Everyone looked confused at Sakshi but she signalled them to remain quit & asked Aisha, "Kya  kaha unhone"

Aisha replied sadly, "Jab meine unhe call kiya he said that he is going to Kolkata for some work...& he can't postponed his trip...he will meet me once he return back"

Sakshi was about to ask her further, when Sameer asked, "Unka naam kya hai??"

Aisha replied, "A...Avinash"

Sakshi looked at Sameer confused, which he ignored. After a silence of 2-3 minutes in which everyone noticed Aisha being sad, Arjun said to Aisha, "U take rest...we will come later..."

Aisha nodded at him with slight smile, everyone started moving out, Arjun signalled Sakshi to come out, Sakshi nodded at him & said to Aisha, "Mein abhi aayi.."

Aisha nodded at her, Arjun closed the door when they were out of the room.

Before anyone can say something Sameer said , "Chotu...go & get that nurse"

Chotu, "Yes Sir"

Sameer asked with anger, "Sakshi...tumne Aisha ko akele kyu choda tha??"

Sakshi replied, "Sameer...I was not having any choice"

Arjun asked, "Kyu??"

Sakshi, "Woh...woh...actually"

Sameer, "Kya woh woh kar rahi ho??"...irritation & anger was clearly visible in his voice.

Sakshi replied without looking at them, "Nurse was giving her sponge bath"

Now both realised why Sakshi was hesitating & why she left Aisha alone in the room with nurse.  

Sakshi asked, "Sameer tumne mujhe kuch bhi puchne se ruka kyu??"

Sameer replied, "Kyunki...humare iss tarah sawal puchne se woh confused ho rahi thi...aur waise bhi I don't think ki hume usse ek baar mein saare sawal puchne chahiye..."

Arjun continued him, "Right...kyunki mujhe lagta hai ki abhi bohat saare sawal samne aayenge jinke jawab hume Aisha se lene honge"

At the same time, Chotu came up with nurse, "Sir...yeh hi woh nurse hai jinke mobile se Aisha ne baat ki thi"

Sameer asked, "Sister aapke phone se Aisha ne kisi ko call kiya tha"

Nurse, Seema said, "Yes sir...when I was with her she said that she wanted to talk with her father & I can't take her to the reception so I gave her my mobile...But sir what's the problem??"

Sameer replied, "No...nothing serious...please give us your mobile?"

Seema asked surprised, "Why??"

Sameer replied, "Nothing serious...its just that we want that number on which she contacted"

Seema replied, "Oh...ok..." & gave them her mobile.

Sameer took her mobile & saw the last dial number, it was a mobile number, Arjun noted that number, Sameer gave the mobile back to sister & she left from there.

Arjun dialled the number but it was switched off now. Arjun while giving the number to Chotu, "Chotu...pata karo yeh number iss waqt kahan hai aur yeh number kis naam se registered hai"

Chotu said, "Yes sir...Sir Shree ka phone aaya tha"

Arjun, "Kuch pata chala usse"

Chotu, "Sir usne humein kisi garage mein bulaya hai"

Sameer asked, "Garrage...par kyu..??"

Chotu replied, "Sir usne kahan ki woh van wahin hai"

Sameer, "Theek hai...hum log chalte hai...(turning to Sakshi)...Sakshi tum yahin ruko & (stressing on words) be aware"

Sakshi nodded at him & they went out.

After some time they reached at the garage & found Shree standing there waiting for them.

Arjun asked, "Kya pata chala Shree"

Shree, "Sir meine Meera road ke aur footages check kiye the, unse mile kuch clues se yeh pata chal gaya tha ki woh van Meera road se aage nahi gayi thi, isliye yahan aake kuch CCTV footages se aur thodi bohat puch taach se pata chala ki kidnapping se karib 1 ghante pehle iss garage(pointing to the garage) se ek van chori hui thi"

Chotu asked, "Sir, mein abhi headquarters mein inform kar deta hoon"

Shree, "Nahi Chotu...uski jaroorat nahi hai"

Chotu, "Kyu"

Shree, "Kyunki woh van 2 ghante baad wapas mil gayi thi"

Arjun, "Kahan??"

Shree, "Sir...garage ke pass yeh jo gali hai (pointing towards the road beside the garage), iske end pe van mil gayi, aur toh aur uss van ki number plate van ke andar hi tha"

Arjun, "Matlab unlogo ne chori ki van ka istemaal kiya kidnapping ke liye, number plate hatake, taki agar koi van dekh bhi le woh log pakde na jaye"

Sameer, "Damm it...matlab ab humare pass koi lead nahi hai unn kidnappers ki"

Arjun, "Hai Rathod...(when everyone looked at him confused...he continued)...agar hume yeh pata chal jaye ki Aisha hospital ke back gate tak kaise pahunchi toh sayad humen koi lead mil jayegi"

Sameer, "Uss number ka kuch pata chala...jispe Aisha ne call kiya tha"

Shree, "Sir give me some time I will find out"

Sameer irritatedly, "Fast Shree"

Shree, "Yes sir".  After that everyone sit in the car & Shree started working on tracing that number.

