Case SS : Missing Chapter 6 updated - 09/04/2015 Pg : 14

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Hello Friends...Wish you all a very very Happy New Year...Big smileBig smileBig smile

A new year gift to all from my side i.e. an another SS...TongueTongueTongue

MWBs :- Ab jab tak yeh SS khatam nahi ho jata kisi aur ki mala mat jaapna...OuchOuchOuch

Hope you all like it the way you liked my previous & first SS:-  Dream come True...Big smileBig smileBig smile


Chapter 1 :- Below

Chapter 2 :- 

Chapter 3 :-

Chapter 4 :-

Chapter 5 :-

Chapter 6:-

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Chapter 1


City Hospital

6 people were present, 3 were sitting on a bench with worried face, 3 were standing lost in their own thoughts among them one was crying terribly & 1 was inside getting treated by experts, all those who were standing outside were praying only for the wellcbeing of the person who is inside.

Few hours before

It was normal day for ETFians, Shree-Chotu were watching something on Shree's laptop, Aisha-Sakshi were talking among themselves, Liza was in her lab, Sameer-Arjun were outside for a meeting, overall bcoz of RR being outside the office atmosphere of ETF office was quite cool.

Soon Chotu's phone rang, he picked it up & went in a silent corner to have convo with the person on other side. Chotu came there with a little happy face, so Shree asked winking, "Kya hua bheem, itna khush kyu hai??...Kisi party ka invitation mila hai kya??"

Chotu replied casually, "Haan...invitation toh mila hai...but kisi party ka nahi"

Shree raised his brows in confusion & Chotu gave him a naughty smile & called Rathod, Rathod picked it in second ring, Chotu asked, "Sir...kuch information mili hai...aap kab tak office aayenge".

Rathod said something & Chotu cut the call & said to Shree, "Rathod Sir or Arjun Sir do minute mein office pahunch rahe hai"

After that Chotu went outside to call Aisha-Sakshi who were talking with each other in such a low tone that he doubt whether they were able to listen to each other or not, seeing Chotu coming toward Sakshi stopped talking, Chotu came & asked curiously, "Tum dono kya  baat kar rahe the??"

Aisha replied with a small smile, "Girls talk"

Chotu asked, "Jaise ki??"

Sakshi replied instantly, "Jaise ki aaj shopping pe jaye ya nahi...jaye toh kahan jaye aur kya karide kya na kairde...kahan kitna discount hai, aur agar na jaye toh kyu nahi jaye..."

Before Sakshi can continue, Chotu stop her & said, "Samajh gaya maate...mujhe nahi janna ki tum dono kya baat kar rahi thi...mein tum dono ko sirf yeh batane aaya tha ki Rathod Sir aur Arjun Sir office pahunchne wale hai...tom log conference room mein aa jao..."

Chotu was returning back to conference room but he stopped in mid-way & while turning said to the girls, "Waise kisi ne sahi kaha hai ladhkiyo se baton mein jitna impossible hai...aur iska live example meine abhi dekha hai"

Chotu went inside conference room & girls giggled but stopped giggling seeing RRs coming inside.

Rathod came to them & asked, "Chotu kahan hai?"

Aisha replied, "Conference room mein...usse sayad kuch information mila hai..."

Rathod nodded & asked them to come to conference room. Soon everyone was settled inside the conference room & Chotu has told them that he got secret information about dealing of Drugs in a emptied old factory in Thar.

Rathod asked about the surety of information to which Chotu said that he had got this information from his best informer & the chances of this information being wrong is almost nil.

They made a plan (without Sakshi) & reached factory, hide themselves & waited for the leader to come & complete the deal, deal was supposed to take place at first floor of the factory.

Soon they saw one car arriving & from that a man came out in a 3 piece black suit, everyone recognized him as one of the leading business man Arvind Singhaniya, he was the buyer in the deal but before grabbing him they have to wait for the other man who would be the seller of drugs.

