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Arhi Thread 8 On His Demand THE TRUTH PAGE 133 (Page 83)

Sakhi2013 Goldie

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Posted: 14 March 2015 at 7:50pm | IP Logged
Nice one 
Thanks for PM

sweetydoll32 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2015 at 11:55pm | IP Logged
Omg.. Plz don't make it so thrilling that i get heart attack while reading.. Please update soon
-Roshini- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2015 at 2:09am | IP Logged
Fantastic teaser
risha8 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2015 at 3:30am | IP Logged
awesome teaser 
NidhiAS.Raizada IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2015 at 3:52pm | IP Logged
Sorry for the late chapter...Enjoy! 

Update contains a mild mature content...

"Anjali di, there is a letter for you!" HP said.

"A letter for me?" she wondered, and smilingly received from him. There was no name, just a home address, and her name printed on an envelope. "Who gave it?"

"I don't know di, a mail delivery man came. And said it is for you!"

"Yes, it's for me, anyways, thank you, Hari."

Hari smiled and left to resume his work.

"Who will send me a letter?" she wondered. "It doesn't look like any business letter." She took a look of both sides.

"Anjali, bitiya, what's that?" Nani asked. Before she had a chance to open up the letter.

"It's a letter for me."
"Oh, okay...Where is Chote and Khushi bitiya? They aren't home yet."
"Yeah, God knows what is taking them time to come home...Well, it is good that they are spending time together,"  Anjali answered. "If you are worried, I ask them..."
"No, if it's about them spending time together, let them! Just know if they are good!"

"Just a moment, Nani. I call them!"
She kept the letter and called Arnav.
"Chote," she said as he picked up the phone. "Where are you guys?"
"Di, we are at the hospital."
"What? But why?"
"Khushi? What happened to her?" she asked, worried.
"Now nothing to worry about. She got a panic attack..."
"What?" she almost shouted. "Panic attack, how come? She was completely fine."
"I don't know," he lied. "She is in the hospital admitted."
"Chote, don't worry, we are coming to the hospital..."
"Di, no!" he said. "There is no need to come to the hospital. I will make sure she is home by today...She needs home care..."
"Chote, I am really worried. I have to see her...I hope there is nothing much to worry about..." she insisted and enquired.
"Doctors are saying she needs to be handled sensitively."
Has she seen Rahul? Anjali thought. "No!"
"What happened, di?"
"Nothing, Chote. Is she at our hospital?"
"Yes, she is..."
"Alright, we are coming. I am sure she will feel better...How is she doing now?"
"Doctor has injected her so, she is sleeping. May be in an hour or so she will be up."

"Chote, you sound extremely worried. Don't loose hope. She will be okay. What I feel is she might have seen her ex-husband..." she said to ease his tension.
"Hmm! Di, I don't recommend you guys come to the hospital. She will be discharged by today anyways..."
"Chote, she needs us!"

"Mr. Raizada," Doctor Chopra said.
"Hey, doctor Chopra. You are here!" Arnav was happy to see his doctor after a long time.
"What happened, heard she had seen Mr. Rahul? Is that really true? How come when he is dead!"
"I don't know," he answered. "May be she saw a person who looked alike him..."
"It's creepy and scary."
"I know! I am just worried it doesn't affect her mentally..."
"You have to prove her that he is dead..."
"How can we, she herself knows that he is dead."
"Well, fear is already in her mind. I hope this never happens again, that's the best remedy I guess..."
Arnav nodded.

"Chote, what are doctors saying?" Nani asked. "What exactly had happened?"

"I don't know, Nani. She was really scared. As if she had seen something  really scary," Arnav explained.

"Panic attack? Didn't she wake up in between and told you anything?" Mami ji asked.

He shook his head. "Nothing...She woke up scared and then doctor had to force her back to sleep."

"Khushi, bitiya!" Nani ji said, as she saw her slowly opening her eyes. Khushi was relieved to see her family. She got hold of her fears and they made it easy for her. Her eyes didn't have to search for Arnav much. He was standing in a corner. She needed him next to her.

"Arnav ji," she spoke. Everyone looked at him.

"Chote, go ahead!" Anjali said.

"Why me?" he asked, but he was aching to get to her, to be her support.

"Chote, don't question anything and just go," Mami ji said.