In hospital

Sakshi came inside after everyone went out to meet Shree at garage & saw Aisha in deep thinking. She tried to lighten the atmosphere.

Aisha noticed Sakshi coming inside & asked, "Aap yahan...I mean aap apni team ke saath nahi gayi"

Sakshi, while sitting on the stool beside the bed, "Nahi...Mein yahin rukh gayi"

Aisha asked, "Kyu??...I mean I am fine now"

Sakshi, "Haan...fine toh ho par sayad kuch log tumhare piche hai...(and winked)...aur ab hum unke piche"

Aisha smiled at her comment but again went into serious mode, Sakshi noticed that & placed her hand on her hand & said, "Don't worry...U are safe"

Aisha gave her small smile & nodded at her. Sakshi now don't know how to start a conversation with her. That's when nurse came & smiled at them, Sakshi stood to give space to nurse & walked at the end of bed, Nurse gave some medicines to Aisha & went from there, Sakshi excused herself & went behind nurse.

Outside the room, Sakshi stopped nurse & asked, "Sister...kya Aisha ko pata hai ki she lost her 8 years memory??"

Nurse replied, "No...she don't know yet"

Sakshi, "Oh..."

When nurse was about to leave from there, Sakshi asked, "Kya mein usse bata doon..."

Nurse replied, "No...aise cases mein you have to ask doctor before doing anything because mostly aise cases mein patients gabra jate hai aur mind pe bohat jor dalne lagte hai...which is not good"

Sakshi replied, "Ok"

Sakshi thanked nurse & nurse went from there, Sakshi thought to inform about it to others also.

Sakshi called Sameer, Sameer picked the call in second ring, "Hello"

Sakshi, "Sameer...woh van ka kuch pata chala"

Sameer narrated her everything & Sakshi replied, "Ab hum kya karenge...unn logo ko kaise dhundenge???"

Sameer replied, "Yeh toh nahi pata ...par haan unhe dhund jaroor lenge"

Sakshi noticed a firm determination in his words, she smiled & replied, "Hmmm"...Sakshi continued, "Sameer...woh tumhe kuch batana tha Aisha ke bare mein"

Sameer got alerted & asked, "Is she ok"

Sakshi replied, "Haan..she is fine...actually meine abhi nurse se baath ki hai...& unhone kaha hai ki Aisha ko yeh nahi pata hai ki she lost her partial memory...aur hum iss bare mein pehle doctor se puche phir usko kuch bhi yaad dilane ki koshish karein"

Sameer replied, "Ok...we will take care of that"

With that both cut the call & Sameer informed to others also.

scroll down

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In office, Sameer's cabin

Everyone was busy with the case, In noon Shree has placed the mobile details of Megha's boyfriend Aakash(recent case), he took the papers to read while reading the details he remembered an another case.


It was quite late in night around 11pm & Sameer was sitting in his cabin & was going through the details of some case, was trying to connect the dots, just then he heard a knock on the door & said, "Come in"

Aisha was the intruder in his thought process, she came & said, "Sir, Yeh last case se related kuch papers hai, aapke sign chahiye the"

Sameer asked, "Tum abhi tak gayi nahi"

Aisha replied, "Haan sir...woh bas yeh thoda sa kaam baki tha...woh hi kar rahi thi"

Sameer nodded & took the papers & started reading it bcoz he can't sign any paper without going through them, it was almost 15-20 minutes & he still was reading the papers, his full focus was only the papers suddenly he saw the person sitting opposite to him, she was facing outside the cabin with her head resting on her right hand & left hand was playing with the pen, her eyes were roaming around whatever things she can see sitting here, it was clear from her face that she was bored & was sleepy & must be cursing him for taking so much time, Sameer chuckle in his mind but controlled himself & said, "Aisha"

Aisha got alerted from her half sleepy state & looked at him, "Yes sir"

Sameer, "Tum jao...mein sign karke tumhe kal de dunga"

Aisha signed in relief, "Ok sir"

Sameer did noticed the replief she felt when he asked her to go, he wanted to smile but controlled himself & concentrated back in the file.

Aisha stood up & left from there after wishing him good night.