Their wait was not quite long bcoz the seller was arrived soon, & they easily recognized him also as one of the leading drug dealer Billu, who was being searched by department for quite long time.

Soon they exchanged greetings & deal started to take place with so many men surrounded by  building, ETF started their work silently & were removing their obstacles slowly to grab the dealers. Soon ETF was successful in removing their obstacles on ground floor without any noise & without getting notice by dealers & the men at first floor.

But to grab the dealers they have to go to first floor & to reach there there is only one way & going to that way will lead to alert them but they don't have any choice, so they went from stairs only & with that a huge commotion & shooting started in the factory.

ETF was having tough time in handling the situation but they were trained enough to get the criminals in their hands, soon they tackled everyone & Arvind's neck was in Chotu's hands but that Billu was yet to be grabbed.

Billu was smart, he knew that getting out from here was not possible if he didn't play a trick with ETF, he acted that bullets in his gun has finished & ETF got in his trap, everyone came out of their hideouts & Arjun said, "Billu...bahar aa jao...chupne se koi fyada nahi hai"

Billu came out with his hands raised & since Aisha was nearest to Billu, she took quick steps while pointing her gun to Billu, she reached just beside him & tried to take his gun but Billu moved his hand in air in such way that Aisha's gun fell on ground & Billu took Aisha as hostage.

Everyone got alerted, Rathod barked, "Koi fayda nahi hai Billu...tum yahan se nahi bhag sakte ...aur waise bhi tumhari gun ki bullets khatam ho chuki hai..."

Billu laughed & shoot in air, everyone got startled, Billu said mockingly, "Kya hua...herani ho rahi hai...tricks khelna sirf tum logo ko hi aata hai kya...thodi bohat trick khelna hume bhi aata hai...( he laughed & Aisha was struggling, Aisha was trained officer & she knows very well how to come out of tight hold of a man but she also knew that she has to use her brain not her martial art skills here & wait for her seniors orders bcoz getting Billu under her hands is not a big deal, Billu continued )...ab chup chap apni apni guns niche rakh do...sharafat se"

Shree-Chotu looked at Arjun-Rathod who nodded them to put their guns down, while putting his gun on ground Rathod gave Aisha a meaningful gaze which she understood very well, Aisha kicked on Billu's knee so hard that Billu got misbalanced & gun fell from his hand, Billu-Aisha were standing near the edge but since Billu was holding Aisha & bcoz of Billu's misbalance Aisha also got misbalanced & fell on the stacks of bricks on ground.

What followed was were screams & gun shots on Billu, & on the ground Aisha was lying fully covered in pool of her own blood.

Sakshi-Liza were informed about the accident & from the time they got to know only tears were coming from their eyes.

Present time

Aisha was inside operation theater from past 2 hours & was being treated by doctors. Shree-Chotu-Liza don't want to think about the negative thinks, right now they only want to pray that doctor can bring their friend back to them.

Arjun, he had seen many ups & downs in his life, he had seen many people dying, he know what the pain is of loosing dear ones.

Sakshi was hysterical about the things.

Rathod, in last 2 hours he got to know the importance of Aisha in his life, she was much more to him except being his team member. Till now he was confused about his own feelings & was not sure of Aisha's feelings but know he had decided to confess his feelings to Aisha once she get conscious, whatever the answer came from Aisha he was ready to accept that but for that she should get back to them. 

Their wait came to end when the red bulb above the OT gate get switched off. All literally run to doctors & asked only one question, "How is she??"

Doctor answered to them, "Operation was successful, but yes she has lost lot of blood so she is very week, sir pe chot lagi hai but dont worry internal injury nahi hai & there is a fracture in her right hand & arm & small fractures in legs (doctor saw everyone getting tensed, so he continued) but don't worry she will recover slowly". Doctor went from there giving them a assuring smile.