"Adhwaya!" she said, her eyes rolled, and shut. She weakly opened them again. "I want to know where Adhwaya is!"

Rahul had come, their son's life was in a danger too, she thought.

"Khushi, bitiya, Adhwaya is safe and sound, wherever he is..." Nani said.

"Please, understand this, I want to see him!"  she pleaded.

Arnav hadn't allowed to let Adhwaya come out of all the safety to a dangerous place. "Sorry, Khushi, not even in front of you!" he said to himself.

"Why she can't understand that Adhwaya needed to be at a safe place!" he said, angrily.

"Chote, relax. She is a mother!" Anjali tried to explain him and calm his anger.

He saw tears in her eyes and feltbad for her words. He could tell she wasn't going to recover from a fear of Rahul. If he didn't take an action.

"Di, I need to talk to you!" 

Anjali looked at him. "But, Khushi..."

"Everyone is with her, they will take care of her..."

Anjali nodded and walk after him outside.
"Yes, Chote, what is it?"
"Di, I don't know what's wrong with her? Anything that you know?"
Anjali shook her head not knowing what she tells him. Even if she tried to, he must have not understood, she thought, as not much he remembered of the past according to her.
"As I said, she might have seen her ex-husband."
"Yeah..." he said, thoughtfully. "Di, doctors are saying her this fear can kill her."
She had shock written all over her face. "I know! So because of that we have to create a safe and happy environment. Like if you have decided to get married to Karan, we have to start the celebrations soon...I know it's quick, but we have to...If she is afraid of that man then I have to make sure I get married to her..."

Anjali smiled and his decision helped her come out of the shock. "I had expected this from my brother, I am happy that this incident made you atleast concerned about her. She is really a good girl, you will always be happy with her."

At RM!

Arnav helped Khushi lie on a bed. "Are you feeling well?"
"Arnav, I am fine. That man is not going to come, right? I killed him. Everyone knows he is dead!"

He nodded his head. "Yes, Khushi. He is dead. What you saw was your disillusion."

She sat and kept her head on his shoulder. "Don't leave me alone, please."

He rubbed her back, "Never, Khushi."
"Adhwaya is safe?"
"Yes, he is safe..."
He tightly wrapped his arms around her waist. "He looked so much like him. I..."
"Sssh...Khushi, no. You are not thinking of that man anymore. Only me, alright?"

She nodded. "He is dead!" she said as she tried to make herself believe.

"Don't leave," she added.

"I am not, sleep. I am right here!"

She was afraid to go to sleep just because he might come in her dream. He never had stopped haunting her dreams before and now be might do the same. She did not understand it was all in her head. He laid her on the bed, she held his hand. "I am not going anywhere, I have to make sure door is locked..." he assured.

He quickly got up and locked the door and in no time he was next to her on the bed.

"You know when I used to be scared, I always used to make Mom sleep like this, close to me," he said.

She turned on her side to face him. "You miss her..."

"I do miss her. My parents were lucky for me. They always guarded me without a fail."

"Everything is well, Arnav," she said. "Yes, Khushi, everything will be fine."

She didn't know what he had in his mind, but whatever he said made her feel safe. But then a thought of Rahul clouded positivity in her head.

Arnav cupped the side of her head, and looked in her eyes. "What happened?" she asked. He didn't say anything. Just kept on looking in her eyes.

She smiled. He lowered his head and touched his lips with her soft ones. Her hand on her belly tightened in a fist as she was touched by the naked wire, that sent current in her entire body. But this current was sweet, wanted. Yet, dangerous.

She was kissing him back, their tongue battled. It was not long when they wanted to give in to their desires. Every layer of the clothes were shed until they were skin to skin. She clenched the sheets underneath her when he thrusted inside her, harder. She needed a release but he made it hard for her. So that at the end of this session of their love making, only he was the one who was on her mind.

No fear. But him. She raked her nails against his back. He didn't even warn her before letting all the fluids flow inside her.

She arched her back and her head dug in a pillow shocked by the aftermath. She was breathing as she had run a marathon.

"Arnav!" she muttered until her body had absorbed all the sweet pain.

He captured her lips once again. "I love you, Khushi!" he told her. "Sorry for every pain, sorry for the bad words, sorry for the bad actions."