Flashback ends


A small smile appeared on his lips remembering her bored & tired face.

Flashback 2

Sameer & Aisha has went to Pune for the case that was handled by ETF & in that Aisha has went undercover, they came to Pune to report about the case to the Commissioner of Pune bcoz that case was under him, it was by chance that ETF got involved in that case & solved the case adding another feather in ETF cap.

But instead of thanking ETF that commissioner blamed them for intruding in his case, although Sameer was prepared for that behaviour from him bcoz the commissioner was well known for finding fault in anyone's work even if it was done with atmost perfection.

Sameer has already decided on not to react on his words but when he started insulting his team along with him, Sameer gave him nice answers, which lead the commissioner to shut his mouth. Sameer spoke very few words to him but his rage was visible in those few words.

Sameer has strictly ordered Aisha not to say any word whatever the situation came, he did noticed Aisha's furious eyes looking at commissioner & occasionly on him also when commssioner was chattering against him but he totally avoided her which also increases her rage.

Both were returning back from Pune, it was almost midnight & they have crossed half way back to Mumbai.

Sameer was driving, Aisha was back to her normal self after Sameer's tit for tat replies to commissioner, he too noticed her normal behaviour, he also noticed her looking at him occasionaly, first he ignored that but from past few minutes it was quite frequent.

On the other hand, Aisha was thinking about her stomach who was making noises bcoz they haven't eaten anything from noon. But looking at him was not giving her any clue whether he too was feeling hungry or not, she wanted to ask but was little bit scared of his mood.

Finally Sameer asked while looking at road, "Problem kya hai??"

Aisha spoke confusingly, "Sir"

Sameer again asked, "What's the problem??"

Aisha, "Main kuch samjhi nahi sir"

Sameer replied irritated, "Tum bar bar mujhe kyu dekh rahi ho"

Aisha was taken aback by his question & replied stammering, "Woh...woh..."

Sameer raised his eyebrow, Aisha gulped & replied, "Bhook lagi hai"

Sameer didn't get what she said bcoz she was so fast in her reply, so he asked annoyed, "What??"

Aisha thought that he is ready to blast on her & also food is no where in his mind, so she said, "Kuch nahi"

After that Aisha started looking outside while cursing him for his insanity. Sameer looked at her but she didn't gave any attention to him, he can easily guess that she might be cursing him but for what, What he did? Silence prevail in the car but soon Sameer got the words she said, he was trying hard not to chuckle but was having hard time.

After the drive of 15 minutes, Sammer stopped the car, Aisha looked at him in confusion, Sameer replied pointing to the dhaba, "Kuch kha lete hai...noon se kuch khaya nahi hai" & he stepped down from car & went towards the dhaba with a playful smile on his lips bcoz he did notice Aisha's shocked expression.

Aisha murmured after he left, "Toh meine kya urdu mein bola tha...uss waqt kyu bhav kha rahe the".

Aisha too stepped & both had silent dinner bcoz Aisha was cursing him for his discourteous behaviour while Sameer enjoyed the whole drama.

Flashback 2 ends


Sameer can never forget that day, he was not in good mood that day bcoz of the whole conversation with commissioner but that simple question from Aisha & his reaction & her reaction after reaching dhaba was worth watching, what he didn't got was Why she was that much afraid of him?, It was like if she said it one more time he will eat her. Whatever it was, that was the first day when he saw the ever so daring Aisha scared & that to be only for food.

His thoughts were broken by a knock on door, Shree came & noticed the small smile on Sameer's face but could not understood the reason, he didn't get why he was smiling when there are so many tensions around them but he ignored that & said, "Sir, aapne Aakash ke mobile details check kiye"

Sameer replied after composing himself, "Nahi...I mean woh hi dekh raha hoon"

Shree looked at him confused bcoz it almost more than 40 minutes they came back to office & still Sameer hadn't looked at the detail, Sameer also got the questions lingering in Shee's mind by his expression, so to cover up he said, "Raat kafi ho gayi hai...tum jao...aur baki sabko bhi jane ko bol do"

Shree asked, "Sir...aap nahi jayenge"

Sameer, "Nahi...mujhe kuch kaam hai"

Shree said, "Ok sir...good night sir" & left from there.

Soon office was empty with only two persons left there, Sameer & Arjun in their cabins, but both were unaware of the presence of other.

Sameer checked his watch it was showing 11pm, he thought of calling Sakshi to know about Aisha, he called Sakshi's number but it was busy, he wondered to whom she was talking at this hour.