Everyone was revealed, they saw a nurse coming outside & Sakshi asked to her, "Sister...kya hum usse mil sakte hai"

Nurse replied, "Nahi...abhi woh hosh mein nahi hai...unhe karib 7-8 ghante baad hosh tak she is under observation"

They know there is no use of arguing, they have to wait till she get conscious.

But that wait was like a wait for a long day, no one wants to go from there but they have to go to complete the procedures & to report to commissioner for the encounter, so Shree-Chotu left along with Arjun, Rathod also had to go being the chief of ETF he cannot deny his responsibilities, Liza had to go to collect evidences from the factory, only Sakshi was left in hospital.

Sakshi was sitting on a bench of hospital, she was thinking about the friendship of her with Aisha, how they became friends, how they have worked together to nab the culprits.

It was almost 7 hours Sakshi was sitting in hospital, none from the team has arrived yet, she know how much time it take to complete the procedures, just than a nurse came outside from ICU, that nurse was inside all the time, she went & called doctor, Sakshi stood up seeing the nurse coming out but before she can go & ask nurse went from there & with in second came with the doctor, doctor went inside without looking at Sakshi which actually tensed Sakshi thinking what happened?

Sakshi was outside & waiting for the doctor to come, her wait came to end when doctor came outside & said, "Patient is fine...unhe hosh aa gaya hai...aap mil sakti hai unse"

Before going inside, Sakshi called Rathod & informed him about Aisha getting conscious, Rathod said that they will come in next 2 minutes as they were just coming to hospital only.

Sakshi went inside with slow steps, still her tears have not stopped but yes now they were happy tears. Sakshi went & sit on the stool beside the bed, she took her hand in her hand & asked in choked voice, "Kaisi ho??"

Aisha had seen Sakshi coming inside, but she was not able to understand the reason of her tears, she was looking at her, when she heard her asking about her health, she looked at her confused.

Sakshi saw Aisha looking in confusion, she got confused with Aisha's confused look, soon everyone came inside ICU & saw Sakshi sitting beside Aisha. Everyone was relieved & happy seeing Aisha.

Aisha got more confused seeing them, she only whispers bcoz of weakness, "Papa kahan hai??"

Sakshi got startled & confused with the question, everyone heard what Aisha asked, Rathod came forward & asked, "Aisha...ab tabiyat kaisi hai tumhari??"

Aisha looked at him confused & asked, "Aap kaun??"

Now that was a shock for everyone, they looked at each other not knowing what happen?

Rathod asked while his heart was beating very fast, "You ok"

Aisha replied in low tone, "Yes...I am ok...but (she stopped, looked at everyone & asked )..aap log kaun hai??"


Reviews please...Big smileBig smileBig smile

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omg ye kyaaa 
aisha in danger 
chalo baccha liya etf ne
lekin ye kyaa ? 
aisha ki yadasht chali gayi ?
continue soon 

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Awesome start dear
loved it
wonderful!!Thumbs Up
the case proceedings were written nicely!Clap
the team was able to nab billu.. Smile
but Aisha got injuredCry
everyone was tensed
Aisha regained her senses..
but what's this??Shocked
she didn't recognise anyone of the team.. Disapprove
she lost her partial memory??Ermm
really interesting
do continu soon
thanks for pm

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very nyc...

So Aisha lost her memory...

now what will ETF do? and They tackle Ayesha...

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Awesome update
Loved it
So Aisha lost her memory
Ab kya hoga? 
Waiting for the next part
Continue soon

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A new story...

Wow dear...

It's awesome, blossom, amazing, fantastic, fabulous, super duper, blockbuster, rocking outstanding, freaking, breathtaking and mind blowing update...

Just loved it...


The whole chapter is superb..   



Do continue soon...

And thanks for the beautiful story pm..

And a very happy new year...

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New storyBig smileBig smileBig smile InvestigativeThumbs Up
Aisha injuredCry
She got a memory lossShocked
Ab aage kya hoga????
Good startStar
Update soon

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