After few minutes of silence.
"I don't remember when you gave me pain, said me bad words, or acted bad with me. All I know is your love!" she said. "That keeps the most important place in my life."

His eyes were smiling through the clouds of guilt. No number of years would have ever freed him of his guilt. He believed whatever pain she was going was because of him, and whatever bad was happening to him was only due to the hurt he had given to Khushi.

God sees all. If one hurt a woman, or a person in general he does get a punishment, either this way or the other.

"You have all of me, Khushi. Whenever you will need me, you will find me next to you. Always."

"I know!" she said. "Arnav."


"You know what, if we will have kids we will have daughters..."

His first reaction was "wow!" Then a smile on his face bloomed like a flower. He lightly laughed. "You want baby girls?"

"Yes, two atleast..."

"Hmm...This is interesting!" he said, and turned on his side, facing her, his head resting on his palm.

"Yea...we have one son already. So he will always take care of his baby sisters..."

He laughed again, softly, and kissed her forehead. "Sure, why not...What if they are boys?"

"I don't mind it. But we should have girls..."

"Definitely, cute little girls who just looks like me and you!"


I wish, your all wishes come true. He kissed her forehead.

"Have you thought of the names yet?"

She shook her head. "I want you to name our children..."


She was not in a mood to sleep, neither he was. So they let themselves talk about everything good.


Anjali took the letter from the side table that she had sidelined. So she thought before sleeping she have a look at it. If it was something that needed her attention.

She opened it wondering what was in store for her.

Her eyes widened in shock when she opened a letter which was written in a blood. 

"My dear beautiful wife, I am back!"  

A single line content of the letter had turned her world upside down.

She gasped in utter shock. First in fear she threw the letter on the floor. "No!" she screamed and kept her hand over her mouth.

"It can't be true!" her hands raked through her hair. She was afraid to take another look at the letter. But she immediately took it back only to torn into little pieces. She rushed to the washroom and flushed the torn pieces.

"Anjali...Rani Saheba..." she heard someone calling her. She screamed. Her name was called from outside her room. Through the open door she saw a reflection moving.

She screamed louder for help.

"Anjali di!" She slowly opened her eyes when her name was being called, and saw Akaash rubbing her hands. Nani, Mami ji, sitting on either side.

"Anjali bitiya, what had happened to you?" Mami ji asked, as she caressed her hair.

"Di. Are you okay?" Payal asked.

"What happened to me?"

"We heard your scream so immediately we came to your room and saw you had collapsed in the washroom."

Anjali was stricken with a fear as last thing she remember was someone calling her. "Anjali...Rani Sahiba?" only Rahul called her by that name. And it so  sounded like him.

He had no way to enter the RM under the tight security, if he was alive. Whatever it was, it was inside her head, but letter was not a lie either. She had seen him, she was dreaming about him.

   "Nothing!" she said. "I don't know what happened," she wasn't sure if they would believe her, she had already flushed the letter. "Nani, can you please sleep with me?!" she pleaded.

"Sure, why not, bitiya?!" she said.

"I don't know what's happening!" Mami ji said to mama ji. 

"I know, one after the other incidents are happening."

Mami ji was nodding. "First Chote's accident, him being in a coma, his memory loss, Adhwaya's kidnapping, then Anjali bitiya's and Dhruv's accident. Now Khushi bitiya's panic attack, and just after few hours Anjali bitiya found collapsed. What really is going on?"

"Do you think any of them can do this?" Mami ji asked, raw fear was in her eyes. "No, not at all..." Mama ji suddenly said.

She nodded. "I am glad Chote and Khushi slept through this. They are really going through so much tension already."

"Everything will be okay..." Mama ji said. "Don't worry."

"Arnav, I am telling you I heard a scream..."
"It's nothing like that, Khushi. I didn't hear anything, you assume things...You should only hear me calling you."
She giggled and poked his nose. "Very funny."
He kissed her.
"You aren't sleepy yet, right?!"
"Neither you are!"
"Uh-huh! Day and night is all ours, darling..."
"Is that so?"
"Yes!" he said and hugged her. "Be ready to be my wife once again, baby!"
"I am all ready!" she answered, and inhaled the smell of his cologne.


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Nice update loved it
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Nice update
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nice update.
is rahul alive?

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