He again tried calling Sakshi after 15 minutes but it was still busy, now he was loosing his calm. He decided to call after 10 more minutes. After 10 minutes he was about to call Sakshi but his phone rang flashing Sakshi's name, Sameer picked the call & before Sameer can blast on her, Sakshi said, "Hello Sameer...sorry woh mein Shree se baat kar rahi thi...sorry"

Sameer replied, "Ok...", after that he didn't asked anything bcoz he don't know how to, on the other side Sakshi understood his hestitaion, so she replied, "Aisha theek hai, uske right arm mein pain ho raha tha isliye doctor ne medicine di thi, aur ab so rahi hai"

Sameer replied, "Hmmm". Realising that Sameer is not going to say anything Sakshi said, "Good Night, bye".

Sameer, "Good Night"

Both cut the call, Sameer started reading the file & this time he was reading & not just looking.

Sometime back, Arjun moved out from his cabin to went to terrace of ETF building, that's when he noticied presence of Sameer in his cabin, Sameer was looking lost & smiling, Arjun thought may be he is remembering something, may be the moments he spend with Aisha. Arjun has realised long back about Sameer's feeling for Aisha when Sameer himself was unknown of his feeling, that time he only wished that Sameer realised his feelings so soon otherwise Aisha might choose some one else, he chuckle in his mind. If he was in good terms with Sameer than definitely he would have put some sense in his "Ullu buddy".

But now things have changed drastically, they were not in good terms, also when Sameer has finally realised his feelings, the girl whom he loved forgot him. He was feeling very unhappy as he cant do anything neither he can bring the lost memory of Aisha nor he can give the support to his buddy which he needed the most right now. He can't do anything other than waiting for the time to make everything right.

Arjun went to terrace to feel the coolness of fresh hair.

Next morning

Sameer woke up at his usual time at 5am, no matter how much late he sleep he will wake up early, so today was no exception, he look at his surroundings & found himself in his cabin, sitting on his chair with a open file in his hand, he felt some pain in his neck owing to sleeping on a chair. He yawned & went to washroom to wash his face, after that he went to his house to get ready for a new day.

He reached his house & after getting ready he directly went to hospital, as the first thing to do was to check on Aisha.

Soon he was standing in Aisha's room in hospital with having wide awake constable outside & sleeping Aisha inside, first he wondered where Sakshi was? but got his answers when he heard the sound of running water from washroom.

Sakshi came outside & saw Sameer looking at Aisha with eyes that has something but she was not able to understand, she cleared her throat to bring him out of his trance & it did worked, Sameer looked at Sakshi a bit embarrsed for having caught when he was staring at Aisha, Sakshi smiled at him & said, "Good morning Sameer"

Sameer, "Good morning"

Sakshi, "Tum itni jaldi...yahan??"

Sameer was not having any answer, he was trying to find any answer but Sakshi relieved him saying, "Sameer if you don't mind, kya tum thodi der ke liye yahan rukh sakte, I need to go home"

Sameer thanked her in mind & said, "Ok"

Sakshi said smiling, "Thanks...I will be back soon"

With that Sakshi left from there taking her handbag. Sameer sat on the sofa, he can see calmness on Aisha's sleeping face totally opposite to the nature of her. He smiled remembering wild avatar of her in interrogation, if she happens to be the chief of ETF than definitely court would have been burdened less for giving punishment to criminals not bcoz they will not be caught by her but bcoz for punishment criminals must be presented before court & that can only be happen if they remained alive, which has very less chance if she lead any case. Patience, the only thing she don't have.

He don't know for how much time he was sitting there lost in his thoughts, his thought were broken only with the door opening noise, doctor has came for check up.


Reviews plzzz...

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nice update...
sam bechara use shock pe shock mil rhe hai
bechari sakshi kya bataye k wo aisha ko chod kr kyun gyi thi
ek baat to saaf ho gyi k aisha k dad zinda hai...kyunki aisha ne unse baat ki hai
abhi bahut kuch pta krna baki hai
van bhi mil gyi...but van milne ka koi fyda nhi hua...
sakshi ko badi jaldi hai aisha ko batane ki k uski memory loss huyi hai
waise mujhe ek cheez samjh nhi aayi doctor ko kaise pta k aisha ki partial memory loss huyi hai aur kitne time ki memory loss huyi hai 
I mean doctor ko sapna to aaya nhi hoga k aisha 7 saal piche chali gyi hai...unhe ye idea kaise lga...
both fb was so khud to ghar jata nhi...aur bechari aisha bore ho rhi hai...cabin me
bhuka mar dia ladki ko sam ne LOL
aur maze le rha hai...
lol sam kya sahi sochta hai agar aisha etf chief hoti to court ka kam kafi asan ho jata...
wo criminals ko court tak pahuchne ki halat me chodti nhi 

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